Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 22, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 22, 1948
Page 5
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Friday, October 22, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS Page Ffv* By Chick Young •''" OZARK IRE By Rov Gofte (GROAN) PUFF OH, BOX I HI THE JACK POT THAT TIME ...SEFO' MAH LUCK CHANGES/ COULD YO'JSE I'M GOING TO MAKE MYSELF A SANDWICH THAT'S RE ALLY DIFFERENT A POOR MAN SIDE GLANCES By Galbraifh Michael O'Malley S, Ralph Lane Playwright I LOVE MY HUSBAND TRULY, . FLINT, BUT 1ATEIY— HE'S ..- #. BEEN SO DIFfERENT. I THINK-" { SO YOU'D LIKE ME TO EOUOW HIM iV A P JP IT WASN'T HARD. I'M SORRY, BUT YOU CAME TO THE WRONG PLACE; YOU'RE THE SECOND PERSON I'VE TURNED DOWN IN THE WST H/UF-HOUB AROUND AND FIND OUT? 15 THAT If? HORIZONTAL 3 Sport 1,7 Pictured 4 Age playwright 5 Compass point 13 Gazed fixedly 6 Redact THINK THERE /MUST BE SOMEONE YES/ HOW • DID YOU j GUESS ? ^MOlSI " SX''l=>!l5,F8 T 16 Preposition 10 Length 19 Unbleached measure 25 Ancient 48 From (prefix) 20 Mimic 11 Spanish town Aryans 49 Exclamatioin. 21 Quiets 12 Noisier 27 Mexican serfs 50 Steals 17 Symbol tor 30 Flap 51 Narrow road nickel 32 Speck 53 Underworld 35 Scolded god (symbol) 36 Bird 55 Before (prefix) 21 Saunters 38 Cheered 57 Symbol for 22 He achieved 39 Horsemen selenium great 45 Midday 59 Note of m his field 47 Equal Guide's scale 23 Secreiod Mixed type 25 Mount, (ab ) 2G Higher 28 Down 29 Consumer 31 Tree 33 Stir 34 Dove's call 35 He is a Prize winner 37 Come in 40 Area measure 41 South latitude (ab.) 42 Steamship (ab.) 43 Chinese weight 44 Trap 46 Lances 51 Boy 52 Virtuous 54 Reverberate 55 Top of head 5G Girl's name 50 Incinerator 00 Thicker Gl Horses VERTICAL 1C 2 Ideal stale WASH TUBES BI Leslie Turner ME !>& WMA.OP V BUT IT'S (JOT THE RUIMS WHERE WE HID His VM-UPvBLES, PENNY! YOU FIEND! DON'T VOU THINK. STOMEHEWG-E WJCIEWT SUM TEMPLE... NW UNCLE THOUGHT IT VJA.S A HUGE STRIKE tM (XS-AIM! COPR. 1OT8 BY NEA SERVICE. INC T M. I1EG. U. S. POT. OFF By Carl Anderson "This boy says he never writes mushy letters because so many girls' parents like to peek at them—does he thir.k we're sneaks?" CARNIVAL By Dfck Tumer FUNNY BUSINESS DONALD DUCK fiy Walt Disnev ( OH, BOY/ I^ERE YEAH? WELL, c^k f IS fifefe^SL ^ ALLEY OOP if yeuVtj ;.o clever al JnJtating bi.-Js, how ii ing a homing (Ji COPH. 1iXa BY NEA SEFWjCC. IMS. T. M. HEO. U.'«. PAT. OFF "Who's $ brute? I'm just teaching him once and for all not to put slugs in his piggy bank!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Bv Blosset n YEAH,THEY'RE TAKING- i THEIR TWIRP SEASOM k LIKE OOOD . LITTLE KIDS ' OF COURSE, ] So WHAT; WITM THIS ' I THEY'RE TWIRP TICKET I STILL. DEAL .THEY ADANCING- TAKE IN MORE it> OUR THAN THEY PAY / MUSIC' OUT/ WE" REALLY GOT THE 6ALS LWDER. COMTRiiL THIS VEAR, MEATBALL' MALES OF AMERICA M A COMPLETE MORAL- WELL SEE HOW UNITED THEY , ,w^ ARE/ . 1948 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams otJ K BOARDING HOUSE Wi>h Mnior Hooole VOU -ASIMG W EGAD, gOYS.'eMENJ \MHiL5 VOU MANE^T HE AT LEAST \ , USES 'EM ONJCE I A PAY--THEY \ <3OT THEIR POCKETS \ LOADED DOWNS \ WITH MEMORANDUMS AM' STUFF THEY / WOM'T USE / FOR SIX \ MONTHS.' ; ^ BOSSES ARE LAUGHIM' AT HAMP DRAGGIN' HIS LIFE OUT PACKIM' HALF OF HIS TOOL BOX AROUMD IM HIS POCKITS.' OM At^vM 1LLOMIMAT6D K£V- \ AW MlMD IS ZOOMIMS ''. "t^k\d -~('V LJ/-M C. IT-\T-/S HOLE IDEAS? MOMENT I H.*,PP5Meo TO MEDICATSD LAPEL FLOWER ASTHMA, \JICTIM J -—• ALL vou v \ie %i 85 iM Eivi PUTTIES DOT IS TvJELME - )f SALT ANlD fv^/7 HICCUPS/ ^SaflJB T!-i£ UPPER BRACKETS P* 1 ' 5* ' : If I T f JiMlJJj \ \ l/"-^ A EEMJTIFUL SKIN/ /TiW. £*2?L<X... / ..»" ' ^^ >">&. VTHP.y JUC-T /--!7 s'OFT A6 SILK...IT / TH,\T'5 WHY / IMM-.Rc.AU> \ FITTlM' >,N V.Z5ULD hi-%KE A ^f 1 8ROU&HT I _PJ?STTy_W£Ll, >*Wi'flr- . - .^^^ V?7 ^ ; §ftK TV?/ /\ >,%•«» ) v,^^ 1 «&,&& kM./:& j^^ By V. T._Hom»in ,,THEV'KE UNCIVILIZED, ~")^~~~, ~ "\\\^L"i. '^f.S^W/', --; BAKBA.EIC ANC7 /^", t ^,. \ \ iff^'H^^' f' V:'£ ' \\ ' V 7f:, "SWlMfei; . M i;tt:. t?. H PAT, off. BOOTS POPEYE HAD A CLEAR MorHn 1 I'j'pr-" Thimble Theater HUMMED BACK A PASS SO VAEPS, AN' YA r TOOKED V ^ NM cur POP<jQgM, .U M MO X/

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