Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 22, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 22, 1948
Page 4
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Page Four HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Ads Mast Be In Office Day Before Publication Number of One Three Six One Words Day Days Days Month Up to IS 45 .90 1.50 10 to 20 CO 1.20 2.00 21 to 25 75 1.50 2.50 '88 to 30 00 l.SO 300 311035. 1.05 2.10 3.50 SO to 40 1.20 2.40 4 00 41 to 45 1.35 2.70 4.50 «6to50. 1.50 3.00 5.00 Rates are for Continuous Insertions Only « All Want Ads Cash in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone 4.50 0.00 7.50 9.00, 10.50 | 12.00 I 13.50 1 For Rent 2- 3- R O O M UNKURNIKbKD j apartments, near S.'hooVv's j Store. Phono 33-F-ll. Mr:,. .IE. j Kchooley. 11-lfj By Wesfbrook Pcglor Copyright, 1947 By King Features Syndicate. Stranahan Is Favorite in Mexican Meet Friday, October 22, 1948 Notice WE BUY, SELL AND REPAIR all makes of Sewing machines W. H. West. 215 North Hamilton Street, Phone 122G-W., Hope, Arkansas. 1-lrno NEED EXTRA MONriY~TO~OFF~ set the high cost of living? Use your spare time to make extra money in high class work. In reply please give address and telephone number. Write Box A m care of Hope Star. M-Gi 15.00 TWO ROOM FURNISHKl) APAHT- rnenl. 102 South Washington. Electric refriiioi-ator. private entrance. Utilities paid. 19-31. TWO UNFUHNIS1IED ROOMS. Bills paid. $25 per month. Telephone 12G1-W. 1 !')•:>,). TWO UNFURNISHED ROOMS. Private entrance. Convenient to bath. Bills paid. 42.'! South Her- vcy. :•!()-;jt Mexico City. Oct. 22 — f/P) — Medalist Frank Stranahan of Toledo, Ohio, met Armando Damy •of Mexico today in the first round of a Mexican amateur golf LARGE sloelc. . on Silas Pickering PASTURK FOR Plenty of water. UVlv 21 -- Four years Governor Torn campaign trip. I : got wind of some .speeches for j President I!e.'isove]1 hy a New ' | Yfirl; radio pundit name;! Willia.rn i S. Ciailmor which aroused my MIS- i picions- lor two reasons. They were j familiar Communist propaganda i'ns of dial timf and ' 'me thai the naiTii. he a Cake because !li.°h" sound and yet j authentic and not ' :ilias. it would have tournament. fOt.i anahan is a to recapture the won in 19'lfi. He fired a (if) heavy favorite Mexican title he throe under par yesterday to lead qualifying. seemed to Gailrnor had to I it h:s an "Eng- j if it wore j a synthetic I n "E" on the j Sanford farm. Jlope, Route 4. Located 1'' ni ' end of it. E. A. I I found, on my return from the ivi-'.'A. i Wesl. that this new genius war; NEirBEDROOM^TfpKlVATE ! g£« Lf & K d ^ For Sale SEED OATS. RECLEANED AND tagged. Aubrey Enoch at McRac Implement Co. 21-1m GOOD BOIS'D AR"c~PC)STS~AT reasonable prices. See K. M. McWilliams at McWilliams Seed Store, Hope, Arkansas. 9-tmo LADIES BLACK COAT, SIZE 44. boys lop coat, tan, size 10, Both in good condition. Phone !534-W after 4 p.m. 13.31 ' CONCERT GRAND PIANO, phone 932-J after G p.m. Can bo seen by appointment. 18-,'it PANSY PLANTS. PREPARE your ground now, set plants after November J. Get them at Monis Seed Store. 18-31 TURKEYS^ CORN FETX SIX months old November JO. 32 to 35 pounds. Phone 18 or 808-W. Dr. Alexander. 10-31 entrance. Gentleman preferred ., )rnn i., ,....,- ,].,„.„ _220_South Pine. Phom^OS. 2KU | ^ ^ave braced' ! sinning that I was Losf dirty hard Of course, I him. but 'as- right i .By Hugh ft, Pullerton. Jt. gan \vas chosen the nation's No. 1. I Coll i suspicion that he was no j reckoned that he would hasten to tell all on the radio and put out put in '•; I Coach Ben ._ that by an week. pr rixrn LLOND «n SPANIEL, NAVY FIELD JACKET. LOST OR. l.aken by mistake n! Barn Dance ! his defense before I could Saturday night. Return to Goorge the case against, him. Stroud, 009 N. Elm. Phone B89-.1. j He was working for a tlvn" 19-31. I called the blue network, which ho* since become the American Broadcasting Company. Ed Noble, a rich new dealer, who got richer than ever working the .same .side of the street with Gailrnor, was about, to put, his Kremlinite on a national hookup and he was Idling himself, and trying to toll me, that Gtiilmor's stuff wasn't Communist medicine at all but just good Democratic doctrine, I can't say what was in Noble's mind, but I will say that I got off him right there because seen in Ward 2. If found notify E. R. Brown, phone 445-W. 19-3', Wanted SHARE CROPPER, COUPLE preferred. See Mrs. C. H. Me- Kinncy, Hope. Route 2, Former J. W. Downs Place. 21-31 HOT POINT ELECTRIC REFRIG- erator. Phone 4fiG-R. In A-l condition. 10-fitt football team this . ennie Osterbaan followed announcing he would have his regulars playing as a unit for the first time this season in Saturday';; fray against Minnesota. That would indicate a walkaway for the Wolverines. But this game is for the Little i Brown Jug. the championship of the Big Nine conference and a possible trip to the Rose Bowl. Minnesota was defeated, 13 to 6, in a rugged contest a year ago. The prediction is that the same thing will happen to the Gophers this year by about the same score. Other predictions: Notre Uame at Iowa: The defensive minded fowans probably will keep the score down but their at- I won't admit that any man I tack isn't strong enough to ont- be as smart in busines:: and score the Irish. Notre Damp- Louisiana State at North Carolina: This is the day that Bernie Moore will be especially happy that he resigned as coach of the Louisiana Tigers. North Carolina Army at Cornell: Gil Stephenson . icould ....„ politics as he was and be too dumb to spot the party line in Gail- rnor's orations. He could have hired private detectives to run down Samuel Novick, the sponsor who was shoving Gailmor's prop' MY HOME AT 1215 SOUTH MAIN street. New a .out. See John _ , _ ber Shop or call G57-.L l!)-:n NEW HOUSETJUST COMPLETED". 5 rooms and bath, front and back Washington, Oct. 22 —an — mis i , • ia's reported allout effort to i -&"," J,, 10 smother "Voice of America" radio' c boomerangin aganda just then. In fact, with 1 While House connection:; and his angle with the Federal Cnmmuni- - -.„ „. | cations Commission, which threw j lured. Army. epenson rookie Army fullback should be the difference in a game in which two rough, tough lines will be fca- favors could and O. L i^±,j ..iv./'./ to jvi/ii;-; ; -Haul IU.-L v(/it:e ut America radio ;-p p T , :. r and modern through-(broadcasts may be boomerani'iiu' uV • , and U. S, n Clark, Capitol Bav- American lis'lening posts have N° VIck /" 1 / 1 ' 1);; ..f;" call G57-.I. 19-31 Picked up a total of Hi Soviet sla ? called the I;,le Uons. mosflv r.nnio,.r,,r .,;.„,,„, ration 01. America. porches, garage. 75 ft. front, picked up a total of lli lions. mostly centered around Moscow and Vladivostok, which State Department officials say cated at 18th of. High School bell. and Ser Elm in front A. A. Camp- 10-31 lo-jused to "jam" the voice programs Male Help Wand-ecS EXPERIENCED HIGHWAY DESIGNERS:—Bridge Designers, Draftsmen, Computers, Tracers, for highway design projects Northeastern U. S. Can place some C. E. graduates with limited experience. Write for application to Michael Baker Jr., Inc Box 1429, Jackson, Miss. IB-It Services Offered EXPERIENCED PRACTICAL nurse. References offered. Phone 440-W. 18-31. Call 129 or 806 (niohts) FOR — House Wiring, Repairs or anything Electrical. See us first. Allen Electric Co. Next Door to Saenger Theatre Phones 129 or 806 WE HAVE Seed Oats, Austrian Winter Peas, Winter Hairy Vetch, Winter Rye Grass, Seed Rye, Wheat Barley and Joe You- rrians Flower Bulbs. We Honor AAA Orders MONTS SEED STORE Hope, Arkansas REFRIGERATION SERVICE is our business. Prompt and efficient service on all makes of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We go anywhere anytime. BREWSTER REFRIGERATION SERVICE Phone 1280 or 1231-J Niuhts and Sundays 119 Edgewood Hope however. But he didn't. 1 ested. I was interested. However, I ran . . . _ ..... to believe by hand. I ran down Gailmor These officials add, that they have reason . ; the jamming never succeeds en j police records and the court-, and tirely and that the reaction of Rus found that he was a cheap swind- sian listeners therefore is one of lor, a check-bouncer, and abscon- intensified interest: they it is deny find out what, information their government seeks to them. Thc United States is not to retaliate by jamming broadcasts to this country, the au thorilies say, but is making a spc- . , want to der from i'inally, a convicted crook who had five times engaged automobiles driven by chauffeurs and stolen the trying cars by sending the drivers Soviet! little errands. That was the job i I ___ i_ * . »_ i /•• n . . _ *' effort in its broadcast'to Rus- the not sia to tell Russian people all news their government may be giving to them. There is evidence that this news is getting through, officials say citing the Kasenkina case as an example. When Mrs. Oksana Kasennkina .lumped out of the window of the Soviet Consulate in New York several weeks ago, the "Voice" picked up news reports of the incident and began broadcasting them to the Soviet Union within a matter of minutes. Observers in Moscow reported later thai within three hours news of what the refugee Russian school teacher had ly known over the worth a fortune. ' California at Washington: Cali- havc got the- .'oi nia. S. reports on j Texas A & M at Baylor; Baylor, npany, which i Wisconsin at Ohio State: Joe Icctronic Corpo- ' Whisler and his Ohio mates to add I more thorns to the crown of Harry 'Sluhldreher, Wisconsin coach. Ohio State: - .-Pi State. Syracuse • at Northwestern: Here's where the Northwestern reserves get the chance to earn their Northwestern. at Virginia Tech: The question is: Will Tech be able to score? H is the nation's only major team without a 1948 point.'Duke. Michigan State at Penn State- Michigan State. Auburn at Tulane: Coach Frnka isn't happy unless he is spending the Christmas vacation in a bow! atmosphere. Tulane. •Dartmouth at . Harvard: Dartmouth. Skimming over the rest in a By OAYI.E TALBOT (For Hugh Fullerton, Jr.) New York, Oct. 22 — W')— Now that Dwight Eisenhower has settled in a"s president of the university, the nexl important announcement out of Columbia will concern plans for a new football stadium befitting the Lions' station in the gridiron world. This comes on high authority, and because it is such a logical move there seems no good reason to doubt it. Year in and year out, Coach Lou Little's smooth teams are about th" most popular in the East. The fans like to watch the Lions ;;o, for they arc always exciting, win or lose. Baker Field, their present little plant high up near the confluence of the Hudson and the Harlem, seals only 35.000. They probably could bye sold double that number of tickets for last week's game (with Penn. With Yankee Stadium and the i Polo Grounds idle most autumn Saturdays, there would seem lo be little reason for throwing up another plant. But the Columbias keep their young men out of pro - fessional ball parks. The Harris Incident A baseball manager gets it going and coming, as Bucky Harris, the popular erstwhile pilot of the Yankees has discovered. Bucky was an easy-going man with his players. He didn't' hound them about their after-dark habits, and he got some amazing results— a pennant in '47 and a tight third the past season. When he was let out a while back, the natural assumption was that someone in the front office had knifed Bucky. Thc most popu- 'lar candidate, and the one who felt the sharp edge of the reporters' typewriters, was President Dan Topping. True, Topping was the man who gave Harris the bad news. But the ones who gave Topping no alternative were a couple of the Yankees' most prominent stars. They told him Ihey preferred nol to play under a man who did not make their teammates jump through the hoop Jail's Cheaper ''.:•:••.•..'••..:••••>.'••'. •'iii,V*f'? -f* 5 .iv •"Jail isn't so bad once you get used to it," said 54-year-old Charley Sewarcl after he returned to the Indianapolis, Ind., pokey after 43 hours of freedom. Paroled after serving 32 years for shooting a man, Seward wants back in because the high cost ot living stumped him. Babe Zaharias Remains the Favorite Fort Smith, Oct. 22 — (if) —The pace stiffens in the quarterfinals of the $1,000 Hardscrabble Women's Open Golf tournament here today, but Mrs. .Babe Zaharias. remains the outstanding favorite. The defending champion and co- medalisl certainly showed no signs of weakening as she downed Mrs. Bob Cargile, Fort Smith, 9 and 8, in her first-round match yesterday. She encounters another amateur today in Mrs. R. E. Winger, Fort Worth. Tex., who eliminated Mrs. Ben Butler, Van Buren, Ark. one up. yesterday. Mary Agnes Wall Menomincc, Mich., the other co-medalist, advanced with a 5 and 4 victory over Mrs. R. L. Cassingham. Shnwnee. Okla., and today meets Miss Ed Dell Wortz, Fort Smith, winner of yesterday's best match. One down after 1G holes, Miss Wortz nudged a curling 20-foot birdie putt over the sloping 17th green to square her match with Mrs. J. I. Stevenson, Fort Worth, and went on to win one up on the 20th. Patty Berg. Savage. Minn., and 7 winner over Mrs. Tom Lichty, Fort Smith, plays Mrs. Mike Sicard. Fort Smith, who downed Mrs. Carle Robbins. Fort Smith, 2 and 1 in the first round. In the other quarter finals match, Peggy Kirk, Findlay, 0., who defeated Mrs. Daisy Josephs, Oklahoma City, 7 and G meets Betty McKinnon Mt. Pleasant. Tex., wh'o advanced with an 8 and 7 victory over Mrs. Hay Fellows, Tulsa, Okla. Tigers Reody Charge: Treason young wife, and, on for which he finally was nailed. He was nailed but he copped a pica on the strength of a most convenient report of a professional dream-reader that this nasty, sniveling sneak was suffering from a compulsion neurosis. The temptation to steal made him so nervous that he couldn't resist, which, of course, may be said for ovcrv poor dip and booster in the line-up every day. This crook's name was Margolis at the time and he had been a student of religion, intending to be a rabbi. As to whether he ever, actually became a rabbi I never r~ i r- i i- made sure. At any •-te his r-o r> sl: , Columbla OVG >' Princeton, .in.v 1.1 ic. nis (.o- Pennsylvania over Navy. Friday Detroit over Wayne, over Miami (Flat, North State over Chattanooga, s, San Omaha over Georgia Carolina Missouri „ State Colorado Jose State over Santa religionists took no pride in him and it was a condition of his lenient treatment by the court, which in- was widc-|K:ive him a yenr undei ^Assistant Secretary of "State : George Allen said in a domestic I radio broadcast earlier this week I that Ambassador Walter Bedell | Smith's early estimate of ». 000, 000 "Voice" listeners in the Soviet --- ........... . Soviet capital, i stead of time in jail, that he should South: Georgia Tech over Florida. Maryland over George Washington. Midwest: Kansas over Nebraska, I Union has been revised three or four times. Othet -said this means- Smith now thinks! the number of 2-1,000,000. United State; sia uncle i- the foreign broadc gau early in HI a year after th the first Soviet a 'Manila re-lav not perform the religious office- He is an indefatigable sneak however, and so. without actually holding forth as a rabbi, he had i conducted a busy practice for I years as a lecturer on political and upward (Politico-religious topics. His line officials! on Poland is anti-Catholic in'that is the line straight fn:m the be- of the Polish underi/round . .- -n Warsaw by the Soviet. broadcasts to Rus- | winch encouraged them to rise and State Department's icommil themselves and then let jhorn get butchered by tho"'Na;:is. Jhis saved Stalin the ammunition to shoot them and the labor of a tail to dig them under, harangued American exceeds i trayal i armv porgram M7 - LaSt l 1 '«''"'«i"-y.i e program started. | efforts at jammingkmitary tk station led to talks Gailmor , Kentucky over Marqucttc. Indiana over Pittsburgh, Missouri over Iowa Stale. Nevada over Tulsa, Oklahoma A and M over Temple! in-due over Illinois. Southwest: Southern Methodist over Santa Clara, Texas over Rice Texas Christian over Oklahoma, Oklahoma City over Mississippi southern. Far West: Southern California over Stanford, Oregon State over UCLA, Oregon over Washington Sla'e. Colorado over Kansas Siate '"nlorado A ,t M over Drake. Washington i.St. Louis) over Colorado .., , . . ,,..nvn .llileMl.i Washington, ears with propaganda for th between Moscow and „,„,,.. „.,., ,,,, Ihese Jailed to put a permanent ! "T.ublin Committee" when onlv -, stop to the interference, and Con- ! handful of us had ever he" "l o gress at the last session granted j this quisling <•„ mm in.>,- (.-.•( ah'l'isheil lull's: to sten up the power of the bv the Soviets lo deliver -trc'e Miimlil sla1 ""'- jCatholie P,,!a,,d into I,,.,- "p."!'.,," " Mavory. Nowhere eKo but in th . \\ages lost annually by factory I Daily Worker and in other dir workers due lo accidents would!" ' buy a year's .supply of l\»r| and ! clothing and pay the rent for a i year for nearly l,;if;n.i)00 oeonle. i Stadium 8s Stake of Football Game FLOOR Sanding and Finishing LINOLEUM Asphalt Tile • Rubber Tile ROY ALLISON Phone 280 Catholic ! ' known ! • in Po-j Notice to Sweel Potato Growers Dig your potatoes now before it rains and ruins the quality. Until further notice we offer you $-JO.GO per ton for No. 1 Portoncan and RedvelvftK, Which is S1.50 per Bu. of 00 Lbs. We furnish the crates and want you to qet them and grade your number one a in the fitld and put them in crates as you pick them up. Potatoes that are put in storage must be handled without bruising. We pay $20.00 ,, t i ton for culls and rough ttuff and don't care how you bring them In cut be sure «nd qyt crates for Number ones and c!ia them now as the prices may be lower after it rains. E. M. McWilliams Seed Store Hope, Ark. LET FOY DC IT a Level yards e Dig Post Holes • Plow Gardens » Cut Vacant Lota e Also custom work. HAMMONS TRACTOK CO. Phone 1066 S, Walnut St. ;mrrs on the loscmv could Lublin eornmiiiee." ("ever mentioned the j;ui!>lo. Yon wouldn't nav ;'lia( there \ va s a Catholi 'hind. U was strictly a war locratic forces me !-~ againsl the .\'a:-.is [dead and buried. ' l '''"''I to hurry this •through in time for the !!).|| ele, I lion, but you can't fish \;><\ -,„ | so U was not until ii was all' o\v jlhat I turned him no. William ;-; iltailnior is a scramliling of Hie I.'-- :ters of William M;,n.'o!i>; ]' [,, '.von- I kne\v ii was i:honv' -.ye,,,., flinn't hang en! thai fi,,,-,i ••(."•' r i, Cheapest letter in !he alnhab lOUlsmarleJ bims,-li' here ' V.'ell. N,;ble .slit)-, Sudan, To\., Oct. 22 — -OT)—A .'•t.idiiun is, at stake tonight v.'lu-n Alorlon Mi:;h school tan- ,ulcs with Sudan. J-:. O. Mastcn, wealthy farmer has promised to build a stadium for Morton High school '•'• the Indians score tonight ;if,aiiu;t Sudan. Three years ago Mastcn v-ro!e a check for $3,000 which paid for materials used in the Sudan stadium. Fusari May Get Shot at Welter Title Belt li REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Ytxarkarm Rendering Plant Dial 'A-ld'S,', ip/iijiif collect; If No An.-;v.v.-r Dial li-iiVVil h Let Us Rebuild Your Old or moke your o!d o»e into Q comfortable inncrspring. One Day Service "All Work Guaranteed" Furniture & Mattress Co. 606 N. Hozei Phone 357 Jersey Dily. N. ., Oct. 22—(UP) - George Kiel/., president of Touni- aioeni ol Champions, announced u>- >!ay thai Charley Fusari's technical knockuut victory over Tippy Larkin would reward liim with a v.'eiu-r- '.•. e];:ht title s'nol "as soon as uos- sible." Champion Ray (Sugar! Robinson ad promised lo defend against the inner of last night's fight m hieh blond Fusari of Irmigion, . .).. stopped Larkin of Garfiekl' . •>.. ui^ 2:35 of the sixth round e^'i e- 7.ii!i7 in the armory. Kelt:: said. "1 hope to " stage -\ •'I'hiM.ii-Fusari title fight at° the Mi'ory in December or January, verbally accepted our :.-).<J<JU guarantee, \\i\\ -rmnde.i after reading tho.so u;!;ru letters you had 'to j;ive '.'.hen yuu reatt tiiat' he Gailmor right next tu lI'.elK-V. yuu are around here toaior- :-top in. 1 iiiiyht tell you how .nd I paid the salaries of Cuil- and anotiier speaker on - ... the , Jonannc-s Steel, a ref- i Hitler who, like Gail- loo proud lo lighi him. Fights Last flight By United Press Jersey City, N. J. — Charley Fusari, 147, Irvington, N. J., stopped Tippy Larkin 143 1-2. Garfield N. J. (6). Neaw York CSunnyside Garden) —Leo Milito, 135 3-4, New York outpointed Nat Harden, 138, New York <8). Boston —- Anton Raaclik 1GO. Chicago outpointed Al IRed) Priest 158 1-2, Cambridge, Mass., (10). Washington D. C. — Kid Gavilan, 148 1-2, Cuba stopped Vinnie Rossano 149 1-2, Brooklyn N Y (C). ' " Pittsburgh — Al Gaultier 136 Washington, Pa.. outpointed Ju Fontaine, 137, Milwaukee (10). Fall River Mass. — Jose Contreras, 155, Fall River, outpointed Bobby Zollo 151, Providence R I (10). ' ' Portland Me. — Lou Alder, 128, Montreal, stopped Cm-ley Drouin 133, Beverly Mass. (2). Teachers and Tech Head AIC Games By The Associated Press The season's No. 1 attraction in the Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference—the battle between State Teachers and Arkansas Tech tomorrow night—is a "must" for ooth participants. Tech needs to win to protect its perfect conference record which covers not only this season but three others and to bolster its chances of an undisputed championship. The Bears of Teachers College, upset bv Henderson last week for their only loss, must win if they hope to retain a chance of oven trying for the crown which they shared with Tech last season" when the two did not meet. A record throng of 5,000 is expected to jam the Tech field at Russellville to capacity. Both of these powers have injury problems, but Teachers appears to be the hardest hit All of the Bears' ace back — Rex Pearcc, John Korncgav. s;in are ailing and may be unable to operate at their best. Either Teachers or Tech, or both, have been on the receivin" end when the AIC title was handed out every year since 1935 except in 1941 when Ouachita topped the pack and in the war years when there were no races. Two other gmes Saturday night will figure in the scramble for top honors. They will pit Magnolia A and M. against Henderson at Arkadelphia and Arkansas A. and M against Little Rock Junior College at Little Rock. Arkansas A. and M. still is undefeated in league competition. The others have lo<t but once. The College of the Ozurks will celebrate homecoming at Clarksville as a favorite to thump Arkansas Collegea in a second-division duel. Ouachita will go to Browmvood Tex., lo meet Daniel Baker and Arkansas State will be host to Delta (Miss.) State at Jonesboro in non-conference affairs. Heudrix lias no game scheduled. Irish Elk Skeleton Found Btlfasi. Northern Ireland —f.-'Pi— The perfectly preserved skeleton of an ancient Irish elk was found at Chnrchiown, Cork county. | JV river drainage workers. Kxpcrls said il was at least 3,000 years old. The elk's antlers measured 11 fe, . from point to point, and the combined weight of millers and skull was 22-1 pounds. The Circus Maximus in which Roman games and gladiatorial contests were held is estimated to have sealed 350,000 spectators. the ring "out on iiis iV-et" because of savage hcad-Lattering lie had suHered in that round and in preceding sessions. Fusari. 23, smashed his helpless opponent with more than 30 ail- out punches to the head i" the sixth but Larkin refused to go down. There were no knockdowns in the bout, although Larkin slipped to his knees in the second frame while adding a punch. A Federal Grand Jury in New York has indicted Martin James Monti on charges of treason. Monti, of Florissant, Mo., formerly a lieutenant in the Air Force, pleaded innocent to 21 acts of treason, including one claiming he hitchhiked from India to Italy to surrender to the Nazis. Foofrball The Yerger Tigers went through a lengthy work out on yesterday afternoon, in preparation for thei'r crucial conference game with Langston High School in Hot Springs tomorrow night. The Tigers have a few major Injuries that will probably slow them down considerably but improvements in the Tigers"' line have caused the outlook to be brighter. Special buses will carry fans to Hot Springs Friday afternoon. All interested persons contact N. M. Brown, Principal, Yerger High School. SBQADCASTI«& SYSTEM Idle Porks to Keep Eye on S. W. Loop By The Associated Press Michigan State vs. Penn State jat State College, Pa.. MBS 12:45 p. m. Florida vs. Georgia Tech at Atlanta. CBS 1:30 p. m. Michigan vs. Minnesota at Minneapolis. NDC and ABC. 1:45 p. m. Foot'boSS Scores By The Associated Press Thursday's scores. Clemson 13 South Carolina 7 William '.Jewell ,'-!2 Tarkio 7. Cameron lOklai AM 27 Murray AM f>. Southwestern (Kasi 27 Pittsburgh Fayetteville, Oct. 22 —- (/P)—-With two hard scrimmage sessions behind them, the University of Arkansas Razorbacks face three more before they meet Texas A. and M. a week from Saturday at College Station. Coach John Barnhill sent his twice-beaten charges through strenuous contac sessions yesterday and the day before. He announced there would be another today and more Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday the coach shifted his linemen freely, evidently in search of a combination to stiffen the soft spots found by Txas. Barnhill also worked his passers, Ray Parks and Gordon Long, overtime, and drilled on defense against T-formation attacks. End Jim Cox and Guard Don Reiderer who have been injured, and Tailback Clyde Scotl, were held out of most of the tough work. Friday p.m.,- Oct.-22 5:00 Adventure Parade—M 5:15 Superman—M 5:30 Captain Midnight—M 5: ia Tom Mix—M 6:00 Bobcat Pen Rally 6:15 News, Five Star Edit'nn . 6:25 Today in Sports 6:30 Henry J^ Taylor—M 6:45 Fulton i^ewis, Jr. 7:00 Great Scenes from Great Plays—M 7:30 Bobcat Preview 7:45 Football Game Hope vs. Camden 8:00 Gabriel HeaUer—M 8:15 Hope vs. Camden 8:55 Bill Henry. News—M 9:00 Hope vs. Camden 10:00 All the News—M 10:15 Joe Reichrnan's Orch.—M 10:30 Dizzy Gillespie's Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual News—M 11:00 Sign Off Saturday a.m., Oct. 23 5:57', Sign On 0:00'-: Hillbilly Hocdown 6:30 .'News. First Edition 0:40: Arkansas Plowboys 0:55 Market Reports 7:00 Melody Boys 7:30 The Devotional Hour 7:45 Musical Clock 7:55 News, Coffee Cup Edition 8:00 Sunrise Serinr.de 8:45 Ozark Valley Folks—M 9:00 Ozark Valley Folks— M 9:30 Bill Harrington—M 9:45 Spotlight on fl Star 10:00 Hormel Girls Corps—M 10:30 Riders of the Purple Sage 11:00 Campus Salute—M 11:30 Trio Time Saturday p.m., Oct. 23 12:00 News. Home Edition 12:10 Market Time 12:15 Farm Agent 12:30 Polka Interlude 12:35 Farm Fair 12:45 Football game Michigan vs. Penn—M 3:30 Charlie Slocum—M 3:45 Decision Nov.' 4:00 Swing Time 4:30 Proudly We Hail 5:00 Take a Number—M 5:30 True or False—M 6:00 News. 5-Star Final 0:15 Thc Week in Sports B:30 Louis Bean Election Pro-, view—M 6:45 Mel Allen. Sportscast—M 7:00 Twenty Questions—M 7:30 Leave it 'to the Girls—M •. 7:55 Stars on the Horizon 3:00 Gabriel Heatter—M 8:30 Meet the Bass—Guy Lorn- bard o—M 9:00 Chicago Theatre of Air—M 10:00 Korn's a Krackin'—M 10:30 Eddy Duchin's Orch.—M 10:55 Mutual Reports the News 11:00 Sign Off is FBI :8 Break the Bank 9 Box-' ing Tony Pellone vs Roman Al-' varex. MBS—7 Celeste Holme in "Dark Victory;" 7:30 Leave It ot The Girls: i!:30 Lionel Hampton; 9 Meet the Press. Sen.. Jos. H. Ball. Saturday Football: NBC and ABC—1:45 p. m. Michigan vs Minnesota nl Minneapolis. CBS—1:40 Gcorgiu Tech vs Flor- jida at Atlanta. Top Radio Programs New York, Oct. 22 — (/P)— For tonight (Friday): j NBC—7 Lavalle Band; 7:30 Jim- jmy Dili-ante; 8:30 Red Skelton 9 (Life of Riley: 9:30 Bill Stern. CBS — 7 Jack Carson; « Lucille Ball in "Tom, Dick and Harry" 9:30 Spike Jones. ABC—7 The Fat Man: 7:30 This Attempt of Extortion New York. Oct. 22 —'.!>;— An attempted extortion of $100.000 under threat to harm Edgar F. Luekenbach. member of the steamship family, was reported by police today. Detectives questioned two men in | connection with the alleged plot. I They said Luekenbach received | a letter Monday at his home here ! asking for a "contribution'' of : $100.01)0 and imnlying "il would not 1'je well for him" if the money jwere not paid. j The letter, sent through the mail, ;was followed by several telephone •calls with further demands* for : payment, police said. ; In one of the calls Luekenbach 'was asked to meet the caller last might, with the money in front of hi.- home east of Central Park. I Luekenbach notified police and I'joieruves were sent to the home. I When Luekenbach emerged carry: ing a package, no one approached him bin the detectives noticed a 'in.-in loitering nearby and seized • him. ; They reported the man identified himself as Dale Neidich. 24. unemployed. The detectives said Neidich ad- 'mitU'd sending the letter and told jlheni the idea, was suggested by a ; ie.au he identified as 'Artie." This olner man also was nicked up but 1/i.lice ciid nol give his name. T'L- K rter demanded thai the Sllni.OlHI be paki in bills of large ^ denomination. It hinted similar 'nous had been sent to other persons who committed suicide after : Police indicated a third man e been involved in the Luckenbach is son ot the late Kdgar F. Luekenbach, who was head of the Lucken'naeh Steani'-'-'iu Co. and several subsidiaries. The younger Luekenbach is heir to iiie steamship concern fortune. CONFERENCE GAME MBS BRINGS YOU Starting 12:45 Saturday STAYTUNEDTO ^ 8JW YOSaffii (SIM.

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