The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 8
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VL \* ' t" ' } at. '"' j %k% - C*msf t» ttal OW * BWnnW. 1*0 (NT tfj» jcr yitv '«B *4VM«. » «*jf%*i | St» qc jsVttM, V>« P* **r, ti* ft* «s MOM*, Me »r tbt» Booste; IT mil In p«tal worn t*e to *tc. Uactuilv*. fWO ptr mr, la BOOM •pno «od «*ht, pel mi, P«y«bb In /. Legalized Lottery Is Firebcll In the Night New York Gily't effort to finance «t'!l«ti>t part of her uQemploynioitl relief burden by memib of ti gigantic jotter}' ;si»iply e|nplidsi/ci> the way in which the prebbure of tins relief piob- lem can out across all lines of culinary • governmental pioccdurc Tim 1 lottery Is n game of chants w|nch vh«b been licld illegal llH'cmgli- -out tlie United Staleh foi bevcral decadeb.'i .Federal authorities do not allow <tl*ia on lotteries 'to be bent through the mails; city police bpend a good deal of their timei tfying to bquelch the infinite vanrty of "policy" . arid "numfierb" games which flourish everywhere 'All this-»%, because the people of the, country gononilly have uome to realize -ihat a lottery coats more than itib \\ofth. ( It encouragcb the gamUliiys: habit; arid 'creates 'a steady drain OH llje rcsour'ccb of ipeopk \\hose meanb aie'iirm.teLd; furthermore, it ib not even, uniformly, a v good thing for the lucky winners. i ( •" * ••• . •* And yut this tlcvkq, uondemiKid by ^nWic _ icntimeiit for j'oarb, ib now ' abttqt io ^ be adopted by the largest *i*tj''Mi rJlrc catratry ;~ ( Ser New* York faccb no ordinary Kiill^ oneifoBrtli of all -tjic V Inhabitants We on city, state,'bi v Ulhc aity nuwls $50,- 'y«ir to take care of them . Belief -funds .are gone Right now "the cjctx/i^'tykraf money ear-imarked im other,pnnpo8us to feod the hungry 4 J reiH«ji!c''af / that kind cap crumple ^mo^t s any 'opposition, can overwhelm f nJauefi any ^prejudice 01 .hubrt of mind f«r,^hc' problem )s one tbat cannot be •dc^ged. ; Tl)e jobless, nni,sf be mrwl for; if }o\a dotibt'H, igniter for a moment over the, things Uiat could hap|>eu in a city hko.New Yoik if moie than n milUtin people, unemployed and But broke, were'biiddenly told ( 0 bhift foi themselves. , *•'""• • • And tile whole bubitH!s>t> i.s a \\uin- ing for ilhe' rest of the country—otiu of those t ,tire-bcllb in the night that TliQujab^Jefferboii iibed to talk about. <The Utteuiploymcnl problem b»b tin- bit in its leclh, and it ipay j et i uu 'us, yrn mvft get ibe U> wofk. Let tbc .pwUeip continue to uuj we bhali have a booial teiwion which coujd dnye vs Ui'du'ccUonb that utterly inipWajblc today. —Bnico Cation. The Putfic'i Business ',;, A little inlui'iiliuuge ol nmwrkti l>e- twccii u ijucstioijor mid »' vvltiiuss ut l|iu Scnale munitions iiivostit'iil-ipii ))earjrig: the oilier duy. umlcrlined un abpect of the .situation which \\o b)iould keep constantly In mind. The witness was objecting lo Imv- ing private ipajwrs and private conversations touching on Ihc munitions biis- HICKS spread on the iccoid Senator Homer T. Bone of AVusliinKton then •pointed out: "No business' tliHt aflecU tlie wul- faic of the world can bo Hind to lie piivate" And that IB pi emiily tlie point llus iDVUbtigjtion ftliould jjo foi waul to the veiy end, no mattoi wlio is dibturbed 01 (libpJeasett by jib mvoliUiojis 'llic munitions bubmesh lias bucli a direct and piofoutid effect on the livcb and forluneb ot innocent ibj-Htandoib that it cannot be piotoctcfl by tlie I'oticenoos which might apply to oidmaiy bubi nesses. Cornered Wvlvcs If yott Ldii believe Julia i«imlLbti), funions Chicago onminologist, we me «pt to get ,1 veiy 'bad outbicitk of eramcb ot violence, such .ib bank lob ouncb and laige-bcale holdupb, in tin niMti fuluie Oddly enough, tmb will «onic because the undoinoild ib .it •last dclinit'cty. on tlie run. Tlie boo^e laoket, ab a bteady source ot levenue foi gmigbtoib, KS fading Tlie undenvoild h.ib at last bcOn con ytnced kulnapmg is too i ibKy Tlie whole bubincbb of crime is biifVeiing .1 bevoio dcpicbbion. Gangs ure breaking up, dibsolving, lobing their money and theii- power. And it ib nglit at biich .1 moment, t>»yb Mi. Landebco, t!\ut gangs, lire most dangerous Being despeiate, tliev \\ill try almost anj thing Coiibe<iuont(v, tins cuminologi^t believes we shall have a nc\\ "ciime \\ave" sliortly—a crime wave which, paradoxically, will tebtify to the cflic.icy ol om dirve to bieak up oiganucd ciimc By Geotge Qark|: "If jou're looking for that list «f things lou'd do if you were dictator, I tore it up." THIS CURKJUS WORLD ¥* llic goviinmciit would vltv, the c\v»rL of mllilniy p]nncs,ficm tills coimlij lo Oerra»iiy with urtiyc -Uisiipiiroval. — Secretary' of auitc' Coirtell Hull. * * * Bi-loiicc ilms ubiolulfltj' Jallcil lo cxulnln llic prulilcm :of llic. -Gu^licliuo Mnrconl, inventor of wlrclcsi tclcariipliy, * '• * * The ;{ii)clloiis: of n citizen and - sold lor arc Mussolini. /Huets, esvzjflF^ WH/re-rA/L£f> oeea, c*Mets 6IROS 00 NOT FLY HOM£ VMHEN WINTER. COMES/ THEIR HOMES -ABE-THEIR fJEStlSfe SITES, TO'WHICH THEY-GO <N ; THESP»INGTIME. „ t RUN By ELECTRICITY HASAGENERATIN& PLANf CAPABLE OF PRODUCIN& MOfiE ELECTBtCITy.THAN ALL THE POWER. STATIONS :IN NORTH DAKOTA, WXOM1NO, MISSISSIPPI, NENJACA AND 'DELAWARE. Bv Williams Cleanliness Keeps Mouth Free From Inllamniation WHUDDA VA WANT? GOSH,iDO I HAPTACOME ALL TH' WAV5 THERE, TO PINO OUT I GOTTA GO To TH' STORE, WHEN I'M HAFI 1 V^AY TO TH' STORE ALREADY? AW 1 , AIN'T WE GOT CREDIT THBREr? SURE WE HAVE* GOODWIGHT.' DON'T 66 ' ASHAMED TO HOLLER "«? HAM8UROER, ER WtrEMIES— OTHER PEOPLE HAVE THEM. g|;;^;;»^ ; "'*','* - *• t .ji* '^•"f'/Ar^ • "^ " 0<«^f'£.,'*,.*,». ^,; IM . "- HsgdCj^V' V.^^t^r -., "^.«^rt ,^^' ^'' "F v;' •*' \ \ "*** , *,~^ t . ("A. l . ^M£M£&M.\ i BEACH CUJB IWMWjM. ^raar^S. 5 ^' ••MMM.I. MM, M «. M*IH«Ml Mt _ __ _ OMsT tbjfr aatnaact dua^at *a atwtmam UMa*. •»( !lk« attain *f •tb* toi« tftaur *u oettanmj Co jxlcr, nolle*, ww* always ' c/*t oow. T*» doctor frovntd trjoujbtruliy wlwaeTfr tk« invalid spoke at l*a» NOW GO OH WITH TBE STORI CHAPTER XLIU rjENIS cam* ow to talk to Soots about Edward tbat .ntcfet. 1 Might lo teltpboM Mm.- ah* fretted, "but when 1 oil tb* nor** •ays he's *eeU«g eomtortabry' and that's all Doal you tblni U*< doctor ought t* lit nw go dowD i there? 1 want to." Dealt was reaaunag; h* »ms * *ery tower of comfort. His coldness and aloofness bad dropjmd front Him Ilk* * garment. Tn» Hector ws« perfectly ritM. b* IBM. 1 !Bd was .getting alone Uk*.a oou» aflra. H»,fl«d crioiwt «• he'd toM about Its cut tb.*7 were aatllpja. on. And b* bad partlenlarly stipulated tbat Boots.wa* to stay in bod and repimlB'perftelj'oulet^Btn U Fargs Dad at'ea,other trdtn. Her rufll*« balr. ber-plak, welly bedjacket maae'taer look young and feverish. Ther» wu a .glitter la bereyits. "Tbli was a DuDisbraent for m* for not appreciating Edward as i should have," site told Denis «•. cltedly. "I want to marry him right away, and make uaita Urn for It." ' "Doa't talk so foolishly." b* taM sternly, "ion bad oothlai whatever lo do niih it. 'It ,w«3 la combination of «cklees drjver and rbeaVy fog—tint .was iail.'" Isabel called up land mm rally, wiled In the itays that tolloiffld. mil owed to more raUnr about her room. TfasA ward, look;ug big and-Imndsome^in' tb« narrow hospital ..bed. Ha laughed at tb* nurses; 6* laughed at eYerylbing. Ut was • riot, he said cheerfully. rQwta wu a. ssrfci thing lo worry aMjout him. Out look!—his war« included U» baskets of fruit and Dowers, UM bright JacketM oonks, ,tns t Cahj-l grams. There was eren * bat Phonograph OB a corner waiib ground out tire tunes of ithe d»j. i • • • i f\ENIS stayed on at tha HartaM. Often and often during those Gmt we«ka he dron ber dow« to Now Martin la an tb* tolling yount man in tb* bbj bad. Edwrt creeled them, grinning. Th* doctor: was "nuts,"'be sard cheerfully. .'Be expected him to stay ther* on bV music BD» Unued cb*»«y «w»y. th* book* end ouketa from The true ihoiiie of-tin bird, like that .of every-; other'creature, Is' whore ths home, is : built 'and 'young are brought up. The birds nieratc .south for ^protection against colcl weather, just : as .some, of the human race-.who spendIholr winters in'warmer regions. during the «m week and. ha»in» assured berself tbat ber son -was In no danger, *w«pi JentmJtr ** (o Moridu. You'r* BV tajoUy,- Exiwud told BY OK. MORRIS HSHBfIN'-'| t'dllor, JniiriiHl «if Tlie American Medical taawlaljott, and »f Hy- I gets, ihc Hratlh Magaiinc 'Wlicucvm- you feel the, slighlesl rrltiillim In your mouth, and yoiir .ongiie seems .constantly, .-to be ieokhiE it out, you sliiKiid. suspect «n Inflaiimmtlon Hint may 'become nore serious tvllh neglect. • Inflammations of llic mouth may follow'burning, by taking soup or' :offcc that Is loo'liol or by cRttng i|ghly spiced footls or Irritants, such -as : muslnrd. Most frequently,; lowevor,- Infections result from iin- ! Huiicr cnre of the tcelli. from the abuse of .tobacco • or snuff, or similar. Irritants, and occasioiinlly from wearing of dental plates Ihat rto mt ni.satlsfaclorlly. You .might also ..contract an iiillamiiiatlon of ;hc mouth from an Infection in the throal. .••••• Of • course, you fciiow that ci'Ctt u tiny spot of innainination .in the: annoying. Any small nilcer' feels : lhrcc times us large as .11 «c- tu'aljy Is. ' ' - : lu addition. Inflammation uf tho' moutli rcsi|ll,s In a chronic bad^ laslc. In an'odor and In sv,'elliiiE. While adults are not likely to sut- ler much with uirir inflammations, children may rievelon fevers and be seriously sick. ~ . • * • * • • ' • BaWe.s frctjucntly suffer wllh an hijlamiiiatloii of the mouth, In-' meinuraiies ''and l tlic • giiuu, (iue ito a .variety of causes. Sometimes -the trouble Is simple look--of olc^iilt- ness. The moutli of even a tiny •mini may be cleaned with a small Klect of gauze and j</me salt solu- ,t!on. '• ' Sometimes tftc moutlis-of tiifanUs' arc disturbed by acute iiifeeUons, such us' those assooiHtoil with measles, .diphtheria, scarlet fever or nunnivs. -Babies also -put ou which they -happen lo sflml lying iibout, into 'their molldis'niul be-; come infected from this kind of material. ; Wlietievor t!ic mouth is intlamed.' 11 Is firsl necessary to Jlnd the cause. This Involves not only lo-| cation of a single visible /ocus of Infection, but also study .by Hie dentist to determine whcUicr Infection may be concealed' th the gums or around the teeth. i •During the tin^e of inflaiunitt- tlon nil .irritating • substances and foods that arc too hoi should :bc avoided.' The foods- taken should be cool and either liquid vor soft. The mouths of Infants should bo carefully sponged with cold water alter each feeding and the material of 'the. sponge should :be,small pledgets of cotton ^wrapped arourrd' the finger, and touched .delicately' to ihc mucous; membrane.- In seine cases -.the placing ot small pieces of'Ice In Ihc mouth is helpful. Mouth v.shes'will not in general cure the conditions that arc Jcsponstblc for the inflammations,'but they do'help to control the otknv and to give a feeling of greater, comtoii. Most month washes contain • antiseptic; substances wliicli in .innny Distances serve aleu to' 1 reduce'the-pi (n.v ' ; l'-*v' -' The dlcls of. those vsjlh. chronic inflaiiuuiitraiis of the mouth should always be studied lo make certain that there Is .a- sulffclent amount ot rrUuilns and such 'minerals as calcium 'and phosphorus. • , f ' ^- ~^f^ fw^pw «MW« *w» IKKHt, «B*ftB« CllBMt itt*t Cist ML T*o» «|Ur r »«r. wont rju, MdiM '*»*» fasi ««U « 4* «*«V r -Ur» D*T •You know I do.* It was (rut- It wu true! No on* could U«ID -worlds best, ft ber Heart did oat bca', donbk UBM at the sound '.ot tts Talc*, ber DftttlTcoD* toti eo Tocatlacly in ber throat «i |he ueltt'Of tataa tb«l wa» surely ao one's .fault But fin* marrlatM, splendid marrlatea. >had com. bi just tucb IOM as this. The oihtr waa a wiidntss, a dream that must at anaadOMd. COUBMlMl. »et(«r DOl rush IU thine, not u t>* trifled with, Th*yTt -crasy aboui oie cert," Edward said, chortllnt. "They doii'i want to let me to.* Tcer* wu a little nurt,e »Ho Irish'eyes and a flyaway :ap who i'beta-on night duty tor a vhll«. Now tb» patl*Dt<nO longer required tbat te'r»lM but BOOLI moilced lulj tbat ilia Kerrigan 'Vu always 1 aomewfaere about. She bad "ED ap- idtetomjr" ijust :<town it« nail. sh* said oyly.'but thai was coming along all right. Il appeared s!i« bad tin* Ut spare to duwule ID Mr. Va» Sclrcr!» doorway, Usien log, chaltlnc merrily. February .raged oiit and Edward was in a wheel chair. He could walk neit week. Dr La Fare* »Hd. It seeond odd t« think ot the tall young maa 'taking » few lentatin, almost frightening steps, fieticr not rush'«. . .. The coal bills piled up at'borne. Boots icild-one, paid aometUlng on anoUMt. Her lather canted at Uie reetralBtsiil'tbt winter, also, Osc* Edward had spoken haltingly of • loan but Boon tad been to prood la'ner refusal tbat be had oot mea tlomd tire natter sinre. It seemed ito !tb« jf(fj :that every 1 ttm* she met Gents these days they quarreled, It was at) Dent when they were tn Edward's room together. Then they had to keep up appearances, for Ui* inralid'a sake, But -when they wen atom each sa4d »h«rp, hurting thlngo to the ofh«r. wonWilitt 'her eyebrows insolently when fU« aeked it. tbollsh - Maylw - me, be bales me;" -BooU would tell herself, burning with resentment. • • • TyjAROH atalked ID and the bonds •"*• •» Cat* «emed to driw more .^ aboat'her Edward spoil* conhOonlly now of Uielr oiarrl^^*. It would only b* a short time until -he'd be w well as erer. Each time h* BMDtioiitd H th» prospect laeiatd to draw nearer. The clrt faced tils with ui actual fainting of the spirit. "Good «T«mng, Mrs. Lund I'm luat on to* wing. Off duty, (jot a IJtU* toy wltb tonsils In 301 Re's going born* right away." Thus Kiss Kerrigan, ..,-- « pretty littls thing." Soots reflected. "That dazzling whiteness MU off her skin oeautl tuUj, and ber eyes are blue a* blue- asked once after the nurse bad "Consr.tulalion* your ticket "Very pretty." Boots agreed. "Not Jealous?" INot a bit," che told him, smiling and ilaylns 'ber cool 'hand on 'tis hie one. He had o*eo amekini • dcaret la tbe auDrooDi down'tin hall. ' Ther* «re lO.flOO proepectlte lathers storming . U j> and dow» <thls corridor." he announced Bloomlly, ramming his hands Into bis trousers ; pockets. .Edward sire a shout of delight 'Tea thousand caUstif ,Th« .maternity floor's the OM above-"I know, i know,- Dealt said testily. "But tboy-r. got com* ol thero parked down here to keen era quiet." The nurse on duty at the desk looked in smilingly to remlntt then tbat goodnight* wer* lonrlwot. Boots kissed Edward SutUully and went out itn tb« bill toward th* elevator. "Bye. old man," Dents Bt iid, ticking the Iwl vost for waul ot Eomethloi, better-to do. "Cbeer-ohl" Edward wated bii hand. "B» seeing you.* The fair young girl and the dark- browed young man rode down in tho grilled cage. * blue-eyed-nurse In a crisp uarJorm flirted ber^iflrw arotmd the eorwr of tb* diet kit. chcn ;to •watoh them >eo. Then Fshe stepped into :Mr. fan SclTcrVroom. Just to tw sure he was settlad lor the night. ... The Soor bead «a* 'ery.busy! NB of these OTonings when Boots arrived Uome her ruoiber met bar at th* door in Incoheiouet and excitement. •Ssli, dont .let Daddy be«r! 11 ther* anything lo it!" "Tne BUD came out from tb* nsw&papm right,alter I go! 'the wire," went on^th* ofder woman in some agitation. "1 was to Buster«d I dldnt knew wbat I was talking 'about. E»ra now 1 think there's eoracthlng Tory odd about It «n. Maybe someoce'* piirlut * practical Joke.- Miss (EUilte'-ma altting lentely OB tte edge of « coach, her eyes »e»7 .starg*.' > "Wou]4 someone." Boots Jngurrod inaulgenUy, ->jei| m« just irhat llils is all aboutr •'Here's wbat happenetl, Barbara;" Mtn Worlds began, but fas immediately interrupted by Mrs. "I bought a lottery ticket last fall—that charity tiling, jou know?" "Tim Sweepstakes?" ' "Yea, Tb* Doy at the drugalor» had these tickets and b* ackad It £ wanted one. I luat thought I'd Lkfl a chance for tho fun ot It—* "You mean .you've had suia« word!" Her mother wa>ed the yella* malted March:twentieth." "It may-be rust a practical Jofce/* faltered the older woman, her «)ee filling. "But oh, my dear. If It Un'tr (To B« CotHiBaed) '," Injured On Gridirsn CLEVELAND, (UP)—John -Mc- lll, H, couldn't quite make ;the: Cathedral Latin Blgh School foqt^ Kill teanV'tliis year. 50 "he 'pla'> p ed : cnti on Ills own neighborhoodUcam.: One o'i thcairst days afield, :hls'lefl ankle .was fractured. , Cow Slaughtered la Tuture PROSPECT, :Conn. :(UP)_a{tmc- body'who wanted a-couple-of good steaks In a-hurry slaughtered a cow in a loiiaTpasture, cut oft :only .the-hind quarters and left the rest of. the carcass hidden in . a berry patch. -College Hequesl Fought-; 41iLIANCE, O. (UP)--Thc Aill Vhich gave Mt Union College lioro J200.COO. from the estate of "Bisliop John-w. Hamilton, of Wa-shin'gtqn, D. C., is being attacked by the bishop's son and daughter, coUcge.df- ficials liere have learned. •" ';.'•." "PHONOGRAPH "RECORD OT^.A PIDDLE ^^4S^tiE: OF'IT,SO AW WILL TV-MNK t'V\

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