Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 21, 1948 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 21, 1948
Page 10
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Ten Bottle Lines HOPE S T A R., HOPE., A R K A N S A S on A Prayer for Peace I. tiif Keek, Oc!. 20 —(UP> — l^ttk- lines worn drawn 1oday on •it 'fast three of (lip srvpn pro- pcscd legislative changes thai will apco'.i on iho Arkansas general election ballot. With the election k>«. tiu>n two weeks away, the "^Ii'S^ promised to increase until ^ Oprositipii developed suddenly to Oov. Ben Laney's proposal to fake Ini 1 stale forever out of the prop- fitv t ix field. A second statewide <K sanitation, the executive com- rnutre c f the County Judges As- sedation, announced its opposition i>-\t' f ' act today. Kailior. the education committee <i n-' Arkansas Legislative Council u.gc-d the incoming McMath ad- nviistirtiion to "exhaust every ef- toi i to secure the defeat" of 'Amendment no. 41. I.Tney was still in Texas today, but h'<! aides indicated he would nei pi'.v up his fight for passage of tli" measure. He sponsored the arrcndment this summer after (he 1347 legislature declined to place it on the ballot. In on osinp(,tho move, the county judges said they believed the nn nw a\ <; and schools need the rrcnr- that would he lost if the tiPio stopped collecting the ad vain «m tax. Education leaders estimate the loss at between 92,000.000 and $3 000.000. Lancy. contends that the piojcrty tax loss was made up through readjustments in income and severance taxes by 'th" ' 1947 Urislaturc. He insists .{hat taking the state out of the field will bring about higher property assessments ap.fi more revenue at the local level Meanwhile, the United Press learned _ that the Arkansas Publie Expenditure council, which earlier approved the amendment, is pre- raring a brief in its .support. The e.-.-pendilure council, also oppose? another proposal, the amendment, to remove the ceiling U-cin the tax that can be levied by any school district. The act is sponsored by the Arkansas Educa- urn Association. T he third contested proposal is Initiated Act No. 2, the plan that wouH jpqujre all local option liquor elections to be held with EOII- ci a) elections. The move is backed by the liquor interests who believe that a more lepresentative vote would be obtained at a general election than nt a "special liquor election. The Anti-Saloon League of Arkansas, however, purchased advertising space to declare that the act "must be defeated." In his ad, League Superintendent Clyde C Coulto declared that the act "would completely destroy our present local option law." So far there has been little controversy over the other proposed changes Initiated Act No. 1, the AEA proposal to reorganize the school dis tncts of Arkansas, apparently can look f01 ward to smoother sailing than two years ago when it was defeated. •Tames (Uncle Mac> MacKrell Who actively fought the act in the last general election, said recently that the "most objectionable features" have been eliminated. State Education Commissioner Ralph B. Jones announced that nearly 150 school districts have been eliminated during the past six months. Three other proposals have no apparent opposition. They would allow the legislature Jo set up a system of'voter reg- 1strni,iot envapm'wk-tttaeeo shsr istration, revamp the state's work- pien's. .compensation law, and re- organise the state and county boards of election commissioners. Says: of the United Nations meeting place in Paris, this" may ,-esull in lasting peace. The UN is meeting in the r\bA-Acme staff correspondent David Eoyer.) Under-Knife at Age 91 Hours «&Zfi&ZK — — - - - - - 9m By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D Written for NEA Service Sleeping badly, or insomnia, is principally a complaint, of city dwellers. Insomnia is nof ;i disease, though in rare cnses it can be a symptom of .some disease in the The, fjqrth African chpmcleon has, gtasping hands like a human, and a, prehensile tail like a monkey. tritious..,Delicious brain or oLsewhere. Most insomnia is caused by inability to throw off the worries and cares of the davtimc. The person who starts thinkiiH-: of the ofiice .within a few minutes of turning of/ the light ;il nifhl is likely lo develop chronic '.;leep lessnesK. The longer this «ocs on the worse it Ret:;. Many people who complain of insomnia sloop better than they think they do. They may be wakeful for short periods two or three times during the nk-ht. but really get all the sleep they need. Often they make things worse by worrying about not sleeping. This is unnecessary, as most people can get nearly as much rest t'or their bodily functions by lyinc quiotlv and relaxing in bed as they would n they were actually asleep Forget Worries With worry as the principal cause of insomnia, its management is apparent. Before going to heel some occupation which takes 'the person's attention away from the usual worries is desirable. This may take the form of reading some book to one's sol/:, or aloud preferably one which is rather dull Other people may relax better if they do handwork of some kind. The choice of prebedtimo occupation should be made individually on the basis of por.sonal likes and complete removal from the mental activity which is the major source of worry. Sometimes warm milk just before going to bed is relaxing. Most people can help by training themselves to relax their muscles. The clruiis which induce sleep should bo avoided in chronic insomnia. Most of them are habit- forming and their effect wears off if used often. Alcohol to produce sleepiness should be avoided also. One group of former nervous and mental patic-nts called Recovery. Inc., trains its members to regard insomnia as a myth -•• not a bad idea. QUESTION: i : Denver good loi asthma'' ANSWER: Tho male lo asthma Undoubtedly il'it by fir climate or do not and some worse. The only before making change. e climate of patient with rela nmo patients, bene- o ;i drier or warai- bolh. Some, however, are even made answer is trial a permanent POWER Have you ever seen anyone leave part of a GRAPETTE? CB1L1 in mi HESfS iOOK FOR HWWER W THE LABEL GRAPETTE has a flavor you enjoy ANYTIME, or net! '\ V, ^ > *. \tt *'* II 2'/2-week-old John Charles Walters, o£ North Hollywood, Calif., could talk, he'd talk about his operation. He was 91 hours old when surgeons removed half his lung to clear a dangerous congestion. The scar can be seen just below hand of his mother, Mrs. John R. Walters, who beams at her son's quick recovery. in On a Limb M .. "• r ™ •'—•: ^ ;-^;^2£..isVi3LMt2££i4j; Heading tor Hollywood is Jean Fulton, who won a contest amon- M is s-Ht'h Af I0n ° C S ° l , l(il AfriCa aml Rhodcsia - The l«-year-okl l\Ii-,s South Alrica now has a movie contract. Joan celebrates by going out OH a limb (pretty, too) in Durban, South Africa. f "°W i >r I Foctor i:c:'. ones and prepare an inventory of wh;:l you have. Clean the dirt off and shine thejn up a little with steel wool or sandpaper. You nii^TTt even sharpen them up a oh, she j sui^ests. ;ln( i by all means «ive ; UK-HI a f;lj .:xi eoat of heavy oil. ' | \Vaier lelt in ihe e.arden h...se Cliirdeii too!:-; lell with.nit clean- ' v ' n '' l ' nu --'' severe daniav.e ji Ji j^ iini; or leii ouiside K-aiihu; ae..di,M j, 1"^.' /,'', '^'''f''' ^specially it il,,. hiie U.-.rn. han.uu; ,,, : , tree, or ly- un"' 'h,;:;!,!'iie'mormnihiv'ii^.v.'," 1 nil! about in the y.-.rd d: i-.ree.';,.i- ''' l)il ' l! ••' -at !y. llu- iv.-,i ,•!],";.• w. r , ,. ,_';] ! (jUite !-;ij-uily in ;,n\ I;M-I! ui' we'i- '"'' k ll ""'- :;l!( ' 'her. la'-.en IL th" i..nl l' 11 ;;^:" >^-^^^'^^. n i,n ^.^,"»:Ji;^:.^''"* :il: ' m'ir'i.-^^'^Jr^./'NI'-ni;;,/^,--^ J ;,. y :;', h: , AV , ; : '-."" :i <•>•>• '>;'-=<!e\en be the e.it!-v ol ,i sei'ii.u- aee- .,",;'. 1 ' '''.' '"''•' "." ''- 1 '!' 1 '-•••''e. liv.t ''deni, points ,,ul '\li-,- I ,. -I'-i^i • ' '' .'," ' ll " ! "! :u-: - "i;-re is enon-^h b, : !^;r v ' )oii ' 1 "" 11 - "-'-"-'-''i'- •• j J?;;-;;;'-4'ify "in;;: i,.^;" • T!K ' •'•'"'••' "-'>• ","'l ; - Before >.>n -V,e K-, .'•',' s'! ^n V >n',J !!l l, 'v,''!;'^', 1 , lu-eii a cerlam loul ,,|- i!i..;,!e/.,e!)i ;.cl ahv, <iv iunv sneci;.] n-p|- i buried benealii the mill, i-.ii! -A-,.! I,....' ,;.'•,..'..! .•,, 'VriV ,-• 'fi i,'i , •r;;^,; 1 :^!,^,!-::; 1 ,,;;; 11 ;,'! 1 ;;,-':''!. ;;,:,, 1 ;:;: ! i>;r i ;' ^-', ;)^ ;: '•' ^ i hand:- !;-:-:! .-pri!,:'. A . : .'..,.( i,j- ,. ! i-a.-h Mid a eood O...I]-.- ea!'.,,- j ::;:ii b.- .-•.:•,-.. u l.iy pi-i.,;:, i- •,,.,..! ,-•'. ' she udvitc-^. ' U-';nu r v.i.ather \vi!l >.:<: .',. ;' , . . '' ;::i li; ''. i:!1 i-r-'Mo ...ltd • ; . !,,-; :: . ....... ]. , v! |i ;,.,,;, betlei*'f :'oi',i''tile ;•!! you'.- garden ti..i..l:.; nn ;,-:>i .... .: : ..t i. -.vji..;-.- yiln' i'. 1 "-''- v^'^.''^''. how majjy you can Jindv h w, J;i :,.i : j ,•„,.( p.-),,," u ' ^.,;i " 'i^.], "'.' nnt . •',",'•, be u yood idea to rep.Mr t; : .- iji. >- , !,. a \-es ir.jiji di-ijtiiu inside. Thursday, October 21, 194S Final Rifres for University of South Office .Sewaneo, Tenn.. Oct. 20 — OT'i— Funeral services will be held here tomomiw for )>. Alexander F. Giieny. vice cliancullor of the Uni- veisity of the South. Dr. Guerry. 5K, diod of a heart attack yesterday afternoon in Knoxvilie. He was stricken while waiting lor a train to return to Si.y.-a.'ine after a thret-day visit in Knoxvilie to drliver a series of talks, .He died in a hospital there. Home Takes To build or remodel a house to .satisfy the needs of your family, vju must have a good' plan, slates Mrs. Lorraine Blackwood. home demonstration agent for llempsteac! County. A plan for a house is more importanl than a pattern for a dress or a good recipe for a cake, because the house will last for many years. A Rood house plan in found only alter much study by all member's of the family. You will think of many changes and improvements in the plan after the first sketch - is made. It is easier and cheaper to correct mistakes and to make better room arrangements on pa- per than to make these same changes on the job, she points out. As you study a plan, try to imagine your family Jiving" in the house Will each room arrangement and storage space make work easier and living more enjoyable? loo often, people build a" house without thinking about what, they will do in that house. This resi) 1 ' n members of the family ' fittins' their hying and work into a poorly planned house.' rather than having a house that fits their needs. The best way to begin to pian for a house is to think what activities are to take place in it, Mrs Blackwood advise-;. Then figure out the space, including storage space needeu for each activity. The space no.ded to work in depends on "how the jobs are to be done. The quickest, way of doing a job is the one that takes the fewest steps and motions. If motion saving methods are worked out, then it is easier to plan the place in which you will work. For example, in the kitchen it should be possible to mix a cake without taking a step. In order to do this, you should plan cupboards to store all equipment and supplies needed, within reach of mixing unit. In the bedroom, one should bo able to dress within a small space if the closet and dresser are near each other. In the bathroom many steps are saved if the wash bowl is near the door. In any room, the light switch should be near the doorway. Too often it is behind the door or'across from the door. These are a few ideas on how you should think about your house plan if you want to enjoy living and working in your Krug Shows Up for Dinner Tho Didn' Come Albuquerque, N. M., Oct. 20 liV't —Interior Sceretru-y Krug came to dinner last night, but the dinner didn't show up. The cabinet officer was to be guest of honor at a banquet to which several prominent Al- buquerqueans were invited by telephone. The Chamber of Commerce, supposedly sponsoring the affair, denied nil knowledge of it. Kruj; wound uo fianlly n^ dinner guest of Clinton P. Anderson, former Secretary of Agriculture. Industrialists Continue Tour o? Arkansas new home, the home demonstration agent nays. When planning a home, most families think first of small things they have always wanted in a home. They will build a much better house if they plan for basic room arrangements first and then fit details in later. Many families make the mistake of thinking too much about, the poor plan:; of other houses they have lived in. They do not realize that sometimes "one mistake in planning lends to another. For example, a dining room too small might make you want one which is too large; or an inconvenient one might make von want to leave it out altogether, when really you may need or enjoy a dining room that is just right." Men a, Oct. If). — (UPl — A group of 25 industrialists and business writers were scheduled to stop here at noon today as they con Untied -their fiv'eday lour of Ar Kansas, studying the state's "Build Your Own Home Town" program. Tho group spent last night , at Mount Ida, held an early morning meeting at Waldrun and will be in De-Queen tonight. Yesterday, the out-of-state press ^representatives were taken on a 'tour of the Bauxite mining area aiul the plants of the Aluminum Company of America and the Hurricane Crock Plant of the Reynolds Metals Company. Also visiled were Malvern and the plan's of the Magnet Cove Barite Corp.. and the National Lead Company';; baroid division. The trip into south Arkansas will take the parly into 15 communities in M counties. II is Ihe fourth project spon sored by the Arkansas Economic Council aimed toward a more bal anced living in Arkansas. - Tg^&tt&ami®. %&fe**&:*,: i»sssasasss=3«™sa» sure-footed 9® ihnrowgh misd snow- forweerdi ire verse—©n With Goodyecrr's famous All-Weather tread you get non-skid protection in every direction! Right, left, forward or back the sharp-edged diamonds dig into wet, slippery road film to get a grip and resist slip. Ihis winter enjoy the security of better stop and go" with Goodyears This is the "go-emywhere" tire for the man who gets oil the cleared highways! Studded Sure-Grip tread tops them all for "dig-in" traction in deep mud and snow. It gets you out of tight places — takes you throuah where conventional tires bog down. Better get a set now. SUPER-CUSHIONS give you the smoothest/ safes? ride you've eves- SURE-GRIP the "go- -anywhes-e" fire, gives you super trass-ion in mud and snow 215-21? S. Walnut

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