Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 21, 1948 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 21, 1948
Page 7
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Thursday, October 21, Elissa Lcmdi, 43- Asfress, Dies From Ccmeer Kingston. N. Y., Oct. 21 — I/P) — Ebsn Lam. Ilalirui-born actress •a.fy novelist, died of cancer today nt the a KG of -!3. Miss Lancli. reportedly the grand-daughter of Empress Klixa- bcth of Austria, died in Kingston hospital, where she had been a patient for the last in days. Her illness previously had been described by her physician only as a ."chronic condition." Dr. Kenneth Lcfevcr. who nounced (he cause of death the actress "never knew she cancer." «H.er condition, however, had been k 7 jwn to her familv for nine months, he said. He said that her husband. Cur- uss Thomas, who was , with her when she died, "had done a won- clcrlul job in keeping it from her " HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ^M W® an- .said had Miss Land! of o multiple facets, equally succossrul , motion picture and sla/'e star a novelist, as a linguist, as a pianist and as a singer Her varied talents, combined with a subtle blonde beautv, won her praise from both dramatic and John T. McRao, Commander of Hokor-Nclson Post No. HI, Amer- .can Legion lias announced that the rei-ular meeting night has been '.•hanged from the fourth Friday night in each month to the fo.irln .Vlonday night. 7he Nevada Counts Tuberculosis assceiation is conipleling olan;; for a mass X-ray Clinic to be held ;n Prescotl, October l!(i, i!7 and ',:',' Hvf .Q, fen < BiS-CB tums. critics of a half do-en na. " She was the daughter of Austrian O>unt and Countess Zanardi-Lan- Willl a relicence rare in aofrossos she always refused to confirm 'or deny her royal ancestry. Westporl, Conn., Ocl Investigators wrote off a., „..„,,-,,_ al todav thn shooiing of a fornvr /.ica i eld follies girl at an exclusive beach c!ob here " The woman. Mrs. Mary Pidgeon 41, ot Memnhis. Tenn.. told police she was wounded when her pislol discharged accidentally. Town p'ro- c » i) ,J 01 ' Vincent X. Mnnlanaro said .ihe prosecutor said (hat he vi-<; drooping his investigation, satisfied by her explanation. Mrs. Pidgenn was found wounded Monday night in her apartmnnt a . the Longshore Beach and Country" d,V-..- b -S , f ho iS ..H- :ill d_or her three The Women of the Church U. '.-. c.i the Pre ; !,yterian church met mondiy morning at Jli::iu at. I IT.' church lor a study of die. HOIVK I i - ;v v : Mission boot; "On 'Our Own Uoo. ll--'-''^ steps" by Frank S. Meade. Mrs. I Yf.&' .1. l£. Logan, secretary OL assem - ' i y sis« bly's Home Missions was in charge of the study. Mrs. Logan gave a devotional using for the scripture the 23rd Psalm closing with prayer. She also gave an introduction 01 the study book. Mrs. Henry Moore presented the first, chapter on "Hawaii" and Airs. ,S. o. Logan gave the second on "Alaska." Alter luncheon the study was opened with the song "The." Morning Light is Break i ni.;." Mrs. I). L. McUae Sr. reviewed the third chapter on "Panama Canal 7,onc" Mrs. JJ. L. McRae Jr.. "Virgin Island?" and Mrs. W. G. Bensbcri'. "Puerto Hico". Mr;. 1 . Logan gave the imal chapter on ''i'oVnornr.v." The meeting adjourned with ;, prayer ni song my Mrs. Logan and Mrs. Eensberg accomijaiiiod oy Mrs. Mary Montgomery. Raymond Dawson, son of Mrs. Miichcd Dawson, Prescoit, a student at, the College of the Ozarks. Clarksville. participated on a radio program sponsored by the college on Station KFSA in Fort Smith Tuesday night. Lawson, a junior at the college I is majoring in history. Me is 'Y, 'member ol the History Club wnich was in charge ot the program tor file broadcast. It. has been announced that Miss iVuna Eagle of Prescott is a member of the Hendri:; college band this year. Miss Eaglo is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Ea' ; ;!c e;]' Prescott. H. p a ,,| Holdridge, re- elecLiid as pastor of the Hope Gospel Tabernacle. Having served four years as pastor, the Holdriclges were chosen for another two year period at Annual Church Business Meeting held at the Tabernacle Wednesday night. phan of Ho; Springs were guests o! A'ir. and Mrs. Alien Gee Sr J.uesaay. Rev. and Mrs. Fred A. ' While end enildrcn and Mrs. John T. McRao h;.>\:_> returned from Fort viortii. 'U-xas \vhere they have J|:;. IK ;h,/ pas! several da'vs. Celbum .Stewart and children Jo ivr.ne and Uell.y Lou have return- od to liieir home in McGehee after a visiL with Mr. and Mrs. lioward I iaynio. Mrs. Stewart re- ma.ned for a longer visit to be •..'ilh her father, Mr. Haynic who is ill. H. M. Meyer, horticulturist the American Refrigerator Ti C. W. McKeJkcy of Little s ihe iMies! of her daughter. I;.-r\-ey Bernis and Mr, Bo•. me. uy ino second or her three .mie-ricun nemgerator J r;::ioit I divorced husb.-UKls, Marcel <\ c,o< I t -' f ' !T1 l"iny. a subsidiary of Ihe Mis- | Mr Sflu. She was K-ing on the iKUhVoom i soui ' i Paeiifc Railroad was a vi.v nave llpor. ,-mcl a .:?:> e;i!ibr<-- autom-i'lie U)1 ' !n tjl0 Clla) -' lt - )o1 ' of Commere ! iVki?' pistol W ;., s r,ii a ber! in iV> -idio'n"• 01 ' H;e - Plans were made for a ; antl 'n mg bedroom. ' i meeting of the Fruit and Truck I Golschi. a former mnn:i.r.un:' dir- ! Commiriee to meet with Mr. Me.yc.-r I Mrs ector of In;- .--iuK ,A.,<,.,,,,:^,,..V ",. I some lirnr- rinriiv thn -,\-,^-.i.- ,,!'! T?,,^I- , id Mrs. Dewey Waddle -'rn.-d to their home in ai'er a visit with Mr. Joe. Waddle. ector ol the dub. pafroni-'od' by S ; fge, screen and radio per^onai- ities. told police he became alarmed when lie heard Mrs. Pidreou 1 -, doa barking. Monlanaro. Detective f ieut Ed ward Capassr- and S^i-g't Jn-i'r. s "p Driscoll questioned Mrs. Pid-'con at the nearby Norwalk hosoilil where she was reported today in serious condition from a wound in her chest. The prosecutor said Mrs Pidgeon gave this account of events prer:oor!in« the shooting: ^V/ilh Gotschi. whose" guest she V*3 at the club, she returned to her apartment after a late supner Her tormer husband left aboul 9:4n p.m. for his own apartment,' and she stayed up reading for about r\n hour. As she started for her bedroom she picked up a ..-32 calibre automatic pistol which Golschi had given her for her protection. When she walked in the bedroom she slipped on a rug or a rubber dog bone" and the gun discharged as she.fell against a chair Mrs. Pidgeon said that after she \\r-s wounded she managed crawl to the bathroom and called lor help through a heating vent before she lost consciousness. Gotschi told police he had heard her moaning after he was aroused by the dog's barking. At Memphis, Mrs. Picli r eon was .identifier.! as the f,,nner Mary Jane Wilkerson who was picked as | "Miss Memphis" when she was 17 | a.nd won a role in the Ivec'fokl i follies. " i Her first husband was Phil PjH- a Memphis botUin;; company livf in 1924. They were'div- orced some years later and she married Gotschi in HKi2. 'J'hat marriage ended in divorce in 19;i!i. Her third husbairi was I"!. Snow Wilson: Jr.. of Little Rock. Ark., fi-oji) whom she iras dii'orced aboul two years ago. She re-jumed the name of Pidgeon, by whom she had two children, after her divorc'- from Wilson. some lime during the week October 1!5. At this time- the overall program of activities will be discussed (or this conimittee's program of work planned whereDy Mr. Meyer could assist them in their activities. The meeting dai.e will be announced later. ':an Vaughn of Little e weekend guest of her Hervey hcmis and Those from Prescoit \vho attended tho annual convelnion of the Southwest District of the Disciples of Christ which met in Murfre.es- boro on Tuesday were: Rev and Mrs. C. E. Wagner. Mrs. Homer Ward, Dale Wilson. Mrs. J. C Klegar. Mrs. Cal Burke. Miss Jessie Loomis, Mrs. Bcvericl.ge Atixer and Mrs. Glen Orr. The marriage of Miss Helen Catherine Hale, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hale of Prescott and Joe Edward Purcoll. son >.ii Mrs. Lynelle Pureell of Warren ar-cl Little Rock, was solemnized at noon Thursday, October H. in First Presbyterain church. Prescott. The Rev. R. D. Nolcn, pastor o Howard Waddle of Oklahoma is spending (lie week with his par- i-iii.t:. ivir. and Mrs. Joe Waddle. Mrs. Mary While has returned to her home: iii Marshall. Texas after M visit with her son. Rev. Fred A. White and family. g of a $*, :Birrn',ngiiam, Ala., Oct. 20 (.UP). — "War Hero Red Erwin watched the $:>,278 mortgage to his new home burning in the fireplace. He thought of tho burning, searing phosphorus bomb he had Nuptial music was provided b\ Mrs. Warren Cumrnings and Mis':-; Nina Scott. ih. Frederick the Great is said to hfiye made liis coffee \viili champ y ne —arid then added mustard to the 'drink. Thousands change groans to grins. Use a (iociit,:i' formula to relieve iliseuinl'ort of piles. Sent druiJS'sts l>y noted Thornton ;i Minor Clinie. .SurpriKing- QUICK Jinliiative relief of pain, itch, ii-ritation. Tends ^u sofU-n, .shrink swcllini?. UKO Vw"'"' way, lift tuhe Thornton & ,i.*oi-'.i Heetal Ointment or Keetal Kup- ipsitorlea luday. Fallow label dii-oi-titms. i'or ^ale at all dru^ .-jtore.^ eve-rywhe're. IN HOPE AT GIBSON DRUG The bride, given in marriagi her father, wore a bine suit w: navy blue accessories, and ned a v.-liite Bible topped v. white orchid and alephanoi Mrs. Thomas Howard Uov, Prescotl. sister of the bri' ! i matron eil lifjiior. \', r ore a I crepe dress with matching he • aid accessories and :. cor;-a bronze chrysanlhomums. Russell of Little Rock was man. Assisting al the reception in the church parlors were Jackie Sue Hale sister o bride. Mrs. Carroll HolU-nswonli ;/' Warren, Miss Opal Daniel. Hope, Miss Sue Martin, Mrs. Jeffrey Rogers, Mrs. John Hubbard, Prescott and Miss Dorothy Wilbon of Litile R./ck. The couple left for a w. trip in Oklahoma and Texa:;. Ihe bride attended Arkans.i;; A. & M. College, Magnolia, and \va- graduMted from Texas Stale College for Women, Uenton. Texas. Mr. Purceli atteaided North Texas Agriculture College.. ArliniMou. j Texas. " • The couple will be at In Little Rock. greatest reliefs a 1 feel like a he was burning d off by a largo which refused to official of the story of tiic Connor winner v in a na- of il' recuni i'mu luul i'e:id tin !i.'e-ss!oiT..| L.TC..!;,! .'.•hie.'! :,j.e.e;-rod turn:J ,m;i:.a/iuc.. this -e-'i.iiymous benefaetor had '•' -ad hov. Henry Eugene iRedi Er- tlie numgleJ. scarred son of a min..-", v/.-is promised a S3,727 a ye;:r job v.'ilh Ihe Veterans Ad- niinislr.:lK;j! under a presidential ; order r:ovi-;r : iu; all CMH winners; :'-.o--.- l-'ed had lo get alon;; with a I in Mrs. George Haynie wli been the guest, of Mr. anc Howari'l Haynie has returned to her home in l.iii.l'" Rock. :Ur. Haynie remained for a longer vi.sit. 1. Rephan and Bernard lie- LISTEN TO MONDAY THRU FRIDAY .. - with the VA because President Truman's order . \\ as re.,; c- u-rii'd out. ! Also, the magazine article noted •ifiid:- iii nc-:;senun- had starts';,.IH!0 drive to buy Red a Tin- di-i'.-e slopped at SO,500. •ar he-ro had a 810,00 house '•:u! signed a mortgage for U'.c.'fl 1!) years of monthly 'ut;: nnlil "his friend" wiped l!i>- iem: ininf; Pii.liVK off the books. Gen. Omar Bradlev. army chief ui stall, ami c- u -i Gray, liead of the VA. ;:i:;o read (he magnxine article. An enler was issued immediately audJOrwin started training for the s:i,iL!7 a year job as contact repre- S'-uiative. He was promoted offi- cil'-Hv last v.-eek. Also, his Re.vscmer friends started a new Slo.OOO drive. This time, '''"y ^--.V- ii wcjn'l stop until the ml! .•.•inoMiii is raised, j Ri-cl ;> K-i't with one arm burned ;hni'.--t be.\-oi!(l use ;uid ills face • 'o\ i-r ,-d wilh burned scars. The - o:;nhorus lioml) he picked up, |uriiiuj4 at i-.iorc llum 1.000 degrees •lerallv :-"; U -ei! tin/ bones of his 'rm. .Old;, a folHe-d parai'luito pro- '' ''-'"- his >u m::ch — and him '•'•<:'•' 'iiiie': di-alh. i;1 '' --'M:.:!i ljon::_) had become -' lh - - : i.'eloj ij le.'i'.'in.!, the plane asd li; "'' i ; '!n!eii. ;hreah/ning the lives •' ! 1 -ilhi.'r crewmen. I' vi**a Mend Dies Nursing Meet to Be Held October 28-30 Little Rock, Of. 20 (/!'>.--The Sfith annual joint convention of [ O rr nursing organisations v.-ill !«> held here Oct. 28-30, inclusive. The four arc the Arkansas Slate Nurses Association, A r kans-is League of Nursing Education Arkansas State Organization for Public Health Nursing, and the Arkansas State Association of Nu,-.se Anesthetists. Joint and separate sessions will be held. A public session will be held at the Hotel Marion b.-dlrooi.- n-re in • nifhf of Thursday Ort '!8 ' President Lewis '.VVhrte'r ..Tones of the University of Arkansas will spea.v on "nursinij education—a piioiic responsibility." Another sneakers will be Miss Pear! Mclver. president of the American Nurses Association. Mrs. Lamar RIcMillin of Little liot-.v is retiring president of '.he Arkaiis;, ? state Nurses' Aso.-•; lion. " ' Page Seven Seeks Passage of Southern States Educational Bill TLi.\s in-Ark) again will seek congressional approval of the Southern states educational bill. compact Good Old Time Gospel Singing [ ' "-'^ I jH-Sce'^idenl of ti M & A CROUP MEETS 1-iU'.-.- rteicj;. Ciel. 21 -- epi —-Tile' ^.SSOUM ;;nd AiJiansas railroad citr/eus ee':i.::;!',i.ee met here today '-•' u:se..;.-;- yie\v arguments "-gainst l-'i-r.eni-.-il L.I ;.n interstate com- i--e?-(- l - e,-!,mission hearing Nov. 12. T! 11 -' me.-ting was cuSkd by A. E. ''Ilii.iU; ::. J J ;; rri .-' J! i, All-:.. V.'hoie- o^;le grueer. He said he would re-introduce at the opening of ih.' 31st Cimsiross j the proposal which the House ap- [ proved last spring but which fail- loci in the Senate. j Designed to permit -II Southern | slates to pool resources in establishment of regional colleges an:! ; other higher educational facilities ; the bill drew principal opposition ;on the ground that (lie ' slates planned to use it to continue scir- re;;ation in higher education. j In announcing lie would introduce the bill Hays said it was inconsistent for those outside the Son:)) who are sincerely interested : n ad- ! vaucement of the Ne;;ro'ruce "In! p withhold approval of such a plan '. | simply because it fails to emlirnco i 'those social changes which they, 'mistakenly believe are essential to Second Victim of Auto Wreck Succumbs | Ark., died in a Hot Springs hospitlal I this morning. George Morris, 47, |of Granite. Ola,, was hilled in- jr-tnntly in thu collision, j The conditions of three ,-other ... . ,. , ; persons injuvcd in the accident Hot Springs. Ark.. Oct. 21 —-f./Ti— j were described as "improved" to- A second person died today as thel' ln .V. re-Mill of a collision of two auto-I - —— mobiles near Ml. Ida last Sundav I-:. T. Sims, (i2 of Mansfield, ll)e south's progress." He expressed hope that its opponents in Congress "will recognise ihat such a plan offers tremendotis possibilities rind in \-ievv of Ihe. ! south'* limited financial resources i is the only immediate answer to! our need for increased possibil- ! SAENGER ;• STARTS SUNDAY t»i' 1 11 /MJ 1 U iW $$.& fer^T^ I " fzr^~~ Buy Now ®i- This IPs-see i-. s ! $)'~ v n ASiowoiiice ^t^'*'^' Complete Broadcast Reception 540 to 1600 Kilocycles Walnut Finish Baf'Jery os 1 Electric Alligator Leather Cover £ yy 11 GAS JIIIL, Priced From H>; -i ( . m •(mmm^m^^ m»^ wri f7^^ I 1 '•. M ! m H"-p m"m^ : i^ '••• -•'. 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