Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 21, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 21, 1948
Page 5
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Thursday, October 21, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Police in Red Zone Get Guns Berlin, Oct. 20 f/Pi.— Guns wore wore being handed out to Moscow trained police throughout mo Eastern zone today and anti-Communists said Keel rebellion in Korea should be a warning to Germany. J"Korea offers a parallel of what would happen in Germany if the Western powers should accept Russia's proposal that all occupying forces withdraw from Germany " sard Franz Tausch, chief editor of the -newspaper Sozialclcmokrat, when asked lor his opinion of the .situation. The putsch in Korea is a warn • SAENGER • STARTS SUNDAY ing to American policy," added Jacob Kaiser, chairman of the Christian Democratic union, a conservative party. Karl-Hubert Schwennicke. chair man of the Liberal Democratic party, another right wing group, commented that if Western troops are pulled out of Germany "it can be expected that serious unrest would develop—as in Korea— which would give the Soviet Union a chance to reimpose its occupation in the interest of peace.'" The Germans nolrd that the (South Korean uprising in the jAineric;!ii 7.0110 broke out the very (day Moscow announced Russian I troops weie beginning to leave North Korea. Dispatches from Seoul in the American zone of Korea said bands of soldiers, alleged by Home Minister T. Y. Soon, to be Communist-led, staged uprising at two towns. I The Germans recalled that the |Communist foreign ministers of Eastern Europe at the recent Warsaw conference proposed that all occupying powers quit Germany. 'There is no doubt but that the Soviet Union in making this proposal has the same intentions in Germany as shown in Korea," Schwennieke observed. Tausch predicted that in Germany, as in Korea, the Soviets would leave behind "strong army and. police formations" trained to seize control of the Russian zone (room of 62 to Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 2 — (UP) — A 62-year-old bridegroom sued today lor a divorce from his pretty e other parts of Geris already being pro- Russian zone today," and infiltrate I many." "This plan pared in the 'he declared. If Russian troops then should return to Germany under the pretext of quelling unrest, he added, "this .imc they would not stop at the the River, but would also bring Western Germany under Communist dictatorship." The Communist press acknowledged Die existence of a "peoples police" in the Eastern zone, but said it \vas needed to guard the Jiew democracy" there from the "reactionary menace" of Western Germany. Unconfirmed estimates placed the police force as high as '(00.000 men. 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Fcrrier's suit said that Mrs. Ferrier met a soldier on the train com ing back to Atlanta and spent 'tin- entire trip drinking intoxicating beverages" with him. Then, the bridegroom added, she asked the soldier to come home with them. That was after she had told his .relatives in Concord that she had already had six husbands and had "killed two. divorced two and ran the other two away." Ferrier asked the DeKalb superior court for a "total and complete" divorce, to evict Evelyn from their honeymoon cottage ami to restrain her from "communicating with, interfering with, molesting, Harming or threatening" him. The young wife admitted marrying Ferrior "because he loved the baby and I thought it was a good home for us." But she took a dim view of his sense of humor. Referring to her six-husband story, she giggled, "poor man, he can't even take a joke." Page Five New Formula issue By FRANCIS W. CARPENTER Paris, Oct. 20 i/l'i.—A new formula for settling the Berlin crisis was submitted to the Big Four [powers tonight by the six "neutral" I members 01 the United Nations I Security Council. Authoritative quarters said the new resolution appeared "eminent- jty satisfactory" to the Western i powers. Russia's Andrei A. Vish- [niKky promised to send the draft jto Moscow for study. One neutral source said Vishin- sky had approved the resolution i conditionally, but there was no ; confirmation of this from the So- I viet delegation or from any other 1 source. I Some Western sources, while ! agreeing that the plan offered a j possible way out, were cautious I about its chances of success. j The resolution was reported to ! recommend that Russi lilt the ! Berlin blockade within 4o hours ! alter the Security Coundil approved I the proposal, the Western powers i on tncir side, were asked to agree | to a meeting of the Council of For- ! eign Ministers on Berlin and the I whole German problem immediately after the blockade is lifted. This development followed a EC- ' ric-s of U. N. actions in which the Western powers' plan for world atomic controls extending behind the iron curtain won overwhelming approval in the general assembly's political committee. Then Latin American and Arab nations joined in forcing postponement of U. N. debate on Palestine. The Russian bloc charged it was a move to delay consideration until alter the Nov. 2 presidential elections in the United States. Meanwhile fighting continued in Palestine despite a new security council order yesterday for a cease-fire. The clay's top developments included: 1. The general ascmbly's political committee voted 41 to G in favor of the Western power plan lor atomic controls. The negative votes were from the six-nation Soviet bloc. Ten abstained and one was absent. 2. By a vote of 30 to G the Soviet bloc lost a bitter battle for Russian proposals calling for simuUaneous treaties banning the atom bomb and establishing international control. Seven abstained. The Russians said they would force a fight to the finish on their atomic proposals on the floor of the general assembly. ,'i. The Neutral members of the security council were rcpo.-ted drawing up a resolution on the Berlin blockade which they hoped would be acceptable to both Russia and the Western powers. Western sources said tonight there is ! yet a slim chance of East-Wont agreement on Berlin before the council takes up the issue on Friday. Russia was participating in a series of backstage exchanges on the issue though still refusing to recognize security council jurisdiction. 4 In another U. N, action on I ale.stine the social commit lee decided, to hear a report on the plight of 472,000 Arab rel'iiL-oe.s. from the Holy Land warfare. " [Jr. Ralph Bundle, the acting mediator, submitted a $30,000,000 plan for giving succor lo the refugees. He said thousands would die from exposure unless they get immediate relief. Postponement of Palestine debate in the political committee came when it voted 3-1 to 11 with 10 abstentions to take up a rnexi- can proposal for he major powers to compose their differences. Radioactivity Iodine Proves fo Be Cheap Lo.-, Angt-lc.s, Oct. 20 —lUi'i — Radioactive iodine is a cheap and Ulectivc .sulj.-tniitc for f/oiter oj>er- i'lions, Ihe American College of Surgeon:, learned last Jiij;)it. r ' Dr. M.vn.in I'i iiiy.ioeUi! of C.Viiar.- of Lebanon ho.-,piial lien- described treatment u : mure than Kill pa- tium.-:. He i-a-iii yuitcra <ii.;a ppeareo three or four 1 months alter patients look liny doses of raiiioacl; v<: material fiom ihe atomic pile ai The do: e is hvallijwed in a gla:;.; of ii-iitei. eliiiiinaiin^ ki.v; of iin.,- scars and (/'implications, oi ; ,\;i-- ihe doctor may have to iucrea: e du.-age fur : .-vera! months to i'i.>,-.: the right : •!;•.(•. Karlk-r. lhii-e IJaivapi L'iii'.vi'.-:- ty c.HH-lor:-. de.'-'cnbed no'-. 1 , ihev pi o video! annicial re.-piraiion ':,-. 'io^v. cat.-? am.i n ; on).ev::: L-v :'.-o'l in:; an eJeclm.' uunvnl through ncrvi.-.-.; coi.trolliiig ljn..-alhnig. JJr>.. Sianiey J. SainoH. j'!. iiaid ei!ber;.;ii and J. !.. Vv'him-nlh-i'ge: v.'''i'keii for as I'.ii'r- as l-.'l! IIOLU.\. Ifi 1 FRIDAY-SATURDAY and MONDAY FRI.&SAT. Bring Mils ticket Good For on any $2.00 purchase Friday and Saturday October 22 and 23rd. Check No. 77 ot Blake's. Many items we have not mentioned, you will find when you visit us this time. 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