The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 7
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 1934 LITRE FELLOW IL.HELPPfl 'DEI ; v Taxes Will Soar and Big Incomes Will Not Carry ihe Entire Load ''By WH.US THORNTON WASHINGTON.—Two kinds of laughter followed the recent statement of Senator Pat Harrison of tlic. Finance Committee that prob ably (ax Increases would not 'be necessary this winter. : The first kind was open uml jolly laughter, coining from those who remembered , that congressiilial elections are In the oiling, and that, statements on taxation at such times are not to be taken seriously The second kind was hollow and mirthless, and came from those who realize that "notnin» Is certain , but deal!) ami higher taxes," and that if they don't come this winter, then ii,cy arc all the more certain to come later, and to be Mfjlier (lie later (liey come. : Tills second group is growing u ooesn't consist, only of conservatives Who resent the continued pourij)" out of federal tax money, it eon! fkts of those who sec no way out of spending the money, but who begin to mistrust whether a congress elected on "ravish promises of continued spending wm t* wlniilg to face the music later and go tack to those same voters wltli the bill * * * The Blow Is Coming' Former Budget Director Lew Botiglas hasn't opened his mouth since leaving his post (he is the soul of personal loyalty), but It is believed that what worried him was not so much tile spending, but the lack or willingness on the part of Congress to provide means of paving the bills. > One or the best, tax authorities in Washington puts it this way •The overage •well-oil' man- tlial Is, I mean the man «<ho has ' »r. salary JBLYTHEYILLB,- (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS •Eyfen the Ford Family Catches That Tiger .Pennant Fever T p ^ n i I. ° _ little bclter- worri *V year'or a . •"•* » «\/j i icu it! I. XlC has been listening to the 'soak-the- ricli' siren song. "He figures somebody else will pay the bill-not he. And that's just where lie is mistaken He is Just the fellow who's going to pay Then You'll Hear Howl "The figures (and they're too, complicateilanrt unpleasant to make good cam B a>j.spe,ecfies)_shbw J tfet ir nil the bl s Incomes were, .taxed right up lo the hilt, it wouldn't produce the kind of money It's <•<,. S ..,£, l " kc to W thh bil1 - •' " • iViJtJi Congress rpalJv rr^olvp* to roll up" its sleeves and lackle this lax. iirobleiri,-you'll sre'lhe evempliohs cut down from S2300- for married people to $1000 and from S1CO lo $500 for unmarried Tli»n listen for the wall th.i( will go up from people wlni never teforr 1 ' *' r ° verm " cnl spending Willie u w Treasury's "little brains rust gets its tax plans ready lor the president, observers are nolin« the presence of Senators -David < Reed and Daniel O. Hastings (Republican stalwarts) and Command La Follctte^mign tax advo . She Spent Many Unbearable Hours Stomach and Kidney Trouble H»U Wrecked Her Health; Weak, Uloaterl, Hands sicl Feet Swelled and 1 a i n c d; "Gly-Cas Best of All,""Declared Mrs. Roberts "For ten years I pclually threw liiy money away on medicines before I tried Olv-nn.,," 5ni d RIrs . bound, and here (he inolor me his son e/l'dl under my thin coat, mid turn cd'sllflly on the (wo sols thi jnillrd togcllier for me. At diuvr jnviite, ,tm.y niHl > wnrm. The boy had tnken oil' their contVaiul cov ed ino while 1 slept, No one is so goiicrous, merry iiiu irc-fix'i' n eomnute us Hie one who Imvlni; seen bettor dnys, hus bcei stripped o[ every rcxourci. but hi Imagination ami his' 600 d ll;nliicd [ov his SdiMitlonn teati lion'(he Uillverslty 01 illinoi Ki'ldlion by>carry'lii(j ice. bill Dick Oii>p?nlej-,,)iinky Uartinautli C iul lins his bwn (raining methods Hi [1185 Brwvcs^ Baylor U. Boats Four \ Sets of Girl Twin; ,.WACO, Tex. ,(UP)_nnylor Uni fslly hus four eels of (wins en .-lid this (all. The four Kevs sis leis ,of Hollls,- own, mjuliupltls H'tuihed for their sophomore jeai Tht (jiils (raveled around OIL worli last jear foj- radio, news reel mui newspaper feature eonipanles, bu nn ncd down nimu'rous propositions, —landing f r0 m oilers of mutrlmoiu - lo slnsc mid movie contracl.s- | continue their .studies. I Tne new sets of twins'cm. little cates) on' the Pinnce committee, jtinal value, but with its niiinv laree . None or these « joining ll.e Har- window, it s tl - best S,-rt of " " December, if still singing solo. best and. doing a MRS. MATT1E ROBERTS weak \I could hardly stnnd ^ coulclii I cat nnything without gas In my stomach nnd bowels. Bloated ""'""I wnlrt hardly get my' breath, THOyOHT I WOULD SMOTHER: My kidneys were disordered too my hands and feet swelled and pained so I WAS CONFINED TO MY BED at limes. This conlimial suffering was wrecking my system and 1 snenl many unbearable hours before trying O)y-Cas. I l, a d taken many medicines before bul GLY-CAS IS THE ONLY ItEAL REMEDY OP THEM ALL. That former suffering has left mu-ami I know people would not wunt a belter medicine than llils Qly- rjas." '. Oly-Cas Is' sold by Ktrby Bros Drug Co., Blylhevllle, and by all leidlng ,drug stores In snrroufld- & WWni. Istanbul Mosque May Become a Library ISTANBUL. (UP) —Sultan Ahmed's MosQite, which flunks the Hippodrome Square, may become Istanbul's Central Library, if a plan materialises which is now "under consideration. On the other hand, it is one of (he most revered places 0 [ Mo- hamedan worship here, as its Prayer Niche contains' a piece of the "Knaba," the Sacred Black Stout- of Mecca. Chaplain Leaves Sea For Navy Yard PHILADELPHIA (UP)—Rev. Carl M. Siller, Lutheran, for three ycnrs assigned to the U. s. S. Melville. _,, -.. - - »~uigii\.ti tu mu U, D o AlPJVlilC The mosque, built by Aliinecl in (will become cha]ilnin of the phlln- lo reconcile Allah after a severe' (l«lp'hin Navv ba«e Oct 1 defeat, suffered by the Sultan in' ">-'-->-••- • — •" !617; is known to all vfeitors' hsro by its wonderful contours, standing out against the sky close to the more clumsy outward appearance of St. Sophia. Clioplaln : Sitler, n native of Youhgstown, o.,< holds the rank of Ueulenant, Junior Grade, graduated He was from Thicl College. Greenville, Pa., and from Capital The interior is .of less architec-i i Seminary In edit the base newspaper and direct enteitMinncnt and recreation. Sitler was appointed a nuvv chaplain In 1930. "Parly" Thought Mob By Friendly Neighbor W1LLIAMSPORT, Pa. (UP)— A young married couple here doesn't appreciate Die "tboughlfiiliiess''. ot a neighbor, or tlie promptness of the police. A Ilirong hart gathered HV ij-ont of ti-.cir home to Erect tile nejvly- wcds. A woman living ncitrby, W- iiiu the crowd, thought it was a mob and called police. Pour officers went 'hurriedly lo the scene, but withdrew jmf as quickly when they realised flue mistake, ; ' Young Baseball Player's Career Valued at $50,000 CAMDEN, N, J. (UP) — The recr of a young baseball player is valued at $50,000 in a dumnse suit filed In New Jersey Supreme The nclion, started in behalf of Herbert C, Dunn, 21, cnuw ii'ftPr an automobile accident lust Ju ne in which Diiiiu allegedly wns psrma- A cold wave Hint night. ' I shlv- ed upon until, perhaps, the Dloinu 'IHlntuplels grow up and enroll, H'orklnj; Veurs Totaled 3(W BOSTON (UP) - seven vvomei who still work for 11. H. white iComixiny, noslon deportment store , 1 !™ scl ' v «l the company for , l 100years. At For Phune 171 Nljlit—Sunday—Anytime Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co; Now I.oeatfii at Soiillirast Coriifr Walnut and Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER v SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWAHDS, 1'rnpriflnr II makes of relmill Typewriters. Mding Muiihlneii ami Cah:ulitor» He will also supervise the library, iNlaturally, they taste better—because Luckies use "The Cream of the Crop"—only the clean center leaves—these are the mildest leaves—they cost more—they taste better. PAGE - SEVEN * ii- Almanac? Aniaican cartoon- i key and y tigei'. <g> marchin on,a] thoui)i Skm of a tear, Sile Sliox Canr«IU4 " CINCINNATI (UP)_A Clncln- nnt| ctiBagemwil of 'Kophant on Hs ii mils' fealmlng Charles <Clilc> Stile, wns canceled by pro" > duceri afltr dlMatlsfaction with. lli<-> slion Jind caused cuncellatW in PlUibuigh A sirlclly land plunt wllh nnm- llc floweis ha-, been di=co\ered and (Ic^eilbcd bj l)r Aloxiimler Sknlcii Ameiiinii bllanlsl The flower!, do- Mlop lotallj iiibmerged In water ami npptai alum Ihe untcr \aien IK Hun foi polllintlon mihes inninhH! birds cans on lliis pof Nfly Drtiwns In Yard Tub OXrciKO O tuiv - Uigpnc ylicu. tliiii' wns drowned when !.e fell Into 11 tub of witter, while play- Ing In the yard of his pjuenlb' home. The child was missed foi in hour, ills futlier, searching, n,,. 'll.v found Ills body in llic tub. Chile Is the hrjesl coil pioi iiM 01 nnj Lnlln-American na- i™>, Hl'h. Mcxko itinklng second: (.'lv« Us Ymir Order for COAL now while delivery cost Is t)\e lowest Wo handle Red Ash, Monta- lallo. Ark Smo.oliw,, Ne« River, Mmiliestn, Zdglci, Kentucky and Drduslid liuokwhcnt for GAY & BIKINGS: I'hone 76 You will be Well-Suil-ed Here Timely and Merit Clothes When you have a selection of over a hundred suits to pick from . . . single and double breasted . . . in smooth .woolens or rugged tweeds . . . with British drape or collegiate swagger .. . there's nothing left to do but pick the best wardrobe you ever had! $19.75 to $45 LEATHER JACKETS Soft mid supple and expensive looking Hut Low in i'rice - - $8.00 and $9.50 Nine AlelfonMackets - - 81.50 Up NEW OXFORDS Nunii-liush S6.75 lo $9 Foiimte &l L'dgerion $5 Uobbs Hats % and $7 Stetson Hats |6 aiid §6.50 Biiimorsoii Hals 83.50 and $3.95 Arrow Sliiils S1.95 - 82 - $2.50 R...D. Hughes & Co. 3 Doors ",'cst of Ritz Theatre

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