Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 21, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 21, 1948
Page 4
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Page four Rock, Oct. 20 iiv-Tro Rock Conference of the Church orgam/.ed fo>- TOSMiess today at the opening so*«i^l of its.flMh annual meeting. " •f Fifteen boards and committees ^eni'iip.tcd. by Bishop Paul E M-ii-1 tJtl arm his cabinet and elected'bv the conference, held their first Meetings arid named'officers i These -cynlcrencc officers were "Siccieu: •;R B. Moore. Arkadelphia dis- net secretary: Mark K. Vaught, : ! C "Q J ° Hurnal c.'ci-k: S. T, Baugh. -Jot Springs, journal .editor- Brv- £tn otephens. HifiOn..ahtI n, O Beck -wdoni, «roll clerks. and Louis W irtciitt. L.Ulc Rock, statistician >: A memorial to ministers who have died since the last conference ! session was conducted by the Kev ; Otto Teague of Pine Bluff The ser- ' 1 vice wns followed by Holy Com- ! ' mumon. | : Dr. Kenneth Pope or Austin, Tex i .the conference preacher, conduct-' ' ed his first devotional service to- i night. ' Minister Dies 1 Little Rock, Oct. 20 (/Pi.--The Rev. ; J. A. Henderson, about 70. of Ark; adclphia. who was here for Uic annual meeting of the Methodist church's Little Rock conference 'died fa a heart attack today. He collapsed- on a downtown street and was pronounced dead on arrival at a hospital. Surviving are his widow and several children. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS 1949 Legion Meet fro Be in Philadelphia Estrangled Wife, Lover Found Dead Baptists Set 1 Prayer Day October 27 fe^Pv- 1 ' r ^'^" ! ^' li ^ 0 io^v ( ^ J ec;fo^oiS 1 ^ ".-'I "Vv, -i ,' " 1 -' i c '">wnlion, morrow and her intended bride- nrov, ' ,V, >d , t ,° !! -' vo ( l uick np-: groom were found dead in [he cot'L, ' '''t' lphl; ' ; ' S ils 13'*^ overflowing bathtub of a near o h i, ' ' C '7 '" ld - 1h "" turn i North Side hotel room earlv today m,1 ,-,! " ", '' lectln >' ;i new,' A letter to the dead man from national commander. ;thc wanan's husband was found i" ine election, final .business on tnc ' ''oom, and read in part: ,,' P'' f -Wam, will be ))receded at . "Don't jump off any tall btiild- '('••'U p. m. tJST by an address bv,' n 8—no woman is worth it." (.on iioyt S. Vandcnbcrg, chief of , Police identified the couple a- Davenport, la.. a:id Vvai.ikegan 111. and her fiance George Reading, about 40, a widower Detroit Mich. bodice clapper! in • arms, wen; corn- "•rged in the bathtub ->n hole), police said found in tin- room Thursday, October 21, 1948 were,-to : hn,v.e h.;en i Their nude j each oilier': • plo.cly subm :in the Cro.v:| a note was , which read: ! "May Go;! « tod .' a «cd,aboiil mar- j thing? Well. I'll Beck was j rne feel sort of Becks' two | see. I have had eight and | am well aware , attorney Said, and Heck had you were not to contest the divorce, 'port and .' thrf'atenr "J Is ni.ii- love ••-:sic and C II;-: However, BriolJ, , h,id ;:t tunes (o file" suit »in navenport naming Rending as co-respondent. • aled, but had not done i the "I ', to tl'.e lawyer's knowledge. i Jessie A letter f rom Keck IQ fj 0i1[ | inK [should even took children I in Chicagi so forth. :• uggest you out here in Daven- Barbara and Jean home and of your hotels, California x :x forget about The letter was signed: "Clarence Beck. "Still Jessie's husband. "Remember." In the post script. Beck added in part: "Don't jump of/ any tall build-n :s—no woman is worth it." in and . t si for the Philadelphia , United States Mrs. Jessie Beck, formerly ;a:; George : Atloine.^ •counsel for ; w.;.')K>n was to have i.,,...,, divorced icomic phase not even ; cmiorrow from Clarenc:.; Beck, a poor fiction story , jSfsafe^'^, BeadJjust^ow 1 1° i^fe'e^bo-u't v.;a« iound among the dead c. leets. It read in part: "I believe your at fair with ,Te*sic has lasted just about long enough, and that u. has taken on a worthy of a yon this entirely, x x x In ease you insist on being ardently" in lovc with her, here's what could happen. My lawyer could sue for r.litnation of affections. no one could lose but you. and in case 1 shouldn't like what you do onlv God knows what might happen because I have no control over my emotions when things don't go ihe right way." o SAE^GER • STARTS SUNDAY "-Tof colds. Rub VapoRub ~-on throat...chest. Melt •; sonic in mouth, too! Memphis; Tenn.. Oct. 20 — (/T)—' Dr. Robert G. Lee. president ol the! •Southern Baptist Convention today asked Baptsls all over the lho seemed sure to get : nod for the 1849 legion parley i -i lie convention committee Monday night received "with delight" an invitation from the: city of brother-: ... , --••: .... «VL-, MI.- ! y lovc ;lfl cr worrying for weeks i yorld to observe Oct. 27 as a davlr au;io nu olh '' r cil - v h:>d come of prr.ycr. " lr " ' ' He issued a statement asking! Lllc '•>«'" 11'- 1 over a new national Baptists "to pray from breakfast v : ,V! mn . : ! ncl( -''. lo .succeed J juries to bedtime" for "God to solve the I? V <:1< )' < )f New Hampshire, has Three More ViSKS problems men and Some smoked which have bewild, women today." 250 billion a year. cigarettes are down into tv.'een veterans of j.second world wars lhe legion. struggle the first and for control of r YOU'LL ENJOY SHOPPING HOBBS TEXAS ORANGES 5 Ib. bag 29c Kentucky Wonder GREEN BEANS Ib. 23c WHITE BUTTER BEANS Ib. 15c Cuts and Tips -•' FIELD PEAS Ibs. 25c 2 •', Can'•;- "<» Round, Loin or T-Bone Lb. 79c FRESH GROUND Lb.. WILSON Lb. U: S. Govt. Inspected Chuck Roost About two-thirds of the delegates > ^ ° Ut H 0 ' 000 wol '< h o are World War II vclorans somn | cl - un ." g . th ° A I ? asl lwo r | of whom have banded together in ! K ' SKm ' 51 ' Arkansas a .•in effort to unseat the "Old i Onc ° r tnc ncw su: irwarrl with a b The battle over commander, to Tr"^V" ,".*'""" -'\ ' • j i Memphis, Tcnn.. Oct. 21 —(UPi "S: —-three more men were under arrest today in connection with a instate burglary ring that robbed about $20,000 worth of merchandise '' '" " ' ' months in Mis- •- "<« i n.t L-i.1 L'J^L'LJKT 1?'J i -^"-'I'lOSSCC. an effort to unseat the "Old! Unc ° r thc ncw suspects, Joseoh ,.,-.ard which they claim has eon- : Hc " r - v Monroe. 4, r >, head of the trolled the election for 30 years ! Monroe Construction C&. of Mcm- rheir candidate was James F !P |lis ' allegedly used some of the '.Ti-ccn oa Omaha, Neb., who gained ; f!lolun material to build one church heavy support when four other j and "-Pai"' another, thr!' n, V ! m r U vt ; tci ' an aspirants to Chief of Detectives M. A Hinds wi hd ,v fo T odra coalition and identified the other two as Fred vvil diew in his favor. ! James Smith. 28, a carpenter for Ihe "old guard" candidate. S. ! Monroe: and Stanley Wi IHm Peiry Brown of Beaaumont, Tex., | Baker, 23, a painter tor Monroe. | Previously arrested were Gerald alley Elam, 3(3. Memphis truck i driver who admitted to police he ; staged the robberies on weekends and his days off: and his wife, i Mrs. Karen Monroe Elam. 23- and . William Monroe, 20. a student at [Arkansas polytechnic, Russcllvillc, Ark, he is a brother of Mrs. Elam and a nephew of Joseph Monroe. No formal charges have been placed against any of the six pending completion of a police checkuo of victims. The suspects had in their pos- '-ssion such adverse items a« Kitchen sinks. outboard motors "il--;. ' ,-e.<; and a collapsible stair- WP.V. I-ive truckloads of loot have been recovered, one. from a farm no-ir Dyersburg. Tenn. Among thc victims are L F Cooper of Colclwater Miss.' Thomas and Welch sporting goods store I'earnaclo. Miss.: Dillon's Cabinet u? d sru '°"S support from the'Wo'rl'd VVar I delegates although he served i m bo-th wars. His backers, led bv Gov. Beauford Jester of Texas claimed enough votes to elect him as early as Monday. George N. Craig of Indiana, a e!e.mcnt. was expected to pull some votes away from Green. iNom-nations for commander and .""! .other national offices were lo ixy.iM at 1 ;). m.. with the elections ioHowng immcdiatey. Lb. .,'"* u '-••*»» OFFEE POPULAR BRANDS GOLD SEAL Glass Wax Ib. ; FRANKE'S Bread, Cakes And GODCHAUX Ibs. FORT HOWARD Toilet Tissue A. Rolls PURE LARD ARMOUR'S STAR. : lb Cart. 1 S •m Phone 266 GRO.& MKT. We Deliver . : shop. Earner, Tcnn. Vickie's »ro- eery CapJevillc. Tenn.; Barton Heights Presbyterian church ! Memphis: a number of Memphis ; and Shelby county service stations I and a liquor dealer in Little Rock Ark., who lost 21 cases of whiskey New York N. Y., Oct. 21 — ( /lv- Appointment of Frank J. Star/.cl : as senei-al .manager of the Associ- i :>ien Press was announced todav !bv Kent Cooper, executive clireclor oi all operations of the news as- .socialion. The appointment of Starx.el ends a five year period during which ; (..coper has served both as execu- ;live director and general manager, i Cooper was appointed general i manager in 1B25. He remains as executive director. Starxe! has been an assistant general manager, in charge of communications and membership relations for thc last five years. He has had board experience in^ni'iT" T'V,";'' *•"-' all branches of AP operations' 0 " ^ ah anas since entering the service in 1929 women's sports — has first assignment being to di-'i? 1 ' anot her reel promotion for AP's" newly-. untl ' y C\ub formed feature service. He was night bui e; IN CASH AND MERCHANDISE PRIZES IH. EIGHT NATIONAL CONTEST To 3 prize winners in each of these 8 contests, who buy the products at a Kroger Store and write the name and address o'f that, store on their \vmmr.j; entries, Kroger will award a year's supply of groceries for a family of four.* 31,200.00 in certificates redeemable at any Kroger Stors. The judges of these 8 contests will select fr.om the winners- of their respective contests the 3 best "Kroger entries" a-, Kroger winners. The doci^ons cf the judges, based on the rules of Ih^rrospsctiv content* wih be final. "Kroger entries" will be those that bear the name and aaaress ot a Kroger Store. 1r ' e m ^ Wl " Pri2£S iP these contasts are Cli 0 ib 'e for Kroger Prizes' BLANKS AND PRODUCTS FOR THESE CONTESTS AT YOUR KROGER STORE Stokley, Halves or Sliced Tomato Stokley, New Pack. No. 2\ Can No. 2 Cans 2 night cily editor in ihe New York i , MI ' S . Zaharias bureau before being designated in ' c ' nam »i°n. meet: 1935 as chief of bureau at Coluiu-'TT 1 SnMlh - in ; bUS. II) f.)-|:irnr. ,if -.11 AID lOdaV. Tip "Rnl-ii , bus, in charge of all AP opera- I lions in Ohio. He held this DOS!, for i seven years, returning to New Ycrk in 1942 as traffic executive. He beca-me assistant general man- lager in December, HM.3, and wa.s acting general manager for several month:,- this summer, while Cooler was on a business trip to Europe. Burn 44 years ago in Iowa, Starxel was brought up in a news- CHECK THESE PRJC TOILET TISSUE 650 Sheets 3 ROMS AUNT JEMIMA 5 Ibs. . Lbs. 43c GRAPE JUICE WELCH'S PINT QUART FCLGER'S — MAXWELL HOUSE Pound Can I V> LOUIS O IV\/^ COFFEE 54c DEL MONTE No. 2J, Cans round .'icorcs OATS MOTHERS PINEAPPLE JUICE 46 oz. can ^ No. 2 «» Cans . . . 39c 37c WITH ALUMINUM AMERICAN BEAUTY KRAUT Pound Box C PURPLE HULL or PEAS BLACKEYE 2 No. 2 Cans No. 2i Cans DROMEDARY J iltcd 02. pkg. Pkg. 4 Small ^y Cans Z,/ C Large Cans BIRDSEYE PEAS ALL MEA'f Four HAMBURGER^_55c FRESH-COUNTRY EGGS BRICK STYLE CHILI Lb. 51c NICE LEAK' CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS L,. 69c BIRDSEYE .3 OX c RED TRIUMPH POTATOES FRESH TOMATOES ICEBERG - Lru LETTUCE TEXAS St 10 Ibs. 43c 15c i Heads 2 heads 25c DELICIOUS RED APPLES 2 for 15c 2 ibs. 25c fort Smith, Oct. 21 — — the babe" of starts the quest $1.000 Hardscrabble : , women's open golf '• tournament title today i Mrs. Zaharias, the defending i meets Mrs. Bob Cargile i inri ""T-r"t! n , a fi . rst - rou "tl match'! today The Babe shot a 73 in ihe I qualifying round yesterday to be-' w'n° cc '- tmcdal . ist with Mary Agnes i i Walls. Menommec. Wis. : S. Fifteen strokes belter' than her! : first ''ound opponent \\'ho scored 'in ; «!!, Mrs. Zaharias was still two over men's par. j The 0..140-yard Hardscrabble lav ; .out is no problem for a long ball' httcr of thc Babe's ability. But I ; the relocated CUDS put apre.nium on control of short iron shot- as i well, and (nullifying scores demonstrated that as a 112 was good for me Hi-place championship" fli«hi Patty Berg, Savage. Minn ' I< ,'- U , ,'-,. Wlth ;i vr> "»d I'e".'. Kirk. I-indlay. O.. had a 71! Rettv 'McKmnon. Arkansas women's" ani- nteur champion from Mi. Pleas-mi lex., soarerl to an ,')!>. I'airings in today's first matches, with qualil'yjn." are: Mary Agnos Wallas (7,'i, l 'l",, L ' C;ls s'i>yham. Shawnee, Mrs. .7. I. Stevensr,ii. Foi-i l^.x.. '!!2i vs Miss Ed Foi'l Smith (i)0i. Pally Bori.v 17.3, vs j{ ll(n ']'(»•( Smith it!S)>. Mrs, Carle Bobbins Koi't ';"-! i vs Mrs. Mike Sicard. Smith (<)li. Mrs, Zaharias i73i vs Mr .iC.-M-Ljiic. l.'ort Smith i Mrs. li. K. Winger. Fort '(Ml vs Mrs. Ben Butler Bio-en, Ai-k.. ilKli. Peggy Kirk i?.')) vs Dnisv .--enh. Oklahoma City i!)i.n. Betty McKinnun 'uifii vs Ii'-y l-'ellov.-s. Tulsa. Okla.. ill Three Children Perish in Fire at Their Home Kansas City Oet small children stairs hallway burned early today when fir. the ea Kansas City. Their par..n •i'id Mrs. Dorothy In safety I'A. il after ii 1 lu the" -nun dead were Dell AND GROCERY MARKET WE DELIVER ORDERS OF $2.00 OR MORE Phone 801 BEAUTIFUL, BRILLIANT Large Peas. High Qua lib, YOUR C H O S C E Fed. tax, postage handling incl. and dafed end from Hcrt - Dated Coffee bag, or coupon from Kroger Gives you 6- Way Nourishment. 20 oz. ^Loaves Chocolate Nu Devil's rood. s\ Canned AAeal. Kroger low price. Kroqer Vacuum Rich one! Vitamin Full Kraft. Make Inviting Salads. All Vegetabl Shortening. Pure and Ccnv&nien. Wilson's Ccriified Smoked Kroqcr-Cufr Baby Beef Less Waste Cudahy Gold Coin.

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