Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 20, 1948
Page 3
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sdnesdoy, October 20, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Three Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. le Odd Follows and RcbeUali fee ^viil Jiavc a fish fry in the gs "Hall Wednesday night at o'clock. All. members and ids arc invited. nesday, October 20 icre will be a meeting of the chcrs of the Garrctt Memorial list chiirch Wednesday at 7 p.m. teachers arc .asked to be prc- irrctt Memorial Baptist church ycr meeting will be held at 7:30 Vji'sdncsciay with Ted Purtlc in •go. sday, Oclober 21 ic Choir of the First Pcntc- ;il church will meet Thursday. ":30 p.m. at the church for (ice. This also includes a les- in Music. rsday, October 21 Bio regular meeting of the Rc- jjih Lodge will be held Thurs- Inirht at 8 o'clock at the Lodge I /*K•'members are urged to at- this meeting. Mrs. Win. Johnson. 42,3 South Main St. The Gleaner:; Sunday School Class of First Baplist church will meet in the home of Mrs. Fred Luck. Thursday evening at 7 o'clock. Sturday, October 23 Garland School P.T.A. will hold their Paminia-je sain in the lobby ol the New Theatre on South Elm Si: Saturday, October 23. All members arc asked to bring their rummage early. NOTICE The Choir of I he First Methodist church will not meet as scheduled lor this week. All choir members please note. ie Azalea Garden Club will It Thursdy at 2 o'clock with MILLIONS |—it for dependability. I's as pure as money „„, , In buy. The world's £j ST. JOSEPH Joesf.seller at lOc. // ASPIRIN H *.. _ ^FORCHIUMH ASPS American Legion Auxiliary Meets With Mrs. E. O. Wingfieid Tlie American Let.'ion Auxiliary met Tuesday al 3 o'clock in the home of Mrs. K. O. Win Afield. 1J5 North Pine Street, with Mrs. R. L. Gosncll, Mrs. Jlobert Wilson and Mrs. E. S. Franklin co-hostesses. Mrs. Joe Reese, president, pre- 1 sided over the business session. Mrs. C. P. Tolleson was in charge of the program on "Education of War Orphans". During the social hour the hostesses served a delicious salad , plate with tea to nineteen mcm- beis present. magician, entertained the members and guests with tricks of magic. Other various games were played under the direction of Mrs. Charles Ma lone. Delightful refreshments wore served to approximately sixty present. Clubs nt on em- to Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Ban- left Wednesday for Helena for a weeks visit with their son, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Barr Jr. and family. Victor Craine. who is a sludent at the University of Arkansas, Fayelteville was the guest of his parents, Mrs. Roy Craine. week-end Mr. and rODAY — THURSDAY •if FEATURES 2 - 3:50 - 5:43 - 7:36 - 9:21 Mrs. Luther Higgason Hostess to Go Ye Class The Go Ye class of the First Baptist church met Tuesday night at 7 o'clock in the borne of Mrs. Luther Higgason for their first meeting of the year. During the business session, officers for the coining year were elected. They were: president. Miss Belly Martin; 1st vice-president, Miss Mary Jo Monroe; secretary. ! Miss Eugenia Sue Hassell; group captains. Misses Mary Lou Moore I and Marilyn Walker.' | Mr:;. l-Uggason served a delightful salad plate with cofiee to the members. Mr. and Mrs. James Clayton have returned to their home in Conway after a visit with Mrs Clayton's sister, Mrs. Jess Davis and Mr. Davis. Mrs. Wash Hut.son relumed last night from Greenville. South Carolina after a two months visit with Major and Mrs. Frank Malone. She was accompanied home by Major and Mrs. Malone. After a short visit here. they will visii relatives in Waco and Houston for several weeks. , :,-!'> Personal Mention,'.-' ' V |'j''V'' 1 Friends of Mrs. C'. ; C.' K'iWib'erly will regret t o learn ' that she is still a patient at the Wade Clinic in Hot Springs, but is' reported as Sweet Home The Sweet. Home Club met home of Mrs. W. T. Yarben.v October IS at 'i p.m. with 12 m bers present. Meeting called order by President, Hazel L'-!::i- mings. Song "Faith of our Fathers" was sung by group. Uevn- tional Ads 12-1-10 read by Mrs. Kd Loe. all repeating Lord';prayer. Roll call was answered \viui "What I did to increase club enrollment". Discussion by Airs. C. A. Phillips on Dcnu-nstralion the club would like tor next year. and what we could do lo make club work more interesting. Plnas were made for all lo attend the cooking school at Ulovins on October 26. Mrs. J. B. Wa inking discussed how to care for shrubs iores otorTo Gov. York Calil dare Thomas E. Dcwey of Mew jncn-c-r lie-on more promising for n'spending; continuation of the. and Gov. Karl Warren of; Kcpul.-licnn victoiy." ipiogvain of the 80th. Congress on-,:;! respectively and de-i j;,, nullinc-d a pro"rain which be 'elimination of "periodical ;depr«9- •. • ' (i: '---aid • -niu-' i;.-p-ibhc-an part'v is vi- isir '" s " and the assurance of ; W» • he Republican party today is : l,'"'-;'H<s;y united lo ,-;,.-,->- out." The j "special privileges for any clasg;" ed determined coni'idt-nt :-iul > l'"'"' s '•'•' 'i-- 11 '''! include: ; ' - ..:•-.: isias'ic. T I -...-< siiuation has I -\ i -ili---'ion in . r..-,-..-,,,-,-,„„! i M "'<-' tlia » 172,000 -'">•'" ,o,i,»n.(..u ,| CCU1 - annually. doing nicely. Friends of Mr. C. F. Baker will bo happy to know that he has been removed to his home here after undergoing an operation in St. Vincent's Infirmary in Little liocU. . i— The i issues bi'iv. ivn President Trunrm land the Kcpitblican pariv are I ;,-'lear believes Sen. Robert A. Tafl | j(H-Ohioi: j | "TrLim.-in ;><•!!,-ves in further een- ! jtralUnlion ,,f ;,,, Vv minent. j j "The R; public ;uis oppose it." i I Tiie Oh:- 1 .'-vn-iuu- who spoke here i ; last nigh' a! ;, )-ally j n | K >half of I Ithe Republic.in national tiekei said! | this issue "ha.- dominated every i .battle" on don;, -;ic policy and i's (thy issue between "President Tru-i man and the ii'iili Congress." j While (ic-vn-ini: much of his ! 'speech lo mli.i-ism of the presi-' i-.lenl Senator TaM praised the Re-1 publican nominees for president' Hospital Notes Josephine • Admitted: J. L. Beckham, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. J. C. Atchley and little son, Donald Wayne, Hope. Master Lacy Roland Hill, Emmet. Mrs. Harlan Honca. Blevins. Mrs. Edwin Stewart Hope. SOPHIE KERR of screenplay from o novel by Prosper Mcrimca Copyright, 1943, NEA SERVICE, INC ! V.F.W. Holds I Halloween Party ; Til-./ members of !ho V.F.W. Aux; iliary met al the V.F.W. hut TUCS-- j day evening from o to 11. The ' reeepl'ou j-oo:n.s v.'ere decorated | v.'iih v;'j-:ou.s Hallou-ccn decora- ; tions. Tj-,.-.• mantel held an arranne- i nient (.••' orange winter halls v.'ilh i Jack O'Lanterns. ! Mr. Corbin Thornton, amateur , Ms-Meal Test Proved This . Great to Relieve MONTHLY Aro you troubled by distress or female functional monthly disturbances? Does this make you suffer from pain, feel so nervous, weak, high-strung—at cucli times? Then no try Lydia. E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound, to relieve such symptoms! In a recent medical test this proved romnrkably helpful to women, troubled this way. Any drugstore. TODAY - THURSDAY FEATURES 2 - 3:54 - 5:35 - 7:32 - 9:21 HERE COMES THE LAUGH If BRIGADE... IK tllE PJNNItST SALESMAN STORY EVER TOLD! tA-li^^lf^'^S* ¥*."*« .<^3;SfeT-- ftPM Ay/J" .. ' oiLbl n )R THAT EVV LOOK . TWICE! * KLEER-SHIfER , ; :/,'e HOSIERY THE STORY: Don Jose, young officer in a fashionable Spanish regiment. falls victim to the charms of the bewitching gypsy, Carmen. He kills his commanding officer in a sword-fight over her and is forced to flee to a mountain hide-out, where he joins the band j of gypsy rogues who are Carmen's associates. His last illusion is shattered when he learns that Garcia, the leader, is Carmen's husband. Jose remains in the camp while the others go off on an expedition. Carmen is to pick I j up a victim in town and lure him • to a deserted house, where the men will beat and rob him. The men arrive at the spot first, play cards while they wait for Carmen. XXI At the Corral dc la Plaza in Cordova, the matadors, picadors, and hangers-on practiced in sort of an exercise pen off the main arena. They rehearsed the horses. Some jumped back and forth over low barriers, concentrating on their foot work; others practiced with the cape. Enthusiastic fans lounged around. A slim-hipped young Spaniard worked alone with the cape, twisted and turning with brilliantly executed steps, furling and unfurling his billowing cape. He was elaborately and expensively dressed. He worked near the foot of a flight of steps leading down from the arena grandstand to -the corral, and he was watched by an admiring group of hangers-on. Executing one final, intricate pattern, he whirled and stopped, throwing the cape to his helper, and resting for a moment, smiled his acceptance of the admiring shouts of the others. "Your arc in good form today, Lucas!'' The matador nodded. "I am in good form every day, Carlosito." "No ordinary bull will be able to withstand you today, Lucas," another man said. i "Nor any ordinary woman!" I Carmen intervened clearly, her voice coming from the steps above them. Lucas turned to look up. The gypsy walked slowly down the steps toward him, smiling in scornful challenge. 'But then, I am not ! an ordinary woman." | Lucas moved closer, as bold.'as j careless as Carmen herself. Car- I men sat down, her movements dei liberalely slow and provocative. J She was just above the matador's i he-ad. As she looked down at him j it w;;.s exactly as she had looked I down on Don Jose, the young, j clear-eyed soldier newly conic to i ;he great city from Navarre. But Lucas was no boy. The {matador was not a shy "young i corporal. j Carmen leaned over, smiling i clown at him with an intimate little smile. "You seem to me like I a man who would enjoy having his fortune told." His eyes appraised her inso- I Icnlly. "And you seem to me like .1 .L-irl who would be very skillful at it." "1 have a little place on the edge ol town. It is a very nice place for fortune telling." "And I have a little place in the middle of town that is a better place for fortune telling." Carmen nodded and held out her arms to be helped down. did not go with the others'.'" He looked imploringly into her eyes. "You didn't take anyone to them for them to rob?" She unsaddled the horse, shaking her head and smiling to herself as though remembering something funny. "No, I didn't," she said. She went to the fire and flipped the roast fowl to the ashes, within reach of her hand. She did not look at Jose but she felt his brooding stare. "Don't you want some supper? Aren't you hungry?" she asked. "No." She reached for the scorched bird gingerly. She tore a leg from it, blowing on her fingers. "I'm always hungry." She sat on a flat rock near the fire, tentutively touching the hot fowl with the tip of her tongue, looking up at him over the edge of it. "You never arc." Jose spoke with all the despair of. a lost soul. "What is the matter with me, Carmen? Why don't f go away from here? It is driving me mad to be near you, knowing you arc married to another man." Carmen took a bite of the fowl. She answered him absently. "I wouldn't be married to another man if you had used your head yesterday." She licked her fingers. "Would I?" (To Be Continued) and how to transplant native shrubs. KccreatUm was led by Mrs. Jack lionds. Delicious n>iYe.shmoi)!s were served by lioslo-s. We adjourned to meet witn Mrs. Carl Brown on November 1!». Demonstration will be accurate measurement for cake balanK. All dub members are urged attend to mala; plans for "a Christmas party in December. HOUSEHOLD FAVORITE FC.1 EXTRA <?Ufll!TY-FURITV ^ a u E sner Kleen-Shuer Nylons ih their pcri-oi'u-ihzcr.! P'O- lioiis fit rilv.'.-iys. Have you LCI "the lowlv nt\v inadco Fall and Winter? -^-ilrllii: v; E 11 r.'. - s c ii L E u fij'L T hoix. U'Siu ilk li'it 1 i'iu>.l * I KjJ'l ^ O A full range oi bizes 1 c <JiJ cind I ,. J' - ^ --*-.- 1 -*^ Night had fallen on the,., .card game at the ruined house. (J'arcia was growing more and 'more ilnury. "She should have been' here--a ; long time ago." Pablo said. "Maybe she "never went into town at all. Maybc-lhat is why the Navarre lied and" said he was sick." Garcia considered thai and Pablo continued with, "Mayb-,- Ihey had it planned thai way "all the time." Garcia rose frowning. Dnnuaiie said, "That isn't (rile, j Uarcia." j Ijiit Garcia started off and as j ihf oi.hi-rs rose lo follow him. hi/ J :-,>'..':. "You two remain here for I :-:i- 'tin-]- hour. If .she comes, we | will Jiavc lost nothing. H .she i;, j (.'laying game;, with me, it only IKii.i/.s one ul us to handle her." IK! ; -iiii, Hu'i-i'ii his hor. 5 e. mounted j ..-i-.t.i 'jallopcd off. j Daucaire looked at Pablut v.'i'.h hiiiiiost clmicitl cui-iosity. "Why dc ycj-.i i'.uu- ilii/ Na\-ai-r'"i" so, Pablo 1 . 1 i('u : ild it be because C'ai'i'i:i-ji--'' ! "Shut up." I Jj.Micairv chucl-Jc'd s-,i'!li'. "\VeJI. 1 uc.w. You t.,,,. ,/h. I'^lilo'. 1 ' 1 ' J'a'blcj turned av.'av. © SAENGER © STARTS SUNDAY UNDERLINE YOUR FASHION. CORRECT WITH .JrcAli and. ASSORTED CHOCOLATES, CRCAMS, AND NUT. CR1CP AND CI-IEV/Y CANDIES. 51.25 A l_B. _ „ Perfectly poised, completely assured of Jookin- your loveliest, always. That's the new fcchne made possible by Dolores' revolutionary, patented design •Waturc-Lii.t." A superb fit with complete physical freedom 1 N<> pads ... no artifice . . . just natura i, y lovelier. Let Dolores' cm", phasi*. your ideal- line of loveliness today-you'H agree they, 'truly do something for you. In a complete selection of styles, fabrics sizes. ' ACCENT YOUR FEMININITY WITH Dolores- patontctl <losl(ni or vertical stitchlnu on a dlacunal oij> line sives a superb tit ncvor before ex- rivn-ncc,l In brassieres. The diagonal suum provides Cf:ii>,!cle physical relaxation, wliile the vortical stltcli- iiifj accents your ideal line o£ loveliness. COTTON Pink and White RAYON SATIN Pink and Black , £sa f V U (jr U j^" new hue »»***»»**••<••«••••••* new you For your fashion changeover this Fall, select our STOCKINGS in Fashion Harmony Colors. Here arc nylon stockings exquisitely molded...in excitin^ new colors lo complement all your new elolhes. Whether you like I hem sheer, sheerer, or sheerest, you'll look lovely riirjit down to your lues in our famous Mojtids. Super-Fine owd (Vs-— v Fn r STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS |:o:-.-ivl OM Hi" spit an:i he turned! i :'. ':-,', i.'.'.-;ii <l!y with a Mic!:. ii-- i j I !e looked up al ",h-. j so'.-nd of a i | hoi .-•.•'.-.. k-i-i and ; :•.:-.• shu-.-ly ::.-: ' | l.';-;-ioi n canu- into ill-..- !is;lil of the i H '- u. id ui:.: i not:: i led j C;iii:n-n v,;ii ; in p-.-isi-d lo i/:i'i | ; ,'an-;! mellcjv,' mood. "Ju.-;eilo, you I „_ Gabardine (Rayon ex XVool) is tlic bc-sc conic lot 1 an ailing wardrobe, as proscribed by Cay Gibson. This one burtons s>tniu;lit irorn die I-jft .ilionlJ-.'!' and on the ri^lu pocket. (Lorncs in the sm.'.rie'i shades of the season . . . beige .;nd yrey. Junior sizes 9 to 17 We Give and Kedccm [':-.:.<j\c: Lta:n;v; GEO W ROB«SON & CO \wi^ luu \tiX o T Y « C X- N*i^ St^y y t_j? ^J? £ > v^l x^ \^J f "The Lcadina Deparimeia jfc-re" HOPE " NASHVILLE to 1. P. K-ii /rVt ' 1 .1'-" ...' i.' - !M!|fp ^

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