Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 20, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 20, 1948
Page 2
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Page Two HOPE STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS I HAVE A BIG QUIET FAN REZNOR "Automatic" lfe\**" Suspended Gas Heaters $>AVE door spate,''cuj 'installation, maintenance and .fuel costs in factories, warehouses, offices, and Stores. The big, quiet fan and efficient heat exchanger make Reznor heaters tops for economy and comfort. Find out today how Reznors place heat where and when it's needed. One Missing, Nine Safe in Sinking of I ugbocrt Norfolk V;i. Oct. 20 —'/T— man is believer! missing bu1 othcis are safe fniioy.-ing the jins; of a tin; bnv.l ',hc* Coin |.•));,•! its i)tir"e th.-> Rolidi; 'Baltimore last nir/ht the 'guard ben- repoilod !o;lay. | (.'apt. Thomas KiiEKcll 27 iter of the bar.'.;" and his wifr jb.-.by were rescued last night Wednesday, October 20, 1948 i,* One nine mas- and after Plumbing - Heating Phone 259 Gas Line Blasts injures Four Near Cotton Valley ! Shreveport La. Oct. 20 -- Wi — (Two ox-plosions in n 12-inch natural ! KOS pipe line have injured four I persons near Cotton Valley La. Cotton Valley Fire Chief T?.. M. Riddle said the blasts occurring 'within seeonds of each other blasted fragments of pipe and earlh over a 250 foot radius yesterday. j The injured are Arthur Allen 09: Mrs. Doris on McCrary Ge-.-aldinc I McCrar.y 4 and Nancy Carroll Mc.Craryn 2. All suffered burns. Fire following the explosion scorched the MeCrary residence .and killed all the chickens in the I yard. j _____ _ the tug and tow were in collision i with the Norwegian Freighter Bow |gran in Baltimore North Channel, i Crown-inn on the tug except for the 'cook were also saved. Oct. 20 «oocl i-!7.00; . oarlr; Mb:; ' ANNOUNCING THE OPENING OF THE '115 East 3rd Street Come in and see the many hundreds of items we have at below wholesale cost. These are part of a $150,000 loss and all are new items. Beat the high cost of living by shopping at the Hope Salvage Company We have TOYS, CLOTHING, KITCHEN UTENSILS, ALUMINUM and Many Other Items. UV i Junior Misses DRESSES 4.95 ,„ 10.95 Large Dundee TOWELS Boys BroocJcloth Mens Small Bath owels pa i r i Large Huck Yard Brooms Special Complete line of At below Wholesale prices. Real Buys. 20 Ounces THE HOME OF BARGAINS 1 15 East 3rd Streefr Phone 1 306 S I, I AT HEAVY COST, WHEN ONE TIME Under present local option faws that's what Arkansas is doing. Last year alone there were 10 local option elections on TO DIFFERENT DATES— almost one o month. That's costly duplication, in printing, paying election officials and other costs—PLUS increased voter inconvenience. Initiated Act No. 2, up for your endorsement November 2, retains in full the democratic system of locul option elections — the traditional Southern right of self-government. But it wisely makes ONE CHANGE—instead of voting on scattered dates throughout the year at extra expense when local option.elec- tions are desired by townships or counties, Initiated Act No. 2 provides: ALL OF THESE ELECTIONS WILL BE HELD ON THE SAME DAY — ON GENERAL ELECTION DAY WHEN ARKANSAS CITIZENS ARE AT THE POLLS TO ELECT LOCAL, STATE AND NATIONAL OFFICIALS. That's good business, that saves money, whether in buying bread or volirig ar the polls. FOR mra nor no. 2 \T=Jk<,_JL^ cli the Motion! /.in,' i w. KA.'PAFFORD Texorkono, Chairman JACK M. YOUNG Helena, Vice Chairman JAMES M. BOHART Little Rock, Secretary ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK Nntiomil Stockyards, 111., j— f/l-V— (USDA)— Hofis G.OOI); market :acl!vo weights 1,'iO Ibs up inchiding j.w.vs 2f> 1.0 .-,0 higher th;m Tuesday s avcra^o. spots more on limit!<-'d nurribors hojivy biitflioi-s- 170 ibs cluv/n steady to 2o Iiir.h.-ji'- bnlk ancl clioico 1. 00-2(50 Ibs 2075- top 27.1)0 pairl ITcHy: t\vu over :«1 Ibs 20. fill 10-1BO .K-ir,: IHO-in Ib.s 2.1.()-2fi.25 un-iaj i;, s 21.0-2:1.25: yood sows 40 !:;= clown 2: j ,.73-2."i.7~) over -10 lb;.- 21. 25-23. 00; staKK mosllv ]fl.()f). J9.50: fe-.A- 20.0. Cntlk- 4.ri(!0 c;ilv(!s l.TiOO- opon- inu trade: very slow on vteers, heifers and rows \vi1h virUially noihing donc> excepl on :;omc li.!'h"t: buicbei- yearlings in eoninion and medium flesh from 19. 00-2(1.00; thec" about steady; bulls and vo:il- SJT, oponint! stivdv medium and j good . bulls 1.0.50-21.2.0: cutlor and e Star Tells of. Continued From Page One ridiculed or "seeing things" when I reported this, but I am con- Slor of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon b>. STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. t. Palmer, President Ak'x. H. V/ashburn, Secrotary-Treasurer nf the Star buildinn 212-214 South Walnut 'Street, Hope, Ark. Alex. II. Wasliburn, Editor t t Publisher Paul II. Jones, Managing editor Cnorgc W. Hosmcr, Mech. Supt. IrM M. Dcvis, A-'vcrtising Manager Entered n r , second class matter at thi Post Office cit Hope, Arkansas, under thf Act of Morch 3, 1E97. (AP)—Moons Associated Press. (MFA)—Mean; Newspaper Enterprise Association. jehoiee vcaleis 2.'!.00-34.no'; j-clali vo-1 pfr |ly few al.io-.-e :>,2.n common and ;^odo "O-'lfid 1!) slaushler calves medium I,';.00-27.00: medium and yoocl 30-450 Ib slau«hler calves i)ari.;e!y 2.'5.0-2.1.0. | Sheep S.filifi: markei opening i about 25 higher on lambs, but | some salesmen asking r;reater arlivancc: early sales upward to 2.".|00; other goo'd and choice 24.00-7:5 I but not onoiiMh done" to fully e.s- i tablish market best lambs ' held j upward to 25.50; early sales yearl- |ings fully slcarlv: two deck? mc- jdium and ,';ood fall shorn y:ai'lin«s 21.00. same a:.; mates yesterday: double No. 2 shins 20.50. . I Subscription Rates: (Always Payable good, and Advance): By city carrier per wer-k 20t n . .. _ i ._ j • _ ! _ „_ „,,.,, t1, a - POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago. Oct. 20 —iVP)— Butter easier: receipts f><!'!.010; prices unchanged to a pent a nound lower- 93 score AA fM.5 92 A 6 90 B i63 flfl C 00.5 Cars: DOR 04 83 C 00 5 month 85c. Mail rater,—in Hemp•stood, Nevada, Howard, Miller one Lorovottc counties, $4.50 car ycor else where $8.50. NaHonal Advc-rthing Representative — V<nnscn Dnilio-s, Inc.; Mcrmhis, Tcnr. ^t«rick Buildino; Chicano, ^00 North Mich igon Avenue; New York Cily, 292 Madisc i Ave.; Detroi*. Mich., 2842 W. Granr Blvd.; Oklahrjma Cily, 314 Terminal Blda vc-.v Orlf;0'.$. 722 Unicn St. Member of the Associotcd' Press: Th Asjociatc-d Press is entitled exclusively tc >he iir,e for rrjpnh'irntjcn of a!! the locr nev/s printed in this newspaper, cs well r ill AP news dispatches his flying two-day visit to the South. Mr. Truman plans to take off again Saturday for Pittsburgh whore he opens his stretch drive lor the big vole stakes in northern metropolitan areas. Cautioning a gainst "wasted rm; recoiptso.931 .-prices ! Democratic votes" he told a h- i unchanged to a cent a clo/.on hi_ jer: U. S. extras 70 pet and up \ B5-OG; GOfiO.9 per cent A 59 current receipts 42-45: U. S. standards 43-51 dirties 37-39 checks 35-3(5.5. Live poultry: steady; receipts 23 I trucks prices unchanged except a cent a pound lower outside on fryers and broilers at 32-35. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS Chicago. Oct. 20 — (/Pi —Strength i_ soybeans highlighted a gencr- Two Infants Meet Violent Deaths in Arkansas cents tit times Announcement export ailoe/itio;):; spurred ; fieri fair crowd in Raleigh N. C. terday: "Today big-money republicanism is on the march and' to beat it we've all got to stand together. That's where we Democrats be- sholldTr "° Sether ~ Sh ° UldCr t0 ** The Associated Press Air Trim-nn did not m^nfinn )>!« Two infants have met violent civU'-riBh ^ overran^°wh d^ °"t o« death in Arkansas this week, the snlit in nixi- Demoei-Ttie I Carolyn 1? aye Harper, 31-month- ranks Nor did h^ me°Uon Gov ! olc | cUuighter of Mr. and Mrs. Ken- J. Strom Thurmond of neighboring !'- uai P fil ol tiiummit (Lonoke heads the j , .. presidential active i ticket. addi-| But he hinted that the dissatis- vinced to this day that I was right. From many, remarks dropped later at the consulate I am confirmed in the belief that the Soviet sleuths had detailed inside knowledge of ihe Tolstoy Foundation farm. By Wednesday, August 4. my situation became most iryinp'. Everybody was looking daggers at me. regarding me as an enemy within their camp, I : was,made to fee) that beneath .'/-my ,, assumed name was lurking, a Soviet agent. That evening the manager of the institution, Moussin-Pushkin, called me into his office and began to .shout at me: .. "Register ! No one can,stay here overnight without .registering." I thought that my status had been settled by Miss Tolstoy, but was helpless in the face of Moussin- Pushkin's stormy scene. That night was a complete nightmare to me. "Was I in a madhouse"„• or was I going mad?" I was asking myself gain and again. Did I escape from Soviet surveillance' to be. suspected of being a Soviet spy? I dashed off a'-.'letter to the Soviet consul general which, contrary to all reports, I did not show t.o anyone before having it mailed. I left the farm and walke'd down the road, stopp.infj- the first ear going in the 'direction of town. I handed the letter and halt a dollar i.o the motorist, requesting him .to post it for me. The stranger was good enough to give me back 47 cents ,'n change. When I returned io the kitchen, after the car carrying my letter had vanished, I felt pangs of remorse, although I did not fully rea- lise to what extent that letter would haunt me. (TOMORROW: What resulted Mrs. Kasenkina's implusivc letter.) Oil, Gas Group Hearing Set for October 26 m ally frim market on the board of I South Carolina who trade today. Soybeans advanced I States' 'Rishts party in --<-<--- !"-'--< of | the buyiii_ December wheat and oats both sho\ved enough strength to get up about a cent from yesterday's close. Mills bought wheat, reflecting- flour sales to the army. Shipping sales of 50.000 biishels'of cash oats from hero helped that grain. Corn held slightly higher mos of the day, although tending to lag behind other commodities. Bookings were close to 200,000 bushels. Lard had a firm undertone. Wheat closed 1-4 lower to 5-8 higher, December Ji2.27 7-33-4, corn was 1-2-7-3 higher, Dea- cember $1.40 7-8-51.41, oats were 3-4-1 1-4 higher. December 76 7-83-4. rye was 2, 1-4-3 1-4 higher, Dea- cearnbcr $1.76 1-2, soybeans were 6 1-2-7 1-2 higher, November $2.51 l-2-$2.51, and lard was 10 to 43 cents a hundred pounds higher October SI 9.95. Cash wheat was quoted as nominally steady today with no sales reported receipts eight ears. Corn was unchanged to two cents lower on old and one to throe cents down on new; bookings 215.000 bushels- shipping_ sales 40,000 bushels receipts I;j7 cars. Oats were higher with the futures: basis firm; shipping sales 50,000 bushels: receipts six ears. Soybeans receipts were I 151 car. NEW YORK COTTON New York, Oct. 20 —(/Pi— Cotton futures were irregular in active dealings today, fealiiieci by t-on- su'onible trade demand for nearby deliveries. F'uluros closed 15 to 5 out :-.."> l-'ulluret: closed 15 to 55 cents I cost Ition. Southern Democrats their parent party the could elcc- "Everybody — South and North — knows" the president said "that there's only one choice in this campaign. ' Either the standard a Little (Tuesday) bottle of Republicans will buy the election Democrats will or the standard win. ''Other parties simply don't stand a chance.' 1 Thurmond told a Macon Ga. rally that the States' .Rightcrs seek to "restore the Democratic party to its historic function which is to stand as a bulwark for States Rights and for local self-government." AFTER, County), Ark., died hospital last she drank rat poison. Ten-month old Johnny Laxon, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Laxon of Mellwood (Phillips County*, Ark., was crushed to death Monday when the parked car, under which he was playing, was moved by the driver. Police reported the driver did not know the child was under the vehicle. El Dorado. Oct. 20 —(/Pi—The Arkansas Oil and Gas Commisslo i will open hearings here Oct. 2B in an effort to determine whether oil and gas is beinf; wasted in the state. The commission also will hear evidence on several petitions from I companies .seeking new drilling sites. —chest tightness and pain. Rub on stainless, effective and snee7.es, open cold-stuffed nose. Breathe easier. Us. NDSt. DROPS & SHIPLEY-CREWS SHOW GROUNDS »' ONE DAY ONLY Adjacent Thrash's International Harvester Store The changes of color in a chameleon may be due partly to emotional reactions like anger and fear. Don't waste time. Today, get a bottle of C-2223. Take it for muscle aches due to exercise or exposure (often called rheumatic pain), or muscular lumbago. You'll be so grateful for the help you get. Purchase price of first bottle back if: not satisfied. For temporary relief of accompanying constipation, take St. Joseph 2223 Laxative Pills. Don t let coughing, wheezing, recurring attacks of Bronchia] Asthma ruin sleep and energy without trying MENDACO. which works thru the .blood to reach bronchial tubes and lungs. Usually helps nature quickly remove thick, sticky mucus. Thus alleviates coughing ana aids freer breathing and better sleep. Get MENDACO from druggist. Satisfaction or money back guaranteed. •• SAENGER ® STUPENDOUSLY PRESENTING THE V/OnLD'S BiSGEST AND GREATEST 22 TEMTS—GOO PSffif IE—23 «!5.QW?E3S BO RSUUSCEAHS—$3,270 DAILV EUPEW5ES Of COLOSSAL ^^tJTjay' BIGGER—iiETTER—GnftHDER THftH EVES BEFORE An Eclipsing Flpoch In the Wortd's aresioct E Wow Creating a NEW ERA IN TEKTE0 AftfUSE&fEHTS Brteslnj Oter with Irsnvsttes scd Wutomi Saifriscs SBJ 3 ' iloiUsprocc#«t(3dAajiln!Faal!:t«!li63«!ISI[<r.5aUBi;j CtiUCREri'E TRAINED aHMfcU ClKCUS THRILLING RACES ilHD I'.IPPO»-.<;«^ CRQftlt- CONTESTS Reserved and Adrrtission Tickets on Sole Circus Day at JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. o\v .'JI..JO i!)) 10 to 11 :ii.:«i -- low 31.27 |I\lay high 31.13 — lo\v 3li ')!) j :-:i.lfl up !) 'Jly hU;h 20.7!! — low i :-'.').7(i-77 up 7 to !! (H-t high 27.63 — low 27.lill-(i3 up f> to ii Dee high 27.: 27.3GN' up 3 Middling spot N-noininal. NEW ORLEANS COTTON New Orleans, Oct. I'D—i/l'i—Cotton lutuii ; declined in tlie early lr;ui- (FSrsi- Come? - Fsrsfr Served) B a B R 1 rumon Id e hit, here today but trade buying and Closing cents to Dec. hi«li ;'I..M Mch 31.2!) -May h .(Hi " Jly hijh 20.7-1-7.-) Of liiyh ' By The Associated Press ] liov. Tliomas !•:. Dev.ey K.;,,',- ':<•>> I hi.' liu;,l hi:! ri|\ vote ililnl , 'Mr''Trmi ! ;,n n;','.':'.)':',''. ijil,- UMTI- ,1 :. v . li'.-'. Fi.-.Ml-.lin O. l-Ioo-rvlfs : -n;.J \Vhiu-' ilJiise "iVaj'e' fo'.;;'"'' niu;'^ HAS ALL THESE FEATURES Hew Compact Design a Famous Meter-Miser mechanism as Bigger, colder Super-Freezer Chest a Full-width, roller' heciriirtg Hydrator v/iih glass top * All-aluminum, rust- proof shelves © Handy basket-drawer for packaged! foods and eggs & Many others you should see. New in design. New in conveniences. New in size v/ifh more food storage room than ever before in the sains kiichsn space. ftfore Fiitsicluire Refrigerators Serve lit More Anisiiaf! Homes Tii«n Any Qihsc ftkke, 222 East 3rd 136 Phone 81

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