The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) .COURIER Harrison Shoots Sub-par Golf While Newton Slips; 18 To Go Dutcli Harrison, Lltllo Rock pro, too); an undisputed though narrow lead in the Blythcvllle Open til noon today with/only 18 holes of Uic 12-holc test ronnlnliiQ to be played tills afternoon, Harrison ic* lilo field with 217 slrokcs for the 54 holes ployed, lenv- Ing.H. Newton, Springfield, Mo., pro, who shared the lead with him at tlie half-way mark, well In tlie rear. lit second place, right on the heels of Harrison, was Leonard Dodson, Springfield pro, who ilctl the course record with a 31 In amateur-pro best ball play • Tuesday. Dodson had 218 Back of him IUK! three stioket, behind Harrison was J. C. Fondven, Memphis pro' ami one of the stylists or the tourney. Julius back lie over saw, Incidentally! Cv»iK bousts n distinction ' while gained In high school that lias yet to IK duplicated In the state. He was mimed fullback on tlie 1930 All-Amertew prep eleven, selected by Ihc Footall Annual" A Memphis sports writer, making the- rounds of Southeastern fool- Jbull camps, described the Vol buck- I flL'ld ns "wheeling around" Craig, In n recent article. Scchlj; Tilings Maybe this scribbler was Just hoping too hard or possibly It was simply n mirage but somehow lid thought he glimpsed some of pet« Grain's imlnral love of the name I while watching the former Ihc heart of the average adult I It is expected -that 105,000,000110 years, with Europe contributing Is 5 ncte o,,g. 3 i inches broad, (additions will be mtule to world 20,006,000. Asia 140 OM000 and An ttiiU 2',i Inches thick. i population figure* within the next 'ores 35000000 WU|WC and Anl ' Giants Suffer Second Straight Loss But Hoyt Blanks St. Louis 1 uncle Is. It doesn't appear Umt he .,„ , ' is blessed with the physical make- 1 ilc °" l " u ' i took - tneir liands of the Phillies yesterday psca mae- , up that Uncle retc IMS. He Is one i,,l. ? „, ™ L °™ 'I 1 .? chi " ul '. llc more lough boy, though, llul the ....... " thing Unit impressed tlie way Oneil sim ......... „ ..... opposition on each and every oe- and were slttlnss in n dnwd con t Impressed us most was ' , , ,,, K m " " nw<1 c °"Oneil smacked Into the , " '" llu ' h ' ow " llrc -«li>B room on <Hir.h n<»i i-™™ m..' wllc " wor ' ! raiclicd Dieni tlmt Die Ciu-dhials also had filtered before caslon and tlie way He seemed to Clu ' (11 "" ls lllso ll(l<l filtered i-ellah every minute of the name " u> cl ""''"B of Wnltc Hoyt Oiice we saw Oneil plunge head on mn n " e ""' lcr ' Tho c " ril; into a 'Joiiesboro \YUii)d-l>e tnckler. returning werc kickolf and Craig couldn't find time vcl- --- _- — , less llxin n ginnc out of first place, have four games to piny and ihc CilanUs have but two. I.HJ siyjisw 01 me tourney. Julius lo block his ouixincnt nnvolhn-wiv !1 " yt 01 "P ll<;ll «l Pnnl 1 £*£?*!T«^.?™"™k'>' "•- so he S hm!l oted 5 ^ >.»" Curds finuous brolhcr tlc tlon hlm - 1'i ! St. Louis club, 3 to 0. w'm «i i°' lc " Jum|K><1 "" md'sWnn'froTt J',? 1 ' 1 ,"?| cl lllc . c »«l"«n>f to two __ .. 3G and a 35 to of u, c jonesboro i>)uyer ivllli •> look s ' 1)olh lnn(lc *">' R°U>rock. A jmce «((!,« card of HG for tl.e otl hb , Bce that . s tae, cr , pli"n I" 1 " 1 " ">» Vntighn Hgun-d i - -'• . ,„.._ ,, .,.: !.,,, to the showers for Demi added Ihst 36 hole 1 ;, on his morning rounds today. The total put, the Little nock sharpshooter' five, below pur. Newton slipped badly on Ills firs! nine this morning, dropping far b-ick from his position at the end of yestei day's play, when he shared J onors with Harrison 'at HO. A VI on his (list round of the par 37 nine-hole lajout this morning seemed likely to cosl Newton Ills clmiice. Other scores for &•! holes follow: Shorty Qntmnii, si. Louis. 222' Olivei Sleppy, St. Louis, 2M;' James Fogcily. st Louis,. 223; Frank Moore, Dmmoln. 223: O'Neal Wiiite Memphis, 225. Uobert Mali-, Helena 225; H Ne\Uon. Springfield: w' A. Douell, Bljthevllle, 227; An<t y Cusick, Jonesboro, 228; Don .Murphy. Little Rock, 220; Hay Gammon Memphis, 231; Winnie Cole, Tnllu- lah, 233; Jfimnie Fossick, Blylhe- ville, 234; Johnny Ciiiumlugs, Mem- Phis, 238; James Wileoxln, joues- horo, 241; Bob Morse, irnyM. 2-J1- M. Harrinrjton, LHIle Rock 1 )44 : John Ed Miil-o. Blylhevillc 24'l- A' T. Reid, Memphis 247 Tlie u. s. Engineers of Osceola have booked a three-gnmc series with nn nil-star aggregation representing the Osccoln Indians. The first game will be played nt Oscc- oln Sunday, September 30. Tile Engineers club, composed of men on fleet No. 7, stationed at Osceola, have played 40 games with 34 wins, 11 losses mid one tie. They . i took the barnstorming Memphis Practically iin-noticcd .in prc- Chicks Into camp last Sunday. D-8 lourney predictions. Dutch •Harrl-1 ..The old Indian club of,'29 set a -on, pro, Little Rock, and,11. New-' record for semi-pro clubs when they 'on, pro, Spiiiigflelci, Mo., were showing theh heels to n brilliant nimy of golfing stars when they teed off on the final '3G holes of the Blythcvil!e open gclf tournament this moinhig. . Nenlon and Harrison were deadlocked at HG strokes, two less than Par, foi the first 30 holes, played icjsterday Newton paced tile entire Held on the morning 18 holes but Hnrnson cnught him on the nltcrnoon 1H yesterday. Right on, the heels of Newton and Harrison were Julius Ackerbloom, I.ittie Rock, pro; J. c. Fondren. Memphis, pro, and Leonard Dodson. Spring field,-Mo., pro with H7 strokes Immrillnlcly behind them was Shorty Oatiimn of St louis, with 141 mm Pi'nn); M 00rc rjurjuoiu, ill, and Tod Houcfe, Little Rock,'with 149. QtJier scores for the first 3G holes were: James Fogcrty, St Louis, 150, Don Murphy, Little Rock, 150. W. A. Don-ell, Blythe- Mlle, 150, O'Nenl white, Memphis lal. Robert Mair, Helena,' • 152; Andy Cusick, .lonesbovo. -.152; >Blb Menu, Little Rock, ,• 153; Jiminle Posslck. Blylhevillc. 154; Rny Gammon. Memphis, 155; Willie Cole Talhilah, La.. 155; John cum-. mines, Memphis, 159. I Gene Dill, Paycttcvllle, 1GO; R.I J. Newkirk, Greenwood, Mifs 160- Ho«nrd \VIlco\in, Jonesboro, 161; John Ed Misho, Dlylheville, 103-! •M. Harrington, Litlle Hock, 1G5; A. T. Reid, • Memphis. 1C5- Bol) Morse, Hnyli, Mo., 1G1. On The OiUsidc Looking In By "DUKE" Epstein f.ikcs Craig Ben Epstein, the Little ricck Gazette sports editor, lias the lolloping to say about Pete Craig, forme Chlckasaw star: " "Another Arkansas footballer making good <m foreign fields i- Pelc Craig of Blylhcvlllc, junior ft the University of Tennessee nn regular fullback. Bob Ncyland, Vo coach and ranked vvilh the be- mentors in the intion, recently sale that, Craig is the best defaislv ly more was In Blare if tlie' visitor '? ,, tll(! Insisted on getting lulo tlmt jjlay., ,,'•„.„.. ,, 1 J -i The Phillies trimmed the Giants 5 to 4 nt New York. Johnson was | the winning pitcher and Hiciitc, who followed Scliiiinuchcr and Jliibbell to Hie mound, the loser. A run In the ninth Inning, scored when MHCIISO, Cilnnt catcher, failed lo block n low pitch, The Boston Braves lost, a 3 lo 1 ; decision to the Brooklyn Dodgers ;nl Brooklyn. Babich was the win- Osceohi I cams Will Clash' 11 " 1 " 'V! 1 '' 1 ' 1 ' llol " i " 8 tllc B|ltives to n . ...,_. _ ".seven blows. Rhern was the losing in 1'irst o! Ihrce-Game i' l(cllcr C... ' C l I ' I ' |1P Detroit Tigers, already as- OC11CS Olinclay jam-cd of participation In tlie world scries, look two \jamcs from the Chicago White Sox, 12 to 10 and 10 ot 3. They gathered 28 hits In (he two enmi's. Sorrel! nn<l Anker were the winning pitchers. The New York Yankees won over (he Philadelphia Mucks 4 to 3 in 11 Innings. An error by Hlgglus, Muck third sucker, In the eleventh inning gave the Yankees their triumph. Devcns was, the winning pitcher and Caster the loser. The Cleveland .Indians defeated the St. Louis Browns 0 to 2 nt Cleveland. Hudlln held the' Browns to five hits while tlie Indians collected 11 blows. Burns' homer drove in the only Brown runs. playeed 87 ball games, winning 70 and losing 17. . Tlie players selected to represent the Indians in this scries «-i)l be stars frm tlie -20, '30 and '31 Indian clubs. Some of these players have shicc. entered professional baseball and arc now home for the winter. The players to represent the Indians Sunday will be tnkcn from (lie following list: Nenl Skills ss, ner , - mnn Knox 3b. Frank Marshall ss Tommlc Marshall ib, Wilbur Blck- hairi rf, Robert Mobley If, will Brown Howerton cf. Red Cuvette 2b, Edd'.o Marshall 2b, Johnnie Cuntmings rf, Cliff Tnrver c, Johnnie Berger c, Lefty Alexander p. Lefty fca* been with the Norfolk, Va., club this season, pitching In 30 games, winning 14 ami losing 7. The Nor.'olk club won the second half nnrt defeated tlie -charlotte club in the playofl. The Indians believe Lefty, can lake the Engineers into camp' Sunday. Read Courier News Want,. Ads. Ohio U. enrollment l!|i . ATHENS, O. (UP)—Opening ot Ohio University's 131st. school year found a fnr greater enrollment than al Ihe same lime lasl year. LANCASTER, O. (HP)—Beimr just a "regular boy" caused Alfred Slohlmeyer, 12, to break his leg for tllc 20th time recently. Time and agnln, Alfred has been cauioned not to play loo roughly. But he can't resist, Tlie result Is always a broken leg. Among Canadian provinces, lirlt-1 Quebec are the only two province' Isli Columbia ranks third In manu- which exceed her gross value of faclurlng production; Ontario and output. Protection 191 F ? r. : REAL Ph6i, .„. CI;AUK->VILSQN, • AQENCY General Ii^sufunctj; "We Pay Ail Losses Witii n Smile" James B. Clark ;. - ; Baker - Wilson, RITZ THEATRE Saturday and Sunday, Sept, 29 & 30 —ON THE STAGE IN PERSON— 20 I'KOl'LE 2(1 LEE LE VERNE AND HIS WONDKRFUI, MUSICIANS . with 'FOOTLIGHT PERSONALITIES' Presenting ADR A COOPER Kurnpc's Rirl In gold in the rtance of "THE {!()!.THE RED A AN SISTERS Two rlinrming- and gr.Kcful singers ami dlnccrs. LOLA LAMOND A clever vocalist that seems to know what her iiulillc likes "" soup!. tn the art of "Blues" Use Shibky's Wonder and Old Trail SAM DEKEMEL America's foremost bugler, laic feature, of (lie Waiver Brotli- rrs Show. R. TUDOR CAMERON K. 0. anrt Orphoum headline, comedian. Ar/1 Olhcr Sneeially Numbers DAZ7.UNO STAGE SBTTING-GORGEOUS C'OS- JUMKS-GAV MUSIC-HILARIOUS COMEDY GRACEKUI/ DANCING-A RHAPSODY OK SONGS COI.ORKUI, THROUGHOUT 'This is our best stage offering of the season—Don't Miss It! been Wliat Price, Quality? I hi nntnw S St l Pa n t0 f* 1>eliab l e ''If H 1 *'" T ^ tia * QUGSti ° n that or ch » ?I t Si cat*,' v tie JV ha " e -constantly been besieged with advertising that screamed price. One mer-' wo vu ^ i T , " the cheapest ' another guarantees lower prices . . . not so at Isaacs . . : fov 82 years" FAIR n-mnn A ( ?" e promisc ™gai'ding;bur merchandise and that is' "DEPENDABLE QUALITY AT A von .nJniJ t / f • aS ' C , yei> befor6> you ' ma y shoP here wi ^ full assurance that each article purchased KP n, Utmost in vajuo. . . that you will get quality merchandise from which you may expect sath Men^n! I fcv's ±i<?lf ^V!^^ ^-to-Wear, Millinery, Shoes, Accessories and 'piek Goods" s'e- s6 I e ™ , ^ T iiT *** Sh ° eS al ; e Complete • • evei '>' item « dependable . . every price is icasonaoie .,. your inspection will be appreciated. a good DRESS is an economy ...'. and these are good dresses, _ but so moderately priced! Stouls Extra .Stouls Half Si?is Regular Sizes '/hi£ is a real achievement ... A lathering together uf the season's most fashionable dress styles at prices beluw what you would escpwt fur such nice fabrics and such exclusive styling . . . All we ask is the opportunity of sliow- hlg you some of these charming Frocks. 50 Iiiitlic's Blouses AHmctivft new t'lyli's In :i]i]ici>l!ii£ solid col- ' patterns. T , $ 22 Classy Jean DRESSES Smart! Chic! Yes, but we cunrnt be- sin to describe their exquisite loveliness . . . Charming new .l.irkrt Frocks In the most entrancing color combinations . . . You must see them real soon. Swagger Suits ['Every . wardrobe should include a L»anky Swagger Suit and these ,ire so :rleyerly designed . . .So practical for circet, business or general .wear. They, feature Autumn's most favored fabrics, 'colors and styles. ors $1.98 M Fast Color PRINTS Fine quality, ffuantntpeil cclor \it':nta in ,' [ia((crus colors :uiEalilu for all puri feat u IT il nt two innniliir ii Ladies' High Quality Footwear Ties - I'umps |Straps - Oxfords Sueile, Kid and I'atent ami many pleasing combinations shown in a host of /ip- pealin* new sty- Its . . . HJ S I,, low :iii<i medium h ft o, 1 s. Depend- ultle (iuall(ics in all \nicv. giouiis. 5 Quality HATS Budget Priced Berets, Trirorns and other desirable shapes in eulors lo match every costume . . . Dozens (if . new styles from which to select. $4.95 Lustrous Silks PLAID SILKS—A beautiful ran K e of Aul- VrrO unin colors in large and iniall 1'l.iMs J.O SATIN DACK CREI'E-Itich-amMustrous line quality snlin tack prejit, lu-.ivy quality • HOC new fall colors. Per yard Vo WOOLEN SUIT1NGS-5* inches wide. Iwautiful mixture ancl large and small jilaids, Anc for -:uiLs, coals ami skirts. Vcr yard J<-> SII,K TAFFETA-Umisually attractive pLnids and stripes so desired fnr blouses, ties and ()QC collar ar.J cuff stis. I'er yard Vl> 19c Mens Dress Pants The largest stock uf men's Dress Trousers In this stcllon. Sell:), blues, brown .ind greys . . .Checks ar<! pUiels . . . Stripes and fancy weaves . . . Shlek and constr- viitlvc styles . . . Brinj in your odd Coal and s« if \w can't malcb it, . $1.98 to $5.00 lio.vs' Long Punt or Knickcr SUITS At U«(lj;cf Prices' H'lietlicr lie's sis or sixteen' we can tit him out In the: kind of n Suit you wml him to have at a price you'll IM wlllhij li> pay. DejiciiilaMc. (ailorins alul \vooictis . . . Colors ami patterns he'll like. $5.95 to $14.95 Mtn's Fine Dress Oxfords Famous Walk-Over $ 6 America's finest shoe M the price! Mew fall patterns r.ew on display In a complete range of sizes. Many other attractive Dress Shoes and Oxfords, >ll solid leather, new lists, black ur brorcn . , . Moderately priced at $295 to S/195 $4? 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