Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 19, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 1948
Page 5
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Tuesday,October 19, 1948 BLONDIE HOPE STAR, H OP E, ARK AN S A S Page Fivt r^r WHAT IP WIVES SAT WITM A NEVJ PROPPED IN Ft?OMT OF THEM EVERY ._J\, T MOf?NING AT By Chick ¥01109 ^—' i;! 1 ! I'M AFRAID ) ''/"',.• ' /* HUSBANDS V' ""'' ( WOULDN'T ) ^ LIKE IT • -^' SIDE GLANCES Bv Galbraith Heads Doctors Amiwcr <o Previous Puzz HORIZONTAL 58 He recently 1 Pictured head was elected of American - ( >t the Medical AMA VERTICAL Association, Dr R. L. — 9 Ul ' n 2 Paradise 13 Arabian gulf 3 Tidy 2 3 Ho 14 Genus of lilies 4 Symbol for tin 15 Small wild ox 5 ? r ?. d of Celebes b Indls P°sed -ed Dr 42 Female horso E. L. Bortz 43 Sweet 26 Ampere (ab.) secretion 7 Mine shaft hut 27 Drone bee 44 Bryophytio 8 Flock 28 Native metal plant mVnunhOib ) •> Virginia (ab.) 30 Arrive (ab.) 45 Sea eagle ^ l"-nu.ni,i (M.) 10 Poker stake 3J Hawaiian 20 C in' P o 09 A,.;,! .,; COPR. 1540 EY tlEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. RCO. U. S. PAT. OFF. "Since you made the debating team, I can't even or Icy i soda! Why don't you try your arguments on someone el'^: ' CARNIVAL By Dick Turner ••T Symbol or " sold 2fi 'idolize ::. f ; Weigh :« Greater ((unniity 3-1 Detail of men rin Irnn 37 EtiRlo's nest 3B Symbul 1'or tellurium 39 Moon f. - : ymbol) 10 Maiden •M JMiniaturcs 4ii Uncle Tom's frit-ncl 4f) Mo five 52 8 LMlu.cn ?hecpl'old 53 Roman • emperor 46 Thin 11Fly wreath 47C!an i2 Direction 32 Female sheep 50 Swiss river 17 French river 36 Soothsayer •' 51 Her ) 18 ° COans 37 Soon 54 Whirlwind 2I Takcs into 40 Indentation 56 South Dakota . custody 4 i Asseverate (ab.) ^^^ "You forgot yourself again, Senator—I told you not to promise those vegetarians a chicken in every pot!" FRECKLES AND Hi* FfUENOb Bv B»os S et DOM'T WOPRY. TO.LAS. , ] \-\OP* WE'LL FOOT THE FREIGHT/ / YOUR C/?FOlTS 6000 THEN. BECAUSE NEITHER OF YOU IS TOT/fJc- A PURSE/ y CjWEef> </ SHOPPE OUT OUR WAY THATS WHAT YOU THINK /. ,,r. r- '"• -, VJ'PS""' « • .v V 'i.a&iY; ;'•:• v /.., •W>;y ^^N/r^Ty:?: ^1 ,,.lpl /^ V W?W| \ "%^ ->jpi ^^/«ig / ^i fe -^ / ,\ V v0! By J. R. Williams the nurse's ciay off and tte wife's gone shoppiiigl" : Ui--<NY BUSINESS StE? CAbM AMD MAKE-UP BOTH J WHAT YOU ) SLICK CHICKS/ IN OUR, TXVIRP TASSELS / ' " V I , tsi" IS J f 10.1 a '-—^V ^~ ~~ V \ co,,. 1M8 L ,..« K.v.c^c.'r M. MO. u. s p/T^rJWIRP ZIPPER PURSE Wirh Malor Hoople BOARDING HOUSE AT FIRST THEV GOT AM' IDEA SOMETHIN' / MOUMTAIW LIOM AM' HAMD UP \ HUMTIM 1 IS LIKE TH 1 REST O' ) FOX HUMTItvi' TH' DO6S AM' ./ AMD YOU 3( 1ST COME ON.' A KEEP >O!'^ /SEAT. \\ * CHlC'^eiA — A eRE^oT'-A CON\- /f TO ATl/\C'ri TKPCV PLETe LEG AMD TrtieH/ I'LL &%% COLD BIRD NW- i DEVOUR tVA\S OR ^^^--.^- J • >'-m SELF \MKENi UEJ Die ACOlWD T\A& V COEMER Liviey/ DIET * C \-EA^T AILN\EI^T ? A COP FROM T ( OUT AT -, Gei-UNiD A , * — , OZARK IKE .-.THE KID WIRED ME V BUT, TEX. THE ' CORRECT...AND STORMY KHIG-HT WILL GET HER CHECK BACK IN TIME...BUT THINK OF THE FUN I'LL HAVE WHILE SHE. LOOKS HIGH AND LOW FOrt HER OZARK-BOUND A\£RCHANOISE. r YOUR SWEAT M THAT HE WASN'T )\ COMMiSSION'lfR PLAYING FOOTBALL \\ WON'T LET YOU THIS SEASON, ) GET AWAY WITH ANYWAY/" — / UNLOADIMG A REV TIRED STAR POR A WE KIM MAKE TRACKS PER QZARKIKE TO THE (GROAfJ) THEY'RE NEXT ON OUR SCHEDULE/ .£jsa: By Michoe? O'Maliey & Ralph Lane 5$ just got back from Florida and was feeling lazy. ''IT'S LIBBV LANG, DOWNSTAIRS, vic. A MAN JUST STOPPED IN TO ASK WHERE YOUR OFFICE WAS. PROSPEROUS LOOKING GENT. ?I'D YCU ABOUT A VEKY PERSONAL A1ATTER—AAV VVIFL : / AMD JUST WHEN iV V/ASH TUBBS SO THIXT5 TH BLIMKIN' / VES. AND HE'S WITH" SOU TPICKED IMTO 'ELP1W U5 PIMD SIE. WE.WR.SMEATH? 'w^rv E/XSVVS 7A,FTEBUSCON\BlN'EMCrLfKMD 1 f . FOUNDOUT 1 . FOC THE EIGHT REGGIE 1 . 111. I HOLLOW HIW....WMT ( \CCIDENT, SIR I I'L-L. HE 5 HEEE I BteH 'IS BLOOIVAIM' 'EIXD IF JM FOR A CHNMCE;..THEN / ",DE 1M MfA FIR ST',i > THW tvN ACT T WWIE THEY «f w^trK^^^fts |if \^ ^ll-^r ^~"^ts%^ m^^im^^^mA 1 ^-^^ fit .X^ ,^%i|/./r £ffy&^ &- ; ^MSiiM Hl« \ '^m •^^jB:^ /IWSW^;; ^I»W^n-^H^lS«i^:^^ ay C«ifi .-.nderson use ARTEFJSMUL Sy Wolt Disney BOY, BET I'J7 A\AKE A LULU. ="&)r a -~i:t' fiy V. T. Ham?in •':.-/ PINNY/ COME BACK •. ' / HERE . I WANT A i-L-VJ 1 \s'ORP5 SVITH VJU.'. s r—.--^--E VV, U Vtf^.H. S THE BALL IS SWAPPED GOES ARODHD GND AND *» .^vv C" c '9r-' j ^ r ~ _!t>\ tX.I / \;<^i. THEIRSIDE'S BALL OURS! PC'S ONE-FOOT GOAL TO GO!

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