Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 19, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 19, 1948
Page 3
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Tuesday, October 19, 1948 HOPE STAR Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. ' Tuesday, October 19 The DcAnn Civic Club will meet Tuesday night at 7 o'clock at the Civic Hall to make plans for the Halloween party. All members are urged to attend. Tuesday, October 19 Miss Mary Shipp Sanders, of Denton, Texas, will speak tonight in the Metho'.lisl Church Chapel, on Beliefs That Matter. Parents. Public School Teachers and Church School Teachers are invited to attend. -Miss Sanders, a forceful and entertaining speaker, brings a message ot simple everyday living based on years of experience in teaching children and the teachers ol' children. So vital is (he subject that no thoughtful parent or teacher can afford to rniss the opportunity of hearing Miss Sanders discuss "Beliefs That Matter," at 7 o'elock this evening. Wednesday, October 20 The Junior Yoiuii Board will meet at the Youth Center. Wednesday afternoon at -1 o'clock, to discuss plans of the broad east to be held at the Center on Saturday nights. All students from the 7th to JiJlh grades who would like to be on the broadcast are asked to try out on Wednesday at 4 o'clock. Each contestant must have his accompaniment. George Fraxier will conduct the try-outs. Martin Pool, president, asked that all interested be at the Youth Center on time. bekah Lodge will be held Thursday night ai !' o'clock al the Lodge Hall. Ail men'ben; are urged to attend this meeting. '1'ho A/.alca Garden Club will, mecl. 'llii.ii-.sdy at 2 o'clock with Mia. Win. Johnson. -123 South Main St. The Gleaners Sunday School Class o[ First Baptist church will meet in the home of Mrs. Fred Luck. Thursday evening at 7 o'clock. Sturday, October 23 Garland School P.T.A. will hold their .Rummage sale in the lobby ot ihe New Theatre on South Elm St. Saturday, October 2.'!. All members are asked to bring their rummage early. Fideiis Class Enjoys Pot Luck Supper The Fideiis Sunday School Class of First Baptist church met Monday night at 7 o'clock for a pot luck supper and regular monthly meeting. During the business session, year books were distributed and old and ne'.v business \vas discussed. Mis. Charles Reynerson presided over the candlelight installation service ol' the new officers. Twenty lour members were present. The Odd Fellows and Rcbekah Lodge will have a fish i'ry in the Lodge Hall Wednesday night at 7:30 o'clock. All members and friends are invited. Wednesday, October 20 The Garland School P.T.A. will meet Wednesday afternoon at 3:30. The executive board will meet at 3 p.m. Wednesday, October 20 There will be a meeting of the? Teachers of the Garrett Memorial Baptist church Wednesday at 7 p.m. were: All teachers are asked to b sent. District Meet of Legion Here Sunday Joe L. Hearnc, commander of the Arkansas American Legion, w'.ll come to Hope, Sunday, October 24. to address a 12th district membership conference. . • •• Mr. Hearne and other iegioti- aires are now attending UiO'Na- uonal American Legion Convention at Miami, Florida and will fa 170 a report on the meeting. • All Legionaircs arc invited to the conference and are asked to contact Harry Hawthorne. District Commander, or Joe Jones, commander of the Hope post as reservation must be made. Registration will start at '1 a.m. Sunday, lunch at 12 noon, rind the conference during the afternoon. \ Y. W. A. Meets Monday Night The Y.W.A. of First Baptist church met Monday night at 7:30 o'clock in the home of Miss Wanda iiugglcs on the Shover Springs road. Miss Mary Ethel Perkins opened the meeting with prayer and presided over the business session al which, time reports were given from the various committees, 'ihe comin-jiiity mission work was discussed for the month of October. Miss Sue O'Stcen, program leader tor the evening presented a very interesting program on "A Call to Prayer For Israel". Those taking part on the program Beu.y Martin, Iviargarel pro- Blake. Gladys Key. Beth Sasser j and Louise Purler. j During the social hour, the hos- i Garrell Memorial. Baptist church j less assisted by her bnnhers Don j and Jack and Miss Helen Downs; served refreshments carrying oul ther Halloween motif lo members Has Private Audience With Pope Pius Caslel Gandolfo, Oct. 19 — I/TILT. S. Secretary of State Marshall was received in private 30-minulc audience by Pope Pius XII today at the Pontiff's summer residence. Marshall is en route back to the United Nations meeting in Paris, after a weekend visit to Athens. He arrived in Rome yesterday, and conferred with Italian President Luigi Einaudi, Premier Llcide De Gasperi and Foreign Minister Carlo Sl'oi'xa. Informatnls said Marshall's talk with the Pontiff was a "long and cordial one, touching upon matters of interest to the peace of the world and welfare of mankind." Mrs. Marshall accompanied the secretary. They were introduced to the pope by Franklin C. Gowen, special assistant to presidential envoy Myron C. Taylor. Marshall then left with Mrs. j Marshall for Anzio, where Lt. Allen Tupper Brown, Mrs. Marshall's who died in action, is buried. DOROTHY DIX Backward Parents One of Ihe most pitiful things in the world is that tilul lil lh They wish a perpetual baby hood on their i>!fs;>ring'. Kven rlloi Jt>nnn\ is six I'eel tall and hat whisker;;. Papa and Minna still think he wears rompers and has to be warned not to ,go too neai Ihe fire. Lung alter ftlnmie has cut her store tooth Mania sits in; ;>. I night until she comes home Three Although Paris couturiers will not permit detailed photographs of f:\ll collect ions until later in (ho season, these illustrations show the new (rend in fashions. The mc-uol phf/lugvivplicd during tlobert Pijjuel's showing wears a dressy "liullstu-" with fiir-tdnur.ed sha\v! which nets us s;«u>i>icr;ien>!ary jacket. Silhouettes sketched b«:low are, frr,:n left to right, Holviaparelli's tveuinjv Kim'u with cascading back fulness; Balraaiii's afternoon dress \vK!i hobble sMz'l fating below the knees; Carven's cnsemht'' "mummy wrapped" y<;I;e c!foet: and Dior's brief coalca with v.'iuged sleeve cut. itsy-bitsy giriie may have gotten lost on the way. Tiiis retarded mentality on the paients' part is at the bottom '<i almost all ot the cruel, bitter cun- tlicts between the two generations that makes so many nomes, in which there are adolescent children. a place of endless strife and Heartbreak. It brings about those innumerable tragedies that wreck so many lives when parents who U'jiviup Court Docket Cyril Orren. passing a school bus while unloading, forfeited S25 cash bond. Mrs. Jim Embree, blocking an i their Prayer meeting will be held at 7:,'iO p.m. Wednesday with Ted Purlle in charge. Wednesday, October 20 The Liiae Garden Club will meet Wednesday, October 20 at S o'clock in the home of Mrs. W. O. Beene with Mrs. H. M. Stephens co-hostess. id Kit; guests Mr. and Mrs. Thursday, October 21 The Choir of the First Pentecostal church will meet Thursday, at, 7:30 p.m. at the church for practice. This also includes a lesson in Music. Thursday, October 21 The regular meeting of the Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schreck of pallas were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Homer l''uiier. Mrs. Kchveck remained tor a weeks visit with relatives here. SOPHIE KERR Serialization of screenplay from o novel by Prosper Mcrimcc By Copyright, 1948, NEA SERVICE, INC Mrs. J. A. Collier, Mr. and Mrs. If. H. Collier, Mrs. Wm. Delony and daughter, Brencla Kay, Mrs. Paul Ei-win arid son Randy were the v. eek-end guests of Mr. and j Mrs. J. C. Stone and family in j Navasota, Texas. LAST DAY - FEATURES 2 - 3:33 - 5:09 - 6:45 - 3:21 - 9:47 Yoc'u Ann BotQ Icif Erid'.son los Miss Patsy Collier was among the Hope fans aUenaing the Arkansas- Texas game al Austin Sat- ureiav. Miss M\{iie H..y<:e of Dallas was the Friday night, guest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Boyce enrouto to Knoxvilie. Tonn. for a vacation visit with her sister, Mrs. Charles Wagner and family. THE STORY: Don Jose, young cfficcr in a fashionable Spanish regiment, falls victim to the charms of the bewitching gypsy, Carmen. He kills his commanding officer in a sword-fight over her and is forced to flee to a mountain hide-out, where he joins the band of gypsy rogues who are Carmen's associates. His last illusion is shattered when he learns that Garcia, the leader, is Carmen's husband. During a shooting fray with uniformed constabulary, Carmen suggests to Jose that he put a bullet in Gareia's back. Jose, shocked, refuses; but Garcia has no compunctions about later shooting a wounded comrade (Hemondadoi when he is unable to travel under his own power. Jose turns down his share of gypsy loot. Edgy, he insults Garcia, calling him coward. Presidential Timber Winiord Boyce. student at A & M College. Magnolia, was the week-end guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Boyce. Mr. and Mr;,. Carrol Yocom spent Monday in Little iiock. Hospital tMotes Branch Discharged: Mrs. James MeLaiiy, Hope. Mrs. Julia Koark, Hope. Josephine Admitted: Mrs. Hai' Master 1. met. Mrs. W. .:ui II. llonea, Blevin acy Roland Hill, ICi. M. Sparks. Hope. No Frayes- Service This Wednesday af First Presbyterian There will be no I'rnyer Meeting service at Fir.st Prf'.sbyicnun chinch this Wednesday night. October 1:0. it was announced from the church todav. FEATURES 2:49 - 4:51 . (j;69 HERE GOMES VHE LAUG5-3 IN tHE FUNNIEST SALESMAN STORY EVES 'IOLD! XX The two men laced each other, half crouching. They reached simultaneously for the knives in their belts. Pablo watched, anxiously. Dancaire did not even glance up from his solitaire. He 'turned a card ab.sentl3', but his voice was sharp with reminder. "Mas it slipped your mind that we have lost one man today, Garcia?" Garcia looked blank for a moment then began to laugh. The laughter was boisterous but relieved, too. "Why so we did, so we did." He replaced his knife in his belt, flexing his knife hand to ease the tensed muscles. "It appears I must let this puppy live unlit we can replace him with a man." Jose ran toward him, his knife held high. Garcia spread his arms in a wide gesture, showing that he was unarmed. His tone was mocking and amused. "Ah-ah— I am unarmed, caballcro, as you can sec. An honorable gentleman like yourself doesn't attack an un- uiir.L'd man. Does he. Don Jose?" Don Jose was brought up short. He re-placed the knile in his belt, turnini; away. Pablo said to Garcia, "It would be too bad to kill him and waste the nice reward that is offered for his capture, 1 ." when Garcia arrived at the ruined door which marked the meeting place they had .set and looked through an archway. "She's not here yet." He squinted at the sun, computing the time of day. "Another hour until sunset. Time for a game of cards before they come." Pablo tethered the horses out oC sight of the road. "Too bad Ihe Navan-o won't be here for the fun," he said and the.n, deliberately trying to make 'fvouble, continued, "Does anyone know why he refused to -obey Gareia's orders and come with us.'" Dancaire answered quickly and sharply. "He said he was sick and I believe him." "He's sick, all right." Garcia said. "He's sick because Carmen is doing a little work for a change. Gypsy women do their purl!" Then he turned to Daneaire, who was not a gypsy, and asked, "Don't your women contribute anything'. 1 " Dancaire smiled wryly. "Our women do not ordinarily." he said. "pick up men and hire them into ambush to be robbed by their husbands, Garcia." He shuffled 1 the cards deftly. "Don Jose is what he is. He is not a gypsy, lie cannot think the wr.y a gypsy does." Garcia said, "You are no! r gypsy and you think tho way a gypsy docs." "1 don't think at 'all. my protection. I observe amused. The Navarro observer. He feels dee strongly, and what he through is killing him." Pablo said, "With the bull !> in Cordova (his week. C:i;-m should have some very good Kiev He smacked his lips in ar.iici lion. "When the bull f.gh'.s ai town, the place is alw: ys cro-. with nice fat pockets to pic';." Dancaire stalled to curds. (To Re Continued i alley, forfeited $1 cash bond. Floyd Levered, incorrect parking, forfeited $1 cash bond. ijtiche Caple, illegal parking, forfeited 51 cash bond. Loo Shriner, parking in restricted :-:one. forfeited ijit cash bond. The following forfeited $\ cash bond on a charge of overtime parking: Cecil Martin, La mar Cox. Perry- Campbell, Vincent W. Foster. Henry Linton, Olin Lewis, C. F. Baker, Ccrbin Foster, Mrs. Homer Cobb. £)ibert Dennis, assault and battery, forfeited $25 cash bond. The following forfeited $10 cash bond each lor disturbing .peace: John H. Jones, Gerald J'.;. Jones, Howard Key, Paul McFaeidcn, Theo Primus. Henry B. Toliver, Harolel \Vhatley, Charles Young. A. A. Smith, drunk while driving, lorfe:tcd $25 cash bond. Winston Monts, drunk while driving, forfeited l?U5 cash bond. 'Ihe following forfeited a $10 cash bond on a charge ot drunkenness: .Ray Adams. Robert Bains, Kd Cash', U. D. Dedge, Antrey Goy- iies. Olio Holdsom, Buddy Taylor, Robert C. White, Harold Whalley, Henry VVilliam.s. Fred Janes, John H. Jones, Gerald E. Jones, Willie Lee King, Howard Key, Joe Marlin, Woudrow V/illiams, Lee. \Vil- liams. Woodrow Williams, PaUus Martin, Emmett Mann, J. N. McF.l- roy, Paul McFadden, John Rich- trrdiion, Johnnie Straugtiter, Booker Washington, Ira Williams, Jessie Wright. .heir children drive them away from home by (.heir tyrannies; Alien bobby-!--oek girls marry the lirst nun who ask 'hem. U> escape their mothers spying on them; when youngsters. >vho nri crazy for the pleasures that belong to their tmie of life, have to lie and .-Seal to gel them. As a result they go places, and do things, and associate with people they never rhould know, and get into scrapes th:ii. leave a smudge on their reputations as long as they live. Cloistered Lives 'there isn't a day that I don't get scores and scores of letters irom girls, who range anywhere between !i5 and .'JO years of age, complaining that their parents never let. thcrn have a dace with a boy. Others write that they never' have been permitted to go to .a party unless Father escorted them, which automatically . made theni wallflowers, and that even when' they go to the movies little brother trails them to report where they; went and it they spoke to any boy: on the way. And a pitiable number of other girls write that their mothers treat them as if they were criminals; that Mother opens all of their letters, listens in on their telephone calls and goes through bureau drawers, to see .if As Carmen rode to the nearest town on her mule. Garcia. Pablo and Dancaire rode part way with her on a routine gypsy bandit mission in which Carmen would in 10 a likely looking prospect to a deserted house. 'The three men wottlei then beat and rob him. Carmen was happy to be back al work again. The hills were good lor a while bill Garcia was a rude old goal and Jose had been acUng like a lool. H had been months since she had picked pocket in a crowd. Carmen liked crowds and noise. She wanted lo see new faces, par- licularly the faces of new men who were gay instead of comically mournful like Jose, an'i young and gentle instead of old and cruel, like Garcia. When she thought ol all she had been mi.isin.;, the sap ro:-e ii; her and the warm sun heated it deliciously. t'l.e had scrubbed h e i.-; •' I f clean .MIid put on her gayeM Mia--,,!. She was man-bait lo Uie la...t bright nd ruffle. She was thinking ol men and meant to tind herself one who was young, rich and T'e. : handsome and gullible-. From men. Carmen's mmd race; to 1'iod and drink: bonbons ..-:•_-. succulent and rich: waim wines. .She thought of dancing and much in.- prombcei herself ih .•r e:-.|Jeclot:ons came net bother In meet G; rl.s ol to 1 ,-, :i a I s, ail promised. Gart u ni-r to have MM v.ith bulging pox The \ciy notion waitn,, iheiv. ', her:.e!l. aiuu.-.eu i-' f/ JL.J. „ —<4 -M* V "K i * in lull T \ mle th pel entiil i m p n n \ 01 km i "i i i ( n> in ^ to v ( 11 on men unload a truckload of lumber at the Capitol. til', the j)ri.-:;idi'nt will be held on January \\ ashm Ion the in m m ilion J nd r l 1)00 Inauguration 20. they have anything hidden. Now these parents who deny their children every .vestige of " personal liberty and \yho insult them by their vile suspicions are, not intentionally cruel, nor are they eleliberately setting out to wreck their youngsters' lives. They are just the fathers and mothers who' never have grown up with their. children. The still want , to hold" their children by the hand. They still want to dominate them as they did when they were infants in arms. They still want to dictate their every move. And when they, tind the can't do it, they weep. bitter tears over their children's ingratitude. , On every side you sec parents beating upon their breasts and complaining that their children want to do things that they were not allowed to oo. Of course they do, but we have scrapped the rules of yes- 'lerje;\r. Everything has been speeded up. Girls and boys in their teens are as old and worldly wise as their parents were at 20, Most ot them have been wholly or partly self-supporting, and if that isn't a proof of adulthood, what is? Fathers and mothers would save. themselves a lot of trouble if they would only try to keep step with their children and grow up with them. '.-•i a'.ic revolt Jialei.ah yes- ve tile, chief | ire,i;e. .red text I t that the bi-parlisan liv the ima :-: I 1 !. I )e Wey , Ihe Ue- c'-ntial nominee. 1 , has he founded uii: country's By EDWIN P. JORDAN Written for NEA Service i n Uie • H.: and ,Toim-i passicjn and | decided by smoollun About one person out as a result of a brain soon as this danger b; reali/ed, the re science were thrown tie. As a result. leu.l" tumors can be diseov can be hii'-ce:;:.fully r< highly skilled surgica which have be: 1 !! de-ve- Tumors of the brain almost anvv.'here. inside produce: dnlicu In other case.-,, the involve ihe hearim iiuisculai co-ore is a fairly corn of course- most . i: g e i i n e d Washington Classes Elect Halloween King and Queen After the opening exercises Friday. October 1:3, the seventh and eighth grade classes had a room meeting and were called to order by ihe president, Sarah June Eller. 'I lie group elected a King and Quc.-en lor the Halloween Carnival, to be held Thursday night, October 2S. Billy Uudney was elected King and Martha James was elected Queen. 'After the election a talk was given by the home room teacher, Thurston llulsey. Americans bought more than 521 billion:; of life insurance during (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Bt@Sief For Are- you (;°iiif! through tho functional 'inlcicllu ag<?' period peculiar to women Cili to 52 yrs.)? pocu this make you Biiller from hot Hashes, feel so nervous, hltfh-stnniK, tired? Then DO try LyiUa E. Plukhuni's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. I'lnkluiiH's Compound also hus what Duetora civil a. stomachic tonic effect I UY531A E. PINXHAKTS Yes, this fact has been 'time-tested and proved by Doctors. Better days will be yours, too. So why wait when there is no need to continually swells up like a balloon and feel miserable after every meal. An appetizing portion of SSS Tonic before meals does wonders lor the stomach. This famous medicine contains no soda or other alkalizers, which usually retard digestion. Instead, SSS Tonic with its highly patent iMBredlents works to tone-up the stomach so it may release its own digestive juice (hydrochloric acid) to break-up food for body use and tissue repair. SSS Tonic has helped hundreds of thousands of people,, without' any organic trouble or focal infection, to really feel better, more vigorous, better able to enjoy living, Take none Jess than this effectively-proved medicine to relieVe your misery. Take SSS to tone-up your stomach, whet the appetite, build-up blood strength! Get SSS Tonic from any Drug- Store today. Take Only The Best I 'THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN!' New Shipment Just Arrived! Scrapes, scuffs, kicks . . . hundreds of them daily, is less of a problem svhen we fit your shoes, btar Brand Shoes are your assurance of enduring materials, stouily put together. Sizes 4 to 10 and widths AA to C. 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