Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 18, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, October 18, 1948
Page 3
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Monday, October 18, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Paae Three Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Monday, October 18 The Ficlelis Sunday School class of First Baptist church will hold iqs regular monthly business and social mooting Monday night, October 18 at 7 o'clock. A pot luck supper will be held. Installation oi ollicors will be conducted \vith Mrs. B. E. Dunn as j>residci:l. Mr.s. Franklin Ozrncr will be in charge of the meeting. A The Y.W.A. ol First Baptist cjitrch wi'l meet in the home of Miss Wanda Hugfiles, Shover Springs road, Monday night at 7 o'clock. Miss Sue O'Slecn will be in charge oi the program. All members are asked to meet at the Educational Building at 6:45 for . transportation. Tuesday, October 19 The Ogle.sby P.T.A. will meet Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. at the school. Miss Mary Shipp Sanders of Den• jf.Mi, Texas will be the sneaker and Her topic will be "Allowance For Growth". Miss Sanders lias worked with children 2S years and is- now training teachers for church school work. The executive board will meet at 3 p.m. Tuesday, October 19 The American Legion Auxiliary will meet Tuesday at 3 o'clock in the home of Mrs. K. O. Wingfield with Mrs. Robert Wilson, Mrs. R. L. Gosncll and Mrs. E. S. Franklin 4.p-hostesses. There will be a Ladies Prayer Meeting at the First Pentecostal church Tuesday. October 1!) at 2 p.m. All members are urged to attend. ing the business session, which was presided over by Sarah Lautcrbach. plans for Tag Day, October :.','! were made. Two piano solos were given by Miss Roberta Howard and Miss Air.i Barr. Knn sbmems were served in 15 members and one guest, Mrs. B. C. Hyatt. B S. PW Club Holds Open House Sunday Clubs ,„,.,. , , I'liiMun;.; i: nvnij; room The Business and Professional November meeting will .Vomcn's Club of. this city; held open home of Mrs. LeRov £ The Southwest District Convention, will be held in Murfreesboro beginning al U a.m. Ti.esday. The convention theme will be ••Building Christ's Kingdom Through Christian Education''. \V house at. the lioir.e of Miss Clarice Cannon, 705 East Second Street. Sunday afternoon from three to six o'clock, in observance of National Business Women's week. Ihc guests were greeted it the door by Miss Norma Lewis, club president, and were received by of- iiccrs of the club. The entertaining rooms were attractively decorated with yellow crysaiithemums and roses. The guests were invited in'.o the clinin;,' room by Miss Clarice Cannon and Mrs. Roy Mouper. The dining table covered with a while linen and net embroidered cloth, was centered with a low bowl of small yellow chrysanthemums and lighvd by yellow taperr, in silver caiidleholdcrs. The buffet held an arrangement oi yellow chrysanthc- - mums in u silver bowl and yellow tapers in silver candle noldiers. Past presidents and officers of the club served coffee, cakes, nuts and mints from the silver service to approximately 125 guests who called during the appointed hours. Among the out of town guests was Mrs. Margaret Sims McDonald of Little Rock who is the Past President of the Hope Club and a former Stale Club president. Hinton :; ,;'; •' •''••": : . On Monday afternoon, October H the Hinton Home Demonstration Club met in the home of Mrs. Tommie Gibson. The devotional was led by the hostess. We repeated the Lord's prayer. Singing by the group. Our social 15 minutes was directed by our agent. Mr.s. Black- v.-ocd. Roll Was called and minutes read. Suggestions were read and discussed by the leaders. Our committee gave a report from the Fair. Our lucky box was won by Mrs. G. IT. Black. A demonstration was given by Mrs. Blackwood on reliving room chair. Our be in the Roy Smith. We will have a demonstration and at this time we will elect officers for the coming year. Everyone is invited to be present. Dainty refreshments were served by the hostess and daughter. \ -,03'jay, October 19 The DeAnn Civic Club will n Tuesday night at 7 o'clock at Civic Hall to make plans for Ua.'lowc'fii party. All members urged to attend. Wednesday, October f:0 Tin; Garland School P.T.A. DiL-ct \\ed)ie: : ,tiay alK'rnuun at ',}'. The executive board will meet 3 p.m. Corning and Going Doyle Doyle Home Demonstration Club met October 13 at the Church, with 8 members and two visitors present. Mooting was called to order at 2 o'clock by vice-president. Song of the month was sung and devotional given by Mrs. W. H. Spring. Roll call was answered with what I have done to improve club enrollment. Some letters were read on poultry, landscaping, household improvement and how to cook an Miss Atkins cal major. is a junior prc-medi- Hospital Notes Branch Mr. and Mrs. Woodard Cox of Hope announce the arrival of a son on October 18, 1943. Admitted: Mrs. Woodard Cox, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. A. E. Collcn and baby girl, Lcwisville. Mr. and Mrs, James Clayton of Conway are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Davis. Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Gilliam have the i returned from a week-end visit the i with Mrs. ?.1. J. Warwick and Mr. are ' and Mrs. W. i. fU.'bisuu of West I For;-. Slate Park. .Donald of •ji-r bro- Mrs. Paul Sims. Josephine Mr. and Mrs. James Lawrence Hope, announce the arrival of a daughter on Oct. 1G, 1948. M.D. 1949 Frazer Models Join Kaiser Mercury Skids Over Most of the U.S. Oct. •aler.. _ Willow Hun. Mich., Ka.sci-rYa/rr Corp. di row will introduce tin- F'.-a/er and Fra/.er Manhattan. new models wh;th complete the company's foui'-ddfii- sedan series for HMO. 'Ihe Kaiser Special and l.VUixe. i Temperatures well companion nindels. were annouiic- ins were reported as far ca a month ago. jNashville. Tenn., and Kd;.:ar F. Kaiser, vice president' 1 ' The Doctor Says: By EDWIN P. JORDAN. Written for NEA Service Angina pectoris. which pain in the chest. is generally caused by hardening of the arteries which supply blood to the ticart muscle. These bloixl vessels are called the coronary arteries. When the passageway .hrough tnese arteries lias been lnt; ^-aisyi- Special and l.Vl.uxe. \ Temperatures well below free; 1 -! seriously narrowed and not enough companion models, were annouiic- ins were reported as far south a;-, blood passes throush thorn. tin; ca ;l month r.go. jNashville. Tenn., and Northern j | needs ot the heart muscle arc not Kd;.:ar F. Kaiser, vice president i'f^Mas. but a sudden reversal had i ' satisfied and this causes pain. j and general manager, said that ihe ! sent '' 10 mercury climbing in the!' This pain is not usualls present [ new Fra/or sedans joined Kaiser I northern plains states, when the patient is resting. It is j moriels on Willow Run production I Nashville had a low likely lo be noticed for the tirst I lines Sept. M. and that K-F's out- DOROTHY DIX Right to Freedom time when the heart is pumping put of rapidly as happens when exercising. During such periods of extra work, the heart needs larger quan- ilics of blood Hum it does when at rest. A person who has angina pectoris must, therefore, learn 80C-a-dr,v chanical changes which include Dear Miss Oix: I am 2-1 ycarr eld. Live a! homo and help o;i Chicago. Oct. 18 —(/Pi— The mer- financially, since my father is at cuiv .skidded to new seasonal !owx invalid. 1 don't mind helping tin again unlay at many Jiiiclv,-ostern' family al all. In fact, I am prou< points as the premature wintrv;to be in a position to do so. bu. blast shoved on eastward tov. aril ; 1 think that a girl of my age shouk the Atlantic coast. | be allowed a little freedom. I wort six days a week and en Sunda; afternoons 1 would like to go to ; movie, but when I ask my motho 1 go with me she refuses, and i gci Without her she sends rn." j brother to see where I go and witl. of LM) do- 'whom, and she accuse;; me of meet igrecs while Minneapolis. Minn., at ling strange men which, of course. !the same time reported 35. and i I never do. IDisniaruki N. D.. V.\). Snow fell at, 'several points along the shores of niouels is now over me mark. cd throughout, the Fra^r | Lako Michigan and" Lake Erie. incorporate "Xlensive me-1 Snow piled to a depth of an inch ''land a half within an hour at Alt. 12 per cent boost in with no accompanying how much exercise can be taken j uc | consumption. horsepower increase in without producing symptoms. In addition to the pain, the symptoms often include a feeling of anxiety, shortness of breath. and cold clammy sweating. Learn to Live With It Many patients with angina when they learn how to live with their hearts have little or no discomfort and are not cut off from most of life's.,pleasures. Indeed, the outlook foiT patients with angina is not so pcJ'sEirhislic as was formerly believed.'Some live for more than 25 years after the onset of their first symptoms, and the average is probably between eight and 10 years. In addition to the better outlook, which is now recognized, Summit, Pa. The warmer weather in Mimic- sota and the Kakotas was expected Ihe power increase was accom-Ho spread out over the entire plains phshed with the adaptation of dual . . area today and as far eastward manifolding and a dual-throat j as Chicago with tempcaratures carburetor which provide most cC-(climbing back to near normals, ficicnl distribution of tuel to alt The minimum of 23 degrees at cylinders. A compression ratio of Chicago was the lowest for the 7.3-1. highest among ;;t:-mrtaid jdaie an dso early in the season mass-produced automobiles. lias (since !f!80. been maintained in the six-cylinder I Otlhcr low readings in the mid- engine to produce maximum eco-'vv'. est included: Springfield. 111., 24: nomy and performance. Style-v.'ise. the Frazer series is distinguished by longer skirted body egg. The secretary of the club, Mrs. Luther Weslfall, was showered with gifts for giving 100 per cent attendance to the club for the last several years. The next meeting will be at the home of Mrs. W. H. Spring November 10. New officers witl be elected. Everyone is urged to be present. UOCU i.S M r. a i; d Mr. and Mrs. ! returned lioni ; 1 Dallas. Wednesday, October 20 «' There will be a meeting of the Teachers of the Garretl Memorial Baptist church Wednesday at 7 p.m. I dclphia l;le have isit in By SOPHIE KERR iolirotion of screenplay from a novel by Prosper Merinice Copyright, 19-13, NEA SERVICE, IHC All teachers sent. asked to be pro- Mr, and Mrs. Harry Shiver and Garret! Memorial Baptist church j daughter. Marilyn and Charlotte Prayer meeting will be held at ' p.m. Wednesday with Ted Purtk charge. Taipley and Helh liridgers motored to Dallas uhd attended the Texas this week-end. Wednesday, October 20 The Lilac Garden Club v, meet Wednesday. October 20 at ' in the home of Mrs. W. O. Bcene with co-hostess. Mrs.'11. M. Stephens Thursday, October 21 The Choir uf the First Pentecostal church will meet Thursday, at, 7:30 p.m. at the church for practice. This also includes a lesson in Music. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Recce and Mrs. George L. Johnson left Monday morning for Carlsbad, New Mexico for a vi.sit with Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Johnson and daughter. THE STORY: Don Jose, young officer in a fashionable Spanish regiment. falls victim to tne charms of the bewitching i Crmen. He hills his ( ing officer in a sword-fight over ! her and is forced to flee to a nountain hide-out, where hi joins .he band of gypsy rogues who are Carmen's associates. Jose'r last llusion is shattered when he earns that Garcia, the leader, is barmen's husband. Riding through Ihc mountain fastnesses, the band is attacked by uniformed constabulary. They take to cover as shooting starts. • Sturciay, October 23 Garland School P.T.A. will hold their Rummage sale in the lobby of the New Theatre on South Elm '*-.t. Saturday, October 23. All members are asked to bring their rummage early. Mrs. Tom McLarty, Hostess to Junior Music Club Mrs. Tom McLarty. was hostess to members uf the Junior Music Club. Saturday at 10 a.m. at her home on West Dvision Street. Dur- Mrs. Chcd Hall will leave Monday night for New Orleans lor a visit with Mr. and Mrs. John L. Stewart and to make tiie acquaintance of her new grand daughter, Susan Stewart. Mrs. Anna Jiidson returned Sunday from a two weeks visit with Mrs. L. E. Talley and family in Beaumont, Texas. Mrs. L. C. Carncs, Mrs. Cannon Hollis and Mrs. Lester Kent attended the District Meeting of the Parent-Teachers Association in Tcxarkanu on Fridav. Miss Mnrguerite Sohooley of Odessa, Texas arrived Friday to attend tho bedside of her mother. .r:::::ir-:":ij;:::_ Mrs. w. j. Green, in coiumbu-. . Mrs. Green is reported as do- nicely. TODAY o TUESDAY FEATURES 3:33 5:09 - 6:46 - 8:2! - 9:-17 Miss Kffie Hyatt of Hcndri .ne. Conway. was the we! guest uf her mother, I\Irs. ilyall. •< Col;l--end B. C. C. C. Collins and Mrs. veil spent the v.xek-oiui brother. Claude A!ford y m J.lindr.n. La.. J. S. with and r.-:. John L. Stewart arrival of a dauyh- ini Sunday. October 17 in New Or- Hall "I'll bring your him. glancing at Kemondado. turn ini'ini.ary La. The n cuts are Mr. of this eitv. Personal Mention . Ihc Texas Stat.- C>,li who. maintained a better during thei at en or lcr I'.t th'. 1 ei.lii-v.e i.~ Miss Martha Ann A'.':i! ; .;. daughter uf Mr. and Mrs. William S. AtKui.-:. J 2:> .',. Main. Don toward ught .-.peech, of our TUESDAY—- FEATURES 4:54 - 6:59 Carmen crawled over beside Jose, her eyes shining with excitement. He reached out and pulled her closer under the protection of the rock and himself, angry because of his fear for her. "Keep down, you little fool.'" "When I am killed it won't be by a stranger, Don Jose. That much I know.' 'Carmen's tone was flip. He turned back to the fight, and as fast as he fired Carmen reloaded his pistols. Once she tugged at his sleeve and pointed at Gareia's back twenty yards away. He looked at her blankly. Carmen was bland and wide- eyed, saying, "If Garcia got himself' killed, we couldn't help that, could we?" "I hate him. But I shoot no comrade in the back." Carmen was first amazed, then angrily scornful. "You're a weak- I'ng," die said. "Always afraid of being dishonorable. You are like the dwarf who believed himself tall because he could spit so far." Jose ignored her. She went back to loading ihe guns, sulky, pouting. A shout went up from the constabulary. "The sergeant's been killed." The information was relayed, disastrously. The soldiers began to withdraw as best they could and Garcia called to his men to get out fast. They ran to the horses. Carmen at Don Jose's side. Only Hemondado could not run. He lay against a rock, wounded and helpless, lie tried to rise but his leys would not support him. Don Jose knelt at his side. "Wait here," he said, mule to you." Garcia stopped with annoyance "Let's go. Jose." Jose remonstrated. "You don't understand. Remondado isn't dead—he's only hurt." Gareia's expression changed. "He's still alive! I didn't know that." He came over be>ide Re- inondado. "Well, we can't leave him here— that's for sure—" Jose nodded and went Hit 1 horses hut he was up by Gareia's continued " ti.j be recognized as one band." Jo,-e sci earned Gai'tia's name as the lender raised his juin and fired it point blank into Rcmondado's face. Garc-ia put his gun away, coolly, saying. "It would take a j lo rei'o.^ni/e hijn now," as stunned with horror lie looked tow.i I'd uack to Reinondudo ^siun clumUvd to sick ieii . he ::>a'.V Cul ;|K.V1 deiiberaU iy 1 ell:<JV- chicki'iu- 1 lemon- holding in his iriiiii. .Jtllillg to (10 bill gtj over lo Don Jose. He shook his head delightedly. "That girl is crazy, taking a bath in. that ice water! Listen to her." Then he paused, squinting down at Don Jose, who looked off in the direction of the voice, a closed, haunted look on his face. Garcia spoke again, Ihis lime in a soft, insinuating way. "I didn't say look al her—I said listen to her." Startled out of his reverie, Don Jose turned on the big man furiously, "f can't see her from here." "You can sec her in your imagination," Garcia taunted him. "And that is what you are doing, seeing her in your mind, f can tell from your face." Don Jose cut savagely at [he leather in his hand. Garcia laughed and offered the bundle of money, saying in mock sympathy, "I'm afraid you will have to be content with just sharing my money with me. Navarro." Don Jose looked up at him, his eyes sick with loathing and contempt. "I have no wish to share anything with you, Garcia. ' He went back to his work. "Keep your dirty money." Garcia straightened slowly and slutted the money inlo his pocket, grunting. "He doesn't wain my money. Just what did you have panels, a new "honeycomb" grille. |Tex., wide chrome trim along .the aase 01 the -body, and the addition of a chrome "crease molding" which extends the length of the car below the window openings. In interior design, the Fra/.er :.nrl the Manhattan represent a new approach to fabric and color styllnj.;, featuring 57 varieties of body colors and harmonizing tine-quality upholstery fabrics. Mr. Kaiser said the Frazer models, which were designed as a part of K-F's 310,000,000 new model program for 1949, embody "more custom styling features than any other mass-produced American au tomo'oilc." Among other features, automa- sps tie overdrive, which cuts engine re- ""'f], t volutions 30 per cent at speeds N C r,^ over 28 miles per hour with corres- Circuit ponding savings in lue! consump- | woman lion, is available on all models. l,jj;)e land power operated window con- 1947, • vrols are available on the Manhat- j Jiistic tan. j to the A total of 103 design changes, jby many of them disclosed with earlier introduction of '49 Kaiser models, are involved in the body styling, chassis and engine of the Frazer models. Chattanooga. Tenn.. 33; Memphis, Tex., 35; Dallas, Tex.. 36: Kansas 31 Tulsa. Okla.. 31 Amanllo, Dallas, Tex., 36; Kansas beveral points in northern and central Louisiana had lows in the 30s. Little Rock, Oct. (TPi — A 'J he company I work tor give:dances quite often, but I have nevci been permitted to attend one o. them. I never even have ben allowed to go to the weddings 01 showers of my girl friends. I an: cxpectcd to come straight home from work and never leave unlil I go to work the next da}'. It isn't, that I want lo run around. I just want a little of the fun and liberty that girls of my age are entitled to. Please tell me something to do. for I can't stand many more of the week ends that 1 have had for the past four years, and it gets worse all the time. LIZZIE Answer: I think you are very foolish and weak lo submit to your parents' tyranny, and that you should read thct riot act to them and make them fully understand that unless they leave you free to come and go as you please that you will leave and go somewhere to live where you can, at least, have a little personal liberty. It isn't as if you were a little bobby-socker who was loo young and ignorant 01 the world to be able lo look out for yourself. Yoi are 24 years old. That is maturity for a woman, and if sha is evei going to have any sense and dis cretion, she has it. You havt shown that you are capable o taking care of yourself by not onl Urn harvest: so you had best get iiisy. If a girl has never been .llo'wed to have a date before she .- 24. she is practically doomed to .>!.' an old maid, for she is out of he swim with the youngsters. She =, not in touch with the crowd, -.nd it is a lo! harder for her 1C' i in with it than it is for a teen• gt-r. \Vlicn parents refuse to let their ,,'owinip daughters have dates, or ,o anywhere, or play around with he boys and girls, it is practically aways just selfishness. They don't nt their girls to marry because Mother wants to hold on to their lay envelopes. Dear Dorothy Dix: I am 18 years >f age and am going to be engaged ;oon. but I have an older sister vho hasn't a boy friend yet and >he says I will never see her again f I get engaged first. I love my sister very much, but I also love ob. What shall I do? CYNTHIA Answer: Get along with your en- ;agernent and don't worry about voiir -sister doing the vanishing act. she won't,, because she has no- ivhere to go and, anyway, she would want to be a bridesmaid in .he wedding. It is a very common thing for older sisters to 1 be very. jealous of younger ones who are n.ore popular than they are. Which' a pity, because it not only spoils the bride's pleasure in all of her wedding festivities, but so often it mokes the older sister rush into a foolish marriage just because she .s silly enough to think that it is sort of a disgrace for her younger sister to marry before she does. "I death sentence imposed for rape ! being self-supporting, but by help "y the Arkan- oll P-ilmer -ln PuSaski Courf of rai;ling ., white on a country road south of Rock 'the night of Oct. Ji). (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) ,, Help relieve distress of MONTHLY, ing to support your parents, anc that certainly entitles you to eman cipalion. A girl has to make her hay while the sun of her youth and good look:-, shine. 1C she'doesn't do it before she is 30, she is apl to have a very County Healfrh Unit The Delta Survey Blood Testing Crew will be al Spring Hill School on Tuesday, October 19, at 9:30 a.m. A second crew will be al Williams Chapel Negro School on the 19. 9:30 a.m. The blood lesling crew will then move to Patmos Negro School on Tuesday, October 19 at 1 p.m. Parents are urged to accompany th? children in order t« receive these services for themselves. the management of angina pectoris has also improved. The amount and nature of exercise which can be tolerated can be more closely calculated. Also, there are several drugs which when given properly will usually help the victim of angina even though they do not cure the underlying cause which lies in the coronary arteries. The symptoms of angina certainly cannot be ignored, but when they 2 R. W. Robins dissented majority opinion, written Justice Ed McFaddin. Palmer charged in his appeal that the evidence at his trial was insufficient lo support the verdict gainst him and that a confession he made was obtained by force. The high court said it found nothing to sustain cither of these contentions. It also rejected a congcntion that Palmer's sentence should have been reduced to life imprisonment because a co-defendant, Charles Hamm, received such a sentence. I The court said it had no information as to what prompted the lesser sentence in the case of Hamm but commented that the trial jury acted within its province in fixing the sentence. Palmer and Hamm were convicted of accosting a young couple while the man attempted to repair an automobile tire. Kaeh was charged with raping the girl while the other held the man at pistol point. In his dissent, Justice Robins said: "In my opinion a material Navy Issues Call for Women Doctors Washington, Oct 1C —i.Ti— The navy wants some women doctors. It announced today a -plan for giving commissions to women doctors who have completed internships in civilian hospitals. In addition, it holies to take 25 women doe- tors into navy hospitals as internes. One of the first eight' Wave of- icers sworn into the regular navy recently is a doctor, Lieut. Commander Frances L. Willoughby of Pitman, N. J.. a graduate of the University of Arkansas. She served during the war at the Naval Medical Center in Bethcsda. Md. Some of the largest kangaroos are seven to eight feet high and weigh 200 pounds. Are you tronblod by distress of femnle functional periodic dlsturb- nnces? Docs thl3 make you suffer from pnln, feel so nervous, tired— at such times? Then DO try Lyclla E. Ptnklmm's Vfifjet&bio Compound to relieve such symptoms. Plnkham's has a grand soothing effect on one o! woman's most important organs! of the evidence in this case m mind, Navarro, thai you do j do develop, it does .not mean that want in payment lor the work you life is almost over or that all do here'.' Is there anything else pleasures arc done with forever. that belongs to me that you were . thinking about'.'" | QUESTION: Is there any test Jose replied in a voice biting > which can be used to decide whe- with insult, "Anything thai be- , ihor a person can drink without longs to you would be as dirty ana evil us you are, Garcia. i\o one would want it." Garcia exploded with loud laughter. "I'll tell her shouted as he walked tell her!" Hail way he turned and saici, amused, "But watch yoiirbeu. probably carve out youi serve it to me for —all thai part pertaining to the alleged oral confession made to the officers—was inadmissible. "The confession was obtained through a violation o the -appellant's rights . . . under me due process clauses of the slate and federal constitutions. Therefore, it ought not to have been received in evidence. "Courts should see to it that every accused person receives in full measure the protection that lour federal and stale constitutions , . 1,1-., i a - s WL '" :is our statutes provide for becoming an alcoholic. | him; and neither heiuousnesH of Answer: bntortunatoly the nus-i tho , ,. irno v . ilh whk . h ho is wer is no. .••. sizable proportion of j chained ,„„• apparent obviousness those wno start as moderate drink- j o f his guilt ought ever to swerve later became real alcoholics lls from this high duly." yet The com I disposed of appeal of Henry Stevens, as trustee, against with man! away. "I'll i f >r reasons which are not to the fire vnUrclv understood, still himeiv ! W. L. Owen and Maud Owen from a Columbia chancery court order by saying that "phases of the litigation involved in this appeal have been before this court on four previous occasions." The previous issues "we find to be the same as those presented in the case at bar." The chancery decree, entered in litigation over land in Columbia county was affirmed. ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN YOU CAN BECOME A BEAUTICIAN EASILY, QUICKLY © Steady Employment © Highest Earnings © Lifetime Security, © Pleasant Positions 1 Thousands of successful graduates. MANY OWNERS OF THEIR OWN SALONS— others employed in Hotels, 1 Airports, on Ocean Liners, Salons all over the country. > © Enroll Any Date ' O Easy Terms ' Write for Information'^ She'll wlute liver and breakfast." "Are you such a coward have lo you your ' et a woman to ao curving lor you, Garcia?" Dun Jose Hung al him. j Gareia's eyes glistened. "Cow- ; ardV" he rasped. ' (To Be Continued i One whiff Kives Brand ''opened-im" ?>*.*, Al- - '' Hub on Pcnctro to relieve cold'ij ache, pain, muscle soro- ness. So effective. IT'S TIME&TO SHINE because it has a hard-wax finish We offer for sale to the highest bidder 1. The house located on the lot just south of the First Baptist Church (sometimes known as the Dr. Kolb place), a two story frame construction house last used as a three unit apartment house and containing sufficient bath room fixtures for three apartments. 2. fhe frame construction garages located on the same lot. 3. She iron fence and concrete block fence base surrounding the property. Separate bids shall be made for the house - the garages — and the iron fence and base, and acceptance of a bid or submission of a bid on any one of the three divisions of the property does li-a bidder or the seller on the other two properties. Bid': the ; suornitted i .ivtci vvill be writing by 10 o'clock Monday morning November 1st, 1948 at which time I crivis oi the sole are for cash unly, and after the acceptance of any bid for one or all the properties it is understood that the port ion bold inu.;t be removed and ihe lot left perfectly clean of all rubbish and train resulting from the removal within a period of 90 da>s from November 1st, 1948. The f-irst Baptist Church and iti bids. Mail bids to H. E. Arkansas. ash and disposal committee reserves the right to reject any and all Perry Moses, c o First Baptist Church, Hope,

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