Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 16, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 16, 1948
Page 3
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Saturday, October 16, 1948 BLOND.IE HOPE STAR, HOPE, AfcKANJAS BLONDIE, WHY 1 CAN'T 1 GO OUT ) COPR. W° BY NEA SERVICE, IMC. 7, M. DEO. U. 8. PAT. OFF I'VE GOT TO A BETTER REASON THAN THAT TO GIVE THEM r~" By Chick Young OZARK IKE Page Three * Radio Performer .InsWIT <<> Previous HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1,4 Pictured 1 Step \ radio „.• personality 10 Man 11 Fruits 13 Moccasin'; 14 Take into' custody 12 Morindin dye ',3 Afternoon /. parties '4 Greater % quantity ;5 Indian HITOSHI ASHIDA 5.A ©re y TjEigj| 12 Ignominy 13 Agreement 15 Right line '. (ab.) 17 Paradise "You're always raving how pretty these leaves are, Mom •—•wouldn't you like to admire 'em a little longer while I play football with the kids?" CARNIVAL By Dick Turner 16 • performs 8 Norwegian ' on the air - • • waves 13 Malt drink' 19 Frozen rains 20 Small child 21 Symbol for calcium 22 Myself 23 Group of three 27 Verdant 30 Health resort 31 Assist 32 Thin metal • disk 34 Lance 37 Either 38 Hebrew letter 3!) Edge 41 Druggist's implement 47 Fit 48 Compass point 49 Painter 50 Measures of cloth 51 Everlasting ' 53 Hideous monster 55 Compound ethers 56 Recent (comb, form) •'" 6 Hurl . ._. 24 Devotee 40 Distribute 7 Social insects 25 Mimic x . 41 Separate f 26 Son of Jacob 42 Sea eagle (ab.) ' ; (Bib.) 43 Heavenly 0 Bird's home ... 27 Aeriform fuel body 10 Pertaining to 28 Tear 44 Sesames . the cheek 29 Dutch city 45 Lone Scout 32 Skin opening 33 Get up 35 Pome fruit 36 Rots by , exposure (ab.* 46 Short jacket 47 Airplane 52 Electrical unit 54. Earth goddess By Hersihberger 13 0V Nt A 5EAVICE, IMC. T. M. REG. U. 5. PAT OFF V 1 COPR 1MBBYKE :A SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. Off.' ,,'Jl stopped dieting and went on a buyer's strike—it's •more funi" ~ --=r_^- FRECKLES AND HIS FPUENOS Bv Biosse? "And when I woke up, well—I" AMD TWO BOBBIE" PIMS .' I SHOULD HAVE A WHEELBARROW / OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams |}i!y HA-HA-HA.' HE LOOKED SO FUNNY WHEM HE HAD TO KISS HER IM PROMT Or TH' WHOLE PARTY-' V HAH-HAH/ HAH- HAH.' HOW ME HOW HE LOOKED.' OH, HAH-HAW.' HAR-HA-HA: HAH-HAH/y 2 MOW, BUT IF \\'E LAV THIMK. UP ENOUGH OF 'E^'\,\tJE'LL GET HIM /A/70 HABIT Or &£TW GET HIM UP, BUT J I HATS TO PULL \ TRtcx-s-THZY a^Lyj wczx C.VCE.' TWIRP SEASON'S \ YOUR. TEARS GONMA BE" OW US / TOUGH ON YOU <3ALS ON! US/ JUST pur YOUP- JOHN IF YOU HAVE 1 HANOXX 10 DI6 THAT . „,, _ DEEP FOR. I THIS.' DOUGH / •W* ^.^^^^Sv^Kvo^^ 7 OUK BOARDING HOUSE t l r-:o"'"-T..viaiAK; i THE CAY WITH A LAUGH r j. M^/^r^o.,. ^ Hoopte I'ME BEE/O y« lUACT A AILING/ -<-^^?| FOVOL I'M DM A f:-ii THE SACK? 4f( IT up " ~ ~ " IT'S TOPA7L T M DM A -^--i-1 THE SACK'f 4S( IT Up vilF SPlCV DMIO;4 DReSSIttf . STME-Re J"^ TJONVTTeLL\\ /V\ASH POTACTOE'^CAVJM,TOR^L)PS LVSiT, ^~-\\ ^ e VOlVREi- J \—^-ALL FLOAT 1^' Ih^ WAMES OS p!*\CTlCAL.LVj- I RAISING ^^/-FSs^RiCH COUNiTRY GRA.VV, * STARXJ - By Rav GoWe ... HOW ARE N/GREAT, v /l WE SHAPING- \[ AND WATCH UP, COACH? IV US ROLL > WHEN / OZARK IKE I SHOWS UP/ WELL-WELL...IF ^ AIN'T SHAG SCOWLER OP THE ' VILDCATS","... -THE PHICE TAG- ON OZARKtKE F...PARDNER, THEY DON'T PRINT THAT MUCH MONEY/ QUICK, , > MAKE ME > AN. OFFER f TELEGRAM, SIR. PRACTICE SESSION,,, LONG DISTANCE CALL FOR YOU, MR.TINHORN' HEY?-WHY AS TINHOKN REVERSING HIS FIELD* By Michael O'Malley & Ralph Lane GOOD WORK, UNCLE AMBIER WASH TUBBS Bl Leslie Turner ST THhT'S HIIWl 7 WIFE DWORCED THE BOUWDER / HIIV\ BECAUSE DOESN'T KNOW HE WFVSW'T WORTH AM EEL FROM \ QUEUING UP FOR CJUI7E OFF HIS ONIOW1 FOOTBALL FIELD DONALD DUCK SO? AM... I DON'T NcEP A PORTER; Sy V. T. Hamlin ? 1; 7.Vr,'#:-.- ( HKH.' I NEVER. KNEW ;- ; ••;•.i }'.•:--!-\ y£u ~ro M\-JS...BUT n'$ ^•'-.'K-v'''.'•: A i\&oov THINS FOE. &v V (A «U VOU DIP/ ,-r I DUNNO NVHETHEE. V0U MIS5EP ON BUT YBETTEE. 3E HDPIN' I TON'T PECIPE YCUE AIM NOV.', OOP OL' THIN<5... •\LL, 6UZ \5 KING: MI5SIN 1 £1)2 AT SUCH A, f?ANSE f$ REAU.V TH.\N PA5SINS ST ITS SOT ME \VOEEIEP. OOP, T. VCPW...CAN IT r-> J/ S0MEHOV/ 5 j f J ' ^ L^KT '^£.> ''''-'' ' Sy '£dg«r Martin V.'i Vj 'i'i. O\- \-'. C.^O C;CAOOV VN^ m *&?.. J.^ .:•-. ^/3~ •-• M •«•»»•«• B«B ^ +V: ::::/:: OR TAILS ??_„._ ir ioS^,!/,v.v:

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