The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR Round Lake News •Mrs.-Claude Jackson was called to Alabama last week by Hie lllnesq oilier mother, she returned Saturday, reporting her mother's condition unchanged. Ttierc will be a pie supper nt the idiool building Saturday night for the boneQl of Hie canning kitchen. •Mis? Evelyn Potts* was stricken with appendicitis and was Uikcn to the Baptist hospital, Memphis, last week i"^l 1 Mrs Howard Uowen 'and Mrs. Luther . Rljgs attended the county council meeting at BIytlievillc Thursday, Tile county health nurse gave typhoid innoculiitions to 35 nl thu school house here Monday afternoon. Additional innoculations will be given next Monday at 2 o'clock. Mrs. Rex Wilson was brought home fiom ,\ Memphis hospital Sunday, filie is slowly Improving. Miss A6"cs Wilder, of Gilchrist plantation, has ncceptcd ;i pMllion with (he Alma Wniily sl:0]i ill O>- 'ceoJa. AH honor graduate of the Molci college in Memphis, she gave up a position at- nulling Fork. Miss to return.fp Mississippi county. Clear Lake News Ml Mrs. Walter Lmislovrt _BL¥THEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS iiK-iit Simdny evening with Mr. nnd Mrs. Pillar, of New Liberty. Mr, and Mrs. Bud Craig nnd family, of Recce, were eucsls Sunday of Mr. nnd Mrs, J. M. Haynes. Mr, nnd Mrs. Shannon Laneley moved lo this community Monday, William Vincent .spont. Sunday svlth hfs fnlhcj-, I/eon Vincral, of Hound Lake. Miss Kntto Hood nnd Mr. At- Ihur Johnson were married Saturday, September 22. Mr. nnd Mrs. lU'riiKin Vln, ol Slcele, spent. Siiliirdny nlulu with Mr. nnd Mrs. o. T. Viu. Mr. iind Mrs. Hurley Moss, of M>5sl5,slpi, (ire vlslllng relative hc-1'C. Bufoi'd Hnyno.s Is 111 this wool;. 8mn linker Is suffering from a hrokcn' urm, received in »n accident nt llolivnr, 'JVnii. Lone Oak News The Home U;inons(rutlo)i clul) met Monday. Miss C'orii Lee Cole- nn spoke on IKIIIK; work. The Ladles Missionary society will sponsor it supper tit ihe church Frlrtny, Oclohcr 5. The ]>rocecds «HI go lo tlic church. Mr. nnil Mrs. licit Richardson nnd family visited relatives here Sunday evening. Mr. nnil Mrs. Lifford \\-ere rail- ml io DyerslHii'B, Tenn., because of the death of Mr, Ufford's father, I Mrs. Bud Hrillaln, Mrs. B. U. Hodge, and Mrs, Hyacinth O'Neal sick, ' Calumet News Mr. jiiid Mrs. L, Kolrcrtson nrc Ihc parenUs of an 9-pomul son, born September 15. Mr. anil Mrs. 1'aul Ford, ol Jonesboro, nrc the giirsus of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Glover. Wyllc Glover is visiting his sis- ler, Mrs, George Miller, of y<irbro. Kkron. News Notes C/'ytle Curtis anil Marie hollar, Chester Curtis and ray Douglas, and James Childur and Ozel Uich- nrdson were united in marriage at the Curtis liome Wednesday evening of last week by the Dev. Clarence Van liibber. Mrs. Annie McCoy, anil Eugene »»<! Ellen Mtinuel, of Bradford, Ark., who have been visiting here, mve returned ol their homes. Mr. and Mrs. E. is. Walker, of Lijsom, .spent Sunday with Walter Ryan, Mr, and Mrs. George McBenn, of Dell, spent lust, week wllh 1'or- 'er SjnlUi. A. Mlnyard is iillendliig a liap- list association meeting in elppl. Mr. und Mrs, Henry Duncan nnd Mr, mid Mrs. Buddie Ediitrds vls- Ucd relntlvcs nt Monetw Bundny. Head Oointcr News Wanb Art». LIVER BILE- WITHOUT CALOMEL And You'll Jump Out of Bed in (he Morning Rarln' to Go II you Tcil sour anil sunk nnj Hie wnrld loiJX* |>unk, *f«:i't HK-a!tow:t Jot of ealts inln. "» waliT.ulUaiuUvc'candy ortlKA-IiiJcum :nti ijuoyjiitaiul lull ol Bungli'lai:. (i I'or limy can't do It. They only move l!,o io«da mill o mnru ilonea't ml a i Uir r.ime. The r<-ayou for your down-anil-*ut frriitiK li your Ilicr. II should uour Jut IKO pounii at liquid Ulo inlo your liowula dully II bllo U nol llowlriB ficcly, your loirl <luoMi t illscsl. It fust arrays In Ihe bouifr. (•as liloata u|> your itoniacli. Vo<l have a I irk, bad tn»to anil your brralli Ij [,m|, BKm olltn litoalts out in |jli?iii[ili(«. Vour lipud arliMainl you [i^l down anil out. Your wholo It takes llioet' cnoil, oil] CJAKTEll'l I.ITTI.B MVfc'lt I'JW.S to set ibctc (wo jiwindi ol bllo lli.wlnu Irecly nnj mike you led u|i nnd up. Tiny contain wonderful, '"«, ccnllo viijclalilo cilract*. ;jnjlUjjtSDAY, SUJPTEMBEIi 27, 193-.'j IT , raci, amtEni when it coinM to rnskini; tho bila How Irtcjy lluldon'UiUor!lvcr|illls.A a 1<(c, / C»rk.,- a Mule IJvcr 1'ills. 1.00k lor llic nanie CarUr'i ' ' l »' 1 " 1 ' "«•*"' » O1031C.M.CO 1' .i^ 7 '' "" ie •uuiUtule.ZGcatdrusilo The New York Store Presents on Exclusive Showing of CARDAIS SWAGGER SUITS and COATS iho COATS if \uu iipiirocinlo (iit> ricli luriiuiy of goiiiiini', lu«(votis fuiN . . If you Ciiii lull uxijnisiiu Uiikirinjr jlncl iinow coiled slylhiB when ..vtm .sco it— you will feel us- Miicd of. flic superior v;ilne .'iviiilnblc-in lliesc Cm-etuis Coats . . . No inatler vvh.iL si/c, color, fulw-ic 01- iur tiiiHmnig.ypu desire,, if it i s not nviiilahlc in our Unto Muck \vi! fiin gel ipbr yon ... Sue JioLu IH-IOW. Genuine Furs: The Colors: ' HUDSON SHAI I'DIISIAN I II Oil MINK SKUiN'K MAK.MIMi CAKACMJI, POSSUM Special Orders llrim-n Wiur IKfiml N'a vy firrcn $28 to $58 Oilier ('dais ?!).«)•) and Up Cnrdals font may lie li;ul in liny xlyic Mionti In your iwcfcr- cncc ot colors, fiilirlra mid fur Uiroiisli our special order department. Merely select your style from this showing, specify Ihi latiic. fur, color ami size wanted and we will gh-c you |>rampi service. Cardais Swagver Suits oo to $35 Oliifi Suits S5.DS Up luni oul in one of llicsc siaavl Carcl- ' ais S\\-ai{(;cr Suils . . . fur (riniinccl or lailorccl models — and you'll be as smarl a sllic ladies in a fashion magazine. 'Ihcse arc so well-bred looking, and so perfect from fabric to lining, you'll wan I lo live in lliem. 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