Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1948 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1948
Page 7
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" v^i^H •sw • Thursday, Ocfobcr 14, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Sevan BLONDIE By Chick Younq OZARK IKE ,i SIDF, GLANCES GoMiralth ^•Zj\[>~^,, !/. <i 'Ik* !^S°^1F* l iH!!lji^M!|jl!lll^p 'THINGS CEPTAINLY APE •—,- IN A MESS,_ ' AREN'T THEY ^ 33itn a ini£lity draw, i liuttaj (lie bafl containing tj;e dead snake through flic window. By Rav Gottt* ^/f COCOA.VOU j^ rooi..' WHA- G^x VIC FLINT ITS EAIPIV, Y \COCOA.' CAN'T ) •—=;' \ ) VDU COUMT?/ UN Official A iiMivor lo I'revfotjN HORIZONTAL 35 Ho is the new. 1,'i Pictured UN - president ol ; ,«n-M'nn S &S ~ ' 50 Harvest !1 So'.iriUicle poddess . 12 Challenge .VERTICAL 13 Domesticated; 3 Effete 15 Brazilian 2 Age IU DAME MAY WHITTY P.^l SIS. (yuffiwwJGfc 1 " /0-/U COPR. 1948 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. "My doctor simply insists that I go on a diet, and I'm starting right now—just look at these prices!" By Dicit Tiirr»f?r COPR. 1MB DY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. BEG. U. S. PAT ;V 3 Biblical' i pronoun i. 10 Come back 4 Paradise^ 18 Health resort 5 Tardy •' 19 Senior (ab.) GSudanicv 20?n 2 onomclri- language ... .. 1 Demigod cal [unction p v t 21 Boat, paddle. 23 While 24 Trials 2(> Portion 28 Move furtively 29 Redacls 30 Railroad (ab ) 31 Doctor of Divinity (ab ) ,'!2 Allowances for v.'aFic 3."> Watchful ."8 Set anew 3!) Persian fairies •ID Babylonian deity 41 r-'aymcnt demand -!.') JYalive mctnls 45 Father 4(i Dined •;<" Shone 50 Indian weight 51 Weight deduction 53 Indigo 54 Cooking ' utensils 11 Tosses 30 Ma Hires 14 Facilitates 37 Former '_ 16 Hazard Russian rulers 17 Back of neck -12 Approach 20 Began 43 Leave outj 22 Conundrums 44 Depend 25 Seric 47 Before V 27 Sea cluck 49 Blackbird of Guide's scale 32 Handle cuckoo family 9 Short-napped 33 Lariats 50 Tree fluid fabric 34 Stump 52 Oulof (prefix) 10 Collision 35 Mimicked 54 Italian river BROWNS- WILDCATS- THREE CRUSHING- DEFEATS ALREADY THIS SEASON/...SOME RECORD TO HANG- BESIDE THE VICTORIOUS SCORES PILED UP BY THE SMASHING- WILDCAT ELEVENS WILDCATS BEARS WILDCATS OFFICE OF THE PRO FOOTBALL "WILDCATS'.'.. AND AS COACH SHAG SCOWLER JS CALLED ON THE CARPCf... By Micho&i O'Molley & RaJph Lone f THOSE MIGHTY ; MACHINES THAT DAD BUILT WOM ' TITLE AFTER .TITLE UNTIL HE | PASSED ON TO 1 GREENER GR.ID- -- IRONS AND < LEFT THE CLUB TO ME/... /-', TUBBS' / ...AND I HAVE / EVETY INTENTI OF UPHOLDING V THOSE TRADr- ?> TION5. r ... / NOW, CO AC! I ' 2M 25" a 40 33 bS 30 m HI 52 8 if Zfe 42 H8 H3 HH Sfa 14 37 H5 fcf B! Leslie Turner »THE SOUTHWEST, EA^V DRIVES ONE &WM.L ROftP IXRER. ANOTHER., HOPING- TO RECOGNIZE SOME SPOT HE PASSED KT Ml&HTi SEAK5 AGO IT'S MfVDDENING-.PENWV! WITH 'f f\ FORTUNE fVT ST^KB. I HftMEN'T Ih SEEM ONE FAMI1 IF-.R THIS COUMTRV'S \ THEN WB MUST ^ WETWOP.K. O' \IOCME REGGIE I S.'^ALL RO^OS IFROM Ml^ HOU5E TH WD fSLL LOOK / SOU CfAtO FIND IT ftUKE <VT NIGHTl /^, I t—«fiS5E5nT (iCIf^^^I 4 ^ / VOU'RE CRVIMG-i HOMEVi YOU/1?A3US? ( TH'.WK SMEKVH WILL PIWO IT/TIRED,ERS'J V FiRsr. ifEBLUKEADO&-I ...aur ^—.— . __ ^IWECPtJ'T // VGWE upi FUNNY BUSINESS Bv -^-iUiKjjjj,, ^.-'•'fisss-v- ®=IS>^ •*^li-^ ^*g?*^ ^»m, ^--.-esr^v^^r-T. 1 " - • ^-.-. V.--} -V-A r --:. <~~--'-' lei 'trr--^: By Carl .•.nderson DONALD Dl'CK HUMPH.. i PON BELIEVE IT' Sy Walt Disney A5J.EY OOP fiy V. T. Hamrtn SERVICc, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAY. "I didn't say nothin' about runnirT awf.v from home, Pet ~i only said it was wonderful man haci learned to travel taster than sound!" FRECKLES AND h.-j t-t-h ™>,-., B V bi OS sai "Mot battle-scarred—just nicked from cutting overseas during the \var!" LAST.' AT OME OF EMEMY BY HIMSELF'. PREPARE; TO , ATTAOC! HEY/ YOU CAM RUIN [ START A A 6uy WITH THOSE" , TALKIMG' / KMlTTINGr NEEDLES / 1 '«LKINU/ IF YOU WAMTA K.NJOW WHATS GOING ON. JUST TURN AMO / ^ ^Awi)/- *(^yw f OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams CO^R. 194Q DY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. f)t!O. U. 5. PAT. OFF, <','•'; . : .V m. CCP! •',' ''.'/ \\ELCC7ME i'- '•'•••{ B/VCK T'MDi •.v. ,']•/;, HC?W >A P^/i ^-,:^ l\D! BIS H£LP" IN UP VvifH THAT ) \VITH~ LEH,' TCJ... I'P BE CUITE KRITAWP V/ITH ^NY LUG WHO MIGHT/ LOOK, 6UZ, PC SUMFIN T'MAKE / t'D LIKE TC 1 HIS VISIT ,f ASK >iPU A QUESTION... ..X COPM. 1MB DV hCfc SERVICE. IJ.C. T. M.'liE.G. U. n r»r. t! ,..B=IN' ^INS Or MOO, VVHKT WOULP YOU HAVE--/N V/AE. OK. A K£VOLUTION BOOTS By EtJqinr HOUSE witii Maior Hoople 1/YE5--KER, PURTY THIS \ BLUE EVEMINJ', HAIN'T AND >ALIT- WITH ITS A 1 K\EAM REDS, BLUES ) \^ AN' VALLERS : -TO EAT—T HAD WO 10 PICK OV-^ r ABOOT VMH/XT OTHcfTS EA !)x ^^..-^.jiflgf/'-' *'-..' \ ^Ifiu^iliiR^ l-OD. OL OUTSIDE CCMES GM "ME FI_ELD !! "^it'\f{ '', LUAVAiX y j ?? r'^-. Thimble Theatei NOiTNO.'.' LUMMOX, THE BftSEBALL SEASOM IS OVER // ^v.

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