Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 14, 1948
Page 3
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Thursday, October 14, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Thursday, October 14 1 Brownie Scout Troop No. 4. under the direction of Mrs Jack Gardner and Mrs. E. !,. Archer will meet at four o'clock Thursday. October 14 ; U Brookwond ' School on Spruce Street. Saturday, October 16 The Paisley P.T.A. will hold a rummage sale Saturday. October Hi in the lobby of the Now Theater on South Elm St. All members are asked to bring Iheir rummage (o the school not later than Friday If you have rummage to be picked up. call aiG-W. Educational Building transportation. at 0:45 for Tuesday, October 19 t The Oglesby P.T.A. will meet tuesday at ?,:?,(] p.m. at the school, iho executive board will moot a; i u.ni. .aim-day, October 30 1 Garland School P.T.A. will hold I their Rummage sale in the lobby i'->. ihc New Theatre on South Elm •-.I. Satuid.iy. October 30. All members ai-e asked to bring (heir rummage early. The Junior Music Club meet Saturday morning at, o'clock in the homo of'Mrs McLarty on West Division St will 10 Tom freshnicnts were served close of the mooting. at Hit Coming and Going ^''• D .', nd Mrs ' W ' M - nnd Billy Joe returned Tuesday from a visit with relatives in Houston nnd Galveston. Services Sunday at Old Liberty Church Paae Three Mrs. J. S. Jackson of Texarkana is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. l j at Casey and Mr. Casey. Mrs. A. E. several davs Slussor is spending in Little Rock. There will be services Sunday. ' Oct. 17 at Old Liberty Church near! Cross Roads, at 3 p.m. Everyone j is urged to be present, as Ibis is i the last service before the Annual Conference. W. C'. Lewis. Pastor. ' mounced. DOROTHY DIX New Life Pattern Personal Mention Sunday, October 17 Invitations have boon issued for the Hope Business and Professional Women's Club Open Mouse to be held at the home of Miss Clarice- Cannon, 7C5 East Second Street Sunday, October 17. The hours are from 3 to (i. Sunday, October 17 There will be a district meeting of the Wesleyan Service Guild of the Methodist churches of the Pros- cott District at the First Methodist church in thi.s city from 2:30 until a o'clock, Sunday. October 17 Miss Kama Kelly of Little Rock who is the Conference Secretary will be Sliest speaker. A pot luck luncheon will be served at 4:30. All members are urged to be present. Monday, October 18 The Fidelis Sunday School class of First Baptist church will hold US regular monthly business and social meeting Monday night, October 18 at 7 o'clock. A pot luck supper will be held. Installation of officers will be conducted with Mrs. B. E. Dunn as president. M;-s Franklin Ox.mer will be in charge ol tiie meeting. Mrs. Higgason, Hostess to J.O.Y. Class The J.O.Y. Class of First Baptist '-•hurch met Tuesday night, October l:i at 7:30 o'clock in the home of | Mrs. Luther Higgason on South nerve.-, St. with M'rs. Royce Smith and Mrs. R. V. Homclon ".Jr. associate hostesses. The installation of officers was held with Mrs. Charles Reynerson presiding over the candlelight services. The following officers were installed: Teacher, Mrs. Basil [York: President, Mrs. C. G. Graham; first vice-president, Mrs. Hendrix Spraggins: 2nd vice-president, Miss Thelrna Thrash; 3rd vice president, Mrs. Hubert Thrash; 4lh vice-president. Mrs. Harold Porterfield; secretary, Mrs. Opal Hervey; three groups captains, Mrs. Frances Sue Sommerville, Mrs. Fletcher Taylor, Mrs Jack Bealty. Following the Installation services, the hostesses served a dessert course with coffee to fifteen members. Mrs. Clinton Jones of Palmos, Arkansas has been elected vice- prr sklent of t.he University of Arkansas Dames Club at the University. Fayetteville. The club is an organization of wives of veteran students, devoted to promoting friendships and increasing interest in social and cultural " vities. The Y.W.A. of First Baptist church will meet in the homo of Miss Wa-ncla Ruggles, Shover Springs road. Monday night at 7 o'clock. Miss Sue O'Steen will b' m charge of the program. All members are asked to meet at the Brownie Scout Troop 1 Holds Meeting Wednesday The Brownie Scout Troop No. 1 met Wednesday afternoon in the basement of the First Methodist church with Mrs. Hinton Davis leader, Mrs. Earl Clifto.n was elected assistant leader for the troop. Officers for the coming year were elected. They were: President. Linda O/.mer; Vice president. Susan Davis; Secretary, Judy Franks; ilrcihurer. Gayc Clifton:. Scrapbook chairman. Caroline Cox. During the business session, clues lor the comr.ig year were discussed. Fourteen members were present and delightful re- Hospital Notes Josephine Admitted: Mrs. E. It. Stewart, Hope. Mrs. J. C. Atchley, Hope. Frankie Joe Burke", Hope. Jinmiio Don Burke, Hope. Ahce Nell Burke, Hope. Discharged: Cecil M. Billle, Hope. Julia Chester Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Dougan. Rt •i. l.mmet. announce the arrival ol a son. October 14. 194H Admitted: Mrs. W. E. Dougan, Emmet. Mrs. Homer Cobb. Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Lester Gilbert, Fulton Sister of Senator McClellcm Dies at Benton Benlon. Oct. 13—i-Vi—A sister of U. S. Senator John l... McClellan of Arkansas died here last night. She was Mrs. Reeda Beele Ramick, -If! , Henlon High School home economics teacher. She was the wife of A. R. Ramick. Survivors include hei; husband; a daughter, parents and six brothers. Man Dies Trying to Show Off Windpipe Dubois. Pa., Oct. 13—(/P)— John .- - • •• « -- -^ ~- Bcrnatowicz, fi9, enjoyed the at- ' '"''egathered for a pleasant evening lention the surgical tube in his i toKelhor, instead of its being a throat arouse \. fie took it out to [''re-.sing station into which we pop show friends today, then found Ii..- ! to change our clothes before stare couldn't replace it. Deputy Coroner F. I. Gillung said the man died of suffocation Undoubtedly the reason why there is such an increase in divorce and in the number of delinquent children is because we arc ."oiiig through a dunu'stio twuhi- iion. The customs ot centuries have been :;ci\i;>ped. Old belief.-: have bei-n thrown in'io the discard. Th.' .'(liUide of parents and children —end husbands and wives- -towards each olher has been changed and 1. if whole ijrutern of our lives has been altered. Although \v prick- ourselves upon ! being a forward-looking people : \vt have not been proj-lu-ls onou;. r l] In foresee ibis upxolting ol all of : DID- old way;, and il has loft u:: ; confused and bewildered, not I knowing how to meet the situa- jtien. or how to adjust ourselves i In it. We still are bound to our idols 'and pine for the good old days — (days when we lived in big houses where we had plenty of elbow j room, instead of being crowded in j i<> little flats where we can't move I without stepping on somebody's (toes: when people married for 1 keeps; children wore obedient: home was a place where families ner r. i. uniting saict tile man «uapi uurseives died of suffocation. But times have changed. If you Six weeks ago. Bcrnatowic;'. un-! v.'ill look the situation squarely in derwent an operation in Pittsburgh ; the face, you will .;ee that the old i in which his windpipe was re-' order, for better or worse as it (moved. The tube was inserted in j may turn out, has been swept its place so he could breathe. Copyright, 1948, NEA SERVICE, INC By SOPHIE KERR SerioliioKon o( scrccnploy (rom 0 novel by Prosper Mcrimce of reality upon this picture and showed it to be just merely wishful thinking'.' Don't we need a new conception of marriage as a binding contract that carries with it duties and obligations, insteao ot being a sentimental orgy? Shouldn't a husband regard bis wife as a partner, instead of an unpaid servant? Why should a wn- man who has spent years of her ble and Ihousands of dollars acquiring a profession be looked upon askance unless she gives it up wlu-n .she marries''.' And why shouldn't a husband feel thai it is just as much up to him to help around the house and make a happy home as it is for his wife'.' Beliuve me. these are questions that many women are mulling over these days and that are causing many a family fight, and will be good for a scrap until men adjust themselves to the idea of giving their wives a square deal. And the juvenile delinquency problem will be settled ;it last in the same way. MS Hurt Like Sin! But Now I Grin j Thousands chr.nge groans to grlflK. 1I*i» v v.i.t.i,;es m;i<. me i 11 ,i,,, (,„..,• formula to relieve dlsqemfi«i us domestic rovu-| of piles. Sent druggists by noted Thorn*.? we aiv involved i <"» & ilinor Clinic. Stirpmlfcg QttlCife .,].,, ., i,,,i, ,.,-,1-lr! i Ix'Uintivi; relief of pa'ti. .Itch. trfiUtkitti* .OM -i u,. .u.. -."ii" iVfiid.i lo.oi.fU'n, shrink'twctllsur vS, iiti Oi i p w;is i if..;•(..,•..' n...,. ri „» «..»... mw>.B.^*.u_ je.*i. as if they were intelligent human being?, who hav r cerghinalridyn.0 beings, who have rrrtain rights that should be respected by their parents and certain liberties with which Mom and Dad shmild not interfere. Not least of the changes that UK war made is (his lillion in which God grant wo m iif it than the old one was i Released hv The B Inc.) i7(><-/.jiV way. Oft tube Thornton Jfc"' s Minor's R'Hitat Ointment or JUctW Sap** fysitoi i':3 today. Follow latel dirfetioB loll Syndicate. ; e"or sale at nil drug storis «T >N HOPE AT GIQSON by treating children LAST DAY FEATURES 2:35 - 4:39 - 6:43 -9:17 LAST DAY - FEATURES 2:46 - 4:52 - 6:58 - 9:04 America's'Beloved Broadway Musical!!! skiirinr] DEANNA DURBIN DICK HAYMES VINCENT PRICE,vS-v'tPiV^'^'^ .d%v.":*;*3?3£?S THE STORY: Don Jose, joung officer in a fashionable Spanish regime),i. has just come to Seville from the countryside of Navarre. He becomes enamored of the bewitching gypsy, Carmen. A .rendezvous with her is interrupted by Jose's superior officer, who feels he hi.s a claim on Carmen. Ar.giy and jealous, the older man draws his ..word on Jose. The fight is unequal but Carmen, seizing her opportunity, tr.'ps the col->nr-l and he falls, spitted, on Jose's sword. Hiding out in the mountains with Carmen. Jose can't seem to grasp the fact that he's a deserter and a murderer. The clatter of horses' hoofs heralds the approach of others. Carmen listens warily. XVI Pablo and Remondado, bundled in scrapes against the mountain cold, were first to come into the circle of the fire. They stopped short as they saw Carmen and Don Jose, Don Jose's arm dropped from across Carmen's shoulders and she moved slightly, to stand in front of him in an almost protective gesture. Her voice was sharp. "This is Jose, a strong, healthy addition lo our company. You will find him very valuable. Ho was a soldier." She turned to Jose and said. "This one is Pablo, who is good in a fight but don't ever turn your back on him. And this one is Remondado. He's stupid but he's not a bad fellow." She crossed to the stewpot keeping up a steady flow of chatter, Don Jose, conscious of the steady, suspicious regard of the two men followed her. Carmen started to dish the stew into bowls. "He killed the colonel in a sword fight. Ran him through as neatly as a pig on a spit. He's a deserter and a murdorer." As she said this' she looked up and let her eyes meet those of the two gypsy men defiantly. "So I said he could join us." There was utter silence. No . one moved or .spoke. Then Re- j mondado, the liood-naturcd one. | grinned and the awkwardness | . was broken. Carmen relaxed and ! leaned over the stewpot again. | Remondadn went to the fire and • '.micking the hare from the spit with a stick, picked it UD.. juggling il from one h;<nd to the o her lo keep from burning himself. the pot he said Pablo, the surly one, still had not moved and Carmen kept one eye warily on him as she la- Come in and see the new PET-O- PARIS Shoes for Fall. Every style a fashion gem and a matchless value. You've never seen such shoes at such prices! BLACK SUEDE BLACK CALF FOR SHOES died some stew out of After a long moment, "What will Garcia say?" Carmen straightened and glared at him. "We need new men." She shrugged. "Garcia is a very practical man." Jose turned to Carmen. "Who's Garcia?" he said. "Garcia? He's our leader." Re- mandado answered with an odd note of warning in his voice. Pablo, hi.s mouth full of food volunteered. "He's been in jail." "He killed a border policeman " Remondado added. Carmen. pouring stew into a bowl, said proudly, "That's eight notches in his belt." Don Jose looked appalled when he said, "Eight?" Carmen handed him a bowl of stew and looked at him levelly 'One or eight— what's the difference in principle?" Don Jose took the bowl and turned away, silenced. Remon- dado .said, "Dancaire is in Seville now, fixing Garcia's release " "With a nice,, fat bribe," said Pablo, tearing at the meat with his teeth. Don Jose turned back, caught by this. "Dancaire—is he a bandit?" Carmen crossed to him with her own bowl of slew. "It isn't a bad .life. We travel —there is plenty of excitement. And when we're lucky, there's money." She perched herself on a rock. "A little smuggling •—an occasional stage coach —a mule train carrying merchandise. Sit down, Joseito. Here by me where you belong." She looked off at Remondado daring him to comment on this. Silently Remondado went to the stewpot as Don Jose sat uncomfortably beside Carmen. Pablo, chewing on a bone. said. "Carmen, you might like to know that we cleaned out that storehouse without a cracked skull between us." Carmen, eating her stew, ncddec! approvingly. "Good." Remondado chuckled. "ii was lull ol tobacco and cotton. J«ist like you said. The thieves' market in Cordova will be glad to see us." | Uon Jose locked from one 'o the i other, disturbed by the conversa- j lion, not understanding Carnen's I part in it. Pablo obliging!V tried -o cm.gnu n him. "We coiidn'i have done it without Carmen. She enarrneu tlvj old watchman away iroin his post and trussed him up like a uiriiey ready lor the ovuii.' Carnxn kept her eyes on the b.n\. o: stew as u intent on die business ol eating. In a low voice, trying not to be heard by the others. " Jose .said, "You cheated and tied up an old man so they could commit a robbery?" Carmen continued to eat greedily and still not looking at° him shrugged and said, "Tobacco's verv valuable." His face set, his tone became very definite. "Alter we're married there'll be no more of that." She looked at him sideways quickly and .stopped eating. ".Ma'i- ried?" Jose's: eyes were hard and uncompromising. "1 won'I have ;rv wile mixed up in such things." " She flicked a quick glance d/f toward tile other men lo see if inrv had heard. After a moment, softly, with her eyes on the bowl in her lap. ;!ie answered, "it will be as you sav, Jo.seilo—a 1 w;t vs.'' Then her head lifted a .sound of horses and .sh»ut;,. Reiiuiiidado and Pablo lai into tl'iL darl.ne.-s:. Carmen rose slowly and j, bowl down on the "rock. 'To He Continued i Short or Long A man or woman can be ritrd for any period of tinii spicily, even one hour, und law of Shi;Ji, a widely !o Persian religion. away as many other civilizations I have, and thai we will have to | adapt ourselves to the new regime. ! Take marriage, for instance, on which more than any one tiling our happiness, or misery, depends. We arc sold to the love-dovcy theory of marriage and always picture the bride floating around her vine-wreathed cottage in pink chiffons that never wear out. and , the husband as being the perpetual 'lover. And we think of the idea! j wife as being perfectly happy in j her own home and never wanting j lo step out". We think thai every i woman's career should be bound- j I en by her kitchen and nursery, and 1 1 we pity the poor henpecked' mi'ii who helps his wife wash the dishes. But haven't modern conditions ' turned the cold, hard searchlight Yes, this fact has been time-tested { and proved by Doctors. 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