The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 3
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, SEPTEMBER 27, 1934 r* f * r Big Musical Show Will Play at Rite Saturday, Sunday An outstanding musical attraction will be "Pootllglit Personalities,' 1 coming to the mtz theater Saturday and Sunday, September 229 and 30, presented by n. uno. Tlie company Is leaded by tlie Little Maestro, Lee if Verne, and his Music, a recognized eastern orchestra of ten musicians. Included in these is sum DeKemel, foremost bugler, .late Jeature of the Weaver 9ros. show. Adra Cooper, "Europe's Sensational Glii in Gold." will dance "file Gpideh - Goddess" in social settings. Tlie two Redman sistevs will nlio dance and sing, as will Lola Lamond, vocalist, wlio specializes In blues songs. Tudor Cameron, RKO nnd Orpheum circuits headline comedian, in "the^ Janilor," will be featured In the v show of music, comedy, dancing and rliapsodles of songs. Hornersville Society — Personal Chess Simpkias nmde a business trip to Blytiieville Monday. . Mr. and Mrs. Llnilell Baglcy, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Matihews, and son, Oi!ey jr., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kissell Brooks 'at Parngould Sunday. .. 1 Misses Billie and Bettye Leon- srd, of Hot Springs, Ark., arrived Saturday and will be here for several days attending to their farm interests. Mi-. Mid Mrs. R. M. Iniincl, of Wynne,. Ark., were here last Thursday and Friday visiting their daughter, Mrs. J. H. Stevens. • Messrs, L. W. Harkey, Clark Huisle, and Nelson Tinnin drove to Jefferson City Thursday to attend to business. On their return they stopped in Fair Dealfhg where they were guests of J/r. .and Mrs, W. 'R. Scwcll nnd family. ' Mrs. John Dean, Mrs. Pat Bur- llson, Misses Cora Bryant, and Zetta Mae Glass spent Tuesday in Blytiieville shopping. O. J. Cope, B. P. Parks, Onderson Ruffin, and John Dean left Sunday for St. Louis. Anderson Ruffin and B. p. Parks will attend Grand Lodge and o. J. Cope and John Dean will attend to usiness on the waterworks bonds. Mr. and Mrs. Buford Sanders, Mr. and Mrs. Lenard Edmondston, »nd iister, Mrs. Berthi Kintolvtag drove to Marble Hil! Sunday and were Joined there by Dr. and Mrs. Sanders, where they enjoyed an outing mid picntc dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Q. R. Klnley spent, Sunday in Blytiieville on business. Mrs. Jack Lomat, who Is sui>er- intendent of the Junior Ben llur Lodge, entertained the members Saturday evening at her home, where they played gumcs. Mr. and Mrs. E. Allen, nnd daughter, Miss . Geneva, drove to Arbyrd Sunday evening, where Mr. Allen conducted a layman's meeting, Dunbar and Simon, of Sa. Louis, arrived Monday und began work Tuesday on Ilic waterworks. Mr. Wade Hongcy, o! Woodville, .Miss., arrived Sunday to visit Ills wife, who Is the guest of her sister, Mrs. J. H, Stevens. Mrs. Marcus Wilklns left Monday for Flint, Mich., where she will visit her sister, Mrs. Tumey Hall and family. Mrs. H. j[. Ken ley nnd son arrived Sunday from the Baptist Hospital In Memphis. There were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs P L ,'xjckman, who returned to Mein( i)his Monday evening, i Mrs. \v. w. KInsaw, and children ; Mr and Mrs. I,, c. Carter, ami I children spent Sunday In Hixyti j visiting the family of tliclr son anu 'brother, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kin- saw. I Mrs. M. A. Massey and daughter, Miss Mary Julia, • of steele, are spending several days here visiting MOONLIGHT DANCED AND Sightseeing Excursion ON BEAUTIFUL ISLAND QUEEN MONDAY N1TE, Oct. ~l Lvg. CARUTHERSVILLE at 8:30 Auspices Eastern Star Dunce to the Music of l!OIi SIDELL'S 10-PIECE ORCHESTRA Enjoy a delightful boat ride on Hie palatial Islnnct Queen. Glass enclosed dance salon, spacious decks. An evening of genuine entcrtninment on this beautiful rirer steamer. Dancing Free! Adults 50c Children 25c THE WISE OLD OWL fy £sso YOUtt FIND POOR FUEL A BIG EXPENSE s FOR REBMRS RUNWCH / V^Vtt SMOOTHER PERFORMANCE HARDWARE SALE I Various and Sundry Items STOVES One Room Size 13 Athens Oak __ __ Two Room Si/.e 15 Athens Oak _____ "" . Large Bungalow 17 Athens Oak ___ _ Large Hot lilitst llli Oak ___________ "I 26 Inch Wood Heater _ ___ _____ ~ 22 Inch Wood Heater _.. No. 7 Cast Range _______ . _"_"_" Enameled Range ________________ ""_ _ LINSEED OIL Boiled and Pure . _ _ «;;,, -~~ * s 7 75 S sV) si! i)") sis'i)r> c 'y'l'-. S 1 M s, R^ ' , ... All Kinds of House Paint -------- $l.,|5 G a u on Uu HAY TIES No. \t> __________ §!..15 No. 16 __________ §1.15 COTTON PICK SACKS T/i Foot, Full 8 Ounce ._ ... _ 7Sc 9 Fcpl, Full Weight 8 Ox. Weighs 3 Us. "'""""" 89c A LADDIN LAMP PARTS Mantels, Wicks and Chimneys ________ 25c RIFLES AND AMMUNITION Hemmgton, New Model 33 Rifle ______ SpringBeld, Model 53R .. Fnll i- S , a ou Longs ---------- 13c and " 2 l-u^l line of Shot finn Shells at preporlionatc prices. TIN WARE AND ENAMEL WARE hee Our I«-, rg e Stock of Tin \\'arc and Enamel Ware. HARNESS AND LEATHER GOODS The Most Complete Line in the City and at IXWER PRICES CUTLERY Y C j E * clll . sivc Agents for the Case Cutlery Co. And Again We Say u COMPLETE LINE Hox ™ IS OUU I!EST PRI CK AND ONE PRICE AND ONLY ONE TO ALL Burke Hardware Co. BLYTHEVILLE, (ABK.) COURIER NEWS Irs. Tom Ray nnd other friends. Mrs, Anderson Ruffin and aughter, Bettye Sue, and Florence Parker went to Lake. City Monday i visit Mr. niul Mrs. E. II. Davis. Mrs. Corn lirynnt, of Purngoiild, id Mrs. C. B. Hale, of Cisco Tex>, were guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. p. . Hrynnl Wednesday. exported by Lancashire, Enjlirnd, n 1613, to 2,000,000,000,000 square sards exported In 1833. lapanese competition Is blnincd 1 a deerensc from 7,000.000,00000 square yards of cotton textiles PAGE THREE' CARDUI Children and Misses all want Buster Brown Shoes We feature, all sizes and widths Perfect Fit Guaranteed Just Arrived Exclusive Novelty Shots for Ladies. We carry a complete range of sixes from 2[/; to !) - H to AAA. BERGER 9 S SHOE STORE Phone 122 PIGGLY WIGGLY •' === ^^^^^S^55^S^S5B3l KROGRE STORE PRICES FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY POTATOES itttttMbttttWM^Ul^^W^MM^M. ^••^^^^^^"^^^^^^••••••••B Lettuce White Cobblers Very Fancy Stock 10 Ibs. 21c .III 111 1)0 Heads Hitch TRY OUR DELICIOUS PLATE LUNCHES Served Daily from II A. M. until !) r. M. TC Oma tma ' pnlnstnMngly tirciinrwl nnd served... meats, vegetables, salnd nnd roils on cacli plnte.. .also all vegetable plate If de-sired. All Kinds of - SandH'iclic.s, I'ies, Ice Cream ami Hot ami Cold Drinks. 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SI.50 Alarm Clocks 8<)c SI.50 Fountain Syringes - - - - SOc SI.25 Hot Water Rottles fiilc SOc Rubber Cloves - 29c New AVondcrsoft Kotex ; - - - - liic Frens, Sanitary Napkins 15c Our Kodak Film Stock Is Com pie (e 35c Vicks Salve - - 27c 3flc Rromo Quinine Cold Tablets - - 23c 25c GG6 Cold Tablets I!)c SI Warn poles Cod Liver Oil - - - - 8<)c 7;">c Mendenhall's • Chill Tonic - - - fii)c Si.50 Suner D Cod Liver Oil Sl.23 SOc Drakes Glcssco Cough Syrup - - 3!)c Solution 59 for Sore Throat J!tc lilack Draught - - 17c GOc Aspironal, for Colds 'ISc SOc F/iix Fos, I,axa- live Tonic - - - - 3<1c 60c Svmi) Pepsin - -Iflc Si Rx C2223 81)c Sflc Analgesic, (ube :)!lc Milk of Magnesia, Full Pint -' - - - Me Milk of Magnesia, Full Quart - - - fiflt Milk Magno.siii Toolh Paste I9c, 2 for 3vc SI Hull's Herbs and Iron ---.'-. 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TURNIPS ; H "' rA " A fli. s y SUGAR '^aS $1.3(1 MOTOOIL 8 - Q L95 c SALMON Chum CRAPES .Itmibo Stalks • QC Bath J • Swcel 5)1 C Lb. 62,, KRAUT I,KO. 2/2 Can ::an 11C lOiich II CHIPSO Sn " 1 " H r r ; 13 C Silvnr \VcililiiiK 48 Ibs.. $1.75, Quick or Regular I,arj>e I'su-kagc Each 15c Humko •11 MATCHES rS^W •l-t'otim! Ciirlon - ,(0c 'I-I'mind 1'ai! - ,|,|(; S-I'ouiid Carfnn -.-.... 7(| ( . S-l'oijiid I'nil - - - - - - - 8?c 1'. & 0.|,'i' liar 5 for 19c Kalmore I'ound Coffee NAVY BEANS-~_ CAKE Uru -*""" S. W RAISINS See( bi. <>r ,S'-9 c C'ouiilry Chit) Pound COCOA SORGHUM BREAD ^JLSh'. 10' ^^^VMEflHBKSSJi Hams Pure Lard ' 4-lb ctn . SOc MILK Country Club 8 'J'all or « Small Forl7c! 2 Pttfjs. Waffles. 1,1). KIDNEY Vegetable. Tall l!ov 1AC l!oy 1AC Can 1U VIENNA s SAUSAfiK Can CATSUP " FRESH BREAD a COOKIES Mothers IftC lu CHERRIES N02 £10 (: TWINKLE POTTED ' MKAT 21-Oz. I'J Hot tie Smoked Half or Whole I'nuiul iver Fresh Pound Kwick Kris). Sliced Pound iMeaty Pound ^^^"^™^^^BWi*E "«• Lamb Genuine Spring Leg, II.. I7^c .SlmiildtT, 1,5. Calf Liver Fresh Small Pound Pork Chop Center Cut Ib22e~ Ivnd Cu(s Pound K. C. Hcef Tfiirk Kill, Ih !oc Jfri.skel, Pound Shoulder 1'ii'iiic Style Pound Cheese Wisconsin Cream Pound Salt Meat IJcllics Center, Lb. l!)c nrf!-. I,').' Steakes K. C. Beef lion ml Pound Trout, l,b. - - . 27c Sliced Cat, Lb. - 2,ic Pan Trout. Lb. Weiners Or Franks Pound

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