Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 13, 1948
Page 5
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•it v Wednesday, October 13, 1948 HOP! STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS BLONDIE Poge FJ •4. TELL DADCV THE ) LAUNDRY'S STILL PAMP AND X HAVEN'T ANJY TOWEL FOR HIM COOKIE-- RUN DOWNSTAIRS AND GET ME A CLEAN TOWEL 3iDt GLANCES By Galbraith COPR. 1940 BY NEA SERVICE. IHC'.'T.'M. REG. U. 8. PAT." OFF By Chick NO- 1 BROUGHT VO'J J UP THE BLOTTER A FROM THE WRITING DESK ) ^^—• *^ WELL,WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO-- ) HANG MYSELF ON THE WASH LINE TO DPY? OZAftK IKE By Ray GofNs HORIZONTAL 1,4 Pictured actress, Dame 10 She also . motion pictures 11 Went to bed 13 Speck 14 Forgives 1C Cover 18 Ceremony 20 Mimicker 21 Singing voice 22 Amphitheater 4 Cover up 5 In this place C Brain passage 7 It is (contr.) 8 Transpose (ab.) 9 Shouted 10 Watered silk 12 As before 13 Colorless 15 Parent "I was just thinking how sad and lonely we'll be one of these days wben they're all married and- gone away CARNIVAL for good!" 2a Footless animal 30 Circe's sister 31 Type of tree (pl.) •1 Mountain spur 17 Accomplishes 33 Avoider 25 French cap 19 Foes ' 34 Pay back 20 Eagerness 21 Conies 35 Woody plant 27 Missouri (ab.) 23 Royal Institute (ab.) 20 Forcibly 32 Manifest 36 Volcano 37 At no time 38 Advantages 39 Pieces out 43 Identical 44 Scottish river 45 Soak 47 Expire 48 Wakened 50 Aid 52 Slumbers 53 She i-eceived her title for hospital work in World . j VERTICAL 1 Substance 23 Make'amends 39 Gaelic " 24 Moses' brother 40 Retain 41 Finishes 42 Scene (ab.) 45 Owing 40 Turn left 49 Chemical suflvc 51 Bachelor of Arts (ab.) By Dick Turner By Hersnoergei (W==f ' r >tm%y- !"<m ',•'•• • . . • . - • ' , . ' ' :' • •.'.•'.:.:. •.'.••.••-•.',...'.'.''. . 'COPR. 19-ia BY MeA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. 5. PAT. OFF COPR. 1D« BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. HEG. U. S. i»AT. OFF. "Keep the new men busy, Sergeant! I don't want them to have time to write any of these books poking fun at the. Army!" FRECKLES AND HIS COULD ;i' FREOCLES AMD VOU . V LARD, REPORT _ SUCH -'i ^-^rri ;THCC /•> ONCE' By J. R. Williams \ OUR WAY THIRTY VEARS TOO SOON) "Dear, you're a genius—that's my tape measure!" So THATS IT/ BLESSMY.~X I'M so \ D OIJBL T I/ SOUL, I'D QUITE FORGOTTEN/ (CURIOUS, \ DITTO/ — HAVE FUN, BOVS, BUT KEEP I'M / ^ IT OUT OF SCHOOL HOURS/ / FURIOUS/ JOMOK.RO w /s THE DAY; •">»)« BOARDING HOUSE With Moior Hoople ESAD, A\ftCTHA>? SURfeUV VOO'vJe VTHAT DIET IS 30ST AKiOTlAER. ^ DETECTED'THE &UAAWIM& OF AW AoFVODR. MENTAL PlM^HE&LS/ E/—Tl-le BATHROOM SCALE ).7 —VOLS'NlE °ROMES TNe LOST . OUNCES --- \MHY, T, HPsSDLV FILL }\ 80T VOU'RG STILL SO FAT ,. /V\V FAVORITE CMftlR .',_/ f N'OU COULO HAME MUMPS Y SEXIER. v<^ovO n ••'.Tnia/;-"-' ^..^^^^Si^" \' -^S^ •^feMftCIATSD QVV c BELT MOTCK =- FOUR RUNS ON A 1 POP FLY TO RIGHT V FIELD/- OZARK CRAWLED ON HIS HANDS AND KN.V.3 :.«.-..«- WITH ;HE WINNIfJQ- REST •YO'SELF UNTIL ^ NEX' SEASON/ FQOT&AU, WITH QTMEft PLANS f. ^ / i • <' By Michael O'Maliey & Ralph Lane YOU GONNA LET THAT OLD BOOKWOBAA BLUFF YOU COCOA?GO UP AND GET HIM/ ; JUKE/ \:\-^Jjlj • ,"y'^ J /•- REMEMBER, / C-C-NOR JUKE, T WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? S,%5$ ,&~>!'&!**St.".'.i.> Sfe WASH TUBBS Bi Leslie Turner THERE'S WHERE I WftS BILLETED WHEN UNCLE ROLftND RUPTED VOUK. VISIT, EASV. YOU STARTED FROM HERE WITH THE BOX I WE DROVE THIS STREET,/' I KNOW. PENMV...OMTO ft COUNTRY/ AND THOSE ROM>. IT WftS DUR.IHG / BLPsCSOUT THE BLACKOUT, AND j LIGHTS DM THE T PITCH DftRK..., V I^T FOR Mf ' YBB F|PTV M IL E5 I POLLOWED SIR V ifeSM ROLftND'S DIRECTIONS. AND MEWER.-HMMl ) NOW WHICH WftV? I DOM'T RECftLLTHISiV' -SwWESjar, i Ki'S! ^Magmiif i^i/s-~*~~7^ ^fSis§ rnrp ia.ia.nY_t|rA.g^Viee. JN'cl'Y" JAMS AND JELLIES EXHIBIT 6y WaltDisnev ,c ' LUCK DONALD DUCK .."MY BAP ) " / J OM,YEsY»-IU,WPH.' V'OU SUZE \ I VVIL' .')) HAVE CONFIDENCE J L- -- y IN YOUR —-^ — GOOD LUCK PHOCIE... I GOT CONFIDENCE >VHY PON'T VOU A NEW BALL,f.. YOU'LL. NEVES PINP YOURS r^h^/^^ V. T. HamSin ALLEY OOP 0&OLXS INTEREST/ A TITLE, IN POKASA0-V5 //•> MOP OF NOT 50 HOT... VELLOW ,,,--, ,^u _ / TWO BIS AIN'T 6OT. ? ,/ BEAUTIFUL BLUE EYES. By Edgar Mortin ^ VAOKitX , V COOVO fS WtVi , f\ COO>Vi_NL Ov . 4'^r' ^^$1^ ^ iiMfiVv-sL ^-^^rS.itiJ G.ARPINS STAD;UA\ i T^^sITlTPT^ 0>ic en i an r—— 1 >^J'A . .W^ ( i/B£fla^cJ. S EErESEH WASHES? H.-S E WEATHER r02ECAST [pK. GALE BLOWS UP THE 3ALL.'.' p \_. 7 -Ii/'llT-fi r' "V ''."--• J-— I : " \ I i.onl .'/ ,}, -j •"—') i")- s - ". ' :--^-'.\ ;:', FOR THE GAA\E IS EWCOUC-'AS/WG/.' t -^ r iut.u-1-' i • i TO CAPAOTy;.' -','.;.'! TnC5= GEASS STAINS ! ~i^- r>.^ - 'ft- i n ' ; r r^^^> r^» SOUTH, EASTJf EMOUGM, OS WEST" r^ \ JLJPE.'f l

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