Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 13, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 13, 1948
Page 3
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Wednesday, October 13, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page three Social ana P Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Wednesday, October 13 The Senior Choir of the First Methodist church will meet at the church' Wednesday night, October 13 at 7 o'clock. Thursday, October 14 The Ladies Monthly Bridge will be held Thursday, October 14 at the'Country Club at 10 a.m. A Pot Luck luncheon will be served and hostesses are Mrs. C. C. McNeil! and Mrs. C. C. Lewis. The B & PW Club will hold "Boss Nighl" at the Barlow Hotel, Thursday, October 14 at 7 o'clock. All members are urged to bring lb.cir employer. A clever program has been arranged in observance oi. National Business Women's Week. Thursday, October 14 The Hope High School P.T.A. will meet Thursday. October 14 at 3:30 p.m. at the school. The Kxe- cutive board will meet at 3 o'clock. Saturday, October 16 The Paisley P.T.A, will hold a rummage sale Saturday, October 10 in the lobby of the New Theater on. South Elm St. All members are asked to bring their rummage to the school not later than Frirlay. If you have rummage to be picked up, call 81G-W. ing to their home they v.-ill visit relatives and friends iii their former home, Paris. Ark., and points In Oklahoma. Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Kelley spent Tuesday in Atlanta. Texas. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Lct-lcr Gilbert. Fulton. Mrs. Ben Robinson, HI. 1, Hope. Discharged: James Allen Skinner. III. 1, Ern- mctt. Mrs. Zenas R. Parsons and son, Charles Roderick, Texarkana. Branch Discharged: Mrs. Nora Carrigan, Hope. Mrs. Betty Smith, Hope. Josephine Discharged: Mrs. Orric Byors, Hope. Mrs. Frank Weeks Emmet. Mrs. Glen Parker and little daughter, Hope. ''Slight 7 Noise Wrecks Farm ".I.The Junior Music Club •meet Saturday morning at will 10 •o'clock in the home of Mrs. Tom '•McLarly on West Division St. Sunday, October 17 .. Invitations have been issued for ,the .Hope Business and Professional -Women's Club Open House to be held at the home of Miss Clarice Cannon, 7C5 East Second Street, Sunday, October 17. The hours arc from 3 to G. s: Genera! Pay Hi kef or Union Chiefs Seen DOROTHY DIX Selfish Family Cincinnati, Oct. 13 — i'.-Ti— Labor , leadr-i;: saw the possibility today ! that John L. Lewis' record pay j boost to S"i(!, (JCHJ a year will touch otf round of similar salary Mrs. C. P. Tolleson Hostess to Hope Iris Garden Club The Hope Iris Garden Club met ( 5 Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock ' in the home of Mrs. C. P. Tolleson with Mrs. dim.. Franks as co- hostess. Dues were collected and a short business session was held. Plans for the year were discussed by the president. Mrs. Herbert Burns. Mrs. C. P. Tolleson was awarded the prize for having the most points^ in flower arrangement in '1947. An interesting report of the Board Meeting of the State Federation held in Little Rock on October 4 was given by the Hope • Federation president, Mrs. Charles •\Vylie. Mrs. Arch Moore assisted by Mrs. A. A. Halbcrt gave a very interesting program on "What Is Your Jonquil I. Q."V Mrs. Halbcrt was awarded the prize for the best arrangement on "Lavender Dahlias". Each member was gvicn an Amarylis bulb as the door prize. , The hostesses served Russian tea. and Jack O'Lantern cookies with Halloween mints to fourteen members and one guest, Mrs. ...Wylic. Alathean Sunday School Class Elects New Officers Mrs. Harry Shiver was hostess •to- the Alathean Sunday School Class on Tuesday evening at her home. This was the first meeting of the year and Mrs. Clyde Osborn 'presided. The following officers were elected for the coming year; First vice-president, Mrs. H. E. .Thrash; 2nd vice-president, Mrs. John Britt; 3rd vice-president. Mrs. Owen Nix; 4th vice-president, Mrs. - 'J. A. Bowden and secretary, Mrs. "Draper. Two group captains, Mrs. .A. G. Rives and Mrs. Miles Laha .were elected. A delightful dessert plate coffee was served to 11 present. By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. Written for NEA Service Many people have to wear glasses because of a condition called astigmatism. There are many kinds 01 astigmatism but in all of them the diuiculty is that Ihe rays oi light which enter the eye do not corne to a locus in the back portion of the eyeball. Consequently, a person who has astigmatic eyes sees tilings all blurred. A tendency to astigmatism is probably present a I birth and serins to run in scrnj families. In a lew cases .injuries, operations, or inflammation can also produce this diiiicuily. l'i iho vr.ti majority, however, there is no obvious cause. unterent Glasses Nse.Jod The eyeball is shaped like a spneie. me rays 01 ughl come through the circular part ct the eye called the pupil. If the eye- Oail becomes iw<s<.<jei !'.i an./ pianc, the rays of light will also become twisleei and out of i'ocus. The astigmatism is noi always in tne same plane, and it is cer*.a : nly not always the same in both eyes. For ibis reason, when glvi.;3os are necessary lor -astigmatism. the lenses necessary to comet cne defect for the right and lefi eyes usually will not be alike. To correct astigmatism, each eye must be examined to determine just what change '.hc-rc nas been in the curvature and which planes need correction. Then i.!u.> lens for the glasses is .orj.'icribeel ynd j ground in such a way tlvjt they will counteract the -MTor ^",el bring Ihe parallel rays of lignt to a single local point in the back ol Ihe eye. Thus the image of what is seen again becomes clear and sharp. Expert training is necessary to find out what is iho matter and to prescribe exactly the type of glasses needed to correct the errors. Special instruments are required and in most eases doctors place a drop of atropine or something like n in the eyes which causes the pupil to become dilated and makes the examination of the eyes more simple and more accurate. Coming and Going .• .JVIr. and Mrs. Ben Southward • are spending their vacation in Washington, D.C., and New York City. Russell Steed arrived today from San Diego. Calif, to make his home with his wife, Mrs. Russell Steed at -lliO East Third St. after serving six years in the U.S. Navy. Mr. and Mrs. George B. Lee of Port Arthur. Texas arrived Saturday night for a visit with their daughter. Mrs. J. T. Bowden, Mr. Bowden and family. Before return- TODAY — THURSDAY FEATURES 4:39 - 6:43 -9:17 everything...exeopt men! i KTE? TODAY - THURSDAY America's beloved Broadway Alusuv.l!!! ptg mmmwuii 1 ^ During the night, Maurice Regole heard a "slight" noise on his farm near Chicago, but he didn't 'bother to see what it was. Came the dawn, and this is what it was—an explosion had wrecked his .barn, silo and windmill. Gas, formed from f rcsh corn silage, was blamed for the blast. ! cresses for other union chiefs. i Such a move might come at the | next conventions of the American i t ederation of iLbbor and the Con! greys ,of " Industrial Organization, j The AFL meets here for two j weeks, beginning Nov. 12. and the ICIO will gather in Portland. Ore., Nov. 21, tor a one-week session. | Most of the other conventions are out of the way for this year. I But many union observers were | willing lo predict that, when the (convention season resumes next spring, the example of action by the United Mine Workers at their convention here will go into full swing. AFL President William Green receives an annual salarv of S2"),- 0(10. George Meany. AFL secretary, gets SUi.OOO. These salaries have been considered out of for some lime, compared to Dear Miss Dix: 1 am a young \ man of 2-t. very much in love \vith i a girl who is everything a man > could want in a wile and who re! tin ns my affection. I am anxious| to marry her. bin my mother and I family stand in my way of hap- pincss. As I a in the oldest, they ;>11 depend on me for support since my lather died. My brothers and sisteis all arc old enough and capable o[ supporting themselves, and they did it while 1 was in the se i vice, but since 1 have returned home they have given up their jobs and depend entirely upon me. Sometimes I think that they are trying to hinder me so that my girl will get disgusted with me, and I believe that I would lose my mind il this were to happen because she means everything to me. What, would you suggest for me to do under the circumstances? D1SGUSTKD selves. Send. Mother a check to cover her own living expenses every month and let it end there. The brothers and sisters won't starve. They will go to work when you force them to, and make better men and women for it. Bombed Ruins Support Roadway Dear Dorothy Dix: I am in love .with a man and I haw a rival mom deadly than any other woman. It i"," VRKEOOM. Ha tells me that that is wha; he fought for in the war ind that's what he vauts and is going to have; that he doesn't want to be lied down to any one girl, fhrs b :y likes me and enjoys being wiv!i me, and w.'ien he gets Sired of freedom ho may decide that hj want. to n ;>rry me. Do you think it is worth while foi~ me to wait around on the oft 1 chance that he will have a change Answer: I would not only suggest, - oi heart and gel tired of his flings? I would urge you to sti'tfen^ your ANSWER: No, I don.t The odds :> too much against you. In earnings of leaders of sidary AFL union?. Among actions taken mine workers' convention. many at spine and have a showdown with your j'reedy and selfish relatives e | and make them reali/.e. once and tin, I tor all. that yon are not going to be the family goat any longer. Tell your brothers and sisters that you will help your mother, but thai, you will not. give them another the which concluded yesterday, was adoption of a political action resolution President Truman condcmnin and faintly endorsing his Republican opponent for the presidency, Thomas E. Dewey. Lewis knocked some of the edge off that at the final session when he took issue with Dewey's defense ot the Taft- Hartley Act. Without Mentioning Dewey's penny nor another single free meal, and want to cat they have got. to get out and earn their own bread and butter. Racketeers My observation is that there arc no other such conscienceless racketeers in the whole world as families; and that, as a general thing, Mother is the captain of the pirate , . . . .. - . - gang. Hundreds and hundreds of name. Lewis told the convention: | umcs } navi; sccn Mother sacrifice "That man just never read the act." At Pittsburgh Monday night. Dcwey had said the act preserved labor's right to band together." "The act does just (he reverse," Lewis declared. The observing of Columbus Day was Hone in different fashions in the three Hope Elementary Schouls. The lourih grade of Garland School, undor' the direction of Mrs. Frank Ward, gave a choral reading selection which grew out of a unit in history .but terminated in a culmination of art. spelling, geography, and reading. 'Uvo fifth grade of Garland, tinder thr supervision of Miss Marnie Bell Holt, gave a program consisting of a short interesting Columbus play, a Columbus poem, and a selection Irorn the original log ot j Columbus was read. i In Paisley School the first grade, i .inaor the direciion of Miss Bcs-j jk Green, learned Columbus songs; j .he, :;e'coii't grade, under the diree- i lion 01 Mrs. George Green, made I i_ouin:bus booklets and Ihe other | ]Tin , ,.., n .. n .,,| „,,„;,,,,,,,. „.,:,, second grade, under the direction ^^ k"^ Gov ' Thoma^E^k-^v .1 i,ii-s. Angus Dodson, made pos- l should not havc ca , ]ed him a Uma . In London, this road is supported, for a stretch, by this bomb- blasted ruin. Buses regularly run along the route. The pockmarked structure will soon be replaced by a government office'building, By SOPHIE KERR Copyright, 19-J3, NEA SERVICE, INC iolizafion of screenplay from a novel by Prosper Merimce one son or one daughter to a lot cf triliin;.;, greedy younger children. Mary couldn't marry because Mother cried and told her it was her duty to stay single and support the family. Tommy had to yive up his ambitions because Mother thought John was too delicate lo work, ihouyh he was strom; enough to play football. And two lives were wrecked. Don't, let your family do this to you. J'luve out. M'irr.s your girl and leave them to shift tor thcm- a case where a man knows- that a girl is r,no that he can lake or leave, he nearly always ends by leaving her. Waiting for a man to fall in love with you is a heartbreaking and nerve-racking and aging experience that isn't worth what it costs. There are plenty of men who are married to freedom and can never be happy or contenlecl burdened with a wife and family. And you are lucky, that .this chap realizes that this Is his case before he ruins your life". In reality, the thing that is the matter with marriage is that so many men love freedom belter than they do their wives. The marriage, bond chafes them in? tolerably and they can never be true to any one woman. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) . . : o Some fanners cover vegetable plants with paper bags to pro- lect them against damage from frost. Evan.sville, Incl.. Oct. I.;?) Angus Dodson, made posters and learned a Columbus poem. Mi;:. Louise Pilkinkm's third grade group wove Iho Columbus stories tnty had learned into an enjoyable 1 program .in their room. • The iourlh grade and sixth grade, under the direction of Mrs. '.IhC'.) P. Witt and Mrs. 1VI. B. Hatch, wrote original stories tic. "He ought not to have said that, i because he didn't know what it was all about." the railroadman said today of the incident yesterday at Beaucoup. 111. Tindlc was engineer in charge of the Dewey train, which backed up while a group of people were about Columbus. The fifth grade around the rear end of it. QUESTION: What causes spots before the eyes? ANSWER: The most common cause is the presence of tiny spots impenetrable to light, floating in a fluid which is called the vitreous. A second and rare cause is a mild form of tuberculosis in the same portion of the eye. Another cause is not due lo any disease condition but merely to thickening ul certain fibers. Last Eruption Tiie last eruption of Mount Manama, the volcano that lurmed Crater Lake, in Oregon, is estimated to have been at least 111!)!) years ago. Large scale manufacture of grease began in the Kind's. THE STORY: Don Jose, young officer in a fashionable Spanish regiment, has just come to Seville from the countryside of Navarre. He becomes enamored of the bewitching gypsy, Carmen. When he tries lo make love to her. th'.; unpredictable Carmen —remembering the fortune teller who foretold a love-death for her—at first repulses him. Later changin mind, she tries to get him to run off to the mountains with her. Their meeting is interrupted by Jose's superior officer, who feels he has a claim on Carmen. Angry and jealous, the older man draws his sword on Jose. XV smile had the pleasure of a child who has been granted a blessed wish. Almost as soon us the wish had been asked, it had been granted. capitalized on reading the "Log of Coiu.mbus". In Brookwood School one of the sixth grades under the. sponsorship of Mrs. Alva Williams gave a Columbus play lor the oilier grades to enjoy. The boys and girls made their own scenery and a great deal of talent was shown in the mixing of ihcir colors and the making of the queen's crown out of construction paper with multi-colored beaten glass glued on it. Clubs The jagged mountains of south- | ern Spain thrust their reeky dark I n,.j pres-clenl, Mio. heights against the sky. '->» i Ue~\ oUonal Ae'is'li: !-'. the side of one of them, high up in ' the hosless followed Peace Peace Home Demonstration Club iT.el October a at the home of Mrs. Herman Hurd. with live members and Mrs. Lorraine Glaekwood present. Tllo ( . )ub wils cn iied to order by 1";. E. Long. her ! coldness, the w of a eanipfire blew to The colonel started to prick Jose's hands with the point of his sword—first one hand, then the other, with such skillfi;! rapidity that tin: eye could hardly follow. Tile shining steel bit through lo blood and darted a\\ again. "Perhaps the leUine of Hie conscript's bleu him of his ardurs." Carmen .slid down couch' silently, her stretched, her feel [e warily, for an obje.ctivi oncl's lauiuinLi '.•niiicript on.jo bites of Carmen's slippi-r-d !'•• lently in m.'iit ,,!' th. spurred feet of th "Pel-haps it reminds him of t'rj little bites of—" '1 he- ceilone 1 ! had wui i;oll into lunged forward the boy with th The night. Huge slabs of a protective cleai'ia | eampliro, while ov hung an iron po food. Camion fire, turning small game She sang soltly to herself. Don Jose came iroi:i tile u;. ness behind her carrying a pan water. She rose and U;o!v the p kissing his hand a.-; MIC U>:ik i!. ;.• quick warm kirs. He n;ie;><i- sciously caressed the hand slie kissed with his other hand at; he bite i followed her back to the fire. His • dazed look ol hap- \vas read by v prayer. ; ivd roll call to increase Kach member ansv with —What I did ':• club enrollment. Ihe minutes lor August i cud ai.d approved. Old and business was discussed ane! clii'j d( elded In nice! with the was new the Mrs. ..n a demonstration on ] railroad for HO years and has been running passeiigor trains for 10 years. He. 1 said he has never had an accident. Officials of Ihe railroad said they have, been talking lo the members of the train crew and. have no statement to make. Finchcr lor ;.:•cting with ::ekuig ve;u;! bivad lo be given. •: : pi'l'ts were given by the leaders :i poultry, nutrition, gardening and andscapin.:. C'ennnien'.s were made Hid (jue: 'dull:-; ,'isUed about each. A special project for li)-l!) was I ti;,cii.-'sed and reports will be made u the n"xt meeting on carrying it hrough. Mrs. Pilaekwoud di;:eu-:sed rnak-j - ' '- • • -' ribcd in I made ea;.y. Several j were in use by the the iurniUnv polish me bulletin, our club Kach mem- the need <,( The engineer was not embittered toward the Republican presidential candidate because of Ihe "lunatic" statement. "I think as much as Dcwey as I did before and that's not very much," he declared. "It's all just a lot of hot air." Tindlo added, "if it hadn't been the Dcwey special, nothing would have been said about it. As it was, it gave Mr. Dewey some more publicity." Tiiulle explained that as engineer of the lead engine of the doubleheader lie was in charge of the movement of the train. The train had slopped Beaucoup tank for water lead engine. "There were a lot of people standing on both sides of the track as I pulled up to put water in the second engine," said Tindle. "There was a lot of mist and smoke. in the air, and I ran about eight or 1(1 feet past the water tower. I began to back up very slowly. "I was: backing so slow that anybody could have easily gotten out of the way. I gave the proper back up signals. "That is all there was to it," he concluded. Tindle, 5-1, has been an engineer for the Louisville and Nashville at for the the ©IPE.J3 US* NOSE —check watery sniffles and encozc'3, .with EASB CHEST TIGHTNESS and muscle aches. Rub on stainless PENETROSRUB Kelp relieve distress of MONTHLY^ Are you troub'^d by distress ot female functional periodic disturbances? Does this muke you suffer Iroin piiln, leel so nervous, tired— at such times? Then no try Lydla E. Plnkbam's Vegetable .Compound to relieve sucb symptoms: : l*lnfcliam's bus ft grand soothing effect on one ol tiipriKMt'.s moat :<mnoriant organs! , raws Around (foe clock in lash- ion and in com f off Htili Slyl-EEZ Shots. ioce nans lerTour Chicago, Oct. 1H. --IUIM—Hc.nry ] A. Wallace, Progressive Party Candida le ior pr<.'.-;ii!i'nt, today made plans for another campaign swing into the deep n)Ltlh where lie wa:> bombarded with eggs and [tomatoes la.-l month. C.. M. Baldwin. Wallace's campaign manager, h aid Hie fornie-i' vice-president would leave hen; hero aboard iu.s chartered plane j Saturday tin Chattanooga. Teiin., ; from there i ace ca piness. He snilfe-d ing ovt r his "It smells enormou: "The' ( U. S, On Firm to Drill in anada Styl-EEZ is the BIG fall fashion favorite in shoes. Styl-liEZ designers have done so riylit by fashion. And the "I : lare-Fit" innersole is your assurance of comfort. Wear Styl- 1'L'Z and do the town! As shown in brown calf. Widths AAA B. Sizes 5\ to As shown in black calf. Widths AA & B. Sizes 5i to 9. V eiij, t v ; ,.l -/;?jj( (i M;:h'k. .'isle^lrh- j '' S C ". ! 1 I i i >I>: li.i-nl. i::fj cC'.lU..:.;:: :. „.! \, :'!.'.''. i." it 'ill lu - 1 '-' '•'! '-'•'-•>-'- >."iee w;< ; -. ;. n i/li.-n. :i']iiid a<. "I tval ate i ('L.rn':e:. l'..:sle,i into the •, r.iaii iii l)i.n .lij.-.i-. ; Viikea i!ji' !",.;i lli.s (.li.:)i e.vc.-, liiie-ei t.. C-.iriiiL-ii'.s j v. anly. i 1 ,l; : -i::. ^.Viil.UOO |i, '.- !);•!) p!;,. 1 . In Jl,:ii.f I inly depend- i :-n.:n ••:• eiil on tin- ' ,'.;.-he.-. ...I American I 1 - • n .uiiuj.n .I;.-!:;" 5 : "''' ; Sil.-' \i m. 1 :' :iie |M,P: ;. dsse-. •.• - . i ••^"'i' '!:.:;,;,! ',,', i)in-!i;..i.i'i;i if -. ::;j. •.• -d in An.'n'Kil I .it-: v,..-re u;-ed a.- !\.;bl '• i .•K>;;dy >.,!• i\;!ny \\.-alin! iur :,e\ - -can',.-. Ln-luiv ilie i)elre4eU:ii mdu. | '.j;;.;l U:t>'.-.• ;.:l'K-r belli:.; .-hum. l''^' •'• a ' ; CeV-!'-'i-'eei. | We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps GEO. W. ROBISON & CO. "The Leading Department Store" HOPE NASHVILLE

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