Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 12, 1948
Page 6
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¥ age Six HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, October 12, 1948 Dewey Raps Handling of Foreign Policy _Efi route with Dewey to Louisville, Ky., Oct. 12 — (,T) — Gov. Tftomas K. Devvoy charged today thai; the bipartisan foreign policy BuB-operated' only wiieii the Truman adrriinistratirm "ha** permitted it." In his fr;vnlu'::l public criticism Of the president's hanitliuj; of foreign aflairs. the Republican presidential nominee s.-uu t.lai if' nr- is elected in November lie- \vilj carry out a "vigorous, competent' and effective" drive for "a bipartisan peace policy." In an address prepared for delivery in Louisville, . K.V., at iO'4."i a. m. (Central Standard Time) Dewey assailed what he called the "clumsiness, the weakness and the wobbling of the present adminis- tration'' in handling foreign affairs. The New York governor dispelled any doubt that may have existed that, ho persoriaijiv condemns—although lie declined to say so publicly — President Truman's abandoned plan'''to' send Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson to Moscow to negotiate ' with Premier Stalin. He said the administration's lack of success in winning the peace, in part, had bee?i due (o its "failure to consult the-;iiepublican£ before making sudden.'!,, and vital policy commitments."--. •• • , : "These have almost invariably got the country deeper into trouble," .he added. Although he conceded that "many of the obstacles we have run into were beyond the control Of any American." Dewey said that since the United Nations conference in San Francisco two- party cooperation "has operated whenever the administration has permitted it." Dewey said that unless the Republicans had been giving "full cooperation" to the Democratic ad,ministration, we should have no strength in the present grave meetings of the United Nations." The question of lifting the Berlin blockade now is before the U. N. He asserted that "Republican statesmanship" had "charged the administration's original project of a European Recovery Program into a practical measure providing that continued aid depends on .self- help by the nation's it serves," Dcwoy added: "Republican prodding has at last brought more aid to China." Dewey praised the efforts of Chairman Vanclcnberg (R-Mich) of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, John Foster Dulles, his foreign affairs adviser, and Harold E. Slasscn, former Minnesota governor, at the San Francisco U. N. 'conference 1 and in other international meetings. Dewey sailed into the president as he has not done before in the present campaign. From Dewey for the first time came sil'ch words as "miserable," . "helpless." "unwitting'," "confused," "mis-named Democrats," "vacillating" and pusillanimous" in describing the president's conduct of affairs at home and , abroad. To a whistling, howling crowd Forrestal Honors Hero Correspondents Committees to Meet With Counci! Prescolt News Secretary of Defense James Forrestal and Mrs. Raymond Clapper attend the dedication of a Pentagon Building memorial honoring war correspondents who were killed reporting World War II. Mrs Clapper is the widow of the Scripps-Howard News Alliance correspondent who was killed in a wartime plane crasln. Photo in upper left corner is that of Frank Frist, NEA-Acme correspondent killed in the Pacific. Latest Threat to Marshall Plan Is Communist-Led Strikes Throughout France By DeWITT MacKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs 'Analyst The Ulyssean Marshall, plan no soonnr gets free of one danger than it is besot by another, a 1 ; fresh threat being the- 'Cqmnjunist-le'd I'rench strikes \vhjch Premier Henri Queuille warris 'are .'.•assuming the character"of--a rebellion. Those are grave:words to come from tr'e leader of a major govern-merit. . . '••••-.. • : Acting under cover of the smokescreen provided by the Red blockade of Western Berlin, the Bolshevists have organized arid got under way this now offensive which is further disrupting the already chaotic French economy. Minister ot that overflowed the 11,000-seat Hunt Armory at Pittsburgh, last night, Dewey defended the Taft- Hartley Act. He acknowledged, however, that the ^aft-Hartley Act "is not perfect" and said "whenever it needs change it will be changed." Crossing Kentucky, today" on .his -.ay to Louisville,,; aflck a . major speech there : shortly ^tq.r nojbn, the- GOP nominee! borti.---doXvn 'on his support ,ot" ; 'the-^pandidat'y -Of Senator John Cooper,' Republican, who Is ;seeking renornination. Cooper, has on his' hands a tough battle with Rep. Virgil Chapman, Democrat. Dewey was expected to urge his election in appearances at 1 Lexington, Frankfort and Louisville. Dewey will enter Illinois tonight for talks at McLeansb,oro, Beau coup, and East St. Louis, row he tours Oklahoma; Tomor- thc Interior Jules Moch charges that the strikes are engineered by the Cominl'orm. The Cominform is the successor to .the Comintern, the general slafC for world revolution which Moscow "abolished" in 1943 because of I fierce objection to it by the do- ' mocracies. The Cominform apparently began organizing the present upheaval last July, and French fifth columnists h ground-work for the thodically. French industry is bein^ dealt ., body blow by the -coal strike that _ Little Rock. Oct. 12 — (UP) — Eight committees named io study the legislative program of Governor-designate Sid MciVIath' will meet with the Arkansas Legislative council here Friday. Tlie nicotine; was cnllccl by Stale j Rep. J. H. Campbell of. Hot Springs, <!ii ector of the council, I who said the various committees would..bo organized at that time. Meanwhile, State Sen. Lee Bcar- , den of Lcachville, chairman oi the important roads and highways committee, said hir, group would i concern itself chiefly with the bond ! issue program advocated by . Me- ' Math during 1m successful campaign for governor. Bearden. who was the motivat-! ing force behind Gov. Ben Laney's ' successful legislation two years j ago over McMath's program will be the basis of their discussion. He ind!(!, r >'or.i that new taxes or other ! possible revenue programs would not be considered unless it was decided that the 1949 general assembly would not accept the bond proposals. McMath suggested that the people vote a $7,900,000 bond issue in 1049 and additional $6.70,00 bond issues in 1950, 1951 and 1952 to finance a proposed 380.000.00 road program over the four-year period. Other committees appointed by the- legisltativo council are on gasoline refund to fanners, election laws revision, revenue and sales tax. review of state tax structure, auto title registration, welfare and education. Wednesday, October 14 • The Prescott Musical Coterie will mccl Wednesday at 3 p.m. in Ihe home of Mrs. Wilbur Hall with Mrs. Dudley Gordon, co-hosle8s. There will bo an officers and teachers meeting at First Baptisl Church at 6:45 with prayer service nl 7:30 and choir praclicc at 8:15. There will be choit practice at (he First Presbyterian chlir'ch ai 7:15 p.m. ' ' . ^. [l_ i .':''• . : ;: T Choir practice at"'Central Baptis't church at 7 p.m. and prayer 'scr- v.ccs at 8 p.m. . ' " ' There will be a mid-week meet- ini> at First Christian church at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Wagner will discuss the. Sixth Chapter ot the Book of John. ' •" ':'•• A grown plains buffalo weighs about 2.000 pounds and stands five and a. half or six feel at .the hump. Bo!h sexes h'avc permanent horns. that strategic country, Russians would be in a powerful position, bo h politically and militarily. -, • , 7, —--•• i The French picture fits in per- have laid the fcctlv with lhc battle of Berlin. The e saoouige me- •• neu trar countries in the United Nations Security Council have been running themselves ragged in an T~" —i" " J ~"^ •••-"" •"•""<-- m«i effort lo mediate between the Mus- already has cost the recovery pro- coviles and the Western demoera- gram 1,000,000 tons of fuel which ries. Thus far the sphinx of Mosis_ worth its weight in pearls. A .... .. .. . railway strike is beginning to got a grip on the throat of national transportation. Thus two Vila! elements of the French life-stream — fuel and transportation — arc endangered. Without them Ihe country would be helpless. cow has kept the mediators fishing for an indication of how Russia regards the Western offer to let the Berlin case go back to the foreign ministers' council — provided the Communists first lift the starvation blockade of the German Choir practice will be hold at the Methodist church at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, October 14 Mrs. E. R. Ward will be hostess lo the '47 Bridge Club at 2:30 p.m. at her home. Mrs. Clara B. Stone held open house on Sunday afternoon at her home for the pleasure of her brother H. S. Brooks of Chicago and her sister, Mrs. Howard Terry and Mr. Terry of Conway. Burning logs in the fireplace gave a soft glow lo the reception room which was lovely with, arrangements of vari-colorod dahlias. The guests were greeted at the door by Miss Carrie Thorburn.. Mrs. Calvin Marshall of\ Little Rock invited the guests intti the dining room where . the, : sepving table was covered .. with', ^'i lace cloth and graced with ,a 'centerpiece of vari-colored dahliag,.ih a crystal swan. The appointments were of crystal. j Mrs. Allen Gee. Jr., presided at the punch bowl. Those assisting.-in extending further courtesies- were Mrs. Allen Gee Sr. and ' ,.-Miss Frances Terry of Conway and Miss -Luella Stone. Sixty guests called during the appointed hours. Accused of Not Supporting Her Mother .By yiRGINIA MACPHERSON i Hollywood, ipct.u'lfci — (UP) — Veronica Lake, 'wh'6 'expects her .hird jbaby any minute, collapsed n tears todajfc«Kter-j,- her. mother charged that she had to" live off •harity because the $4,500-a-\vcek ittress wouldn't support her. : "VeVonica'sCr?Jvlfi'g • labor pains already," said Andre De Toth, \liiss !! Lake's/jy).- director-husband. 'She.'jj ' n lncl ' c sobbing and cry- ng atid all on account of this ter- •ible thing." The' "thing" was the suit filed yesterday by Mrs. Constance Ve- •onica Keane, 47-year-old mother )f the tiny movie queen. Mrs. Ceane charged the across owes icr $500 a month and $17,410 in a ump sum according to an agreement they signed in 1943. Mrs. Keane said she was "dcsti- ute, indigent, dependent upon the charity of others," and faces three majdr operations because of her aggression. caoital. . This being the case, it's a fair is | guess that Moscow has been delib — '-••-'-' stalling to see how the strikes progress. Should be sure the Russians will capitalize the situation and become more exacting in their demands.-' So for Hie time being France is a'- barom- Obviously this new assault ,., |t ,,,,. 0 ., U i.n IVI.JM.-UW aimed at the European Recovery eratcly stalling to Program. However, that is far! French strikes pruyi ess. anuum ircm being the whole story, for dc-1 things worsen in France we may f pdndenl on that program is the ' " military defense of Western Eu- Topoi' against further Communist n f'f T rr'<*sinn """"""• • ''ie nine ueingi 1 ranee is a- Darom- i< ranee is the key continental na- etcr by which'to tell how the storm lion in the new Western European alliance co m p r is ing Britain -France,-the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. With France „,<,,.,,,, ft M.^ hamstrung, the alliance would be lin crisis on weakened to the point of near im- ' ; -~ ' pptence. If the powerful Communist party'of Italy should at the same time make good its boast of being, able to take over control of goes. Apropos of this though, Britain yesterday issued a white paper blaming the breakdown in the Ber-- _.. _ Russian desire io undermine the recovery of Western Europe. This paper declared: "The Soviet government has,_no intention of reaching agreement save on its own terms." folks! Come see what you may wen m our part of $8600 in extra awards made EVERY WEEK during the Contest I Ten "4th" Prizes each week: AU Nationally-known Electric Ranges —the ranges that give perfect cooking controls. 10 Simmons Electronic Blankets each week—with dual controls for perfect sleeping. Three "2nd" Prizes each week: 3 Television st'tsorUadio-PhoMograph equivalent. HuntUomu models with arjjti picture screen. And. t , You win this Prize, SEE A "PAIKACLE" Now i!m H'.-ii<ii-i. ii .i'»..j.;ik: \V Members of Selective Service Board No. 50, Jewel White, Bryon Moody and Dale Ledbetter, wish to thank all individuals who served as registrars during the registration period from August 30 to September 18, 1948. This was a splendid service rendered Nevada county, the State and nation and board members publicly acknowledge their gratitude for the services rendered in behalf of Ihe peace program. The Parent Teacher's Association met Friday, Oct. 8 with Mrs. Gene Hale, president, presiding Afler repeating the Lord's Prayer in unison, .group singing, led. by Mrs. Edward .Bryson, was enjoyed by. all. "Unusual Occupants" a subject that is receiving widespread attention.-throughout the state, was the topic discussed by Miss Edith Massey "in which .she explained that the exceptional person in Ihe "House of Life" is Ihe one with defective speech. Mrs. Hubbard presented Mrs Hmes, Mrs. Hays, Mrs. Ross, Mrs Hart and their pupils in a demonstration of visual aid showing the benefits derived from its use in the classroom. The PTA membership drive closed Friday with Mrs. Stainton's 3rd grade, Mrs. Greeson's 4th grade, and Mrs. Overshoot's 7th grade anc Mrs. Thomas' junior class being the winners. Mrs. Cummings' second grade, Mrs. Greeson's fourth grade, Mrs. Johnson's fifth, Mrs. Robey's seventh, and Mrs. Thomas' junior class were awarded room prizes. Mrs. S. O. Logan is attending the WCTU State Convention in North Little Rock today. A streamlined, packed-with-power 4-door Hudson Sedan will go to a winner every week during this great contest. Six Hudsons will be awarded—so, in all, you have six chances to win one of these sensational new Hudson Sedans! 10 Cory Automatic CcJfee Brewers each week. Makcn perfect coiTe-a automatically—then keeps it hull 25 "Toasimasfer" Automatic Pop-Up ToaSierS each week: Make ped'uri toast, every time without watching. 10 Genero ) Mi " s Trw-Heof Irons each week, with ateara ironing attachments. Sponsored by Betty Crocker. IS Parker "V-S" Fountain Pen and Pencil Sets each week. Every Winner of a HUDSON SEDAN stands a chance to ^ win this Grand Prize to boot. Yej, for the best entry lose which win a w«eUy first prfea will also ' ^' receive this thrilling al!-expen$e-paid Winter Cruise for two persons, including— Your hip fo Hawciif first c/oss, on a Watson Line Luxury Liner Spend 7 wo/ic/erfuf ctays a.'.d n.'ghfs ct t/io Royal Hawaiian Hoft;/—w/f/i every soivf'cc p/ov/dcd for. Fly back to f/ie U.S. on a big, /usurious air liner, Have $250 in "pccfcef money"—40 you won'* spencf your own, AM frcnsporfaf/on a/it/ accommodations — for t\vo — frotn your /tome fo f/ie Luxury Liner — and back io your home after iho cru/sel DON'T DELAYS ENYEK NOW! FINAL CONTEST ENDS NOVEMBER 20". NOTK5MG VO BUY . „ . JUST C'")ME i:,c- m-iv 6c:udu u, K au ta- t 1'"!* ilJ ilO OKI) toip. lllell -luthta! If, ta it. And -when you t/;> fii*(? H—you'll l;t so t-hriJlfd you'JJ h«vo j/H*uty fo write* ubuut io thui excttiutj eunU-st! £A$Y TO KNTERl Come ty our store. Watch u tk-monMmiiuu nf I ho new lU'mlix Wuflhw \tilh Uuj utftoruatu* fiup injector nn'l c-litain nil <J!tu-i:tl Kutry UUuii., Iu 23 yfurda or lusa. finish the *;Uitoiiu.'iit -"1 iiliu tU« H*aviiJt nutcmittic uo»|) iujuctbr beC«uft*3 . . .". Follow iho *a*j contMt rul*«i, aubuiii your entry ari:ordiiiKl> , jiiid yon may i- fi winner, la fact, you may be iht UranJ l'i Sftl 91 & daughter's Iroalment. "This is the first I've heard about it." Miss Lake said. The suit also named De Toth ft r "aiding Miss Lake in evading hci- responsibility." "I don't even know the woman." he said. "Veronica and I have been married since 1944 and I've never met Mrs. Keane. She never comes up. We don't know anything auout this "charity' business.' De Toth said relations between his wife mid Mrs. Keane had been unlrienly "tor years." but. he wished his mother-in-law had picked some other time to air her troubles. "This is a fine thing to confront a woman who's about to have a baby, "he said. "Also a-fine way for a grandmother to act." According to the suit, the pint- sb.ed star agreed to pay her mother and stepfather, Hugh Anthrtny Keane. S200 a week for life. Mrs. Keane said Miss Lake never would have become an actress if it hadn't been for her. And now it's her daughter's (urn to help out, she said. "I spent my life savings of $10.000 to send Veronica to drama school." Mrs. Keane added. "Now she earns $4,500 a week. And she hasn't sent me anything since last May. "She even broke her promise to' pay for my husband's funeval." Miss Lake said that wasn't so. "I paid all the expenses," she said from her San Fernando Val- ley ranch. "But it's true I haven t been living up to the contract. Thorc were times when I didn't have the money. I paid mother $115 a week until my stepfather died. Then I paid her $50 a week: The blue-eyed star said she chopped off the allowance because "I'm only supporting my grandmother, my mother-in-law, two children, a nurse, and the sorV-| ants. And now another baby's due momentarily." Arkansas Rice Crop May Set a New Record Little Rock, Oct 12 — l/T"j— Arkansas rice crop may set a new re-cord this year. Miles McPeek, agricultural statistician for the crop reporting scr- x vice here, predicted yesterday that?,' the 1948 rice production would be 18,277,000 bushels. This is 740,000 bushels above last month's forecast. The U. S. department of agriculture records show that the 1947 crop was 16,330,000 bushels. V'J> To help relieve congestion, coughing, muscular soreness, rub on warming VAPORUB Mrs. Luck Slifer is visiting relatives in Terre Haute, Ind. Mrs, Calvin Marshall of Little Rock was the guest of her aunt, Mrs. Clara B. Stone, Sunday. Mrs. Charles Mann, of El Dorado was the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Ward last week. Mrs. Bob Reynolds of Conway spent, Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Reynolds and son Bobbie. Dorris Dickinson, associate editor of the Arkansas Gazette, Little Hock, spent last week herd with his parents, Mr., and M-JJB.- Sam Dickinson. Miss Dotty Yan.eey sludant. at Arkansas Stale Teachers College, Corway spent Sunday .with her Pia-cnls, Mr. and Mrs. Jim -Yflnrey. Mrs. John A. Davis ha.3 : returned from Waldo whore she has been the guest of relatives. Mr and Mrs. Imoa G-3e have returned from Monroe, LA. wh^re they hiive been visiting Mis. Get's sisu.r. Mrs. R. L. ChadicK and Mr. S, .01 Franks and Roy Duke uil! r.-uirn today from M';mi>h.' ;, Tenn. v/n.'-ri: they attended a Pontiuc ir.(:eung. Mr*-. Klise Reid of A:-k;idsi|ihi:i was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Hubbard, Saturday. I'.ht. Reid is a teacher a; Henderson College. Miss Mary Sue Hay:ue !vis returned to )K>.- home i". Ben ton after spending several clays with her father, Earl Haynie. ' Miss Lois Stewart'of'UttU Rock was the weekend t"-ien of her mother. Mrs. Bob S'.ewart. Bob Uenman, /stiidjnt at Henderson College, Aik.ici':ll)hl!i spent the weekend with his father. Dale Deninun. HURRY! CQMEGET YWR QfflCIAH fftfmf B14M, and Copy of ffte fasy Rules, Today! o Parole of Convict Is Revoked 215 S. WALNUT STREET Little Unck, Oct. 12. — (UP> — Stall- Parole Director \V. P. Hull. toc'av i.s.sued a uk-kiip order after j re\'okii).' :i parole' granlod W. 1.. iiJuei l.unuley uf Union eountv jAjiril 1. iJjSftJrl I The liH-yeai'-nKJ man was sen- jleneed In a two-year prison term M'ii '•> i'.ran-l lavi-eny fonvk'tion on July ;-;i). KMT. Ball said the parole \va.s i-riuki'ii when L;n>"lev i:ii|.-,i t" leijort 1,, paruk- ol'licei's ami \: < Lace-trimmed ^ Tailored and Lacy / MAKVELOUS BUYS! Elaborately lacc-trimmcd rayon satins . . . rib- boned and milled inulliiilament rayon crepes . . . embroidered styles . simple tailored .styles with V-cnt fronts and straight cut backs — beauties every one of them! 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