Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 12, 1948
Page 5
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'n|||.Tuesday, October 12, 1948 BLONDIE HOP IS STAR, HOre, ARKANSAS •; y*& foge Five ! IT WAS SWEET OF Mf?. McNUFF TO CUT THIS HOLE IN HIS HECX5P FOR M 1 By Galbraith COPE.1940 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. H. REC.' U. S. PAT. OFF By Chick Youngi SOMEBOPYS PUT J GREASE OM v' THAT BAR Anmvor lo • I'revlana 1'uxnle * , J Oh, yes, he tHks! But all we've ever made "out is ^jSloppsburg'—he probably hast heard us mention .tfto town_wher9 we 5peJit_our ..vacation}" CARNIVAL By Dick Turner -r - V- ~——= „ '- ' ' JfATS 'titoweD HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured radio , comedian, Colonel Lemuel Q, •10 Fruits 11 Penetrates 13 Darling 14 Chair 1G Implement 18 Limb 19 Separated 21 Compass point "2 Symbol for tantalum 23 Babylonian deity 25 Watchful 28 Hazard 32 Seraglio 33 Mountain spur 34 Stillness • Ascended 36 Half-em 37 Symbol for tellurium 38 Fooll ike part 41 Vagrants 40 Frozen water 40 Minced oath 51 Notion 52 False god 53 Lubricate 55 Ocean-going vessel 51 He tells of his many crazy VERTICAL 1 Line of: < junction 2 Pitch 5 Tidy 0 Poker stake 1 Great (ab.) <8 Permit 0 Love god 10 Through 12 Distress signal 13 Ambary 15 Symbol for trbium 17 French article 19 Endurant 20 Leaves 22 Vestige 24 Eagle's nest 25 Viper 26 Sheltered side 27 Age 29 Legal point 30 Follower 3t Diminutive of Leonard 38 Hebrew letter 39 Hen product 40 Hindu garment 42 Get up 43 Arabian gulf 44 Pronoun 45Indo- F.uropean language 46 Roman date •17 Heart 48 Cloth measure 50 Low haunt 52 Tavern 54 Average (ab.) £0 Butterfly •« By HeysMoerqet. COPR. 194B BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. ''Why didn't someone tell us about this before we started?" "Why don't you clean out the pockets yourself? So many wives stop looking as soon as they find a wallet or a piece of change!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Bv BUossei NOBODY HpfeE wow MOW IN '1ME ATTENTION / CALLING- . ALL6IRLS.' *i> ARE ' PREPARED? THE DAY OF RECKONING IS AT HAND/ AND LA.RD ARE GOWO- TO BE LAT£ FOR. THEY'RE UP 'ID NO GOOD / BOARDING HOUSE Maior Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams HOW DID YOU Y< BETTER POT THE )/, %t CORK BACK OKi^'t CAW 6AM£ TH' NUT/ CHASIM A CHIPMUNK ALONo A RAIL FENCE.' HE'S ONLY PULLIW THEM CORMERS INTO SHARPER YOU WOULDM'T BE SO HOT EITHER, IF VOU HAD TWO SETS OF BRAKES TO THINK ABOUT AT EVERY CORNER J .' VMHAT V0l3 OAFS IS HEARTY PUSH VOUHADAtsi ADAGIO PULSE?)f peoc .,._.__ - START- X I'LL LOOK COULTDSOUFE6L 1 it^SG to RE5EM8Le»\ UP TH& A THE HMD TH£ TEMPO f^\ DR. LlMlM&STOrxiE // FlRe "Vf A VMHARF- TBROUGH ALL y: ; \ VJHEM STAMLEV // SALES TH'A,T NMR'/oT / 7 REBCOEO HifA /" V BIRDSEED/ PORK z ^/ \ IM 'V^VvlJ • ,^ —H^T THE WILP SWINGS OZARK IKE Bv Rav 6otfe THE FROGS SECOND BASEMAN WEAK PICK MAH GOTTA CRAWL YOU'RE ALMOS' HOME WITH TH'WINNIN By Micfiaei O'MaJley & Ralph Lane . A SNAKE/ A BIG RATTLER —DEAD! " C 'S BEEN SHOT/ / I'LL SHOOT'.THE MOMENT * A roar TOUCHES me f BOJIOM STAIR! WHICH k OF YOU WANTS TO »v 'BE FIRST?' GUM, LITTLE MAN. \ 6EMTLE/WENJ thdf MfHfXifMl«» '/ "IHIKWMV.LW-W. u?airdttesf?axe, /- THE OLD COOT'S UP especially, if . /;\ 1}]m SOAIEIVHERE... he was dead./' WASH TUBES 81 Leslie Turner THEVX A TREASURE. IT SEEMS THIS CHftP 'ELPED VJAMTS \SOME BLIGHTER 'IDE 'IS BLOOMIM' BRftSS ENOUG-H \DURIM 1 TH 1 BLITZ 1 . MOW 'E& FOf?GOT WHERE. PETROL hltCTTT 1''' '^ TO FIMD Lll—^-1 - I ^SX' /..AM 1 W(\WT5 TO MOTOR PiROUNlAWH 1 / DKi'T ' WELL, VOU SEE, THE OLD BO'/ SOt 'E RECOSMKES TH'SPOT!/HE PiSK TH 'IT IN TH' 'EAD. m COULDM'T IKRt&Olfi.R.EH? REWEWBEfZ EITHER 1 . NO\M 1 E5^/ BUT ITS ft NEW UP AN'KICKED OFF! Jej EX.CU5S...TH1NK 1'LLSWE'EMft FEW SftUONS! By Carl Anderson CHOCOLATE CHOCOLATE VANILLA CHOCOLAT VANILLA CHOCOLATE VANIL DONALD DUCK OONALP DUC PORTPAI- ARTIST E POMALD DUCK. PORTRAIT ARTIST BUST S 10 ' fiy V. I. Ham'in A5 PRINCE OF LEM .5AKE _ OF RELATIONS WIThL-- - ~. A'nitUOE / ONL.V 'M T<3 ^M TO CHOOSE,' WE HIS \ WHWCHA. BEHMIOZ. PLAVR5EOCOLA V GOT TO WUE.,ID CEETAINLV SAY HES TH/ST RIGHT IN A6REAT ,x BIS WAY.' TOO, HIS SOOD TIME HEBE 15 IMPORTANT TO MOO.' . NEISHBOE. , EM f By 'Edgur Moctin ' X HOVt OO 600O i nnabic theater OURSIDE'S T?HE FLOWER OF IHESKSIDS IS THE STIMGKG NETTLE "Ifsa WHAT.'.' THAT'S A\i^WOWS VS-WAT A CHXVSA.M- I STINGIMG NETTLE Th£M J,M !,' .{ LCOlCS LlkE ? ^ COLONS AJ2E BLACK A/^0 BLUE ARE QEEEM AWP CPEULEAM /BLACK' FOR £YES) .ANP BLUE P02 f ( ( > ( '\ - [.''---..-, U4 / -;^P^^

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