Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 12, 1948
Page 3
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Tuesday, October 12, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS three Social ana P 1 Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Ssday, October 12 ,,-,Mie Winsome Sunday School CI|fes of the First Baptist church will hold its regular monthly business, and social meeting a't the cliurch at 7 o'clock Tuesday cv-n- itig, October 12. s,lhie J.O.Y. Class ol the First Baptist church will moot Tuesday flight, October 12, at 7:30 in the bprnc ol Mrs. Luther Higgason, 419 ~* -Uth Hervey Street with Mrs. ce Smith and Mrs. H. V. Hern, Jr. associate hostesses. There 11 be an installation of officers arid all members are urged to be present. Tuesday, October 12 (The Alathcan Sunday School Glass of the First Baptist church will moot at the homo of Mrs. Harry Shiver, Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. All members are urged to be present. VVednesday, October 13 far/The D.A.R. will meet at the •tfpme of Mrs. Charles Hayncs for a-' luncheon at 12:30 p.m. VVednes- day, October 13. Ira Halliburton Jr. and daughter, Rebecca of Tcxarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Malono, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Malonc and Mrs. A. B. M;i lone motored to Jay, Oklahoma for the week-end. Enroute they .stopped over at Fay- ettcville Saturday and attended the Baylor-Arkansas game there. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Reeves of Patmos have as houscguests, Mrs. Reeves' mother. Mrs. Van Derryberry and brother. Harry Dcrry- bery of Lima, Ohio. M. and Mrs. Hilory Meadows and son Clinton. of Shrcveport visited Mr. and Mrs. Joe Porterfield Saturday and Sunday. New Books Added to Library The Reverend and Mrs. D. O. Silvcy and family left Tuesday morning for Tcxarkana, Ark. where they will make their home at 24(16 Locust St. Misses Jack and Jean Silvcy will remain in Hope where they are employed. Wednesday, October 13 JThe Paisley P.T.A. will moot in tile Paisley school auditorium on Wednesday, October 13 at 3:30 p.m. The members of the Executive Board will meet at 3 o'clock. The Brownie Scout Troop No. 1 with Mrs. Hinton Davis, leader ijiull meet immediately after school #»n .Wednesday in the basement of the Methodist church. Births Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Williams of Waco, Texas announce the arrival of a son. Mitchell Conway, born Monday, October 11 at a Waco hospital. In recent years the practice of giving books as memorials has been gaining wide acceptance. Many library-minded citizens spend the money they would have spent: for floral tributes for a.living book memorial which serves, the living while honoring- the dead, . '•...'. •• Books have .been selected'. With reference' to"'"their subjects; for example, as a memorial.to a much loved Christian ; woman, the book "The World's Great Madonnas". The library's boqkplace is pasted in each book, stating the ha me-.of ic person so remembered and the 'onor. The following books are on the VIemorial Shelf at the Hcmpstead bounty Library: Audubon—Birds of America; Bidle—Flower Arrangement; Cox— Book of Pottery and Porcelain, 2 ; ols.; Cross—Complete Stories of real Operas; Fletcher—Arkansas; •lornung— Handbook of Early American Advertising Art; Kent- Vorld Famous Paintings; Lewis • Decorating the Home; Maus • Christ and the Fine Arts; Maus • (Vorld's Great Madonnas. Thursday, October 14 The Ladies Monthly Bridge will- be held Thursday, October 14 at the. Country Club at 10 a.m. A Pot Luck luncheon will be served and hostesses arc Mrs. C. C. McNcilL and Mrs. C. C. Lewis The B & PW Club will hold ''Boss Night" at the Barlow Hotel, Thursday, October 14 at 7 o'clock. fjMl members are urged to bring "choir employer. A clever program has been arranged in observance ot' National Business Women's Week. Mrs. E. S. Alexander Hostess to Altar Society 'The Altar Society met Monday r.ftcrnoon at the home of Mrs. E. S; Alexander. Previous to the bus- ii)cs smcctmg, Mrs. Gehling, president, introduced two guests, Mrs Ben I-Iaynes of Washington D C J nd Miss Sue O'Dwyer of Texark- na. Plans were made for a rummage sale to be held a week from Saturday, Oct. 2<1. Members were afeked to meet at the Rectory Thursday, Oct. 21, for "Pol-Luck'" ajhd prepare for, the rummage sale. The hostess served a delightful r.> Ireshmcnt plate emphasizing the 1-IalloNveen motif and colors.' Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Miss Francis Cornelius, Hope. Josephine Admitted: Mrs. Frank Weeks, Emmet. Mrs. Orric Bycrs. Hope G. W. Womack, Hope. Discharged: Little Miss Brenda Carol Dillard, Hope. Mrs. E. L. Cox, Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: J. B. Johnston. Hope. James Allen Skinner. Emmctt. Discharged: C. B. Dickerson, Prcscotl. By EDWIN Written for The heart thin membrane called cardium. In rare cases P. JORDAN, NEA Service is surrounded by the this M.D Mrs'. J.:W. Butler Reviews Mission Book at Presbyterian Auxiliary Meeting 1 The Women of the First Presby- ^.erian church met Monday morning Sit y.10 -o'clock for -a Home -Mission IjrQgram. The meeting was opened with the worship service and spe- Ciq! offering for the Home Missions. Mrs. .J. W. Butler of New- olUon, La. was introduced as guest speaker, and reviewed the mission book "Opportunity Is Near", -.vhich was enjoyed..by everyone. * 'kunch was served during ilbon hour to approximately gjjcsts from Hope, Washington, Umibus, and Fulton. Following lunch hour, the circles ^business meetings. iiiComing and Going ";Miss Beryl Henry returned Monthly night from a week-end visit in Little Rock. met the 4i; Co- the lor Mr. and Mrs. Olan Reeves hac as week-end guests, Mr. and Mrs LAST DAY FEATURES 2:00 - 3:54 - 5:58 - 7:52 - 9:22 UGENDARY HIGHWAYMAN I JIFF8EY win, LYNN PtRCY KIIBRIDE DOUGLAS FOWLEY a pcri- brane, or lining, becomes hardened by the deposit of calcium. A hard, stiff lining interferes seriously with the freedom of the heart beat and eventually caus serious difficulties. This, form of heart disease was the first -to be attacked successfully by surgery The hardened lining can" be cut 01 •einoved, thus" allowing the hear 0 beat normally again. Some other types of heart dis ease can now be treated by sur gery. These are the types, of hear disease which are called . congcni tal, that is. heart conditions whicl ire present at birth. Not all o those yield to surgery but some of the more important and some of the worst killers have been sue cessfully treated in this manner Heart Changes at Birth Before birth there is a pas sageway between the hear and one of the large blood vessels which allows mixing of blue unaired blood with blood which has passed through the lungs and received the life-giving oxygen from these organs. This passageway normally closes some after birth. When it does not the resulting condition is called a patent or open duclus artcriosis. Today many infants born with this passageway unclosed who would otherwise be doomed to an early death because of the mixture of aired with unaired blood can be saved by surgery. The operation has been done in hundreds of cases and its value is well established. In the hands of an expert, the death rate from the operation is low. Other congenital heart or blood vessel diseases also are yielding to modern methods of surgery. Such conditions are known by tongue- twisting names, such • as coarcta- tion of the aorta, congenital pul- monic stenosis, etc. Their diagnosis can usually be made by clinical examination. When dis- covercd delicate surgery offers a | chance of complete or moderate j relief. The immediate effects are often little short of miraculous, since a blue-looking child in delicate health can become almost at. 1 once normal in appearance and in actions. The heart is almost the last of the human organs to yield to surgery. Although operations will probably never be successful for all types of heart disease, the advances which have been made in this field have already saved many lives. Stock Show Sets Many New Records _ Little Rock, Oct. 12 — (UP) — 'hey were looking for a new rec- rd book today at the Arkansas livestock showgrounds here. The old one just wouldn't hold all the lew entries. State Sen. Clyde Byrd, manager f the show, said his official tabu- ation revealed a total 1948 attendance record of 158,751, excluding masses given the press, certain show employes and to various charitable institutions. This surpassed by 22,351 the previou record of 13G.400 set last year. Largest attendance for any one day was set by a crowd of more than 31,000 last Wednesday. The 1948 edition of the show also ivas the biggest financial success :o youthful owners of livestock. Mrs. Ben Hogan of the Little Rock stockyards said today that a record gross payment of $49,107 went .o members of the 4-H clubs and of the Future Farmers of America who placed cattle and hogs on the auction block. Ninety-seven head of cattle brought $37,621. A total of $11,485 was paid for 11G hogs. The largest purchaser o£ stock at the auction was the Little Rock Packing Co. which .paid out more than $16,000. The C. Finkbeiner Packing Co. of Little Rock ought approximately $8,000 worth of stock in the runner-up position. A new high was set in the auction bidding for any one animal when Joe Wren of Prescott received $1.51 a pound for his prize Democrats in Worried Little Rock, Oct. 12 (UP>The most interesting angle in the pro- election campaign >" Democratic Arkansas is the lark of interest being shown by the Democrats. Confident that they will carry the state as they have in the past, .ipjxiricrs of President Truman .ippear willing to have the fight carried to them. DOROTHY DIX Stale Marriages Home facial which helps the mature woman combat skin dryness begins by pressing a wash cloth wrung out in hot water afiainst face (top). Next, cold cream is spread over warm, clamp skin (bottom) ami face is lightly massared winning Herford steer, .Victory Tone. : The livestock show promises to attract even more spectators next- year. Byrd said a coliseum to scat 8,000 persons will be finished in time for the 1949 show. The structure will enable the show management to stage its rodeo under a roof that will have no supporting pillars to obstruct the view. Byrd pointed out that the master building plan for the grounds is only about one-third complete. And, at present, everyone appears willing to fight. The States' Rights Democrats, headed by Gov. Ben Laney as silate chairman, arc going all out to swing the state's nine electors into line behind presidential Candidate -J. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina. Laney refuses to predict that the Slates' Righters will carry the Mate, but he does predict that Mr. "ruman will not receive a mn- ority of the vote in the Nov. 2 general election. Meanwhile, the Dixiecrats arc aunching the most active campaign of any political party. The ht will get underway with a statewide meeting in Little Rock unrtay, featuring former Gov. .•"rank Dixon of Alabama as the. principal speaker. Highlight of the campaign will be a two-day visit o the state of Thurmond on Oct. 25 and 20. He plans talks in Little Rock and Fayetteville as well as n several other towns. The question of States' Rights, wrought to a head by President Truman's civil rights message to Congress early this year, is a hot issue in Arkansas. But TrumanHes are confident that the habit of vot- ,ng Democratic will more than ofisct the general annoyance caused by Mr. Truman's attitude on segregation and other civil rights issues. On the state and local level there is little to interest the voters although the national contests, plus seven constitutional amendments and initialed acts, arc expected to bring out a record vote. The ballot will contain presidential electors pledged to five diuerciu parlies Democratic, Republican, States Rights Democrat, Progressive and Socialist. Four state races arc contested. Democratic gubernatorial nominee Sid McMath will be opposed by Republican C. R. Black of Corning; Dalton Dotson of Hunts- villc opposes Congressman J. W. Trimble of Berryvllle; C. R. Starbird of Van Burcn is running against Democratic Nominee Boyd Tat-kctt in the 4lh District; and Republican Thad Tisdale of Little Rock is opposing Congressman Of course, every woman's heart's | poetry desire is to bo woond by a hand- | him. some and gallant youth in beautiful, cinema language, and to be I married in white satin and orange J blossoms and to live ever alter- ' wards in a stale of transcendent happiness with a husband who is a great lover, and who spends his time telling her that she grows more fascinating and wonderful every day. There is never to be a letdown in her romance. No howling babies. No walking the colic of nights. No worrying over bills. No cooking of meals and washing of dishes. No putting up with n man with irritating liulc ways that get on her nerves and bore her to tears. But, alas, this vision of connubial bliss is seldom realized. There is no such animal as the perfect, husband that every girl dreams up. And in her disappointment at finding out that her fairy prince is just a plain, ordinary, unsentimental he-man, who did all of his lovemaking before marriage and then knocked off and called it a day, only too often she throws her fat into the fire. Begins to Nag She becomes a sodden mass of self-pity. She alienates her husband by her fault-finding and nagging. She makes no effort to be a cheerful and entertaining companion, or even to make ;\ comfortable home for her family, and only too often she divorces a good husband for no other reason than that he failed to come up to her expectations. If only silly young brides broke up their homes and ditched theii husbands because they had lost their taste for them, it would bo easy to understand. They think they can get new mates who will be more exciting and interesting But middle-aged women, who musi know that their matrimonial chan ccs are practically nil, also arc guilty of this same folly. Instead of making the best o their bargains, they throw up lieir hands and quit. And tlv mazing thing about this is thn Hey fail to realize that there i lot to marriage besides lovey dovey romance, and that a mai vho says it with cheeks and ; redil account, at the best store: s a more comfortable, husband ti ivc with than one who quote: lets his wife support, There isn't a day that I don't get letters from disgruntled wiJfeS 1 saying thai they are married to- men who are good and .kind and. who Rive In cm generous allowances, and that they have , fine houses and c,ars and every luxury, but that the^y are thinking .of leaving thc'm.'biJoijuae they are no longer in love with them. They don't rill at the sound of their hus- ands' footsteps. They don't have 'ilpitnlidn :<j( the heart at their pproitch.! 'nor crave their kisses. ney clorVt- even listen to their iiybaiids ivi/en they try to talk to Him. 'Tfio.t'r' marriages have gone s stale' hsj'ttiSh water. ~d -of being . , just excitement. Some- ling to put pep into our lives," ley ,\vail,,jWc]l,. being, a wife is le best ,-jo,b (hat. any woman can ave. Aioja^.H has the merit of be- ig pcrrnjmc,!!!, A. w 'f e can't be red except 'for "mighty good rea- ons. Furthermore, a lot of happi- ess. can bo.,/gotten, out of a mar- lage .that,' jinsn'ti any romantic ivc and, .tlvijlls in it .but that is ased ori.^nu'lua.l respect and help- Copyright, 1548, NEA SERVICE, INC Seriolitntion o< serMnplay from o novel by Prosper Merimee THE STORY: Dpn Jose, officer in a fashionable Spanish regiment, has just come to Seville from the countryside of Navarre. He becomes enamored of the bewitching gypsy, Carmen. When he tries to make love to her, Carmen's beads catch on his tunic and break. This bad omen frightens the gyspy and, remembering the fortune teller who predicted a love-death for her, she turns on Jose. "You're the one— I know it. Stay away from me!" she screams. QUESTION: Is aluminum poisoning from aluminum cooking utensils' an allergy? ANSWER: There is no danger of aluminum poisoning from cooking utensils. This old false nolioi was exploded many years ago. LAST DAY Regular Admission — FEATURES — 2:25 - 5:38 - 8:27 .1 .'id HOWARD DA SUVA BORIS KARIOFF CECIL KEUAWAY WA80 BOND COlOt IY TECHNICOLOR XIV Carmen slammed the door and locked it. Then she leaned afiainst it panting, exhausted. When she saw Don Jose's helmet, cape and sword she ran for them, throwing the helmet and sword violently out o£ the window into the street below. Then she returned £or the cape, but as she started towards the window with it she hesitated, stopped in front of the mirror and draped it over one shoulder. She appraised the effect, found it becoming and turned around and around, prceii- inf! and admiring herself in it. Then she became aware that the serenade music had slopped and she walked to the window slowly to see below her Don Jose slowl> picking up his helmet and sword. Carmen moved more fully into the window opening. An uncertain look came into her eyes but she called softly, "Joseito—wait!" It was the first time she had ever called him by name. Their eyes met across the distance. The musicians watched silently. Then Don Jose turned back toward the stairway leading to Carmen's room. Carmen smiled, but it was not her usual i'.ssured, brazen smile. Instead, il v.'iis an oddly frightened, timid littie smile. Ihe gypsy musicians started their serenade again. There w;-s a.n extra note of passion and sadness in the music and their voii.es. Don Jose came baok into the room. He slowly closed the door that Carmen had held ope: 1 , for him. lie stood wailing, not quite certain -of his ground. Carmen spoke with a bewildered note in her voice, "f think I must be crazy—I don't know hov, 1 lo say it or how to tell you—" ''Love has been told a thousand ways, so let it be." Ht; remained where he was. "Come here, Carmen." She went slowly towar Brooks of • Shrine Benefit Game Planned at New' Stadium Little Rock,Oct. 12 — (,!') — A :)ost season: all-star football game between senior college and professional pUvyers of Arkansas and Lou- isksna may be"held hero Dee. 18, iri Hie new War Memorial Stadium. Plans lor the game were dis- citescd . hci-e yesterday by Shriners from the two slates. Proceeds of the proposed game would so to the Shr'evepor'l . Shriiic hospital for ciippled children. Alan ; Berry, manager of the Arkansas-, War Memorial Stadium, said the game'would-be similar to the East-West and North-South Staino hospital charity games ex- Little -o— Rock. Reserve Officers to Help With Berlin Liffr Wcisbadcn. Germany, Oct. 12 — UP] — The U. S. air force announcec two moves today lo bolster th air lift to Berlin during the winlei "Wo ,/i,i:c.,/itred ives. \ye ,V<fin.t c ling to 'put' pep illness. The lot to-s Ueluaaqd <s marriage of convenience has o-say'&i'- itself. Bell Syndicate, Inc.) . ...... Mother's Friend massaging prepare tion helps bring ease and comfort «» to expectant mothers. •> An announcement said "sever; Kindred" reserve officers wh volunteer will be recalled to dut ind assigned to the lift. These wi nclude pilots, co-pilots and fligl engineers. They will be given special trail ng at Great Falls, Mont. Those wh volunteer can revert to inactive duty next spring. o County Health Unit An irnmunidaUon clinic will begin at Fulton white school on October 14, lfl-18, ;it 1:30 p.m. Smallpox vaccinations, dipthcria cept for proposed professional stars. addition of the For quick, delightfully comforting help for aches and pains of Rheumatism. Arthritis, Neuritis, Lumbago, Sciatica, or Neuralgia try Romtnd. Works through the blood. First dose usually starts alleviating pain so you can work, enjoy life nnd sleep more comfortably. Get Romlnd at druggist today. Quick, complete satisfaction or money bacic Guaranteed. young, gcrs on her lips, her eyes, her lips again. He was like . a blind and deaf man, listening and seeing by the touch of his hands. Carmen's voice was soft and eager, her eyes were warm and loving.. "We will go away to the mountains, Joseito. We will—" Jose shook his head slowly from side to side, his voice as low as hers. "No, you will slay here with inc. I am a soldier. A good soldi does not desert his post, and from here on out. I am going to be a very good soldier, Carrneneita." He look her face in his hand:and bent to kiss her. Carmen looked at him and shook her head firmly. "No, you will come with | me lo the mountains, where wo—" The door crashed open before her, banging against the wall, and her eyes went past Don Jose, Widened, then narrowed. Don Jose turned to look over his shoulder, immediately leaped to his feel. The coloned slowly closed the door, staring at Don Jose with arrogant, eyes. "Get out!" hi. 1 said. Don Jose was too stunned to move or speak. "I order you lo leave! Hcpoi'l to me in the morning!" Carmen shrilled out at him in answer. "1 order YOU to leave! Carmen is not here." The colonel moved into the room menacingly and said. 'THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN' and typhoid shots be given. M OTHER'S FRIEND, tvh exquisitely prepared emollient, Is uselul In all conditions where a bland, mild nnotjyne, massagu medium in skin lubrication 13 desired. One condition in which -women, lor more than 70 years have used it Is p.n application for massaging the body during pregnancy ... it helps keep tho Ekln soft and pllablo... thus avoiding unnecessary discomfort due to drynesa and tightness. It refreshes and tones tho" skin. An Ideal massage application for the numb, tingling or burning sensations ol tho skill,. .lor the tired back muscles or cramp-like pains iri the legs; Quickly absorbed. Delightful to" tec; Highly praised by users,- many doctors, and nurses. Millions of bottles sold. Just aslc- any druggist for Mother's Eilen,d—tho ; Elcln emollient and lubricant). Do try it. \\ ait til yon see these clever little oampu-i shoj's. Sinarl as a quip! And niailt with sin-h careful attention to all the litlli: tlclaiU. We've K"t l»t-> of colors and styles...am) many of tin: new combination (luo-tont's. You'll stop "slioppin"* it hen you ice llic.-se I'olly UEIIS. The heads and could night was clear of the gypsy over the musicians. through its distance they hear military boots striking the stone pavement. They stopped thrust, it flicked playing suddenly. The colonel, in from one of Uoi full regalia, marched toward the | "Now. what house. The gypsies watched him in ominous siU'iK.'e, as lu 1 stopped befinv the building, looked up at (In- window. Then, as oiu- who knows the vvay, he went up tht- back stairs. Carmen was on the t-osich. her head turned toward Don Jose, who si'l on the floor. His hands were- on her lace, and a.s she tulici-d, lie followed her word:; \>, ith hi:; fin- was here yesterday —she was here and 1 was here." > Don Jose backed away before j the colonel's advance. Cannon i sneered. "Ha! Spurred and crested '< like an old rooster, and erowin; 1 , ; like one. too." • The colonel's glance flicked over | Don Jose, and he put his hand 0:1 '• his sword. His voic<; was cold and deadly as he spoke. "You will bo court-martialed in the morning, of course, but in tin. 1 meantime. I think you need a ; little lesson. You need to be taught that a boy does not intrude ! on a man's preserve." He drew his sword. "On guard!" j Don Jose mechanically tool: | his sword from the eliesl where it was lying, and held it morrj in the manner oi a soldier obe.vj ing tho orders of his colonel ! rather than a :>wordsman entering a duel. His defence the colonel's attack was ' the other took edvanUi L;< Carmen did not move couch but lay absolutely body thrown backward ported on her elbows, the fighl with blank, wide, oddly glittering eyes. The colonel's sword darted about as daintily a,: a striking snake. In one swiu away the insignia ! n Jose's sleeves, do \ou think of that'.' Now lii- lle corporal." Doll Jose's ot si.^nia. "A r ; d porul at all." rait led agait stroke:-: l-.i tin lice-ridden c •.. Vro'D i|l' n liie colon ! i mlion, e: :;lee\'e lost it now, IH-'S no Tile colonel'.-, s-, ,t DOI| J</Se'.- - boy's one. "Ju isi-rii/i wilh a $ Af ,&** LOU 6.9b 'Where Good Shoes ore Fitted Correctly" FAMILY SHOE STORE 101 E. 2nd St. Corbin Foster Phone 1HOO * ~\ v Guaranteed by Good Housekeeping Slated for top marks ~ Claire Tiffany s smartly feminine, crease resistant gabardiae. You'll adore ihe show-off, peg-fop pockets, the Haltering tuckr ing at the neckline. There's a kick pleat in front for fashionable freedom, too. Sizes 12 to 20 in Personalized Proportions'— Short, Medium or Tall. Shangri La Gold, Grey Sage, Blue Opal or Tur- •Reo. U. 5. Pal. Off,, quoise. LEWIS-McLARTY, Inc. Phone 944 Hope, Ark.

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