The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 2
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*MTHEVILLJ5, (AJUL) THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER - 27, 1931- COMPARE AkL PRICES Mr- 'tni MW Crawford and ntw members of the an0 junior high school, faculties shared, honors at H supper'.'parly UVjsn Tuesday evening by the two la^ultlw at Ihe home economics department ol the 'senior high school. Mr. and Mrs. Greene left yesterday (or Little Rock where they will reside, Mr. Greene having accepted a position with the ttat« department of education alter having been superintendent of the Bljthevilte schools (or several years, .The new ficulty members in these schools are: H. I. Qllmore, o. J. Cavanaush, Miss Amy Unlley, Carney Laslic and Miss Alta Oar- /ington. . .,( i A ,^)j A supper menu was served in buffet fashion from a table adorned with roses and ivory topers. Later • Mr. Greene, spoke briefly In saying "goodbye." Besides the 22 ' teachers olJicr guests were Mrs. Gllmore nnd Mrs, Meciurkln. ilii Muiki Chi* H»i Progra A miscellaneous program Interested the 25 members and guests of : the Music Department of the Woman's club who were entertai ed. by Mrs. Russell Parr and Miss Margaret MerrlU Wednesday afternoon, al the Farr home. Mrs R p. Paddlson, leader, hud urranged these numbers: BiUoJ Netcs Mostly Personal Miss Dorothy Evans lias returned to her home In 51, l/mls after several nays stay wllh Mrs. Anne Stevens Potter. She plans to return tomorrow for the boat dance, Mr. and Mrs. J. Nick Thomas spent yesterday in Memphis. I Sheldon Hall is In Mcmpnls today. b. B. Buchanan, or Helena, 'iil- tcnUed to business here Tuesday. John Hiimclln, o[ i'asadcna, cal., visited Mrs. S. S. Sternberg and lamlly yesterday white passing thru the cily. E«r| Uuckley, who has been III several days, Is now MlgiUy belter. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. L. Caraway of Washington, D, O/, wlio spent Invcc weeks vacation wllh relatives here and at Manila, have left by motor for their home. They were accompanied by Mr. Caraway's sister, Mrs. Eva Caraway Wren, of Manila, who will visit them lor a short lime. Enrontc home ihey arc slop ping nl the Chicago fair and in Detroit, Mich. The ncv. Stuart ][, Salmon, pastor of the First Presbylerlun church. Roy Walton, elder In the church, Mrs. Walton, and Mrs. L S. Ilrls- Voicc" Saliit SaeJis, and "The Mystery of Life" Luclan Dclmy, Mines. George M. Lee, Paul L Tiptoii and Fan, piano solo "Impromptu" Chopiij, olid "Valsc" Mcrrltt Lci'Htzi, Miss In a musical contest. Mrs. 0. G. Redman »on the prize. The hostesses were assisted by: Mrs. Parr's mother, Mrs. T. H. Haynes, In serving cheese and olive canapes, • banana bread ar)d Iced tea in the social'hour. i * • Mr. and Mrs. Cm* font Grwne Given A Dinner Mr and Mrs W D McCJiirkhi had a few guests for dinner Tuesday, at Uielr home In the Peters Mr. and Mrs. N. M. I'rall arc guests of Mrs. Prall's sister, Mrs J. M. Ray, und other relatives. Thoj will spend Wednesday nntl' Thursday in Dyersburg, Tenn., with Mrs, Prall's fatltev, J. M. Mlllard. Miss Mansard Willis, of Ulack Oak, Ark,, Is the guest of HID licv. und Mrs. W. J. LeHoy. J. B. Clunc Jr.,'Louis Slenmc and Pcnj]., left today for Little Hock, Ark., where thyo attend Si. John's Seminary. They were accomiwn- icd to Memphis by the Hcv. J. J Thompson. Mr. nnd Mrs. F. Simon mul daughters, Misses Mabel and Lou- apartment, in compliment, to- Mr.! 15 ?'; were • In Meinplils yeslerday and Mn, Crawford Greene who w ' wro Mlss Mntel "iirollcd n lejt, yesterday for their new home! 61 * 1 ? ,, Tciu ' hcrs In Little Hock Other guests were I VVi " tnvin Thompson, of Wc- c, Wash., awl J. U. Tjiomp- > of Memphis, arc guests o brallll *> Nelson" Thompson Rosa M. Hardy and Win-!"" nie Virgil Turner. so " A bo«l of loses was Hie centerpiece for the table arranged for a three course menu: • * • , "» *«* P«PP«r Club . The R*d Pepper c|u> ot the city l}l«h school »lil have a rousing ]>ep routing at the assembly period Friday morning In preparation (or.tho football (»me tomorrow night. .The meeting uill be in form of a pjay. "Victory Will Fuid the Way," with, the chaiacters. Polly Ann Buck as Victory, Rouse Harp HE ' Chickosaw, Llojd W(se as Scmlii' ote, M»ry Virginia Cutler as Defeat, Ralph Farrar as Victory's cruel father, Dorinno Coulter as tile maid. Tije committee foi- the Football- .Re4 • Pepper Get Together: EmmF. Jo Hess, chairman, K\e|yii Smart, Mary Virsinia Cutler, trances Holland " Hew pledges for the year are. E\elyn Smart, Virginia Utlle, ElKabeth Ann Wilson, Nancy Kirshner.'Jane MoAdants, Betty Lcc Mc- Culclwn, Mary Joteplilne Hall, Helen. Harwell and DorUWilson. Ben Born. Mr. and m-s. Chester Biimliam. ol Earle, Ark, announce the blrtli of a sou this morning at the home of Mrs. Burnham's parents, Mr. and Mrs p. H culler, at Promised land The baby, who weighs eight Llleir TOO LATi; TO CLASSIFY For Sale Filling station, 4 room house aix 7 lols on lilghway IB for $1SOC cash, 5 room house with bath, good garage and outhouse at 1306 W Ash, $1600 cash. 1'honc 124, 27cklO- WASH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Win Back ftp ... Vigor .., Vitality Medical toUmrillcs , BICC (Jut , Dor y d jwi 15 HUES ol Hnr lub« o BllBt whlth h c l 0 lo cuiify the blood Ml mu hcilthy. ... .1} IOU b«vc lioublc nith too dcn MM£er puusra with (cunty amount can Inff bumloB and diaeomfp/t. (hu 15 am.h ot kldatr tuke. need ~»,hi,i 8 oul. Thl, J» n «cr anu miy tt tbt btjinnins gj m Uckaehc, leu mini. IMJ of i*n , n a vl "'.'"^.."O nlsl.l.. liMl,» S o, ,wol| en M" MflM. rhouni»Uc pains »n.J dlnl •I «W"(r« don't empty 3 pinfs ctcty d> mna «t rid ot -) pounds ot matlc four body will take up Uir»c imiaons r.iusin wtioui (rouble. It ra»r knock you out «n l«y you up for many months. Don'l wil A»V your drurjlsl for DOAN'S I'UJ.S » doclor'i prejcription . . . .vhich nu ker "-na -rue baby, who weighs eight >|«a .«C«.MI T b, minion, oi kidncVS pound, has not yet been named. Be- „,"" [™ A "Jjjf ", »'""•• TK " K" 111 1"" 1 "WSs Miss , X*l]fJr/,/l r^,.n«^ • t Bni rfnn't Inl-- ^h-^^-J -_;jt. _._ •was Miss MUdred Cutter. or*°!call"<l"kM'M l V > cu"" i1 ' 1 B< '°' B d ' US Ion u» In IS^minutcj.for they ni.ii"mious --—^siirawj? 1 ; Europe's highefit birthrate Is in ; x""«»" <> m.w... the old rdinhic r Jugo6la>ia, where the rate Is 35 »«'»««""»in »o••*«•• O r haWi-femi n PerlOOOor popuUtton | fe ^SiL SgMf. V^-S^,Tc3 Just Received Another Nuw Shipment of —DRESSES —COATS —SUITS il family, foi a few rlnys. will win Thompson, wlib was lenccd this city, had resided In Wash- 8lOJ) for « number ol ycurs, Hn s been nerlmtsly II! l>tit Is now tlH'OVlHg. The Thompsons reside "'22 West Walnut St. Ian Benefit Friday For Gosnell Scouts TiH'ro will Ijc a box parly unit Ic Mtpiicr nt. Ihc Oosncll school fiiiay cvenliiK lor (lie bencnt of Boy Scouts or that comiminily. 13111 Holm will be auctioneer. In recent, similar afTnir the sum of 10 was conlrlbulcd. TAKE' HOMEAPACKAGF OF THEDFORD'S BIACK-DRAUGHT 'URELY VEGETABLE LAXATIVE in fact eveiy thing new atitl smart in Ladies' Rcady-to- Ww'r for Fa||.' See otir lines and coin- pare our prices Phone 951-W- Hospital Notes Admitted to Hie BJyllievllie h. 'Ilitl: Mrs. w. p. Hiilchiiis, It. Hi"; Mrs. Mnry Wilson. Hayll, Mo,; 'Ites Dorolliy, McMurety, Hbtitc'a Mrc Department In Ills, Yard W1LLOUOHBY. Ohio. (UP)-A 3. Jaekman doesn't, have to look fur to "sec red." Jackinan's pri- vutc b'ni'i'ee in lib back yard houses tho flre engine and equipment of Mentor Headlands, a vil- age near here. Shivering with Chilis Burning with Fever 5ur« Rtliif for Malarial Don't Iry hcmemade Ircalmenls or ncwfatinled remedies! Take thnt good old Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. Soon you will be yourself again, for Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic not only relieves the symptoms of Malaria, but destroys the Infection itself. . • The lastate quinine in Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic kills the Malarial Infection in the blood while the Iron It contains builds up the blood to overcome the effects of the disease siiid fortify ayalnst further attack. The Iwb- lokl effect is absolutely necessary to the overcoming of Malaria. Besides behm a dependable remedy for Malaria, Grove's Tasteless Clilll Tonic ,|s also an excellent tonic of general use.' pleasant to take nnd absolutely harmless. Safe to give children. Get, a bottle today in .any drug store. Now two sizes—50c I and $1. The $1 size contains 2'^i I times us much as the 50c size land gives you 2G% more for yolir money. -Adv.1 COMMUNITY CRAFT & FOOD EXCHANGE Open Saturday, 9 to S Singer Sewing Machine Co. Bldg. Articles moderately priced Memberships solicited Call 1517 F2 for details Ladies Popular Price FOOTWEAR Models Exactly as Pictured Tuck Ties A [Ki|)ii];ir foitr-oyelcUs Tie with (.licked ratup, black or brown kid. $5.85 (lolonial .Pump /\\ ft \ A bcutililul lilyh-throiitral Pump vvllli a newly »r- iniiBcd .slrni). llliick or brown kid. $5.85 Novel Tic, A hcaiitiful [oiir-cycieUc Tie of crushed kid and patent. $5.85 1'alenl and Blue Puinp 3/1.95 Good Shoes and Hosiery 1BERTY CASH GROCER Customers Scales in Our Stored u< tr <itice<l 16Miice* to the Pound Specials for Friday. Saturday and Monday GRAPES Concord 4-Q1. ilaskct 15c SWJAR FLOUR In I'aper Iteg. 10 Pounds 49c Mary Jane. Self Rising 2<l-Lb. Sack 89c Concord 12-Quart Basket 39c 432 Size I)oz«n PURE LARD I'tminl llic LAMB CHOPS "' Spring Pound 22 c COFFEE" s s "°° r """"• '" 28ic CHEESE Full Cream 171c GREENS Bunch 2c CRACKERS "•10c 2lb ' 19c POTATOES BEEF ROAST Fancy Reds 1'ound Thick Ril> 1'ound 12!c SALADDRESSING' EGG PLANT Titble Garden Quart 23c Home Grown Pound 2c K. C. Loin or Porterhouse Pound CARROTS LETTUCE _ Bunch 3c Heads Each VEAL ROAST MACARC'Nl s PEACHES 7ic I'uund Or Spaghetti Skinner's. 7-oz. Box Itosedate No. 2i/ 2 Can 15c Wiishburn's . •* 1 . Box : : f Z TOMATOES 7ic: ORANGES SOAP California Red Ball Dozen 19c 0. K. Large Bar' 2 for 7c HAMS Shiinkli'ss I'ienics 1'ouml 17c MILK Pel. Large Can 6c Small Can SALAD DRESSING" able Garden I'int 14c SWEET POTATOES % ur Yellow ound 3c SALTJEAT SKSU: LKi ^ %% ONIONS Kl7Tr ^ ilt ^^ EGGS I'Vcsh Dozen 22c BELL PEPPERS and Fresh Pound NECK BONK Freshand ,Sf 6c 6ic PEACHES Li ^- M i:^ ; S 18c PICKLES ives rargc Can Liliby's. Sour or Dill Large Bottle 13c ASPARAGUS ... Hi CON CARNE iM SOAP '"£' 12c 9 C • n V. Collage Wjfc ;.', ,... IS Laryc or'-(i Stni Crystal Whilst Small Size 1U Uars e I'. & G. Gianl Bars 3 for lie Box LAMB PATTIES 7c 1'ound 2Sc 27c SUPER SUDS Regular Size American Maid Pound 28c BOLOGNA I'uund TUNA FISH Evcryduy Brand Can lie PINEAPPLE Libby's Large Can 20c rr Libby's Can 7ie CATFISH Pound 91 \(l A R OUUriH STEW Old Brown or -l.VCon- fectioiicrij. Lb Box 2Sc 7ic 1'ound TOMATO SAUCE BLACK PEPPER PIG EARS UcliMonfc S-Oz. Can ClimHx 2-0?.'Can 9c SNOUTS or TAILS ,-j O.l_-»< Pound X fm 2 C KOK SALADS. 'No. 2 56 Can TOMATOE JUICE Stokelcy's Can 5c Worrell's 1'ound 20c SNOWDRIFT 1'ail 41 c CfflLI CON CARNE El Toro Can Small. Size lO.Biirs 23c STANDARD SSSB X^ c " ^ ASPARAGUS "tsir'o. 2i:c Jane 12-Llj. Sack ------ 4<j c •18-Lb. Sack - - - - - $1.77 BUCK PEPPER Climax •I-Oz. Can 7c BAKING POWDER Cahim«t Lb. Can 23c DEL MONTE SPECIALS S\vcot Pii-kle Peaches, No. 2i/j Can - - 27c r'mil Cock Tail, No. 2'/ 2 Can - .- 33c Tomalo Sauce, '8-«z. Can ---... 7c Prunes, Prepared, No. 2 Vi Can • ... 18c I'ineapplt, Crushed, No. 2'/j Can • • 19c COFFEE c "°" i " """'V±r_3Qc Cream While Sfuirtciiinjf 1-1),, Q,,. |j c Lllic lOc CORN •Stokelcy's ' No. 'i Can PORK CHOPS L " n M gjl Igjc BLUE BUNNY FLOUR SijS:: £ 'SARDINES American Cans COFFEE Chase & Sanburn I'oiuid' Pint 19c Qua 37c COFFEE Sanka I'oiinri 47 c COCAMALT '" r8 ' 4tc^" 21 c DOfiFOOD Vigo Can SYRUP Staley's While or Red No. 5 26c; No. 2V t lac; N o . 1 10c QVRIIP Slaley's While or Hcd i~7V-v C'lriUr o; 5 2(ic, No. 2!/ 2 il5c, No. 1 1UC

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