Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 12, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 12, 1948
Page 2
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Page two GI Credited With Breaking Blockade Berlin. Oct. 12 — (UP)— A U S i Army sergeant, using soft scan I and , phony props on Russian trQUps,: temporily lifted the Soviet blockade of Berlin last week it i vvas:..disclosed today. ' I S-Sgt. Ralph Felling, 2fi-yoar-old ; combat veteran of MeCook, Neb i drove his automobile over (he main ' highway from Frankfort to the former German capital. "J'just wanted my automobile un ncrc in. Berlin," he explained "II Wasn't doing me any good 'down in Frankfurt." Felling appeared unimpressed by the fact he had done what Western diplomats had been imablr /to do Twenty-five feasting .Russians V »nn 1 lled FelIin K to fcfisli in on a '.COC-fo-1 chance when he showed Inem his "special credential^"— au lomooilc insurance papers and a four-language U. S. Army pass ati- thominc him to -be' absent.- from his billet. .;''•'• He 'had been unable'' to 'get a Russian permit for the trip. ' Foiling, drove his 'aritomoblo over the blockaded Berlin' - high way. , . • • ..... - fa He -"softened- up" the 'Uu'ssians at the Soviet-British zone border J.hursday. night when '/'he "-'visited them to exchange "smHlHal'k" and display pictures of his -wife" Mary Elizabeth Felling of Sdn Antonia HOPE STAR. HOPE, ARKANSAS . . . ., .,, Felling said he foun'd '.the Russians. in a receptive mood And (he chock point guardhouse like a 'scene out of a Hollywood movie " A girl in. a. Soviet uniform sat on the lap. of the soldier in chari'e throughout his stay. Felling said Emnty/vodka and Gorman cognac hoi ti.p ; s littered the floor. "I really wished I had a camera When: .they hauled in., a freshly- Kiiled-dcer covered with blood," the sergeant said. "They butchered H .'right' there and began to cook arm eat it." 'XheV.JJ.ussians examined Felling's credentials and informed him he could, not proceed until the following, morning because the Elbe river ferry had been : closed for the night; As he chatted with Russian noncommissioned officers in English and halting German, other Russians 'examined with great Interest the radio, heater, cigarette lighter and dashboard of his new automobile. "They seemed astonished that an ordinary G. I. could own an automobile like that," Felling said. The sergeant said that when he returned "to the Soviet barrier the next morning he .was waved on to Beihn, "by my old friends of the night before." Felling said he encountered no difficulty until he reached a Soviet checkpoint just outside of Berlin. .There, he showed two armed Russians-: the same "credentials" he diad. produced earlier. But they 3oo\ed dubious. . : -''The- barrier, was up and I knew it- they ever put it down it would sta.V down:" Felling said. "So I . .. to them. Told them I \\iouTd 'seS,rlhem: in' Berlin 'and drove oaf •Vhey^'didi not 'shoot;" E'ellJnSvSaid that . a week': earli-i' h* had been turned back three times;, by, RuBiatf 'Sentries, when he \ttempted to run the blockade via ;<de roads. , .. Russia Puts , Continued From Rage Qne lhat all my. things having been destroyed in.. the war. I would be nblc to acquire a wardrobe abroad. It would have been equally ratal to airplay, any .anxiety 'to leave the country,. Fully, a. week passed-, b.nfore I was cilled again to the 'Foreign Commissariat. It appeared that my rhree questionnaires w'ere , satisfactory, but more copies were needed. That indicated that my application was moving forward, but that at the"! same time a further Q s i"p)t-.. was to .be marie-. I was (T'ven. .another, stack of question- n-^ res to fill out. With the aid of the notes 7 'had made, I acquitted jr--"U -of the task. f^eri followori weeks of investigation by the" NKVD. A«ents came to examine inc and ask me questions ...about my sisters. Teachers in the district told me that they h,ad been interviewed about me. I would get mysterious telephone calls. Once I found a message to call the NKVD about a certain local teacher who had been purged as a counter-revolutionary. I knew that if I did not answer -the call, it would be interpreted as an admission of my having known him. Boldly I telephoned the NKVD headquarters and informed that I l:ad not been in the district long and had never known the man. Time dragged on. The winter was drawing to -, close. I got orders to report to (he forbidding premises of the Central Committee of the Communist paity the nerve-center of the Soviet 'dicator- snip which inspires awcVin nearly au Russjan hearts. ; :•'• The interior of thisi impressive edifice is "heavily draped, and 1 had a feeling shared by -.- all those waiting there that there many ears lurked behind the heavy drapes. I was inspected at every Step here. Finally I was ushered into the presence of < Alcxandrov mrnself. then Stalin's, chief aide in the field of education.' whose position was more powerful than that Of the Commissar of Education Himself. Alexantlrov. the author of a famous Communist handbook on pedagogy, has since, been removed for heresy. He was a cultured man ?na m the course of the interview asked me if I knew ''English it was clear that I was' .slated for America. He also inquired if 1 v-.-m acquainted with foreign schools and then casually dropped th<- flUCition as he looked al ' mv na- pcis- ' ' d ' L ' d ' ( ' h '' nil>li '" I v.as scared. In ihc back of mv inmd the thought flashed. "Do ihe'v ' ' " . New Bills for Old in Israel An old Jewish woman looks on as a young Israeli nirl" gathers"irT her new Israeli currency after exchanging* her earn ngsSr new notes, .rhe scenes ,s the Anglo-Palestine Bank in Jerusalem where hundreds lined up to exchange old Palestine pounds lor the new Jewish money. * 'Take Yer Hands Off Me, Ya Bum' Jrvin the ^baby gorilla, obviously doesn't like captivity. Brought M,,? Bn n' fl i°. m - A i''' ira ' S Fl ' enn11 t-'ameroons. Irvin is held by R. Mai tin Perkins, director of Chicago's Linroln Park Zoo The youngster was, named for zoo patron Irvin Young. Weapon for '"Cold War? .. What's this—another atomic bomb explosion? Nope—it's just an iceberg whoso odd shape is reminiscent of the Bikini B-bomb tests It was photographed oil' Uealy Island, in the Arctic, by a vh', ', f ° , f ' Cjl » J " ll! '»-U- S. expedition bri,, s ins supplies to outlying weather stations. One ot the group's helicopters is seen coming in for a landing. ^ ^'Miss italy' Makes Her Bow I J tAK:*-*^*:?;*'^ . nnsc(!V-for me!" But I looked him btrr.k'in >n tlu- ' Ivia Franco. 11! (leiu. , s Miss Italy of liMfj. The Italian beauty .....Ix Irom Trieste. Presenting her with her ribbon is Miss Italy t'i JJ-J., Uic;a Ijiiye. (Photo by NKA-Acme stall correspondent Albert Hlasetli.) I'lii'it c;'. n;..- ;>.>i;v vhah; to the i quired ,1 bine, summer school uni- Kureign (.'u.-iMii!.- .;,u iat, this time I uirm. a woolen dress. a leather 'V. l! " ""' ( l'i'':-'li"."!i;ii/v:, and i.->!•,(' : udr.-:e. ;: p. 1 !!.' 1 of shiu-s. a coal, and jjicluiys I'I.T a p.i. :.;-NI ,rt And all!;, trunk. \Vlien all these thing's the v.'iiih' one h;-.l in suujiH-.-.s tin-, wi iv deli\-e|vd-. lu my little abode J".^ ',' ! ''''•', l ; "J"'('-!..ir ri-li-a;:i-. to n." Hie ontikirts .of Moscow Hit- v, I'tun^ ijin, .-, i,u p ;;ij ( | OIK-':; iuii'j.tu'. ijeii'.iibufllOocl w.'us' at'.og. Teachers • i;t '|.'i v.'iiH'.-i'in.- ,1 it \.-;i.-. ail ;: ' airl :-trangi r;; eairie In view this 'I'.'eaii;. :•.'.'.' • : n, -!rxti!>. :'i'i'!.n;; Ihe eJullie.s admir- ,•;;)! -iin-'ay aiiil .ii:;eii:,si!)i.; iheir iiualily Twicp more I was culled to the Central Committee for further scrutiny bv two other Ion official" "no of these was a hard-bitten and -'•cn-< examiner. He gave me a '«)>" '••• Dire on how I should be'•A" 'n America. that I should -study the political situation, look ~.'ito the causes of unemployment and explore the diseases of CUD ; - ;:';;jii;. A- 1 u at Ji.-a.vni4 lor the siation - - .... j-uveiii- !o lake tlie train to the Black Sea IJiienl olta-.aU. 1 inu never i-.e- iM.-n, , v he;e 1 was to board a So- |Jlt-VL-d t:!at 1. a teacher. WMU!I| -.id v.^.se! bound fur the United jKy^ins:^-.- on.- <>'. these :>."ch-,-n- --•t:r»s. ::; :il hardly trusting mv . \vn yjca closed ston ..; ,„;!• ,i':-i:. -, [ 10- ;• • n^-s :; !i^ij:iib.]r came Io b\i i-.v ':,e ar:slijfr:.ey. ih.'SuN.,! -lovcrn ' i..r l wi-!l. lie whispered into mv Tuesdoy, Ocfober 12, 7948 Railroads Ask Increase in Freight Rates Washington, Oct. 12 —W)— The |railroad industry today asked authority to increase freight charges 13 per cent, and estimated the increase- would bring in if.'000,000,i 000 a year. The carriers filed an Amended petition with, the Interstate Commerce Commission asking the 13 per cent increase. The new application supplants an October 1 petition for an eight per cent rate increase.. Vice President Jacob Aronson, of the New York Central system, said the addition five per cent advance now being asked is necessary because of the ten cents an ho.ir wage increase granted railway conductors and trainmen, effective October 16. Aronson said the wage increase sets a pattern for the whole Ihdus- Ir.v and if applied to nil rail workers will cost the railroads $371,-! (100.000 a year in wages and pay-' rol! taxes. The new petition asked that the ICC grant an eight per cent increase immediately while the commission is considering the proposed 13 per cent advance as a permanent part of the rate structure. Russia Ago in. Continued on page two which suggests cither that Russia is in the wrong or that a blockade in fact exists ground Berlin. A British spokesman told reporters today the Westerrt powers feel certain the course they are following in the end will make Russia, "reorientate her policies" in Germany. He said the Western power offensive in the security council has "kept Vishinsky fairly subdued." Russia, he explained, has been put en the defensive. Austin asserted it is "a misconception to suppose that differing systems cannot live side by side in peace under the basic rules'of international conduct prescribed by the charter of the United Nations." But he said, the United Nations must teach the Russians "what is possible and what is impossible in the relationship between the Soviet Union and the world at large." A Russian proposal for a one- tbird arms reduction and junking of atomic weapons was under consideration. Vishinsky complained bitterly in reply to Austin that, in the West- r'-n view, "whatever we do is wrong." Every sentence of the Western speeches, the Russian said, "showers blame on us." The Soviet representatives attack nobody, he said. "Can you deny that the .Soviet proposal contaionsfnnaoattioa f io proposal contains not an iota, of a shadow of a hint of an attack on anybody?" he asked. Speaking in a much calmer tone than in previous speeches, the Soviet deputy foreign minister declared: i. "You are accusing the Soviet delegation of provocation, no less. Is that thinkable? It would be luci-: crous if it was not so dad." He said Austin had interpreted his quotations from Soviet leaders "in a distorted manner." "I don't like these theoretical discussions on Marxism and Leninism," he said. Then Vishinsky said he was willing to discuss Marxism and Len- insim if Austin wished. "Okay, let's fight," he said. "Let's argue. Let's have a big dispute on ahese quotations." He said the quotations had been twisted—by lifting them out of context—to. mean exactly the opposite 'o what' they said. Tie said that the capitalist and t Communist ideologies could live i side by side in the some world "if bo;h sides try to understand h" o her side." "Hence our desire to coopera'.e. ' be said. "We want to cooperate. "We are yearning for cooperation." Vishinsky added, however, that cooperation was Impossible as long ;:s one side "is bolstered by the atomic bomb." He did not repeat bis hints of Oct. 1 that the Soviet union already has the. atom bomb. The Russian showed some heat when he commented^ on an Austin statement that the Soviet Union in 1039 had been a "working partner with the oft-denounced Nazis." "While wo \vere talking with the Germans, behind out back; you were trying "to,' sign ,a peat with the Germans" to channel Hitlerite aggression against tho Soviet Union," he charged. Tins, he said, was the "role of your Chamberlains and Daladiers." The United States, he charged, "made Hitlerite agression" possible by pouring millions and millions of dollars into Germany. Vishinsky then returned to his argument that the Communist and capitalist worlds can exist together. "ideological differences cannot decisive role where there Hppe Dawns for Czechs Fleeing Reds Arkansas Fugitive Held by Officers in Philadelphia Philadelphia, Oct. 12 —(UP)-—A husky 19-year-old Texan was in .lail in default of $25,000 bail today as a fugitive from the Arkansas state prison. Alva D. Rodgcrs, El Dorado, j Tex., was seized Oct. 1 in a bus terminal by detectives, who said he checked a revolver in a locker. Magistrate Thomas E. Costello set an additional S3,000 bail for alleged violation of the firearm act, and another $5.000 on a charge of transporting stolen property into Pennsylvania. Body of Young .Minister's Wife Found isi River Little Rock. Oct.. 12 —iff}— The body of a minister's young wife, was recovered from the Arkansas river here today. Griffin-I/eggett funeral home srid the Rev. H. T. Hubbard of Mabelvnle. near Little Rock, identified the body as that of his wife, Emma Lee, 24. The body was recovered shortly be-fore noon with grappling hooks I TI ., , h t near the point where witnesses I lc . s - that told police they saw a young woman swimming yesterday. Later yesterday 'Mr. Hubbard told officers he feared the swimmer was his wife. He said she had been ill and had attempted to jump from the Broadway bridge [over the river Sunday night. Yes- j terclay morning, he said, .she disappeared after leaving him on Having found sanctuary in the U. S. Zone of Germany after a Czech i-na- Washington, Oct. 12 — (IP) —Har- jOld L. Ickes is backing President Truman in next month's election. The 74-year old New Dealer who broke with Mr. Truman in February. lf)4fi, after 13 years' service as secretary of the Interior, rejoined the Democratic ranks yesterday. . Although he said he "would welcome an opportunity to vole for someone else," Ickes gave conservation of the nation's natural resources as the deciding factor in his choice of presidential candidates. "As between Thomas elusive Dewey, the candidate in sneakr- ers." Ickes said in a statement, "I prefer to support Mr. Truman, who is straightforward' and sincere, if nt times more unpredictable than I Would wish." Icke once a leading member oC the old Progressive party, said the new Progressive party candidate, Henry Wallace "in his Communist stew . is impossible." As for supporting Norman Thomas, the Socialist standard bearer, would be wasting a vote." The former cabinet member registered la:;l year as a "non-partisan" at his home in nearby Olney, Md. His .statement yesterday followed by a week his first White Hnu.se visit in two and one-half years. the> pretext of making telephone urges his'vch.ildren to wash up. Yc.iu^r at takes a dint; view of the idea. East 1 Arkansas A rr? Big Headaches Little Rock. Oct. 12 —(UP) — Carnivals and "fly-by-night shows" ar3 flooding Eastern Arkansas and but Cook said many of the small outfits attempted to evade the payment of any taxes. "While they are expected to report once every 30 days," the commissioner said, "our policy is .to collect every day." "Saved my A God-send for GAS-HEARTBURN" Oct 12 steady are definite said. We can common interests," he sit at the same table. Together, we defeated Fascism Vishinsky interrupted himself at tins point to admonish: •'Listen, Mr. Austin, it's really very interesting." Austin repeatedly called on Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister \\\. drei Y. Vishinsky to deny declarations of Soviet and other Communist leaders that peace between the Soviet Union and the capitalist world is impossible. As he spoke the Western powers, convinced mediation et- lorls are futile, pressed for a .showdown in the security council on their demand lhat Russia raise the blockade of Berlin. U. N. sources said. Britain. France and ihe United States want a council session tomorrow or Thursday, feeling the time for action has armed. The Kremlin's answer to efforts of the so-called neutral states to mediate in the Berlin crisis siill is awaited. Some Western sources said there would have been some hope al compromise if a Russian answer was conciliatory in tone. As Austin began quoting from Lenin and other Communist ••'•es, Vishins'-.y and Ukrainian 1 Ic.galc Dmitri Mamiilsky look <-opious notes. Asulin asked the committee: "Can there be confidence and security when one of the permanent ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCKS National SUockyards, 111.. — i/n— Hogs. 7,000; market to mostly 25 lower than Monda good and choice 190-260 ]bs largely one price of 26.25; moderate sprmgling 26.50; sonic late sales down to 26.00; heavies verv scarce; 160-180 Ibs mostly 255026.00 130-15 Ibs 23.0-250- 'lO- 12 Ibs 20.0-22.0; sows 40 Ibs down largely 22.75-24.50; over 40 Ibs 20.0-21.75. Cattle, '5,0: calves, 2,00; common and mediumv steers opened steady some strength on lew good steers sold; cows strong to 50 higher; bulls and vealers on e1 ?n dy / loaci avci-a ge good steers j^.ou few loads common and medium 19.50-27.00; odd lots common and medium heifers 1850-25.0; common and medium beef cows 17.00-19.00; , most canners and cut- cutters to good bulls cutter anci common good to choice vealers common and medium , ters 12.50-16.50; few rn 10.00-19.0; 28.00-3450 Sheep, 3,50; lambs mostly opening steady; sales fat top 25.00 to outsiders; other good and choice lambs early mostly 24.00-50 to big packers run included several hundred yearlings; one deck mostly medium yearlings 19.00 some held above 22.00. POULTRY AND PRODUCE Chicago, Oct. 12 — Star of Hope 189S; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 Published every weekday afternoon bv STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secretary-Treasurer at the Star buildinn 212-2M South Walnut Sireet, Hope, Ark. Alex. H. Washburn, Editor & Publishe' Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hosmcr, Mcch. Supt. Jess M. Davis, Advertising Manager Entered as second class matter at thi Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rates: (Always Payable Ir Advance): By city carrier per week 20c per month 85c. Mail rates—in Hemp stead, Nevada, Hov/ard, Miller anc LaFayotte counties, $4.50 per year; else where $8.50. National Advertising Representative — Vknnsos Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, Tenr. Srerick Building; Chicago, 400 North Mirl igan Avenue; New York City, 292 Madisi. Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 W Gran< Blvd.; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Bldg Now Orleans, 722 Union St. \Vhen (.'xeossHtoniiu'h :u-Ul (•iUiHcspnlnful.Punorat- rmHnff n lin-ir! .,„]•,„ r . n < < ItiReus, sour HUmiiii'IuimllionrUmrn, doctors usually eating a headache for the state I prracribu tho fasti-st-ai'tuiB im'iiicima knmvn for .................... revenue department. Revenue Commissioner Otho Cook said today that the small shows are moving into the slate in large numbers because of loose money caused by a record cotton crop, I He said that his county inspec- j tors are kept busy attempting to collect Kales, amusement and ad- m'ssion taxes. The shows are required to obtain a permit from the sales tax division of the revenue department, Bfll-.'iti3 Tiililots. No hivitlvo. Brll-:inl3 brlmrH comfort tri'ii ' Jlny or return liotlle to us for double money bark. © BELL-ANS for Acid indigestion 25 o Member of tho Associated Press: Tr- Associatcd Press is entitled exclusively 1> r he use for republication of .all the loca T - , ; lews printed in this newspaper, os well c ...... „,,„„„, , . , Live P"ul- ill AP news dispatches. U.v. unsettled ;recaeipis 41 trucks i • : : . prices unchanged to a cent a I pound lower .except heavy clucks I Preventable Fires a cent higher; FOB: folw'31, lee-i More than 825,000 preventable 29; roasters 28-34 KOB ; fires occurred in Ihe United States Dallas Show Window of ths Southwest IT'S TIME TO SHINE WITH SELF-POLISHING I LIQUID^ WAX SHOE POLISH BLACK BROWN TAN BLUE OXBLOOD horn fowl wholesale market: Heavy 35 all others unchanged/ j during 1946. Sixty per cent were 1 put. out by fire extinguishers when I they were only small blazes. Little Rock, Oct. 12 — i/l-i— A yro who escaped deafh in Ihe tric chair throuyh .•\fkan.'--ns preme Court action has been dered back to the state tarm. !»c- Suor- prison State Parole Director W P p,-i|| yesterday ordered Clayton ' Po'r- chia, 31, of Canulen. to serve tho remainder of his prison term afle>-" Ball said, the convict refused to cooperate with his employer. Poi-chia was given the death s"n- tence in Ouachita County on June 2 1988, for the murder of Dale McClurkin of Canidcn. The stale Supreme Court reducted h's tence to 21 years and he olcd March f>, 1SJ45. Couri Rules Forever Amber Not Obscene Boston,Oct. 12 — i.n'i — Kathleen Windsor s novel "Forevocr Amber ' is not obscene, indecent or impure, accordin.:; to a majority but divided opinion, of the MassW'uu- sctts Supreme Court. In upholding a ruling of Superioi Court Judge Frank J. Donahue, the supreme court found the bock did not violate state laws. .Judge Donahue. 67. reported he tell asleep while reading about Amber's love affairs. He called the book "Soporific" anrl renoriod "sexual episodes abound to the point of tedium " A corrected stomach condition will cause you to feel comfortable immediately. Yes, this fact has been time- tested and proved by Doctors. So why wait when there is no need to continually carry a lump in your stomach and feel miserable after every meal. An appetizing portion of SSS Tonic before meals does wonders for the stomach. This famous medicine contains no soda or other alkalizers, which usually retard digestion. Instead, SSS Tonic with its highly potent ingredients works to tone-up the stomach so it may release its own digestive juice (hydrochloric acid) to break-up food for body use and tissue repair. SSS Tonic has helped hundreds of thousands of people, without any organic trouble or focal infection, to really feel better, more vigorous, better able to enjoy living. Take none less than this ell'ec- tively-proved medicine to relieve your misery. Take SSS to tone-up your stomach, whet the appetite, build-up blood strength! Get SSS Tonic from any Drug Store today. Take Oniy The Best The items advertised in Logan Bailey's Ad in Monday's Hope Star were wrong. These are the items for sale. 7 FoQir Ffigtdaiis'e MAG8C CHEF, Two Oven Gas Range Heater Living Room Suite Dining Room Suite Bedroom Suites And Many Other Items too numerous fro mention. Phone 994-J 801 E. 3rd Street Apartment 3 Phone 994-J members of securitv council creates a ilireul to peace bv imnos- in.a a land bluckude of Berlin?" "Can there be confidence: and security when OIK: of then) refuse to participate in the effort of tin: security emineil to remove this threat Io v.-orld peace?" "Can there be eoni'Llence and security \vhen one of them frus- trate.s the efforts- of all the oilier nosuibl.y { era! assemblv be^for propaganda euectv" | secretary of ih-.> Stale Ma returned ;o Paris ironi talks [PiYs'dein Truman OH iho 1 S crisis. M;p->h-ill who v.as ac.-n-n- i | pained by EC A Administrator Pi.u' | Hodman ;inci w Bedell Smith j y. S. ambassador to Moscow, v.'cut lu the AniL-rii-an K;n-

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