Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 11, 1948
Page 6
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Pago Six HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, Ocfobcs 11, 1948 Britain Hurls More Charges London. Oct. 1! — - i.p. — j accused .Russia today oi tryiny; to 'Utt .the Western powers ' m;{ of Berlin, of keeping tb.juso.v.):: of Germans in coneentra'.io'i cj'nps and of aHempSim' to s.ili.iiage Europe's economic rceovei •: Seven Units Make Up This New i Ionic $m'£$& : .'---:-';iM& ^'^(^M- ! Ma^Sv*:j/«'s*i.V-: ; .'';5.:/-.•••-".: •..•'•.• ?'•;•',•:•'?.>•>•.• : ^??K' WjjfiiSK .. yfi K:i'&-^-'- : «^'r-;^/-\ -.': .-'••'••• '_•;. .';'.' :> 'i. '•'' .--t.itcmc.r.t trie Unit- innn 40,000-word whit Berlin crisis negotiations and . in Moscow. . In general tennis, the indicated that issued by ed States Sept. 27. But it was in greater detail, with . which took in issues ranging from control of the rmnerai i irii" Ruhr Valley to Soviet claims for SIO.OOO.- 000,00 in repn rations. The British paper sai-.l: 1 — "The Soviet !;.>vcr)!;T>e>)t has no intention of rear.hj'ir, , give- men t (over Berlin) ,;a,> c on jts own terms." 2— "Soviet authorities in Berlin have tolerated aHcmp's by minority groups sympathetic lo t!;ch- Sims to overthrow the ieg;;I municipal government of th ecily." 3 — Russia has "embr/rkel upcn a carefully prepared attempt lo compel the Western occup-.' powers to abandon under duress' their rights in Berlin." 4 — Acceptance of Russian terms would mean "immediate or progressive ahsor))iion ot \vcsiern scctlors of Berlin within the Soviet economy and whittling away of the rights and obligations of the Western occupying powers to a point where the whole city of Berlin was under exclusive Soviet domination." _The document charged that "Soviet authorities were violating in their zone fundamental personal and political freedoms prescribed by the Potsdam agreement." "The judiciary is not independent and thousands of people, including children, have been arbitrarily arrested and confined in concentration camps within the Soviet zone or deported to the Soviet union. "Skilled' workers also have been forcibly removed to the Soviet Union. In outlining the background of the Berlin dispute, the white paper referred to collapse ot the Big Four foreign minisier.-; council meeting in London a year ago and declared: "The Soviet government had come to regard that body as a rostrum for propaganda, rather than a forum for negotiation." Hobbyist" Starting with a foundation, the new Reliance home is built bv anchoring -even r.-. u .!o!-y-bui to it. This home, being built in Philadelphia, shows three of Ihe. unilp.' The slool-^nd-uli: home, selling for $8950, has six rooms. It lakes Iv.o hour:; !.o a:v-.vmb:e. New Helicopter Boasts Bus-Sized 'Capsule' This is a drawing of the Air Force's new helicopter the largest. The XH-16, with its detachable "capsule" 'the size of carry the largest load ever carried by this type of aircraft Th and supply carrier, air ambulance, and large-scale rescue craft," C-54 airliner. n . •" T I u ( u :.!,')), ,,•.-!•.;.-,:. s COMIJ)iir:i':..!c.' M \ 1'r, u, .U. This is "Miss Wyoming," nee Carol Held of Lusk, Wyo., who, in addition to having what it takes to compete for the "Miss America" beauty crown, has hobbies. They are piano playing, which won her a free trip to New York to take a Barbizon modeling course, baking cakes and pies and horseback riding. About cv/iiy.jxiig' — we Paris, Oct. 11 — <UPi — Five million French workers will block any move by Gen. Chr.rlcs De- Gaulle and his Rightist Rally of the French peopl? to seize power - Benoit Frachon, French Communist labor chief, warned today. Frachon spoke to 2,500 union leaders as the annual Congress of the General Workers confederation (CGT) opened a.mid government charges that orders for the week-old strike of 350,1)00 French miners carne direct from Moscow. ,, T ii?, hea vy-set secretary-general of. CGT urged strikers throughout France to continue their struggle for wages, but admitted that no nationwide general strike at the moment would be possible. Franehon and other Communist leaders ignored charges of In- tenor Minister Jules Moch, who Creomulsion relieves promptly because it goes ri'slit to the sent of the trouble to help loosen and expel perm laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes. Toll your druggist to sell you a bottle of Creomulsion •with the umk>r.si;mdiiif; } r ou must like ihe way it quickly allays the cough Oj^you arc to lave your money hack. '11 eairai £ .__^., torCoughs.Chesl-Coids.ei-onchitis told a Socialist parly meeting last night that the coal strike was ordered by the Cominform to prepare France for a Communist coup similar lo lhal last, winter in Czechoslovakia. They insisted Ihe strike was for higher wages only and will end when Ihe government, which operates the nationalized coal mines, grants them. The spreading railroad strike further crippled the French trans- poruition system, especially in the East, Southeast and West. There was a possibility it might become nationwide while the CGT Congress is meeting. Moch charged that Andrei Zhda- nov, Russian politburo member ordered the CGT to begin strike operations in September. Zhdanov died several weeks ago, but Moch said a note was sent before his death. "A few days later a double- barrelled reply from the (French) Communist party and CGT told the Cominform chiefs thai everything was set for Ihe end oi Sep- lember. "The Communists were told to force a vertical drop in French production during the United Nations session in order to create at Paris the type of situation that existed in^Prague in February." The CGT conference has drawn 2,500 delegates from throughout Frc.ncc. They will rncct for five days to hear reports'on the past year's activities and prepare plans for Ihe coming year. Sometime during the mooting a nationwide strike vole among French railway workers is expected to approve a walkout that will paralyze rail traffic. Unchanging Diamonds in antique jewelry have not gone dim with age, since diamonds never change, but modern cutiing gives Ihe gems grealer sparkle. Arsenal The United States accounted for nearly -la per cent of the' armament output of all belligerent'nations at the peak of the war eflo.rt. * Stewart Warner Console Radio o Hamilton Upright Piano 0 8 Piece Dining Room Suite 61 Acorn Gas Cook Range * 3 Piece Living Room Suite ® Cooleraior Ice Box * 4 Piece Bedroom Suite SEE ... LOGAN BAILEY SOI E. 3rd, Apt. 3 ph one 994-J Mrrt^s-iliii^iEunUiBi^-;^;; ^tJ3uj»ia«i*t«ia'i£«athrti^I^ Tame Crow P!ay Cat's Meow r. Almost every morning, t'.iis i.:v.r.i i:"o-. hooci, rings door-be'!?, bc',s i'ootl, tic: 1 ':" and even play;; with tho do/:-. i. ; ; chihuahua siePi'. iu c.ivurt Monday, October 11 Regular munliilv n:,"i':i:". Nevada District Boy .'iv-irui (' mitlec \vill bu hnhi 'ai i!i - !i; way Hotel at 7 I..IM .1. A. acting chaiiiiKin .-11, 1 1J...••.::>• ham. \'ice chah III.-IM, ',-. ;n ' ;•. char;;e ol tin' PICCUII;.;. !\ir. ; is urging all niun:).".'/ -; o; !,•.-• trict coniiuillei', h.i.uu!.i:,-..-:u i , ,':istaiiis oi true);) L'ti:miillit'.'i • i'ttiMid llu- mi'i't'ir.:. h'--.-uui K:-: live Oscar t'anli\c.'ll v.-jli In- ,i •. at tho mcctin;;. Chiropractic Ruling Upheld by High Court Little Rock. Oct. 11 — (/Fi — The Arkansas Supreme Court today I again held (hat applicant:; for chi-j 1 rcpractic licenses must satisfy the board of examiners in basic sciences of their ability in basic science subjects. The decision affirmed a Pulaski circuit court veidict finding the i members of the State Board of Chi-| ropractic Examiners guilty of is-' suing a license without' "such a showing, and fining them SI.00 each. The chiropractcic board. Karl Lindcjiiist. Guy Smith and E. H. Green Jr.. contended they were authorized to issue the license by reciprocity under Act 4!!5 of 1921. The applicant, Thelma Anderson, they said, was qualified i n basic sciences in a state having similar professional requirements. Agreeing with the lower court that the act "was not willfully or wantonly done," the supreme court held that the Basic Science Act "superimposed its requirements upon pre-existing laws." It said an examination as to ability in the basic sciences may be waived but must be waived by the basic science board of examiners. In a 5-2 decision, the court affirmed a Sebastian Circuit court fine of $50 against the Kansas City Southern Railway Company for violation of Act 67 of 1913, the full switching crew law. The case involved operation over 28.9 miles of Frisco Railway Company track between Fort. ' Smith. Ark., and Poteau. Okla. The high court held that the operation was not shown to be separate from the railroad's other operations and said the case was similar to one against the railroad which previously was affirmed "by this, court" and later "affirmed'by the! Supreme Court of the United : States." Jn one opinion, the court affirmed two separate Mississippi Chancery court decrees, giving J. E. Holly, J. M. Roach and oth : ers title to right-of-way of an old levee o.t the Mississippi County Drainage District No. 1G. The 20-mile levee was built in 1P15. After the federal government i built a new setback levee in 1038. Holly. Roach and others set uu fishing camps and boat docks the old levee. The lower court ruled, and jhigh court 'agreed, that the levee was not located accordin the country court order and right-of-way was acquired by prescription rather than by condemnation or grant from the owners, and that such right-of-way was lost when the old levee was abandoned. The court affirmed a 80.500 jiirig- i ment of the Deasha circuit court to ; I Mrs. Lillie Baker, against Jessie Stockton, taxi cab owner, for the death of Mrs. Baker's husband. Baker was fatally injured when a car owned and driven by ni.s wife collided with one of Stockton's cabs. The court held JVI'-s. Baker was negligent and not entitled to damages on her own count but that her husband, passenger, was nut negligent, that she was entitled to dan: for his death. One~in r Incident Knroute With Devey to Pittsburgh, Oct. II i/P).-- Gov. Thomas E. Dowey barnstormed across Pennsylvania today, holding in reserve ' a possible public blast at President Tinman's handling of the vinson incident. The republican presidential nominee let Sena lor Arthur Vandenberg (R-Mich) put into words \\hwi Uewcy him:-elf apparently would like to have said openly out decided not to do because of its world effect. Vandcnberg declared in a New York City speech last night that Mr. Truman's abandoned plan to send Chief Justice Vinson to Moscow for personal negotiations with Premier Stalin involved in a "narrow escape" from singelhanded action that could have cripp'ed United Nations handling of the Berlin crisis. The altitude among the Republicans—evidently shared by Dewey— was that Mr. Truman had ma:lc a desperate blunder that might, h.iv;: had tragic effects around l.'ie world. Jano Grcer, screen actress, has been chosen "Miss Valen-lic of 1949," which explains ber getup. It's a patchwork ot neck- tics. The Men's Tie Foundation picked her to reign over their New York convention. Discovers Miniature Device for THOUSAMDS SAY» n'^ffflP ffiiMB l S a ff ilUSf lidRj&KErr FOR M5SSRA3LS TOHMENT OP You'll \velcomo the REAL relief you get BEAL quick with C-2223.Famous because it's a proved medicine praised by thousands who have known what it is lo suffer muscle aches due to exercise or exnosure (often called rheumatic pain), or lumbago. Often C-2223 helps you feel better before even one bottle is gone. Purchase price of first bottle back if not satisfied. For temporary relief of accompanying constipation, take St. Joseph 2223 Laxative Pills. on the old ;• to th:' Blackie can climb trees like the cat's meow, and they do. The cocker spaniel got tired of fruitlessly chasing cats around Russell, Kan., so he took climbing. to tree- UEJ '.«,- v-f. y^J siifca 2> rodoca rcr 1^-ff t". v ;?<'.7^j,*, l .-u ... _ j 4/ **?<t Mvjra.Tt i^^LJL^iMui Chicago. 111.—A big improvement has been made in a new device now welcomed by thousands of deafened. It is so small it fits in Ihe palm of the hand. Us clear noiseless true is so efficient that even faint, voices are understood, i WJlh it thousands now enjoy music, sermons and friendly comnanion- ship. Finger tip controls permit you to adjust it instnmly to chang-- ing sound conditions. Accepted by the American Medical Association's Council on Physical Medicine. The makers of Rellone. Dept. XL M50 W. liiih :.it.. Chicago H. 111., are so proud of ih'jir acliievcmeiit.. they wil! gUidly s'Mid you tree dei scriptive bo.jidet on ho\v to over- '.•omo deafness and explain how you may try this miniature device 1 in the piivacy of your home with- j out risking a penny. Write Bellone i today. —Adv. if ycwfae the a o" ® & -CUPi- Tuesclny, Oulol.-tr Ladies AuMlv.rv list c'liiii'ch Will in evnooii at '2. oi (' Tc See Harry Shiver for .... Complete Plumbing Supplies Fleznoif Suspended Unit Heaters Floor Furnaces Roper Gas Ranges GENERAL ^iSXEC^iaO Q"d iC DiSHV/ASHERS — DISPOSALLS HARRY W. SHiVER PLUMBING — HEATING PHONE 259 lice! n;\vr i:..Mli: ; :l will meet with ,lic church in Ark;i;;i li : and WecliK'xIay. Wednesday, October Tile i'lcacc:!! Mu n.-... Died V.\ diu'.sda;. u', : holm 1 in' .Mrs. \Vili;' Mi-i. Dudky LMirunii. < The I'ri-cna M.ni: ;. I n K'I layl v.-i-i'!: •'• thr ; j isl churl li '.v .h I in- i, | I'vlashlnn \\, \', . ' .. i !..• I Air. Kmdrirl; .Mi:' i' | public v.'t ri- •(•.:• -i: ••• 1 u l u n i .is l i i! 1 u v,.- : vice v. ,11 l.)e with lh. 1 i Church. N,-Y. :..i ;.i I Joe' Tyt:</ii. I'a.-l-^ c.; iU ilu- year \.i'.i' ini l.H'l. 1 1-U! iii'V H, i;. 1!) !;;•%'. !\ ; !iiinr:. i \Vlnu-: Nov. \-:>. !u v i',-'J lu v. ilu, : n,io< i In-v. Tyson; A'I'.V . : InTU: -\'(-V. L'ii ')'! ! Chicago, Oct. 8 - liam John Granata, 42, Rep'ib lican candidate for clerk of the Cook County I Chicago; circuit court, was murdered earl today by an unkno'.vn killer who struck him down with a heavy knife o>hatchet. Granata, former GOP committeeman of one of Chicago's tough West Side wards, was found dying in a pool of blood in front of the Skyline Club, a loop apartment hotel where he and his \vite had lived since their house burned five months ago. His wife. Violet '2(',, was a;;!eep in their suite ot rooms upstairs at the time he was lound 'in the l l;i ',._ [doorway by Nicholas S0;1[ | I clulj elevator operato ,_ 'attracted by a disti i side. Granata, 's brother, Stat PetiM- C. Granata, said he ve lieen j farmers; : no reason for the murde. e seed ' Police leiancd that Gran.i ;il , 01 -. !aUoi:d('d a ?::;ri( s of GOP er lor jdi'ring the evening. A polili jsociate tjinc'St J... C'ope, :;a i our j dropped the candidate off need | hotel at \'Z: 10 a. in. Holm Granata ID minutes later. , _ "When 1 looked out. 1 :^ [Granala on the sidewalk " | said. "Tt looked like his i been caved in." Granata died as poli him to Heanrolin hu said death \va: : due t "blo\v ;it thf base of kni-'i- or hatchi-l.' apnareully v-\:ri: to the atKu'k ai L'archin:; tor lh Solm w n o bance -Ml .- ni hairy \vtch I l :i " ph <tt_ in J 0 / o i d (i :-av.- io ;'ov; .; i felt hi t : s i! \ nK 'i i 1 in- P ; . bushel.- ( ''I pi I j)l 1 U i , ill n i . YI Kh u; ;<*' be : Tc c bl n L 10 1 ] olh I i -.'.. i". '• or bai lev i hi-, H i d i Id i :'-. Fi. niliy. ..• y. ilil ot h c. I U c, i n i I p...,- t,.i : t 'u:pei-i(.f vetch dining the l.'K.o,. - -------------- — ' pel u d lii- \ ill | i\ - Sr.. ..irs. 'i'. !•' del 1 in i n i ill 01 '. D. Lu. a:-.. j ' ' i\ c til n t I ________ ~ ! th ll I O 'ill 1 I \ 1 I s Look for this '-CP"seal before you buy! Than you know your new j ui[.'c has ihe best of everything! Automatic controls . . . thrifty r jnsnnii . . . nnokele:-* broiling .. . uniform baking . . . cleanliness, lAiclne;^, economy! You gr,t them all in this new MAGIC CHEF Gas rar,j-:;;--.:iiui ia every "make"\ve carry built to "CP" 1 ind;;r':is. We'll be glau ;o help you choose the :ncdel U ill's jiiji riyhl io: your "New Freedom Gas Kiicheu."* Tb;- \\'c.ll:,,'.'- I :c!H-r I ••, ; i!i, :,.• ! I' il! l:ir i::'n, :,! \', :ll- .I!.' .i.,: •• .; \\iii;.'. K. T .'.! \V.'!li;;li:.-, ;.:• ' i 'J i:-. :.' V. ,•,,• ..'! • • \i \uu *.)in ti i i u l j ici il i i j i d j n] i j t j ill) i i b t / 1 t i i i 1 i Jii n i i I 1 Id 1 1 11 1 1 i X i l ) i I t r 1 J ml i i i l i I LK utc i c. H ii YiM t

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