Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 11, 1948
Page 4
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Page Four HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Ads Must Be In Office Day Before Publication Number of One Three Six One Words Up to 15 16 to 20 . 21 to 25 . 26 to 30 . 31 to 35 Day Days Days Month .45 .60 .75 .90 1.05 36 to 40 !.'."" I .'20 41 to 45 /.... 1.35 46 to 50 1.50 .no 1.20 1.50 i.no 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2.DO 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 "" *. .tut u,\j\t ij.inj Rates are for Continuous Insertions Only • All Want Ads Cash in Advance • Not Taken Over the Phone iFor Rent- FURNISHED TWO ROOM AT'ART- rnent. electric refrigerator. Utilities paid. Phono !)fll-W. Airs. Add Turner. 0-:!i BROWNS' FUR'MSHKD GARAGE ppartment. Three rooms and bath. 1311'f. West. Ave. B. f)-3t Wanfed fo Buy HIGI i I;ST live hens. i;c I : ;S""PA iu Moore Bros. FOR 7-fit. Real Estate for Sale HOUSE LOCATED NKAU~FA?f? park and Garland School. (i rooms. breakfast room and now garago wilh room attached Recently redecorated. $;;>:)() Down and resume F.II.A. T.nan Payments $37. 4f). Phone Ii;>o 5-Gt Veeck Looks uer 2- 3- R O 0 M apartments, near Store. Phone 38-F-l Schooley. .1. K. 11 -If Lost or Strayed BLACK IVL^'Kr"wKTf;7rr"""lTlO .'•locking feet. 9 years old. Kn.ie'i mane, scar in forehead. For information call J. r.?. Gaincs. South Klin at West 13th Street. S10 reward for return. ; i.;.( For Sole SEED OATS, RECLEANED AND | tagged, Aubrey Enoch at McRae ; Implement Co, 21-1m 1 GOOD BOIS'D ARC POSTS AT i reasonable prices. See K. M. Me- i WJlliams at McWilliains Seed ! Store, Hope. Arkansas. 9-1 mo j A 9-FOOT CROSLB:Y~SHKL"VK"-i dor refrigerator. 3 Has healers and bedroom suite. Phone 194-J. 9-31 SINGLE PHASE £_,._., motor, 1 11. P. in fine shape, 35001 •' no RPM. New Saw and Mr.ndril 20 j Ladies ft., 3 inch belt. Phone 195-.I or!""" '"" see at 1304 West Avc. B, Hope I Ark. (j. 3t Boston, Oct. 11 — (UP)-— Looking for nciv worlds to conquer. Bill Veeck, the rustless young man who assembled the greatest crowd ever to see a game o! baseball, \v;.s about ready today to tomahawk and look fo Veeck. wealthy heir of a man who made his baseball fortune in Chicago, simply hasn't, much left, to accomplish in Cleveland. He gave t.he town its first American League pennant winner in years and. though the matter of winning the World Seri in the lap of the God.'-;, the 1,,-ttiiv was heavily in the favor of hK In dians to do the job. So today as the brave n'tl!--- i. of Braves and Indians went bac ^ i land of (he Pilgrims. the I lie Boston fo Monday, October 11, 1940 Fake Coal Is Six Times as Hot By Wesfbrook Copyright, 1947 By King Features New York. Oct. son I would like tc great mode! unions to show that the miscalled American labor .movement is a racket, political, •financial and other-vise The union is the International -lies Garment Wm I the . . -.«.., ~^i. 11 —OT>)— Billv pick up Ins SoMlhworlh's ar o u s e d Boston "'•w scalps. iBraves gamble on Bill Voiselle to s'liia Cio< k. Jinx that say.-, teams do not come back after losing three of our. After closing the Indians game load to 3-2, the l.raves were so confident of sweep- in'! two more that Soulhworth oven announced ' ' Four Major Nov. town. The Jjest guess if that it would be Chicago where his father, Bill ra " 2-3 Bick„ — Fri- i , • ,"~~" • ••"" -~" "f Cleveland behind Gene Bearclen. It may turn out ' the Braves' Pi telling win not bo too important I heir attack had as much zing as '194G CHEVROLET V.~> TON^TRXJCK Good condition. Bargain for cash. With or without dump body. Can be seen at Cross Service Station. 9-31 DUPLEX APARTMENT. EACH unit with 5 rooms. Screened porch. Garage with storage space. Good location. Owner lc;.v- ing town. Phone 191-J. 11-Gt CUSHMEN MOTOR SCO-OTTO olso Latonia 2G inch bicycle, lioth practically new and priced rii/ht. Jack Strickland. 905 South Elm. 1 i -Gt Notice WE BUY, SELL AND REPAIR all makes of Sewing machines. Street, Phone 1220-W., Hope', Arkansas. 1-1 mo A me Its distinguished id Dubi grim vi( ionism and-or disruption by a rank-anrl-file noodloman but ' has •taken his ouifil into anrl out of the Ain "\ V ;llKl into and onl of thc CIO and back into the A. F. of L again. He saw no wron" in that In each instance, his conduct constituted dual unionism and-or dis-! 1 ruption in the firsl degree 'but was i covered by the privilege which p--r- i- mils a union to flout its own mor-ill,' Maws. jit is customary in discussions of the union movement to say that -i Irnmi is not a thief or grafter if h'- is not, lest, it be thoiigiit thai by ailure to say so you intend to iii- timalc that ho is. 1 am not goin" to say thai because il seems to mo 1o be like kissing the flag under I don't know anything Dubinsky's morality in and a clean bill of ; would be worth- r . ~ - oi the money fo | there was noihmg to forbid it from ] holding the entire collodion in the reserve, indefinitely or forevr. r °" C can got, Ihe ball over' trouble. This tremendous compulsion about Mr. this ,.. health less. Lost BAY HORSE, WEIGHT ABOUT 900 pounds, heavy maino and tail. Star in forehead, fat. John Cunningham, Fulton, Rt. 1. 9-3t ONE BLACK MARE MULE, SCAR on right hind log. Weight about 1000 pounds. $10 Reward. Hobcit Williams, Hope, Rl. 1, Box 1C-1. 11-3t 1 do union, howevei know some things about the Gall 129 or 806 (nights) FOR — House Wiring, Repairs or anything Electrical. See us first. Alien Electric Co. Next Door to Saenger Theatre Phones 129 or 808 WE HAVE Seed Oats, Austrian Winter Peas, Winter .Hairy Vetch, Winter Rye Grass, Seed Rye, Wheat, Barley and Joe Youmans Flower Bulbs. We Honor AAA Orders MONTS SEED STORE Hope, Arkansas REFRIGERATION SERVICE is our business. Prompt and efficient service on all makes of refrigeration and air conditioning systems. We go anywhere anytime. BREWSTER REFRIGERATION SERVICE Phone 1280 °r1231.J Nights and Sundays 119 Edgewood Hope .1 know that il makes groat boast us vacation funds collected from the employers. It is a strong firm union with smart lawyers up to the minute on union law lax law and interpretations by the bureaus and Ihe courts. It is so strong that it dominates the industry. Ihc employers argued' that the money paid into the union's vacation funds, roughly throe per cent of the workers' wages, did not constitute wages to those individual employees. The basis for this argument was the provision in at'rce- mcnts with the union thai" Iho funds be administered by the union according to its own laws. And the controlling law road that "no indi- righl. lille or interest in or claim agamsl said funds except as may be prescribed-by the by-laws or rules or regulations," and so Jorln. The bosses didn't want to collect withholding lax on this money Thai was loo complicated. ihe by-laws of one of the locals said the fund should bo used for the "health", "recreation" and welfare" of the workers, under management by a committee of live members. These five, however, subject to approval by the executive board, were to decide what expenditures would best promnte thosc indefinite purposes and how the money should b e apportioned between the pm poses. The union did not promise that the money would bo entirely spent or distributed each year. ' which meant that the individual simply could not expect to get exactly 'ail of the contribution made in' his not getting il back " ' *• •-* l « »- J ^ , --IH-KJI-IIHJ, LIU' nu-riial revenue meanwhile' had hold lha ithis money constituted wages L o the people even thou«h hey never saw it, had no recog- nixd claim to it, won!:) never get |t all and might never gel ain it. Any worker who died just ' be tore vacation lime apparently for- [(•'iU'-d his benefits, in which case the estate had no claim to hj. s earned money because under the contract the person himself had no ";ight, claim." or interest in --—~.. ^.-j... o crowd that jammed every inch of available space in the gigantic municipal stadium felt its firsl shock early Us high hopes of being "in" on the Indians first series triumph since 1920 wore punctured by Bob JMhotl s three-run homer lhal dropped in the right field standing room crowd in the first inning Dale Mitchell's leadoff homer in Hie lirst against the veteran Nelson Potter revived hope. Elliott's second blast in Ihc third innim* of I this time into Ihe lefl field seats" ,o- sold tno idea thai Mr. Feller was m for a rough afternoon. A few early birds started premature celebrations in the fourth after Jim Megan unloaded a homer with two on to climax a rour-run Wilh real coal a scarce item in Berlin, "ersatz" (imitation) coal is being manufactured in tho American "sector. It's made of saw- ciust, coal dust and a tarlike substance, and has six times tho heating value of the real thing. It's much cheaper, too. These men work between piles of coal dust and sawdust. (Photo by NEA- Acme staff correspondent Joe Schuppe.) Something to Crow About or business said one worked for him The manufacturer who tioned (he man who ou , a had paid in against h Nevertheless, he only yi., for he qucs- wo- -> ii.ii i. j... had ^'W'rt.jibout $2,100 and thai he r name S75. !ot she- said, she vacation ,- ., •-• vm.ui.uiii aiia sne .->i--jun.: cauicneu Jr'aige the ana other wonccrs suspected him.cient Negro with the "hesila of cheating them.Ho said they were Pitch, ambled in to stop the Deceiving about 25 per cent in di- with six runs across. 1 OCT. nn V m on 11? ^ K ^ 1-,-n-. * ^, r i_ : _ ._ TV-, ^..^ :< „ i i^ • _ i-» i ..... roll hold - - r.-i • — " •• *. '.' Ll\ : -l 1_ (J 1 I L in {,11™$ r.:Y men !f- lhe .'-^i, 1 * his pay being with.. --- , • - or spent the other debatable benefits He had no right to demand an ' accounting oven to clear his name ol unjust suspicion. Non-union workers •• -•• ~"ii'n.-* tl J (Jill -1 UJ I blast that flattened Potter. Nobody know it then, but Southworlh's choice of Spahn lo replace Potter was the Tribe's death warrant .-iphan walked only one and allowed but one hit in 5 2-3 innings ,, pc Braves knocked out Feller,' Ld Khernan and Russ Christopher octoro "Satchell" Paige, the an- 'hesilation" riot Despite this Boston hilling, long overdue, lhe Indians -' = " - • taxed for a fund to which uiey had no possible access And where union employers farmed out work to contractors in non-union shops, they were responsible for payments to the union with respect in 111 rt i \ ' t /111 • i 1 .. t ^ ,. 1, , . i were non- any to individual workers who total outsiders. Obviously a member wasn't eligible ' foi "benefit." Yet when Ihc union recently threw out picket linos and some of them had goon trouble and got scuffed up, the mayor, the pol'ioo commissioner and the district attorney all hol'ered bloody miirdo.- . - are very in the driver's seat. Manager Lou Boudreau has Lemon, with .one win under his belt, poised for today and Bear-don is ready to work tomorrow is a seventh game is necessary at Braves field. New York, Oct. 11 — (/P)—Found: OIK- left-handed; magician weight Hill, height 5'10", name Frank "t Albert. Specialb,—anything with a One Chicago neighborhood is blessed with this tame crow, which announces its presence by ringing the door-bell. Besides this accomplishment, the crow begs food and plays with the dogs. _By Hutjli 8. Pullorton, JK. Boslon, Oct. 11 (.-Pi.— Understatement of the year was heard in tho press box at Cleveland's moncy- cipal stadium yesterday ' wht'n Tommy Holmes opened lhe game with a single. One observer remarked: "There goes Feller's no- hitter." . . . .Bob i Two-homer l KI- liott still was pu/xlod about tin- Braves 'hitting slumo Killed Aufo ec! Ho s 1 in, Wreck New York, Oct. 11 —(/P)—- Al- Ihoiigh dump-the-fa v o r i t e continues lo bo n popular Saturday pastime, four major college elevens —Notre Dame, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Penn State—arc- riding unbeaten streaks that now bridge throe seasons. Tho Fighting Irish haven't been licked since Groat Lakes turned the trick in thc last, game of tho 1945 season—a string of 20 vie- iories marred only by a 194G tie with Army. Michigan has reeled off 17 in a row. counting the 49-0 walloping of Southern California in the Rose Bowl Jan. 1. Penn Stale, tied by Southern Methodist in the last Cotton Bowl game, has 11 regular season tri- nnphs. So has its neighbor. Ivy League champion Pennsylvania. This quartet survived last week' 2nd'* wave of upheavals that saw the defeat of tho only other un- H-;:!en power of 19-17 — Southern Methodist —and a full dozen of the chosen. S. M. U.'s Mustangs, despite lhe herculean- work of All-America Doak Walker, were lossed by surprising Missouri, 20-14. Now it's a question which of the unblemished is next to got its spring snipped. Michigan and Pennsylvania face troublous times this week. Tho Wolverines, who smothered Purdue 40-0 Saturday in a magnificent show of power, engage Northwestern's unbeaten Wildcats, who made Minnesota their third straight victim. 19-16. This is the lop game of the week. Penn runs up against a rebounding Columbia loam that throttled Yalo in a wild-scoring Iray. 34-28. Pcnn's second victory of the year was racked up al the expense of Princeton, 29-7. Meanwhile, there appears no slopping lhe Irish. Michigan Slate stood \ip to Notre Darno for a while Saturday but bowed to superior guns, 26-7. Nebraska is next up for lhe South Benders. Penn State, winner over Syracuse Fricly night, tackles West Virginia and should stretch its string to an even do/en. Upsets were plentiful Saturday but sectional leaders managed to hold their own. Tho. Big Nino. which has been bullying the boys around, ran into some scrappeYs ils own si/:e. California, the Pacific Coast favorite, put skids under Wisconsin, 40-14. Army continued to look like the standout of the East by thumping Illinois, 2G-21. Texas Christian shaded Indianaa. 7-G. Iowa turned back heavily favored Ohio Slate. .14-7. In Dixie, North Carolina continued its relentless roll by overpowering Wake Forest, a Southern Conference rival, 28-G. Georgia Tech, the Southeastern biggie. whipped Washington and Lee, '27-0. While the Southwest was suffering a couple of humbling losses to outside foes—S. M. U.'s defeal by- Missouri and Texas' 20-14 surrender lo Oklahoma—Baylor was moving lo the fore by 'trouncin-' Arkansas, 23-7. Also in the upset category were Clomson's 21-7 victory over Mississippi State, Washington's 27-G verdict over U. C. I,. A , Dartmouth's 19-0 rout of Holy Cross. Texas Tech's smashing 41-20 triumph over Tidsa and Santa Clara's 27-14 conquest of Stanford. BROADCASTS© SYSTEM Monday p.m , 5:00 Adventure Parade—M 5:15 Superman—M 5:30 Captain Midnight—M 5:45 Torn Mix—M 0:00 Unsung Victory G:15 News. Five Slar Eclit'"a 6:25 Today in Sports 6:30 Henry J. Taylor—M 0:45 Fulton Lewis, Jr. 7:00 The Falcon---M 7:30 Gregory Hood—M 7:55 To Be Announced 8:00 Gabriel Hcatlor—M 8:15 Mutual Newsr< -el—M 8:30 Tho Atom and Yon—M 8:55 Bill Henry, News—M F'.-'.hing r'.- Hunt in: 1 Club- Michael Zarron's Orch.—M FLOOR Sanding and Finishing LINOLEUM Asphalt Tile • Rubber Tlln ROY ALLISON Phone 280 LET FOY DO ST « Level yards • Dig Post Holes • Plow Gardens * Cut Vacant Lots « Also custom work. MAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1066 8. Walnut St. l people, won. of this union. .-o-ealloi ty, a i.-iirasilo <,n th parly, and thus contr 000 voles ihrough tin The union also go. 1 .' age in luivign cnunlrios. out of tho wages of j\r s!-:y's subjects, as T havo reported boloro. (his being' no busii-'-ss of any private (..-gani/ation i>i ' orr I country. And it nonchalantly eol- | loots money in great hunks ' from I thousands of workers for its fnr- j'cign relief fund. , I For example, "in response to i the urgent needs" of persons in Kui'ope but subject to certain bigotries indorsed by Eleanor Knnse- voll, the gi-iu ra! executive board which Dubinsk.v bosses "recommended" a contribution of •> half day's pay and. "after careful consideration, decided on the following minimum contributions: pressers. S;! cutters or operators. v<-:' 'and Iwo other categories S-l and $2 each. 'I he appearance uf violation given when the workers wore <iiu-sted" to • 'contribute" in All-American Football Conference. Frankie got a chance lo prae- 'ice all hi;; (ricks yesterday •Ilk-rs smothered Baltimore, :o Colts had never seen . ,.,11'' to.;sod the ball Mhirloen times it went In- h.ad pkuinod. setting fer.'iico record for Ihe pl'-lson percentage. Twice ru passed for touchdowns. Ill-spite their resounding victor\ oV'.-r the best the Eastern divisioi: has to offer, the 4!)ers didn't gain any ground in tho West. Their chief rival, the Cleveland i ',",'••'} Biowns, gained a 30-17 verdict I .-f,!,',;,,:,' ovor the Brooklyn Dodgers. !',,-,7i ,'! 7 Harvey Johnson booted tile Ni-v. j p\.,-V,-'"'„'-! 'V'l-k Yankees into a second place ith;.!"' ••••"d l1 '- jn the Eastern division of tho! AAC. Il was his second extra point that gave the Yankees a 1-1-13 victory over tho Buffalo Bills at Bulfalo. In the National powerful Chicago B ..._. off tin- Los Angeles, 42-21. The "chi" cago Cardinals got back on the Notice to Sweet Potato Growers Dig your potatoes now before it rains and ruins the quality Until further notice we offer you $50.00 per ton for No. I Portorican and Rcdvelvets Which is, $1.50 per B-j. of CO Lbs. We luriiish the crates and want you 10 get them and grade your number onc-s, in the field and put them in crates as you pick them up. Potatoes; that are pet in storage must be handled without bruising. We pay $10.CO per ton for culls and rouyh ctuff and don't care how you bring them In but be sure and yet crates for Number ones and diq them now as the prices may be lower after it rains. E. M. McWillioms Seed Store Hope, Ark. REMOVED FREE Within -10 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Tex-nrkann Rendering Plant Dial 3-V(i:?:i (phone collect) H No AMSWI r Dial 3-r>770 FOR SALE My five room, newly decorated home, iK-nr Qiade school. Reasonable. Call 310-W or see at 821 West 7th Street. PAXTON JORDAN by whippin Eastern W!.-' "ro- ; "-' j winning trail 'Bay. 17-7. Philadelphia's 'bampiotis scored jlory of tho year, j Ncy/ York Giants. i Pittsburgh moved into a ti Washington for the Eastern sion load by upseUing the skins. 111-7. 9:30 9:45 Torn Grain's Orch. 10:00 All iho Ncv/s,"M 10:15 Neil Golden's Orch. 10:30 Freddie Martin':; 10:55 Mutual Now:.—M 1.1:00 Sign-Oif Tucsd.-y a.m.. Oct. 12 5:57 6:00 0:15 6:25 6:30 6:40 6:55 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 7:55 8:00 8:30 8:55 9:00 9:15 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 M — M Orch— M Si;-;n On Songs . by Sinclair 3VIorniii'4 i.'Insicaie Bargain Roundup News. First Mdilion Arkansas Plowboys Markei Jleporis Farm Breakfast Program Melody Boys The Devotional Ho in- Musical Clock News. Cofiee Cup Edition Sunrise .Ser.r.-.ir.de Slogan Parade Accordimj to the Record Cecil Brown— M Faith in Our Time — M Say it With Music— M Passing Parade— M Victor H. Lindlaiir— M Gabriel Hoaltor's Mailbau — M Minute Quiz— ?-,! Kale Smith Speaks — M Kale Smith Sings — ".VI TuesrJDj 11:55 2:00 2:30 .'i: 00 Luncheon at Home V — M oc:.l Va In time?. exactly as a now'con- best com- Texarkana Man Captures Tournament ! Texarkana. Oct. 11 •—/,Vi—A Texarkana amateur linkstor wiib a hot putUv an;! accurate mid-iron:; jjs the U..-W champion of Ihe Four i Slues Go'.:' lournan-.ent. : Cill Glaik WOP th,.. champonship ,here y.'-: lerday by d-'fc-ating .To.-' ; AK'Dado, .Shreveyort. the d>'tY-o.<'- 'iiiL' lilli'-hoUior, 2 and 1. The match i was phi;, oil in a steady downpour. ; Clark clinched tho match on the ! 17th green with a birdie three. Hf shot two over par while MeDado v/as three ovor. McDade defeated Ear! Hooker. i Paris. Texas, city champion. 4 and !.'). to go into lhe finals. while k'lark beat Jerry Uobinson. Texar- jkana. 2 and 1. 3:15 The Johnson Family—M 3:30 Time to Dance 3:45 Two-Ton Bakm—M 4:00 Swing Time 4:45 Social Security Day by Day 5:00 Adventure Parade—M' 5:15 Superman—M 5:30 Captain Midnight.—M 5:45 Tom Mix—M G;00 The Inside Story 6:15 News, Five "tar Final 6:25 Today in Sports G:30 News Comment—M 6:45 Fulton Lewis, Jr.—M t 7:00 Mysterious Traveler—M 7:30 Official Dc-Uiclive—1VI 7:55 To Be -\nik.unoo, 1 8:00 Gabriel Ho alter—- M 8:15 Mutual Newsroel—M 8:3!) Lone Wolf—M 8:55 Bill Henry, now=— M 9:00 Roger Kilgoro—M 9:3U Jimrnv Fea!!ui'stonr-'s Orch. ---\'[ 10:00 All the News—M 10:15 Tox Benoko'r; Orch.—M 10:30 Il!;'//.v Gilospio's Orch — M 10:45 Jer-.-v Wald's Ore.: — M 10:55 Mutual News—M i 11:00 Sign Off Top Radio P5*09rams New Yuri:, Oct. !l -->!•,--For toll: gilt: j ABC—7 Fay P,:; ; ",I.-I- in "The jHonni'.ago:" 7:.".fi 1 lov/ard Barlow j coi,i on: ;; \'.iorh..-'-~- o.i.oer!. Alag- |«io Te..->o !) I',,:.;,':,;,-;! concort.' " : Ci',.-"- -7 Innler S.inc;.i:u; :; iladio Theater MOLI/; il : ;iii r; 0 |, Hawk press ;;p T , | lhal N, League tlie be tlll . , ^ v ;\ .^ noc b. l ' d reports:' too good State. . Green division firsl vie- over the your i Slate "Zip" back They two' j 1 , sU-i'n-1 this Dan-Hod against u.u - - . Ohioans •yes on Die!; freshman Morocci Iro.n \ \S'KC!irJSC3S Over V/cekc'^d By The Associated Press Aikan.-as had only OIK- traffic fatality over the wool; end. _Tho victim v/as \\'. ii. (Uiffoy, li.). I'olirud I'arriior of near I'ei-r'y- I'l'li. 1 . Ark, wlio was fatally 'iii- i'.'/.-d Sund:-i\- whon an au'.oniobile li'Mi-d uVi-r him as h..- was v/alking ;d-!i:g Highway 113 n, ar his homo'" ABC-11 a. „,. Wolcome Trav- .elcrs. I j\HlS--!):;-j!i ;;. m. Say U With Music. - /a Prime Minister «<> I'revious -0~ War's Cost Thc cost of World War II is .timatcd at XOBO,000.(Kill,OUI), •h amounts to about $3-10 for y man. woman and child on face ot tho earth. to Let Us Rebuild Your Old MATTRESS or make your old one into a comfortable innerspiitig. Orte Day Service "All Work Guaranteed" Furniture & Mattress Co. 606 N. Hazel Phone 357 I i: i • ! 11 o 11 probably will soil out lock, stock and ball park, fuel that ihe Comisky i'ami- d l.eselio M. O'Connor as I manager ot the White Sux '-ek and rojjlacod liim ',-,'ith Lam.-. president uf the •an Assucialion, would n.ake i i\ lu.-o in tin- ultimate iii-a! .-el: lo take over for iho C'l-m- arnily. .r hi:- successor in Ciovoiaini M(| '.-/riling is on , lou. For big Hani iho i-norgi-tic vice presidi-nt L- Indians, would be ready to over in a minute. Hank, uiio ... wealthiest inon in the I. bv yirluo of wise iiu'c.sin: In- left d buv V, . like \ h i IIORIZONTAL 1,7 Pictured prime minister of Union of South Africa 12 Think 13 Declaims 15 Spoken 16 Sinful 18 Mail 19 Underworld god 20 Publishes 22 Creek letter 23 Boy's nickname 24 Either 25 Plural ending 27 Not (prefix) 28 Meaning SO Cook in oven 32 Three-toed floth (pi.) 33 High pric.st 3-1 Wise men :i(i Titles 39 Mainiscript (ab.) •10 Concerniii!; •11 Comparative suf'ix 42 T\vo (ijreiix) •13 Employ 45 Ball game GO Secreted ?1 Far (prefix) f)3 Pull f>4 Ceremony 55 Shul from ambush 57 Goes to bed I-9 Caudal appendages 60 Investigated VERTICAL 1 Ridicule 2 Sorrowful cry 3 Nothing 4 Id est (ab.) 5 Always G Jacob's son 7 Shed 8 Area measure 9 Fold 10 Upon 11 Centaur 12 Porlc-nds 1-1 Allowance 17 Preposition 20 Urges 21 Calmer 2-! Willow 26 Of thc sun 44 Lamb's pen 29 Scold name 31 Purpose- 40 Advantages 34 He succeeded 47 Credit (ab.) 35 Agreement 37 He formerly •1.'! Food fish 49 Pitcher Nationalist paper 38 Lateral parts Hi! Toward 52 Upon (prefix) ;"•! Bone . r :;i iiebrc'\ : . r deity \'i IS I'I n tt 'iH 3S 43 51 bb 1 35 SI •i. zs M ''•'£ H4 b 24 MO 5E H ZO 45 •t^-r^i JG 5 iG ''"•'• I? )i L ;-') m jijis Hfc 5S~ jT*l9"" i W' I' 3 10 II :.:»'-';S ^30 g^yilSsrr-j- IU;;p-;;;i|jv P^

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