Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 11, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, October 11, 1948
Page 3
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Monday, October 11, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Three Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. vF October 11 The Business Women's Circle of Ihc First Baptist church will . moot Monday night at 7:30 in the. homo of Mrs. W. I. Stroud on South Conner Street. All urged to attend. N.OTICE members are All Eastern Star members who arc interested in attending the Banquet and JnfolinK in 'Proscotl on Friday, October 15 in honor of the Worthy Grand Ma.ron are asK- jpd to call Mrs. J. W. Franks 1'hone 249-W by Monday at 10 a m' Monday, October 11 The first quarterly meeting of the Official Board oC the First Christian Church will be held in Fellowship Hall Monday at 7:30 p.m. This first meeting of the new year will be therefore it .. board members make a special effort to be present. very important, and is urj;ed that all t The Weslcyan Service Guild of f.hc First Methodist church will meet at the home of Mr:;. Lawrence Martin on S. Walnut St.. motored to F.'iyeitcvillo Saturday and attended the Arkansas-Baylor game. On ihfir return home. t'hey allencled the Russetville Tech-Mag' nolia A f; M in Rur.selville. ' Spanish Fort, Mississippi after Hern and Mrs. Hem here. Mr. and Mrs. Garris Shanklcs of Dallas, Texas spent the- week-end with Mr. and Mrs. John Godwin. Mr. and 'Airs. Roy Hazard and daughter Norma and Jack Davis Families Eat More Pork in Winter Dunn" the winter months Heinp- stead county farm families will eat more pork in their daily diet than during the summer. Every man. woman and child who eats pork freely stands a good chance of eating some infected pork, states Home Uemonslration Agent Lorraine Blackwood. Trichinosis is a disease contacted by human beings from infested hogs. It is incurable and saps the strength of a person over a long period of or this reason it of Detroit. Mich. left Saturday I 'j >»Vorl;mt lha the farm house- morning after a two weeks visit "!!!f, ^ ^recautipn in preparing with Mrs. Haggard's parents, Mr. and Mrs, J. \V. Uay and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. J. Ray of OuachMa College. Arkadelphia spent Friday with Mr. Kay's parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hay. Sr. and attended tin-.' Hope-Malvern game Friday night. Edward C. Spillcrs of 120 Tuesday, October 12 The Hope Iris Garden Club will meet Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 in the home of Mrs. C. P. Tollcson All members please be present for this meeting. for Great Falls, Montana for transilion pending overseas duty. Mrs. Spillcrs and"two children will reside at Ihe home of Mr. and Mrs. K. L. Spillcrs here. Mrs. L. C. Wood of F,l Dorado, Ark. will return lo her home there today after a weeks visit with and .Tuesday, Oc'.ober 12 'The Winsome Sunday Srhrol I Mr ' aml Mrs ' Si L - Murphy a Class of the First Baptist church cthcr I: ' !Cn ' l:; here, will hold_ its regular monthly busi- soeial meeting at the ness and _ church at 7 o'clock Tuesdav evening, October The J.O.Y. Class of the First Baptist church will meet Tuesday night, October 12. at 7:,'iO in the Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Kvler have os house guest, Mr. Kyler's sister. Mrs. W. B. Martin of San Antonio. Texas. pork for her family. If you purchase your meat in a butcher shop, be sure of the quality of the meat. Carefully cook all pork and any meat containing pork because cooking destroys the tiny trichinae worms which invade the muscles in the body and stay there. Pink pork may be dangerous. Pork should be cooked gray throughout. Do not feed the raw unused parts of a butchered animal to your hogs. Do not feed kitchen scraps containing raw pork, or contents of a slop barrel to pigs. Do not throw dead rats or mice into hog pens. Burn or bury deeply, in quicklime, the carcasses of hogs and other animals that die on the farm. It is only by taking these precautions in handling and preparing pork that the dread disease, trichinosis, may be prevented. It is incurable and is more prevalent in the United States than one would think, the home demonstration i agent points out. Au.tu.mn. Headlines Mrs. Roy Moi.'sor ; nd Norma Lewis moloro.-.l to Tcxa •- ;••;•;Vv. ^ These bonnets arc making- headline news in I f ?S-iS fall fashions. "Cat's whiskers" of yellow ,;S|>';j feathers which simulate egrets bedeck the nv ; «s amber-colored felt bonnet (center). Copy of ; '«'j :i Victorian nurse's cap is the red felt (top 1 left) which is tied witli navy velvet streamers. v } Chin-tied black velvet hat (top right) with ,*3 side-swept ostrich jilume takes style cr.es from 1 a Holbein painting. Off-white nutrition rings -j Uic brim of a matching felt hat (bottom left) 1 and makes the luxurious stole. Green .satin and J blue chcnillc-dolted veiling face the scooi>- ,\ brimmed bonnet of navy velour (bottom right) OJU.U i cm which are nerthed two exotic creen birds. home 01 Mrs. .Lui.iier Hi G V, aso ,- K ,[j!i ! :;;ln;) Sunday and ,-,15,-ndcd the B South 1-k-rvey Street wilh Mr- <'•• I ^ Club luncheon at Hotel Grim, ' '' Royce Smiih'aiKJ Mr.--. R. V Horndon. Jr. a:,;-oeiate ho ; ue:;s".s' Thc-r^ vn'll bo an installation of officers which opened the local observance Women's was held in vn o an nstallation of officers | ve-. e unceon -,vas e n *ancl all members are urged t-J be I hcllor . of _ ,tnc'.;;e Sarr.h T. Hughes. present. 1 wlu.> is the U'ldnct .]ii'i;Te of ihc pre; Wednesday, October 13 Tho Paisley P.T.A. will :--.("_• I the Paisley .-.cliool a.tuiiorium ( Wednesd'iy. October ;,'.: at ','.::•';':) p.i Tho members OL uio F.Xi.'ci'.live 1 Board will me. el ;U 3 o'clock. By SOPHIE KERR Ufjft Serialization ot screenplay from o novel by Prosper Mgrimce Copyright, 1943, NEA SERVICE, IHC. o. 1 The Bro\\-!iie Scoi;t Tj-oo with Mrs. Hinton Davis, will meet inimecliately :•. i'ler school I on Wednescl. iy in the busement of I "nc MethucliKi church. nistrict of I THE STORY: Don Jose, young vice Pres- officer in a fashionable Spanish regiment, has jusl come lo Seville u-ge-.U ti-om the countryside of Navarre. in ihe world, i He becomes enamored of Ihe be, her sub.ioct. | witching gypsy, Carmen. But ;-. .V Pw .slogan, "Uoe Your Vote v ,-he n he tries to wring a confession of love from her. Carmen •— remembering Ihe fortune teller in '4S." Personal Mention Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs, Louie SheHo.i of Tyler, Texas were the weekend guests of Mr. Shelton's pare.'it.--. Mr i and Mrs. Fred bee. They were j accompanied by Mrs. Bill Bushing, sister of Mrs. Lee who also was a visitor. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Barr ^and danghier, Katie, of Magnolia ^.'.cfl Sundav afU-rnoon alter ^ visit with Mi', and Mrs. H. U. Ban- he re. L . after a week-end visit with his parents. Mr. ;:i)d IVi;;;. Ji.'i; Bearden and other relatives. 1 !— Ann Thrash, senior from Hope. has been elected secretarv of the Ha- thaieaii social club at Oklahoma Baptist university for the first semester, 194S-ID. Club officers have been busy j during tho lirsl month of school arr; 1 ngii'ig for various types of rush parties before club pledging October 8. . who predicted a love-death for her — violently denies any feeling. "I've never loved anyone in my life," she boasts. Hospital Notes Miss Maxine Powell of Texarkana was the week-end guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Powell. Chester Mr. and Mrs. K. N. Pardue, Hope, ,'i;ir.<-.une<.' the an-ival of a son. October ](>, liMH. Admitted: C. B. Diclsorson. Rl. ',', Prcscoll. Discharged: Jerry Carretl, Ho);e. Mrs. Dolphus Whitlcn. Hope. Mrs. Bill'ie Jackson, Rt. c- : Pioss- lon. Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Moore and '•9Mr. and Mrs. Fielding Hudclleston of Ari;atii. Iphia visited relatives and friends Friday night and attended the Hope-Malvern football game here 1 . They n.'Utrnod to Arkarieiphia Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Moore.'?r.. Mis. Donald Moore and son, Van and Mrs. Fielding Hudcilest-in Branch Mr. and Mrs, A. K. Ccltcn ar.- ncLincc the birtii of a daughter, Oct. 10, HH3. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Caldwell announce the birth of a daughter, Oct. It), 1043. XIII She twisted from his arms and walked to the shuttered window. "There is no air in here," she said, threw the they opened "no air at all." She shutters wide and as burst of f_.ypsy music came from the street below. Her face brightened and she leaned across the sill to greet the guitarists outside. The musicians stood in an alley-like street back of the inn. just beyond the foot of the Street of the Steps. "Hola!" Carmen shouted, nodding her head happily. "Gracias." She shouted over her shoulder to Don Jose. "Look! My friends serenade us. Isn't that a nice friendly thing lo do?" Don Jose stai:ou over to look, as he thought he was bidden, bill Carmen whirled away from the window in a dance step which "The gypsies ::ay t-ial a lover should have gentle hands, a genlle mouth and a gentle heart." JN Hcamoered o^eorot DOROTHY D X t B U B W S a B ;3 3 8 II I Hear Douiihy Dix: \Ve .ire throe | s ; slers. I am t.ie youngest, U!) year:H. SHACKFORD °' r -' unmarried, witii a good job. Paris. Oct. 11 —i UP > —Fear of O' 11 -' '" ljl >' - : isU'rs is .-ID and a wid- Comnn'.iiism , . . [.'oar of llus ;i-i ! °' vV - "''"' ° 1 '"' 1 r Ls -•> •""-' divorced, Fear of war—these fears [ Each '"' m - v sisters luis a child. \Ve do.ivnate the thinkiii" of Western ! nvo at home with our parents, his wrist slowly and deliberately. 1 statesmen. " I v -' illj tlv: " lls : '-' ' f «'" *"•''•'•' chil ' Fear of the atom bomb. F "And a woman.' for a woman?" o." She du Is it the same her nails into leaving marks. "She should have cruel hands and a cruel mouth and no heart at all." Laughing, Carmen turned away from him. The string of beads she wore .caught on his tunic, breaking. The many colored gaucts cascaded all over the fioor. She beads. clutched "Oh no. \Vi;sle: n powers plot atomic Wi i rcn. \Ve i-an'1 make a .move with(Hit thoir (>t. rmsssion. I! u e go u- movies and come back a few minutes late, we catch hcek Iron, ihem. T n lie Medical Insurance Plan Favored UP.Ie Hiuk, Oct. 11 — i/Pl —Blue jCro-s ami Hjne Shield hospital and jmi'dkTil insurance plans have been | indorse.) for operation in Arkari- The endorsement was made } ff ;•? Arkansas Medical Society and M!).' Ark,-I!);;a;; Hospital association ji'l a .••.•.cetinf: of the two groups Iwilh J'hie Cross and Blue .Shield {representatives here yesterday. Dr. F.lk'rly C. Gy of Little Rock, chairman of a joint cornmit- ? U'e ol UK- Arkansas organisations, • said insurance under the non- prof.it plans will be available to Ar- Kansiuis "as soo|i as we can get ihe detail:) of the slate plan worked m> and approved." He sviid appointment of a state I director and determination of premiums and benefit schedules %viU require several weeks and must bo submitted to the National Blue Cross and Blue Shield headquarters for approval. Following approval of the plan, I the. committee of the Arkansas i groups will undertake active sponsorship of the insurance program, which provides for payment of hospital bills and medical services. Among those meeting with the medical society and hospital association representatives yesterday were Dr. Paul R. Hawley, former chief medical administrator of the ' Veterans Administration who now is chief executive officer of the Ehis> Cross and Blue Shield commissions, r.nd Antonc Singspn and Frank Smith, assistant directors of Blue Cross and Blue Shield. The Arkansas Medical Society and the State Hospital Association i wo months ago withdrew their endorsement of the p John Marshall Company plan as the quasi-official state medical insurance program. "Botany" Wool The term "botany" is used.for wool of excellent quality because tho Austarlian fine wools first- were shipped from Botany Bay near Sydney. By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. Written tor NEA .Service When fall the ! dron. It is usually best to begin | these injections when the child is | mure than six months old. Whoop- j ing cough is serious and all pos- shquld be taken to fears Soviet diplomats claim keep! Lk ",' ' • v "" nmk llu ' tnro<> <!l '•'•-' them awake at nieht. I 1 "' t ' lo ' tl enough to have some liberty About the only certainly left in international relations today is that Don't you think the three of iu-- ^'ouuU increases rapidly. one child entering school witn at the falling . ., .. My beads! No! tear, justified or not, dominates no, no!" she exclaimed with fear. them. "My pretty beads.'' He moved towards her. but she eluded him wildly, trying to cap- \vd)vjut being bawled out'.' planned 1o leave our parents ano set u|) a homo of our own. but OLD father tells us that if we do we. The 1 cold war is based on fear. | But, the situation is gettinp, so on The United Nations, in its third j our nervi-s t'.ial we feel wo can wooed the music. She whirled Mr. Mrs. Ii. F. Davis announce the birth of a son. Oct. 10, 19-1:3. Admiiled: Mrs. R. F. Davis. Mrs. A. F. Collon, Lewisville. Mrs. F. K. Caldwell, Columbus, around the room and as she passed a table seized a plate and gave it an adroit, sharp whack against the edge of the stone mantlepiece. She picked up four of tho pieces and, using them as castanets, whirled back towards the window without losing any of the rhythm TODAY e TUESDAY — 2:QC - 3:54 - 5:53 - 7:52 - 9:22 deuvte&i. UGEHDARY HIGHWAYMAN I Josephine Admitted: Master Wendell Butler. Hope, l.itllo I\Ii.-:s Krcndci Carol Dillard, ; Hope. Di.-:-eha,V.!w!: J. O. Taylor, Hope. J. P. S:,,',,p)o. A- ; hdo\va. ?.Iastor Wendell ButK;r. Hope. Marti-r David Samuels. tlo])e. Real Estate 01 impromptu Now she sat on the window sill rattling the castanets and becoming part of the performance below. She leaned back against Don Jose as she did this. The two guitarists in the street looked tip and smiled their approval. They watched as Don Jose's hands reached out and clos':.-.l ihe ihen e a c h the o other rsl one and They looked at understanding changed to a gentler lure the falling beads in a con-I expressions of fear. The foreign vulsion of terror.. She said hoarse- -''- : " " ly, "The cards —you don't know about Ihe cards! Now the beads! This afternoon a black cal crossed my path and now ihe beads. The brcaKing of the beads is the worst, the very worst! It is black!" session here, has hoard little but take il any longer. What shall wi tried to pull her to hor One ot die West's major experts!""" 1 lllat - vml crave and to which o shook him olt and j on Russia uuts it this' way. ' j J" IHI • u ' t ' entitled'.' She began to pick up Ihe bends frantically, crawling around the floor on her hands and knees, as Don Jose tried to pull her to nor feet. She speaking in a voice meant to carry curses, said, "Get out, go away!" "Carmen — Carmen d e a r e s i. What has happened'.'" She got up and ran lo the door, throwing il open. "Go out this back way and no one will see you. at hearing desperate TUHJ'IE SISTFRK I lhink that von will of i lees of the world are obsessed with it. The little man in his bar or' pub or bistro dreads another allow that y good, hard, common is winning the cold war? F.ach :; '-'ise it you endure your lyran thinks it is. and each thinks I "ical parents ruining yum- lives any is on its side. longer. You are all throe of ag". You are .-"H'-s'.ipporting. You havi. whooping cough can spread the- disease lo a large number cl others. Children from one U) len years ti Just ci'se powers now there seems a boiler for In.dieving that the Western j no desire to be wild women. So ! why shouldn't you enjoy tho irec'- Time is playing on the the. We.-tera powers this side of I Worth Effort 1 know it will lake souse courage; this expert says, avoid any quick j to defy' yiair father and' "m. ike' "a c-.:.'eision or showdown unless the j break " for liberty, but it will br .Doviol union tnroes one. worth the orire 'And Hie ndv ol' it Ho blames much of Russian s h ,1 vot I -.V,.,," v ' s ;,,bbon;n.-.ss and rigidity in recent! „ je v, t (< „ - 1 '' o B ndv ol' it , ten ' rv. ui it w in- not eomr<reheiid.i:g. disappointed ."But why?' "Because I —because I'm afraid j Kim,;,,-, Russians, I prised at how meek hi- will be. half of| J. personally, kin.".'.- one man win; ... . i .- - -'- 1 1'iey ligm-ed that the j killed two iin-' women to whom ^sorne day you will be very j,,,j,,,. j. ; , h - , Vl , uld b ,. thl , jls al; . tK h;) .. v;(s m . m . j( . d hv ,,,.. i,;.,,,;,;^. ^ L'rucl." i "Nov.- thi-v bavo discovered ll'.ey ! ,h c in.'but whe'n lie ruii ried 'a third irooabiy i:i-\-i:- will get the (.'th'.-r i wife, \viio simplv told him wiion :;.i!. and liu/y sei-m lo '-e begnniim i he got off aiici lhal she '.vouldn'l • ,, fl ,.i-,.-,,-.- f ' -,--,;Carmen s mood elangec, a ,,. She looked up into 1 !.s !; ,ee Group t'o Meet 1 sti October nine, and they began lo sing gypsy love song. U -i.-Vi-- Carmen licld Jose's face as he kissed her. The imu-ie from '.ne street came lo Ihem faintly. "la il really true what I have he-aid about the men of Navan-e'.'" "What did you hear?" "Is it true that they wear little tell big black Arl-aiiM!.-, Heal F.sm'.i- Association j blue berets and will hold its annual convention | lies'.'" here Gel. I'H-:K!. j "Never " Scheduled speakers include Hor-j "-—and don't know how to make ''' rt H. Kelson. e?:eoutive vice | love lo a woman?" president. National Ah'sucialion ui j "Thai's true." Don Jose an- Kea! Kstato l!oard.->: Jolui J. Wag- j swored solemnly. He held her president, National Institure i soil Ujjper arms, his mouth trem- smile. Cal Sn.v- ! biing J. \'. .Satter.'iekl. r., stall? director. Federal llotis- ig AdiijinistratioM. No Fear of Water Of ail th ' millions cf birds thai "You'll to teach me. I'm from Navarre and don't know a thing." "Now that's . a big black lie." He kissed her so fiercely then that she cried ( away. She ru . Gull ot -V['.-x:;'o evi.'iy j with the back of her hand and her a kw swallows lake the \ arm where he had held her. Me..-1 birds ! jcu:ss the i ."• -. a r. on I; I Floruni-C'nb.i route cross Die gulf at Us widest piirl. that same pu.'.zled look in lu>r eyi. as thoiif.' the one he put his ar.'i-Id draw her b tenderness. She seemed lo S-IIU-M but only for an instant. She pushed him away from her in revulsion r.nd slapped her h.'.nd sharply against the open door. "Now gel out! Go!" Don Jo:--,smiled and pul his arms around her again. i "You ean'l make me leave yor now, C'armem.-ita." "Get out!" She gave him ;: '• violent push, then picked u;< tni 1 : wine bottle fioin the table and threw it. missing him. The buliie- splintered in all direclions, sol:!>h- 1 my ihc room with re d wine lii.v. was like blood. Ag.iinsi such ;ury Jose backed av.'ay involunli'i -;!:•'' as Carmen cried. "You're tin i;:u- —I know it. A gypsy knows UK si- lo bard j .stand for any ol HI:, nn:i:-:ei,::e. Ini became as d'ouili- r.;; i\lar\':; hule I'-'' hris lailcd to run- i lamb. '• : --' C o-nn inn i.vt .!'OUL-| 'I i y it. :\"o \'.-o:-n;.n n-'ocf: 1 lo stand ':'' 1 ' and Hajy. Siv is ; brut;d treat m.-i.' ironi ai.v inr.n i! J - X^'(.'i.>;.')[; V ti.Ljo.i!.--\'i;i ' :--)se liio: eiiongii sjinn'; lo ri.'.M-nt it. '-: rope o;' j);-/ii!ncli\'e I i')i::-,r !\li : s I):.-.:: J a.'n a .'!!-yi.-ar- r:'U:-oii sermu-- econu- | old man with a good job and every:'!.'. She ri-jeetou iho.budy s;n .•; I am a good Jo;.-. Hut an^wh'-n the best way ' my pio'olem is Ihi,-: I am divorced 'ejli'-u it v. ouid have i and i-i.ire ihe i ;i.--lody o! my three i- -he iii.L'd.- iiutsid:.' i child) en. KVIMA :.:irl J gu with i; i' 1 anrl cannot gol it. i fine until 1 ted hi. r u'ooni. tb" ebild- 'stiinali d Ihe di'terini-I rc-n, and -.vlii'i. I do I gel llv. :'-' \V'.'.-:l'.-i-ii powers to - b'.'U.shofi'. Is it po-...ibk- lor a guy ? i-ofors of Berlin. I ler ; r.f my ^.g 1 ,- to find sonii.'iine 'vn<. in tho UN and else- Aon't let uu 1 i-luldri ii stand il: •••'- tin- UVstein powi-rs i ihe way? Or should i fnrg"l wo -'--','i!'11 v. ! n.i'ii and taki 1 up checker.-..' • iin ,.;!;,!! setback.-; in | ' .KJ-..IO -a'', i-'nt d-!' \\'<'S',er'i j Answer: Well. ,io-,lo, ;, on ci-rti.in- i iy an in .'< d.'iiu.-iilt ii'.;.--!i:-::ii. but old are most likel;-. to be attache.!, out older ''liil-.U-eli. iK'ults and :.i- I'anlK under six weeks old, can •.•ali'h it. In i:-.tan'.j and eld peopi" it is particuku'ly serous. Vomuin:; ^i'l'Mi accoi.ii) inies vihooping; cough •.iiu'l when '-ioy children --get the disease they may D'.-come i;U:<'Vod and thin sitniily L/. i-ause .they arc nol .:.;i.-liJng 1 i.':ioug''i food. Expo'iuri: Thna Varies The I brio be!'.',•(.•', n expo.s",;jo a'l'l appearance of svmptom.-i variei /rum four !o lv\-enty days, bnt -.-; usnall;, about len. At first tho symptoms socin ii!-:e an ordiriaiy cold. -,v,'ii s!i;;!:t. lever, niu'iin;; nose, w,:lorin.>; exe-, and shunt cough. Alter .1 we ok or ten days die cough Ivgins lo become '.vorse and ihe lypic'ii v-aKXyms ;j'.-l in flu- til .if i i.'ugklnig usually begins v-.'ilii a .svios of J i ft'..".; n to twenty forced -sii'.irl cougji;.; wi'hout Miy bro:-.ths 1,1 betu'C." 1 "!. The ciiiiil m;.y _;el blue in to.; face and l!ien take u deep breath jf ;ii! whiuli soiKi'.is like a wiioop. \Vheii a tmull •.'.mount of -liiSK.y mucn-; is coughed up it may brin.; Umiporary reiief. Whooping eoiigii c;t, rie-; s'uvio dajigi.'i- lo lifi'. Th: t;o ig'ning siiolls jilai'i 1 llii.' hings under severe itrain. Pi!e' ! in«ini-i c; 1 .!! de\vh<p; ,i,-Uinu\. li-.-onc-'hi i s aufi other .Vrg I'omplioaliou:', are fairly common. The whooping i-o'jgh patient dioiild b-..' !-.i'i)l a\',-;iy trom other.-;, iios-t in in. d. good nursing care, Mini : ;-.,,.-r':d attention lo tile nutri- -,inn. e. pi:i' ; ;illy if there is voi'nil- iiig'. !.- noc'.'srary. !\'!o:;l doc'.ors be- lii'\-e th;il Ibr- \'aechiL' arainsl win.oping fought will give aetivi. 1 j .p.'iniunity :nul proliidion to cbil- i 'i.-'tli-r ho\v atiracii\-e a man is! •inns, II. nor bow gl;,d a girl i would In- I:) marry him if he had I ;io inru'-i•:.) -anc'i s, :. : h:.^ knows tin? roil- of ih" stepmother is a bard ii'.c and she h-.-alate. 1 -- lo tackle it. 1 l(i.'ioa:.-i-:i by '1 he Hull Syndicate. QUESTION: What is meant by second eyesight in elderly people? ANSWER: Many people'develop iv'TM-sightedness or myopia during yr.uth or middle age. As they become old another change sets hi in ihe eye which is'called, presby- opia which often .neutralizes the effoct of ihe nenr-sigbU-dnesS. These two changes in the eye, f.etiiif; in opposite directions, may 1 bettor vision in later'yoais. OF MILLIONS Fast, pure, depend- nWe—it's aspirin «t its best! World's largest seller at lOc. ASPIRliM ST. JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN . Easy to give child. Orange Havor. Meets coiTnet'UoS- nge needs. SO V tablets, 3Sc/ d to iiniti lly and Uii i > i, As the door, struggling lo close il uno him. she screamed like a ma woman. "1 never \vai:l to look o your ugly. do voti iK.-iii' me! Staj 1 Hill; FUR U i: r n 5 i n o r C u 15 Chaff.- Scrapes FOR EXTRA QUALITY AND PURITY III PETROLEUM JELLY j»<jThis well-knqvm i nsime, Moroline, giiiu-aniees highest quality. .Such a soothing dress- ! in;.; 1 for minor | TODAY OHCJ "UESDAY Regular Admission — FEATURES — Gajy -•^^ !J"1iil i ™& i »i i e-u? |Lj E-/ tal\ . eo Doctrines in near toe uon By DEWITT MacKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst tipped | For every gallon you buy at the regular price. To Make Room for our Superb Line of We are selling all BPS Products at greatly reduced prices. Harlem - Noe- Bersf-on Lumber Co. Phone 178 np$a nning to i prnp in i-'ibor is the plibl'c school and tiiii- | fold and \'er.-.ily, \'.!u-ie all too ofli'H I'lH-lllie q'-le.-.l ^ot.iiu I'l'usadiiiL' iiii::d n;Li\ r be ; M'hn-.-ls. captivaud 'ny the .-.pecious " Red | Tni-r«- 1)1 oniisi.--. of u L'tojiiaii world. Iman nal 1 . Further oroo! ol \i\\~ a'YaK.-'iiiiig I iii i- ;-oui HO other *K^iSS fe| aeis faster hi KffSa itisj tSa THE IQlMQiiT AND SECURiTY YOU HAVf BEEN WAITING FOR l : ttr iv;.vy . , , iiclii'e . . . modern I i ring THE SECU3lTY-CGteFORT GUARD FOR HERNIA fOX Mii-l, v/O.V.EM AND CHILDREN t-lo iiifiiioi v.-liai kind of appliance you now wear, you owe It to yourself to see ihii metier advancement in truss design and hernia control. /•Ml gXAMINAflVM Am DEMONSTRATION TUESDAY, OCT. 12 — 9 A. M. to 6 P. M. \slien a clinic-tAtiiic-d icaum'tan wil! vk'inonstrate this scien- uii 1 . hi'i'iii-.i cuiurol ut our score. ISEMtMl'EK THIS DATE ... IT'S IMPORTANT TO YOU TUESDAY, OCT. 12th JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. HOPE, ARK. Tiu-

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