The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 27, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
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| W> Served by flb Xf United Preu ••»«••*• VOL. XXXI—NO. 165 M™xiuiaoranp HEWS •'•1% -ft"?/ HOME EDITION Hlythevllle Onirier Htytlievllie Henld SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT? 5 ' ^^ _ _ _ ^^ • ' ^M ^^ ' .. ! " ' — — — : 0-mii^iAjri.Ks riVFj GENTg'|| CH|R|||!yipER HAUPTMANN DF HELEN Era (Airplane Pilol . i Tells of Dodging J Meteor Shower OAKLAND, Cnl., Sepl. 27. (UP) —A spectacular encounter with u .shower of meteors iras ,- e !o(ed to. day when a United Air liner car- i vying two pilots and eight pas- .• Wins and America's Clip Stays in U. S. No, to "Shooi to Kill/'icd'^iigfpS. Official Testifies !? eartl1 '" " le " llls s°"'ti> ol"'™?- I field. meteor were thick as buck- Johnny O'Brien said, us fi huge doming y hod to dodge _ _ 'LITTLE ROCK, Sent 27 (up) " ' "'" , A warning to "I* caTeful'' Martin, former ho .' c VIM m,* r * .-,'":"'-' "•"•'ly con- (thing T f f!S£eS n ^^!»--»f' state prison farm ro r women. V O ' "~ Brockman, former prison official, testified today at Martin's trial on charges of murder. Tlhc former prison official denied b-i?., llc ? avc a " or(ler to "shoot to Brockman was on the witness stand 30 minutes just, before noon He recounted (he i lunt fcr Hc!ftn and the subsequent slaying after her flftih escape OH July 10" He and Martin, night watchman at the farm, advanced on either side of the road to surround the fugitive' after she had been seen July 11 a rew miles f ro m li'ne farm m u. s. i TO - -- " •- •-•* nuni ii.n; iurni Brockman said. He said he heard bod? S! '° tS !>nd advallced W t«c body. Tn c 'jury was taken to or the slaying today upon motion or the prosecutfuo attorney Allen lion was directed to undergrowth on ' !?. f de ° f ' tho roa <) «'here Martii t. F. C. May Help to Provide Funds for Mortgage Financing -WASHINGTON,. Sept. 27. (UP)' -President Hooscvelt discussed with R p. a.Chairman Jesse Jones i toda J' the pcssiblllty or government m"rk C i al n&slslancc lo rn » mortgage Jones explained that wftile he was not in favor ol the government on-' the field on a large scale it could "prime the stood The prosecution charges the h ? believed it could "prime the fugitive,was shot from ain.bush.De- » um P" until Institutions were cre- r™,? nU ? rile .l' s sa y Martin shot ate « in large cities eligible to bor- from a clearing and that., he'was rovv fl ' om «'e R, P. c from a clearing and triat-h' clearly visible. Martin's wile, two children, mother and father from Saline county rat near him in.the crowded court room again today. His family evi- ntinria,) v,i^ s_i . . •• J . ~... .,5^,, muay. M13 mmn CT - H .v^uiit-aii national committee lo- aenced more Interest'In the pro- dav ^^ged- that the government «ed,n gs th 1,,.^,, r po was draining', private crcdft ton -indicator*,were that def«hse'. tes- '»"«{Itself ;'/'< \ ,/<""/ '.. '"nony would-be. completed !afe\»i- -'•'^«^'ay;'our«)VfcrSiriiil/l u nn > c/B day and hat the case would go to ** conducted," he sald.^/mddu- Uie jury -tonight.' ' ' ° * We bookkeeping, shit ii'ig money ' •' — -7™ .. .. ^' CIe5 V Paging markets for C p • ' PTnmpnl- v.««j^ '_,„ ,- •. -, , v . Play-Off Is Possible Between Cards, Giants *E rYORK ^«. (UP)-Pro- .. . . Hi g _Code Violation Buck Meharg was flncri <;-n ! f failure lo compl W |?h the c kv building code in crec'L lo an East Ma n ™eS by Municipal .-Judge C nlngham yesterday Curt Pennington and Tom John son were fined $50 each on chafes • P ° SSCSSfC " Ot intoxicat - antMiinced today-by John A. Heyd- !er, president of the league ' Such-a- play off would be siarled m St. Louis next Tuesday. The second game of suoh a play off would be held in New York on Wednesday,- and a third, if necessary would also- be plavctl jn N York: on Thursday. Seven Convicts Fle e Oklahoma Penitentiary McALESTE'H, Okln., Sept. 27. , Trinl "f Taylor Wicker on [ " al of n, ^. Ti""" i - u ' i * ii ' i -> t^tuijeQ from I He Oklahoma prison here early today by tunnelling from the tubercular wafd under the walls A negro convict. A. J. Gardner, who was forced to accompany them, returned later after escaping the Sand and told officers they had fled with a Mexican accomplice. «ml, nM their on on a cimr S e of 'simple assault was set J. J. Johnson was fined one dollar for a traffic violation. Roosevelt Blackmailer llevc they would night long. More Than 100,000 Cans Packed in County ». ""Missippi count operation In \\\ P \ \\ot A I . lj "n-»6Cllk;v Her Administration's cannin» i>rn ermn. packed 116,22 3 cam of vege-" £±L hfrl " te »"" '"eats prior g to S^lt ?, T '' nc ™ r d»'B to n rc- Ohdvs I n w L , UUe Rmk ] » "I" <-'la<l}s L. Walers, JTIRA garden ""THE Conscrrati P nls <- ' !"!'/ TO ; ln ^l»°l>^ C8 co a unt.v S and' 1 'the t700,000. stale prtor to an esLated° for Mrs. Dora Thompson or Mm rv, ° . M , re ' ^ra Thompson, home P, M ° IU f ay nt ' lcr m? j ^"""l services were held Tuesday at the- Manila .' company was ,„ , or arrangements. The deceased is survived t husband, Tom Thompson son and daughter and her rr Mr. and Mrs.-A. M. Brewer m I I Fondren Is L* I Leading in Golf Play , J. 0. Fomlroii, Memphis pro, inov- .ed from third ( 0 first place In the |12.'!iolo mythcvllle Open wllli but Amioiiijcement of Person- 1 " "el Will Come Laic.To-J nest "biie^lr.Trl^ri.Knr^k ciay or lomorrow T' 1 , 0 lliullsct llle i ww through M 1 ^"'"" holes, and Leonard Dodson, Sprlng- tho pnr of a board of five to head | the revised NRA, the White House 1 announced today. It was explained that the presl- i round. .Iliirrlson "was n stroke hclilnd at and . liock, )ind 257. , . Julius Aekcrbloonr Little ... , Iook . <is Well as Ransom i' -i' ' c gOtiallOns, Oays dent W ns working on the person | ncl situation now and It wa s even' possible' that his announcement would be i-cndy before lie left his desk lisle today. H was exacted by c |os c observers or the- roorganlxntlon situation I Hint-the board would be entrusted' with the task or developing other phases ol the revised recovery pie- wS B "SX t %* lB » STn^ t NCW Crisis'lTDcvcl row from the R.. p. c. Says Credit Drained WASHINGTON, 'Sept. 27.', (Up)_ r »"T P.,Fletcher, chairman of the ican national committee, lo- Johnson on a ham .n , ' the rourtl strh™c7fo"- t ta « a^ '^''^favour, British challenger, forging .ahead lo win 101 tlic-U. S. and keep u, c Amcncn's Cup in this country. Tho American craft won the race by 55 second Ruth Listens, for .Wedding March , , era tic Governor, Fails, io~ •S Support Roosevelt BALTIMORE, Md., Sent. 27 (UP) —Tlie Republican. • stale central committee pledged cooperation lo the Roosevelt administration's recovery program todny and charged tliat Democratic Governor Albert Ritchie had Called to sun- liorl it. The unusual gesture of tlie committee for New Denl votes recalled the fight that Ritchie waged to win the Democratic prcsldenttnt Domination In 1Q32. ! The committee pledged support to the national administration "notwithstanding the political dif- president 1ms In mind for t he five Ste Revolt Averted CHICAGO, Sept. 27. (UP)-Clnr- encc narrow, champion ror a half century o[ the underdog and blt- lerest critic ;of 0:10 NRA, believes a revolt, of the people may have been averld by the "timely resignation" or Gen. Hugh S. Johnson frohi his NRA |>ost. The picturesque veteran or tile courts told the united Press today Mat (he "unfair. Impossible" NRA is. doomed t o complete collapse without, the domineering leadership or Johnson. , He hopes it wll) . 'Darrow.secs In Johnson's reslif- iintloii a vindication or the thun- '- cJvWs imtlonal rc- «t«d by at tlie recovery administration last spring. This charmingly lonesome posc-deumtly attractive, too m they might say in Boston, her home town-scon will b= a thing of the fn Ac u l, I n" i RlUh C1 ' a " ni " g ' fiim aclrcss - She'll doff the single blessed- 10 ASylUm n< *s role on Sept. 29 in Sand. Barbara calif when .sin na 1 t 27 (UP) dOWn l " S °' S1C '° V> '" M ;" g m " slc wllh Hilmi "°'> Madden,' movie ' ' ' director, also once of Boston. the for-!- Roosevelt Mrs and the Roosevert ' paid n. j . y " 9»oo,oyu, was committed to an insane asylum to- Varn wrote to Mrs. Roosevelt on August 22. He was arrcoted on August 31 and told authorities a ghost came up through the floor of his room and told him to write the threatening letter. Psychiatrists traced Vani's Insanity to an Injury received when he was struck on the head by an airplane propeller. Jan. ... Mar. .. May Aged Hayti Resident Seriously Hurt in Fall this morn- both 'in- **"• Today»sMarket$ New' York Cotton }(^inn Stock 'Price* NEW YORK. Sept. 27. (UP)— Cotton closed steady, open high low close 1242 1245 1235 1235 1X7 1258 1247 1249 NKVV YORK, Sept. 27 (UP) — Cold and silver mining slocks declined on the stock exchange to- daj' while other secltons'.rose fractions lo more than three paints. 1262 1202 1250 1252 j Dealings picked lip .slightly. A. T. and T Annconda Copper Beth. Steel Chrysler Ciller; Service Gen. Am. Tank Gen. Electric "112 i-2 117-8 20 1-8 34 1-2 t 1-8 33 1-4 185-8 1271 1273 12G1 1203 127G 1277 1207 1268 -. 1280 1282 1271 1273 Spols closed quiet nt ISM. off 5. New Orleans Cotton ... „ _^ j Gen. Motors 23 5-8 NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 27 (UP)] Ill( - """'ester 31 -Hedge selling .during the second! Mo »lSfomcry Ward ... 271-2 half of lhc session sent cotton fu- N ' Y - turcs down 8 lo a points on the New Orleans -exchange today. In early, trading there were periods of steadiness and al one lime Ihe market slood al slight advances over yesterday's clew. Factory;J250,COO Loss MEMPHIS. Sept, 27. (UP)-lWar- •y Ing names, fanned by a brisk north -i- Him!, early loday destroyed the one- i irge story block-square plant ol-the Slumber Products corporation. ' her Damage was estimated nl $250 000, It was believed by officials that I ie fi™ ciirfnii froni sponla' ' Oct. Jan. Mar. May- July open high low close • 1244 1251 12M 125!) • 1254 1254 1254 1251 . 1259 1272 12GO IMt • 1275 1277 12li7 1267 1219 1232 1273 7. - .. ..;... ,u tv lt,>i l£l,) L^l Spots closed steady at 1280. oil Chicago Wheat 103 high low 1C4 3-8 103 close iosa- Centr.ll 22 7-8 Packard 3 7-8 Phillips Pet. 15 1-2 Radio (j Simmons Reds 10 3-8 St. L.-S. p , 3.4 Standard of N, J 43 7-3 7"^ c ° 23 3-8 U. S. Slcel 34 3-8 U. S. Smeltin? H2 Chicapo Corn open high i ow c i cse Sept. 78 1-2 79 1-4 13 1-2 78 5-8 D3C. 78 3-8 7D 1-8 78 1-4 76 5-8 NEW YORK, Sept. 27. (UP)— Col oJinvlea A Lindbergh, disguised in Kfcy cap and horn rimmed glasses, studied .(he pale face of Bruno> H. naujilnuum Sor ten minutes Uf- 1 «i>y and « few-hours, later Dlst. | Ally, saimiel fioloy » a3 described' is being convinced that Hauptmtum vas olio or the actual kidnapers of ^hiilborijh'i first son. Poley also wns quoted ns saying lie believed Hnuplnmnn was UK'' 'man or ono 0 [ the men" on.ilje* ladder whioli Iho kidnapers puttiip nt Die Lindbergh house- to climb Into-the nursery. ' • ' Ltndbergh'<j action In conrronti Ins Hauptmann w a s at his own re- T o , ' b "'a iiniipunimii was at nls own rein OOUlnei'Il Centers As ' t ' tesl Rtl <' came as a dramatic pre- Sti'ikc Sequel • c " cr " cr ' sarmI 8 m ^ ATLANTA, Oa., Se|lt, 27. (UP)—' rncrdn'slm; ctiargcs of discrimination aaalnsl reluming lextilc strikers gave wavnhig ol a [resh crisis In southern mill centers • todny. In Ihe carolhias and acorala union leaders accused mill owners ol eirccllng a "wholesale lockout." ol orgnnlze<( textile v.'orkt-is.' Hoy It. Lawrence, president or the Norlh Carolina federation or I>abor, jjiJd ibc jnnnhgcmeiit of Iho Alexander mill at Forest City : had served eviction notices on 47 families occupying mill owned homes. "We win use every menus at our disposal ip prevent) this discrimination union members," l/iw- rence '-siild. "These*:tiien , wore -DreiL for their utilomactivltles."/ .'•:; ';•. if8 Drivers Get Tickets in "Bad Light" Campaign Thirty-cluht molorlsts .were given "tickets" lo appear In .municipal court, today In the "bhcl- light" drive:by, highway iistrolin'en, 'city oltlcers and s^criir's deputies last M • . p . n| Bl>l °" "'e streets 'of this city. IVlaintetiance OUperviS 0 r Seveml paid orr~lasl night and FJpvnrn^ T« P^,-! -r D_- '" ls ">ofnl''8, fnthirc lo display proiKr lights costing them two' dollars apiece. It Ls understood' lhat Iwo dollars will be the established line when others appear In court lhls afternoon. To Post of _ T _ signed Official MTTLB UOCK, Ark., Sept. 27J- arty of the president." The committee ratified tlie primary nomination or Harry w. le, seeking a I!itch - Lehman Renominaled BUFFALO, N. Y., Sept. 27. (UP) —Oov. Herbert H. Lehman was rc- nomlnaled today as Democratic candidate ror governor or New York -'"'- on a plalfon Ih, inC eiv The vote was unanimous. Former Governor AUrcd B. Smith Placed Lehman's name before (he assembly. commission, i m j announced that. Hoy W. Spencc, secretary or the l"i!"Li"l Strnt ' oln ' ™ r whc " "o' takes oHlc" S October The new hlfjhwny director is a of any demand or consequence and after an early period or strength, sagged slowly and closed In new low ground for Ihe currenl desctlner Tlie closing \vns steady at ncl losses ol 5 to 10 points. In spite of the statement Issued at Memphis recently by Oscar Johnson, manager of the government cotton poll, to the effect that sales or government-controlled cotton scheduled for October 3, would be handled in such a way as not lo depress prices, some selling was due lo uneasiness over the noslble effect of these sales. Although ralher, cool In some northern sections, the «athcr over we belt remained generally favorable and there was nothing in the days crop reported to change the belief that production estimates are lo be revised upward. Failure of the market to hold the level of 12 1-2 cents believed by many to have been established by lie government's 12 cent loan has led to widespread disappointment and given rise to surmises by some jxMple in fnc Irade that general business conditions will have to ii,^ V . de * w ? ( ' Improvement all over W. E. RICHMOND ,fc CO.'S AFTKRNOOX COTTON 1 I.KTTER •NEW ORLEANS, Sept, colton market yielded again today lo hedging pressure tn (he absence can cotton. ,-.— S*U-M«I.-> .iDioaa ann dee discounts under Ameri- Masons Meet Tonight " and o'clock m VhS visiting m i t ~~ Wba I0dec No ' 134 are welcome. -. Baker, Slate ......MI,:N,.MLU supervisor, lias been 'appointed director of highways to succeed Jnmcs R. Rhyne, who has turn- hlglnray commission.' John Buxton of Wynne has been named to succeed -Baker as maintenance supervisor. Buxton was supervisor ot {llstrirt twn <usirict two. resident of Little Rock nnd ^ former resident'of Polnsetl county. He began service with the department In February, ' — Ulr 1933 went Inlo office', Three Powers Pledge Austrian Independence GENEVA, Switzerland, Sept. 27, trla must remain 'independent. ( It rcenforced the declaration of Hie three powers lost, February The three powers declared pres ervatio integri Labor Federation Chief Reports Employment Drop WASHINGTON, Sept. 27. (UP)_ Presldent William Green of the American Federation or Labor today estimated that unemployment "no gained slightly durlne August fie set ihe August figure at 10- H.OOO pirscns. an increase of 40000 over July. n c s , w tbcrc W( J S no indication of aiiv pennaneiit improvement in the situation this fall Orecn estimated 40.000 retnll em- ployes lost jobs due to the dull summer sen.scn. that SO.OOO farm labor- Ihat railroads parc<l 17.000 workers from payrolls. .Slight gains in other fields Ml the ncl loss al 40.000. to Inspire our policies." eeks Divorce After 28 Years of Marriage Married 28 years ago In Datch- elor, N. C.. E. H. Conner has filed suit under Arkansas' 90-day divorce statute seeking a divorce from Mrs.'Llna P. Conner. The Calenders were married In 19CG and separated Inst July, lhc plalntlfr having made his residence here since that time. General indignities arc alleged n.s grounds for divorce. Harrison, Smith and Taylor are counsel ror Mr. Conner. Bronx county tourl on charges • of extortion He was'held in'bnU of $100,000 nrler u plea of not* BUllty. ( , ^ •• 5 Alter the jirralgmnent Poley ie- aiimcd questioning of possible vit-" nesses. Including lllss Anita tjiz- cnlierg, a filsnd or Hauptnianh, alii oftlclals In the dlstilct attonisy'a onicc snld lhat Folcy was convinced or IMuplmann's piirllclpillon in the 1 - abducllon as «ell as In the ransom negotiations 'flic persons quesUonett loday had, little Information or valus It was announced Others Involved ) For.the .'dst time poley declared his belief that more (han one person was Involved in the'case. ^;\Hnijptninnn ''was vitoc ,a lone> Avoir,"..:hu suld^"lt »fts knowoi that federal agents already were seeking ail alleged accomplice. ..Significance ufts-atlncWd to the departure from Foley's office IhH ntlernoon of Iwo delectlves and Mrs Knlrlun Maurer, orWew Vork she said she worked in a store and lhat her husband's name Is ''John*'' ,A federal agent accompanying Mrs. Maurcr said that Maurer ap-' parcntly had been missing (or several weeks ,. Mrs. Afaurcr said lific did net' know Hauptmann but officials con- Icuded that her husband had besn- a friend of Hauptmnnn The, federal agents, however, would " not say whether they wcro seeking him.' Quiz Would-Be Suicide '* CAMBRIDGE, Mass, sept 27r (UP)^Jolm L Bauer, who s»a!low-r h ed poison late yesterday and pr«i'- dlclc<l that he would die within 20"hours, was questioned by state, de-' 1 tcctivcs lhls afternoon In connee-' (UP)—Britain, France 'ami Italy f ccllvcs th's .iltcrnoon In connee- 1 signed a declaration today that Aus- >v " h lllc Lindbergh kidnaping^ trln must rcninlii'lndi>n»nri.->iii cnsc ' ' "'< . TMC 21-yeai old Pittsburgh youth/ who describe', himself as an amai ' me three |»wcrs last February , 10 (lcicrlu c'' himself as an ama,; warning aermany lo keep hands off r chcnifs '' chuckled when'cietec- Austria. ' "vcs appeared at his al'a The three nowcrs declnrrn ,>,•„*_ Iocnl liospltal and asked what iif c inrcc powers declared nrcs- '"»i"iai anu asKCd wnat .If iion of the indejxmdcnce and nn >' lhln 8 ho knew about the kidnap. irlty or Awtria "will continue ?•. „ ... , .. ^ isplrc our policies." . rnals ridiculous," Bauer told Makes Old Coffin Ready GfLBERT, Ark, CUP)_A. D. Morgan carefully dusted the cof- fm he ho.s kepi fn his home here for tlie last 14 years and told-visitors recently, "i think I'm going to be needing It soon and want In see that it's in • good repair." Balh Tub Worth Day In Jail SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (UP) — olm Campa, San Antonio, Want'" '-•-•• allowed him a day in ' a ay n Umtght ' 7:3 ° ° d ft bi>th tub ' He look 0"» ' So communication. Jail in which to bathe. He also paid 41 fine, France Happy Over Unusual Wine Crop PARIS (UP)—Expert statisticians arc agreed in forecasting an enormous wiry crop. They mate this year's harvest 300,000.000 to WO 000,000 liters larger than last year's. The harvest, nlrcadj- begun In the Midi, will continue into October tn Bordeaux and Burgundy regions. There arc several factors which obviate tho danger or overproduction. Vagaries or tha weather last year resulted In a short crop—between six and seven bUJIon liters. Against the shortage was a gain ot 100,000.000 .liters in the consumption of French wines. Meanwhile the stock on hand In the vineyards was reduced by 200,000,000 liters because 1933 wine was exceptionally good. There arc expectations.thati this year's wine will be as good as' Ihe quantity Is large. them. "It's absurd to think that [I hut) anything to do with the case r was 1,000 miles from Hopewell's! the time of the kidnaping." Hospital doctors said .thanks to a stomach pump and a hearty m'e&t which Bauer ate soon after taking the poison, he would rcco\er. • Questioning of the would-be sut- cide resulted from an anonjmous 1 telephone call made by a woman today to tho office of Dlst. Atty War- rcn L. Bishop. The woman said that Bauer was the "Bauer" mentioned m the Lindbergh case—the man overheard discussing the case with Bruno R. Hauptmnnn in n New York speakeasy. Authorities Irlecl to question Ihe Informrmt but she hung up. Afghanistan Admitted to League of Nations GENEVA, Sept. 27. <UP)-Af- ghanlstau was admlttled to the Lsnguc of • Nations by unanimous vcte or the League assembly toda'i', H Is the 59lh member. WEATHEK Arkansas— Generally fair tonight and 'Friday, cooler toiSjh' with rising temperature Friday. Memphis and vicinity— cooler tonight Friday fair, rising t? ,y=r»- ture The maximum temperature hart ' jeslerday was 86, minimum 61 Jartly cloudy, with ,07 of »n inch rainfall, according to Samuel •• Norrls, official —"- 1 ' ' '

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