Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 9, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, October 9, 1948
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rage Two HOPE STAftVHOfrE, ARKANSAS Social ana P Saturday, October 9, 1948 ersonal 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. ..,.,. October 10 I Springs. Mrs. C. W. Malon-v and vv, ^nperu-lng on the Fmlav Musie j Mrs. Lylan Evans of Chicago, Club program over KXAR at 4 j Mrs. Luln Baker and daughter. •"•iJ'eiocis Sunday afternoon will be ! Helen of Pino Bluff and O. P. Tom Purvis, vocalist. anrl j 'Johnson of Minneapolis. Minnesota. Mai :'irtV£ B. <c. Hyatt, pi-mist. Mrs. B. v•.',.. fc.tlw.arc.ls will be in chnrgn of ui<' jJi-n^rain, Mortrtay. October 11 The Business Women's Circle cf the First Baptist church will meet Monday night at 7:30 in the Misses Betty Ester Cronin—Shannon's Way. Bos dling novel by the author (>' ''Green Years" and "Keys of the Kingdom". Young ambitious doctor's efforts to carry on medical n search against grout odds . Greene—Heart of the Matter A .deeply religious, honest and rospon- I I sible police officer in a West Africa I village falls into the clutches of I * ™ %» 4» ^B*1^ W W Sunday, October 10 Men's Bible Class of the Pres- foyienan church will observe tho second anniversary of the re-organization Sunday. An aUcncl- r.ncc of 75 is desired. . Soattend. *j f] f j Edfniaslon of Henderson" State j a Syrian money lender when nit"! Teachers College. Arkadclphia ar- '. for his wife forces him to borrov' ' lived Friday afternoon for a week- [ money. j end visit with their parents. Mr. ! Hobart—The Cleft Rock. The von and Mrs. Ben hdmiaston. They j ol the rich and powerful Do-l-i f-,. r . i were accompanied by Miss Jean : ily brings back to their California i home a Russian refugee as his I brick " . - - - •-• ...^..li, tit /. ou in r./ie i ' • -•-••- . . - imnu. oi Mrs, W. I. Stroud on South i MeKr-nnon, roommate of Mary Es- ! home a Russian refugee I-.on.nM- Street. All members are ;' e '"' Vi 'h° vvi " y '-' !fj l; " ; week-end • bride and there begins a | guest in the Kdmiaston home. | conflict. Immediate "issues are who i I T, T," : „ ' jf ''nUtlcd to irrigation rights—and ! ] Ihornas Munn and Terry Lee j the Russian refugee who ! Powell of Dodcaw are attend-| Noble— Woman'with a Sword the [ n U lhc Arkansas State Livestock i Biographical novel of Anne Car,how and !• air in Little Rock. roll unofficial member of Lincoln's -., ., ~ "77~r.,,. cabinet who has generally been Mrs. h. M. Me\Vilhams left . .. - Monday, October 11 First meeting of tho Woman's Federation of the Presbyterian Church at 2:30 p.m. Circles of the W.M.S. of First Baptist church will meet at 2:30. Gets High .'j'SOTICE' . 'All Kasiern Star members :yc interested in attending .... bnnnuc-t and meeiine in Prescott oi) Friday, October 15 in honor of The o-'ihy Grand Matron are ar.l-- fi-,11. •.••Mrs. .7. W. Frank.-;, 2'iO-VV by Monday at 10 a.m. October 11 Women of the First Presbyterian church will meet Monday ••'1 10 o'clock for a Home Mission Frtijtrnm. Mrs. J. W. Butler of IVwelHon. La. will review the he.fi- "On Our Own Doorstops." Follo'.vinfT the program, the circles v,'il>. meet for a business session. .Lunch will be served at noon. kno to Joe. Irvin. who is attending SMU in Dallas will arrive Saturday night for a week-end visit with relatives and friends here. Monday, October 11 „. -,\:i "-emb-'-s of «h" "'m-ion's i Mr - !lnci Mrs - Clyde Yarbough Council of the First Christinn ! anrj children, Knly Lou and Larry • f.'T.w, h will meet in Follows^in'Hall I i?" vc ''cturned to their home in -•it. ] n.m. 10 .sew for the Bazaar. { Memphis, after attending the fun- H' possible, bring something to sew r-'P' ol Mrs - Yarbough' s mother, ..on nr> that more articles can be J s ••.finished. Thursday via plane for Los Angefes i of the fact that JTM- role wn<- one Calif, to attend the bedside of her I of the most dynamic and influen- rnother. Airs. H. Booth, who is ! tial of the Civil War. Smith— Toir.oi-row will be Better. Richly sympathetic picture of pro- war Brooklyn days. It tells with simplicity the story of Margy Shan i non and her dreams, and brings- to I life through her the whole world ! of the little people, hard-working i disillusioned and ever hopeful 1 Author of "Tree Grows in Brook- | seriously ill at her home there. Miss Wilrna Helen Munn who is a teacher in Buckner schools is visiting her parents. Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Munn in Boclcaw. Regular monthly meeting of Nevada District Boy Scout Committee will be held at the Broadway Hotel at 7 p.m. Tuesday, October 12 Ladies Auxiliary of Central Baptist church will meet Tuesday afternoon at 2. Red River Baptist Association will meet with the First Baptist church in Arkadclphia Tuesday and Wednesday. cause ;i decrease in tht Warren. There will be the regula>- bu?- • the Women's Council of the First r 'v : -r: : in Church in Fellowship H. : >1< a'. 3:30 ,,.m. Mrs. Oliver Adams, president, will preside. ..The first ounrtcrly' meeting of s.he Of/icip' Bonrcl of the FfrM Christinn Church will be held in .- Fesiiycbip Hall. Monday at 7:30 VTI.PI. This first meeting of the new >'f?D". \v'H be very imoovtant, and •.(•Vtprpfnrp H j s urged that a'l .board members make a special effort to be present. their orrlly •test. 4. Feed has very little effect on | the lat content of milk. Occas- \ lonally, changes in kind or quantity | Will alter the composition of the mjlk until the cow becomes arcus- lomed to the change. When turned ! out on spring pastures, the fat test -•!••-••• t, l' tl ••' *-<-*' *^ o . LIiv. i u l. LL !~> L j generally goes down and the vol- | Mrs. Frank B. Kirk and Frank Jr. have returned to _ „ ....... „ home in Port Arthur, Texas after i u "">e of mil/, increases. a visit with Mrs. Kirk's parents, ! 5. A decline in the test usually Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Whitworth'* | occurs after calving, but it gradually increases until just before The V/cslevan Service Guild of : .tho First Methodist church will -.-meet at the home of Mrs. Law-. T-rnco Martin on S. Walnut St., .-,Monday at. 7:30 p.m. All members ."'.••-o urged to be nresent and to bring a new member. Ti'-sdav. October 12 . : The Hope' Iris Garden Chita will ..mo"!. Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 in the home of Mrs. C. P. Tolleson. AH members please be present for this meeting. "Mrs. H. C. Whitworth .Entertains Friday Bridge Club : ,: Mrs. H. C. Whitworth was '.hostess to members of the Friday •'.Bridge Club at her home Friday "r.fte-rnoon. The Iwuse was boauti- -.'-ifully decorated with.arrangements .of.red lilies and yellow lupines. .X 'Bridge' was played from two .tables and high score prizes went V'io Mrs, R. D. Franklin and Mrs. ,;£:<..W. .Young.' .;. .The hostess served an ice course ,-.,ta.'tVi» players and two guests, Mrs. ••f-fj4 '--W.. Young and Mrs, Jack Am- /brose. •; Coming and Going •; •/ Mrs. A. E. Siusser and Mrs. -in. O. Wingfield left Friday morning for Little Rock where ' they wUi visit Mrs. Wingfield's sister, ,;Mis. Wm. Stannus. ;;:. Anionjt out. of.towri relatives and ^••irnd E ^ attending the funeral of i.-tha late'~5ilrs. W. Q. Warren on ''Thursday were: Mr. and Mrs. "Clyde 'Yarhroueh and children, , Katy Lou and Larry of Memphis. •M>. PIK! -"Mrs, W. O. Warren and ': children - Hat and Willie of Hot Among the Hope fans flying to Fayeltevilie today to see the Anuinsas-Baylor game are: Mr and Mrs. E. L. Rottig, Luther Hollamon. Jr.. Thompson Evans Jr.. Talbot Fcild, Jr., B. R. Hamm George Peck. Jim Buchannan and Cline Franks. Miss Shirley Pearson left today for a week-end visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Pearson in Fort Smith. Personal Mention Denton, Tex., Oct. 9— Misses Martha Ann Alkins. Carolyn Colestine Hamilton, and Frances Ann Lev/is are among the 336 out-of- state students enrolled at Texas State College for Women for the tall term. Abilene, Tex—With lfi(54 resident college students registered for'the fall semester. Abilene Christian college's enrollment has reached a now fecord high. There also are 33C enrolled in the School of Correspondence Ser- vicet and 263 in the Demonstration school, making a grand total enrollment of 2203. Among the resident college students are two students from Hope They are James Walter Rogers, son of Mrs. Celesta Rogers, a freshman student majoring in education: and Melvin D. Anderson, son of Mr. a-nd Mrs. Rufus Anderson, a junior student majoring in Bible. Hospital Notes Branch Discharged: Mrs. Eugene Ferguson, Hope' calving time. (J. 'rue age of the cow also 'has some bearing on lest. The production ot milk and bulterfat gradually increases until the cow reaches maturity then it gradually decreases. '(. 'the completeness of milking and health of the cow have a definite bearing on tests. The first milk taken may test low and the "strippings" usually test high In| complete milking will certainly i make a big difference in the composite tes.. A healthy cow gives more milk and a higher percentage ci butlerfat than a sick cow or a cow with udder trouble. 8. A careless milker, rough treatment of cow, just before or during milking, or insufficient housing or watering will cause variations in test. A cow should have moderate exercise for maximum production. 9. Skimming cream for home use, or haying defects in separating machines, will cause the test to vary. 10. Transportation has its bearing, also. Warm milk, or milk in partially filled cans, will churn enroute to the plant if transported over very great distances. This also makes accurate sampling impossible. October meeting of the Wesleyan Service Guild was held Tuesday evening in the home of Mrs. J. W. Teeter with 18 members present. Following the business meeting which was conducted by the president. Mrs. Teeter, a devotional talk and a prayer was delivered by ' Mrs. R. E. Lindblad, program leader. She introduced Mrs. Lela Hays who discussed "Methodism in Alaska." Mrs. H. H. Allen was elected as Guild "Shut-in Friend". During the business meeting plans were discussed to attend •he District Guild meeting which v.'ill be held in Hope Oct. 17. Coffee and sandwiches were served by the hostess. Josephine Admitted: Master David Samuels, Hope. nn«i» «iti,LYNN C(iC< KILBRIDE DOUGLAS FOWLEY Julia Chester Admitted: Jerry Garrelt, Hope. Mrs. E. N. Pardue, Hope. Discharged: A. N. Rider. Patmos. Mrs. J. E. Redman. Lewisville. Miss Marjorie Braden, Hope. Mrs. Paul Cook and daughter, Mary Carolyn, Hope. Wednesday Bridge Club met in Hie home, of Mrs. Guss McCaskill. The McCaskill home was beautifully decorated with dahlias and 'ithonias. Mrs. Allen Gee Sr. was h : Kh scorer for the afternoon. The Halloween motif was carried out in the dessert course which was served by the hostess , to club members: Mrs. Gee, Mrs. ' Dallas Atkins, Mrs. Saxon Regan, 1 Mrs. H. H. McKenzie, Mrs. A. Dudley Gordon, Mrs. Tom Logan, Mrs. Harold Lewis and to a guest of the club Mrs. Bob Reynolds. Thme '37 Contract Club met Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the home of Mrs. Art Reynier. Arrangements of dahlias made a colorful background for the room arranged for three tables of players. In the games Mrs. Vernon Buchanan held high score for the afternoon. A delicious dessert plate was served to club members: Mrs. Frank Gilbert, Mrs. John M Pittman, Mrs. Dan Pittman Jr., Mrs. Powell Morgan, Mrs. Hansel Herring-, Mrs. Jack Harrell, Mrs. D. L. McRae Jr., Mrs. Ralph Gordon, Mrs. George Christopher and Mrs. Tommy Cruse. There were two guests, Mrs. Vernon News of the Churches GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST North Ferguson Street D. O. Silvey, Pastor Rock of Ages Broadcast from the churcn auditorium, !) to 9-30 a.m. Sunday School 10 a.m. Grady i Hairston. Supt. ' i Morning Worship —11 B.T.C.— 0:45 p.m. Evening Worship —7:30. Monday, Auxiliary —2 p m Mrs Wade Warren, president. Wednesday, Teachers meeting — 7 p.m. Prayer Service at 7:30. You are invited to worship with us. DOROTHY DIX Tastes in Groomim FIRST BAPTIST Corner Third and Main Streets S. A. Whitlow, Pastor 9:30 a.m. —Sunday School, H E. Thrash. Superintendent. 10:50 —Morning worship with the mesasge by Dr. M. Ray McKay. 0:30 p.m.—Training Union. Vance Smiley, Director. 7:30" —Evening worship with the message by Dr. M. Bay McKay. Monday: 2:30 —Woman's Missionary Society will meet at the church for a Royal Service Program. 4 p.m. —Sunbeams meet -at the church. 5 p.m.—Junior G.A.'s will meet at the church. 5 p.m.— Junior H.A.'s will meet at the church. Wednesday, 7:30 p.m.— The Fellowship Hour. The midweek worship for the whole familv. The one fault that men object to in women more than anything else is slovenliness. Nothing disillusions a man so completely . about, a girl as for her to be a j sloppy Jane, and he carries this 1 aversion to untidiness so far that it even includes (he lace and satin negligees that are supposed to ravish the masculine fancy, but that only gets on his nerves. The average man's feminine ideal is strictly lailormade.' It is the woman who looks as if she had just been run through the laundry and who has come out scrubbed and pre.-sed and trim and taut, with no fluttering ribbons, or run- over shoes, or mossy hairdos about her. Without doubt it is men's allergy to the blousy Delia that has made the living skeleton, instead of the fat girl, the model of feminine pulchritude to which all women aspire. The wife's corset strings liold many a family together. foi Hope Star man and goes Stor of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Cnnsolidcfed January 18, 1929 Publisher) ovory weeMrw oftemoon bv STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. C. Pnlmor, President Alex. H. Woshburn, Secretory-Treasurer at the Star 1-uilHion 212-21 •» South Walnut Street, Hope, Ark. Alex.- H. Wa<:hh«rn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Mor.oqinn Fditor Genres W. Hosmor, Mcr.ll. Supt. Jo?5 M. Dovis, Advertising Manager Enf"-'-™' n", '."rnnd rla^ matter ot the Prr.t Office at Hope. Arkansas, under 'he Act of March 3, 1897. l—Moans A^odnfcd Press. I—Moons Ncwsraccr Enterprise Association. Subscription Rotes: (Alwoyi Payable In Advance): Bv city carrier par we&k 20c _. . ., ,. . nor month 85c. Mnif rotc r >—in Hemo- when the cute little trick that a stead, Nevada. Howard, Miller married leaves off her girdle Lnfavette munties, 34.50 per year; goes around homo with her I wnBro S8.50. and else- UJILl J^VJtJ^ cllVJl.ulM IIiJIlIU \\1LI1 IIUI I hair in curlers and flopping about ~, 0 » iono i ArtvcrH«1nq RrprescMotivfl- 111 a loose Rarmcnl that looks as if I A-kntiso'; Onilir^. Inc'.r Momnhi?. Tonn ;« i,,,,i been fished out of the n-.-.i. -, .!,.,:.._. --,.• .nn M_.IU k<:,t, By SOPHIE KERR Soriolirotion of screenplay from a novel by Prosper Mcrimte Copyright, 1948, NEA SERVICE, INC S Many facials will affect butterfat tests of both whole milk and cream, r.sserts Oliver L. Adams, Hempstead County Agent. Dairymen who deliver cans often doubt the accur, sampling and butterfat tests when they vary from one delivery to another. But aside from ina'ccurate sampling and testing there are many other factors which cause variations in test. Some of these causes are to be found on the farm where the milk is produced and some in transportation to market. The following factors are listed by Mr. Adams as the chief causes of varying butterfat tests: 1. Breed of the cow. Tests will vary from an average of :i.4 per cent for Uolsteina to 5.4 per cent for Jerseys. 2. Tesis of individual cows of the same breed within a herd will vary from 3 per cent to 7 per cent. 3. Weather has a definite effect on testing. Exceptionally cold or exceptionally hot weather will Ken- I THE STORY: Don Jose, young officer in a fashionable Spanish regiment, has just come to Seville from the countryside of Navarre. On his first day in the city, a gorgeous gypsy girl flirts with him, then disappears. Some clays later he is on duty in the square with his friend, Andres, when he sees her again. Andres greets ' her warmly as Carmen, but her glances are all for Jose. Shortly afterwards. Carmen .eels into a street brawl with another woman and knifes her. Jose, ordered to take her prisoner, lets her escape. As a | result, he gets extra guard duty i and is confined to barracks for 30 days. On the last night of his i.-.vtra duly, he is arna/.ed to see Carmen attend a party at the colonel's house. She turns his questions aside, hints IT; meet her a1 Lillas Pastia's. But at the tavern. Jose discovers a drunk and grieving Andres also waiting for Carmen. Di.-.gusU-d. he suggests they both leave. An old gypsy ! woman tells Carmen the cards milk in I predict love and death. Later that iracy of j night Carmen is dancing for the | uypsie.s when she sees Jose on the edge of the crowd. She aims her blandishments directly at him; shook it off, dismissing the thought as nonsense, and started heaping packages into the arms of Don Jose. Jrma Vazquez, 19, who is "Miss Puerto Rico, 1948," adds something to the New York skyline when she arrives in the city en route to Atlantic City, N. J. She's tho first entry her country ever had in the famous annual "Miss America" contest. Buchanan and Mrs. 0. G. Hirst. The Young Adult Sunday School class of the First Methodist church enjoyed a hot tamale supper at the church Wednesday evening. The T-shaped table was covered with a white damask cloth and bowls of dahlias were placed at intervals on the table. Seated at the officers' table were the class teacher Mrs. Dudley Gordon and Mr. Gordon, president. William Lester Gordon, vice president, Mrs. Dick Stewart, secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Allen Erskine Jr., social chairman, Miss Helen Warren and Rev. C. Rav Hozendorf. There were 2G present for the occasion. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE 321 North Main Street Rev. H. Paul Holclridge, Pastor You are invited to attend the services of the Tabernacle on the Lord's Day. You will find that our Sunday School is completely departmentalized for every member of the family. Rev. H. Paul Holdridge will be back with us for the morning worship. The evening evangelistic service will be under the direction of Rev. S. Joseph Geno. Sunday School—9:45 a.m. Radio Bible Class over KXAR— 10 a.m. Morning Worship—11. Sunday School in Laneburg— 3 p.m. The Gospel Hour following the world series, Sunday Afternoon. Choir Rehearsal —5 p.m. Christ Ambassador service for the young people—6:15 p.m. Junior C.A.'s and junior choir rehearsal—6:15 p.m. Evangelistic Service—7:30 p.m. Wednesday: Prayer and Bible Study— 7:30 p.m. Thursday: Laneburg Community Service —7:30 p.m. Friday, Prayer Meeting —7:30. Saturday, Sardis Community *eit vice—7. it had been fished out of the rag bag, it doesn't need a prophet to foretell that it won't be long before Friend Husband will be looking around for someone who is easier on the eyes. No Calorie-Counting Curiously enough', however, while men lay such stress on women being spic-and-span, they do not as a sex. feel called "upon to change their habits, or go to the trouble of beautifying themselves in order to please the feminine fancy. Millions of women, for instance, go hungry in order to heep 'hin. but there is probably not one man in a million who conn's his calories so that he may retain his boyish figure. Nor do men consider it necessary to doll themselves up O-i'-nri'o ''00 Nnrth Mich iqon AvoniiP- Now York Tit-- 292 Madison Avp.; Dolrcit. Mirh., 7S<!7 W. firand Blvd.: Oklahoma City, 31 "1 iorminal Bldq. ••low Orlnnns. 772 Union St. Member of the A ssociot*?d Pros? k the use for r?pub!i< entitled cd Press: Th' exclusively Ic oil the loco' ier, cs well a? make themselves attractive to wo- j men. they dike hair the newest way r>ncl for her 'to wear cny. pre.ttv dresses and to be redolent of Chanel No. 5. but he thinks she is a fu.<--sbudget if she doesn't wnnt. to be seen rut with h'm when he has a three day's rUibble of beard on his face, and. if she doesn't get a thrill out of being kissed by him when •a- . his breath 'smells of a mingling to ! of. whiskev and tobacco and onions. . _.. _ «-..^. „„ — Why men think that women. If they are clothes-conscious, v ,-ho 'care more for the small :like themselves oat like Sol- ! Amenities of life than they do, omon in all his glory. But if they , get so attached to a shirt they j can't bear to change it. they go l about looking like ragamuffins. | Plenty of girls are ashamed to been seen out with their dales, they look so much like tramps. And many a wife spends her whole i married life wondering why sh around , arc indifferent to men's personal 'tppearancc, no one; knows. Perhaps it is because men think that they are so attractive just as they .-MC. that to dress them un would be like :;ilding the lily and painting the" rose. Or maybe women know how many fine wrapned up in mussy sense enough to grab ' intuitively i men are i hey have 6:30 FIRST PENTECOSTAL Fourth and Ferguson Rev. T. F. Ford, Pastor Sunday School —9.--15 a.m j Morning Worship—11. I Young Peoples Service — I p.m. j Evangelistic Service—7:30 p.m Tuesday, 2 p.m.—Ladies Prayer meeting. j Thursday, 7:30 p.m.—Choir Prac- i lice. • Friday, 7:30 p.m.—Bible Study. I Come and be with us in ail our I services. You will always receive | a warm welcome . wife, to kno\ by the Boll Syndicate, _____ __ ____ . Girr ?S ™™ * \ how to comb her : • — "~ — " """ " Stolen Auto Believed Owsied by a Sheriff at the finish, she leads him away with her. XII Lillas Pastia's tavern swung with the wind as •••>• HOWARD DA i:L'-JA 6ORIS KAH.OIF CUIt KIUAY.'AY WARD 6ONO sign „ -- — „ Don Jose and Carmen walked under it and entered the inn. The oki crone who had told Carmen's for- | tune sat with another ancient gypsy woman behind the counter. They looked at the two who entered, then at each other. Then they shrugged and went back to j their various duties. Carmen j noticed the interchange of glances i and perhaps because of this she i was overly loud and overly guy as she greeted them. "Come, you two, we are hungry people. Aren't we, soldier? We want nougats and yemas —and a bottle of wine— and some bread and cheese—" As she talked Carmen helped herself to the things she named, snatching sweetmeats from the counter, standing on tiptoe to reach the wine, beiui- i ing to low shelves and banging . on the counter in iront of the old ;' fortune- teller. Don Jose watched her with an intensity that was almost overwhelming. Carmen helped the old woman stull iho.l'oou into a paper sack, .saying. "We arc on our way Do you want us to to death'.'" She laughed her pirati louk in put it o it the em and drmk The ancient gvpsy woman said, "'lie is always hungry, this girl." old foriup.i.'-tolier muttered jeep "SoM.e da ' 111 Li i her: them Uon Jote. For I'aiia puzzled hito her con•; cuuH be . Then Carmen kicked a door open xvith her foot and followed it over the threshold, her arms filled with packages. Don Jose was at her heels, twice as laden. "This is where I live," Carmen announced, kicking the door shut. "Does it please you?" Don Jose put down the pack- nges and looked around the room, isscrnated because it was Car-I •lien's. The candlelight threw j lines of shadow on the untidy piles 01 clothes and blankets. The room held the tumbled carelessness of a yypsy. Carmen dumped her own j .nick-ages on the table willy-nilly, j .some of them falling to the floor | unheeded. I The young soldier said breath- j Icssly, "So this is where you live!" 'This is where I live when I am in Seville." "Where do you live when you are not in Seville? I've heard—" , "Then you've heard lies." She i went to him quickly and stood in front of him; lifting his helmet, then unbuckling his sword, she stared into his eyes. Her hands went to his throat and unclasped his cape. "The people who have told you about rne always lie about gypsies." The cape slid from his shoulders to the floor but she did not move her hands.- Instead they went slowly around his neck, carcsfingly. She looked up into his face. "They always lie," she said, "Lies, lies, lies!" Pfc. Jesse Parks is spending n ten- day furlough with his parent?, Mr. and Airs. J. E. Parks. Pfc. Parks has been stationed at Lackland Air Base in San Antonio. Texas where he took his basic training. He will return to Biloxi. Miss., where he will enter an airplane engine mechanic school. CATHOLIC Mass Sunday morning at 3:30 until later notice. B The two Chattanooga youngsters, j ^iges 13 and 15. arrested here yesterday for stealing an automobile, ! will be returned to Tennessee for i trial City Police said today. It has i been partially verified that the I stolen automobile was owned by ' the sheriff in the Chattanooga area, j Green-wing teals, smallest of all I ducks, are famous for their beauiy i and are second only to the wood i duck in brilliance of plumage. i For every gallon you b«y a'f the r price. Friends of Mrs. T. H. Duke of Little Rock will bo glad to know that her condition i.s salisf.-ictory following an operation on Mondav at Cora Donnell Hospit;:!. IVL-. Du;:".. and their daug.itvr Kalhv nro spending the week here as guests cf Mrs. E. M. Sharp and Mr. and Mrs. Jess Hayes. Mr. and Mrs. Mac Kayos Sr. have as their guest this v.-eek their grandson Mac Hayes 111 ol Okolona. ' FIRST CHRISTIAN j North Main at West Avenue i Wrn. P. Hardegree, Minister j 9:45— Sunday School. We have I classes for all ages. You will find | a closs in our school that you will ! enjoy attending. Come and -ce i tor. yourself. ; 10:50— Morning worship, Com- , nuin.'on. and Sermon. The special '• music wlil be an anthem by the I ; choir, "All Along Life's Way". | 1 6:00— Light refreshments for the i Senior CYF. ' ; 6:30— CYF meetings for both I Juniors and Seniors. i 7:30— Evening worship, Cominun: ion. and Sermon. The special nui- ! .sic will be by the choir, "Blue Galilee". . Monday: 1:00— All Meeting o( Finance Committee— 7:30 p.m. Wednesday: Mission Study—2:30 p.m. Quarterly Conference—7 p.m. Reception honoring Rev. and Mrs. Van \V. Hnrrell—7:-15 p.m. All members of the church are urged to attend. The Rev. J. E. Cooper will begin a series of-talks next Sunday morning at 10:50 o'clock. The major theme will be "Making a Go of Life." The services wil] b; broadcast over the local radio station. The sub-iooies of the seriev will be as follows: Sunday morning: "Lcarnip" u> Make Right Devisions" ( Sunday evening: "Taking the ; Initiative" i Monday morning (7:30' — "Choos! ing a Life Vocation" j Tuesday morning: "Choosing a ! Liie To Make Room for our Superb Line of 5 y tracer Points We are selling all DPS Products at greatly rep ducqd prices. Mr. and Mrs. Jamr:-. Charles Harris and children Linda Jane and Jim Ed have returned to tho : r home in National City. California after a two week'; vi':-:iL will', hoi- mother, Mrs. Ed Hays and uiher relatives. If members of the Wo' H- n 'I 1 ' 11 "' l ? mCCl Hall to sew for lae possible, bring some- innig to sew on so that articles can be finished. :-!.-30-There will be the re IJiiiinuKs and missionary meeting s-iturd-iv i--orn;o '.1 the Women's Council in Fellow- i ,-nritv" 1 """ 1 - il Woclnosd v mornin: TT,> Your ?1 nd To 'n. Tin i" 1-,' n't r in- more- j free ^'rom FYn .' u F,-idn\ "mo, r( I '. ular I r^ch" mo "" 11fi " John Bright of C'amclen is the guest of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. A. K. McGuire havc as their guests for a r, w clays Mr. and Mrs. .1. B. Montgomery of Yukon, Oklahoma. ld to Don Jose. link.' soldier." i.'iK'.v from his n tin 1 counter. .u'inii.s amount . he gestured Here was a boy who had walked behind his father across a Basque farm in Navarre until such a short time before. Here was a boy who had only known women in the mold of his mother and his sisters: kindly, blue-skirted women with braids that sometimes coiled closely to their heads, sometimes went swinging below their ' waists. | Now he was in the city, in llie I Seville of a hundred varied talcs, i Now he looked upon and talked ! to the only woman he had ever I snoken to outside Navarre. A \ thrillinyly beautiful, confusingly i changeable woman. j Suddenly the women of Navarre! and Die tinseled Carmen mingled { together in his consciousness and | left him knowing only thai Car- j men, infinitely desirable, stood i here, wailing to be held in hi.-- j arms. ; He ixaehefi for her greedily ! He kis.sed her like a man starved j for the kis.ses of the woman he hay ! always loved. He laid his tare j against her copper-wire- hair and held her more and more tightly to himself, as though he would never ; let her go. "You iove me. Car- i meneila." he breathed in a husky j voice. "I know it now." j Carmen pulled awav iron; h'm ', suddenly, gaxinu at him with the i tame pu'.vled look in her eyes that '• ••'n-' had had during the £>''-n.e v. i'h < '..he old iortune-ii'llc-r in the ir;u. ', "No." The word hit him as a ! w'.-'Diaih neross the face. "Th:<r : is impossible. I've never '.ove.-i I anyone in. my lift.'' ; (To Be Continued) j Mrs. Ben Phillips i.s visiting in Stamps as the guest of her daughter, Mrs. L. D. Galloway and Mi- Galloway. Rev. C. Ray Hoxendorf Tuesday and Wednesday ii Rock. Mr. and Mrs. J. U. Vittilow of Lcwisville announce tho arrival of a clauahter. October -1, in the Texarkana Hospital. Mrs. ViUivto.v is the former Miss Barbara Ann Grant, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Grant of Prescott. Mr. and Mrs. Mar!-; Justiss spc-m Tuesday and Wednesday in Little Rock. Their son F,i!l was the guos; of relatives in LI Dorado. Mrs. Uuel ('hiur.bi'rlain \v;;.called to Caindt-n Tii'.'sdav i. cause of UK; i 11 n•-s.-> of her .-isler- in-law, Mrs. O. Inai-am. Bill Yoncey is n,,w making hi..home in Tuniea. _\iis... wh'-re he lias aceepied a pi ..vilii.n in r-.- Lie- counting deijai Ui.eut !.•!' X. A. Sal.ih Company. Airs. Yanei-v \ ! , ill iui'-, him later. Sound Duratioii In Enyi: : ,h spoliv.-:: at avej-age tpeed, the uurai.on of \'ov, : e! so\:nds vur..-- i.;..•-, v.-eeii 0. !'•' a:ui .255 ol a suee::d. aec.Tonng to liie Encyclopedia Brii; i ship Hall; Mrs. Olivei : president, will preside. i 7:30—The first quarter!v meet- < ! "ig of the Official Board "will be I : held in Fellowship Hall. This- i first meeting of the new year will ! be very important, and therefore ! ; it is urged that all board members j jinake a special effort to be present i Thursday, 7:30—Choir rehearsal i . j FIRST PRESBYTERIAN l 3CC East Second Stephen Cook, Pastor Nancy Deal, Director of i Education I Sunday School —0:45 a.m., Jim i.Miller, Supt. Morning Worship —10:55 Ser- pion "This Day Called Sunday". j The choir, directed by Mrs C. C McNeil], will sing "Hear My Pray- 1 er" by James. ; A nursery is provided during the ; morning worship. : Vesper worshio—5 p.m. Sermon: •! "Stephen and Christ". Presbyterian Youth Fellowship . —li:lf> p.m. Allen Herndon will talk : lo the group. Emilv Jo Wilson ' will have the devotional. and 'Richard Dufiie v.'ill serve refreshments. Choir Practice. 7 p.m. Tuesday. Prayer and Bible Study —7 to ,7:30 p.m. Wednesday. A church home for those awav :»c'm home and a welcome to all. FIRST METHODIST West Second at Pine Rev. J. E. Cooper, Pastor cliurcii School —9:-15 a.m. Sermon Iheir.e: "Learning to Make Rigiit Decisions" by Pastor. Wc-sley Club and Young Peoples' meetings—6:30 p.m. Kveiiing worship—7:30. Serinon ih<.-nU': "Taking tho Initiative". Tin pastor will deliver a sene;- ' : !;i!.'c:, over radio station KXAK each morning this week on the i:.;'jor tooic: "Making a Go of Life" Monday: r'.U-etings at Church, Spiritual Life • C;iijup--2:30 p.m. Woman's Soeien—3 u.jn. Harlem - Hoe Benson be v Co. Phone 178 Adams, ! " 3 /pit aiyx. aw K n bl fcN THE BROADCAST The Hope Gospel Tabernacle has courteously delayed "The Gospel hour" this Sunday so that you may hear the World Series. "The Gaspe! Hour" will be heard immediately after conclusion of the game. /

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