Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 8, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 8, 1948
Page 3
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Friday, October 8, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, A R K A N*S Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Saturday, October 9 There will be an important meeting of the Junior Music: Club at JO o'clock Saturday morning in the home of Mrs. Edwin Stewart. Sunday, October 10 'Appearing on the Friday Music Club program over KXAH at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon will be Mrs. Torn Purvis, vocalist. anrl Mrs. D. C. Hyatt, pianist. Mrs. B. W. Krl'.Vcirds will be in charge ot the program. Monday, October 11 The Women of the First Presbyterian church will meet Monday at 10 o'clock for a Home Mission Program. Mrs. J. W. Buller of Newellton, La. will review the book "On Our Own Doorsteps." Following the program, the circles will meet for a business session. Lunch will be served at noon. Monday. October 11 All members of the Women's ^Council of the First Christian r ehurch will meet in Fellowship Hall at 1 p.m. to sew lor the Bax.aar. If possible, bring something to sew on so that more articles "can be finished. There will be the regular biiE- incus and missionary mcctinj? ot the Women's Council of the First Christian Church in Fellowship Hall at 3:30 p.m. Mrs. Oliver Adams, president, will preside. Fred Cook. Alternates arc: Mrs. W. G. Allison and Mrs. Marion Buchanan. Year books were distributed. The program was in charge of Mrs. J. W. Strickland, who gave a very iniei•c.'sung article on "Red Shirt Shrine ot South Carolina". A short discussion jo! lowed .Mrs. Strickland's talk. During the .social hour, the hostesses served dclighllul refrcoh- mtnts t-yrryin:; out Die Halloween motif to K1 members and three guests, IVIr.i. Bon Ilaj ncs of Houston, Mrs. Aaron 'J ollctt and A. C. Anderson. Mrs. j This i ! ability Coming and Going Miss Mary Ethel Perkins left Thursday afternoon for Fayclteville where she will be I'.-.e guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Nunn. Jr. and attend the Arkansas-Baylor game on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Mont Allen. Miss Veria Allen and Mrs. Willie Shumake ot Stamps motored to Texarkana Thursday afternoon to visit relatives and friends. *• The first quarterly meeting of the Official Board of the First Christian Church will be held in Fellowship Hall Monday at 7:30 p.m. This first meeting of the new year will be very important, and therefore it is urged that. all board members make a special effort to be present. •The Wesleyan Service Guild of the First Methodist church will meet at. the home of Mrs. Lawrence Martin on S. Walnut St.. Monday at 7:30 p.m. All members jjii'.re urged to be present and to bring a new member. Leo Robins. Miss Betty Robins a/id John Asher Hudson will leave Saturday morning for FaycUcvillc where they will attend the Arkansas-Baylor game there. Mr. and Mrs. Pink W. Taylor left Friday to spend the week-end with their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. John Lowe in Monroe, La. Mrs. John Cecil Weaver left Friday to return to Fayetlevillc alter a \isil wil.h her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Wiggins. Tuesday, October 12 The Hope Iris Garden Club will meet Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 in the home of Mrs. C. P. Tollcson. All members please be present for this meeting. Brownie Scout Troop No. 4 Meets Thursday The Brownie Seoul Troop Is'o. 4 met Thursday afternoon at Brook- r wopd school with Mrs. Jack Gardner and Mrs. E. L. Archer, Jr. The meeting was opened wilh the Brownie Seoul Troop Promise. Plans weie discussed for the coming year. The girls were divided into groups to be responsible each week for the refreshment!-:. After seiving delightful refreshments, the meeting was closed wilh the Lord's Prayer. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Wiggins have as houseguests. their daughter, Mrs. Billy Caglc. Mr. Cagle and riaughteis. Shirley and Janeitc of Richmond. Calif, and their son, Giles Wiggins, who has "recently returned mini China, wilh Merchant Marines. Hospital Notes • Brnnch Discharged: son and baby Mrs. C. boy. Hope The Doctor Says: By EDWIN P. JORDAN, M.D. Vvritton for NEA Service Parents often feel a keen sense I of responsibility for the child who : i.s relarded or handicapped mentally. Of course, such a situation is tragic, but il must he faced and. to face it properly one needs lo understand the problem. The mental development of children at different ages can be measured by fairly reliable tests. The common term for the results of these tests is the "I. Q." which stands for intelligence quotient, a measure of the child's to learn ralher Hum what the child actually knows. The "I. Q." is figured by dividing the menial age as calculated by one of the intelligence tesls in common use by the actual age ol the child in years, and multiplying the result by 100. Thus if a 6- ycar-old child has a mental age of :j, the intelligent quotient would be expressed as 50. Tests have Some Value Although parents arc often inclined to pay too much attention to the "I. Q." of their children, these tests do have some real value. If the "I. Q." is way below normal, the child must be considered a true icliol and cannot be educated in school subjects; such children require care in an institution. The next lowest group are imbeciles who can learn to perform simple household duties but do not go far in school subjects. Above these Iwo low groups are the less seriously retarded children who can often be taught to learn to support themselves in simple occupations, but are not likely to go beyond the elementary grades of school. It is not possibles to drill or train a youngster with a low "I. Q.'' into a definitely higher group. This may be a hard thing for parents to realise, but il should be faced. There is, however, some experimental work going on with a substance called glutamic acid and its effect on the intelligence. This substance appears to raise the intelligence as measured by the "I. Q.' 1 slightly. However, it must be emphasized thai the results are not extraordinary and as yet in- E. John- conclusive. Parents of mentally retarded children can save themselves and Fashion ADoubleLife C OME-APART hostess gowns which surrender their tops to fill other wardrobe needs aro a new designing idea in "at honne" clothes. Teamed with handsome skirts which wrap around or tie on are separate tops, designed to do double duty. A bolero top doubles as a bed jacket. A stylized blouse leaves a dinner-at-home skirt to keep company with a daytime suit. —KPSIE KINAUD. NEA Fashion Editor. tile Julia Chester Ad mi tied: Mrs. George L. Steed, Blcvins. Mrs. Dolphus WlnUen. Hope. Arthcr Martindale, Prescoll. Discharged: Lewis R. Morrow, Rl .1. Hope. Mrs. R. \V. Vv'omble, Fulton. Mrs. Press W. Walker and son, Thomas Michael, Hope. Ppae Three DOROTHY DIX erne Miserable Tina 5-oser's ilinruT-nt-homc ros- inni?. (left) combines u J-u;uI;;- stylert quilted to.jr.a .skirt with a black silk jersey blouse which CP.U be switched to a suit. Jo Copclanrt designed the benift'iecl blue crepe hostess sown (ri^ht) with the tie- on skivt and separate bolero NO that (he top can double as a bed .jacket. 'i ar Horothy Oix: My husband ; reliri.il fiom business and is tile house ii'inM. oi th<- time. He niw.ivs cimiPiui nip'i that iv:' i:- weli and is continually I nun;; some kind l- t medicine. He. can't even put on his clothes without ray j Help. But it' I !;o away tor a while I IK- is perfect^ well and has IKI | difficulty in d'oinj, everything for j himself. \ Can yo'.i su.'.goi-l MiPU'wav of : breakiiu; Him in tiie hauil of wain- i me lo wait on linn all ot the I time'.' 1 have a l:-.n;e home and 1 ' i:pt veiy busy cloin.i; ine hoi'.si.- j chores. i Mliy. ARTHUR H. \ wer: My advice is tci get • husband to go hack to work, i All he nee;!s is sornethim; to i'U>, s o m e t h i n j; lo occupy his eupv his minu so that he won't have so much leisure te> explore nix system for symptoms and imagine thiiv.;s being the matter with him. Lay your case before your family doctor and get him tu urge MHir husband to go back into business. If he doesn't go back he probably will die, because he will literally think himself sick. Sick'With Boredom If you will notice, the men who retire from business seldom live but a few years. The reason for this is that having nothing else lo do, they become hypochondriacs. They fancy they can't eat this and can't eat that. They get hipped on :he idea that they can't do this anrl they can't do thai. Having nothing interesting to do. they do nothing but brocKl and end up by boring themselves to death. And Heaven help the wife whose husband retires from business and sits around the house all day with nothing to do hut criticize the wav she runs il and make suggestions about things ho doesn't under- sl.au'l. There is no other domestic j pest equal to an idle man on the premises. ,-B I can remember Mother has .uv.ays instilled superstitious i noughts in us and they make mo , i.••, v miserably.' Can you suggest a cure'.' WORRIED DAUGHTER A;V-.WIM : The rc-mcly for super- ,,'iiuon is simple. II consists in iisini-. a little common sense. Just ;'.;>:; yourself how a black cat run- inn:.;' aci'us your path Could possi- jly a'l'leet vour life, or why you .•••Mould be any more likely to meet .vith an accident on Friday the 13th ilKin on ;>uv other day. or how tea leaves it!, a .cup could indicate that ••'ou aro.-. yoina to make a rich ;n;im;igc or not, and you will unit'.h ut yourself for your folly. SupcrsUiioi;! is the offspring of ignoi ancc. and it melts away like . : 'nuw •)'! .the,j'sun when your turn ino rays .of'.intelligence upon it. Don't wor)-y 'over signs and pro- lends. Tlw,v piean absolutely nothing, exeijpt..what you make them by your fca'rs. The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) First Jet to Beat Sound U.D.C. Meeting Held Thursday ill: Home of Mrs. Anthony The Pat Cleburne Chapter of the (••U.D.C. met Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in the home of Mrs. Grnydon Anthony with Mrs. Llovd Stilton. Mrs. Marl: M. Smyili. and Mrs. Marion Buchanan. as co- hostesses. The Anthony homo was beauli- fully decorated with fall flowers. lYr the living room, yellow China chrysanthemums and daisies were placed in low containers on the mantel, pink and orchid gladiolus in tall vases were on Ihe tier tables and the coffee table held i a lovely arrangement of red roses * 'in a low crystal swan bowl. The dining table was graced wilh an e'pergne filled with red rosebuds. Fall flowers were arranged throughout the other rooms. The meeting opened with the ritual, followed by the minutes which were read and approved. Mrs. Wilbur D. Jones, acting secretary, in the absence ot the secre- tmy, Mrs. Pat Casey. Tin- treasury and registrar report was given. It was announced that the Children's chapter lias been reorganized with Mrs. Lawrence »*'Mariin 1:; sponsor. L>elei:ates were named to attend the State U.D.C. meeting to be held in Little Rock, October 26. 27 and 28. They were: Mrs. Herbert Lew-alien, Mrs. New York, Oct. 8 — (fT) — Gov. Thomas E. Dewey called today lur federal aid to stales for housing on "a realistic, practical basis" whenever such aid is needed "to get. action." Declaring "we are up against a gigantic housing deficit." Ihe Republican presidential nominee also urged the clearing of the nation's slum areas. "We will not be satisfied." he sa>d, "until the curse of slums find tenements is lifted from every American family and every American child." The New York governor's remarks were in a speech prepared l'i:r delivery (at 4 p. m., KST) at ground-breaking ceremonies for the Alfred E. Srnilh housing project in New York City. Dewey spent last night at his farm home in Pawling. N. Y.. between Albany and New York City. la his New York speech Dewey j said: I "This year the builders of Amer- |ica are building as never before, 1 and the total may reach as many 'as a million now houses. That is good. But it is not nearly good enough. "As many as a million and a half of our veterans and their families have had to double up with other jiiniilies or live in rooming hoii.se>. 'Another million and a half of our families have had to do Ihe same. OCX" lie said that lo solve the prob- hrnd to the states to encourage programs of community improve- ] ment and development. "When federal aid is required to get action, then that aid must, be provided — on a realistic, practical basis," the governor declared. Dewey did not mention the Taft- Ellcnder-Wagner long-range housing bill which was shelved in the last session of Congress. But in calling lor slum clearance and federal aid to states under some cir- i ciunstances he lacitly endorsed co tain provisions of that measure. Mr. Truman repeatedly has called for enactment of the bill. Dewey paid tribute to the Republican-controlled 80th Congress for the housing research provisions of a limited housing bill it did pass. By WILLIAM E. GILROY, D.D. "The proper study of mankind is man." wrote the poet Pope. And there are no finer or more adequate sources of material lot- that study than are to be lound in the 66 books that we call the Bible. The late President Thwing. of Cleveland's Western Reserve University, made a specialty of collecting books of biography. He Dear Dorothv Dix: As far Convention at 1 Sweet Home Churc Si their children much grief by consulting school supervisors and qualified physicians concerning the future which may be expected for their children and what they might do about it. QUESTION: I am 82 and have trouble wilh my balance so that I am afraid to venture out. ANSWER: This is unfortunately common late in life. It is probably caused by changes in the inner portion ot the ear. There is not I much that can be done for it. By SOPHIE KERR Serialization ot screenplay from a novel by Prosper Merimee Copyright, 1948, NEA SERVICE, INC. Hempstoad County Singing Con- i vent ion will be held Sunday, Octo- i ber 10. at Sweet Home Methodist j Church. 7 miles east of Blcvins on j Highway !M. A record crowd i.- ; expected. Lunch will be served at lli noon. Love Their Late Teacher Royalton. HI.—i.-Vi— Royalton's school children knew their new school superintendent was the man for them even before he .-howed up. He sent word he would be unavoidably late for school—by about a week. Ho. their school vacation was extended. home remedy for relieving miseries of children's colds. For every gaHon you buy at the regular price. To Make Room for our Superb Line of cranky 'every month'? Aro you troubled by distress of female functional periodic tiisuirb- anctis? Doe:-, this make you Joel so tired, hlgh-h'trunt;, nervous —sit snicli times? Then co try Lydla E. Piuk- ..hiini's Vegetable Compound to lelieva such symrjiur-j")t Plukhum's Compound Is made specially /or women, It ulso lias what Doctors cull a stormichlc tcntc effect I Any drugstore. L PINKHAM'S "we need to cut h penetrable underbrush ut theory and disagreement ana dispute, and draw uo a woikmanlike program." That program, he .-.aid. must be one wurkeduut by "labor, industry, our lending institutions and government ..... local, state and national." he added: "It is a big pro'.jlem. but \ve can solve it." Dewey said the federal government inusl stand ready to lend a IHE STORY: Don Jose, young officer in a fashionable Spanish regiment, has just come to Seville from the countryside of Navarre, On his first day in the city, a gorgeous gypsy girl flirts with him, then disappears. Some days later he is on duty in the square with his friend, Andres, when he sees her again. Andres greets her warmly as Carmen, but her glances are all for Jose. Shortly afterwards, Carmen gets into a street brawl with another woman and knifes her. Jose, ordered to take her prisoner, lets her escape. As a result, he gets extra guard duty and is confined to barracks for 30 days. On the last night of his extra duty, he is amazed to see Carmen attend a party at the colonel's house. She 'turns his questions aside, hints he meet her at Lillas Pastia's. But at the tavern, Jose discovers a drunk and grieving Andres also wailing for Carmen. Disgusted, he suggests they both leave. An old gypsy woman tells Carmen the cards predict love and death. A British De Hnviland "Swallow" jet plane like this is reported the lirst jet plane to fly faster than sound travels. The American X-l, which al;o exceeded the speed of sound, is a rocket plane. Also, the Swallow is capable nl' taking oil' and making flights, which the X-l cannot c&. tained [VERY SATURDAY NIGHT Fun for ail Ages tmd Music by the Boys Square Donees Galore with Local Experts Coding irhe Set. Sponsored jointly by VFW, Livestock Association BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY FROM BABY TO GRANDMA XI Guitars were playing in the square against the ihylhmical rise and fall of the cante jondo singing. Bonfires had been lighted all across the .square, but the singers stood in a circle behind the main lire chipping their hands in the steady. insistent flamenco rhythm as they sang. A peg-legged gypsy man was doing a comic but skillful dance to the clapping, singing and shouting encouragement of his audience which added its own barbaric rhythm to the steady swelling of guitars. As the peg-legged one leaped and turned. : his shadow was thrown into the i laces of the singers, distorting the | dance grotesquely. Presently. he was joined by a "fat gypsy woman shrilling at the top of her lungs a whining and wailing flamenco chant as she advanced crab- lashio:i in tiny side steps which exactly matche'd the rhythm of the clapping. TSie woman had an iula.it slung in a : ;orl of scarl'-haminoe.!-: from lu-r shoulder. Its dark little face peered out w;lh bright beads ol Lyes. The fat woman i:.Mu>red the | child completely at she flung her i bixiv aboul in a lumbering faster and faster until the fat, infant-laden woman could no longer keep up. As she waddled from the fire circle, the malt- dancers started another rhythm, provocative and alluring, their laughing faces turned to Carmen. They beckoned her to join them. I Carmen shook her head as though i to say their dancing was not yoi"! enough to lure her out from the crowd, her eyes darting meanwhile from face to face around the lire- circle. Suddenly she seemed to have found that which she ;;uu;ihl and across her face went a slow. Iriun.pliant smile. Slowly. Carmen rose. She stood up straight as an arrow. Don u.lse was at t i t I ol tin In ciil staring at her. He watchi l h make Her wav in rh.vihm imvai the m u fl i ei n \ i nei 1 ing in hi dn L eti in * 'i m \ out. i i it li ul \\ i nl i i Ji i i Ihe \ itch n., 1 Thi. cl i it i l n 1 u whirling tni'.e'.her now. uiilil n cl' UK i titli i II i\ moil and the remainn left to dance ill n II hipped \ i un -, I \ became a lit I prinntiv i itti il I retreat, l\ UK md Don fi C'arrni'ii !iun.".i'ily ( the e\i it i i i I th her : tep in in fill started to come in fire. I 'u N1 H n left, h I I I \ Hi 11 men's eves, turned him mi \ ik n i at an aneienl and t ot Moofqo! Wide Discussion of the crusader. If he weren't a great general he would be in some other field of leadership, it would involve idealism, if 1 have sized up my man rightly. Perhaps that" fits with the fact j that he is intensely religious, and | is proud of the tact that he doesn't ! drink or .smoke. He once boasted to I Prime Minister Winston Churchill: i "f don't smoke, I don't drink, and I am 101) per cent fit." To this the inimitable Winston replied: j "I .smoke. I drink and 1 am 201)1 [per cent fit." ! Churchill compared Montgomery lo Ciomwell. which sums up rath- well the chief of the new western European military command. | We arc selling all EPS Products at greatly reduced prices. jiiiOiiq UiW \ By DcWI'VT AP Foreign Seieetiui; i;(' 11 i MacKEI-iy.lE Affair--, Attalys i-ji'ld Marshal! n-,v pi head e Hai-lars - Noe- Beirsi-on Lumber Co. Phone 178 Need More Than A Mere Surface Application. 11 th i t I C ill u U t In i I 1 i I i Itdi (Afhli 1 1 n M ( ni im ( \t i ms i ist In ni In l)i u Coi ip in i ul i I u i innounced I tin pi hit i may b< 1 v nuh o din u h hi Ics ill > th< m clu un U h i t ti i d li \ hi \ IN cei mp m i 'i bol I l( i livituj mn us which gets into the skill. bh tii m i\ be its first sign. Often its misery m \fu i M u-, ut experiment and test, Nash I I uid \ It 1 noun Southern Drug product man- u ni \ si i nl fie Hash's KAYO. Here is why n it h lp to MU First it peels the outer skin lu Ii\ n I un-,ii of Athlete's Foot. This helps t in mil lo th n job. So., no matter what you \ i h K iMi \ iks,. jSjijGuarantee Certificate n t mil ss Wash's John 1 (. i Ph un lev s. Kayo. -Adv. i t li\ ni ^UMUxwa Carm in ai regain her a whirl d t inorc b t i { n Jose- t 1 i and n pn bl. I'oi llll I awai Hi t I video th n t' ing h i i Cl :'S, 111 1 H the u l t their \ i e gy.PS\ l ,i i th ;.di i i 'n i i t h d p ill nt | \ $1 "^ill 1 n th L'luv, id and shorn: a; i lames. C'arnieii saunU-rect " th.' .-qiiare leisurely. .-' .•:ngin;> like the uiil i iii'4 eat. Shi' preteiiclef cojjj.jleli.' ci'iitro! of hi.-i asnljled like a tijunst iniLiie. but lii.-r HK-asuri' that siie had already t bv the pervasive beat. in. r hands in rhytiur. Witts tiu-;!iltle .--uiiu,-: ' :-.'ie \'::••.: in.' ii,-.:.i. (tiler ,•:;. jj.-iea l;i:l ln'r eye.- U<-pl ! !a!:'.:nip'.'. a! n::- . p. 1 , n.-:.. . •;iU-.-'n:. .valchin.n I:K- cruwd. '.•.•airhni;.'. anil '• v, m-ri-Vf: 1 ^.'. '•--. I >y. . ;t ; ]!i: \ •'•• !! Tie fat gypsy wui:.an danced un . '.hi uiig'.i -.lie eircli- el la.i.'li.:: 1 | but the iii-g-U-yge'.i mar: was | nilk-d | eiU'er.nu gy;;:..-s. iHiilin.;, him a tie: duv.n and two voiing :-y-'jiy n.e;i i iler. I look his place. The dance whirled j (To i:.- Cur;-.iii,ied.i VJ.VJ -~i/ j Felt Base K S4.' •-v^ /i v *«i.^_iJ< ' >~UUi"ui^4 i ais INLAID LINOLEUM j ) bi nit Hi I tu hco t f —YARD— 6 and 9 Foot Lengths ii /ni iu e k i iruni which to choose, ntubic d,i any room in the house. L >uu \car of svcor, too. IF YOU HAVE A FLOOR PROBLEM OR A PROBLEM FLOOR SEE OR CALL 510 S. Walnut Phone 1291

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