Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 8, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 8, 1948
Page 2
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Page Two Flying Boxcar Joins Berlin Airlift , „,. — —*wv^v^_* ,jj -~4i,j.*ii«ti workmen tit ToinpslhoC Air- based it wY-.^,"-,ri7n """ • f p , CS J°; ncd {ho "'rl'rt Beeping Berliners in food and fuel. This plane, based at Wiesbaden, cairied nearly eight tons of heavy goods and machinery. (Photo by NEA- Acnie staff correspondent Jack Chitham.) Largest Postwar Passenger Ship Nears Completion r~ '". ' ' ''---^ • m& Laney Heads Democratic Rights Group L.lilc Rock, Ocl. fi — <UPi —i Gov, Ben Laney became Arkansas i f chairman o£ the States Rights! Democratic campaign today and! immediately predicted that" Prosi- i dent Truman would not receive ;. i majority in the state in tho general election. L'ftney hurriedly pointed out however, that he said "majority" and declined lo forecast how main- vote? the States Hightors would receive. At « .joint press conference with Amis Guthridge of Little Hock, j States Rig-hts leader, the governor j announced the names/of-other officers of the Arkansas •• campaign organisation. Guthridge will serve'"as campaign manager; June P; -Woolen. Litllo Rock, state treasurer and Rep. Talbot Field, Jr., Ildp'c, chairman of county organization "It will not be our purpose lo nigh pressure anyone in 'this campaign," Laney nnnouncotl. "We plan to use only the facts." He said the campaign would have more than "an immediate effect." "We hope to establish some tlonkmg thai will grow and spread thinughout the nation- chocking the,,tiend .toward eentralWod ' government . and , empri»Bi}'.fng ~ the value- of retaining the ••principles laid down, in the constitution- and practiced by the Democratic, partv until recently." '•"..'• ,-•'Laney - announced 'th/b -appointment of a partial mc;nijership of the states rights executive committee,. The members announced today were: . .-it^.^.j, ... T. A. Prewitt, Tillar; Bick Lawton and Cal ParteeV- Magnolia; Sum Seli/zsoh, foreman; Zack Mc- Cljtjndon. Monticollo; C. B. Ra«s- rtijlc, Stuttgart; J. H. Grain. Wilson; Dr. Shade P. .Rushing, El Dorado: W. L. Love and Lester Temple. Warren; Dr. L. J. Kosminsky, Tpxarkarin; Dr. J. P. Price, Monti- etJllo; Herbert Parker, Jonesboro aiUi Dr. ;L-:D. Kinley, Becbe.-'E. D. McDonald, Bradley Her- shcl Garner. Risen; J. C. 'Landcs, Lewisville; Hugh Benlon, Fordyce; Lindwood Smith, Lake ViHage U.eorge L. Rector ,Mcna; Allen L. Waddle; Harrisburg; Madrid Loftin, North Little Rock: Moarle .Smith, Pine Bluff: Edgar Pryor, C-amden; Dave Ward, Conway Allen, Patterson, Jonesboro, Carroll Johnston Morrillon; Cy Bond Marion; J. B. Warmack, Waldo Jim Cone, Searcy; Otto Cearley, Sheridan; Wylie Jones, Madison, and Marvin Melton, Jonesboro. Even in " Continued From Page One yourself and save mo all the woriy about you." Dlcg went off, and I broke down watching him disappear into the sloet. He wrote to me from Vladimir that his detachment was being sent off to Moscow for equipment. Aftei two days in the capital, where they wew outfitted with Winter uniforms, the special unit was dispatched to the Volkov sector of the Leningrad front without any other preparation. My son wrote me twice from Volkhov. He had not received there a,liy military training of consequence. Already it.was bitter cold. It was tho beginning of one of the cruelett winters, of the century. The Germans were desperately living to encircle and take I grad Against their powerful .,,„- ch'iie the Red Army was throwing into action, at least in one se Oleg's detachment consisting ly of raw youths. In December I received a note Democratic stronghold. -from, the boy asking me lo send Mr. Truman's Republican op- guidance don hin, some y.wieback. That meant ("Client for Ui" presideuey, Gov. i^ssion headed by that he was not getting enough to Thomas K. Dewov, was ' not in ! I'rhor 'Mail; eat. I sent him a parcel of "bis- iiown. ' |c"rned v.iih cults. I Dewey is in N<. w York today to':' 1 '''" I-"' 1 '!- 1 '-,'•' ' Then csme a postal card. Olog ! parlioipalo in tiround-brcakiM:' i '-'Vv .I'ariiciiki.- wrqlc lliat his group was pro-! cc.riMni.uios ai ;-. liou.-iM 1 .-. i;roi- <•. , ''•'"'>' 1 ' o! AT piling lo'i.cnrry out a very impor-ii" honor oi' dv- laU: Gov. Aii'rorl 1'.. j c'.ir.l:;. t.'nt mission and that the fate ofl^milh. j ".'lien ^'.-.r::;--'ii Hrs: look Pirn> of the boys would depend! President Truman said thai ilioi" 1 " ^tau- I )ei)arl:iient aliiio u 'PI its outcome. ' jincoi.-io i:- "'lev; Vi-rl-- ,!••!••• ii-'d !••• ; Vl "'-' - A ;i< -' (1 ''" ' :l ' ;l ' ri ;! ;Sl '" /liat was tho last woi-d ( had I '-''''•;• v. >' ihroe-Jo!-! si.'ice ih:- Ooiii- ! pr.iiia.i.-aiiil-i operations hi-l.i imni him. The food parcel w;is!ocr:Ms too! over i':i.'- .-•Uioiial ad-!'- v '" lai'Lu:.! aerouiHs, o; thi returned lo mo unclaimed On Jan- i ministr;>iiun in 1!):-::;. ; 1-1 :i:i:.-iit'.; n.r -,-n policy di viaiy 12. )942. 1 was called (o the j Ho s;iii! ih.-.i Imsiuess .lite- f:irni- jnu;nts. local office of Ihe Commissariat ofiers and laijoi- woro pros-.ieroMs | : -'-"oral n-.e'i'r.s ago. un;U War.- There I \vas handed the an- i under iiie iv.-i.uicraiic role. ' j or, .:i:;iiig!\- violent, attacks en " ' ' lie o..,j,i I'orliu-i- th.-ii tlici-.i h.-.a il.'nited Sialos by thi HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Frfdoy, October 8, 1948 FBI Probing Accent on Youth in USAF Washington, pet. f! —'UP)— The FBI is investigating liie alleged , kidnaping last month of two groups I of Progressive party workers in j Columbus and Augusta. Ga., it i was disclosed today. j Informed sources said the jus- j jticc repartrnent':; civil rights sec-' I lion has asked the bureau to fin;] I lout if any violation of federal civil! I rights laws was involved in the 5 ! incidents. j •:«,; | ! The charges were brought bei?S;S ifore the department by associates | ?3 : 1 of Henry A. Wallace, Prorossive ! ' Party's nominee for president. The inquiry is under the overall direction of A. Abbot. Ro.sen, head of tho civil rights section. According to tiie complaint, seven Wallace supporters wore forced ^t gunpoint from their Columbus hotel room on tho night of Sept. 24. They allegedly were driven 30 miles out of town and threatened with violence if they returned to Ihe citv lo continue efforts to obtain signatures on a petiton to put j Wallace's' name on the Georgia jallot. Two nights later, five Wallacc- ites in Augusta Ga—one man and j I foiii' women —claimed they were I i taken from their party hcadquar- ! I ters by a gang of 300 men. driven' 10 miles out of the ci!y and warned j • to "slay out of Augusta or we'll i get you." ! The FBI refused to discuss the j matter. But it was learned that 1 its investigation is preliminary in I nature. It has been asked to inter- ! itq get thcr version of what hap-! j view the allege;! kidnap victims! I to get their version of what hap-j i pcned. ' The Justice Department will Vandcnberg—49 When 41-year-old Lt.-Gen. Curtis E. LcP.lay was named lo hr-nd 11- btrategic Air Command, it marked another exhibit of CMC- Air forces "young blood" policy since youthful Gen. I-lovt s Vandc-i- berg became Chief of Stall. Other young men in "top n,,.;s are Lt.-Gen Lauris Norstad. head of Air Force Operoiions ;,ivi r-'-port- edly in line for the deputy chief oi .staff post; Lt.-Gen Kiwood R, Enroulo with Warren to Dulut'--ffc Minn.. Ocl. !!. —WPi— The band blared "On Wisconsin" and blonde, Virginia Warren stole her fathers,. show a; Madison, Mis., last night,,. A preponderantly undergraduate ficdience on tiie University of Wis-• ••(•uf-ir. campus whistkd. choere'd ni"! shouted its approval of the.. 20-ye:.r-nld daughter of the GDI? . vice p: oskl'.;nlJal candidate. -», U demanded "We want Virginia"' al tho st:;rl, rmd '.hen kept ; th<!' Gf,V"ino-s of Wisconsin and Call- . foruia :=U.riding around for '10 min-«J nios "oiling her autograph at :the,, end. In helv.-eon, Gov. F.nrl Warren \ Iril'.ed Pa-publican politics and j blamed paternally. i Tori.-iv. I'rcsh from his daughter's-i triumph, Warren campaigned-• Northward i n t o Minnesota- • \vith a major talk on lap tonight ' | En ro'Jto. his campaign special I is scheduled to make slops at La i Crosse. \\'"••<•.. Winona. Wabashn, i Re:! Wing and S 1 . Paul, Minn., and i al Superior. Wise, before arriving in Du'.ulh ,'.' f> p. m. At Al.-i'ii: on however, it, was i mostly Virginia. ' So 'cnlliiisiastic w.i:: her rocep- M>rn after an introduction by Gov. , Oscar Konm-bnhm, Wai ren said iil templed him to make hor give } i.'rv; sii'v-ch—"And if it happens :agrin.' I will." 1 W".ri-on de-parted largely .from : his' pr'.'n.'tred text. faking an ! i'il'orm;-i lime with a ccrnparative- | iy small audience braving iho >'ain i 'iiifl ro'.cl Jo fill Ihe univesity stock * ' •" ' !,;i-.iU 4.,,^ u u .,i,i.,_ ^v.-jj.,j lo.yot wni vuij. in line tor me deputy en ef oi staff uosi- 7,t-Gen I-'lv r s^acr^iluie T tttC ! ^^^-l oir_ commander, Ma, -ien!' Laurie T Air Transport Service commander, Mai.-Gen. KmmcU O'Dc-micM commander of the 15lh Strategic Air Force; and M;,),';'",, Ramey, commander of the 8th Strategic Air Force . 8th are the two heavy bombardment outfit.;. lath and the surface constitute a violation of federal civil rghts laws. If this I is the case, the FBI will be asked ! to make a more exhaustice inquiry. ! Under Ihe civil righlzs laws, 'it j is a federal crime for anyone to | conspire to deprive anyone of his conslilutional rights. Another law gives the federal government jurisdiction in instances whore police officials refuse to protect offended parties. • • j j:;,-- Justice Department experts said' ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK they will have to decide in the i ! .- , „ Georgia ease whether the circula-I National Stockyards, 111.,'Oct !i ' £"•''""j HP W'ir lion to a political petition is a con- !—i/Pi—Hogs, 5,500; practical lop | '' k ^^^' ^ 4 '<"* stitutional right. '26.00; one; lot 2U.25 bulk good ;uul I ' If not—and the FBI finds no ovi-I choice 190-200 Ibs 2.1.70-20^00: vi'r-I Star of Hep- 1699,- r,*s', 1927. deilCe of nolipp r-oonorril ion -aTill-i UlUlllv no heavier lif,-rt- Hin.KI n.,. ; Cmv.ch.JatCil Jan',l-.-iV'/ I..., "\ f )'J.j pavilion about two-thirds its j sea tin:; earjaci !>'. ! IIo .-inicl ho \vas taking "'.a', j "neutral' aUiiudo. "as a iiniycr-'. isity of Cniifornia alumnus," to-. ; -.var-:';; Ssinrday's \Visconsin-Cali-. i fornki toolball i'rirnc a't Berkeley. ; "\V'.- shrnii-Jn't bo friliering away : aivay our time hero oil politics ; whi.-n thoro are rno-e important 'things to do," he told his pleased "We tiuf.'hl lo be on a train or InU'.uo on our \va\' to Berkeley for ^ .ill- 1 ;/:ili:o." * n-,«:< ! Pn t Tor""i"'"'7' 0 '» ''^ Cly ^ bank j Scotland, is the new 34,000-ton luxury liner Caronia, largest passenger ship built since the end of the war. Launched last October by H R H Princess Elizabeth, the Cunard White Star luxury liner will be in (he transAtlantic service, starting her maiden voyage from Southampton and Cherbourg to New York on Jan. 4, 1949. Trumon Asks Aboard T r u m a n Campaign Train, Ocl. 8 —(/TV-President Truman told a rain drenched crowd in Albany today it was in their own interests lo retain the neaiio- cratic National Administration. "Why in Die world would you want to upset the applecart iio\\ U. S. Abandons Continued From Page One State Department on its foreign information—-or propaganda —pol- i\u icies, opened a two day session jlel't. Itm-n \.'ocl fn-fl n A- m,_ • nd ions Win Continued From Page One a nice running catch. No runs, one hit, no errors, one here yesterday. The atomic energy proposal to which Lovett referred was made l.o Ihe Unilecl Nations meeting in Paris last Saturday by Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Third inning Indians Hegan raised a high foul fly. Bearden whacked a long double over Holmes head. Mitchell walked. Doby rapped a sharp grounder to ucpuiy I'orei.yn Mimsier Andrei JJODV rappeci a snarp grounder to Vishin.sky. It was a plan for|S'anky who threw to Dark forcing simultaneous agreements to out-! IMilcheli but Dark's relay lo F. law Die bomb and .sot up inlorna- jMcCormick for a double play was wild allowing Bearden to score. It immediately (was an error 3 V <2 i 'Q ^»3 C j -> L C^ Daily Bread Continued From Page One proposal is accentuated by its f. : B. C. llollis of Little Rock. Tor.-.'. i leer!. 1 , oi tiiis area, is in Hope. .'-•;ih ihe intention of moving back , „ ..^v.,., ....,.>,„-. H ... i il' he c;in iHirch-ise the "right prop- 123.00 common and medium heif- i - _!l__'__ . j ''rty". IIo has lived practically jers and mixed yearlings 18.50-1 Alex. H. Wnshburn, t-.'itcr & Publi-.her '^''-' I'''"' '" Hempsicad with oxcep- 10-, nn. «„,,,,„,.„ i , i p au( n. j oncs/ f,\ anGn i:- 0 Fi.'itor Mion of tho last 18 months in Little- George V,'. Mas-Tier, M.-;!'!. Suo^. ci!, M. Cnvis, A-'vciti'in;; War-.i.-cr 2o.OO; common and medium cows 1G.50-18.50; 1\-w odd head ir.-dr and good 19.00-50; cnnncr,-' ; good bulls_ 1!0.00-21.50; culller a | Evi : ^o"~^^r~~a~~-~c7~i ;,„ culltors 12.I50-1G.50; medium and l Post Office e.t Hcp.-\ Arkan-ci?" u'no>r the bulls 20.00-21.30; cutter and I Act oi Morch 3, 1297. i^iujjo^ui ii, ciuceiiLuaioci oy us -------- '---"- i ^,.,,j. jov-*.oooi aoo i Kosr urocc c: i-tcp.'\ ArKan-o? uruinr tnc- i .^n a t timing. It came only a day" aft or S'oocl bulls 20.00-21.30; cutter and ' Act oi Morch 3, 1297. J i'jieiTSj'i t the news of Russia's plan 'to pe i-. I common 10.0-19.00; choice voalorsi-—— | *•,* , ; mit a militia of 100.000 in her new | i>:i - ( '34.0: good lo choice 28.0- k £}"",""f/ 1 " 5 A ^ 0[: iatcd Press. i w <2u **• zone of Germany. That, of course, i^' 0 common and medium 18.0- A^orioilon" ew;pct ' jr i;! - lcr ' r ' rl ' c ! ^5-3, would be the beginning of a n?\v - 1 :" 0 - ' " Lj — 1 ^ttZwiH Actress Tavloi' POULTRY AND PRODUCE . Thus millions of non-Communist Germans would not like this ne Chicago, Oct. B — i ; Pi — Rutlter ! Russian proposal, either. hall s ^cady: receipts LV unMcu i pi ojjobL 1 1. i;i u 1L1 . L n a I I • - v v - 1 • l ^'-'- ' t j '-^ T l ' ,-i"-., 01 let's j r , . , ri ,you!d make its unpopularity prac • j '-'ncliuiigeci i B!>.i tically unanimous outside' Com-j Kggsl'irm; receipts i!,729: price;:- -•-•.• munist circles. I'.inchangod to two cents a do/.eii : munist circles. Cc long anlcy c sent ar.v boy she lias niel and we, .do 100." .s;iid ;\lrs. Kraiicis Taylor, "l;:!l she is: only l.'i and when .one is Hi you just don't make an- iiounee-inen. . "\Yheii Gk'ii comes back and lUOibt C11C1OS. -.M»_o,ui;.;ei.l ll_i L\v o COOLS a UO/.ell l , oi'O. n e-J.'M_-o l>. i higher; current receipts 39--!' 1 dir- ; Member <-f thy A-wciotct! Pr/.-«: Tn. i "Vv'hcn Glun comos back and Conalser hauled in Juilnich's : ties 36-38 checks 34-30. n-T^'^r !'"h! ? oi'-o'"'^ '" ;, d :;" jvpl ; / *' ! if U-.ey feel the sa.ir.e way. and we "IS hoist. j Live poullry: fowl steady. b:il- i -.' r :,, r , orinl-d in thi-,'iicw'-r>Vrr!r' cs'woll'o ; hope they do. then Mr. Taylor Stanley caught Robinson's high i ar.ce unsettled; receipts 3,3 trucks: i in AP ncwr, d^untcl-,'.-. ' ' ! • . u,! 1 will make ihe annottnce- 3 P- ;i..rices unc'vonly a cent a pound. -- i.-iionl." ici : uler. pub- i Friiott lofted to Doby ' P°P- it-rices unevenly a cent a Duun: i Hegan sent a short fly to; higher to two vents lower-' fob- : single into jHolmes. ; Leghorn fowl 30: fryers IK-Sfi:',- i No runs, no hits, no errors, none : broilers 3-1-3S balance ' uuchn-iged ;'' ;; ln ' : ' 1 ''-. V''*• < c '-"'''• in short ileft i o • ' ' [; - ^- ';. v !-' 1 - 1 -.' 1 -. So\'onth inning Braves. ! GRAIN AND PROVISIONS i''," ''.'-',, - AI a'. i v i •' t .-eii.e,. i .-".-VIMIIM inning i-jravos. ; OKA I IN AINU PKOVlblONS : ,. .', ,, !''. McCormick hit back lo Bear-i Elliolt rammed a ground single i Chicago. Oct. !! —t/l'i — A sliaj-p ' .. ''\'' - .., '.-', loo w:io stalled a double play,-into left, fi«ld. 'increase in cash coin prices dicln'l ~-- :11 . 1 - 1l '-' l ' c '- *• '' ! - v '•:rdeii lo Gordon lo Robinson. ' Frank McCormick went down-spark much enthusiasm today for , ," iJ) '~f "', ! 'i- X-. runs, one hit, no errors, none [Swinging. : grain futures on the Hoard o) ," iU ;"''','" n;; ,'' - 1 '!. Keltner fielded C'onatsor's sharp Trade. The market started on', ;- : .,' •-'?'-'''.•''- ,'.'" Kdurlii Innina Indians. rap d(.v,'n tho third iia.se li:r> rm-i i'iiiii '-mi reel l-.r-.-iw "nin,. ..,-!,.,,.. l ^iei:i^..i.. <>, announcement: I lie said fiirliior that thoro had i 1 -' ni . tl '•' -la'os by the !7ns:-ian ' ijogan also hit (|io first pitch. ."Oleg Knsenkin—missing in ac- l-H'-cn helle-r distribmion of income j l ' :u ' 1 "- rU;\rsnaU nio-lilied his ruli--- a line .sini'Je lo center. scoring fjO'l." "and that's why the Republicans U) i';', 1 .' 11 ". 1 l) ' 1 " "voico" lo an.-.\ver , i;, iiner. .-.There was no further imforma- dcn't li!;o it." ' sn.-eiiic i;ilse ch.-irui.'M. : ];!-. aixieii, also swinging at the tion. But at that instant 1 fell, only He -said "Hie republican jiarty -Vim-cover, it appears to have i first pilch, rillod a single into loft, the way a mother can. that they sl: " stands for its old policy of lak- reac-in'o, .-, new siago of sayiirMhut Robinson v.-as forced to hold had murdered my chil'd as'surely '"g care of iho rich and loiting tho jHiV'licly that the Unilod States h;,s i up al third when M. lUcCormick's . --—,. ., ...umv* I- U I ^, V4JIIV llll_> - - - - - - - s ..- . had murdered my chil'd as .surely '"g care of iho rich and lolling UK. as if he had been shot in the back ''cst of the people shift for Ihem- by the NKVD. solves." .Yet I never abandoned hope that I Mayor Kruslus Corning. pro- He.'would come back. During Iho senlod the presidonl. Inlrodiicod CTSLiing years, while the war' was a ' ; '" wa:i Slale Senator Poter Dal- p^ , __^ Still on and since its*:c«d; in Iho ks-sandro, v.-ionor of the Congres-i LJ ^^ ]-* ^- ,--, -f- r ^ [J, , J- Soviet Union and . air i-'Aiperica Isioual M-edal of Honor in World UvJULLI 1 O I" U' Knowinu thnt the rti.'i r>X-,,^- i,..,i War n . .. i'Am knov.-ing that the Qerriians hart War II. taken mliions of Russian prisoners, I kept myself going with Die prayer that bleg would turn up. "" ' ' !\Vhito House, il Throughout that fierce winter in i modal was tin L '.' fining ^ '" •'.'•' ^ "*--ifc.~».^..,,uy: JMV.-I- sage about my son, ' (and that he had irotibl lY'Ir. TruiiK-in rei-alled that two yoars ago he had presented UK: u,eir porfoct record. Also there's a. Continued From Page One i io tnnii.'ht " : . 1 was one of many, teachers, >' n i'- n previously. gent . sought time _ _ >Q _ but evening classes v.-e»-p U "i'ii''m-f'- A s'a-adv rain fi-ll throuphout' tlv- '»"?,',. lV \,,'^j'"" vised instP.-Ki. I divided rnv )!,,-,,. : .Tnm'an pariv'.- hah'-bour st/iv in ' ',,-.;,"',..''''<•,.,, betwc-on giving courses at ni'-hl ''• '-' IK '' oirni" ' '• ' - : --- ! ' arid doing huspilal n.-lioi, during ihe .^''-. 'l'i' My job was to write up ilie. ui) ; - i '' 1 '' 1 ' meaical histoi-ies of tho cast-• i^'-'ijer a- Lying us I do nov.- in ihis-leare,--' IQUS Ainerican hospital in New • Cicero /Oik. wilh it s fabulous cleanliii, -•••: '' • equipment, care and humane p,-r. i '""''"•"• !l sonnel. 1 .-.huddor Hi roca!! ll-e -\o'.. . • ;! ' ;l " 1 '-"'' led of our wivnuded and ihe ••><>-. ; : :'-''' :/ - "; Stjino .sighls i ',viiiR. f "etl '• : :i t •• ' !:; '" ; '' )>!<"-ding heart. " " "' ' 1 '.'" ;::1 ' r The catastrophe- which H arms Jjad .suffered at the "'Hh the Germans al Ihe j.a Moscow. Loningiaci and -\V .Mitcheil foulod to F.liiolt. iMc.'C'onnick made a nice sion of lioiiy's wicked grounder and tossed lo VoLsello. One run, three hits, no errors, ihree k-I'l. ,, , I L " v " J" ' ' ^ ' '- ' v L ' " "-'• - vt^ii u ie i e s a L r, • t'i l, l,,,,;,,,, r>,-. ,. . .. „• K> seemiimlv unstc.ppabU- cuv named i -',' llllnn " /' •>\ l '=" saui thai tl'-lseoll in liie Arkansas baek'.ield i K( ' I ." H ; 1 ' J ll K^ k ' [l Cuiunso,-'s sharp "yroatesl honor i Arkansas Tool, ovor Aiaynotia ! ^^ ]{ ^^"'^"'^^ '" llnu ' U> Masi hit to Kellner. S':\ni;y flied to Mitchell. No ni:is. no hit:;, no errors none Ilr0110 "" c -ic,;.Uw-A-;:|«ch. ' ik '^ fl h inning Indians. (..rodon to Itobinson. ; ond half oi' the ses.-.ion. _. , N " run;-. OIK; hit. no errors, none Old crop eorn grading ,\~o.! "•'!•'.'ipon. ilef;. io'.-/ sold a:, high as Sl.lij \\ \-.\\ ]'• 'e-Mve'n svi-iit down s-.'.-ingiii';. | Seventh inning Indians. This cornparod wilh a rau:-i flohiiiKon lined Biclcl'ord's first | Dark thrcv. 1 o'll. lloarrfen. .VI.71 to $1.73 !-2 for ti;..- ' 0 ;-,. : i-•• ' -'.. '•' • I 1 ''- 1 '!! into lot field. Kollncr stop- Dark caught. Mitchell's pop fly grade yoslerday. The pric^ loda.v to"-"i'-i pi!!.; at second. in short left iiold. ' : -.\-a:s a 'whopping 39 cent premium ' ii',',',.''V-i 11 HoL'.-m also hit (he first nileii. Doby whistled a single into right over the December contract al liv ' i'•'".'•',"field. • lir-io of sale. ' ,:'. ..V',', Boudreau fovded to Dark behind! Soybeans did boiler ihan '-rains '.;.,'.''.'W.' , third base. 'All contracts opened abo\o iho vi ^ hi'.-'.. No runs, one hil, no errors, one : s2.r> level, but ]jro!i!-l.-i!:in,f: (V,.'i hi--'i ' ( 'i' 1 - i shaved early gains. "i -^ ,-.r'' Eiglith inning Braves. j \Viieat closed unchanged to 1 : nc c'hi"''i Masi tried a surprise bunt but ' cent lower. DecoinberSlM?.'):;-.;-")-,'!. i -j'j i-j,';'i) was whipped out. Bearden lo Rob- 1 , corn was 1-2 lower lo 1-1 hi-jlu'r. -\l' ( 'h H '"'••, in*""- .Deoenihor $1.4 L'34-7-!!, oats wero' : ' -)i (..',.i";'] Bearden knocked down Slanky's -. -ii-l-l! lower. December 7n-7.~) 1-!!. '\i-.v- |o'ii "(i ;") line smash back lo the box undji-ye was 1412 lower. Decomljor '''"•'•"•'•-"•'•"'' . lost iailli coinplelely in Ihe So .',..•; ; Uiro\v came Ihrough to the plate "' nil the bases were loaded. That was all (or Bickford and he \v;\s replaced by Voisolle,- retrieved it in time to throw him '.SI .(J7, and soybeans were 1 :;.!-:-; l-;> , <,'.', ':,';!,i. c,ltt •. t I'i ,-t-t 1. :..»!.. . M ...'... I- ... .-.., r , ., ~ . . . '• ^ O . ;. . . out at first. '""- " L '-i-^i-. oiL;jier. iN'oveiiiocr L)_.i)i-.:..n }--(. : •'.''(;-) Connie Ryan, a righthanded hat-! Kpol' wheat was steady ioday; : "'" tor. \\viit in to hit for Voiselle. -basis unchungc-d; roceipls I:! ears'.! Ryan wont down swinging. 'Corn was five to 10 cents, hi;.-hor; Vi'JM ea, t -i.iuu B .,uui uicii iierco . willlor ln i""-o.o v,.e IIH yi-e,uesi uonor i Ark'nis-is Ti-eh n <-er 'U-i"roli-i' 'Orki, when the wounded from thol lh; " could come lo any man." A v , »,'"..'. .,-',, , V . ,\ T' ; '.-'eh '' ;«ningrad from began io pour in, I Ho stumbled over |):,ile:,saudro's ,',;.' s '...V ,.,,;,,„ ,',, '' • itle do-," tVJ ll'.ing all Iho hospilaks I wa^ eon Inamo. and recalled ihal the inavorL, ' ,,', ",- .,, M/' '"."-n ."' j tantly on the alentoiomo'mos-^of Bali.nore had ,h,- same name ih ^ } '''. .;) c V, ^\^^n^ aj!e about my son, '' (and that he had mnible prouounc- ! Ci ; n , ,, ( , — \ "i!,';.), l--ms.^ ; !t was one of many, teachers,'' 11 ''- il previously. j nou'drix "lo edp'o Henrie-soii - : ;'""' 1M " J11 " J"uians. Mg whom there was a conlin- ! J '"- I'uvsidoni inirodueod Mrs. \ -j - n , , .. , nlu , hi ,, K ", t ',.' " , ' _,. P-mid.-eau senl a towering pop l from Lenim.rad. .who had i'f.-uinan. lie said Ihoir daugluer. | -^ , "-^'f ° l .'i n'-.Hrv !ll)il1t . flv to Klliott. ght refuge in Gorki. All day- ,Margarol, had uivviouslv ar- n nf ,\ F,,, i ' ,-,',- A..,...,..,..'- Gordon rolled out to Klliott. e school work was discontinued, i 1 '- 1 "^-! to be in Missouri today. A \(. ,\, „ To) ' ^ ,.,, ,. ,, 't -1'^'^ ''• IUik( ' 'McCormick camo fast and evening classes were iivnro ! A s'a-adv rain fell throuphout tb"i;,' l \ ' { "-" ( - ! ''"' !U • 1 .-' ll!1 -' 1 nuide a kmvhigh ciilch of K-.i^.-r^ liK' ' )-.' No runs, no nils, no errors, none .on both new and old grain: book- 'n. in ^ e ''- jings 35.000 bushels new and 21) - ! ol .' Kighlh Inning Indians jiiiiij bn.-.hi-l;, old; .shipping sale.-- :_>.-j si: : hl Charlie iRodi r.arreli made his'lltll) busliels; roceipls al cai-.--. Oais second appearance of the series-were steady lo easier: basis for tho Braves. isieady receipts ",•', cars. Soybeans Gordon sent Mike iMcC'orroick ' raceipls WL-I'O !)5 cars. back to the left center field \vhv! o --- ionco for his long wallop. j NEW YORK COTTON Holmes made u running catch , New York. Oct. ii —..•?-- Cotton of Keltner's long drive Justin front 'futures marked moved over a nor- of the 330-foot sign in right centor. !ro\v and irregular range during Slanky scooped up Judnich's I most of ihe session but in laic - .- — ... ,. , , solkl smash and threw him out. iciouling turned lower under profit be-s liner near the U-it field !o ( d ^- T ° runs, no hits, no errors, none : t:;king' and hedging. line. -left. j ].' u nn-os closeri 21) con;.-- a balo N'imli Inning Braves loy.vr io 15 eenls liighe L - Hiau ihe lleardon spean d llo!i;;es' !ii.'.:h pi,-\-iou.s elo^e. boiinci-i and liirov.- lo Robinson lor (.let iiinh 31.Ul — low the ijutoiu. :-;i..-")S)N off -I Gordon grabbed Dai'k's \\-iii.--- !)ee hii;.'! 31.30 —- ]o\'.zing ^rounder and 1'nrow him .,ui : 31.2! no !i at first by a. slop. 'Meh high 31.1-1 — low Mike A]el 'oivr:iri; ooui/ed lo 3"( 0,; e;. 2 Boudivau. ' ' ' j\j lel'tV ' ' '"' '"' ''"""'' "° ' '' '""' n " !U ' ;,)) The .--lailin--. lineup: : ' lios'.o:! t Oi Si----.li tnuiii!. 1 Braves. Vi.-solK- lioUiK-od on!. Il"'mo.-; \va.s ;in o;i^\ !V--'-k drove a loim ( i', .-I! iiv Id wall. :ri(1 le--t t ;--rdo.n 'n;-d.. a ni Me 1 : ii depths of iho Ukraine, IcW-n-'c many tongues. Although every iios-i :i! "'"''" ;; Jy'tal^ had its vigik.ni cornnv.,sin-.- ; tno boys gave- vent to the mood i rules'" v,f -.hf- army. • elainud. 'Wnere is our preparedsie',;-. lor'ihn;v.n inio ; vhich v/e jii&dc all t-.u^so sucri-' "-;-.n an.-;,-!; v. fices during ihe fi\-(--yoar plan?" •.;, -1:01',""' tiiev- iriMrri-iui—'I. "Wlien- ;.-; ,, a: it r. ; i-.d,', ; ;; O'iU'). r;:ent / \Vi]y c<juid.'i't !ii-.\' 'J..' <;',,-;. ( )'•••• ovrn nrovidi; us-, wjlii enough fo;-,fl n.i-i iiis <-:.; •end t-iaartttts? Why v.-eiiM 1 -. •,-,•,.- :ih;:t iuium-.-d r<-;j<jyV" v.'iiie bOJjje of ij.,- 1,1...... j tifjjis raided- ' I <i',ir.-,. Ka.-i "L'JHigint- not having ejie 1 :;.'?!' .'o: •.• !<,;.,,„;;, at the othor hiiiii school ' Cleveland >ek l)o'..>uoi-n. :\l;\<i- ; I'luhv' e! - I-M Dorado. 1 .itilo ifiori'.on :!: NEW YORK STOCKS T-:-:-\v Yuri-:, Ocl. t! -- .. .-loi.-k i.'!ar!:ol \eered a ii v.je.ay auer early buyin: ::ied d.r.vn. i.e-.-;e= were WL-I! ii: tin :-.'. i!v- linc-d boll. Most v.. li'.o-.-.yli. wilh only a hi nd! IT'S TIME TO SHINE WITH ..., SELF-POLISHING I.JGU1D WAX SHOE POliSH BLACK BROWN TAN BLUE OXSLOOO Kf>5k4r- %^%Jffife

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