Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1948 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1948
Page 7
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Thursday, October?, 1948 BLONDIE HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Seven By Chick Young OZARK IKE ^~> / , TOWN } -v :( HE CANT COME FOR A FEW DAV5 \'t D 9 VltJ NO\V-AND 1 THOUGHT/ 7 HES IN THE r 'D GALLON <[ ^~l TUB i-.-" % a UN -N| OLD FRIEND) PAGWOOD l--' y ^UJ V~7'l ' '^ ^ iS* t^ •IE WAS TAKING A BATH \WHEM I CALLED OM HIM TWO YEARS i— AGO .- — J-t^ '•-} ' ( A \ — • I SUPPOSE IF I COME '—^ AROUND TWO YEARS FROM ) NOW, ME'LL STILL }— ' (^ BE IS! THE TUB ^i i t i ," *-"- ' , ^s~ ^— • ( WHY SO ) ( CLEAN < / AN'SQUARE V MAHSELF PER OZARK, >A THAT BONUH CLEAN THEM }V LAS' BASES AN 1 / 7 SEASON/... WIN US ^"' ' l " SIDK GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Dick Tumor IJ&L^A ^ / CHAMPCCN- ( SHIP SINGLE- 1 MAIDED OUT IN LEF' ~ f FIELD/ i>(GUt.P)QION'r V MR. HOME RUN > KNOW AH -f( H/MSCLF AT \ WUZ SO V THC OISH...ANO } WeAK...TM$)l IF I WAS r BAT F££/.$ <f RUNNING- TH/S V HCAVfER'N V> CLU8,HG'O GET ) A PLOUGH ^.Jf A FREE PASS.,, \ AT SUM-f \, EVEN WITH / DOWN? V )• TH£ &AS£S J^ ,J V-LOAD£Oj:..,.s> r . - X V—^v^vV* _ „„„. : ...-».....-, f ...BUT IF t CAiV Gffr i \ H/M OUT, V/e **—~ < \ PICK ut> THE r^/ I MAORI F^Pf./ VIC FLINT T I HOLD OPEN THE- MOUTH OF THE BAG, UvJ 'V COCOA, WllllE I 6ET THE SNAKE OUT. YOU Yi By Michael O'Moliey & Ralph Lane CCPB. 1MH BY UEA SERVICE. INC. T. H. p£0. U. S. PAT. OFF. ..„.:';- -'/c-7 imw^M^ TIWTS MffV'5 "**./ QUICK/ OOWfl TO THE DOCK/ ] BOAT/ I KNOW M. THEY MUSTA GOT.AWAY THE SOUND OF /« THAT MOTOR / TART COUHTIN. IF HE'S FAKIN,' HE'D BETTER S, SIT UP AND SINS BEFORE YOU REACH THIRTY.' / L _gOPR. 1910 RY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG._U._S. PAT. OPF. OKAY, TAFFY/HEAD \ f RIGHT.'GOOD \ FOR THE M/VNLAND/ j ( IUCK, VIC, AMD BE / v Ap-.—^ vCAREFUL' / 3 (oUHER FRIENDS OF SIR. *' ^ AS TO "REeeiEs" IDENTITV.,, li ,1,1:1 '.H^oSK-llWpMHK *«V "WLISCi tftSY* I W" rlitWBIPK^k 17 ' 15 MEftK6VJ '^sia'-lfKiS^^'^^^ ^ DUNMO EVACTLV V ACCORDIWG TO WHWr'5 IN THE BOX XUMCLE'S ITEMIZED 0' VALUABLES HE SALVAGED, PENNY. CAM SMEATH DISPOSE LIST, THERE'S ft SMRLl FOKTOME IN &(\MKMOTES 0' THC- STUFF IF HE 7 AND NEGOTIABLE FINDS IT FIRST? A. SECURITIES... :SSF ,..ftL?J3 PRICELESS RELICS\ T u ' ^^^ flif HE COULD £AS!LV— BUT .----^Siffi^S^SEVl PS,- HERE WE ftRKi riLSHOW /T: v^'^'^^fffr « lll^vVOU WHCT I WEftM I ,/ (,-• I?.: . § ; r» v . ft Kwls^^rn?n-iVTrp r "i • S.^''' : fe t: ^-'<•:'' W^->- l ".^?T/ b?f^g|^ tifff-lif'' HHNRY By Car! .'.nderson ! bought a new girdle today and it's simply divine— our. father wili have to take tis out tonight so 5 cart be > seen in it!" "Wow for the prizes—--Mrs, HIggins, high score—Mrs. Jones, cloo' 1 prize—Mrs. Meggs, most interesting item of local gossip'." BUSINESS 8v Ho>-«:nneraei '•9 1 '- FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS 1 CAM'T TAKET JUME TO T WHY NOT? THE HOLE-IN-ONE WHEN /DOES SHE VAM TAKES HER. To Trt& CRYSTAL SLIPPcR/ By B>ossei Sue DOESW'T \ SORRY, OBJECT, BUT—) SON / WELL, ./ YOU' 6OSH I. /SHOULD / MAVE PICKED YOURSELF A RICHER. FATHER ' DONALD DUCK 6y Walt Disney /0-7 ,.yfg5«- ^> V-^ "-i-.... -^-. P.,v:^-. '-,-r'^ ^-fe^Kfci-t^ t.^.-.. : -r,.>v-....^, --::--'-; coVB,Jg4g^j: iij^titwrcCJNCT.'M. KEG. Ul's. I'AT. OFf &.€h^.-. rr-K: "Look what we picked up on that last hedge-hc-j>l" POI'EYt TIJATS WHAT MINE SAID.Too/ A GISL SHOULD LIKE" YOU FOR YOURSELF, HE SAYS / EVEM ] L GOT IT. FELLAS / I SOT THE AWSWER/ IT WONT BE LON& NOW/// .^.^^ C^JJN, SC/?AM/ ^ _-\ Xi YCU'VE SAT THROUGH ' ' SHOWS/ v-/J 10-7 -Tt! f I STILL HAVE A PATIENT, POPEVE,' BUT COM5 ON /HE POMT L/HE ISN'T.' HE'S LOOK LlkE A ) SECRE7'ACy OF RASSLEP Mr/-THE ALUMNI • >AfbLU. .. r ' ASSoaA T|ON.i.< I'VE WAEMED HIM AGAlNS LISTEMING TO ANY MORE SEQUESTS FOR FOOTBALL T 5EE. 1 ' I TCLPJUH HE'C "^i J HiXVE NOTHIN' T'DO V. By V. T. Ham?m / HES, _. .. . .. _ V COME. BACK HERC, \ VOU 6IG fXv»* ( TH'THINIS THKTS BEEN -i?: "s"-'//).^:!- •^-.^.^.j.. 10-1 oV j t . ^V.irAG T E ^,/< . T. M. r.to. u. s. P*T. CFf. BOOTS By Edqar Mariin OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams °UR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopl GOSH , HOW \ / IT A1NTT V/5oYOU THIMK.' \—-HE KEEPS I BOTHERIM' j YOU'RE JUST / VOU VVAITIW'/ J/ ME--WE \ \ TH' PATIEMT AN' ' i'A I'VE SAT CM ( ( ONLV E-EEKS j \ SCAIRT K1UMB-- EVERV PART \ \ HERt A \ } BUT WE'RE OF ME AND / ( VERY LITTLE )/ GOINT THRU TH' THEY ALL / V WHILE.' J\ AWFUL TORTURE HE.' r-^ ^—— —y \ OF \\lt \VAITIN ^- FOR YOU.' E6A.tJ.T\ > JieGS.'l HAME FOLJtviD IT/f'T X'rA RE-L',e\JKD TO >.. -ri-te ry/.vipTOMc FIT PCECISSLV K'r IT'S NOT Bu^iowbOM-m& -*~~X ANA 6UFFHCIKG FEOM \?;\ BRAlt^ CELLS/-^ BV ^:\ GRA.DVCAR'DiAJ^-A HEART )^ -\\\i=. \\lAV, \S Tl4e AIL- AFFUCTlOM Ti-lAT SMITES tv!i3, llxiDiyiD- )\ PEOPLE \SH-1.O ' ->' rV-,F ST Be <' ' ^~^ 3SJOES THIS KETL HAMETO AXOR.E -7 .-- , itt?'. 1 HOW ARNtO 60 SORR.V ?v\ootv; >-'- RED RYDER V HERE COME5 KIIL6EAR/ A CLINCH i tHE TRICK/ /F^-\ s t5tr s *M. \, r ^ -4 0 /»-i v * UOOK-UM OUT, RED v^roy ^4^^1 A..;'.^\^ "CrQy" 1 '>v,y,» '- V" f'-^» /•' -~-~-.,

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