The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 26, 1934
Page 8
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWa But T i u e Genciosily Proves Rare in Lives of Girl Hitch-Hikers. To ilmly al llrsl-haml Hip migratory Ihrong now Ir.ivHIiif Ami'tirtm highways, the writer uC the following article became .1 Wlfh-hlkrr. In Ilils, flie describes how she lirdlly left "Ihc road." • * * BY MISS l.KSUK SHAW Written for N1!A Service We made u triu from Allanln to Chattanooga In a car wilt] a mnn whom I believe must touvo been a h!-Jacker. But whatever else lio may have teen, he was kindly, even though he moused Marlon's resentment Mith questions about our homf.s 1 and parents. Then, when we reached Chattanooga and fouiul EIJ quiet restaurant, he began to lee-! tlire us. ! "I want you lo stop off here and wire your folks, imd go right ted; where you came from," he said, "If you left home localise ol yom pride,'.iint it In your pocket. "Yen think you're (lamed smiu',, and you're not so dumb, for ghlb. You've got looks, personality. Use 'em now while you've got 'em, In- Etead of .running'over'the country, saying, "PU'ttso. mister, ghmnc a ride, gimme Hits or that.'" "You .should be ashamed," he continued sternly. " 'Gl'nmio' froi» Bills like yon. Maybe you don't mind It now, Ijnl in six months from now, the next menl will uc harder to get. You'll crow shabby, so stale. You'll have to pray for fa\or.i froin men. Yoii'll yo tiom —and out!" He sloupsd and grouiul his ela- nret In Ills plate until every III- lle ember turned bluck. It was n symbolic gesture, nnd even Marion shivered. He Imnued Marlon .something. "I'm giving you five dollars each A) you'll go home nnd keep tbnt self assurance you've t;ol so much of rlyhl now. I'd give you more, but I don 1 nave It on me; He waved my protest aside. "Easy come, easy go," he said and It was then I cot the Impression, as, he smiled cynically, dial he was on nobody's payroll. "60 home to your folks. You're ntoo Bills See thftl you stay Hint way." He said p s ood-nlght nnd was Bone nt once. Then Oi; lo Washington ' Marion tor once was speechless. She! sat motionless, her dark eves large nnd : transfixed. "I've traveled 10.000 .miles ana that's the firs', guy ."I've seen-in six months I could fall for," she said in n voice & low I could hardly hear her. With the help nf several sedans duien by elderly people, and even RII old fltver driven by n woman farmer we , reached Washington' on n bleak 1 'morning, we went In rough the usual routine al Ibc ">'," _and then, overnight, cases- m our hands, we went to n restaurant with the full Intention. 101 once, of-paying our- own bills. But again Marion's charm exerted itself, ami before 1 scarcely knew what was- happening, we were having dinner with two men. One \\as young and good looking, find; • Marion promptly annexed him; 'Th» other said he ivns n Today's Markets I,, 1934 New York Cotton NEW VORK, Sept. 20. (U!>>- CoHoa closed barely steady. open hlfjh low close Ocl 125« 1251 1M2 VH1 Dec, 1271 1272 1257 1257 Jail. 127-1 127-t 1202 1202 Mur \Wi I2U4 1271 1211 May ...... 12«<) 1291) 1270 1270 July ...... 12B3 1201 1280 1280 S]K>ls closed quiet, nl 1270, olf 10. New Orleans Cotton ing nnd observers were of <he' [opinion that the relative Inactive! I Inaction was due largely to a. Ullsposltlon to await completion oil a rather favorable weekly weather October liquidation at Liverpool, and crop review. The latter de- although advices from that mni'-i scribed conditions ari mostly fav- jkel were that clearing up ol uo | or:il)le, with picking Bud ginning coiuils for that month was prob- •' junking rapid progress In all .sec- ably over. There was no material' (lions i)l |lie belt except In Die !pressure on our market, however. jiiorUiCiist. which was iiffcclcd by! Unfavorable weather again prevail- ittiny weather. . V-d in parts of the Canadian north-, Hj.ol sales dwindled today as west. ' offerings'Slackened Ixsenusu of tl\c! Buying of October nutl Dscem- 1 decline In the future' markets andiber ajnlnst .siilcs of'May furnlsh- n towering of the basis in .some «! a part of the trade hi the Can-t sections. Indian market. ' Prices are now down to a level'. Seeding of winter wheat is mak-1 at which more Interest will be tak-1 Ing rapid progress accordin NBW OliW.ANS, Sept. 2C. <UP) —Cotton futures gave ground' during the last, half of today's session and dosed 13 lo 10 points lower. The [list part of the session saw small advance* Oet 1258 Dec 1275 Jan 1277 Mar I2H-1 May ...... mi July .. \-im Vhy did 1 leave my last job In lines like !li(j£c? The jiolile but ncrcdulous .silence when 1 told hem why. Tlxc sug^o.ntlons that try .so-and-so, the Icniithy nd- e, Hie brightly hclpiiil sni?g<«- tons which take you on fruillsss omncys siliunl town unu e"t yon lowhcre. A .loli As (Inverness Then with my money ijoue, In Icsperallon I look a job as cliil- Ircn's nurss, caring for 10-juonlh- old twins. It turned out that In get yon n Job, Take Hits." and he put n bill In my Immi. "llan'i worry about it, for you'll be pay- lug It back scinii." The liiiinl In Itmivcry llu wrole an order, and on the tack of It an address. That meant week In the country. That was the tinning point. Spiritually •! wa.s made over. Once more I felt unafraid, ctiual to any- uldlUcn to a 24-hour job t iilso was expected to help with the okiiia and (to the upstair:; work. United. \Yhcn 1 started lo leave atter two days, they refused to pay me IhlnKi "nd only when I promised to report them lo the newspaper running Ibclr misleading ad, did they grmhjiiifjly give me two dollars. And then 1 met the pcvson who In a few minute:; unraveled the fltiiiUfon and gave me n glimpse ol rest, security. He was an Episcopalian minister. I went into his olflcc and went through the same old story, produced, the Inevitable papers and reference, now In rags I and (alters. j When, wlih fatherly gentleness, he suggi'slcd 'thai I wire my ireople, I suddenly began, 10 my own surprise,, lo .weep. To stu'e me, I couldn't stop. "I'm sorry lo cry all over your olflcc like this," 1 finally murmured. ' "Go rlcht ahead, child," he said tenderly, "1 don't mind." When finally ! was able to talk, I 'told him about the last two weeks, about my lust job, and what I hoped would be Ibo next. "What you heed Is resl. I'm going to Me that yon [jet a week of it, without worries. Then we'll ROXY Wed. and Thursday i\Iii(iticc & •The .Screen's tiling. He more thnn It turned had given me material help, out just as he high 1202 127IJ 1277 128-1 .1M1 1203 low -close 1251 12M Spols closed steady changed. 1275 12CM> I2CO 12i!0 12TH .!215t> 1280 121)0 1258 !n,e en In the 12 cenl loan. No pickup Ihe government weekly wciithei was noted In Ihc goods markets and export Inquiry remains small. The resignation of General Jolm- .slon us head of the N. H. A. was taken iu some quarters as indicating a more liberal |x>l!cy might l» Instituted toward business by ilininlstratlon. but Ihc gcn- to remit. The work ts estimated as :iiivlng bcrn around, 1 r -> per cent completed in Kansas and should finished In Oiiio the coining week. Corn declined fractionally today, mainly In sympathy with wheat. Anaconda Copper ...... n 5.8 Beth, steel 285-8 Chrysler ....' 33 7-8 Cities Service ...'" i 7.3 Gen. Am, Tank . '33 den. Electric '....:..'.'." is 1-2 den. Molors Int. Harvester ... Montgomery Ward N. V. Central .. Packard 1'liilllps Pet. ... Rmiio Simmons Beds Standard of N. J. Texas Co U. S. Steel '...'.'.'. 33 1-2 U. S. Smelting lie 1-2 29 1-2 29 3-4 2ii 1-4 22 l-'2 3 I--I 15 5-8 fi 10 1-4 43 3-4 23 1-2 3 prevailed to wail for presliJeni's rmlto address to- at ray, un- much had In less than two weeks • 1 had found a Job all by myself, and lor the first time In six months, felt once more .secure, a part i.f organised society. I WILS assistant, to the advertising mnnngcr of u small shop. As T began to make out a weekly schedule of payments on my recently Incurred dcbls, I thought of Marion. 1 had 1 no notion Hint she was still in Die city, but I wrolu her this brief nolc: "If you are still In love with the road, you cati have it, I don't want any part of it," w. •!•:. mcinaoNH .t co.'s lU'TKIINOON COTTON l.KTTIilt NEW OllLKANS. Kept, 2G.--M- ler a steady opening today' the collun. market worked gradually lower under the influence of larger crop Ideas and continued favorable u'cullicf. Selling was not :ig- fjrcsslve but buying incentive wus almost entirely alwcnt and prices offered liltle resistance. Thp closing was barely sleatly at the day's lowest. : lielief that next week will bring n a higher range of private crop •stlmates was strengthened byUhe Uilwaranco of the guess of nominenl New Journal uii'lJiu Hie yield its o,3Bfi,a:io bail or iM.noo higher than the government's September forecast., and by retired army officer. \\\\l\ Last Time Today nurrow uiylu beta imitating new comlniiincnls. Chicago Wheat open 1:1 jti low Sept. 10-1 1-2 105 10! 10-1 1-4 Dec. 1033-1 101S-8 10K1-4 10H 1-2 Corn Sept. 73 1-2 U«'2. 78 7.-8 Illgll 73 3-3 70 3-D low close 78 3-8 78 3-8 7B 1-4 78 cwitinued belt appears unfavorable weather along nicely. . Miss Helen Wldick, rcnreseni tlve (if the Blair Milling Co., was In Kclxer Monday making arrangements for a free cooking school to he conducted at tire school cafeteria Thursday afternoon at 2. Tije : school Is bclii^ sponsored by (| ie '. Merchant Grocery of Ulythevllic Mr. and Mrs. Bam Punkhoiism- of Mill Shoals.- 111., visited their son, Dud Funkhousciv over tlio week-end. They were accompanied by Mr. Funkhousc'i's sisler, Mrs G T. SchlichtCT of Kansas Cltv. The Quarterly Conference of ihe Lwxora Conference o( the Luxoni HJKl Kekei- Melliodfsl Church met at Keiser Sunday afternoon. The Rev. S. n. Wiggins., the presiding elder, preached at the morning 11/L Il'j t i . T «i 'service. Afler a lunch In the chnrrK When Hit by Automobile yard he and Rev. J. n. Nelson, of • Lnxora, opened ihe conference KEISRU, Ark.—Mack, 4, Several incmbei-f of (lie Lii.vora son of J. p. Chlsm, who tive/; Gli church were present, miles out of Qsceoln on Highway Cearl Corley, full-back for the •11, was struck uy n» automobile Kciser Yellowjackets, was awarded Saturday afternoon nt 1:30. " " '"" "' • - was rushed to the Baptist hosr. in Memphis, suffering from a frac-. player who played the hrat Child Seriously Hurt , He « belt offered by L. K. Harwarg pital merchant of Osccola. to the KH^r ahead. Frost is indicated for.''parU of Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska lo- liieht with rnln likely in Die more | lured .skull, a broken arm, and •nenlnsl the Osccola Scifiinoies' wislerly ij.irt.s of the producing I numerous cuts and bruises. Dr. J. — areas. The first car of new corn of the season from Ihc central west was received al Indianapolis today. The country offerings were free on Ihc bulge of the morning and 115,oa<l bushels were booked. Provision prices averaged bluhfr with cash interests again on buying side. T. Polk, of Kciser, who treated the ' The last bird refuse established case, reports that he Is (jetting h> the United States is. located at along as well as eoiild be oxncct-, liouliler Ciinyon ' cd under the circumstances. Arizona. and Mrs. Closing Slock Prices NEW YORK, Sept. 20. (UP— Strength in silver, gold and some .\V. li. IIIG1IMONI) Jfc CO.'S AfTKHN'OON CiltAIN LKTTEK CHICAGO, Sept. 10. — Wheat or the store shares'feaiured an otii- madc 'n i atlior poor response to erwlse Irregular stock market to- i the imprurejnout at Lh'erpool and i day. Trading was above yesterday' althouuh there was a fair rally, until the last hour. U S Smelt-1 mound noon on Die strength in Ing rose 2 1-4 points on declare.-1 stocks and corn, It did not hold, ! lion of a 52 dividend, bringing Die' The tone was slightly easier at total .dividends for the year to $9,1 the close. Little or nothing,.wi',ij Including $4.50 in extras '( heard in the. news to inspire-buy-1 A.'T. »u T. ...'. .112 1-8 ! Kciser News ISriufs Otto Kochlc;-, of Dell, is the the mother of a <i!{.-pound girl, Horn Thursday night at the home of Mrs. Koehler's mother, Mrs. 11. P. Dunavant, in Keiser. The baby has been named Marjory Nell. Both baby and mother are gelling MORSE & KIRSHNER ABSTRACTS City & F.lrrn 1'rnperlics. / Special Title Service Now Located at 'Southeast Corner Walnut :t n il Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KHVVAIlnS, rroprlclnr 1 makes nf rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Machines anrl Calcuhlors 'Repairing—1'ails— Itilihons Vlintli 71 is believing • ••but driving is L O CY Mat. Nik- <i:.l5 10-2SL- -io-:i5c JAMES CAGiNEY THE NAVY' Kclley & Totld Comedy 1'antmoiiiit Neivs Thursday & Friday i—-lOc - -"Great vLovers" Atvtlie- cml o( an hour sire tmH the young chap became more mild n'ntl: talked cotmdentlally. Then Marlon nonchalantly arose with the young man and prepared to leave. I was astounded. 'Take care of yonrsslf," she, said casually. ''Write me Gsueral Delivery." I felt panic-stricken ns I realized thnt I was to be left alone in R totally strange city. Involuntarily I started (or her. Then -I remembered her own words: • "Let the other fellow look out for himself." An Offer Refused The middle-aged man across the lablc sensed my alarm, "What arc. your plans now? Where are you slopping?" "I haven't had time to find a place. Just arrived in town." "Well -,uow, that gives me an Idea SUPPOSE you be my guest for a day or two. I have an extr.i .room In my apartment. Or, rll tell you what. I'll stay nt my sis tcr's. and turn the whole place over to you." "Thank you," I said crisply "You realize 1 can't do that." He began lo be persuasive, ai« I iiUmnptcd him with one ol mj philosophical speeches. "You know, it is interesting. I observed impersonally, "that I spite of all the claims'(or the pos slbilily of friendship and helpful ness in n crisis between a man an ft woman, few cases ever fwrnte evidence for the theory." He looked sulky. "I'm not In terested in theories. I'm Interest ed In romance. You want thlnj all 5«ur own \vay, don't yon?" "I. want nothing," i told hii "You made an offer which in th next senlcnce you turned into bribe. I declined without thanks I arose and left. ; I slill had four dollars and tw ; of them I paid tn\advance nt t nearest "YW" for a night's lod t Ing and meals Then, »»Vh two dolhrs 31 plenty of hope, I tackled our ca 1U1 "!ty.' Countless Inteivtem the umi quetilon N as Iho fighting partners on a desert chicken farml Slim ZASII pins \WilriLCILAHYAMS.PATRICIA ELLIS,PH1LLIPREED,ONSLOW STEVENS, Dorothy Bu>s«», Lilllin Band, Joyce Campion. From i play by Edith and Edward Ellii. Directed by Edwin L. Mirin.- Produced by C«il L««mml«, Jr.' Edmund Grainger, Anoclatt Producer. Pi«unl<dbxCirlL«€m.. mlt. A UNIVERSAL PICTURE. NCHS Kcc! - - Comcilv Ciirloon - - Travelujjue EITZ 1I1EATCE Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 29 & 30 —ON THK STAGE IN I'KHSON— 20 1'HOIM.K 20 LEE LE VERNE AND HIS WONDERFUL MUSICIANS • with 'FWTLIGIIT PERSONALITIES' EVERY ACT A KKATUHK! EVERY ARTIST A PERSONALITY! ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ACT EACH DAY! QneRIDE\$ worth a thousand words 1 If yon keep up-to-date on motoring advancements you •will naturally decide thai a cat with such ' modern features as Knee-Action, Body by Fislier, an 80-horscpower, valve-iu-hcad engine, and cable-controlled brakes is a car well worth considering. So try the Ownership Test—drive this car over the same route and in. the same way you drive every day. You will'learn thnt Knee-Action tlocs more than protect you from jolts—it provides a new and far more enjoyable ride. Yon will learn that the Chevrolet is a big, luxurious automobile with more speed than you will probably ever need, and with remarkable ease of control. Yes, driving [is knowing—and to drive a new Chevrolet is to know that motoring has gone a long way ahead in a single year. CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN Cbraporo Chevroter* (010 <Mit«rc<2 prtcci ami easy G.Jf.,l.C. terms. A General Motors Vdut KneeAction CHEVROLET SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. Blytheville, Ark.

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