Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1948
Page 6
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The .Ua/.orback (lash,, who ran and passed for J77 yard;; against Jexas Christian University last week, now ranks second in the nation in rushing and third in total offense. Scott actully tops individual ball carriers from major colleges- vith his 3-10 yards in ':>,!>, farri'cs The onlv man ahead of him is Fred Wcndt of little Texas Mines with In total offense. rushing and passing. Scott has 443 vaids in 48 Plpys. Leading him ' arc Stan Heath of Nevada with (J3G yards in HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, October 7, 7948 V.'i plays and Lindy Ben-y 6( Tex; Christian with <l(jfi in Id? plays. •J. I 1 . BRIGGS AND STATTON™ MOTO!? p Alklns Groce ' : . Frtgidaire. 321 North . Street. Phone 835-J. e-31 MODERN ment with private entrance Couple preferred. 321 South Bonner, Phone ,085-W. 6-31 LARGE; FURNISHED~BEDROOM Convenient to bath. Phone 46?' 603 West 3rd. Mrs. J. P. Owen __ _ __ 7-31 LARGE FRONT BEDROOM with private bath. Gentlemen preferred. Phone C84-.I. 7.31 Wanted to Buv HIGHEST PRICKS "p~A~ID live hens. Moore Bros. FOR 7-fit Boston, Oct. 7 -- UP) — The con- Irary air currents that drift across Jiraves field Horn the Charles river dictated the Indians' strategy lor the openim; World Series game . I hey're probably hoping the Cleveland weather man will toe more cooperative. . .The gag of he flay wax that (he weather man, < vMio lore-saw a northeaster and rain. \ V as the first expert to bo wro n <; about (his .series . . . .Even Jiill McKechnie was watching the flags on the grand.---land and'talk- ing about the effect of the bree-cs on long hits. . . ."There won't be any home runs against that wind " sairj Bill. "And furlhei-mcrc I'll bet you most of the homers in" this :lX j part arc hit at night because of the weather conditions" . . .Afterward I'cllor explained that plans lor him to pitch outside to i the Braves' left-hand hitters just to make sure none of them would be bj Ung .over the right field ban-ie? •ir.) feet away. . . .It that Tommy Holmes, Teachers' Back Named Player of the Week Little Rock, Oct. 7 — (/p) — John Kornegav, Arkansas State Teach crs College tailback who' was over- scas °" ^ running earce, was name-1 to Sai ' ° f tbc wcok " > n n ' S Intercolu - 1 K'atc Con- seeing of' a Minn P,ob called was ironic a southpaw swinger who slices a lot of down the left field line, did that to beat Bobby hits just By JACK HAND Boston, Oct. 7 ton Braves go after When One T j Billy Moyer, 'ns the irioct baseball. . . .Here's why: |years ago Meyer was managing I the Yankee.s' Kansas City farm -The Bos-| when Larry MacPhail ousted Joe their second McCarthy as pilot of thc Yanks. ngh Coach Nolan Tolletf could not be reached in time for publication today it is H kc !The frantically seeking someone to the shr.es of Sain Westbrook fill i • ] ----- '•'-•Ji.i^ii,;ui\, Cell)- tain and guard of the Bobcat squad Who is out with an ininrv ' ' an injury. ncpurts from the practice S cs- sion yesterday indicate the Cat mentors arc trying out James Russell, end. at that slot and a couple ol other hopefuls. The Bobcats will need to be on their too.s Fri- i , , tiiv-ii tut, r» J 1 11- day night when they entertain Coach Jim Dikly's Malvorn boys who hold three shutout victories over Dierks. Conway and Morrilton while running up ^ points WcstbrooK".s loss is a blow 'to the Bobcat line. Besides leadimt the team as Captain, Sam is one oi the best guards in the state all-slater Pcarce action because mer knee operation, Rornegav k charge ot teachers' attack in . romp over Ouachita last Because of his perform- that game, the Claredon speedster received (he most voles in the Associated Press' wnnlHv poll of AIC coaches. !> The scoring summary showed Kornega.v plunged over the rjoal line once and passed for another Bear touchdown. It also was his passing and running which started after Ouachila Tigers Set for Malvern Mrs. T. ion - ADJOINING BATHS E. Urrey, 315 W. Divi,7-31 Estate for Sale BUY THIS 4 ROOM COTTAGE practically new garage, poultry house, storage house, fenced poultry yard and garden. 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G-3t 5:15 5:30 5:45 0:00 0:15 6:25 0:30 0:45 7:00 7:30 7:55 8:00 8:1.1 8; 30 8:55 9:00 9:30 10:00' 10:15 10:30 10:55 11:00 came insistccl manager Oct. 7 Parade—M •M Captain Midnight—M Tom Mix—M Unsung Victory News, Five Star Edit^n Today in Sports News Comment—M Fulton j^ewis, Jr. Talent Jackpot The Better Half—M Billy Rose—M Gabriel Hoatter—M Mutual Newsreol—M Revere All Star Revue—M Bill Henry, News—M Family Theatre—M Brandcis Univ. Inaug. Ceremonies—M All the News—M Tex Bencke's Orch.—M Noro Morales' Orch —M Mutual Reports thc News Sign Off Notice WE BUY, SELL AND REPAIR all makes of Sewing machines W. H. West, 215 North Hamilton Street, Phone 1220-W., Hope, Arkansas. Notice to Cotton Growers We will handle your government cotton loans on the green card class. Bring your Conpress tickets and class card and save $1.00 to $1.50 per bale. E. M. McWilliams & Co., Hope, Ark. Across the street from Post Office Call 129 or 806 (nights) FO F? House Wiring, Repairs or anything Electrical. See us first. Allen Electric Co. Next Door to Saenger Thuatre Phones 129 or 806 Friday a.m., Oct. 8 5:57 Sign On C:00 Songs by Sinclair Morning Music ale Bargain Roundup News, First Edition Arkansas Plowboys Market Reports Farm Breakfast Program Melody Boys The Devotional Hour Musical Clock News, CoMea Cup Edition Sunrise Serenade Slogan Parade According to the Record Cecil Brown—M Faith in Our Time—M Say it With Music—M Passing Parade—M Victor H. Lindlahr— M Gabriel Heatter's IVIailbae —M Minute Quiz—M Kate Smith Speaks—M Kate Smith Sings—M Luncheon at Sardi's—M News, Home Edition Friday p.m., Oct. 8 U:55 World Series ().w,.'n fur a !)a\ 1VI Heart's Desire—M A'oeal Varieties Tho Johnsoi, Family—M Meet the Band Ton-, Farley's Do,; Tales Swing Time 6:15 6:25 6:30 G:40 6:55 1''°^ 7:15 7:30 7:45 H£ 8:00 8:30 n ; ^ 9:00 9:15 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 i 1 ! 1 ™ 11:30 11:45 :00 2:30 3:00 3:15 3:30 3:45 4:00 putcd nlay that led to win No 1 Arguments sprouted up all over town last night after publication of Associated Press pictures of the vital play of the opener - an attempt by Bobby Feller to pick pinch runner Phil Masi off second base in the eighth inning O f a 0-0 (game. Eventually Masi momc on Tommy Holmes' with the run that gave a 1-0 triumph. Many neutral observers the pictures showed that Lou Boudreau of the Indians tagged Mnsi a foot off the Others were unconvinced Of course there will be no cial protest by anybody connected with the Cleveland club. It's pure- J.v a matter of the judgment of an umpiie whose word is final in .Kuscball. Mnsi had just entered the scoreless ball game as a runner for Blil oalkeld who had worked Feller for a . walk to open the last of thc eighth. Mike McCormick did the expected by bunting Masi to <-ee- ond with a sacrifice. With first base open. 'Boudreau decided to intentionally pass EdrMe btanky still handicapped by the Meyer Was Mired York writer nominates . he Pirates manager, i courageous guy in! a few | Physicians indicated yesterday" he -'--- should not play for at least four more games and not then if more trouble appears. Hope showed up well in th« Joncsboro game last weekend and looked considerably better in the blocking department. Friday night's game should be close and a large crowd is expected. thc Bears to victory had tallied first. Irvan Grove, Hcndrix coach used only one word in his version of what Kornegav did. It was- 'everything." it Other players mentioned for star of week" honors were•foe Shaw, Arkansas state quartcr- irown, Arkansas College . ft --• —"old Waggoner, T.,m.'i c «|Rock Junior College fullback, and A a li. Ccln S. 0rWOOd -- Arkan " sas declined because he didn't think his health was good enough Then." asked MacPhail, "Who in your opinion is the best manager available". . . .Meyer calmly plied: "Joe McCarthy." Keeping the Wig Warm When Lou Boudreau whiffed re- mcs- single the fourth inning yesterd.v. It "-a -• the Braves |on y the tenth time he had struc in as ,- . . ----- .....~ **._ nun struck out this season. And Lou is the of a guy who remembers such .Boudrr-au already in figures: had concerned about his club's arrival )ag. i in Cleveland tomorrow when th" rr l?. ll ? lo , tcs likclv wi " be beseiged by off.-| ticket-seeking friends. "We won't ctedjget in there until about nine in the |mornini! and the boys have to be ,at the ball park by ten," says Lou. Mrs. Calvin Coohdgc. widow of the former governor of Massachusetts •md president of the United States By CARL BELL Little Rock, Oct. 7 — <fP) — You may have a pretty fair idea after tomorrow night which high school footoall team is the strongest in 'Arkansas. 1 At least you'll be able to narrow down the selection to three or four elevens. The game likely to tell the most will be a non-division battle between Blytheville, the class Dou- bie-A team which ended Little Koc.i s three-year winning streak a week ago, and Pine Bluff, only undefeated, untied team in the Big Six 'Triple-A) division. The Chicks, who have won all their games on the field but had to forfeit two because they used an incligtole piayer. and the Zebras will square off at Pine Bluff. is seeing the Scries a^uii as guest T of American League proxy Bm ,P st wcck thc Zebras Harridge. She's a real basebal I? " S , U T g Fort Smith aggrega- fan. ua = >t - u ' 111 tion, which previously had sh? bumpcd o- e ankle ho broke in July. Sibby Sisti Billy still was sent in by Manager Southworlh to run for the limping Stanky. (1Sa ' n f ' iccl °"'- Then they tried the Boudreau feint and quick Feller twist, trying to catch Masi nap- Ping. Some think they succeeded Sio-u'i ngre ° WUh Um P' re Bi 'i Tommy Holmes, a lefthanded natter sliced an outside fast ball past third base to left field, scoring Masi. That tells the s:ory of the scoring but it's only a small • part of great pitching duel between Mt. N. Y.—Steve Bel- York, and Randy Vernon, N. Y., the two of baseball's greatest modern righthanders, Feller and the Braves' Johnny Sain. Feller passed only three but was one fatal. Sain had perfect control, issuing no walks. His four-hit performance was a masterpiece On what Sain showed Ihe powcr- tul Indians, the pre-Series odds deserve a reshuffle .The Tribe now s to sec Sam once more and mav- JO twice. The new odds show Cleveland •:til! favored to win the Series but at 7 to If) instead of the 5 to 11 or to 12 existing before the open:-r -loday.s game i;,- about even money in man to nnvn betting. 11 Spalm is able to tame the In- lians, there will be a mad rush lu iop on the Braves' band waj'nu le is tin- No. 2 man of South- .vortli s pitching duo allhoiu'h his i.i-l- u-cord lor th.j year was a bit K-low expectations. Lemon, a no-hit pitcher on Jim,. White Plains, Inisc, IGfl. New Brown. 1G1, drew, 8. _'lcnn K a. ,Kas. — Ray Snu-lonk. u>4, Kansas City, outpointed Eddie Lamarr 16-1, Oklahoma City 10 Bridgeport. Conn.—Bornie Reynolds, 183, Bridgeport, stooped Roscoe Howard, 212, New York, 5. By United Press ! Oakland, Cal., — Bernard Do- cuscn. 147, Now Orleans out- nomtcd Irving Stcen, 145, San Diego, flO). FLOOR Sanding and Finishing LINOLEUM Asphalt Tfle • Rubber Tllr. ROY ALLISON Phone 280 choice Indians* to gel | Pine Bluff. ,-, ,, . ••- return The council proposed city nnr- C.ene Beardui, hero of Mnn- ! chase in order to use- profits foi fi- LET FOY DO IT » Level yards • Dig Post Holes • Plow Gardens • Cut Vacant Lots • Also custom work. MAMMONS TRACTOR CO. Phone 1066 S. Walnut St WE HAVE Seed Oats, Austrian Winter Peas, Winter Hairy Veich, Winter Rye Grass, Seed Rye', Wheat, Barley and Joe You-' mans Flower Bulbs. We Honor AAA Orders MONTS SEED STORE Hope, Arkansas REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSES, COWS and CRIPPLES Texarkann Rendering Plant Dud H-7ii:>;j (phone collect) 11 w " A Dial a-r<V70 If No Aiu-:v,-( POR SALE My five room, newly decorated Home, near grade school. Reaa- PAXTON JORDAN REFRIGERATION SERVICE is our business. Prompt and efficient service on all makes of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, We go anywhere anytime. BREWSTER REFRIGERATION SERVICE Phone 1280 or 1831.J Niehts and Sundays 119 Edgewood Hope Lei Us Rebuild Your Old or moke your old one into o comfortable innerspring. One Day Service "All Work Guaranteed" DAVSS Furniture & Mattress Co. 606 N. Havel Phone 357 ll, is even home. day's play viclor.. oeen named to work game at Cleveland. Both clubs will rnme to (hi with their bags packed for leave immediately after 1h,> p-mio to make ih,. Hiird ;;ame at Cleveland tomorrow afternoon are no off days in the S ule, biirring rain. Probable' li World Series Cleveland Mitchell, If CJark, if Boudreau. ss Gordon, L!b Keltner, ,-jlj Doby, ef Robinson, lb Lemon, p S:(KI Adventure Parade—M 5:15 Superman M 5:30 Captain Midnight--M 5:-15 Tom Mix-—M (i:()(.) Ijobi-al Pi--, h'ally 0:13 News. Five "tar Final 0:25 Today in Sports <i:30 Henry J. Taylor-M ti:45 Fulton Lewis, Jr.—M V:OU (.,'ivat Kc-riuvj from Greal Plavs—M 7::id Bobcat Preview '/.-•I.'. Football "..line: if.;:)" v •; M:i!ver;i K):00 All the News--M' 10:!"» Tex Helieke'.s Orch. !\I 10:30 Henry Jerome's Orch —M '0:55 Mutual News—M 11:00 Sign Off . o- — .._ Top Radio Programs ,, - — shaped up as the greatest threat to Little Rock in the Big Six. If Blytheville can add Pine Bluff to its last of victims, the Chicks' most serious challengers for state grid honors will be within their own classification. mostly Hope. The Zebras will appear without peer if they win. The outcome of this game also win give a line on how Pine Bluff and Little Rock compare for their meeting later in the season What part Fayotteville's Bulldogs, another undefeated, untied powerhouse, are to play in the Double-A bracket may be • determined when they olay Fort Smith at fort Smith. The game won't •count in any standings but, considering Pine Bluff's victory over *ort Smith and the outcome of the I Zebras-Chick tilt, it may be possible to compare Fayetteville with Blythevlle. he two could meet n [the Doublo-A playoffs. | fT1 ;. p , sr ° feat ures between powers [of different classifications won't i monopolize the spotlight of the Arkadelphia, Oct. C — (UP)— |£', e . el ? l -' nc ! ' s program, however. games which will count ., —. pro-:" 1 UK - °'K Six, Double-A, Class A pot-eel city purchase of the water i and Class B division standings also system. I are on the docket Residents voted 574 to 542 i In tho Bi " Six, Littie Rock's Ti- af:;>iiist the proposal. iScrs and the North Little Rock fho city council will meet Friday '• Wildcats will begin their night, however, lo decide if the-"'""" volo will be contested. Mayor A T C.oodwin an.-I members of the council have cntici/ed Ihe conduct of the election. The charge was made bat many of the poll tax receipts had been issued to college students- here and to Negros. The u'Mter system is owned by the General Water Works corporation of Philadelphia, Pa The f "-m'.s Arkansas headquarters is at hid Votes Oof- Proposed City A special election in Arkadelphia I Thirty-nine resulted in defeat today for pro-! 1 " tlle B 'S sewer extension : Van [Tex; i • ,-,,, ' Y,~. 7 drives. Ihe Tjgei-s will play at Hot Springs, while the Wildcats will be.".( I'.onu- on iho northside to entertain El Dorado. ... Li . ! ' :( - thoir cross-river rivals, the Wildcats are smarting from their Urst defeat of the year — ;,K-« ad- rninisterccl by a "lower class" Double-A lean,. They were soillecl U'st wee-; by Camden. K] Dorado scerod its first victory ol the camjraign by (riminiiv Hot bprnigs last week. Leading Double-A clashes tomorrow night mclurie Sprini'daU' at Buren in District One and rf orgeson. lb Iliott. ,'!!•) ickert, ff Salkeld. e M. McCormick, Stanky, :>b c-f The horsefish sh^cls its skin liko a snake. ; Topics loiii...:hi I'l'liur.scl.-j} ) : ,-•• T Henry Ahlrieh fau:i'ly S'"lsi:n and Ktlward C;. Hiibii ; '•:'•'&> l)(,i-(.il,_y J,aii:onr .show: | Alurli.n Downey soil" ! - WJ?~~ "' vm Pcace ancl ! i:30 Mr. Keen tracint;; 8 Hav land in Suspense; ii:30 Crime NfJC ;i Al Mil- Plio- . ABC -6:30 Front Pane chan-teu to I- mat I'klitoii: 7: SO Pei-ional Au- tot;rai.-!i ei-iu-eri: B:30 Candid iUiciuphone: 9:15 Dance Hand Jam bcree. MBS — 7 Talent Jackpot' 7-31) HeUer Half Qui<:; 'J Fa.T.ily iheiuer EXCLUSIVELY OVER THE Broadcasting System STAY TUN ED TO OIL HEARING SCHEDULED El Dorado, Oct. R (/Pi The regular quarterly statewide hoar- ing of the Arkansas Oil & Gas commission will be held between Oct 18 and Oct. 27, it was announced today. Tho Yorgcr High School Tigers went through a long scrimmage yesterday afternoon in preparation for their Saturday night engagement with a strong Malvern team at Mammon's Stadium. Coach Brooks was very well pleased with the running of Hich- arcl Davis and the blocking of Matthew Williams, both first year men. Sub-captain James Wright and first string guard Willie Harper are nursing injuries but arc expected to be ready on Saturday night. Thc game will begin at 8:30 p.m. in order to allow for the closing of. downtown business establishments. Barons Need a Single Game to Win Playoff -o- Porker Guard May Be Lost. for Season Little Rock, Oct. 7 — f/P)—Captain and Guard Theron Roberts probably be lost, to the University of Arkansas football team for the remainder of the season. Dr. Joe F. Shulfield, who examined a knee injury suffered by | Roberts in prc-season practice, said yesterday it was "very doubtful" that Robeits would be back- in the lineup this year. If he does return, it will not be for several weeks, the doctor added. Some prairie cend 14 or 15 dog burrows feet. des- -o— More than two billion nickels were minted in-the first 75 years Fort Worth. Tex.. Oct. 7 — (/P) ~-. The Fort Worth Cats of the Texas League must defeat Ihe Birming-" ham Barons of the Southern As-- socialion here tonight, or the Dixie Series pennant goes to Birmingham. The Barons moved within one game of the championship last night bv trimming the Cats 5-3. By winning tonight's game the Barons could win the series by four games to one. Otherwise, tho series scene will shift to Birmingham Saturday night. Last night' the Barons scored three runs off Eddie Chandler in the first inning. The tallies came on two walks, two singles, and Eddie Lyons' double. In the second inning Birmingham scored again off George Brown. A walk, a sacrifice, a single and a long fly by •I ": Wasde 1 .'. gave !hj 13 iron:; the luth run. The Cats nicked Harry Doish for pne run at a time in the second, third and sixth innings. George. Smces homered for the score in thc third. A triple by Dee Fondy- and Irv Noren's long fly brought- m the third run. •o SeSS ys at- Little Rock-. Oct. 0 —I./P) — The War Assets Administration office here announced today that, sale of war surplus properly at Walnut Ridge, Ark., will begin Oct. 14. VVAA said also that it plans to auction the entire industrial portion of the Arkansas ordnance plant at Jacksonville, Ark., avid complete de-activation of the government warehouse there this year. ,, a ' Camden in District i Seven. < Other division and non-division I struggles includes Brinkloy at ! Jonesboro, Booneville at Rus.se]I-i ville, Subiaco at Paragould, Con- l way at Little Rock Catholic r>-\ < Malvern at Hope, Stuttgart at De- W'.lt (i-A, OeQueon at N--'--"Me 7 A and Magnolia at Prcscott 7-A. food months hiioi to pay aitieli. When yon liai-c a Home Freezer, tli<j v.-, game that comes iimi not go to waste. You can qnick-i'rr:.';:< them any lime yon General Electric Home f-njoy ^ i; in.- holds up to When you have a General Electric Home Freezer, yon don't have to market when company calls unexpectedly. You just open the gleaming white lid of your home frce/cr, and choose from among 280 pounds of delicious, nutritious food. Your home frec/cr can hold steaks, lamb, hamhurgcr, chicken, fro/en vegetables, ice cream, and pastries. When you have a General Electric Home Freezer, you don't have to go shopping when you have a headache . . . when the weather's had ... or when ihc children feel out of sorts. W'lie.n you have a General Klectric Home Freezer, you save money on fe.ciil hilta . . . ior yott buy in quantity at le:;s cost. ihnil iteen iy . . ve» oi' the- it. You ; meals i-tables an enjoy when they're d fruits at ivlien prices the delieioiis most foods fresh and nutritions a year. The most dependable home freezer you can buy is Genera/ Electric Hera are 3 quick reasons ic/iy: 1. The sealed-iii rel'rigeraliu.; .-ysieni is the same type as that used in General Electric Refrigerator*. Mor- 1,700,000 of these systems hav< giving satisfactory service for ten years or longer. 2. 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