Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1948
Page 5
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Thursday, October 7, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Poae Five Little Hope Left for Railway 2:01 a. m. tomorrow. The Interstate Commerce Commission yesterday declined to disturb its Aug. 9 decision authorizing abandonment in 60 days if no bcna fide purchaser appeared. Appeals bv Governor Laney and Senator John L. McClcllan (d-AHO for a 120-day extension of the GOP 'Afraid' Continued From Pago One of ,T~Liltlc Rock, Oct. 7 —UP)— Only .a , surprise last-minute reprieve can save the Missouri and Arkan- •SiiS railroad from abandonment at LEG PASNS MAY ". Of Tired Kidneys ... When dis6nlor of kidney function permit"! .Bpisonous matter to remain in your blood. ,4fc.may cause imagine backache, rheumatic ..parns, leg pains, loss of pel) and energy, gct- ,tinrj up niRhts. swelling, puffiness under the . eyes, headaches and dizziness. Frequent or . scanty passages with nmartins and burning; sometimes shows there is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. ' _." on 't wa 't' Ask your druggist for Doan'a ' Pills, n stimulant diuretic, used successfully • by millions lor over 50 years. Doan'a give • happy relief and will help the 15 miles of • Kidney tubes flush out poisonous \vuste from • your blood. Get Doan's Tills. 1040, now grace period and protests Arkansas interests failed to the ICC. The strife-riddled lino Helena. Ark., to Joplin. Mo been idle since operations halted by a strike in Sept.. The physical properly is owned by a New York salvage firm, having been sold to it after operations ceased. Laney av;d McClcllan sought to have the effective date of the abandonment order extended 120 days, which would have mtt it after opening of the 1949 session of- the Arkansas legislature. over the state and observance Reading's 200th anniversary. Mr. Truman was made an honorary membei of the Rainbow Fire from | Company number one. move H " called for the election of Democratic candidates 10 help from "eradicate some of the terrible . has 'hhigs that awful !!0th Congress were Mid lo us -" The trail ahead led through Eastern Pennsylvania to Jersey d7l7gate""thus"~'far'. Ciiy. N. J., where he makes his' •• •• second major address of a three- day campaign tour .some time after 8:30 o'clock (csti tonight in the Lincoln high school auditorium. Aides said Mr. Truman will talk Six'Outside 7 Continued From Pago One Berlin menaces world from notes, rather than a prepared said the presi- ade of peace. A British source said last night representatives of the three Western powers met infoimally and considered the first stops of framing a proposal that the security council call on Russia to lift the blockade. It was said today that no reso-i 1 ' 1 lution has been drawn up by any In fact, one j source said, the United States feels it is too early to present the council with a resolution demanding action. The Americans wort to feel they must hear first from other council members. And that Names New Dean of Two Killed, 12 Injured in Train Wreck The- f!edf<!in::s of tin? hoalzin 'South American bird 1 have well- dcvelopod claws on each wing Sfj.1 can climb trees like a quadruped. , Pittsburgh. Oc jdred workmen I trains todav cle address. And they dent will reiterate his claim that the resolution should corne from one -of the neutrals. The council is expected to meet regret that the ICC did not grant i high prices, the housing"shortage ! a . eain Saturday or Monday to con- Liule Rock Oct. 7 iK'.-eph T. Roberts has moved as dean of the University (jf Arkansas Medical .-'Chou! and need by Dr. William C. Lan»s- lon ,if, acting dean. Tin- change was announced last nis-'ht by Dr. Lewis \V. Jones, university president, only a tew hours "''' T lie had disclosed that the con- Governor Laney today expressed j the Republicans are to blame for cxtenson of the dale of its mandate and said further: "No one has offered any plan | that would guarantee the operation of the road. Therefore, at this time I sec nothing to be gained by calling an extra session of the legislature. In Washington. Ian and J. comment. Owners of Senators McClel-j "quackery." and other domestic problems. He appealed for the votes of Pennsylvania workers last night. To a cheering crowd in Phildol- phia's convention hall he said the Republican candidates were handing the people "company union" practicing political W. Fulbright had the line opposed no i The address, before an audience [Guy E. Parsons, assistant super- any jintendeiit of police, estimated at tinuc the debate on Berlin. The security council members not involved in Berlin studied the western charges. They had no Russian counter-chums to sti'rty. however. Soviet Deputy Foreign Minister Anclreai Vishinskv sat said troversia! increase in student fe wc.uld be partly rescinded. I Or. Jones said Dr. Roberts had j been relieved of his duties as clean i "at hi? request" and was assigned as professor of medicine until Dec. .'•)!' when h's appointment to the facility oxpircs. Dr. Langston, head of the department of anatomy and assistant dean, ha;.; been a member of the medical school faculty since 1930. committee of three members V Iran- ; wreck ; wreckage in suburban Bollr-vue where 1 a huge binilder knocked a fast Pennsylvania railroad tiain from th'. 1 tracks, killing two and ing 12. Killed wi're r'ngiin'.or l.ightburn and Kiii'man Kombke. both of C'rcstline. Two of the four main \\cro opened and pasyenr.er wore able to uo through srail's pace. SB silently in the council yesterday, carrying avowed intention not to take part m the Berlin discussion. Lifting of the blockade MEALS TASTE BETTER is the —-J' 111,000 climaxed an active clay, j price the Western powers will ac- 'Parsons said the crowd at the hall cept for agreeing to a four power brought to 330,000 the number ofU°i'eign persons who greeted the president at Philadelphia and nearby Camden. N. J., where he talked briefly in the afternoon. WHEN YOU SERVt BLUE RIBBON BREA& AT YOUR GROCERS and The president said "nothing could be further from the truth" p than Republican claims "their kind | of unity would strengthen our voice in world affairs." "Pence, my friends," he declared, "is the goal of my public life. I'd rather have peace in the world than be president of the ministers' council m'eetin on the Berlin and general Gorman questions. The Russians consistently have maintained that the Berlin case is one for the Bi Four to discuss, and not for the has contended blockade cxisits United Nations. Vishinsky also that, actually, no in Berlin. All three nations told the council yesterday they will be willing to meet in the foreign ministers' council when the blockade. is j raised. i The U. S. deputy delegate, Dr. I Philip C. Jcssup, told the council, I however, that the United States jhasty will resist firmly Russian threats Qn of force aimed at compelling Americans to abandon Berlin to Red rule. Meanwhile, a Moscow commentator accused ll;n Western powers of pursuing a "policy of deliberately ignoring the foreign ministers' council in solving vari- of the university board of trustees, chamber .which Tuesday heard protests of out his students over the fee increase, recommended that they be cut back to S:i75 annually, the university president s.-.id. At the same time, lie served notice that the legislature would be asked to appropriate more funds tor the medical school. The fee controversy arose when the university board recently increase;! all resident student fees to 5500 annually and non-resident tees to S750. Freshmen fees previously had been fixed at S500 but' fees for sophomores had been S375. juniors and seniors S275 and nonresidents $500. extension of the ICC order, saying they were negotiating for sale of (i.3 miles between Helena and Cotton Plant. Ark., to C. W. Fergu- json, Star City, Ark., and for sale i of certain Harrison properties to a j group seeking to connect that city j with the Missouri Pacific railroad. I Governor Lancy was asked to enll a special session of the legislature to authorize state purchase jof the line to save it from aban- ous international prnrlem jcionrnent. He has announced that a i V. Lnetsky. in a broadcast j' s ".,,,"wav 'poll of legislators shows a ma-1 heard in London early today, said j fo'rms'.' 'i "they prefer to circumvent the council x x x by the so-called Berin question, which they thorn- sea es have artifidV.ly created." ;« hat ok ., 4 had alrcadv Preparing for a vote in the gen- 1 1O r>kiiu' tor eral assembly's political commit- ° of them opposed to the pro| posal. | Promoters of the effort to save ;the system are hopeful, but apparently had no definite plans to save the line from becoming hunk—legally — at midnight tonight. Miss New Yorker, 100% all wool coats - with hoods to match. In pretty new fall solid colors. These winter coats are 5096 wool in beautiful colors. Smart styles in sizes 4 to 8. USE OUR CONVENIENT LAY-AWAY PLAN Fancy sweaters in two colors and they are Sizes 6 to 16. tone or solid 100% wool. sses A large selection of styles to choose from in reel, brown and tan. Sizes 5 to 10. These sweaters are and rwo tone colors. for only in coat A real styles value S These children's shoes are elk bluchers and in sizes 3, Special only brown to 7-i. Boys double sole school shoes in sixes 83 to 12 and 121 io 3. A real shoe value. Men's that's wear. good grade, iicavy made for comfort vvork and shoe lona Men's dress toe styles. R i V oxfords in smart moccasin tec on the control of atomic energy, representatives of the United States, Britain and France sought to write a resolution that they hope the 58-nation committee will accept. The commiUee finished debate yesterday on l\ report from a majority group on the U. N. Atomic Energy Commission that backed American proposals for an international atomic control authority .V.'hicb -wci'id have the ri;;ht wii' cut veto of aay nation. " ;.o make inspections in all countries. The Russians have opposed this, urging, instead, two simultaneous treaties; one outlawing atomic weapons and the other setting up a control body within the security council and subject to veto by the five big powers. districts through which the Germans were expected to advance upon the city. Barrels, overturned streetcars, furniture, all kinds of wreckage were- piled into these and primitive defenses. October 20 when old-timer' jresidents weie convinced that Mos"|cow was as good as taken by the i Germans. I got close enough to a radio ;t ram scheduled to leave for Gorki, and was swept onto its platform by a surge o£ a frenzied mob. H was a human anthill, with people- clinging to the roofs and windows ' the cars. Wedged in the pas- between two end plat- somehow managed to roach Gorki, some 300 miles away. My sister astounded me upon my arrival with the announcement been there me. I (Tommprrow. Russian Prepared- Iness—1 rifle for 10 men). Red Leaders Continued From Page One panion and 1 cried, explaining that we had received our appointments and had been told to come in the morning for traveling funds. The old man shook his head, waved his arm in the direction in which all the big shots were escaping, and took pity upon us two women. He gave us all he could spare, 150 rubles each, with the advice: "Go as far as you can with this." During the next few days, while I was trying to locate a train bound for Gorki, the center of Moscow took on the aspect of a deserted city, except for marching army units. Occasionally one heard the explosion of a bomb or the roar of a collapsing structure. On the highways leading out of the cily ruthless measures were being taken to stop in their track lootors who were fleeing with caravans of goods. The booty would be taken way and the plunderers ohul on the spot. To add to the nightmare, barri- i cades were being thrown up on the main arteries in the outlying YOU'LL ENJOY SHOPPING at FRESH WHITE BUTTER BJEANS 15c ib. YAMS NICE SIZE 15c Ibs. NO. 1 RED POTATOES 10 ibs. 43c HUNTS Fruit Cocktail No. 2Vi can 33e RED CROSS or SPAGHETTI Pkg. lOc SALT No. 1 Grade MEAT Ib. C HOOP CHEESE Wisconsin Ib. FRESH GROUND Ib. U. S. INSPECTED STEAKS ,b 79c Round, Loin, or T-Bone DOLE PINEAPPLE JUICE No. 2 can . 23c 46 oz. can . ..... 49c MONARCH French Style No. 2: can 28c PASTE .... GLO COAT . GLO COAT . LIQUID WAX LIQUID WAX Ib. can 59c . . pint 53c . quart 93c . . pint 53c . quart 93c OLEOMARGARINE All Sweet, Creamo and Parkway Ib. 39c OLEOMARGARINE Sunnyland. Colored in 14 Ib. sticks. Ib. FORT HOWARD rolls Phone 266 GRQ. & MKT. We Deliver re made in A&P's own Page food factories t directly to you. This many unnecessarv in- ANN PAGE ANN PAGE Look afr these typical values-. Salad Dressing ix Tarf, S.vcof, Crcamy-Smooih Pure Grape Jam PK Jar Mb. Jar 33c 2lc K'ado Fr Sp&rk! Ge Ripa Concord a tin Puro Pruif Flavor Strawberry Preserves Prepared Spaghetti White House Milk Small Stuffed Olives 2 3 43c 25c 42 c 39c Ann Pago Macaroni or Spaghetti 2 P 8 C. I9c United States. I wish for peace. 1 work for peace. And I pray lor peace continually." Mr. Truman iva.s introduced !).v Democratic Senator Pranci.-; Myer: of Pennsylvania, who described tlu Republican presidential nominee as "the medicine man" from Albany who {jtuuantees to cure' any illness with "pink pills" and 'brown medicine." The president took up the them", j He said the Republican parly ! wants to roll all the "plain people' together "in one bin company ui ion" and run it "for the benefit of I the national association of maim- I facturers." "They have all their promi;;* wrapped up in a package call' "unity" which they guarantee ' cure more ills than any pale medicine you ever saw," Mr. T.ru- inan continued. "And they won't tell you any more about what's in that package than a cjuack doctor v.'ill tell you iWl.at's in his ma.nic cure-all." He saiii "sweet Inlia'oies" are all the people are yetting from Hep'io- lican candidate:;. The Republican-.;. Mr. Truman acidi.-d. liai'e not jichii'i'ed imitv on Ann Pacjo Tondor-Cookcd ^5 Neclar Tea Bags bl A Popular blond Tej 43c •Camay Soap Camay Soap Lava Soap Ivory Flakes Ivory Snow Oxydol Duz Ivory Soap Ivory Soap ivory Soap Dreft P&G Soap Tide Spic & Span Crisco Jewel dexo Giant L'ycons Reg. -i^ Bar t^.' Bath Siza Lg. : , , Bars :." Lg. Pkg. .Lg.. . Pkg: Lg. Pkg. Med; Personal.•' 1-3, Pkg. Bor's Lg. Pkg. tt-oz. Pkg. 9c, I3c- 25c 33c 33c 33c 33c' !0c I6c' I3c 29c I7c 33c 2lc ! 3 3 3 2 Can $1,13 Ib. cm. Ib. , Can ' 13 02. Cans 93c 1.07 25c £lk£$H filUITS AND VE&BTAttLBS Swoet Ripo lokay Grapes to pj lees ana <>ihei- cii k-jn.-. Ah i",.-ctions re '•Aele to "nii 1 twn anj the ••They did dent said. lie added "You will done about hiyh price lican president or a coii."ri.'. l ;s." n 5 o o ,j 2 -'-i C 1 0.- Depend On A & P For Real Meat Values! A£P sells only cma quality of meats — and -thai'* ys fine quality. And every cut is priced consistent with fine quality. So for modt that's tops in taste and! value, bo right . , , buy "Super Right." Cooked Pscnscs Pork Sausage R Squares Sunnyil Cellg Roil Fjr.cy Smoked Ib. Ib, Ib. Celery n .Iti-t anytiiin!.; i by a Repub- Hepublican Red Apples Head Lettuce Rutabagas Ripe Juicy Ci, P 15C 13c 37c Cneese 't -: .- , I, . -^ '.. Fryers Fryers Shrimp 79c 77c 63c Catfish h i. L' Whiiing 5. • .,:. wr.^la Catfish f.:: 3 ! ui Codfish Steslj o( Salmon Ib. '.b. 59c 69c 47c 79c I9c 63c 39c 65?

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