Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1948 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1948
Page 4
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Four HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Send | Military Aid i -to Europe t •• - r « Washington!, Oct. Ij (/!'•. — Senator tGin.iey (E-SD) said this country ,»rnust supplement its f:': 0:101 me | aid to Western Europe \villi mili- Jtary aissistam.o— "as "much as our icconomy can stand." HL- also ex- I pressed hope: for a fritiidlicr Amcr- ,|ican altitude toward Spain. f The chairman or ;he Senate {Armed' Services committee, just ;batk from a tour cf Hi countries in |!he Middle East and in Europe, told I i news conference yesterday he \ itrojigiy favors a military alliance i }f all countries opposed "to Com' Critical After Falling Four Sfon'es JH"c said lie would favor the in- hjxion ol Spain in such an alliance -ccause Spain lias been fighting Communism since l!M(i. A V.'cstern Suropcnn ailinnce already has 'fen lormed by Great Britain, -Tance, Belgium, the Netherlands nd Lii::cmljoui-f!, with British ield Marshal Viscount Montyo- icty heading the combined ^encr- 1 staff. ...... Gm ney said he docs not know -4thoui further study \vh;\t form votary aid to the non-Communist _-.untrius should take, but that he lieves this government, still has ,. caused by functional 'middle-age'! ^J3o you/nilfer titan hot flashes, weak, ^_ nhrvous, Irritable dummy feelings — , <lue to'the functional 'micidle-iige' 'period ipeculHir to women (38-52 - "5*18, ) ? TiftlvDO ti-yLySla E.Ptnkhara's Vegetable Compound to relieve such f .^symptoms! It alto hus what Doctors 'call a* stomachic tonic e0cctl iYDIA L PINKHAM'S ', New Orleans, Oct. 0 — i'/l'i War i veteran Horace G. Gurley, former; j Memphis. Tcr.n., t.-i.xifab driver.- MI roams in .serious condition at; .Charily ho.splal after .surviving a '. • Jour-story plunge Jrum a tJovntov. n ; ! office building. - i | Poli(.-''}Y!,-in Hurt Barr'-re said : i Gurioy fanned on a ivocond-'Iuor !sky light yi-iiierday Hll.einoon s)n<rt- ; i ly aflr-r he went into a sixth-lloor i ''rest room. j I Barrere said Mrs. Phyilj;; .Silivi. | executive secretary of the Travel- • cis' aid society, told him Gurioy j paced up and down the corridor;; i "in a nervous state'' outside- her office before he was found on the j sky light. | She explained lie had appealed toj Travelers' Aid for transportation; to Memphis \vhcie he wanted toj enter a hospital. j i enough war .surplus material to be i i of considerable.' benefit. ', I In reply to a question, he .said he ; j thinks this country might well ctii. I down slightly on the amount of j j economic aid it gives to Iv.iroue in • order to extend military help. j He implied that this country | should pledge use of armed force!'. I 5f necessary, in the event of an | attack on any of the Western h'uro- pcan countries. It. is "perfectly clear" what our course .should be, he said. Gurney said he plans to carry to the state department, the defense department and other government officials his recommendations for immediate recognition of Spain and aid for the western military alliance. He pinned his hopes for a friendlier attitude toward Spain on a I Republican election victory, but > said he does not know Gov. Thomas K. Dewey's views on the subject. Prairie dogs live in large colonies and spend their extra time burrowing. Fridr.y, October 8 '.->ioi.ip Conk-rum.'!! of UK- Women •if Oii;:i:hii;i I Yt sljvlcry ut the I'res- '.'.'-''i j i;ni (jliui-cii will b'j held at Siindav, October 16 ') he Men's Bible Cluy.'i will ob- :;<-.vc t.ie .-X'C-ond annivcrsm.'/ ol t!i'..' I'c-oi f.;;iiii/.;ilion Sunn';;/. An at- l'.,'ui;:nce oi Y.'J i:; desired. _ Woman's Mi>:; ; on;iry Society of tin.' J'U'sijyli.'i'iiiri Church m:;t on Monday alteniuon at 2:30 in the home of: Mrs. D. W. Durham. Arrangements oi fall flowers wore used in the rooms. The business :;<;.ssion was conducted by the president, Mrs. Vcrnon /''ore. Mr:-;. J-'orc gave- the fljvoMfiial basc'd on "Faith and Work.;" ami chose for Hit: .;criptmx' 1 John li-lc! .'iiii'l .lanir.s ,J:17. biie in.,a fjavc n cl!.-i;jl.er In., m Hie riussiiu study Ijooi': "On C)ur Own Doorstep ' on Alaska which was most III'.IV.TS'V in;.; and insi.rtici.ivt. 1 . 'J he hoslc:;:; served a delicious di.-ssert course to members: Mrs. W. G. JJensbor^. Mrs. John i')e- w(.od.y. Mrs. W. C. Reave-.;. Mrs. N. N. Ua.iicl, Mrs. Areliie .Johnson. iVIr.s. Horace McCain, Mrs. Carl Dalrymple. Mrs. Sidney Parkc;' Uavis. Mrs. Warren Cumnu-igs and Mrs. Vcrnon Fore. Chamber of Commerce officials have anonunecd that the annual premium awards Kivcn to the man who lias the first bale of cation ginned in Nevada coun'.y has been presented to Lester Bro\vn, whose cotton was ginned at BouglhoD. In recognition of his achievement a group of Prcscott merchants contributed premium nwarcis in merchandise; and cash totaling $137. Mrs. Ciii'Us Ward wa= hostess to Circle 1 of t'.io Women's Society ci Christian Service of the Mcth- odist church at her home on Monday afternoon. ; Mrs. Everett Ward, lea Mo:-, opened the meeting with pr-i/er and! gave an inspiring devotional tiiik i on "When Jesus Saw the Multitude." An interesting program vva.; presented by .Mrs. Hm-y Mil-i:n loii.'g as her theme "AiasKa. Among the N'orthen Lights". MIF. Milain illustrated her talk wi'li. picliin.'s. Delicious refreshments v.'Trc served by the hostess to the eleven members present. Cotton Crop Harvest Favored by Weather l.it'k' Hock. Oct. (J---I..TP— Weather .•i:r,'.ii.i"'is the. |;.a«; week have pu.-hed Arkansas' cotton -,.:rop har- \i/.- : - into full sv.-Jig. However, the weekly weather :md Crop Bulk-tin said ioday rains halted cotton picking in :;ome Kasi C'entral and JNorlhea.stern areas. Rice harvesting has been corn- plc-ted on a few farms with tne r.',-o|) (Jsewhere being gathered as rapidly as it matures, the rcpori saitl. Lewis Asks Union Dues Boost increase (he initiation fee for new members from $10 to $50, Lev.'is also reeomnicndcd that union members who arc receiving $100 a month pensions or are on | distress rolls pay SI a month. They now are exempt from dues coiloc- lions. He also proposed that payments Uncmnati, Gel. 6 —i/l'i— John I,. | by members to local union or dis- i Lewis recommended to the United Uriel c'. -aUi benefit or burial funds [Mine Workers convention today j be needed as soon as possible jlhat union dues be boosted to 5-1.0(1 | Thc ;4 mollUl ly dues would be ' .,' ' (divided this way: ivlonlhly due:; now average $2.00 of v.-hich U.L international "gets 90 cents. Thursday, October 7, 1948 as the major union achievement of their generation. * QUICK R Symptoms of Distress Arising fr*m me propo;;;.: v,-;-.s re. r erre:l to a committee studying constitutional changes. Another change proposed would the mineis' nev One dollar to the local union, olle dollar to the district organizuUion and two dollars to the international union. ,• ., : . Lewis and fellow officers ot.thp 'United Mine Workers earlier hailed contract Miss Juanita Keown. student ; nurse at St. Joseph's Hospital in : Hot Springs and Miss Kdna K.iye West, student nurse at the Baptist I -Mute Hospital in Little Rock \v?re ] among a clas,-; of 2.'i affiliate niir- | ses who began a three-month \ training period in phychiatrics at tlie Veterans Administration Ho:;- j pital in North Little Hock, ihis i week. i Miss Keown is the daughter of i Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Keown and ! Miss \Vesl is a former resident o! j PrcscoU. She is the niece of Mr.;. Watson Miller of Prescott. They < are graduates of Prescott Hiy'h School. i DUE TO EXCESS ACID FreaBoohTelisoJHomeTrestmcntt^t Must Help or it Will Cost You Nothing Over three million bottles of tlin Wiu.Ann Tnv.ATMKNT liavo Iwcii sold for relief n! syinplomsordisl.rc.-isni-ising from Stomaen and Duodenal Ulcertduc (o Etcoss Amd — Poor Dlncciion, Sour or Upset SJam«n, Baseness, HoErlcurn. S:coplcssr.c33,fltc., cliWto'EaaossAerd. Soldon IS (lays' trial! A sic'for "Wiltard's Message" which Cully explains this treatment— Ires —at - ^, tj. Circle 2 of the Women's Society of Christian Service of the Metho.i- ist church met at the home of Mrs. O. G. Hirst. Monday afternoon. Roses and lilies were used to decorate the Hirst home. A pro- grain on "Methodist Missionary Work in Alaska" was interestingly given by Mrs. Martin Guthriti. Mrs. Adam Guthrie presented Ihe devotional talk. Mrs. Hirst presided over the meeting in the absence of the circle leader. Mrs. Orin Ellsworth. | A dessert course was served to: | Mrs. Adam Guthrie. Mrs. Mania I Guihric. Mrs. John A. Davis. Mrs. ! Robert Peachey, Mrs. Alex Averv. • Mrs. E. J. Smith. Mrs. Jim Yaneey, | Mrs. Robert Hambridf;e and Mrs. j lilectra Wells. i ior BREAD BISCUIT 5 PIES and CAKES FSLL IN THE COUPON! It is good for 15c on the purchase of a pound of your favorite coffee, when you buy a 25-lb. bag (or larger) of Pillsbury's Best FJour at your grocer's regular price. Here's a bargain, indeed. Plus assurance of the best baking of your life—with satin- smooth, tried-and-true Pillsbury's Best! ^n--p 1'^ COUPON SAVES VOU IS! OH AMY BRAND OF CO^'PEl-: F'll in IJ.iMO.H..,,, (....MI, ..... i,,.,., L ! ..... .„, . .....i. „,,,.,-. t ..... lv ...(, M3K!;:^ t OKtr ONE COWON 10 A CUSTC/AE PIUSBURV MILLS, ttu. M!B.icot,otU, Miisne-oto v.JJv> «»> Jjvjfw J;, e ^UMi^iiw, C.-.h tufcv 0 ] .,,.,,^'1 ;y .,/ u,,c ,;ul \ Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Ward Mr-; : i T. B. Harris and Miss Billie ' ; GC..T.O Carulhers of Liuk 1 Rock : • have boon the guests of Mr. and ! ; Mrs. Will Grimes. They were r-n- rouic home Irom the Ko^L 1 Festival : v.'iiich ihcy attended in Tyler. ; Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Prince liavc had as their guests. Mr. and Mrs. Vviliam Prince ol Magnolia, ; ivir. and ?.Irs. Opal Synder and : ' iarnily of Mmdcn, La. and Mr. and i ! Mrs. Ray Hollenhead of Homer. !La. ! i _ ; M Sat. John S. Brooks and j I Coney J. Brooks Jr. have re- < j turned to their home in Dallas. I I Texas after a visit with their par-! ems, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Brooks, i Mrs. C. A. Grant Sr. is visitin" relatives in Texarkana. j Mrs. R. B. Hartley spent Tues- i day in Texarkana. Mrs. Thad Butcher has had as | her guests. Mrs. John Butcher aitd I children, Michel and Cherrill and j Paul Butcher of Austin, Texas. Jim Thomas and his guest LaMarr Byrd. students at Hendrix College, Conway have been the Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie j Thomas and Miss Mary Lou Thomas. Mr. and Mrs. George Cavanah and family of Pine Bluff have been the guests of relatives in Prescott. Mrs. Clarke J. V. McMahcn. Mrs. _ _ White and Mrs. K. J Smith spent Tuesday in Little Rock. Mrs. John A. Davis is visiting relatives in Waldo. The only clog that is naturally tailless is the Schipperke Poodle. Chili and F'a« ks ^ ^"^ (.^,,,-u,,., uvi'iiwm I C:iiii v.i'ii -4 1 -" 1 ' 1 ; i j* 7^>, (,.r..,:l.irl'-i-s '- -' ,' \ At__ /'T-, ^ ; £E£Hm c^frM To 3 prize winners in each of these 8 contests, who buy the products at a Kroger Store and write the name and address of that store on their winning entries, Kroger will award a year's supply of groceries for a family of four.* $1,200.00 in certificates redeemable at any Kroger Store. GET RULES, ENTRY BWKS, MB The judges 1 of these 8 contests will select from the winners of-their respective contests the 3 best "Kroger entries" as Kroger winners. The decisions of the judges, based on the rules of their respective contests, will be- final. "Kroger entries" will be those that bear the name,; and address of a Kroger Store. (I'M Otf£ OF IN THE PARKAY CONTEST $ r jO,000 in prizes. Fords, Co iTt'o Makers.Tons I ninsler;*, Ituuios. GO S10 bil'.H every week for 5 wccka. 3 Jvroger jjrizca in entire contc-sl.. Ib 00 FIRST PRIZE IN THE O.XYDOL .COHTEST £50,000 in cash prizes. 10 $1000 bills and 3000 .$10 bills. Plus 3 Kroger Prizes—Free food for one year for a faintly of four —in 4he Oxydol Conlesi. 0 <•? MOtfTH fOK OR IN THE PALMOLIVE COHTEST $67,000 in prizes. 1(1 Forcla. '>.', I-.auntlrom!U3, 50 Silver Fox Eenrvco, 250 Toaslmasterx, £000 Colfcntc Treasure Chesla. I'lua 3 Kroger 1'rizes. WIN A TRIP T9 A NO /S W££K WITH fiO'/ IN THE OUAKER AND MOTHER'S OATS CONTEST 22,501 Roy Rogers morchiimlisc prizes. Pius 3 Kroner Kroc- Food prizes in the Quaker Contest. WIN OHE OF IN THE QUAKER PUFFED WHEAT AND RSCE CONTEST (^ Models for boys ami (tirls. Plus 3 Kroger Prizen—free f(tod for one year for a family of four — in the Quaker Contest. Puffed Wheat 2 for 2-3C Puffed Rice pky. 15c OH£ OF IN THE SUPER SUDS CONTEST SfiV.MO in priie-n. -I Foriln. 8 G.E. Irnners, 100 O.K. Irons, 150 prices of a year's supply nf Super Suchicach week for U weeks. 1'lu.s tl Kroger Free-Food pri^ei; in eiilire Super Sucla Contest. FIRST PRIZE IN THE UPTON TEH CONTEST $3G,117 in prizos. H $1000 and , r >0 $100 cash prizes. 30(1 merchandise prixcs. SI 000 cxtrn to cratul ].T!/,L' winner if oflifial entry blank i:; tiyird. 1'Jua J Kroger Pcizc'j. UPTON TEA WIN OF IN LEVER MERCURY-A-DAY CONTEST SI 00,000 tn prizes. Piu« 3 KroRce Krc<,'-Fix«l prizes in tlio entire Lover Hroa. Contest: Spry, Lux Sunp, Lux Klfikerf, Hinso, Swan, Lifebuoy, Silver Du;U. ft. CRUSHED p Vt. Del Monte. Fancy Quality. Save SLICED No. 2\ Can Avondole Sliced From Choice Fruit'. SLICED No. 2 Con Del Monte, hs Doiicioub. C Pineapple River Rice Peas ^ ,,., Avoiuki U-. J \\>{ i l'/at in H.I ^i.-i'Vi 1 Peaches iij ihiriomosi Rolls Spicy Delicious Hoi-Dated Coffee r/s Lotion 50c Size Only ET Ta PORK & BEANS Niblc-1 CORN Redeem PiHsbury Coupon at 1 Kroger Save 15c on any brand Of Coffee Kroger j?'*» fi o a /^^ ff" (? ^'OOf ;| ifdi^' C n*v£*£ ka^ &J? \*? 1 J a \M 3 Q t V^^J \# 3 S ^J %] "•^ *^C^ Wil ' h On I/ jda-^J^ui Coupon f^egotar Price . . •'lOc Ib. Heinz Baby Food 3 t , ms All l''u..ni Str;iiiu'-i{ Fur Yuur l;;ti;v. Kni'-iiT. M;uie l-'r ini \'\u\- S'.-ii.uiin; Pancake Flour Layer Cake \\i-.i ri!l:l)n:-v i:uc-;,)i:;l f:,).e. li's t'etiei', Its Puddin ri'Tujcicry Oi f-.; Apple Jelly 11' i. PLII'L-. C Icur, 1 ;. irij ,\ \r< ~a tin ore ; f 2 Ckib Spread 2 \ A ' • 1 •— 1 , - ' ( ' , W inch.:..-! 1 l,!ui.) L-hcese opicvi; 1 !. Kroger Bread Enncheu Gives 6-V\'a\- N- ir 1 " 1 ^"% SQ«r *J J *w Oils. i Iif PI Jlli .&I Dry Salt Bacon Sliced Bacon Sieek Armour Star. Fancy Puritan Picnics J Ready vo Eat Ib. Slab Butcm .Sv.'Ul'.s Oriole, Dry Cured. Fryers "Ali-VEGSV/lELE WiLu" FiUlSHER! TASTY! T.iklS t\ « Krogsr experts waish, trim, keep vccjotaljLa at th^ir keshest be^i. .-uriinenr 1 y lim <f t tlie-jo Choice Red fokoy Grapes today. They are fresh. Jolmatlian Apples,,,. Cauliflower SllUV.- \\IUtO (\,J!;p

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