Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 7, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 7, 1948
Page 3
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Thursday, Qctahnr 7, 1943 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tfttee Polar boors use only their forelegs .while swimming. ' TODAY — THURSDAY _ FEATURES ••2:36 - 4:39 - 6:52 - 8:55 •octal Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M "orcl-iy, October 11 ivcd punch, sandwiches and cookies "Ihe Women of the First Pros- ; to twelve members. l>y(i rian church will meet Monday i .t 10 o'clock for a Home Mission j Girl Scout Community T1 rigr-im. Mrs. J. W. Butler of ' Commi f tee Meets Wednesday iv \\-ellton, La. will review the i The Girl Scout Community Com•'• "On Our Own Doorstops." i inhi-e> met Wednesday afternoon at !• iT'owi'i!; the program, the circles 1 . !wo o'clock in the Council Keom of ;vil! meet for a business session. ' Hi:- City Hail. Miss M.iblo Ktn- ;.-..,it'll v.'lll be served at noon. j ridge, chairman. op"iied the nieel- ... | ing wilh prayer. The gioup re- Circle 2, W.S.C S. ' P'^-tf'l the Scout Promise. Miss •;„„,„ Monday i iMamy Deal and Mi-s. Arch \Vvlie • ' . : gnvo reports from the different Tic V.'.S.C.S. Circle 2 of First i troops. Miss K;hi i'lge aono'ijiced Baptist church mei Monday after- j that. C.ir! Scout wool', will be held noon in tile honu- of Mrs! J. M j from October :',! through Nnwmber Houston with Mr:--. Robert Cain as j 6. Plan;; wero made- for the Court c(,-ho.-:t<.'Ss. Mr;;. Albert Graves pre- j of Awards to be held T tumidity. si:!,"d over the niretiim in'the a' i iN'oveiiiiv. i 1 i r.t the First Methodist !;ciiee of Mrs. George Peck, circle ' church, it was volc-d to change !'-;ider. " I the lYK-etinr; time to the first Wed- iVIi'K. Houston I'av, 1 . 1 a very insnir- | ni sday o| each month at 2 p.m. ing devotional. Mr:- 1 .. J. R. Cooper : Pirn- 1 we're discussed on Sending lol'.l of the "Towels for Teens" pro- : "Bundle;; Fur Friendship to Euro- jet; I sponsored by the Ccriiicil of j c::an chil'.lrt n. Miss Kthridge clos- Church Women and told oi' the ' ed the meeting with prayer. plan; 1 lor the World Day of J'rayer. • — Jirs. O. C. Sutton gave nn inter- | j e tt B. Graves Class ies'.iim article "The Ar-iuslmcnt of i Enlsrtnintd Tuesday ! liv Women of Alaska". I Si The hostesses assisted by Mrs. i The ii,.-'iul)ers of tile Jett B. J ' Tom Purvis and Joy Purvis ser- ! Graves Sundav School Class of First Methodist church wore entertained Tuesday evening with n supper in the recreational rooms of the church. The Halloween motif was cleverly carried out in the U-shaped talle dccokatioiV:. Delicious refreshments were served to "0 bers. Mrs. Ralph Smith, president an Mrs. J. E. Cooper, teacher, pre- I sided over the business session. j The hostesses were: Mrs. Robert I Jones. Mrs. T, eland Warmack. ! Mrs. J. D. Bullock. Mrs. Hollis ! Luck. Mrs. Kdd Chambless. Oliver Mills, Mrs. Kssie Mrs. Arch Wylie and M Cook. " County Health Unit immunization clinic will An held at Spring Hill white school on October 11. 10-18. beginning at 1:30 p.m.. Smallpox vaccinations and typhoid imtnuni/.a- be given. Parents are to be present. mem- I <Vl>uierin ; nous \vil urged The Doctor Says: M.n. fan Mrs. Hiley. s. G. Here and There in Arkansas Gardenia Garden Club Meeting Held Wednesday Mrs. II. D. Franklin was hostess | to members of the Gardenia Gar- j I''ayetti-ville, Oct. (i —(/!'>—No one f.lcn Club Wednesday afternoon at will he turned away from the Uni- hf r home on South Main street with versity nf Arkansas' homecoming Mrs. C. C. Lev/is as co-hostess. By EDWIN P. JORDAN. | Some diseases run \\\ (or are definitely ; .ran«ini!tod from ! ferernt'on to generation. The?;' :MV }c;"'sod by ; ( real d •'"•'(•; in the ! gc mi plasm of the family involved. A'.-.ion.',' disea.-To i:i thi.; o.-i" ;>u- .'.•\cral condit'Ons of t'nc nerve us Village, Del. G — i.'Vi — The j ' ''p,,., of tnn , lic , ct ,-\tr;.or Ina: v cummty grand jury has ex-i ot such nervous conditions is d Police Chief Harvey V uel , known ils Fncclreich's ataxia. is a disease involvinfi the spinal cord primarily. The defect may be carried by either parent. It is sometimes hidden. that, is. the parents do tn.1 show active siyns of the disease although it is always present in the family. Fricdreich's ataxia starts in childhood, but sometimes is de- DOROTHY DIX Intelligence in Love Lake Ashley onerai' in 1V.. latal shooting of George Mil- ! which lor here Sept. 11. The jury report- 1 (d !• uel fired in self defense when Miller attacked him. tootball game with Southern Meth- Mrs. Koyce Weisenberger. presi- ndist Nov. 13 although all reserved j layecl until after the dent, presided over the business ression and Mrs. Steve Carrigan was elected vice president to fill the unexpirea term of Mrs. Glen Walker. Mrs. L. B. Toolcy introduced the guest speaker. Joe Youmans of Emmet who gave a lecture on Bulbs. After the lecture. Mr. You- eatp already have been sold. This was announced today by Ticket Manager Goldie .Tones, who s-nid bleacher seats still are available and that more bleachers will bo erected. She said a crowd of more than 20.000 could be handled. Mrs. Jones also announced that —FEATURES 2:51 - 4:54 - 6:58 - 9:21 inCkBrgS' / Sb§y;K yiiF^sx I p'^lf 1 ?! ii feS & d feiS is] Fa & 0 £3 15 LiitLlyt Feature Hit! Filmed in Ail "Hie' $j$fc JCARTOON • THE MOST HEART-WARMING PICTURE OF THEM ALL! >fi*Vivi-»"i'- l <f>Vj M Mj&if 5 viff v" v/iih the greatest animal star of all time! /v^mz. i ?/fe^~7 I ti Gayiord Pension » Claudia Drake /'v3At3T©€3§ ; ! \ an . A lovely array of beautiful fall felts ... in Autumn's own shades ... ihe seasons newest styles! Our Hsk line of ha Is, always offers the new an wearable' Black, broxvn grey and colors. ther Hats oy. ee wsth each FOR MILLINERY mans asked questions and present- j reserved seat tickets for the Bayed a bulb to the ones answering j ) O r «ame here Saturday and the lis 1 questions. The members ex- R lce ,,-,.„„(, .,, L j U ),> Rock next The members exchanged bulbs at the meeting. During the social hour, the hostesses served a delightful salad plate to twenty members and two guests, Mrs. R. V. Herndon. Sr. and Mrs. Ben Haynes of Houston, Texas. Rice month at available. Corning and Going Mrs. -C. I-I. Hefner of Atlanta, Texas is the houscguest of her son, Mr. and Mrs. Byron D. Hefner and ...mily. ! El Dorado. Oct. (1 —iJV-The Lion i Oil Co. announced today it has i signed contracts to spend $2,000.! OOU for additions to its chemical | plant. President T. N. Martin said Lion will construct a sulfuric acid plant and an ammonium sulfate plant and that wo.-k will begin within 30 days. These projects are in add'i- tion to trie $3,450,000 expansion of anhydrous ammonia facilitie Tn such cases, the victim know nothing about it until he or she has marrird and h children who are afflicted. A correspondent n.=ks: "V.'hy i? ! it that in their courting '.la'ys young lieople neve'r ask each other: "Ho i you love me intelligently. wilh i yuur mind and with your common i sense?" For intelligent love is the 'only love that brings any pe:ice i and happiness with it. It is ihc i <nly love that is u blessing and ; no! a curse to its recipient. And it I is the only love that lasts. ! To begin with, the man and \vo- | i man who love intelligently hrr-e . , used some discretion in what they I I set their affections upon. They j r.re not enamoured of a beautiful 1 lace or an athletic figure that have.' ! nothing behind them. Nor ai'e thtsy | swept "off (heir feet by • thi? ' thin veneer of the surface attraction oC ;;n agreeable personality which is apt to crack in the arid atmosphere | , '''i 'n.'-.t 'i i't/l<'m^ti«ty. ' fault-nnrn ! nlriybov and then, come tetrme an "et'down on her,knees rfKH God for her good prosai : People v."io love intelligently do • not make the mistake ot'thinkinjj ' (hat love is some mysteriously in, destructible thing thai nothing they ! fan, do will hurt, arid that once a \ iv.an or wonian care for you they j are bound to so on adoring! you to. i the f.nd of the chapter because they i can't 'm-lp thomselves. Far from it. Those who love wisely know that lit' you keen love alive you have to I cherish :H. They know that if you ric-glrct sii. it will inevitably die. Thnv-;knliw that it can be choked to death (or lack of liberty. That it. can be crushed by tyranny. That iTh-l ii can be wornout by nagging withers under perpetual* Personal Mention Miss and Effic L. D. Conway, Oct. 6— Hyatt, Charles Hyatt Springer, all of Hope, are includ- ,.i .11 tne membership of the Hen- i drix College Choristers this year. This B8 voice choral group is un- 1er the direction of J. Glenn Metcalf, associate professor of music. The Choristers will present several programs both at the college j and elsewhere during the year, of | th a capella and accompanied ! choral music. ! Mr. Hyatt, son of Mrs. Florence I Hyatt, of Hope, has also been selected tor ine 20 voice Henclrix hapel Choir, a traveling unit of the bigger Choristers. Miss Hyatt is I the daughter of Mrs. Florence Hyatt, and Mr. Springer is the I son of Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Sprin- | ger of Hope. i The new sulfuric acid plant will > Afflicted produce 300 Ions daily and the ammonium sult'ave plant will produce 3BO tons daily. Martin said tentative plans call for the plants to be completed by Starts Gradually At the beginning, the signs of this condition stall gradually. An awkwardness in walking and a tendency to stumble and fai 1 easily are characteristic. As the disease progresses, the unit becomes more irregular and el'.unsy. Staggering or reeling from side to side is common. In advanced cases irregular movements not subject to the control are frequently seen, and neck are likely to make nodding movements or spasms. Spinal curvature is common and jerky movements of the eyes are also frequent. . There is no satisfactory treatment for this malady. Its inherited nature gives the clue to •Is conquest: if those who are On the contrary, those who love intelligently use their brains as j well as their hearts. They know why (hey love and what qualities in a man or wonian appeal to them. They love not only youth i and beauty in women and men. but the things that stay when youth and beauty have fled — intelligence, wit. charm, sweetness, sympathy and understanding. Demand Impossible Perfection It. is the lack of intelligence in , love that precipitates the domes- of the will i tic tragedies that bring about so The bend ' much misery, all the heartburn- ings and jealousy are because most people love stupidly. They i love senselessly. That is svhy they | demand the impossible of each j other. That is why they expect i to be all-in-all to each other. Thai is why the wife expects to lake the ; place of her husband of his mo- (lier and father and sisters and Sensible love is what we should pray God for. instead of wasting our' prayers in asking for mad, wild, passionate, romantic love. 'Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) • Black diamond is the popular name of a dark mass of impure diamond whose technical name is, carbonate. ' — Tests Prove irarai He lief For Letdown' Sept. 1. 194-!. Congress authorized the Secretary of the Treasury to mint three-cent pieces during the war, but none was minted. Conway, October G—Robert Manney, student at Hendrix college, is a member of the Pre-Theology organization. This group which has a record enrollment trtis year of more than eighty members, is corn- posed of students who plan ministerial or other lull-time religious work. Mr. Manney is the son of Mrs. Anna G. Manney of Hope. Hospital Notes Branch Discharged: Mrs. Dale Rogers. Hope. Josephine Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Parker, Hope, announce the arrival of a daughter on Oct. (i, 1948. Admitted: Mrs. E. L. Cox, Hope. Mrs. Glenn Parker, Hope. or have if in the family | brothers and all of his old friends ' ' " " ' " and acquaintance},-, anil to furnis'i his every amusement"and interest 1 ; in life. The husband expects tho | on i same thing' of his wife, and it •so i simply can't be done. We all have j a thousand needs and it takes a ; thousand different people wilh dif- I ferent characteristics to supply I :them. , ,. ! The man . and woman who love i me I intelligently know this. They know that, there are'ninny varieties of do not have children, the disease will die out. There are other nervous conditions which are known to be an inherited basis. Most of these are fortunately rather rare and for this reason do not carry names which ar familiar except to nerve specialists. QUESTION: Please tell somrthine about iclhvosis. ANSWER: This is something j affection and that one does not called fish-skin disease. Heredity interfere with the other. They know is believed to be imuortant: the that the love 'that \ve' give our condition has been described in ' parents and our families and that is | which we give our mates are not at | the same, ..kind of. .afleclion. They i know that a man can admire a ! pretty girl a'n'cl still think his wife four generations. Treatment principally local and is aimed softening the skin. American antelope are extremely swift and have been paced by automobiles at 70 miles an hour. the greatest woman in the world. | They know that a woman can i enjoy an evening spent with a I Yes, this is good news for folks who want to regain-energy*. Better days will be yours, too. So why wait when there is no need to continually feel miserable when you should real!v enjoy, life again. An appetizing portion ''of SSS. Tonic before meals does wonders for the blood. This famous medicine geW at, the seat oi" the trouble, in nutri-' tionnl anemia, by building back the blood strength. Thus you*.; blood stream is better able to. release .en- ergy'and freshness tp-everygrruscle, fibre, cell. Soon you can tell pie difference in the way youf eel ami look.! SSS Tonic has helped hundreds of thousands of. people, without any organic, trouble or focal infection, to really feel better, rft&re vigorous, better able to enjoy living. Take none less than thiareffeCr tlvelj'-proved medicine to relieve' your misery. Take SSS to traild-up' your blood strength, whet the appe- tlte, tone-up your stomach. Get 838 Tonic from any Drug Store today, Take Only The Best Julia "Chester Admitted: U. J. Stoy, Rl. 4. Hope. . Discharged: Betty Walker, Hope. Mrs. L. E. Martindale, Dallas. Mrs. Hpllis T. Dixon and son, Thomas Gayle, Rt. 3, Hope. Copyright, I948, NEA SERVICE, INC Serialization of screenplay from a novef by Prosper Mcrimec THE STORY: Don Jose, young officer in a fashionable Spanish regiment, has just come to Seville from the countryside of Navarre. On his first day in the city, a gorgeous gypsy girl flirts with him, then disappears. Some days later he is on duty in the square with his friend. Andres, when he sees her again. Andres greets her warmly as Carmen, but her glances are all for Jose. Shortly afterwards, Carmen gets into a street brawl with another woman and knifes her. Jose, ordered to take her prisoner, lets her escape. As a result, he gets extra guard duly and is confined to barracks for liO days. On the last night of his extra duty, he is amazed to see Carmen attend a parly at the colonel's house. She turns his questions aside, hints he meet her at Lillas I'aslia's. But al the tavern Jose discovers a drunk and grieving Andres also waiting for Carmen. Disguistecl, he- suggests they both leave. Carmen is lurious. Smort New Arrivals I can feel .the silk—it is of the best quality." Carmen nodded. "Good!" 'Perhaps Garcia will be rescued from jail after all —and prosper—" ' Carmen shrugged. "Perhaps —or perhaps he will hang." She lifted her head to look at the old woman with bland interest. "Do you happen to see a nice hanging there?" "No, no hanging." "Too bad." "No hanging— only much, much 'love." The old woman turned another card. "Now —this is very odd!" "What is odd'.'" "One love—this one love is big- 'jer than al! the rest. Il makes the others nothing." CPmien's voice was still amused. "You're talking nonsense now, Auntie. There is no such thing j tor me as one love, except one at a time. That's for me—one at a •—• • | time!" •^ \ The old crone looked at her Carmen, the'gypsy, straight-' 11 "'" 11 " 11 »<•'' - sh; "'D black, shoe- backed and reckless, believed; 1 ' 11 """ eyes sunk in dirtily spotted, her future was locked within a j cl ' e P- v sk "V. a "<' . sald ' Nothmtf pack of greasy, dog-eared gypsy . can stop this. It is your fate. It carc j s | is written here. You are doing it - Carmen accepted the prophecy j yourst.If You are pulling it toward of the cards the mure readily be- j -\ 011 v '' ll!l invisible dark threads cause her fortune always came out I thutju'e stronger than you, Car- exnctly the same, no matter who i jn ^ n told it. The cards for Carmen.! <-.armen watched her. until that night, had only been! "~' as strong as hie itself! the filled with kive. From her first i ancient hag muttered, staring at memory of the cards turning wilh ' 1hc ' cards. " And :is strong as one bent blackened old wonian or ! c| ealh; another talking, it had always been the same. Her fortune had been filled with love, and her fortune had always come true. The crone turned the piece of With the word "death" a card dropped, and the old woman (rii'.vned, looking at it pu/.xled. There was a silence, until Carmen fish in the fat-filled frying pan. i .said, "What is it'.' It spit grease wtih angry violence. The old woman looked directly at Carmen. "It isn't Come in and visit us, and see the new merchandise that is :-Q'rriving daily.. Buy the things 'you'll need for now and later For the entire family.. . , We have a complete selection of these smart new fall dresses to select from, and many more arriving each day. Printed silk weaves, crepes, satins, novelties and others in new fail colors. Adorable tailored or dressy styles for every daytime occasion. Sizes 9 to 15 and 12 to 52. SHOP AT WEST BROS. Use Our Convenient Lay-Away Plan Select the merchandise you wr.nt now. A small deposit will hold any purchase. with—" far as f'm con- over "It's over as ct rued." The old crone muttered sell. "Something's in the night—I can feel it!" Carmen sat down and tapped (hi 1 surluce of the table. "Tell me what Ihe cards say." The old crone wiped the grease :• hands on her rags. "You are so sure he will come back—" Carmen lifted her head and stared at the old woman in amazement, then leaned back, stretching herself and laughing a c<.undent, la/y laugh. "He'll come" back.' He UAVS m the lool! The. old woman did not answer, but looked at Carmen briefly and jiiiyiuglv, and then looked away. "What is il'." Tiiy fortune teller slill did not nor move. Carmen sat up iiegiiiiiinu to 'jet frightened id-. 1 her angry. you s tj e there that !i';ok iil:e thai'.' An- She lea. with in.-r d t-'.ainbl th .s claspc-d ai loot iii-ld iii^h. -omforlably, i-i'. to her fortune ic's dirty i:la'.v: caivlully. and their;, .slie your card.s. foot waggled as she listene The old cri. tiie cards out she had studied "There's love in men—much love." Carmen nodded her head again, while her eye.-, us: ihc ceiling placidly confirmed tile old woman's words. "—and money—" The foot v.',,!. 1 ,-led. happily ac- jluig tiiis inlorni£itioii. '—and a iiuc new drc-sb uf silk. M.;wly '•,:•> fear m 'What do n.i.kes yu'i ."..'ei me!" 'i he old gypsy came o"er to Cai men's side, drawn by the U 1 !-.;-i<i,. Carmen rose slowly. and suddenly moved to the table *o look at the card;;. Her eyes widened at what she saw. When she I s.vfke. ilie (rii-d lu sound derisive, j "That iMi't my fortune." "The fat's in tile fire all right, j ju.-.l as I said." j "Thai isn't my fortune, I u-11 j .'.•'•'i' 1 didn't cut tin' cards—" i S.ic rv.vpl the pack from the ; lab!,- wilh :l.••!,'. 01 I" "Thai w .v:.-,. I UM: :;.•". el 1 did." Tin-.li suddenly >lie became calm and turned placidly, smoothing dd.'.'ii her skirts. She tin u;>,ged her We are proud of our grand stock of ladies coats for fall and winter. New Colors! New Styles! and New Fabrics! When you see these you'll agree that they are truly "Coat Favorites for Fall." irluiH'. Anvin cards, "l © New Merchandise For All fhe Family Arriving Daily « all ha\ actuall.', \- to now pi, die—" imagine killed by nice love." she the way (Tu Be CunUniiL-dj 'THE HOME OF GOOD VALUES" Old McRoe Hdwre. Bldg. Second and Maio Hope 4 "& •I"

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