Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 6, 1948 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1948
Page 6
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t* Page Six HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS U. S. Aid Saved Compbse^SympRony in Institution Turks, Gree Trym Washington, Oct. 5 -•<•!'!— JVf.si- i dent Truman said today too Amor- Ifft lean aid pro/,'rnni designed to ' W block threat to it., independence," and i t Wfe ; pf; Turkey has gradimilv strengdt- « "$*&->i§& enc-d and modernized .ill bi anc'li;::; ' " ''••'''•' ; " of its n.'iiitaiy establishment, an i ;= i presidential report to Coiu'.ress 1 '-& \v^-.i. said. !-:R *--'^'-" T , i t! : ViJ It spoke m th-: most o{i!im::-:(ic tones yet used by tc,) administrative officials of the chances for an cariy end lo the j 7 ;ucnila war/are 1:1 Greece. In a letter Iransmilling the lengthy and detailed report of the Greek-Turkish program, Mr. Truman declared: "The conspicuous success of this j program in enabling the people ' cil urecce to meet Uic military and economic crisis which conirontecl them, and in supporting tile Turkish determination to remain independent in the lac;:- o; eternal! pressure ' Cantiy lOwuiu s;,ioiu/,,n;', in.s si.ru-| ^K-x^K;,^^, teie i the main report gr.ess ,was told: "Although internal security has not yet been fully restored, the Greek: forces have been provided the means of carrying the i;uenlla campaign to a success/ill conclusion, and the outlook lor the early reduction of this problem to po- , lice proportions is promising :-: x :;. | — "Although American aid has en-j .abled .Greece lo pass successfully through the crisis, a difficult Struggle still lies ahc-ad before Greek security is assured and the Greek economy becomes .self-sustaining. To achieve these Objectives will require continued unity, confidence, and !U:lf-t;acrifice on the part of the people of Greece. "Remaining poe.keis of guerilla resistance must be lk.;nidalod, and residual pioblcm; Proposed Act ir.dii.or';--. note: Throe eons.U- Intio.'i.'il .•iiii(,'jidr;iciil,s and four initialed act:- vill be je-e,;. m.ed 1.0 Arkansas voter.- ior their co.i..ir;."i;,;.,(.n ;,t 'he g"m.'ral cleetiiai in Movernber. This is the sixi.ii in a sine:; of articles pi "pared to ."ive trie purposes o£ the pi opo:;;j'.;. t E'y BOB BROWN Little Hock, Ort .hird initiated act r/e ..... I in November is designed to take Thursday, October 7 I vV.C.'l.U. will moot at H p.m. at nolia A & M \vas the ::uesl of his the home of Mrs. Jesse Crow. parents last weekend. Mr .and Mrs. Arnold Holder had Friday. October 8 Group Conference of the Women \>! Uiiachua 1'resoytery of Hie Pte.s- rViatvern. ^ \Vomen of ilu; Church U. S. of the l'i .-.snyLer.'an church met Monday at l;:.;i) p.m. in the home oj Mr;. Noi man WhitaUer tjr. with Air.-,-. U. 12. Haruey co-hostess. 'Jne pre.sidoiil, Mrs. S. O. Logan caii- d uie niceiiny to order with The secretary, Mis. Alien Wedncsdny. Gcfofjcr 6, 1948 Mass Arkansas of 19461s Proud Mother Memphis, Tenn.. Oct. —(UP )Mrs. Allen .Stacy of Crenshaw iViiss.. "Miss Arkansas 1!)4G," 01 B! v-tlieville, and her seven pound, Washington. Oct. o. — (UP—The m ounce girl were doing nicely to- as v.veiu.-nd yuest. their son Wald- -'tale Uepiirtmenl. irked at the Iday 'at Huplisi'ho:pital. n;n wi.'O attends Stale A & M Col- /!i-owiii.'- resirietions on American ,',.„. t -..,,..,' :'. n ~ ,-,,'. k-j.;e at Magnolia. u.plomats in Kuss;a. is consiclerinu ., i .",\^ °.V .^.^J'H l f '., ••''-''--'" '- irlt " .r HIUHL ;;;/-.:;;;i ;:.-ime lime give the Republican ' : fe';l ; party a larger part in conducting ': { i \ Meiu'ral elections. ry, treasurer gave a financial xwes Lives 19 Miami, Fla.. Oct. ,"> — CUP) — Nineteen homeward bound Puerto Ricans and three air crew mem- Informed, sources said today that Uns government, as a result ol the latesl tiavel curbs on American oiiicials in Moscow, may: 1. Order Soviet Ambassador Alexander S. Panyushl.in and his some experts believe "retaliation'' ,s the only language Russia understands. The new Soviet travel roslric- ander S. Panvushi.in and his Ti- . J ne new ^ovici uavei lesiric- ir.an statf to' confine their j llovc .Hions were interpreted here as pos- mcnts ;o the chy of Washington. f' oly duo ; r . in 'V"'V ° B cll ^ ] world 2. Order (ho Ti-msn Sovie! rifir.. tension, .flip last time Russia is-. Order Hie 77-man Soviet ,,^.,,- gation normally stationed at the United Nations headquarters to stay inside the Metropolitan New : ,. means and inree air crew mem- stav inside n.portK ot cause secretaries and bers today owed their lives to a I York Area oil leers we re filed. On j dai in" pilot who belly-landed a iJC-| The State Department disclosed LJCL. l(i. tlllMT 1 will 1m . J . n:i v-.ri .i I ('• rT nl:im> nil 'i ^lri,i t,f 13., , i.... .!.,,. U.. : .. i .. . , sued overall travel restrictions was in May, I!)-! I just before she got into World War 11. The rcstricl.ons also .,-, , ''If 1 3~ 1- fl -'in '-' '1 1 " f I 1 I'fl \/ 1- '• r>- % c.-/ ,!•/-. r'l * ' ' " ' ' ~ ' " ^' i v.^, . v_* I 1 I ... t. . ' . . ^, IJ • "J - n .. \J >J V i i , 1 II I n. n. V.I n J Jl by' u'"! 1 ^; li,", , ,, rlv *,m\ ", i M "" fli ;>'-, °° L V' lhul- ° wil1 ^e 13 passenfter plane on a strip of Ba• vvnmn h'' ^ " b a, d" of elecl ^ ;i " Hi ; iy , SlUdy of lhc Home jhamas beach narrower than the 95! cornn''isionen; as well as ^ho ^^"tt.. .^._9i' r ° TWJ1 P O1J1 ' I»"l "-ingsprcad «f M* stricken craft. Richard U. Olivcrc, 23-year-old | i piiut of the chartered plane, called [commissioners as well as j method ol naming county election j bur; ds—placing ino.-.;l of Ihe re- jjpofiMbihty ior conducting general j'-leclioriK on leaders of the two major parlies. Gsro Colib, stale Republican ; 1 chairman, ---aid Ihe act "is not a Step" at the church. ill be .served. Luncheon At the close of the- business session Mrs. ,1. I. McCartney, circle chairman. conducted th;; circle business meeting after which she ciileci Mrs. T. 10. Logan, pro-.-- .. ,.. n chairman for Ihe afternoon. , ... answer to all election ; The Bible study topic was "The problem.-; but is a courageous stop i Messages of the Prophets During •"' <; u ' - l: •••-•-•• 'and Alter the Exile". The ladies During a successful year-long fight against alcoholic madness, Ernest Salisbury, center, 20, wrote n symphony which the Delioit Symphony Orchestra, under Dr. Vnlter Poole, left, will play. Salisbury was confined in the Wayne County Genera! Hospital, Kloise, Mich., and wrote his music with the help of Dr, Ira M. All'schulcr, rifjht, chief psychiatrist. j in tile right direclion.'' 1 A !iX>i Anxious to prove to Arkansas • i ' SSIKi " 1 '-' Mrs. Logan were: Mrs iX'iiiocial-j thai the act is not ' J "'" l ' ji:ln <^< Mrs. Allen Gee Sr -'.imply a wedge toward a t" - o- iv!l '" i Vernon Buchanan, Mr: Marly' system In Ihe stale, Co'bb J '-'"'>• Moore. Mrs. Mary Monde-dared (hat icadinu Deinoft-afs koniLry. Mrs. J. I. McCartncj in t'ne pre- the amazing landin,-, ... ...^ dawn darkness "just routine." Coast guard planes brought (he 23 persons here last night from tiny Hainos Key, whore they wailed 17 hours for rescuers after Oliv- ore sel Hie plane down nearly oul of fuel. Not one sutiered so much as a scratch. The Puerto Ricans. waiters and farmers returning home from New iversary of Events Which Eventually Led to Downfall i (p secretary of state and the state oru'limn of the- Republican and Democratic parties. At the present time liie board is composed of all eoiistiliilio.ial officers—wilh party 3y DoWITT MACKENZIE residual nolilic->] -n-l io, i,nr--d ' . l-oreign Affairs Analyst fi om Maneiniria (m felrieirv I" .t v, oiviu Hi jMJllLJLc'i till,.! j U i U 1. L <11 i [' h • i c; (Vw- •• i v i • 11 ir » •" lllil> -'' 1 ii'<». v.^ii i. t. U . U 111 V ! n. cm.-; ol: the coniliet musi be Lr 'V ,':,,.,, anniversary , 1J.,2, Manc-hnria was r.i oclaimed d in the spirit of broad states- , '',, ^ 1"L d ," C L.^. ™±"? h in«u-l U n independent nation (Manehn- |ory eaj>acity only. The- new act further Tiic Prcsco'i.1 Musical Coterie will siionsor its first artist series for UK: year on Tuesday. Oct. 10 when UK- lirsi performance will bo given in the High School auditorium. U will be a vocal concert by the well-known baritone, Mar- ich Russia is rapidly ; JC- known to be under consideration would represent an entirely ..... approach to Soviet diplomatic relations. Since the war. American officials in Moscow have complained repeatedly of travel, customs and housing restriclions im- 1 posed upon (hern. But lime after ' time the State Department rejected any idea ot "retaliation." Some informants believe, however. that the latest Soviet travel Prompt'y relieves coughs of York, hoped to charter another will prove to be the j Under the plan the stale election [ ; ; ^.~ ^ ar ° c " ™™ *™?» )oard would be composed of the iiULcnj.iemb.--, ^ piesent ency landing "was a marvelous Durham estimated that the strip I cf beach was only T.5 teet wide, '2li feel narrower ihan the winpspi-ead of the DC-3. On one side was the sea and on the other a jag-'ed coral ledge. It was such a tight fit that one wing of the plane tipped into the j water when the crail grounded to; after sliding JliUU leel on its ; was started in th . ;,„,, 1947. Congress has appiopr:aied a \v'7 ' 1 ' . e a total of $625.{>0<).UtiO for Greece and I Turkey together, exclusive ol heip they receive under the .European Recovery Program. This amount is to cover the period until next. June 30. The American nickel is usually 75 per cent copper and 25 per cent nickle. • su '- mlR ' i ' of iiggr.^sJuns culminating "in World aValc! 1 \v-hi ( ;h U v!':as 1 'i'.Tfaf:l l 'a'' with "Pu Yi complelely con the League of Nalions commission, headed by Britain's Lord Lyllon, presented its explosive report on Japanese aggression in Manchuria. Failure to act promptly and adequately on that report sent history off on an unhappy tangent. The FAST RIHIEP II \vns on October 1932, thai w.viirij-aw; 1110 new ^acl further provides | Tickets for Ihe three concerts WL "- c ' r when the crail grounded to oclaimed ,:ni;;sh;ners shall be composed ol ; and may be purchased Irom an\"! °°J: 1 j>.' in the s ' llu - 1 i iVtancnu- | the county chairmen ol the Iwo ! member ol UK: Prescolt Musical Co- Olivcre said he was hearting for hls ner; .cor.-niy board. in f.ir:i. s(-!ects ; .j^.e'i: children's UckeTs will be ! PL ' /Jrt(:i P>i< -' u . v.'heir lit: reali/ed a p;ipp'-; |t,cl/;es and clerks for each voting ' ,>I..jJ. shortly alter n.idniL'ht yesterday t : '••-•-' ,J «- ' • i < i » • • ' i ' '.4 • j •• t \_ v, ii : '„ L . ^liti! L.l^ U *.J t IJlUXlLHS oy lokyo. Thus the situation j judges and one clerk shall be was rendered in October. The report was two-fisted. called the turn on Jap a Harvey Mauldin, a member of county board representing the r riajoiity parly and one judge and that his plane had drifted fnr off one clerk by the member rep- i..iuiuo me torn on jap aggression, ,001. i.-ieii. uy ine momijei and blunlly labeled Manchukuo as I rese-nting the minority party, a puppet state. The marbh; pak'ce At j)resenl ail three members of on the shore of Lake Geneva'fair!', ''" ''" '---'- Onu whiff to cnso cough, clwat „,, liRhlnoBB, munclo \ M r n t c v o « sorcnoaa.Soeirocfivo. PEtSaClHO board are named by the vard, and the lietail mer- I '"1 rnade a pass at Die beach anc and Grocers Committee a ! c "'oppecl flares..They didn't work roup. And this fact ar bond Thursday evening at Mrs. Archie Johnson cniertain but wouldn't want a reweal per- Hope, -was awarded by the Prcs- ' cou)c ' reach Nassan. Oli\'ere said coll ^Charnbor of Commerce °'"' h " n,>,,i,i,,,i ., ,-.. , ,:.. . I i half of the officers, members so he decided lo try the landing! "Wo were fortunate," he said. ;-•-•-•• ri -.Vv. ... > 11> 11vn i ..i m i\_i i j v, ,-,1; 1,1 [i- i u 1.1 L j |<_) ij it o i -(.' 1.1 L i.\ 1 1 s\V f ' l >I ;i rjii; i < ' * L * o i.».i n_: ijtJ L I i n jtions resulted in an agreement on j stuck to her gnus -- lilprallv — ' ' las l:ioen caught squarely in the ] December 10 thai hostilities should and finally 'withdrew' f<>>-mally ' l; ' iflt " c —gent rally resoi tiiig to the cease forthwith and thai Japan from thu league. She "did it with j '' ;l;;y '' vny oul lj >' Ki™>!> tbe Reptib- should withdraw irom Manchuria indignation on her tongue but wilh !;c; '"- s lin '-' memljer and ietling the a.;; soon as possi'ole. The Lyllon guile m hrr in-arl. ior she va-: Democratic nominees in a county commis'iion \vas set up to investi- bent on still further ag:Messio:i to sc ' lr ' ! ' 1 UK- othc'rs. gale and report on circumstances, inako herself ruler of 'a" L're'at'T However, as was the case two -- - Kast Asia. '"' ' " year.-; ago when many G-f's on- f* \ . N Come in toclav and svordrobr \->iih i',ti.-...- ARROW c ,r: iri; . We ( , ur f a || ^hirt ENKO oncl elected y,me quality broadclo Collor-sivk, r, vviae spieod o.nii ARRO'W if* r K K r,«> «tj»i f SHIR 1 iui (jU j -.-non t reollv i.. cr-,(.-f/-.. ir,m . . i ila -. j op in strip, s, solids and while c -,d ilaiier oil. Short point nnkd' collar-;,, ENRO 0.65 to Q.95 to , 95 THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS ne-an to srlUe on the 1)OKe , ; '• ' > ;f '" tll ' ms League of Nations. An ambitio,,, Mussolini noli.d Ihe trend. If Jaji/ni could gel away so could lie. year.-; ago when many G-f's opposed regular Democrats as inde- cries 01 discrimination. Nearly afl members of the present 'stale board—although realising the po- 1 litical benefits derived from A ,.,,,.. es erve rom ie AccordniHly the dictator selected | po,t— have openly hoped for some ' l '" ;i ::: ' ' ' ' r h c ,- i, ' " i. ,--, ' ' '" J) v-'iUioul cle- s - u e,- W ' U ,'i '"' i - SU<rlcd '"•' filaufjnler with modern v.'eapons and •>,;•.•;. Kmperor ilaile Si lassir- resisted as well as he ceuld -.villi to oasc oul the pressure which K oos \vitii the J" 1 '- Tl''s act may be the answer. P bGC cd with a birlhday part". Satur- formance." She ijrassed liie passen ti.iy afternoon at ,'i:.'JO at her home i Sers. who remained calm durin;' honoring h.-r son, Master Gil Joliiv-i lhc landing and rescue openuions, son who was celebrating his sec- caring for the guests by Mrs. Clarence Gordon Jr., Mrs" Harold Parker and the honoree's maternal | grandmother, Mrs. Gil Buchanan. ' 'Jake and ice cream were served to 15 little guests who also received favors of horns, whistles and Jack O'lantcrns. Mrs. Ed ETriaro^ Little Rock v *$ ly ''^^C^ spent, the weekend in Prescolt with '- - - ^ IU!> "J relatives and friends. Brother Hesterly. student at Henderson College, Arkadelphia. spent the weekend here wilh his mother. Mrs. Thomas Heslerly and Th ° son Jimmy have returned to the! iin^lhe Little Hock area] : 'llie bank's monthly business r '•>'icw predieled that pres-nt i oo-I • . diomic levels in the district would j Otiio Hesterly lias resumed his I he maintained or possibly e\ 1 studies at Oua'clnla College alter I'-'i-edi;!! ior tlie remainder of Ihe . a \-j.sit with his parents;, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Johnston and son, - backed „„. ^... r , Crosby and headed by his brother Larr,\—finally is moving mil of the laboratory and onto the nation's counters. Five Crosby-sponsored inventions will be on department and drug store shelves lor the Chrisl- ma.s trade. They are: f. A better mousetrap. ~. A new line of tricycles, made in sidecar, tandem or chairot disclosed for the he guests lor several days o[ hei _,.isU-r, Mrs. C. F. I'iHman. Mrs. ' ''''-I'd mued in increase, allhom.'h j .loi'.nston \vas joined on Satnrda\ ''arm eiiipioynivnl fell oil'. Maim- by Mr. Ji;hnsUni who was cnrouie A ', 1 ,!i' : lav-luring nil a still hinln-r |jaee ar.d home irom N--W York City ; J '"' m;u ' "lousetrap, mane ol •"n: iriirtion was al its normal in-;-:- ' lalummum and guaianleed In hold ••'•rdi-.inn. '" H.-niiy Carri,T.;ioii has i-otiini-d to ' '!. ! 1 ,' IHISL ' b " 1 U '""' 1 '"• il "' 1 ' l ' v '' !l •' li-iild'.n-.', lien-nils tlecliiu-d sham i M-intieellu A *!.- M C'olleL'e at '\lonti- i:hll;l K unwary lingers, will relail My. !.owe\-er. the reporl s.a.id, but i L e! lo ap.er :-:pendiin.: the week end:' 0 ' •'"' fents. A <(ti;,rter of a mii- ' i- 1 Hints tor dweilin::.; did ;;hi,v,- ' v.'ith his motirr. 'Mrs. .Josephine i -I"" have already been sold lu a ! increases at Little Hock and 1 ,un. • ' Carrina.titn and his grandparents I'-hicago drug linn. piiie, :il!l.nii:-,h most i.ilier i-ni,--; i Mr. and Mrs. I!. B. Hardy -'> mad-ordor house has ord./refi '•-•:r< re need declines, I ' :^lli(),(lll(l worth ot the new tricycles i tad sales continued their n->- I Mr. and Mrs. John McHae spent •'.'"' Uvo - '^'^y wl " retail (or about riind the door.-; o!' UK- Crosby . Foundation since the end ol. the oy .- -Ill-cent "loot mmi". a ij;.g- iiipe fur children, it's a !!itie-iike :divice operated by a toy balr.i.in. r l'iie brea' i; •: leiil r.d./ei' roe.-- on !be iuarl-:e! liiis \Vi.-i- 1 ;. n; !•!•! s; ( ,ies east of Te.<:<.: anil will '.••-.• in :-n,ies \\e.-.| ot Texas ijv November It i ee. Is SI. Firs! insta'latinn;. of ihe n.ntMi-- i:-:-'d Illinr. cab.i.el v d! be ie ih- aireralt and oir.er eon ,|j:e;:es i).'. ned bv I lov.-ard llindie.- Th- : 1-'.U! and e-vmt .-.i.-UK'iati.:::.-: ;,!,o U re in! ere: leu. sa '.':-' (. :'i is: i\' "THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS' I In fro So!cl5eir Near Wo fie si imme or i", i n an anlomo Bonkfjig Head Quits Post- foi- Another Job can fit you in !otany"5i h// :yle-mort tm m m m P li Come in today and chonsc thai- smart new f-'nll suit from our complete stock of Botany "500" Style-Mort and Clipper Craft. Single breasted, double breasted, in t\vecds, <jabarciines worsteds. Make- our store your headquarters for your suit needs. From grand'pop i 0 junior they all come lo us for the best in suits. HATS 7.50 17.50 J tO I &a II. 95 to 1.50 THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS

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