Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 6, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1948
Page 3
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ncsday, OcCobcr 6, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Pago Three "Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. ,. October 7 i Hope Chapter No. 3!:S. O.E.3. neol at 7:30 Thursday nifht \ M;isonic ]In!l. All members 5 nolc tile change of I'me. iTKe Kids Will Jump for Joy : Hcmpstead County C.la.::;- | , >V( -IV-'.,•','„( 'J'l.'ucnie s Association will jilt 'i o'cloe!-; Thursday n;;;nt, Or 7 a I 111:.: Lilevins Crft.de All teachers arc ura\.d lo '"-unt. ( ;. E. L. Archer. Jr. and I\Ir;--. j i (jiii'dner will meet with \| lie Seoul Troo|j No. 4 for its Reeling of the year Thursday ischool. The meetiny will bo •it the Biooliwood School and brnbors are iirged to bi; ines- hing and Going Umd Mrs. Jesse li. Pichavcl jvsjsday morniny for Jloobs. Mexico to maKe. their home. ; and Mrs. J. W. Strickland By EDV/iN P. JORDAN, M,D. V.'ritlsn for NEA Service Immunity and resistance—woios wliieh are i;:,cd as menn.in^ 'h i saint ihimv in this discussajii- :jre of two main kinds. One i: <.-,•''lec( uaHii'al imm'.-'nity and the o-iiev ,ici|Uireci immunity. Natural to resist infection. l''or exam) Ii T, 1 , 1 \ human IHMI.-'.S are susceptible to j :i disease called typhoid lever but i d:);,'s arc ratuially immune: lit i are reslstaid to diptheria' and people arc not. -1 oi vie people arc more resistant A iinoieic.eiiii nt ol ilv reiurn lo the j '° certain diseases than otiiers. In Communiques united States lor subsequent dis- !osl rrotlern city dwellers measles is a I'ihrd disease. When, however attacl'.s primitive people not been exposed to it . . . . . . re-side in liope. \\-jo inane here i be Lore, it can cause terrible tp. ri't'.'iiily b.v Colonel Preston P. demies with a high rale of death ' Individual people also vary in whore.-Corporal Sprin;;:; was asv.i.s.'.n- | Two Kinds of Immunity cd lurj.kit.v with lle..i l<(ua.rters and [ Acquired immunity is the 1 ind iJLise Service Siiiuutron. iiulh Air of resistance to disease which .service Group as ;.-;i Jnve.'.ui.sialor develops ciurin- life 1 . This is di- \vitii ihe I'rovost IXIarsiud's ollicc. vided into iwo kinds, the first bo- Dallas a ft ei ll.ive returned | Corporal Springs eni-.'rcd .service I '"S called active accjuired immu- ' at 1'uil Lewis, J \Vasi,in.'i'.on on ' niiy. Active ticciuired immuniU l'-iov. Ui. i!)-!-; ;;::d wa-. movi-i to I he | <•'•"'" lx? huilt up by having a dis- Paeifie Thea.re ui' Operetioi,.; on case and recovering—as happens ; and Mrs, Alva William:; and pobbie, have: returned from i Worth, whore they visited ison who is aitendn;;: T.C.U. .*,Vid Mrs. Hub'M-t Elliot were ('.; in Hope Wednesday, en- i to thoir home in Kussell- i Arkansas alter a vacation in Texas. an Ol cur by stimulating the body to build up a resistance by artificial assigned io fnc l-'iiih Air Fo/ce. tho I means. This is done by giving all people arc susceptible out nily reassigned in Hie Itiuni Air j to small pox unless they have been I.'orce Jji'.se. ^ near the iiKlu.-'.trH-.! j made immune by vaccination, center oi Osaka, on the li:em Japa-l oinallpox vaccination |)roduces ; iu.se home island ol Honshu. active acquired immunity. ( course, there are other diseases New Orleans —Everett ".!. Pick- ! fur which vaccines are available. erine.. e:-:-aviation mac), .list's mate.'j lit some cases it is posiblc to first ciass. U.SN, of u! ; n Gibbs j build up the resistance temporari- tive... Ai.imerbi. CaTI., has bee:) ; iy. Tni.s is called passive acquired sent, the D:s'.hi.',u:sh'.'d Fiyinf- • irmnuniiy. Sometimes it can be Cros. Air medal antl s-.iiid stars in i dene by injecting a serum ob- hr Tir^-,'?M n , s 'A W M OM '" Bl rccu , rrll '' E al " !icu of sec.je.d a.id Herd Air n.ed-I tainecl from another person who wHhout ?U's TffijSACo^wi^h i aK 1:i ' :luil Kav;ii Di ^'- i '- 1 head-.hns had the particular disease and 'thru the blood to rc-icli bronchfal Q'lariers announced he", e today. i recovered. Il may be done by us- er f* IS DOROTHY DIX IS DfiCS V R *t k--r a *t».n y By I-RANK L. WHITE i f :• U IV. ar Miss IV.\: My husbai,;i aru ! h.ive hei-n man led ilui iy-five i \ . .'; s and have hvt-d v -rv eoii- !' ntc.-liy ier;eihe;-. \V" li.ese (nut i:at 1 child; i n. all ot v-. hum a' e ;n.dried and havi families <if then <.\vn. Aboui a ve.ir as;o e.;s huM>:i:.il uch !i, tier |>ayim; ,?<>!> lit.ii: K ' c' v '''' ll;1:; ;i -<" U'ioie. ;;n(l ne ''''•' ll ' (! '" l ',. ! '-"' another u om.:.'> an,! a '^"iic. ' am sitmued and ticwddcre.i a:-,.; nuts — and occupation orders ...... | cannot believe lhat he will :'.o m. eer allowed correspiiiuienl to j iltroue.h with il. !!.• ctlvi s me vei y iinbiis ai!an;;ed 1'or .I, spans in.-i:unai n.-wsp.r.ier v.cek. i The "mpcror opened his "press j ci.mcicnce" by shakuu; hands wi'e. | ' A " i Ovs coi respondent. Court attend- i I'.iey su-ifli. iv'y deckle that they .lav- lailen <Ait of love with their .anh'ui ch! wives ;,nd in love with ; ; :;iie auvcnteress \vlio is playing '.hem ii.'j' s.icie-rs. Bcituisixl by Fljttcry j.y^. ,_ Vv -j 1; ; c ;; u , n , ;in j s pleased .,,..( ;j a -sered ;1 t hoiut; told how , u ..,^ ., ;Ki ii ar;v ( sonu! ' hc is anc ( what, a <trv;l ne is amt.nj; the ;:uiii. s. so ho iiiifi:; out his chest and poses ;: : , a };;iy Lothnrio. He had ' da! lie was done with ro- . ! ialk wit'.i Hiruhilo in liis previous ! hide money as lie say.; Is,' \van ,!'. I P.V.H.;- and iove-makirif; and here is lours around Japan. I >'•' spend it on the <itiier woman. lj i woman who is so fascinated by ' ! ;inl ilot l''""^ 1 - 1 fo1 ' an . v kl1 "' 1 "ilium lh>i! she simply is throwing lv '" rk l ' xre ! >l lllll:si ' V01 ' k ;1;K| ! *' : > iicrscK ai hi.s head, so hc is hell- 'Ho! knew I'.ow I could supixirl n,y- bent on swappin,; tile old \vi£c for I : and Mrs. Harry Ilaker I . ... . _ of ii lungs. Usually helps nature (;iiirklj Dei MliNDACO frorn" driK'-:'i"t. Satis- i v -' li: '- ! ' accon ipti .or money b;vcl; (jtiarantc-cd. | cvi':;mi.,:-:;. d rie,;,: ism and e-;ir-e,: m.. nt" as a pi.u 1 ': i' ', - o I '-'••;:•-,. i i -, 11 \ ....._.... .... _. ... _ . Secrvta.rv John : in" a serum or antitoxin obtained u , tilal lU ,,, sn - t lnsL Pretty is eclebratini; its eenteiiukil anniversary. .Ureelin.n from its worldwide oruimi/.atiein v.'hich serves almost every Japanese newspaper." "Ah. so." tlie emperor aeknowl- ! cdt;ed even before the interpreter re laved tho words. -I hope your imerest in uewspa- caUy u]R , j;( wh . ch Uu , wi(o s Wild| v.^VVruY jiun "Tel hWYavc'hls" ...iit that his o!d where we are very crowc.ed. | 1)olu .. v - (in -t iio lnc p aco , IU ) r his Do you think I .should ; itve niy j pocke-tbooic stand the drains that :o!.i-di:;t;er is putting on il he might change his m-.ti.i'.' | it. He misses his" wife's s,'ood cook- UNHAPPY VvlF!-: i ;u:, and the care she look of him. Answer: Your case is emphati-. i ,-nd it' .--lie has liacl the patience to illy one in which the wife snould j v.'.i.l ami just let him have his" >l;;y a waiiine, yume. (or there j flint;, he w;it come back lo home .s evei-y chance taal the husband | ..uut Mother. French kids, who receive (his new hobbyhorse for Christina!*, will j jump for joy—they'll jump, nnywr-y. A slrniv.: spring gives an added bounce. The toy was exhibited at Paris' annual Lcptine competition, where 500 inventors showed their latest creations. (Photo by NEA-Acme staff-correspondent Iletic Henry.) t " f * i\yssioii Minister rsoces UHP in Books With- Denial That x»B-,.'5,il! ;rantcd them under the new ccnstilution." I continued. And the favorite exjiri so.' 1'hen Hi. farewell. There was no opporlun ity to ask any i|uestions. There was ii jam of people around the emperor and the empress: once in a while, an aide reached over the emperor's shoulder and wiped his ' pcispirhu; brow with a silk handkerchief. At the doorway of ihe store 1 . Yoshio Malsuoka of Associated Press ( stepped forward and asked what ! Hiroliilo thoim'Vil of the exhibit. I "Well. . . .The newspaper exhib- | it. il is very well done." he said. --• -; - — j Tlu.n anies rushed the emperor pule was y.nv'.iuli'jss. "as il doesjaway to tiie cries of "Ban/.ai" from not fall within the scope of the s:j- crowds .,11 the street. . with w!in;;i you have lived amicably earnest advice to you your husband a cli- 'i " I continued ul .»•"••> "•» > "- "'"" ""' ' is net to mve your husband a ch- '-nip.- 1 ,, -e, lied with his «;vman and come back to you. In vo , co . ].;,„, „, ease you do. don't xni -sion "Ah o• "hN : \" P>-',babil,ty he is jus f;o;nt; ,,.,.. , hft , V ou have no way of mak- x. sum, An. .,o. AH. !(hun , sh , h bram;no rm that | so , m ;, ;| )iv | n ,,_ Y ou have one of the roliito shook hands in m;u ' y " u " havl ' at lus a:; °' WllLM : »tst trades in Ihe world and one '^-?^,??" ll-.* fe S ii i ii ii By DnWITT MacKENZIE AP Foreign Aifairs An.ilyat :e;-i!i.-;nei,i citation:.; ! ti'om some animal such as a horse The loiig-suHerim; United Na-jcurity couiicil." So in older to! Ih' 1 awards, i or sheep which has been previous-| lions Security Council yesterday I clinch his avi.'.vmonl he cooly ; • ' fin "T'ei;-- i ly made immune. Scrums of this ;hearcl an argument in Paris to: caused tiie bliic-.e.de to Vi-.nish w un i a.';- 1 achieve- : type are Used in such diseases asjend -ill arsvuiTitnis w!-,i-p, Soviet j a w e,'e OL his hand. i '— with j dii/iiiena. I Deputy Foreign Minister Vishinskv , -re , rl-'oec- ' '.. ,. . i . .-,..- , -., .,-- ii - M'.[,i.i_. .Oi ! ODAY — THURSDAY -i FEATURES | >:3G - 4:33 - 6:52 - S:".'j duriir; Ion..;-| jtoek tho floor and. v.'ith ii perteclly j ,.ii"(i lhal''h' ;«..-'-'".'!-,,', ^V-j' \,,~ ,.-,'n: f n° W™ ° S .• o'er hj.st'.le! Not;:: Dr. Jordan is unable ! straight facie, dechired that there is- i i",-, 1 \\ v -'"i'5i" Four' cere -'if'of f'or--i'"'i ^<x r '~'i> 11 '"" 5' J1 8 ". T?^ C i'ae.ili.: froi',i':to answer individual questions j no Soviet blockade of Berlin. --ruiii-'-tr-''- 1 ']'h : '': in ; '-; turn \ " 'in-i l »^»'"ErS is BlUfetv; - 1J "! ll - M ," ' Juj ' 1 '. "':'-'• ,. ; liom reaciers. However, each day | A few members of the council .other' asioiushin.''''prop^-al hi"vi'ew i „ /r> « A .veii-r;,,! ,.i .,:--: y. ars ^av.djue will answer one ol the .most; sniilcd w , yly av lhe ; ., i(Uil . ltv l)r i of ,, R , f .,, :i lh ., t , h mimi . n u; - m,- j f--r», SJ/liVC soi-cice. e! whicn -•> mesons was treuuemly asked questions m lns|i. h i s claim. Mr. Vishinsky has aieh'.i inini:",.. 1 . s ha; Ion" l)een rc-n- ^-^ wV S "Jl V ^ ->!"--'' L ';y'- L ' ; 'v ., 1>: - : -i i : ! ' 1 ^ ;•;. ,'die column. j very a^ile mind, as belils theldered impot 1 . nl l.v Soviet obslnir- ", 0! ' ',r n : ," i :i "u ;UIH -, ':• Y,' : ! r :e! '; ......,..,„,,..,. .,„ , « r , nWr i !1 "^d lawyer who formerly was'ik.n. Obviouslv the Hussians are Belgrade. Yugoslavia. Oct. a I 1 ." °, ll V ..:•.; " i!! ; ; .; -^ ,'.''• -; ! V:°^; U I <^-->riO?: . \vha vcsetab s; Soviot publi( . prosocutol . b , lt thi , is , t!1 |i in o lin - Un-.e. j-,T',- Eric Johnston, president o i'f s \">~'\ & V-i o-' X-'*v.'l?r'!;;lr Iho o-o of n .'dulf I 111 " ii , rst , limc ?,° ^ tr ?V'°V r corru -| W=-'l.' i:- 3 ea,v to understand thci^e Moben Picture Association o bic^^liv^w^fMllirvOlfe'io^l^kjJSWifnr There fs d no'onc food- !^^,r'n ', nC't c% -»U ^ i""^^ .'/ ** '™^"™'* «" '«°P ^'^ ^ ^»>I } h "^ ,*" ] '~ in that "eitv. stuff which has a definite value for i ,: "/ a - 1( - IUJ i'<- bU - 11 - ;the lJ. r!. trom nassin;.', jucii.'.menl ^ine.icini lihns to the \UL;os,lavs. dresses, sport costumes f 'he cvt-=" Carrots arc supposed! However, he was pursuniL; typi-;on tiie cliai'.ieuf ay.yrcs.sion. They! H;s announcenient es.me alter a overcoats were shown." o increases the ability of some! l;al Communist tactics. The c:;is-jha\'e no intention of aoandcnim'; ! two-hour talk with Premier Mar- „ . jeopie to sec in semi-darkness. 'c-iice of tne ooc;-:ade has been a[iheir cold war, but they can have j :i!la ' ' ll o. -,,,,. , , , T" [»«•/»<» £*hltAvfm __J recognized lact by both sides tor in/ de-sire to be braiided as azures-j .Johnston said the \ UHOS!;;VS had anrGG SwIzSlUl Cu Rwssion Womsn Succursib frc the New Look London, Oct. .'i -— (Up. — Russia i.as succumbed to tho. new look. After holdin;: out a year iunpi •or than the. Western nations. : 'Soviet fashion desiiuiers have 'made the longer hemline the hishiishl of their winter collce jions. llix^ Soviet Monitor re vealecl today. liiat is in universal demand—it is bein;> a I'.ood cook and housekeeper. Yon are at the prime at lite and have many years of usefulness ahead of you. So don't sit down on your children and be a parasite on them. Get a job in sonv.} nice family where you not only will have a comfortable home, but yet paid real money for your •ve.rk for the'first time in your life . Dear Miss Dix: To settle an •ir;;umeni, will you fiive us your opinion on this matter? If twul people who are going out together j seriously decide to break up, is he N .- ,, . ~,,n , t T^IH.'M.HV f v: (..; ,.1^; i\j ^fiucliv LIIJ, ID lit: o ..ewer than l.nKl .nodes. () , she ,, bVl> ,,, d t(J give ba ' ck val . v of them troalurini.', Hie h.'ngei' s.;irts, \\'ere Liispta.yed Ij.V l\ussian couturiers, the report said. This tar outnumbered any Western lashion display. An American show may ;.;o as hi.^h as 100 ne\v nuKie'ls. "A remarkable rr.nj'.e of new creations 1'rom fashion houses of many Soviet cities was displayed." the Monitor reported uabic silts of jewelry, such as tfiend.-jhip riii;.;. 1 ;. etc.? Does one have to ask for them if he or she vvlshes lo >;et them back? MARGARET AND GEORGE :; Answer: If a boy gives a girl an wuyajlemeiil rin:,' and she breaks the engagement, she is bound to return it lit once because it was a •pledge of a bargain she is not goinj; to keep. But if either one Hospital Notes 'Josephine JJiscii.-ii K'-'d'. Jo'e.n Ge.nter. Atlanta. Te--:as. Juiir, Chester Adir.it!.' d: JJeitv \Va!i:i:r. Ho'.e. Disehar:;c-fi: Mrs. V-.'iltoo F..-le Audrey Janeii )!: ton. iiter and e-\ r eiiin^ j^owns to more utilita;ian wo r k i u <$ :tnd months until the other da.', when i.-'ors b.v a majority oi the world's i a;>,reed to buy from 20 to '_!."• films in East Arkansas are being sought'.Marshal Sokolovsky, Russian com- nations. P,us:;ia was booted out of i dm in,'} tile next year for dollars by !\cp. Gathings (D-ArlO. Claiiiini's told a reporter today | same crack about there bein he is askhu; the budget bureau lor ; blockade. next year's i blacktop six miles of ! p. ik. Tlie recreation area is near ? jiinna. Ark. Th<- state, Gatbings said. has peace. He declared th mandcr in Germany made Ihe tlie Lea:;'.!e of Nations in 11)39 for t() '- 1 -' paid in a New York bank. ,,..... • ... .. jortcr today I same crack about there behif> no j ac!.;ressien aaaiusl liille ]'"inland. '- 1 ' n -' Yugoslavs also agreed to pay t bureau lor ; blockade. jand' il didn't lineal Muscov'te stock l!l1 - asseiciation ;i percenlatie in s budp.et toi Vishinsky was, of course, fi-ht-|any. ' ' ' Hlollar.vin the United Stales road in thej ing to keep the security council ! So Visliinbky foirihl to escape I lllc "Hi'eenient reached th.s all. from consideration ot the charces 1 the ir-iomuiv of iliis brand and '' ", l01 "' 1 , ;; " H11 '. nnt '. . Vl ' al '- . s near Marl- b v the Western Powers that Tiieahe Umled " Slates battled with !., • J '! hll | ; ' 0 " '-"d ^iu;oslavia was . , blockade is a menace to world ic^a! viL-or to c.el a council hear-| h ", la '"'', c " l " !l! '- v ,'" ""-' wurlc, ^nien , --.--.-...--.,-: saic,. has uc;ice . Hc cl0 clarod the ciejnand ! in' • oi' the charts. Phiho C. Jes- 1 V/'' 1 lll , ! l l '^'" '^'y'"'' , Anic !'' c: ' n I agreed to bkicKlop the road .or one lor TJ. _ N . consideration of the ais-isup. seeakin-' for 'America, I !",' H ' ai'nv-l Satui'uay alter a tilde Irem Manarnia to the Park. '_..' •_ ;. 'I ^ |l(!-day vs-it in Moscow, where lie ;- ff . p . .,; 5 ..3 ID „ --, -\ ffj L'ilvUUJ Si\C-^=J • [i e A in Lake /tr^a Th-' seven-mile stretch, hc said, e.iild provide access to Ihe devel- jirv.-d ana of ihe park, which has thoi.-s:mds of visitors. j Tiie area is under supervision of | \Vashin;;!:'m. Oct. D •- M 1 .--Federal i the aenculture department p'ncc it i Hinds to impinvc a roa.ci m the 'was built as a soil conservation Bear Creek Lake Recreation Park project. TODAY and THURSDAY -—FEATURES— 2:51 - 4:54 - 6:53 - 9:21 :^^ P CAllTOoS !n Ail The WALT DISNEY'S THE f^QST I^ART- icryrtE OF nm ALL! v.-Ith (lie greatest aniniul star or till ii.nc: GARTOOM . imm wooes - BOBBY BLAKE • Claudia Drake liy .. Soriofizatfon of scrccnptay from a ncvcl fcy Pro5ncr Mcri'mco NHA Stf.VlCE, INC. -, THE-. STORY: Don Jose. .MH-.U:; . (here were r.,ches and rocesM-s officer in a fashionable Spanish huh in the wails: these led to regiment, has just come to Seville inner chambers. Five or six gyp- trom the countryside oi Nave.iTc < sir-s in various :tae,.-s or sloveii- On his iirsl day in the cite, a ;,'•;.-- | lines:-; sat ,-irnund ai laij! .:;. gcous gypsy girl flirts will; him. 1 j^,,, 'Jose looked abcnit and was then disappears. Some dr.ys l.;ii.r j r-ii,-\.ed not to s.'e (''a-i-.-ieii. An- he is on duly in the square -.vii 11 | dr, s ;;-k;Hl the 1 ii-sar,, : ,i :;•-].sies his Iriciui, Andres, when he se> :-• : ,,-.-h,-.re Ce.rm-'U wt.s. Tne fir'.-' 1 . io;m her again. Andres I'.rceis her i j.,. .,],,'.;, to ; - —. s.-ilj!:,;,-.. i,i;.-er— \,'arm]y tis Ctirm'S'ii. b'.it lier :;iaie..-v'.s i list' IP d lo h'tV' -iitee.li'-i i\' 11 ; '.'ie : ni'c- all for Jose. Shortly" aiUr- i i').n:ca:\ e. u;;rds, Carmen sets: into a sir. ^,-1 --;e- h ,- ,- t . ^- -,.--,.,.,, •• - - ' ,---i •. n- brawl \viin anot.ier worn,.11 ;.nd I > .'",!'. -.1'., 1 ".'.',.''''."' '."..'',',.."" kniies her. Jose is o : -de:-'-d .o [a,-:e ' ' ,' u ', ';!",':';; '., 'J;'.'',. "., "•'.",<', ,,, her prisoner but lets her os.'ane. ] ,,.;'!). .,'". ,.';'..', •,"';. , '..'; i.'.' '.'. ',',1 ,-.ai As a result, Jose neis exira ;.;n.ird - :"','/,' duty and i., eonline-l to bari'.-".!." i "•'--,-, tor ;j|) days. O;i th. 1 last ii'.i'iii o; i • '; his extra' duly, h. 1 is ai:ia;e.-d io i ' ''-,/'' see Carmen r.ilend a p.-ir:y at de • I ,,,' l '..,^. colonel's house. She tinn-' he |,'.-'-• rini'StJoi!. 1 ! aside, hbii.; )'.. nr.-i )'.. r : ,,i' !,'.. at Lillas Pastia's. C'aini--n a".. 1 '/ 1 :; i ',',.'' IX : Lillas Pastia'. , -i i.-vo.-. 1 .- i,i\:- ! li'.'n, v/as a small, he., --c'eiliuc.ed i ! room, Hriiii.y and (i;ir!;: pM't ,-.-f i!u j jinn abo\-e it. Thi wa.ll Ih • CI.UM- ! ] ter. and a couple ul tai e--, r.'cn- i j laded with sweetmeat:-. --I : nee.; u: i lined onion;; and varlic. A ;-t:'i,-:ei .-'.ypti.v matrori slued ]:,i:ii.fi Ihi-i j'.ood counlei'. An ;;nc.;. e;. Dirt, ' i blac;-:. toothless e'-ps>' liae, •-•;:-. ; hunched over a primil!v< ( )j-. ..--, coal brazier sli-v'e I'ryiin 1 son.i- - j fisli. Other pots bubbled wilhj ; Uu ssc s that e.av, un thin steal 1 .':, i ; H way .-u ti,-. '!; thai, lion ,)n-.. ; ! Was Well hlln lie run-, h, In,-.. !•... ' ,rialize-i thai tin iirin .-.n-,. kn ; ; ; tu- the woi-ian heiin.d I!M- i o-i, a,-, ->-,;;;., Andre :.-. and A ; id r: •:, \\ ',•. <: i : ui , !: : 1 He den'iandi-d v, ine ...... and l'-,.-i:ii n. : j 1 lie wumaii :.- eee-ii in \,- \ .-; ij. ; him l-ir Un tilth ;:m,- ih'H ' ';-.'• men \v;.s in, I ti.ei e: tie t ( '.u-u e hi-ii e-,ne to l'.,riu.,al. : : .', - •-. ,-- hini anolie-i- |,,, ,t iU- 01 ., -,..••. : i,,, in a Moscow disptiteh. /'Mod- I ,, ive;j lhl , othel . a ring lhat ls els ranging Irom e.\-(]tusite die- j ji,,, t a token ot friendship, no such obligation is incurred. How- qvcr, good taste demands that all love letters and gifts should be returned to ihe sender after the relationship is broken up. iReletu'.ed by The Bell Syndicate, inc.) Stricken With io, Two Das I talked-with Foreign Minister V. M. Moluiov and sold the Uussi j lariie n.m.her of U. S. fdnif. tin-in wiih a list of films from which they can choose. Aside from the old American films exhibited in the past. Yutio- slav.s' have seen mostly Russian films. However, the people flocked in larger crowds to the old American showings in preferi. nee to tlie j nciver Russian pictures, Johnston did not disclose what Tito had :.aid to him but staled their conversation had been "very i i.- nk" o;; every possjble subject in "('own-lii-earth terms" inchul- i))'.- the oom.'nfon;! dispute with Y''.ij:."slavi:; ;:n:l other iniernalionid U, S. Mcu'rYses r« sin If o to Project Haii:i. Israel, Oct. :, - '.]>.. T| u (J. ..i. De.Mruver Pu;-\'iy arrji/ee hi-re today wilii !)^ t'. S. Mai me... •vi.o uill i)e un duly with Ih. 1 - Unit- j ed Naiii.n:;' Palestine truc'e cum-! nii.--.siun. [ 'i hei ;• ar I'i^.'a I ca M 'e on a d a y j w':"n an uiiidej.lil led plai.r Hew ,u\i-r tin- city. r. -uli.'.i. 1 ; in an auli- '!.• craft barny. DCS Moines, Oct. -1 •—iVIV- Bulbai polio, \vliich claimed the lives of two boy:; ot tie.- Ray B. ISrandh'ors! family. Manning, la., since Thui's- day has stricken Ihe fr.mily's hist surviving son. He is Dennis Brandhorsl, p, who was admitted to a hospital yester day. Hospital autho suffering from the disease that residue, of his two brothers. The older brother. Ronald, I-!, died Thursday, just five hour:.; before the .second brother, Dale, wa." , Medical Test Proved This s Great to Reiieve MONTHLY Arc you troubled by distress of fe- nuilu functional monthly disturbances? Docs this make you suffer from pnln, feel so nervous, -weak, hlch-strung—ut such times? Then no try Lyillii E. Plnklwin's Vegetable Cor.ipouud to relieve Biich' symptoms! In a recent mecllcnl test tills proved remarkably helpful to women troubled this way. Any drugstore. _ __ -»0 VEGETABLE^ COMPOUND your ramy fume eoa •''£>- rWM> f h- Gie.uns in the rain . .. be.xms under the sun. Tliis n.iiion.illy :Kiverti:;eJ Vt~'c.uhi:rb<.-t of sleek satin twill (r.iyon .uij cotton) bo.i.sts .1 ik-Uchablc liood. Durable .j elleiicv. U.ijiaiit suntones and bl.uk. Si^es 10 to 20. Children's Sizes 8- 14.. . 14.85 We Giw and Redoe.'n E^gb Stomps 3 K** .'^"i & k !/ &*% i^Si HI: t f** ^>x V S S 1 ^ Fc) W^ ilOHiSOixl ^ LaXa/. YY « l\\jy' U> 2 fj\^> I \ <y» "The Leaciinq Department Store" HOPE " NASHVILLE ffrniwfur

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