The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 26, 1934
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY,: SEPTEMBER .26, ;»34. BLyTHJBVILl,B, (ARK.) COURIER NBffS j ._ . _^_ * (iiveii & white enamel C'LASSIFIKD ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally raid tier line for consecu- llvc hiEeiilons: (Five average, words to a line) Out- tliric l«r lino lOc Two times per line per day .. 08c Three times per line per day .. 06c 61x times per line per day .. 05c Month, rale per. line 60c 'Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for llirec or six limes and stopittd iKlorc expiration will be charged' for the number of times llic ad appeared and adusltncnl of bill mailc. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside ol Ihe city must be accompanied by cash. Rates may IK easily computed from above (.able. No responslBlllty will be taken for niov'; than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Advertising orcercd for Irregular Insertions take the one lime rate. Alfalfa 'and 'all' kinds of Future ' Seed.' S«d ' Ky*, Wh«t, Turf Oats, Red Kusl Proof O»ls, Tur- nl|i Sr«l, Mmtird, Rape, Kale. All varlfilM Nadtohcs £ tipluacb. ' BEST PRICES ' OBERST STORE CO. Aly Cotl Is Blark but I treat yon white. Fill up now. JOHN BUCHANAN - PHONK 107 USED CARS '29 PONT1AC COACH ...... 589 '30 GRAHAM "PAIGK SEDAN ? US '31 CHEVROLET COUPE .. $225 '33 FORD V-F, TUDOK SEDAN 5415 '33 CHEVROLET COACH §110 '32 FORD V-6 DE LUXE TU- DOll SEDAN ....: 5315 TKUCKS anil TK A ILEUS '33 CHEVROLET TttUCK. 157 Inch Wheel base, Dual Wheels, Closed Call ?315 '30 G. SI.' C. TKUCK §186 '19 CHEVROLET TRUCK. Runs Good S 98 KIN GUAM TRAILER. Dual •;' Wheels, New Rubber .... $225 NABORS TRAILER 5 38 PHILLIPS' USED GAR LOT v - -tpEEN .NIGHTS UNTIL.,.. Corner Walnut & 1st Sla, ' " ' ' fuuae 813 Restiiiiraiils Save Your Money SEEDS, ALL KINDS OF FEEDS AND FLOUR BOUGHT JN CAB LOAD LOTS. J. F. Livingston WHOLESALE & HETAIL We mil DANCING TAPS on shoes «fc also do expert .shoe repairing. PROGRESSIVE SHOE SHOP 103 S. Second Coal & Wood Parks Bros. Coal Co. PHONE 977 FOR "Hi-Lo Alabama" "Ulack Royal Kentucky" A CLEAN COAL - LOW PRICED W. J. KNOX Having made all kinds of shoe,? I Hold. Tor ABNORMAL feet, cull repair I- •ihoes to correct ABNORMAL feet. 1'KRMANENTS When science makes them bettor we will give our part. BARRETT'S BEAUTY SHO1' iOC North 5th - - Telephone 580 Dr. Caldwell has returned lo his Hardin-Barron Coal Co. AT PHONB 116 GIN QUICK-FIRE, ALABAMA. DUCK CREEK, KENTUCKY COALS •WE SATISFY OUR CUSTOMERS 1 CERTIFIKD SARAH A COAL More Heat JPer round No Advance In Price £. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Phone 100' THREE ROOMS for light housekeeping. Willow & Division. Mrs. human. -.Mr. I-M' See.Us About Your Coal Blytheville Gin Co. , "Radiant Alabama" "Premium Kentucky" CALL 214 BEST COAL FOR MONEY "Acme Alabama" "Black Royal Kentucky" N. W. Trantham Coal Co. : PHONE 961 Jjleal Estiite Ucst Oysters Jfc River Cat Fish Chicken Dinners Every Day - Jiramie O'Brien \ 105 S. Second Business Directory '^oi r -LAND' j FOR SSALE' 40 acres, right at, Blytheville on gravel road. NJce residence will electric lights, barn, garage, fruit shade. [ 53,600 - - EASY TERMS (Was offered $4,000 3 months ago FOR SALE 6 Room DUPLEX. Rents at, $15 monlh. PRICE 1750. $50 C»sh, $12.50 monlh Thomas Land Co Cobb Undertaking Co., Inc AMBULANCE I'tuum 26 COPFEK WEATHER STRIPPING Saves fuel at smnll eost Arkmo Lumber Co. WALL I'Al'EK. IT'S BARGAIN TIME AGAIN ,n oiir Wall Paper depl. All 1031 patterns- must go. E. C. 'Robinson Lbr. Co. COME TO OBERST 3TORE CO. I'or all Hardware & 1'ecd. - We specialize on HARNESS. Modernize your country • home with'n Dchilng WATER system, $•10 UK'-IHJBBARD'HDW. CO. ""':.' • ' 6-ck-10-6 —Lowest Prices— SliE US FOB Farm Implements of ail Kinds COTTON SACKB . WINCHESTER SHOTGUN SHELLS All Varieties Fall Pasture Seeds '. PAUL BYRUM Opposite. Old "PostorTice I'hone 252 IF YOU WANT A SMALL HOSIE LOOK AT THESE No. I—A 5 room house, lot size 50 by 140 ft. on paved street, water connections, no plumbing in house. 5550.00, .1175 cash, balance like paying rent. " ' No. 2.—A 5 room, lot 37!4 feet by 140, water connections, price S450.00, $150 cash,' balance like rent. No. 3—5 room house, same as No. 2. All three in same block, near Highway 61. Houses can not be built for twice the money. W. M. Burns Grand Leader -Bldg. Phone 212 ' FOR RENT Suburban Home & Acreage. Most, choice, uiglit in Blylhe- rille. S15 per month house rent, payable monthl y and $10 per acre for land. Good lease. Call Courier News. Farms for Sale! '.'• Terms Reasonable ETHEL U. THOMPSON, Caruthersvillc, Mo. FOR SALE 40 acre Ozark farm near town, small fmme house, barn, running water, halt cleared. Price J375, $100 cash, Balance-term* J. C, CHAPIN . Manila,.Art . tall 115 & ask for Pat for demonstration;; nf StntJcbakcr, Tcrr»- plane, Hudson, Wiih.i ' & Anstin) cars. ' adies SHOJJ .KhVAIKJNCf « DYEING (tone by expoits. Kea- sonablc. IS. E. Halcllff,'Across from lubbiircl'Hdw Co. Factory Authorlied FRIG1UAIRB SEKVICB (•aclory Trained MetihMMi. Day 67—I'hone—Ni|;tt JW1 B. 1!, GEE SALES CO. 407 Main SI. • •* »">«MI\I i..(>m ui wvim STOVE, I'orfocl conrtllloii. Call Olio «ood second hum) WACiON M ATI UK OIN, Yttrbro, Ark. __„__ Hi-ek-30 Gootl REMlNffroN~T;.'j5 r frtIS3 mid oilier ankles,. E. stndinlller. ANTIQUE WALNUT iml imcl (frc7- scr. Uensonable. Excellent condl- tlon. Cull 030. ALL WXTUnKslSoniiil^ to (he Oli'iicoe Cafe, for sale churn. Part tush, balance on inondily nay| mmls. jolin Thompson, Cllencac Personal office over Raniim »rn B store. Calls answerer) day or iifelil. lU'.s- tdcncc iihtuie 707, office 108. WASHINGS Neatly Done. Mrs. Vantc, 161U Slidit Wnlinil, earner nth street. aie kS-'Sl For Rent Two MEN'S SUITS OHHAP. Slue 8. Good coiKllilcn, Cull OHO, AUTO GLASS ARK-MO LUMBER CO. PHONE 40 Atrkinds •jwliU and .body work •tone, Cheupest, prices JOHN HEAKN lIllMlCtl AMtU Sales Ol), J. BEN CLUNE BATTERY SERVICE \Vo recharge, rebuild all makes. Generators & starters Repaired. M loin \v. Jackson's Station ASH & SECOND rlioiie 8 — l((»U<>n«i 277-H 1 . Electrician Reverted Action in:Movies .A^CMIANQEU (uo-H w«s »n tiiiln it tin- laws »f commonsense, -deiiL-3 mill, nature. Tile |>coplc of Archangel .were bewildered. "•iilrjns of K ntovlnt'-plcliirc house ...Jitlx! villain, who hud just been killed by the lioro, Kuddonly Jump ALLKY^OOi' WK SELL ClIEAI'Iilt OUK STOCK IS COMPLETE , • ... . Trolleys- which; had • bccii, iiiovhiii down the strotl In'-u'lotjlcaVordci-T ly' wny' Ixicaiiw siJrirfejily jwi^ed or Iho devil and, goin'B Into reverse, hurried buck lo llit-lrslurtliig point. 1'rlnlliii! presses tilhrled expell- I"S (ho pai»r from the rolls, Tlw vciitlliitlon system of indus- li|nl plnnls brought, buck thu air ihey Imrf'fofcKt out «' f?w'mtmene»« prcylcjifcly it • , i \ f-| T)i« 5pr»y«rs in h»th' houses gun stocking ir.atr pcllltig water. • The city \m In of ex- onLuvj . Htully tl;c myslt'ry »aj 'solved. cureless tlceirlolaa in the city l»wcr plant had reversed 1 UM <n- icctiou of thu current > WHAT A BODYGUARD! By Hurt! HHI'LACKMENT I'AIITS, TIRES, TUUES & ACCL'SSOHIKS Free Service Hubbard Hardware Co. Auloiiiutlve Dcjit. I'hoim 476 ONU 1mm! operated MONROE CALCULATOlf. Call 'at Meyer tiros'. olVicc. 21c kO-27 CLOSING OUT Reconditioned electric rcfrlBcrutors. Good condition—Suctwsful ojH-r- atlon GUARANTEED. Ki/es, from 5 cubic feel food storage space to 12 cubic feet. You Jiiay i'eo.lliese (mils today. E. IS. OEK SAI.KS CO. N N •107 Main St. Salesmen Wauled 2 front BEDROOMS to couples m- men. Close In. Call 72-W. 14-lf Furnished BEDROOMS.~Mra. Hard In. 1017 W. Witlnut! Call 102. Wanted CASH paid for USED CLOTHING & SHOES to ship West. LEIGHTON, 321 E. MAIN. BOOTJf AlviTHEB'BlIUmBR NO-THANKS'/WHAT VO\f EH? SA»V- ) NOT, HOW'OJMIKE \rowf A SOCK ON W SNOO2ZLE p Strawberries are sold Uy Hie ynrtl n llogotn, Colombia. •WISH THEM GUY6'0 STOP fOLLEKIH' ME AKOUNO.' ^Amer. ican composer, born. to.take orders for genuine lirilliant, and Kentucky COAL, Call 139. 24-ck-a? PosiJioti Wa tiled Cation, department calls on Ancrican jnaitoib boycott Tfesiaurants which serv« sandwiches uij'th. bread crusts Will do STKNOGI(/\raTa~workTit, , nlglil. Reasonable rnlt'S. Ciill 30(5 OLD LYM13, Conn. (UP)— d. Page Ely hung his font, on the back of u door and slammed it sliut. There were inntches hi the H. pocket, They Ignited, amounted to $300. S'LONG, RONNIE! C l»H»YIIEA5t»VICC.IHC T »BtO U *_Hr Itr , A HUHRIEI) K By r BAH t THE MEWB OF THAT 8UM?\ TELUW' ME «ONNS,THI5 Rs _ 'M HORWo] I DONTGIVE A HOOT IF BOARDMAW, /MOSES IN THE BULL RUSHES. AKJD i—. A HIT THE DIRT? 1 DEMAND COURTESJ 'AKJD RESPECT FROM EACH EMPLOVEE. SALESMAN SAM '=-LS . PAIR-^ HIKE BACK? C3ROOMDS FUN (S /GOODG3SM,('U6 , 'M LET'S QITC30IM', ACWER TH' FAIR £^'?,'KE BftCK (PER OAVS, TOW STATIOMf I 111'/ L11 JEST WOlT RI6f)f~^\ ft "HERE WE ~AW=7 By 8nwj \U3W, I JESr RAW ACL TH' WWV TO TH' STAT1OM AW*~ ^ 1 GOT THE Oli PADW WAQOM SO WE COULD INSTEAD OF tAJALK.' ' Scliools ' ' Or«g SHORTHAND, Twentieth Century -BOOKKEEPING and TYPING. Enroll now. Mrs. L M Burnelte, Phone 821-W. Taken Up 1 have taken up one red cow, 6 yrs. old, ear tag F 12865 u s Tcmi. 1934 and calf, 4 mo. old ai my place at HutTnian. stcele pe e ' ONE roll of BALING WIRB West Main. Owner may have same for paying for 'this ad. Call 66. ' Wauled T Good Second Hand gasoline popcorn machine, quick. Must be cheap. Write Fannie Hatfield, Cooler, Mp, Help Wanted We have an opening in oi:r service department for a battery man. Apply to Mr. Little, 'Sliouse-Little Chevrolet co. . ". 26-ck-29 THERE A MINUTE. CHIEF' ( GOT n HUMCH' P$EC.KLES';'AN_D_H1S FRIENDS », Xit RKSHT!-: )now HE'tu AWAVS BUT, IP -rbu'RE Loowws FDR SOME7UINQ SNAPPY THERE'S A REAL BARSAIN! SHE'LL STILI. DO FIVE, EVEN THOUGH SHE IS V/AR MEAM.THAT'S •) IT IS^.ALUJ ElGVfT / YA <*>TTA PASSENGER 1 } PO IS MAkS "rbO SOGSE6TEO EWMG'A" ,-^/ A WRENCH.'-

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