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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 6, 1948
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bread Sliced Thin by The Editor Alex. H. Washburn World Series Pensions for Ex-Presidents A foreigner even though under- ,fslanding English would still be puzzled by the fact that Die words "Indians" and "Braves" as used in the World Scries mean two entirely different and hostile ball clubs. Thy foreigner would be puzzled. I say, but \ve Americans like it just the same. Baseball represents something fundamental to our civih/ation— one of I he sparkplugs iliat has kept America democratic u\:t.\ also made her i/reat. Jt typifies, mor-.. than anything else, the uppo> -unify los •V-'Ji average youngster to .scale thv heights ut lame and lonune— which is unique in America. And finally, ail baseball i;; dedicated to the eternal hl'.iiiiin effort to prove who is the be si. man and team. It is our best American expression of the competitive spirit, within the framework of good sportsmanship, which has ever earned our country forward. And the World Seiies is baseball's ultimale peak of performance—so that ior this one week out •'•he year a j;'real American snorting event rings around the world bringing nothing but good will for the land which originated it. "i. Tail. Ohio':; WEATHER FORECAST Arkansas: I'nrUy cloudy ' i<n\ er this afternoon, in cast poi I i Inmghr. .Shower;, in M(>!(h>'f t 1'i allemoim, Thursdav cloudy, cool er, showers in southeast. 49TH YEAR: VOL. 49 -- NO. fsa |sa 1 stor of Hope 18 "; Prcss 1927 Consolidated January 18, HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1948 Ey LOUIS NEVIN Paris, Oct. (i —(/Pi—The United Slates, Britain and France in turn charged before the United Nations Security Council today that Russia ;s endangering world peace by By tlie school teacher who risked cienther rathern than return to Russia. (Copyright, 1D18, Kiny Features, Inc. Reproduction in whole or in part strictly prohibited.) 'In today's article. Mrs. Kasenkiua tells of the lot of the common people in Russia during the pre-war years, the difficulty of yetting food, her own efforts at farming and bec- koe-ping. of the war with Fin- .and, (he Hitler-Stalin pact and. when the Nazis struck, of Olcg's call to the colors.) By OKSANA S. KASENKINA Edited by Isaac Don Levine Dunn;: the four years I taught | at Tuchkovo. in the MUSCOVY coun- er, comes forward \vnh a proposal Russian Deputy Foreign Minis- <-ryside. from the fall of 1037 to to .spend money instead of save it.iier Andrei Vishinsky. who an-l tnat °- 19J - 1 - * managed lo keep Senator Taft would have (he :- ! ov- '.'.ouncecl yesterday "a' Soviet boy-i tllc I " ;lc ' tna ' L m - v husband had been ernmenl set up an annual pension co-t of the debate, s-.it silently in i P u! 'Kcd a deep secret. For my ei. .tio.uO'J or mine ior ex-presi- both the morning ' and alteri'ioon | tl °- v olt 'S- the change was a bless- dents. f haven't read the senator's council sessions. He was at times r 11 ^- ^° '°und ;l mentor in the de-tailed slaiement. but I caii think iniei e.-feJ.' rapid!--- jolting notes. | teacher of Kussian literature. a of some very good rer-.soi:s \-,-'ny his A', other times lie appeared grini ' P''.e-revolutionary educate)'.- who (AP)—Means Associated Prow liNEA)—Moans Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. PRICE 5c COPY .stimulaled iiis interest later session. He cuntend- My first task was to start a the food problem con- dent tu save money from llu cxe- j ti---s' council can culive salary. That is. ho i.-: ceriain problem.-- until a io go out of oiliee no richer man '.vriueii. when he went in. ' | i-'hil:p c. Je;-s.u The obvious result has iuen tlie j i.,'n:v;rs:iv iv-ofo- less wealthy aien on retiring (nun IV.'esi's presidency have been taken IU Ck^rnuin i toc '•'• Ellt OU1 ' tUI'ficuhk-'S lay in get- Columbia '',j~..%&w$m& \ 4 «£ £J?*s$-'.:£sSE* —NEA Telephoto At Great Harbor Cay, Bahania Islands, the airliner which made a forced landing on tlie beach lies partly submerged in the water. The huge sign ironically shows the survivors hnc! no water to drink. All 23 passengers were uninjured. towns. Sometimes we teachers had; >ea vYsi's assault by'" cicclariiv the lo -"" Ul Moscov/ to shop in the Juiled Stlates has made evoVy ei'-i op \ n markets lor these provisions. By United Press *.-are of by execuhvc jobs in r,ri- i ('„.-[ j o /r-'-ee"-viih rv^i-i '-i-rl ••n'" i and <'" occasion the NKVD would The average, price of round --'-••-•• . - •'- - •• .. - '- -"• -- ' '--' ' JC ,- aitl i ne lra ; n anc j confiscate the I steak, pork chops and T-bono steak vale industry—|o;- the prestige that [movr- th-> th-e-.t to the 'reier- 1 ' alt - 1 lne lrain nnd confiscate the steak, pone cnops ana i-oone inevitably follows anv man wiio ivsbich he- been civitcd "by 'ho f:>cc! iln ' ! kerosene as illegal goods, has dropped more than six cc once upon a time wa:, president of ,'Soviet Union -mil which unt : 1 "'it Onc " T;ls Htcky to escape arrest as pound during the last two \\ the United States. ! remains i-' the in'-'iii-'-ilW oh a "speculator." ibut the price of bacon ha: But this pictuie do---:.-r,'t t : l into ' st;,cle to free ne-otiationV ' l vvas encouraged to try poultry (niained steady, a United Pres our notion o; ti'ue dei!-,o-..racy. The j Sir /M-'-"liii-iei- 'r-ir'ln"-m r,f P,-H farming, ail as part of our school A'cy showed today. „ 1....I .,..<: ...:.. t. l , .' . '"'- -••'."HI 1 l-aClO,.;<in Ol Ijlll- :.___.._,.. • :....,, , TK,, , „,. ,.„,„ „ ., ,. nr l should believe in it strongly j enough to guarantee ( 1 i HUH , ; t ses- Soviet Union has resorted all(i (u i. cib , e man in ordinary c'-rcurr.sl.,-.;-,ees jo! order lo assert can afloi'd to seive as president ];',,.' i illiS ' is '^omcthin' he get thc^ eall^arul '^' that in ,, t | x , juslifiec!.' will hi "]3er- has dropped more than six cents a 'pound during the last two weeks, ride hi Bethany. Okla.. had confessed to the slaying of an Arkan- San Francisco. Oct. I) — (/T) oceman p-.u'led vice king. Charles ( Lucky narcotic inspector:; today to have Oklahoma City. Oct. (i. — fUP') Police said toda Bi-aves Field. Boston. Oct. 0— (.•fi—Johnny Sain hurled the first 1-0 World Series shutout since 1!W3 today when he blanked Cleveland's Bobby Feller, to give the Boston Braves the opening game of the best-of-sevcn series before some 39,000 fans. Boston scored ils run in tho eighth inning when Gene Masi scored on Tommy Holmes' single into left field. Sain, the rubber armed right- haiuU r with the fancy curve ball, outpitched the great Feller who allowed only I wo hits in a heartbreaking loss. The Indians got four singles off Sain, a 24-game winner in the regular season. Tommy Holmes, the Braves' chunky little right fielder, drove home the only run on this chilly afternoon with a single past third base scoring pinch runner Phi Masi in the last of the eighth. It was the first one to nothing .since Art Nehf of the New York Giants shut out Joe Bush and the New York Yankees in IB;;;). They came down to tho last of the eighth all knotted up at 0-0, when Catcher Bill Salkeld worked Feller for a walk on a 3-1 pitch. Billy Southworth, the Braves' crafty manager, sent Masi in to run lor him. Mike McCormick shoved In regular session Hall last night (hi (he new city fhfr III regular session at Hone f tyro it 1 | i m ft truck on r.u 1 chopping block and nfki , Icm/h/ discussion decided to l-;ei;p "the vehicle lor the !oc;il clopntirfii) It was brought out in c i _n am that tlie nc\v> truck v i , 1 ,o i punmer which thi rUiaiii.unt needs. If the , true! \ is old Hi ^ city would ha - ;,i to pin this ,1 in \v pumper that : 4;Us \ itlun '0('i m its purchase .price an t to , n^t have the lad'' 1 -^- fat.htie The brig'i'., .'c\v uil ti d p \<\r of the firo. ; ' jco, |i i ,e 1 all 4 H tests with c )loi j j ( t uiav slate along with a neat sacrifice bunt. Then Manager I.ou Boudreuu's strategy called lor an intentional walk to Eddie Stanky. just back 'n the lineup after a d'O clay layoff pass, Sisti flcwn in from New York the big haul of narcotics seized here yes- experiments in agriculture, but soon discovered why my predecessor Ivoiioy had failed in Ihis endeavor. Our region was thick with fo::es. and hawks were common. Instead of multiplying, the chickens melted awav. j'iie shall be made independent of j Then Aloxandre P-irodi of l v> ' as IV!O ''" C successful with bees ;jnvale business ;n in;; o'-'i age. .Fiance took the floor and told the Wh:it Vl ' ith tlle scarcity of sugar We can do n;> less lor tin.- good (council l-'ii'-sin alone "bears direct I' 1 bi - carr ' 1 ' 'Tuitc a fashionable fea name- .-md presiif.;:.; of ev- cue:,; ; y : e,;>:>;,siuili(y j' G , (!u , dangerous I 11 "/ ? f i! ' e lj ' v °-- v >-'a'' P ]; '" >° culti and its dernocraue nisliluboiis— siMrition eiealed in Berlin" jvate honev. I once overheard om regardless whether the recipient oi| >vi,,. n | K - finished Ar't'enti'n's ''''"'" " such a pension is a man n;.mea j Foreign Minister Juan Branuurlia, Hoover or a man nam.-u iruman. presiding, said no other speakers And thai ssomedung all Amenciuis v .,,, 0 lisU , d and ho inlondec to ., d . will subscribe lo. |j, m , n tho council - dlll . ilig an j nt er- -« -fc * Bernndotte Death Underlines Need for Forceful UN Action By JAMES THRASHER iinediar.v wailin Milliner meeting president." period until a is called by the Vishhifky then took off his ear- a Since its positive decision on phones with a grin and gathered •^'partition nearly a vi-ar ago. the l| l> ' 1! ' ; l"-iai)ers to leave. The council UN General Assembly has dealt ! adjourned ;; t 4^2;-, p ,- n . (y.;!-, with the Palestine problem in ai;;- J1 \- CST) and no elate was set er: "And what doing'.'" The reply \va"s: "She's taking courses in apiculture." I studied the literature on beekeeping, and succeeded in constructing a whole palace of a hive. Our honey became the talk of the countryside. I stored, enough honey us food for the bees in the winter to save them in the rigious climate-, but our Communist director Kukhmaxov regarded this as a wun me i <iie.M:ue pi uuie:,! in a >••• ••"- w,., ^ > <uiu nu uaie was set , i- --o--."-- ~ stale of political and moral par- Mor the next meeting. Should the l m "'.- v ', O1 ' , 1 . ho bees. He removed -'•••• the lood. all the bees then died, alysis. Perhaps the iragic circum- i council try to take action against last report will tune help to cure that alflietion and i.-i'omt'te action. Almost all llu: s'ei.-s that Conn barge routes lo Berlin The summer of 19H9 was upon us. The Stalin-Hitler pad. which 1> llu impression on the diHU: re; ort sti.l: d true tail [)ec-..-mije day. H wa:; also quickly ai.-.l abun rnlly cK-ar thai "a ,]ev.-i.,h ila called Isra-.-! e:-.i.-Is in I'al.'-f.lii and Ih'.'i't- ari.- in; soi-iHt ix-asons i Jor assuJS;i'i:: i' v.';!i n--/: r/j'jiiMUL j 3 to do so." l/,!".i'.vi.se it was evident <j" J that so long as vik-nlary Ar:.ib-Jew- | ish a'j-ri '.-ment ssviiieit impossible. : \the IJN v.ciuld iii'.Vi.- to miiiU-in, -nt | j *Us decision:-, even to (he L\teilt| of using hu'ce. j This is nol :.'.;.-oiul-,;',u.ssing. j -"\- r.Ian.-i of the parlicin.ints in the • H"! Palestine d. cisinn air.l C(,u:uless i Spr sp-eclators ;-'r-.v \viiat v'.'as r.i'cessar;. .•nt - (j c- M- $• <~ : - looe \V. Q. \Vai n.n a resident of lor 3") years, died at Hot s. at II o'clock last nighl. is survived by a daughter. |of our i)eas;m!s' sons were (Tilled l to the colors. Our own director iKukhma/i'.'v went off to tin- front. Hy bragged, as so many Communists did: "Shankami zakidayem —we'll MIOW them und'.'i- v.'ilii our hats." But the ordin;-.r>- folks just could not understand why tlie great Sivi.-t po-.M'i- had io pick a fight with tiny Finland. And v.'hen the boys began to conn- back with fro- /.eii leg's and arms. ihere v.'i'-re mumurings in the villages: "What .'i'e u'e fighting for? U'ii..' insist our Soli-: When I hi The survey compared prices c'harp.cd for ihe four meals two .veeks ago and today in butcher shops in 13 cities across the na- ;-ess sur- sas State patrolmen ten days ago, Speegle was recognized by a foimcr Borger, Tex., sheriff as he sloocl by Highway liti wailing for a ride. He was picked up by a truck The tomier sheriff notified authorities, who converged on the truck near Bethany and captured Speegle without a shot, "•••"mlcher Mednui, chief mar- shall for Bethany who-led the capture, said Speegle admitted shooting A. S. Pavatt, Arkansas Iroop- After Stanley drew the Southworth sent in Sibby Bacon alone sold for about the same price then and today, drop- pine onlv a frac'.i'Mi o 1 ' •> .£ :M(.. S"-- crl cities reported larger drops bif. Milwaukee reported an increase from 57 to 69 cents a pound. Pork chops took the greatest er, from a lonely cabin hideout inj. price slash, an average of seven " " ' — *" : v.,n s cents a pound. Kansas City recorded a reduction of 17 cents a pound, from 9G to 79 cents. Round steak prices declined an ... .__ ___ .. ... ... _ average of six cents a pound, (he | citizens approached a cabin owne survey showed. New York City, by Zue E. Crook, the officer wa The narcotics, valued at ? 25 4, 4 00 at peddler's price.;, comprised Hi ounces of French heroin, of which lour ounces has been adultcred for addict use. Narcotic Inspector John V. Armstrong said wrappings on the packages were identical with those of a confiscated shipment aboard the Kalian Liner Vulcania in New York recently; also with wrappings found in the luggage of a passenger who died of hea rldis- passenger who died of heart disease last year on a New York-to- Los Angeles plane. who had replaced him while ho was sidelined, as a pinch runner. Holmes then delivered the game winning blow, a hard smash past third base into left and Masi flew home with the big run. First Inning Braves Holmes lined to Doby, Dark sent a slow bounder to fiobinson who barely beat the runner to the bar. Torgeson was called out on strikes. at Kmbrci The counci'j jiiuuie b 1 ii I 'fiji i m' o M )n op Masi ; ' 1 ' L ' ts «vai!«iole to . . "' in - Wa C kl.,|>pi» mu , thu, d;iy:; !> ' ly lo d " nl > ' ' l! I h, mo Michael Saris, ,'ia. night club bar- with a 2,'i-ccnt drop and Boston, with a decrease of 20 cents, were the leaders in the price declines. T-bone steak, most expensive of the four meats in the survey, also averaged a six cent drop. Philadelphia had the greatest reduction, 13 cents a pound. In Cleveland, a large food chain (Kroger> said that the prices of quality beef, pork and lamb would be slashed up lo 10 cents a pound today. Another Cleveland chain (A i^ i'i said its prices also would ncler. was arrested and charged shot and killed by a single shot fired from a cabin window. McClain said Specgle said someone came up to the cabin and "hollered." Then he fired a shot j and ran out of the back of the house into tlie woods. The marshal said Speeglc signed a waiver of extradition and authorities from Arkansas were on the way to pick him up. McClain told the United Press that Speegle •xpect Crowd the death of Crook. To Face Murder Charg Plans for the 'Farm and Business One Indianapolis butcher said he TO Face Murder Charges p irk imiii 'lit -in' •! i" ti'i ie '-'ill Mid' N " n " LS> uo hil; ' i - "° errors, none expected price cuts later this i i.iuie Hock, Oct. (j --UP'i—The I ! ' ,,, ...,,.,'',1 " f ,' .,' ..(•.•.,;". ' f \\.~-~ lul1 week. wick-spread search for an A-W-O-L i . j ( f V'-.c riu' -,\ F , v, - •[>•',' Thirci lnni "a Indiana At Louisville, Ky., a food store ,,,ldicr. wanted for questioning in | ,' U H-i' ( . il .' i ;t u , ,'.-,;., [• ,. '- i-,',,". Klliou 1 ' :iile(1 Ul '"'I'l Hegan's chain (Kroger • announced price t | lc . j-ji'ie slaying:; of Stale Patrol- crm ,- (l ' - ln(1 ., ''c|i.-c,i s .-i im ' u f 'our ' ;J ' otln(k ' 1 ' :lllf ' wa.s charged with an cuts up to 14 cents a pound effec-j man S. A. Pavatt and X.ue K. ov, n' coinmuu'it v and'ils plans for t ' nl ',"|', ... live IOCKIV on ,>.; cuis ol ineat. A jc'rook, relnvd railroad switchman ,,„, , ulu , e shl)i ;i l( u . O f inle.'esl to , ,,, , ' : , r ""f L ' d , Uv ". i"-''-'m|)tH to 12'.: feet. ,Where (hi I loci i \ d the pric" . •' more Whciv ***-perty o> nt i o b. > ' po i ed the 'money the til\ \ ill ,i u laying the gravel nisi vhi h In to be done soon in order to b' ready for asphalt I i^ n n<spring. Property, owners mi A do Itu t own soliciting of funds and itiu: pay cost of pavin;/ ru ,1 lull hlw , The city will not oppinvt piouv which are nol conlinuo'i i, h ivin gravel gaps ir, cont'iiN to nnipo* . No runs, no hits, no errors, none I '' left. First Inning Indians Mitchell fhed out to Mike McCormick. Doby lilted an easy fly to M. McCormick in dead center. Boudreau fouled out to liickert near the left field boxes. No runs, no hits, no errors, none Jelt. Second Inning Indians Gordon looked at a third strike. Keltner singled over Elliott's head for the first hit of the series. Judnieh lined to Homes and Keltner just managed to beat the throw back (o first base on an attempted double play. Torgeson got down on his knee to make a nice stop of Robinson's An average block \ hen c'mnli,* ed will consist of i ^' ( iol b i ^ (i inches thick, a bi^e piitpi 'o r.f ..bituminous. :,m I ' i> riU) ^ surface of. chatt and .liquid asphal „ 20 feet wide. Location of Kings Cnciti whi i is scheduled to play here was protested by propcih ownn, ant' the group voted to male Ihe c i' cus move to another site. It. w t > to play on the north side of Kai; pork. It was also voted to mak future carnivals and circuses pos 3100 bonds to insure proper clean ing of sites. Salaries of Strict Depiitmin employes were iciiscd, illictiv Oct. 1, to the following monthl: i,i ' i 1 ,, r I3 ". sons base: Commissionoi S- (., p itio wicked smash down (he first base- , No runs, one hit, no errors, one left. Second Inning Braves Judnieh came in fast to gather in Elliott's soft fly in short right. liickert foiled to Doby in right center. . ' ^ . Salkeld struck out in three pitches. Nu runs, no hit;;, no errors, none company Continued on page two Continued on page two No Hobby Is Too Odd for o to Fk ft * H P s n B & O t N bunt, then struck out. Mitchell fouled to Elliott made the catch in back of third C'omini'rt:e. today encouraged the U'i'Ji!i-n u{ llniie lo altend this ban- I ir . , i i . .-,.-, quet and join with the business 1 ,. 1( , ^' h " uk :i ' lv . : !! 11t , : '- 1 : ..'.'!.>'"" s mil) in boniirin. 1 ..' the fru'm peo))le " '' '" of llemp.^!e-ad C'onnt.s'. ibase. I llet I .slow Tlie speal;er lor Hie I'Vening, C, Hamilton Moses, is well known in Hope and is ivco<;ni/,-d as Ar- j I'.ansas' must pi'ogi'essive (.'iti/en. As president of the State Chamber of Commerce of the A rk in is 'is a:iything el.-,!, lo do, so 1 ju;,t copied i By HAL BOYLE reaclied second, credited with Doby bounced directly to Dark wno tossed him out. Third Inning Craves M. MeC.'oimick offered at Fellar's first pitch and sent an easy pop .Stanky popped lo Keltuer. Sam touled to Hobiusun. No runs, no hits, no error.;, none Fourth Inning Indians Boudreau struck out. Gordon :;in,",led into center. Kehner sti tick out on a hit and operators, .$190; tiutk street workti-, 'jl!) ran others at the rate of 00 cents per hour. A permit was RI ink I L L \t cher to construct a fillinn station on the Broukwood I'lopulv He n connection with a IK \ huildin which will housi thi Sli'dibjKi i Agency. A. S. Willis wa in j)'n\(.d ,1 electrical tnspccloi Proposed constitution o 1 n i !• i, trical line lo ser\i ii\i him < u t liope-Bodcav,- road v\ i uki'id ti C. O. Thomas I'm m \ \ 3 L -1 .l t V.I ire Since tin- opt-nii i' <i 'u huntnifv .Hi a This new out-bl i il o 1 fit ti, being caused by i uili Mjuniel hunters, there had bun i \i l / lo v v occurri'iici: of fii in tin ,iii>s) iji-iore thi- present huiilm r on opened, and the f> i < i \ |U t ,vi, dry and the fin b i/ l I i high lielore as it h b n u ' 1 the opening of (h ,un I i < ":'.["'I run plav. and when Salkeld'"drop- H''-''^'. H is reason nm to n, x -"" i ' •-- - •'-'..-' • - -- .' that a numbet I 1 '1 liat del.i ; .i i avoided if tii- i,' v. j IK nt as v,'<. I 1 as i sembiy h.;><: uo:-i- \-. cli-:ii'ly tlema::di d f-nallv d'd I'm !•: they ': honk! u.-v. i-auliiin: l:j.y ri-c" rorisls ii-i l'::i i: mi,- 1H,M"1 IsKuT - |-" ; ;-' c.lamai.-i'ii Iss.u-! ~ l j'i'esti'Je. goV.-,-U:!:i-l:i. a:,,[ tu a i' .-• rl our ov. n. cauo-.-'. : ,- '.^ lit u-ss in lii,- i-h:;in u! •. .'i-i l.-d lo C',,u,ii I:..-; :,:i,.;.-.!i '• nation. I.',.\ re;!-. . u.". on l;arti;ii.-n \ ou- in - .'-.!•:.•:•.•• g;i lion K-: .t : i: ( -rs: :::;.!•-:" Arab nal'.uii:... Bn!a:;i. -M ': time, lent ari!:i.[.i .-I.- :j-;:i cievn/us ami eynj.', 1 .! i-i J'-. Continued on |;agc- two e\'ed. si V.'ldov. ed hic.-r --. - l-oyi'tt. Jfobert LaGi'iViii-. !'" :i vill.m. Tom Kui.-rr. liarrv Hav.-thoiue ana :il( i<'nt idi-al Paul !..v\-. ;s. ' '" r - I; ii. ' ll.'lu I i l'' /S I" Y - f triers tiuv Most of The other day another voiim.' read-! man of this stern breed droppi-d Ui and'lo l'-ll mi- abi,.:l his unusual claim : en- to lan.e. -.- b'.i- \ He '.'.'a.-, Jack K. William.-,. :"J. ,, Coi ;-:la!l. I I'i'i-kli-d. saiidy-haired fornr.'i M.- iu!U. S. Sailor v,'ho bi-lieve:-: he is th> jer otiv- 'u./.:'. banet lau - bi'ancli. ihi- i " f h.ivi h: leneii I-) i!:O]'e ;haii ., );M:I'MS:. : !)>' S;m:n:V cil li:oe i v.'rote iiov.li -.- i : .,ved." li-.- said ryuoiu' in Ui over a vear. I'i'oh- i |L ' U •. in Arkaiis:i.s is moiv j Fourth Innmrj Braves •i i;-,-- -t;,u-'-; luoeu-ss: Holme;, nipped bac'l; to Feller r,: i lev.' '.'-,,1's ;,.'.-d Ihei'''- 11 " threw to Kobins,;n for the out. ,,,,... ';,. ( -i:oir, li.-iv,- ' Guidon seoooeil up Dark':; .,,;•• Ih'in oil),•)'.-,. Tile I 1 ' 1 .", 1 " 11 '" 1 ' n:1(1 t'lrew !:i:n out. iing program :ho::-d be belli eduea- iorgeson \'.'a!k"d on live pitches But since , tj,,.,-,! -,,1-1 a challenge to our cili-P" bi.-i-miie the first Boston ;xise n-i'son:illy i/. ( -ii. ; (,, ;iv..ikin to tin- many poU.-u- j' l " .iilt-.'1'enl | tiul.; ;,,-,,Olid to watch ; 'II e'\' -S. il-..-.- I,."." , lloiH- !o'|- -.'.' 1 asked il Ins hobby b-uiij't inter-; ;i |,i v tni jnil eied v.-ith !i,s s'lcial li!\-. 'lamiliai \-.'i "j\ly 1'i'ii nrr: ai I :'•.-". lliuught l.duriu- 1 -In'. :.s ei*:i/.y biesi" 1 .- I i! i ;t:ier stay i i.-a:-;-'.::-, v h ioiiu- and v site dov.-:i n.iiin-s oi ; ;,,!vaiu'ed i .IIM-S on Sianiav " .biL'i; i'i il i t M t u 011 < ml iv ill. i i « ,1 tailing the nece, u'ith c;;mp lice: cigarette.:;. However, n:o:-t u fl I i e being caused by 1 iiUi bi.lt>>.; smokes or Si-itin m ' hnlluvv den H'ees in an i i i' I i i 0 out :-,quirre!. Hunt n > lie u >! , sibie for most ol t 1 I i AtUution ol tii In i i >. il'd to tile i:iet. (ha i ' "' ilttl tree:, h-;.- is- iu-:.-( vu;' vei-v i.-;.-,eniial to ' 1 u "1 ia id s i e ounfy C for October "SO llelu!.>t. ;:d Co-::: .- -,:, \tUiion w:l! !-,- li-.i-i - . i.'i-r !'i. at Sy.e-.-l iioi::e t hnrcii. 7 mil,-s \-'.:<.-.\ (.n J iisi< v.•; y No. -I. A I'ecoif! Cl'OV.'e I.-.- e.-. ;-"i i saJ ijiiai li-l.- Ji e * u'LViiuvLv 1 ;?i.;-:';ii;i? 1 m only a Nev. -N'moiinn'.' Or; a bi-laled A|,:'.l ; produced lie:,'.\ \, i-! e - - i-l: i r I i i': -11 • d \'.' :'. i 1 I b - • •-. And he !i:n; io-.'.-:, V. h'-le ile ; o-;n:d-so':v M:,I|:- [' '.'. lilie ci: i'. 111:;. 1),-. ti'o;,ei :,lai:h ii. ' I ,;,:iii. co::- Westbrook Is Kecovermq ri-r:-.r,oi, Mole second | L ' ::11 u !' (111 tht : ni l " ' I ".lucheil came in fast to »'ither !,V' ; -' !1 " ! •• < -' tli!1 - ' ' | m F.llioUV. loopin- fly. ' j ' nls , ! ; "'." . r ' ! ! lv ( No run.-., no hit.:, no errors, one : J " ! '' ;> ' '" "'' ; left. I F'"' 1 Inninfj Indians | Kooinson golfed curve to llohtu.-.; Jin .-.horl i-ijiil. ! single info left. ! Fellei' l.iui down ;i iu-at s.,esiiice ill eld Ihi'i'-.v to i'ir-;i tor tiie pulotil j as Ih-gan tool; second | Nu runs, one hit. n,j eri'oi'.-. one ; ieii. Fifth Inninn Bravcs i liiekeit rii'li-d a single into right "in-!'! lor Boston's first hit of the •'-'.; 1111 e. --.dkelcl saesif'ced Kiekei't to Sec- I I I! c^ o t O I th< II ' 1 ' "v. id iioHov,- 'a, 1.1.1 .., wild hie i i i i i ibi is tvi tile hu i i b jinl lako into ci r i' i i t>. i t H i . n Pii-e at BScvirts Results in Ho Dcsrnage if Ii-- !•"!> l.-e.'i'll.l --colK! 'A lire ;;t l'i" H ,! i;!eViS-S til;:- !' i i.-i ol fooiball join. | pj selieaiiy no d '.i his jo.-..-, i.-: a I No inns, osie hit, no c-rrors. t-ne i Di. ).-ai ln':c:it, ivhi But local Ian,-, ';K-n. i'r,:iV is ueit ;...-.! Sinlh Inuiiuj Braves .'•v.-ii and vi^-h S iin hit F.-il.-r'-s I'i: d 11 I I CoijtlllLlV-d 01! Continued on pav;e two

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