Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 5, 1948 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1948
Page 5
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Tuesday, October 5, 1948 BLONDIE HOPE STAR, HOP!, ARKANSAS Ccgc F By Chick Yc-ino OZARK IKE O4GWOCL? HETPES ) THt" TVv'FNTY v'V-W -^ -~ / / POLL APS YOU ) ,r -'?? *v' * ^\) GAVE MB TCV? \-'i;'' V- 1 -?, « THE DRESS- .rJS. " ,' VS\ ~\-/ . • DECIDED ••- X ~ T'. ' 7ONT PUT IT IM VOUf? =OCKET-l WANT IT ^ ALEXANDER)! A SUIT t—'N'S J I IF YOU WANTED) ,-^ n f \r BACK AS AN, -/-x^y;? *.:-., A WHV D.-DYOJ ) (iV.3 v: <*>' 1 JUST TI-IO'JG-.T i YOU MISHT ENJOY ' FEELIMG ITAJAN 5 UF : Mi^Z555S& Bv Roy Go!t«» GOT A'FAT >~J> 5-2 LEAD WITH I NO NEED TO BOTHER WITH THE BUG RUNNER TWO DOWN IN NINTH/ S1DF GLANCES CARNIVAL M By Dick Turner COPR. 1940 m NEA SEnVICE, INC. T. M. BEG. U. S. FAT. OFP. UOPR. 1910 BY NC<1 SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF "It cost a little more than 1 usually pay for n. hat, but ! had to buy something! You wouldn't want me to v/aik oirt of the store in the rain, would you?" PSINNY "Lend me the mirror in your compact a minute, Myrtle! The senator's been 'viewing with alarm' lately ind he ,Yborrowed_mine to practice_facial_expressipV^!',' ' FRECKLES AND H(S FFHENDS By B'ossei ^^ .=» * frf;ff<M.';.V rr^":! \ COPR. 1948 BY NEAy.RVICE. INC, T. M. kEG U. 5. PAT. OFK OM, OEAQ.,i ATE" "TOO MUCH LOBSTER NEWPURGM LASf . EVENING/ LOBSTER. f" OR PERHAPS vr WAS CAVIAR / VAW SIMPLY INSISTED OM MY HAVING A SEQ3MD HELPING WITH TME . DEMI-TASSE' HE'S TOO CHEAP TO BUY A WHOLE 1 (WILL VOU CATCH HILDA? T YOU RE KICKING/ ONE DATE WIThl STUFFED W1TM CAVIAR / VAN, AND JUNE'S ALLERGIC TO AN','- AMD COMCEIT/ r~—^\ THING BUT ROAST SQUAB AND ORCHIDS! 'He always manages to get the car greased when there's a parade!" POPEYE COPR. 194B HY f.'FA SEKVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. >:..'.\',\'. Thrtnblc Theater ONE-MAM AONE-MAKtl^/ 4 > ^M^uITBE'f' ^ VTHEEE^ ^fV7^^ "T\- V) ^ <> A .(10 pc>Peve, ALL / DID WAS ASK Fbf2 TICKETS/' By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE WiJ-h Mainr Hoo»lp BUT A &AS£ OM FOLLOWS... TH£M A SMASH DOWN THE THIRD ^, „..-»- f-- BUT IM OUT Of; POSITION fc " MAKE A THROW/ * VIC FLINT By Michael O'MoIJev & Rclph Lane YOU MEAN YOU'RE GOING % TO SWIM IN, V VIC? ^CS^y THOSE TWO *^ ^! CUTTIrSOATS WOULD NEVER LET US REACH THE DOCK IN THE BOAT, 'AFFY. WE HAVE TO ^hile at Spanish Chest Island... THE POOL 15 DRAINING,' THEN LET'S V 5ENOR JOKE, BUT IT WILL [ SWEAT THE OLD I/-\(M- f\ LV^I^VJ ii)v\c: ^X"V *- WVJI MUHI MrVAi; if^f* 3X''" COPH. 194B L1V NL'A REUVICC. INC.'"1. M, RHC. U. ^ PAT. nf-F EEF YOU HdVt AMY KNOWLEDGE ^MY HEART/ *' OF THE TREASURE, SPEAK NOW, ( WAVER f "KMEESTER WAYCROSS. OTHERWISE—A. Gif/CK/.f r^'^- i ••'•'•!:• -•>> -.•':£i,.. * ,-* '•^Y^> t. J- i'. ^ f*> fe?frl WQ •s.'i -•ASH TS.'BSS B) Lushe 1'urner BUT MR. KODDIS AT VOU WIGHT KNOW THE BRITISH THIS FKISfJD SIFl ROLAND CW.LED "RGGSIE=;'LIUIWG- SOUTHWEST 0' LONDON. / HE &NO UNCLE WERE N J/ CLOSELV KSSOCIfXTED / FOR. VE&R.S, EP,SV,,.IW 1 ftRCHEOLOGlCftLWORK.hW \ IM FRESERUING- HISTORICAL iV S\TES IM EMGLftND. - 7 THEUAlUftBLES /AMD ENaWD's FULL i WFRE HUM5ENIM HISTORICPVL RUINS. HERE WE ] AM DID RUIN 0' \ ftRE. EASVl (F MR.RODDIS SOME KIMD, fENMV.V KNOWS REGGIE, WE'LL FIND IT.i$ BUT i ccuiDw-T RECOGNIZE IT.. TH'HISHT WAS SODP>,RK—„ HENRY By Can' .".nd BEST FOOD IN , TOWN DONALD DUCK t!y Walt Disney LOOK:, PAL,..NOT A J5VVELKV STOEE IN TOWN'S GOT A £ETTER COLLECTIOM • OF ICE THAN THAT.' IT'S YOURS FOR ) TPM BI irk.'?; / .—^ ^ IT'S ^~\ VT^ ^^ fe- «b ^: AM.EY OOP Sy V. T. Hamlin \VHWCHA MEAN,/ AT HIM ALKEAPY \ PINNY \\'ON'T /ME'N PINNY'S TAKEN N BE NO HELP A DIVE... AN' LUCKY ASMNST TH' \ Ns'E WERE" TO ='iN<5l(S!' \ ESCAPE ALIVE.' PINOS.MIE? NUTS; I'LL SHOW vojr ANY'vow X fii>T A SCORE Tb'ETTLE \VITH THAT CKlTTEfi. _ r^ MYSELF.' m$ »* ALL RISHT, BY SEE: JUST WA.IT... YOU'LL is i?EE co fl5J. M "£lJi£*. SF-ivicK, i^c. T M. nrc. u s. MT. BOOTS GO OM, GOOM/ I'LL WASH N ' THIS.' YOU GC\ HALF MY [— — I ,,, ^ STEAK ANP Ttf'O THIRDS '\ •'OF MY DES-3ERT-- BUT DOMT ) '•. TM M< 1 M eOlM' TO SET J "' ••• TMi-3 DOWN) EVEM vjTl FOR A 5ECOMD.' / i '~,f ^ x < U. r'V Q _ - *3 n MOTHERS 6ET &RAY siO MEAT, TMPiN)t< y' I \M£V.L, \N)S)> DOf^'T TELL OS VOO'REr < JUlCe THIS ^\ TOSS AMD}( LIFE- vJO!?« OF STRcTCt-l iM6 THE SPRINGS c AWSE-LF OM A DIET OF s^'j TW6 -^ / fATl^ROOM 'SCALES.'-" ARTAKi SEMERnV TlLU )\ KlCKOFF x 'f Y-OHW'S TH£ AILME^V Liv<e- fcKHPEf-k'LHT vJUICfc IHli) N\ iut>b I".NL» I Lire v^i-'ivK ur- DiixciLt E\JEKilMG/-'<-I'K\ POTVI^SJ) RECeixje/x lM6 THE SPRINGS O;0 ^ )/ T. LEAKi^ \V'i4/Xr'S AIL- /<? FOR A."^l-^-SC M^v^ '* \'— • v->-J\ j.'\ .. / V GOR \JULTUR£S/ 'iiiiV--ir" m t'-l "M. By Edgar Martin \ 'C\ %o RED RYDER CRITTER. £O YOU f!?O>A A PUP AN30 I'OO .•ME BECAUSE -l By Fred Harmdli'' 1>v -

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