Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 5, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1948
Page 3
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-*, Tuesday, October 5, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Page Three * Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Wednesday October 6 ! first two ob.ipters of ihe lhe Fidehs Sunday School Class j study bor.!- ••Cori-i-'ii'-'-i i •,••• of. the First JMctl-Kiiiisl ciiureh v::li i :\ii s! Eel\va--c'-; "r'--v'"w'r-d "'- : ,.-.' haVi' a weiner roast ;u the Hope j and fourth eJianfr-7--; " Fair jiari;. Wednesday e\-eniiu; at i ~\ir^. 'Inilf,; 'eb-e';' ! ce,r'"'- C:30. All rnemljers are urged to :,t- j ?id'-(.i' o\vr " ;]'-.••• "i,...-", !5 ."='' ' Berkley and Warren Carry Campaign Ball By The Associated Press President Truman and Gov. and the New York governor. Senator Albcn W. Barkloy, thC Hot Springs Man Killed in Accident I nrrn itself against inflation ancV Ynndenberg went on. "But it shall th.'eas.s trom ai.soad only through'never be said of t<s that we vollin- Democratic nominee, planned to i "ail-out production equal to our • tai ;ly abandoned the council charn- \ fly to Colorado for a speaking date j every need." ber "as the forum of our choice." ' at Greeley tonight. The KeiUuckian : Kecalling (he 1914 campaign ap- H-;nrv Wallace, the Progressive' toured the Iowa and Minnesota ! -oeai Mrcsscu by the l;t'c VYenedcll . party- presidential candidate, who grain belt yesterday, stressing his • V.'iiik;e— "None but tne -.Moriuctive r,;^ been attaching the hi-pa; tisim HO/ Sonn--; Ort ~t —i~'party's agriculture record. He said ; c;u> bv ?;ro!m. none but the strong ioj-eign policy, last night switched ]".. uto;-, ' .";;"" ]";i'i;' S-i-V 1 ! the national farm income had been : can 1,.? frie" ---War; CM neidea: to a new theme. ki'iid )'T V •• 've "'-Ycrr'- 'n-h>- increased from S5.000.000.000 in, "<>.;>• the united can be either The former secretary of Ai:rirt;l- .• ^ •-'.-• 1P32 to a current figure of S3.000.- >••'•liv.ciivf. strung or tree " "r. e said tin- Democrats inui Re- 000. \ I-xp! i;--:;n--; the same America- publicans are "sniping away" at son. Mi??., v-hore the States Rights movement v.-as born, meanwhile formed their own state, party Jr»a- icbim'ry to press the electoral ^Vole i battle "in November. I "The Soothon) way of life is saf- i c;; ' > n '' no hands of the regular i; Democratic party." they declarecU . .,»«,,• f) Thomas L-J Pewcv le 1 thcr- runninr i -Accusing the Republicans of try- L-nind tne.Tio. Vanacni-tert; ?;u.l: ' ' " ' . "' farm program developed tun- There will be a called ee w e a cae meetng H;:t-r^ of F-i.- O rr T'-O !,'•• •-••-'!• -" of ihe E>:c"juliv> board of the Gar- ! l.vi-s lUr-- ",Ir> '••• l!o--.''-in^ T'lti' .il"'- t laml^ School P.T.A. \Vedncsdnv at ' .Jat>: "•niV-.-V VV .-.'..'•', -•' v-"!co'r'--'''d'in 1 "o "1(1^^11. at the school. All members ] d;e en>>ip ..... "" " ...... v ''" "v .na'te.s carrv' the "camnaign ball 'to- i ing . lo stir clnss div > su »i between. "O'.ir unity is as important as ,iug bis tenure in the Roosevelt ;;d- , da - v ;ls thc >' prepared' for the next I '' !SrJcul!llrc a " d labor. Barkiry ; oin oi.i.'v: bidiibs." . i nsinisti ation. . -"o-round in the" prctidcntiar con- callcci tn i s "reprehensible tactics.' Ine c''-,,.inr.an of the Sc-nnte For- 1 Wallace told a Fresno. Calif., an- tc -~'- " Gov. Earl Warren, the No. 2'e;--n !;..-:r-.i,ir,s con^miitee said the d:e'-,ee that the "ever-nonn;i! g,-;i!i- ' "" " - vlr - Truinan stuck clos^ bv the C ' OP ' " contender. f-.aro"urged to be present. i During die social hour, the Wednesday October 6 . . j pi a to to "1'V m^mber'^'and '"three -!th a foray extending into his Re • ihc ]'° v '' !! r be_ the re~uu;r meet-i guests, Mrs. J.-a?> Nelson. Mrs. ' publican opponents' home state. r"i g -° ( - ,-? -"•?• - 3 °\ Ulc Fil ^ i :;uim and Mrs. Edwards. ' I Dewcy arranged to spend most, Christian Church IP the- home of . of the clay in closed-door sessions i.iJi. AL lane, _i'f L.ust lata, at i Y.VV.A. Met Monday 'at Albany with John Foster Dulles, i.M., p.m. j -jjgnt at Church Shi: foreign affairs adviser who ... 'T , ' ... |made a special flight from Paris Wednesday. October 6 I Li.:r,tecn members of the Y.V.V.-V ito report on United Nations delib-I S C \,V" £l . r ' u ' nin Garc'cn Club will , o; I-n;L Bapt;.s: t m::rii • met a I itj-alion." of the Berlin crisis. in C; n \vccin.--day Mternron «t iJiriOMi: 53 with the G.A.'s. Jr. G.A.'s. i In advance of that huddle, the in tho hoi-.io ot AIr.-\ ,!. D. I'ranX- ; Intc-rmeciinte G.A.'.< for a supper ; Republicans put Senator Arthur H. Jin v.-i.n j.jrs. (_ C. i.'-wis as aasoc- : r.ie-, 111:4 ::'- the church Educational ; Vi.ndenberg. their chief foreign . ..ialt- hosier. Gue.-.t. speai;er v.-ili | b-jiicnri!;. The V.'.M.S. of thelpolicy spokesman in Congress, on V ue-Jcie loumrm 01 Kmmet wiio will : c;iu:-c!i served a most tempting a nationwide broadcast last night. speaK on Lulbs. Ihere will be a ; cic.-.sert plate with tea to 7ei mem- ;Vanrienberg said this countrv's'bi- bulu exeha.-itte. uors and three :me-as, the Rev- partisan foreign policy leaves the crond S. A. \V:i!tlov.-. Mr. Bill ! voters free to switch administra- VVcdnesday, October G Kyltr.er. ana l;r. Pu. Kny ^'cKay. • ucns "without affecting the contin- Tho Girl Scout Commwvliy Com- '• % lr; '- ^- A - "'h't',ov.- :;re:;:ced ;r ;uitv' 'of that policy. I jnitu.'i.: v.-;!! meet V/eiincsar.-,- at '• ""'- -•'•".W-' m*>_•;;!;;:. Following the ; The vice presidential candidates! 2 p.m. 1,1 ihe City I!-,.!). Leaders '',-'i:per tho ;-roup ; ; ao;our::cd to ; meanwhile headed their cross-! are lilted to be pr ..^nt. j '-'l c 'j. r su'cl. v ro-.n.s. j country caravans into sections! i , - u ' ?s - x ' lu ' ;v > t; - c ' ! Pc-rkin?. presi- i trail-blazed earlier by Mr. Truman j Tiiursd.-y, October 7 j dent, cabed t;;o mecUny to order ! I The Hooe Clv.tii-r \'o ';'"', O r 3 ; snt ' presided over the business':—:—• -————— -I will me-t a i 7 ; ai' T : ;u-:d-='- -'""iit > scssifin - T h" meeting opened with | * ln the parsonage of the Hope i at the :,lEson:c Hall \\\ ;v-p'b-vc ! l!v:j V.\V.A. son a "O Zion Haste 1 ' Gospel Tabernacle with the Rev*-please no'e ibe ch"n"u of rr).-> i :ollo\vc-d by prr.yer bv Miss Beth i 9 rc ' ncl H - Paul Holdridge officiat- . " •"•Sr.sser. Mrs. S. L. Alurphy meting. carried his Soviet record of "du|;liei!y" on the.ary" — under which the Jiite House and add^d ' new ! " unll - v " campaign to Charleston. •••••'•\:>; i,:oeU:;:- I ,e cnspiue is a.nienl buys surpluses in Hg ei'.'p '-oi-chcs to the speech-making he is )}'• V 2",.J or . a nv -(°; tn!k tonight, ."threat -,,.. every body'^ peace, our ; years ar.d sells them in iear. or.'-,scheduled to resume tomorrow ! II !? Californian old a Pittsburgh ; ov, ;,, ir.i.-haticaily included." .- has been "reduced to a sk,:-U- ral!y last n 'Bht this country could! -\, e ,;,..]) . <t , L . p ollv i, ONVC i e r dry, ' to.a" by actuins of ooth parties. G(i->-. ,?. St!o;n Thurmond, the: Stale:- Rights party s';:r.dard bear- ; ins v.-ith all three of his presiden- : tii.l Mvais. Thv South Chrobnian spo!;e in Ajiievillo, N. C.. last IliRlit. : I-'ro-Truiv.'.in Democrats in Jaek- Promptly Relieves r « The Hempst-nd Coun room 'I ee.ciit/.-;; .A^.-ocia in.ee-t at 7 o'clock Tb-ur.s-:i October 7 at the JCievi: School. All ter.chtr.s are talk. Two Mrs. Nolan Tollett Ho^teGS lo Circle 5 The :*:'.-;y.b.-! .-, •-.!' Circ the-\V.S.C.S. ol ihe Firs: eiiurch ivv, \,. ihe h'i ^ The bride wore a brown gabardine suit v.-jth brown accessories core anc * P !nr >"d a white tube rose cor- v, i.-re rc-instalfd. > ssae at her shoulder. -Miss Betty Mtinin :;ave a verv i Ihcy \viii make their home in inte-re-lin^ tab: ou^ --Jews". The | Emmctt, Prayer repeater.; in unison. j Coming and ( Joe Osburn spent last wee n Swcetwater, Texas visit- inu her sister. Mrs. Elmer Brim- maple a:-,d grandmother, Mrs L H. Sair.ucls. liar.-: Keltner of Fort Worth. i~ visitinff friends in. Hope eek and attendinp; the First st church revival. He will be ioined by Mrs. Keltner Friday Hospital Notes Branch Adrniued: M:s. Nora Carrigan. Hope. Mrs. J. O. Anderson, Hope. -'• Irs - Dale Rogers, Hope. Josephine Admitted: F.abv Boy Coins. Hope. J. P. Sample, Ashdown. • Julia Chester itobinson j Admitted: - . . , "'" i:":ar-; Mrs. J. E. Redman, Lewisvillo. tiat.v 01 tneir c:aupnu.-r. Mildred.' , . Mrs. Wilton Esters, Lewisvillc. Discharged: ^. . -. • , -'- • - •• - *-' ; | A-ii2l_ii[l 1 L;un . -vlr. ana Mrs. Doiphus Ga:iov,-;,y. of • Mrs. P. \V. Raschke. Hope. J_ri:ilTr".t. ~\ f.. - T - _ n,, . . . Mrs. James Thompson and LYDIfiL PIHKHAM'ScoSffis'i- -ue ^:!:i;ie^ vir.ri ce.- .-rr.oriv was : daughter, Janice Elaine. Tcxar- scieri-nizea l-riaay .':..;..;. October l;ana. FEATURES 2:32 - 4:40 - 6:43 DOROTHY DIX *»J A eir! \vlio is coi-ten-pir.tini' mat- j moiiy wants to l-tno-.v" >.vhLit!" ciues- \ 'heir time telling each other how lions nn tnuased ce'ur.-io should '' beautiful and wonderful they are ask each other. A wise young : and yes-yesing everything the other woman. A fen-ale Daniel come to : .-". vs - This makes it not only pos- For if sweethearts did ! ~'.ble. but common, for boys and j sleuthing- into eaeii other'.! and tastes and merit;,! processes : 1 'h 1 -o of their li\ es. without having I i;-c-fon? t.'joy took eaeh lor better ; 'he slightest knowledge of what : ey v.-orse. tiierc wi-u':ci be a oi_:: sol 't of life partners they are get- l.-JLijn;.! :ri the ::t;rr;Ger of d:\-orco.;. i lin .". or on what kind of olalform ; Acce;i a:::g to the io;-:r.t,;a by ' they will stand, vruch cou: tshi'is M-O i .>nc'i'cti-d. contracting parties sr..c-r.d • u everv eng more & ! ''!s to enter into a contract that 'ts . v '.'i" be the making or the mar- I IT'S TIME TO SHINE II WITH SELF-POLISH!NG LIQUID^ V/AX SHOE POLISH BLACK BROWN TAfJ BLUE OXBLQOD LAST DAY away lyom the petting long enough to as!; her prospective husband just how much money he was making, ! how big a balance he had at the j bank, and what his views were i concerning giving his wife an al- ;ov,a::ce lor her own personal be- iiuoi and benefit, und no questions asked. Dazzled by Show | M;:ny a girl marries a man un- i der the belief that he is rich be- j cau^e he showered orchids on her I and took her to swanky places of amusement, only to find out after m.aniage that lie was a showoff trying to dazzle her. and that she has to pinch pennies for years to | pay lor the expensive presents he j made her. And many another wife i discovers that when her husband j swoi'j at the altar to endow her j with all of his earthly goods, it was i a figure oi speech, and that she nas to chloroform, him before, she can get a tmarter out of in in. Another ciuestion the engaged girl ! ihouUl ask ihe man she is about i to tie up with is whether he is go- i • "o to spend his evenings with her 1 or with the boys at the pi/ol room:, i Still other pertinent questions on ; which girls should get reliable in- i lormatio": before- the weddir.g art: I VVhettier the prospective bride- ] i'.ruui,! thinks that u V.IIO'M place i is in liiL- home. ana that she 1 • shouki de-tire no livelier anii;se- j muu t)ian cook:i:g and scrubbing j and bliby-tendiiig ";,uo l:.-tviiiiig 10 j '."ill:: snore iieiiind hi>. evening i ; pap.jr. Whether he \vili li-ok upon j ' i.er as an unpaid si-ivan'. to v.-hom | • i.t: doi/i not even have to bo (>o- I ; lite, bi-caut'L- slie cannot L'lvo nollVu j : ^-r;'.i quit. Or whether i'.v will be ' tei.dv.-r auci kind ;.nri uo ..-.'ci ytniiig . he ca:: lo make- hi-;' h:-.!-;-'>'. i PLUS FOOTBALL OF THE YEARS * NEWS •Ri/lcUiCd by Tiit; .Bull Syi.diccte. i Inc..i i INSP RED FASHIONS BY JUSTIN McCARTY CAPTURE THE FEMIN NE MOOD Imbued with a smart and "gentlewoman's" air. our new Fall apparel flatters your femininity to the utmost! Ccats, dresses, suits ... all designed to "do something" for you ... all punctuated by exquisite detail . . '. all interpreted in autumn hues, rich fabrics. Indeed, we've assembled a collection worthy of a connoisseur yet offering a budget-worthy price range. Sell Fashion Short With Our JUSTIN McCARTY SUITS The jacket is brief — for brevity is the soul of fashion this Fall. The fabric: Lorraine's lOO^o woe--!, soft and fine. Justin McCarty tailored our suit with a slim straight skirt, the jacket with a whisper of a peplum below. Red, grey, green. Sizes 12 and 1 4. 34.95 Our "Baby-Tuck' BLOUSES Justin McCarty pin-tuck the round collar, cuffs and square yoke of our sheer crepe blouse, making it as delicate and lovely as the colors it comes in: Trutle dove grey, aqua, apple green, white, butterscotch, also Pimento red and navy. 10's to 20's. 12.95 Use Your lharge Account Use Our Lay-Away . f ^ / /f: \^\ ' ^ ^./ Classic Wool GABARDINE SKIRTS 10.95 Justin McCarty tailored the fine }QQ°o wool Lorraine gabardine with a wide fold down the front and back, makes you look taller and slimmer! Colors: tortoise shell, black, grey, brov.n, navy, green. 10's to20's. Tucks Take to hash ion CREPE DRESSES 1 ucl;s ana' rr.c.re nicks from file- hem up . . . that's Juit;n McCartv'^ v.'Cis ro moke a skirt look interesting. You'll like the-- trim little waistline. the ilecves that snow oft your jewelry. 22 5 Visit Our Ready to Wear Department East Second Street Formerly Taibot's Phone 944

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