Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 5, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1948
Page 2
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fogc fvro HOPE StAfc, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, October 5, 1948 Editor in Kiwanis Address Prescott Youth Has Champion Steer For National Newspaper Week i Hope Kiwanis club at Its luncheon \ ir.rtuV noon in Hotel Barlow heard ! Aicx. H. Washburn. publisher of i The Star, repeat the address. "To- i jronow's No Holiday." which he j Cj'igi'naUy delivered at a school ; tfemincncement in Pr-nnsylvania \ J«st June 5. He was introduced by i Di. Emmet Thompson, in charge Ci program. ! Mr. Washburn discussed, in ad- • vance of the prepared text, a recent government ruling to compel fac- j lories to abandon their delivered- i pi ip*j' system and quote instead'' i.o.b. mill prices with freight ' added. He said the newspapers I carried the brunt of the success- ' iul fight of the South and West ! lor freight parity with the East, i and now it looks as though much ! oi it will have to be done" all over \ again—because the e/fect of the i new government ruling will be to | make- prices cheap in areas around ' the manufacturing cities but high | in remote territories like our own. ; Herycy Holt, club president, re- ; ported on the recent Mo-Kan-Ark ; district convention in Little Rock: | with reports from other delegates > to follow in subsequent club meet- i ings. , j Kiwanis guests today besides ! •Ihc speaker: Aaron Tollett, Basil i York, both of Hope; Dr. M. Rav ! McKay. Little Rock; Premise Lane, ; St. Louis; and Biil Keltner. Fort ; Worth. ; U. N~Votes j Continued From Page One I at. 3:10 p. m. .(8:1(3 a. m. Central) Standard Time;. \ Just before the crucial session i began, Doublas Fairbanks, Jr.. ! went un on the platform and shook j hands with U. S. Delegate Warren i Austin and U. N. Secretary- Gen- ! er?l Trygve.Lie. . " j ' jParodi said the argument of Vi- i shinsky yesterday was based on | tv.-o contentions: " i 1. Article 107 of the U. N. char-L .. ter forbade the United Nations to iJ " J '-' uin intervene in a matter contornins Gcrmsnv before the "Big Four" had written a peace treaty. 2. No threat to peace existed in Berlin. Parodi said the second point was one of substance and had :io bearing on whether the item should be put on the agenda. Article 107, he said, was aimed Says Air Lift Can Continue Two Years Progressives fo Be on State Ballot D. Clay said today the United | States and Britain can keep | their airlift to blockaded Berlin itwo years if need be. : "If it is necessary the airlift until economic recovery I icstoros the stability of Europe we I 800 KILLED IN TYPHOON ! Canton. China. Oct. 5 — -(/P)— ; Press dispatches reaching here to! day said 800 persons were killed I when a typhoon struck Leichow Little Rock. Oct. 5 —(,?,— Pro- ' peninsula and the Pskhoi, Kwang- gressive Party presidential dec- ! chouwan and Hoihow areas Sept. tors will be on Arkansas' ballot in!-''- ., „_„ the general election. ', The reports said COO persons per- ichj'd when the typ-'oon sank more than 100 fisning - boats near Lei- Berlin, Oct. 5 -l/P)-Gen. Lucius!, A PProval of the party's petition ; 3*1 for a place on oalio, -Ic previously had ; r -,pn,,. nvpr i 11- i • » «l t •«• • (J*..->i 1 ( J v f'U declined to accept the petitions when the backers of Henry Wallace .\° eont!nuc ! filed as independents. A petition, signed by 72 Wallace certainly ca.v do so "indefinitelv-' b f fckcrs , wa£ Presented to ;two years if necessary," the Amor- i?, ffl(ce<Kalf) £- v ' lth •' Iflflavi '- ? ican military governor told news-' '9,?"""''"~ men . | no way affiliatoc: ; Meanwhile, Berlin city officials j^Na'med^ 'Progressive prosiden- tokl reporters last night that muni-I tial electors were Clvde B. Rock. . cipal elections willi not be held Nov. | Dr-catur: Marv Bean". Foit Smith 14 as scheduled, because the Rus- Alice Ward Rowan. Marvel!: John. sisns have refused to permit the ! n j c p Johnson. Camden and B. J. printing of posters and election i p vC ed MT.-'^'I , reru'lations in the Soviet sector, j ' Sisiint-n-r-s en the petitions in- The anti-Communist city assem- (eluded those of Mrs. Rose Clinton, :bly decided Sent. 6 to ho!d munici- I who identified herself a? secretary pal elections. The decision v.'as op- Iof the Arkansas party and national : posed by both the German Com- party organizer and "C. B. Baldwin munists and the Russians. an ~ j chow. Another 200 were killed when laden sailing junks were p a fchoi. ,, - 1 Americans use about 1,250,000,000 pencils a year. treasurer of the national I City officials said the assembly iwill consider the question of setting ;a new date for the balloting. They "Pardon my "When your nose fills up with a stuffy head cold or occasional congestion, put a few drops said two districts in the Soviet sec- i PasstheBELL-ANStabletsforHEARTBURN" of Vicks Va-tro-nol in .'tor have been forbidden flatly to i prepare ballots. : Clay pointed out in his inter- i view that since the Paissians forced i ! the British and Americans to sup- | WhF-nfTcrf.:sstomach ;irld r-iiu?*;; pMnrul.Fuftoc-st- e ens. sour Ftomarh nml hr-nrtburn. ilortorr munlly each nostril and get comforting relief almost instantly I Va-tro-npl is so ef- iymn.-ri J^ft^^!?fn«?ffi!l^fe»'S «f. ^ USe _ J i ^f^' .ffi . troiMe is to soothe irritation, relieve stuffiness, make breathing easier. Try Ply Western Berlin by air mofe | BELL-AHS for Add Indigestion 25,5 It! Get VJcks Va-tro-nol Nose Drops. than 100 days ago the combined : air forces have hauled in 231,191 ! tons of food and coal to the block- jaded city. ! ! The twin-engined planes used in ] j the first days of the lift have been | .supplanted by four-engined cargo' % i ships in a drive to bring the daily tonnage to 4.500. v.'as directed at France. : Britain and the Ui'iitcd States, and j Germany v,-as involved only in a secondary role.-. The Frenchman's! fli'Sumfnt was essentially ibe same | as the one presented yesterday by i Dr. Philip C. Jessup r/i the Uniieci I Stales and Britain's Sir Alexander ] Cado.aan. j. Faris El Ivhouri. Kyrian dele- j aalo, said the council had taken no ' decision yesterday on the Belgian i Most coveted award of the Arkansas Livestock Show went to Joe Wren, 17, of Prescott, whose 1125-pound Hereford was choosen grand champion steer of the Arkansas Junior Division. Young Wren is a member of thrf Nevada County Future Farmers of Amer- His steer svas graded grand champion of the Junior Division 1 at the Third District Livestock Show held here September 20-25 and also at the 4-State Fair in Texarkana the following week. Pictured above is young Wren receiving a trophy from E. L. Jordan, Kroger Grocery Co., for taking Third District honors. Hurricane Hits Continued From Page One ' Reds to Practice Again I Berlin, Oct. 5 — (/P)—The Russians I notified the Western powers today j (hey plan parachute practice in fhe j air corridor used by American and I British planes supplying blockaded j Berlin. j The Soviet warning, posted in Ithe four-power Berlm air safety j center, said the drill was to begin | from a 2,500-foot altitude, ': The notice did not specify how • many men or planes were in- 'vclved or how long the exercises i would last. The locale stipulated is in the Bueckeburg-Berlin corridor i which is used by all airlift planes (on their return flight to Western He said the Soviet blockade . jon the Belgian point of order that j _ 'the council could put the item on j I the agenda and then decide its! [competence. ! He supported the Belgian point i Fluctuations were irregular j of view and .va:d fi;;;-'; ; :;i would -narrow range in cotton NEW YORK COTTON New Orleans. Oct. over a futures comlortlng help lor i have "full right" to contest the i here today. Trading was quiet and competence later. j closing prices were steady, 35 •»omlni'Wo7k»""throirgh'thc'bloDd"prrst'dose ! " T1iat "s Jmy personal 'view," icents "a ble lower to 25 cents' high,usually ctarts alleviating p»ln to you can : nc saicl - er. work enjoy me and sleep more comfortably. I This brought to five- the number jOct high 31.56 — low 31.49 — close VS.L .7I 1 ? ..• ATa *** Hoday. Quick, com- lot delegations favoring adoption of i 31.55-56 .pletesatUisetten or money back guaranteed. ! t h c Berlin question on the agenda. 'Dec high 31.24 — low 31.13 — close "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN' I Men high .31.10 — low 3097 • | 30.99 j:Way high 30.3 5— lov/ 30.09 ! 30.76-ii9 |Jlv high 29.84 — low 29.69 1 29.71 close close j close ; from the black clouds -hat blacked '• Germanv. ;out Key West until residents went! The exercises may be part of! I scurrying tor candles. Water was : Soviet fall military maneuvers 1 jam-lie deep :n tne streets. i which German reports had said I i Navy families were ordered to''were set for early October, 'evacuate a housing pioject on the i Meanwhile, the British handed i coast and take shelter at the naval! the Russians a protest over yes- Istf.tion before heavy tides that usu- i terday's buzzing of a British air- ally accompany a hurricane swept.lift plane by a Yak fighter, (through the "project. Three Red i The protest said the Russian i Cross shelters rapidly filled with: plane dived within 200 feet of the i other evacuees. " ' jtransport in the Northern air cor- | There was a heavy run on gro-', ridor about 40 miles west of Ber ' cery stores as ov.-ners rushed to , ~, ... board up their windows in the :ace i The , V ' e , sicrn Powers gave re- I of the storm inewed indication that they expect ! , 4 7 „ . . . . ;no early lifting of the Soviet land ! in tne -Everglades section 01 blockade bv orderinp the with Published every .weekdoy.ofternoon b> 1 Florida, two 25-car trains left for i^awal of s^mc; 500 railroad car- Lake Harbor to evacuate 5.000 ref-ji oads O f coal which had been stand . ugees from LaKe O^eechobee to ing for , veeks al the British Soviet aeDung - (zone frontiers ready tc roll if the Miami prepared for the hurri-jban was raised. cane with the efficiencv of much | The trains now have been pulled practice. - • •«. - — Iback to the West and some of their The big downtown stores were i co:! - cargoes taken for the air lift. ! Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; p ress Consolidated January 18, 1929 STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secretory-Treasurer at the Stor buildino 212-2M South Walnut Street, Hope, Ark. FOR DAUGHTER OR SON BOYS AND GIRLS . ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK National Stockyards. 111.. Oct. 5 — i.-1'i — Hogs. 9.500: barrows and gilts 75 lower than yesterday's close fully 1.25 lower than yesterday's average; lop 24.50 very sparingly: bulk 200-260 Ibs 24.00-25: predominantly 24.00; good and choice •100-180 Ibs 23.5-75 '130-15 Ibs 21.50 123.5: 10-120 Ibs 18.502.50; •sows fully LOO lower: bulk 40 Ibs ido\vn 20.75-22.5; ever 40 Ibs 18.0,19.75: st.'ics mostly 15.00-180.0; . ^cars 12.5(1-15.00. ! Cattle-, li.500; calves. 3.01)0: about •55 loads steers offered; 20 of these .•.v c; i e in »i' a s s n: • s o d :1 lots go o d aboul steady up to 34.50: common -and 'r.odir.'Y: c'ov.'s largely 17.on. •If.50: caniK-r:.- and cutters 14.00.17.CO: medium i/ood bulls 21. '5022.50: cut!-'!' and common 17.00•20.0: L'I '>t' and choice ve;>l-''rs •2'i. 01'-''}'. 00: cn;r,jr:on niid medium i;;.:.-'!7.d. c heep. 3.5 l .i; early b:c:s 50 lower; iiK'diiU 1 24. 'JO down. POULTRY AND PRODUCE ; Chicago, i-.u-i. 5 —i.-H'—Live poultry: ii'iset'.li/:;: receipts 30 trucks: i'i;':ccs u;-r^an"-"d to a cent a riound Alex. H. Woshburn, Editor & Publisher Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hosrner, Mech. Supt. Jess M. Davis, A-Vertisrng Manager Entered a 1 ; second class matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of Anarch 3, 1897. (AP)—Means Associated Press. (NHA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Subscription Rotes: (Always Payable ir j boarding ~un plate glass window ' U- S. suthorities rejected today a ! i On Miami Beach, where th<~- slitter (Soviet allegation of "mass viola-! I still was somewaht dui'--d "" j'roir. ! lions" of flying rules in the Soviet! ! .,).„ ct ^,-w> ,„•-, .,.--!.- -^ • i -/onr- r-nrriHnra i !, lhe stoim iv.o ...eck., ago, oc-ach,- 0 "^ c( 2 I ' ldo if' T n ,. n , v - n q , vi -, t ! bo - vs and holel employes oatttnod i L ,. Gen. M. I. Diatvm, SUN let down the cabanas, tinned over life- ,deputy military governor, nad j guard platforms and" "carried mod-' charged that between Aug. 20 and! jernistic patio furniture indoors. ;Oct. 1 British fliers committed 656! Home dwellers hurried to licaior : violations and American fliers 86. I stores and Advance)": By city carrier p«r week 20c ! minute supplies. Many business per month 85c. Mail rotes—in Hemp- j houses told then- employe.? to stay stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller one ihome today and get ready. LaFovette counties, $4.50 Der year; else j The Red Cross harl 53 .-'hvitor; where S8.SO. National Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, T-?nr. Sterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich i ers and frr.mc- tourist >oon Avenue; New York Cit v - 292 Madist Ave.; Detroit, Mich., 2842 V.-'. Gronr B!v--< QVIonrrno Citv. 314 Trc.mtnn! Btdo '•-., Orleans 722 Union St. Maj. Gen. George P. Hays, U. S. i ! deputy military governor, replied! the accusations were baseless. ! i Finds Nothing ! Member of the Associated Press: T> Associated Press is entitled exclusively t. 'he u'.e for re-publication of all the l-jcc -•e.'.-, ^rinted in t^is newspaper, as well c in ;.P ^CA-S di^atches Continued From Page One hpumecl in search of information j n. They wi gilts, pass her from one bureau pronnc-d lo another, make promises to con- i, evard. Civ Id r ischor.! today a .bored and perro . merit indoor.-. '.\1<- iof N. K. e::th St.. ! spoke for tho'-'K:--i:'.i- '•' • when she remarked "]' ' out." \Vi-shinaton. Oct. 5—i.^'i— A navy i . In . thc ^ver^-.dr^ svar liphter pilot was given nine more'. lne ^eminole Indiana i-su; Stuitgart Pilot Given 9 More Cnmbat Awards available fo;- some 10000 .?,IiaiTU- ans who prefer the safety of the big public buildings to their trail- cabins. Red :Crcss volunteers pi-epared to move 'the sick and >nf:>'p:'io shelters or • about her son. They v.'ould take her |emergency hosnita's. ! Long boards 'against the slirr and staielv rovai auct an inquiry, and tell her to pa!ms lining broad Biscavnt.- 'Ron;- come back. She would return with more offerings, all the time des- f,.,,, r . oeratt-iy praying that one would !::::-;« take pity on her and give her some if::-,,-..' {k-linite news. But it was all in ! ::m.--. vain, and finally even ihc- mother ), r ,-. e ' had to give up her Quest. ,:'.-.•.,.. Eight years later, before my dc- rjilic-r 'pai'ture from Moscov,' for the > ; K !S Uriited States. I ran into Natasha again, and asked her if she ever i.-he;-.'- found out what had happened 10 TO GIVE YOU REAL VALUE 5 .00 to .95 ACCORDING TO SIZE AND ST VIE Fit them for fun, of course. But make sure they get »v.;/ i\itne, too. Like Poll • Parrot Shoes . .. pre-tested by real boys, and girls...for wear, for fit, for style. Bring your boy or girl in ... let our shoe experts fit him properly in pre-tested Poll-Parrots. Solid Brown os shown belovr out the bia winds on hit'h table; >n their thatch-roofed huts, rnai-v were trekkina to the whiu- i-i-an''- •p;-.c<-s unchan-v-U tu 1 ;i-l cents a j {>".'-j' ::;;:,; - - ° -'! sturdv buiUiings. .•cunn liuii.-'!' fl.'J score A A ( ; fi:92 |»^ J-'Pan^c. ! J nd ian A^-:it K.nM.-Th Mnvp,,-,,- :A elf, !);) B l^.L'.i: i-<) C GO.75 cars: i, H> -' '* P-- Comdr. E. Scott McCus- ; saki ho • d , l;u u . ci r^^ulM^"^- '•'i B (!''. i'.'-l C 0(17=; lk( --- v <" •Stutlsarl. Ark., wno is now : n . ucS .- ,,, ul •,.. ,. i \ } : . ', ', , ",:•' ; K-s nnn receipts 7.535. prices | on duty in the office of the assist- ; QOu-ac.'e Brighton S-:r-inf,iJ."ix-o''" : ' 'tmchansu-d to thive cents a do/eii ! >< m t-hiel of naval operations (Avia- j aljon He s ;. k , h --j,^!,; Y-ur f,'. U. S. extras 70 pel and uo I tll " ls P I:II!E| - . 'the Indians' o.OOO h'-acl r,0-G0.9 pet a r,3 U. S. '• Before todays ceremony Me- j , vhich , verf . ,,..,. t bl .i, ; , u , current receipts : ^^y,.^ . f 1 "'. v , < ;. c ^ n ^! < :'"f. °^ u'l'S ' Water Survey ol I GRAIN ! Chica-i ^'UUlli-S ( itnni:: in !i s i oi i. \V1 i le.s ;-Hi-: : ,7: checks ?,- AND PROVISIONS Oct .i — ..-'(',- — Grain iiTk-rt a steady to firm r.liiy'.s board i/f trade sos- at advanced on exi'jort .. _ Liosscs, tnree IJistinguiMied : roses a ' K1 I " e -^"' .Uedals. To these were added two \ lo'oon.'oOlAon""^ w more D.su^uished 1- lying Crosses the Bikinj ^ . ana seven Air Medals. Vice Adni. ,loh!) D. Price. AiV. presented gold • ul the actual medals. tile Bikini That an-.oun'. ..-. ,. ut : !3 ' some'.vhere ;,:id Operations lor i L< -, imir j,-,!,,,,,,,-, stars in heu ! okceciiobee a "Yes," she answered with re-sig-i nation. "A letter came through re- ; c-erUly. He is in a camp some- i where at the world's edge, he mar- '- iried there, and has four children."] ; After a pause, she added, "and do ; : you know what they told my I Ulaughter-inlaw? 'Go and get rnar-I riecl yourself.' " | Tlnis was no surprise to me. The XKVD authorities in their cyni- i cism did not even bother to advise ! the wives whom they robbed 01 I •their husbands to get a divorce. To: • tiie Soviet government, those! seined in the great purge were i K;-:e persons who had deoaiied [ .from this world. I found this out! i early, and abandoned all hope of evei seeing Deinyan again. But I did think that the hurri- lire-am that the long vindictive anr. I'.vns good. i At the finish wheat v.'as 1-2 hih- ic-r ifi 7-K )ov.',;>r tiirm the orvious Pleasant Weather fo Continue in Arkansas Red end Black, Ton c Green. As sho 'Where Good Shoes are Fitted Correctly" FAMILY SHOE STORF 101 E. 2nd St Corbin Fostei Fhr-ne 1100 terror which had rny husband v.'ould out for my son. (Continued tomorrow) Daily Bread Continued From Page One i'-rs louaht and 'he \','oil'i of ritt'nli-r,s Gcin:':! Japanese iniijerialisrn. a;.d iieii tuday can se^ the uunsv:- e:":(:es oi Russian nr:'''ena:is!>- : uk: resort to evc-rv diplomatic a:.::v! rathc-r than to force. Bu 1 . raiher looks as if the pov,\ r at soes with independep.ee hud ;i'.' to the Indian leaders' heads. Use of ca.Tjfcls in the U. S. dc-=i-r' -. £.icns of the Southwest \va> trie' ut abandoned in the middle o Ue Ibsi century, largely beci'.is :C-:'ses ar^c ir.uivs stairipeaeu at in ;uiit or sn.eil of came'::. Nor since before the war have we been able to offer these lovely, natural looking creme oil permanenfs at this low price. This offer ends October 31. Call 287 today for your appointment. Hozel Abram Edna Stuart Lois Shirley Virginia Fountain. Temptress by ing mooJ in this con- (.i-'0.--j \vuh side ihirrcd pi-plum that i':.:i:kl;n. Cjliitcning railhe.iJs shine ..!;-.-t:t ,ia cnch.'.ritir.i: cut-out and a =s I 0 to 18. 95

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