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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, October 5, 1948
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'el Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor —* Alex. H. Washburn WEATHER FORECAST Arkansas: Fair this tonight ;:;><! Wednesday. Warmer Wednesday and in north portion toniebt. New freight Rate Basis Threatens the Consumer Just the other day the South and West won an important victory on the road to freight rate equalf: ity with the North and East—but now it looks as though the fight is starling all over again. The government has just ordered manufacturers to stop the practice of quoting delivered prices. by which they sou-lit to stabilize t he- price of an article whether delivered close by or far from the place of actual manufacture. Today the government is insisting that the mills fix their price f.o.b. factory, plus thc prevailing freight charge to point of delivery. The future effect is obvious— Bisections like those around th" great manufacturing cities will get their goods cheap: but out here in the South r.n:i West, far from metropolitan centers, goods will be higher because of the expensive land unadjusted.) freight bill." And there is a prospect still more grim than this. Alfred Schindier, former Undcrsecretarv of Commerce, now chairman of the National Federation of Sales Executives, thinks the new government order will break down ff nation-wide distribution of advor- '' lised brands in remote sections, anci will encourage local monopolies. In a statement prepared for the Senate Trade Policies Subcom- I iiutiee Mr. Schindier said iasi ; week: That under thc r.-_-w rcojicy of the ! Federal Trade Commis'sion'and thc i i,,( t U. S. Supreme Court the retail ' dealer located thousands of miles away from a supplier may be forced to drop some lines unless he can find a supplier closer by. "In many cases." he continued, "this will be impossible- oe- cause exclusive franchises for similar products rr.av be held bv his local ceirnpctitnis". Many cieai- c rs have built valuable pood-wli! for their busines.- by featuring and stockii'sg t.:xc!nsivelv we-H- 49TH YEAR: VOL. 49 — NO. 304 Star of Hope 1899; Piess 1927 Consolidated January 18, t°2N HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 5, 1948 (AP)—Means Associated Press (NEA)—Meons Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n, PRICE 5c COPY (By the school teacher who risked death rather than re turn to Russia) .Copyright, 1948, King Features Syndicate, Inc. Reproduc tion in v/hole or in part strictly prohibited.) everyone Housewife Sees Two Indicted for Bank Embezzlement 1 By United Press .In today's installment of her story. Mrs. Kasenkina tells of her mission to Moscow to get a job teaching , at a model school, what she found there and a heartbreaking talc of the great purge, t Memphis, Term., Oct. 3 —uPi— The federal grand jury indicted two former employes of State Savings Bank here on charges of cm- ben::lement yesterday. I They were Eugene Anthony Hos- 'si, 48, and John Benjnmen Morris. 4-!. who were arrested in connection with a shortage estimated by bank officials at S101,- Houscwives in most parts of the jooO. nation waited today for the nosedive in wholesale meat prices to show in their butcher shops. Hog prices dropped again yesterday, 'as much as S2.25 at some markets, wholesale pork prices went down four cents a pound in Chicago, and the American Meat Institute reported similar drops during the last two weeks in prices of dressed beef, choice lamb and hams. The institute said it had "no reports'" of slowness in retail buying nsis an By OKSANA S. KASENKINA Edited by Isaac Don Levine Upon my arrival in Moscow went straight from station to the office I [and blamed the decline entirely on Chic-5°o Oct 5 —(UP—The na- 'increased supplies of meat. It caution's railroads and two unions rep- itioncd housewives against expect- immediate reductions in retail the railroad iployos of "Oblono," I hourly 175,000 operating em-J ln S agreed today on a 10-cent jpnces. wage "increase, the second! "It takes a while for adjustments ^...v. ii, history (hat a railroad i to wholesale prices to be reilect- the province of Moscow, where I j agreement has been reached on a |Cd in the retail market," thc insti- was received with open arms by (national scale without government Itute said. the veteran educator Mikhailov. I intervention, 1 Nevertheless, one large grocery He haei been seeking «n expert-! -r;- lC . railroads and the rp-rir>r of: chain in New York City today put ericcd instructor in natural sciences i Railwav Conductors" and" the broth-" to fill a sudden vacancy. I was C rhocd' of Railway Trainmen agreed on the compromise wage boost late yesterday. The unions ^oiiginaily demanded a 25 per cent :pay raise. Negotiations between how to dealithe raihoads and the unions began Miami, Fla., Oct. 5 — (UP) —A hurricane, leaving at least six dead and millions of dollars in of Balanced Farming Winners to Be Announced at Dinner Here on October 20 (property damage, swirled out , - . Havana and hit the Florida Kevs! sponsored a Pasture Improvement Wednesday, October 20 promises to be a banner day for both farmer and businessman in Hempstead county. Three events are being combined into one program that promises to be of interest to everyone. The Hope Chamber of Commerce has for the past two vcars Lewis Calls on Miners to reductions rang- shortly before noon today. The outer gales ot the storm blew in gusts through Miami's streets as 100-mile-an-hour winds headed for the winter playground 1 ' "^ Pficond time in 14 days. • *•' known nationally ;,a marked products. "However, if the branded products f.t io be competitive- i:i ket the dealer will will in the cultivation of which • 'he has invested many years of considerable promotional and advertising effort and expense." A perfectly honest critic is bound to be impatient of the federal government's bombastic claims that it can co listic practices avri down, when in fact governmental move to guess what had caused it, 'but during the great purge even a i shrug of the shoulders told a famil iiar story. i My chief worry was 'w : th the inevitable question of my i marital status. I decided to answer • it with the simple statement that ,1 % .v as a widow. To my great relief i liit-re was no further probing by iMikhailov who was delighted with .nil mv diplomas and documents. !as there were not many qualified i.'Kitural science teachers to be i found. .' "You're just ,he said. "We : district uf Pitiz the one we need." have here, in the . quite a school, a raihoads and the unions Sept. 14. Last year the same two unions i re ached an agreement by direct | negotiations with the railroads. ; That contract granted a 35 1-2 cent /Hourly raise which became the pattern for thc entire industry, i Yesterday's agreement was the ; firs; urea-; in the third-round wage 'negotiation-; between the railroads 1.400.-jthat 000 Daniel P. Loornis. wh ing from 2 to 18 cents a pound onj Fu!! force of the hurricane was ex- some 50 meat items. Boneless iPected here oefore 5 p. m. round of beef was cut from 97 to 79 i The storm hit Island City at thc biggest i cnd 01 " tne Keys after ripping (through Havana with 132-mile-an- were more prc-! nour winr.j that sent at least 00 Program for all farmers in the County. On October 20, S325 in prizes will be awarded the winners. Also, the Arkansas Balanc,ed Farming Competition will be terminated on October 12 and local winners announced on the I cents a pound for thc Meanwhile, there dictions that the nation's economy as a whole has reached a general levclling-off period. Walter E. Hoadly, Jr.. economist for the federal reserve bank of Chicago, said business probably will be good for the rest of the year and much of 1949. 1 persons to hospitals. Scores of 20. This competition is an annual event sponsored by the Arkansas Press Association. the Memphis Cincinnati, Oct. 5 —(.-'Pi—John L. Lewis today assailed president Truman for prosecuting the United Mine Workers in recent coal strikes and advised the miners to "do something about it" in the Nov. election. "He is man Commercial Appeal and thc'Ar- w i!dlv chcerin" kansas Power and Light Com- , in session of prmy. Balanced Farm.ng cover phase of farm improve- headed by prizes from i others required first aid. Commu- every phase of farrr jnication to outlying Cuban areas U?? n ' and . a . committee 'were shattered. Ect Thrash is soliciting . 't Havana parlvzed. p 0 ™. 1 merchants in much ot thc'citv. 1 Plans arc ""cterway for surged from their I 11 " meeting at fair park totally unfitted for the position," Lewis said to a horn-blowing opcn- the UMW convention. "His NEVtN Paris. Oci. J) — i.'tV—Th? security council voted today to discuss the Berlin crisis. Soviet Russia immediately boycotted the proceedings. The vote to lake up the Western powers' charges was 0 to 2. the same as that by which the security council in 19-10 decided to take up the Iran case. That decision led to a temporary Russian walkout rom the U. N. .Russia's Andrei Y. Vishinsky re- 'used to say whether ho will at:end tomorrow's sessions. but made it clear Russia will not take part in the debate. The Soviet Ukraine joined the Soviet union in voting against placing the Berlin issue on thu calendar. Immediately Vishinsky told the council: "The Soviet union considers that, the security council, by agreeing to put the Berlin question on its agenda, has violated She ch«i'tc-f of the United Nations." Only Russia and the Soviet Ukraine voted against cliscua&mg the Berlin crisis. A majority oi seven affirmative votes was re- principles elastic. He The storm left Power was out Three rivers surged banks from the downpour that ac- j careless with the truth. He malignant, scheming sort white contestants in Hoadly said he noted able signs of weakness." but added unions representing 1.400.-i that no "broad downturn of i workers. " iness levels seems imminent be- Loornis. who headed I cause of the apparent underlying strength of prevailing economic and political forces." ' The Northern Trust Co. ! ti i ing prices of grain and cotton, a | more favorable export-import ra- 'unmistak- jccmpanied the storm. Police opened lire on small gangs of looters i, busi-' v -' no smashed store windows. i At 12:30 p. m. EST the weather i bureau here said the storm center i haci passed a little to the cast of i Key West, which had steady winds j Tprtv reported: 01 ' 7S M - p - H - and B usls cvcn'- 1 " 11 '' stronger. It was described as i - ,, "very small but intense as it I Vi '"H headed toward the Cape Sable 1U06L!> thc | contests. The dinner will the exhibit hall, award of prizes •ns. The feature t ,. | individual who is dangerous not am-| onlv {o lhc Un i te d Mine Workers °''' but dangerous to the United States above be at follow- in both vent of State Chamber of Commerce. in its monthly bulletin that declin-i stronger It was described asj^ 11 ^' fi£ r * ^£\.£i cKt °$* \Korn the action"! ' but intense a s U I Moscs - spc , ech . Writers for the nation's leading financial journals, in addition to •'ti'o. and the prospects of" a newl coast of the peninsula. jhigh is production of finished steel i Cuban President Ramon had the definite effect of increasing monopoly higher. " ; model institution "with a natural! the railroads team of negotiators, i history museum, a meteorological \ said bargaining talks were, con- istation for children, and a prized' tinning with representatives of library of some 3.000 volumes." i three other operating unions rep- I got the position. The school. | resenting engineers, engine-men 'located at Tuchkovo. some 50'and firemen, and switchmen. These Imiles west of Moscow, occupied (unions demand the difference be-,.-.-. -• - , 1-—-" ~" " —', ' <-,,K™ t>v,c~iri n ,-,t R-,,-,^,-, r~ ,-•>,, !the former estate of Dubrovina. tween the 15 1-2 cents awarded jhigh is production of finished steel | Cuba Pies dent Ramon G au fo> monono-'v.'ith a mansion having gilded them as a se-cond round increase this year all indicate a more sta- jSan Martin and Piesident Elect bnn" ncesim.rrors. murals, and fine mosaic ! and the 30 per cent they had de-jble economy. j £^ ° s p »? Soca ira s took c a ge .. ,.,,.i,. V.,.-,-,. i ri.~-co>-ation« The former own'-r had .nipnded i Tne bulletin said that grains, cot- ol Plans lor icnci anq lenaoima- n^ve'ar' h-^ lonc'shi^^^en-disoossesed In- Nations broke down two ton. radios and other electrical ap . ! t.onaner a personal mvosugation ' 'cU-.ded in the institution, attended'weeks ago between the railroads iphances have now reached the i ^ the damage v,uh Maj. Gcn^Gea- nearlv 400 students from the land 16 other unions, representing i point where supply equals demand jonvcvo .surrounding countryside, was a about 1.000.000 non-operating cm-j and predicted that bumper crops i H1 ^- v itwo-story brick building erected by ploycs doing shop, maintenance and (this year will cause food prices :the Zemstovo— the liberal socia'l clerical work. The national rail-{Slide downward. • welfare body which under the [way mediation board has- : nter-j • - • | Czar had built up a national net-, vened a:id is trying to effect aj ° work of schools and hospitals, i settlement in separate meetings There was a frame annex of Soviet!with the railroads and unions in of America." Lewis shouted. ! The UMW leader said Mr. Tru• man was "too cowardly" to put | him in jail in 1!)4(! and last .spring I when the president invoked injunc- !lions to halt crippling mine strikes. i fines totaling 52,130.000 were imposed on Lewis and the union for orders arising quired. Vishinsky declared that the adoption of the agenda was a violation of the United Nations char- arid rushing prices; 1 - 1 !" Cuban Blitz Invasion of Hyderabad Reflects on India's Lenders By JAMES THRASHER We don't pretend to know what j the exact political score is in the | far-off subcontinent ot India. Yet i the blitzkreig invasion of the prince- j lhe g ov j e ly state of Hyderabad makes us i .j^jje exh suspect that maybe the new In- ciian government is a trifle too big for its breeches. England ruled the Indians for a couple of centuries. It gave them increasing leeway, though rather pendence within the British inonwealth. Since America went through somewhat the samo process, only with happier results. few Americans would blame the Indians for wanting to govern themselves, or for insisting that they were capable of self-yuvern- ment. But what hapuc.ns heri- as it the Indian were pushed around are now donv.; some p! construction used as a domv.iory. indeed, was an institution iet government could with pnae exhibit to distinguished lor- egn visitors. I was curous to learn who had developed it. But there was a strange hush whenever that question was raised. I when I discovered essor state. Chicago. that haci an inklin X- It world's richest sound like a co finmint. Yet r abaci say ihui pressive, courts social and econ< being made, an Hyderabadis arc worse than the rest When Britain fin cf India, the ne\ said that the urine join India or I'akis Most of them woman, was living on the Soon enough the mystery was cleared up by the new dirr>:ior. Anatoli Kukhmazov. a militant Communist of the Central Astati.- Bashkir tribe, who took me around the place. He even spoke R>ur.'n with a thick accent. "The suoject Vie taught in the school was the history of the Communist Par'y. "With your rich experience, you can do big things here." he- ob- seive-d on the tour, clinging to ,ne y anci until late into I was fascinated by 'ions in the museum, :.y in the herbarium anci •-. which boasted a trulv collection of books or. a- Everything had its pr Kukhma/ov fell my adr .nd soon satisfied ':nv ShottoDeoth J. C. Garrett, aged 42. a former resident of Nevada county. was fatally shot in a -^un battle with an itinerant eotto Former Resident- Dies Suddenly in Arizona Perez Damera, chief of staff. t o i The storm was following the path 'of the 5-5,000.000 hurricane which tore through Florida's citrus and vegetable bell two weeks ago. The navy radar station at Boga Chica field said the calm "eye" in the center of the storm was 18 miles due south of Key West at noon and was expected to pass east of Boca Chica before 1 p. m. iThe radar indicated that the course Dale Atkins, a former resident : ° f thc hurricane had shifted slight- of Hope, died suddenly Sunday at , y ,, to ,,^ e . u' j f -i Phoenix. Arizona where he 'had : , Ke ->' Wcst ^ad a power failure lived the past few years. He is thls morning, out telephone corn- survived by his wife and daughter, Nona, of Phoenix, his parents. 3 brothers near Hope. and 3 sisters, all of munications with the mainland remained open on an emergency basis. A torrential cloudburst poured Continued on page two picker. Eloy, Arizona, it was learned i here today. ' Mr. Garrelt was postmaster at j Eloy. He was aiding a deputy sheriff a: rest the cotton picke-r for creating a disturbance- at the post- cffice when the unidi/htiiied man Fans Never Believe Q Fighter a at "t«"| If* t f** , f^^t*t*°y Is Human-The Kid Got $217, Death to Satisfy Customers "It evolves on you to do some- t when you have a to say who shall be the president of thc staff members of newspapers and press associations from all sections have been invited to accompany Mr. Moscs. Among the metropolitan members of the press who have already, .y accepted are writers for thc Wall \ c j. 1 :'. ncc Street Journal, the New York Times, and the New York Journal of Commerce. Picturing the Southwest Arkansas section as one "Perfect for development of an economy balanced agriculture". Mr. Moses will IT 1 ™ h . ad to have his pound of bring his now famous "Build f! ^h. he would put me in jail Youi Home Town" talk to Hope I ^^ .than take it from you— and Hempstead county leaders, which is the thing a white man completing tcr. specifically of Article 1 107. Dmitri Manuilsky of the Ukraine then announced that ho also \>ou'i refuse to participate in the debate' on Berlin, "for the reasons outlined by the -Soviet delegate." Council Preside-ill Juan Artili > BramuRlia of Argentina then adjourned the council a! fi.'.'iO p. (10:30 a. m. CST> with the nouncement that there would two meetings tomorrow. Dr. Philip C. Jessup of United States announced that would speak at the row morning- "'"- -'•'-- Vishinsky, followed by his and a crowd of newsmen, stalkc-iL< out of the yrent hr.ll of the .PalaiJ Do Chaillot immediately after tlisV adjournment. , ; "We shall sec." he> said, when aski-d whether ho would attend tomorrow's sessions;. * S30.000. Thc balance was against Ho save the- same answer v.%?,* . . " i "Men have to dig coal to pay taht fine." Lewis said. "How many men are going to die to pay it? How many men will break 'their backs to pay that fine? Harry don't ih." h.: next The fines against Lewis United totaled thc union. "I was hoping that if Harry Tru- Farmers sary requirements competions will be thc neccs- in the two invited to the dinner as guesis of Ihe First National and Citizens National banks. Tickets are now on sale for others wishing to attend and may be purchased" at the Chamber of Com- .iiine-sl. some imlc progress, is s ut lie-rally the n't" livtn: ' any ,>f the Indif.r.s. illy p\illed, uL'.t -iijvernmc-ntn iy state-? could in or slay out. un. Hydorab'.id was the chief holdout. Last November India abaci siuiK-ci a stanci-st:;! for one year. Under would v. ithdraw it.s n the dominion and the in patch up their Whatever the riuhts ; volvt.'d. it is clear th; the agrc.e:i:ent. India said Hyner; took some volumes s and sarcastically :-rsi-s on religious which haci been Incited away ceitain vuiiime-s. The author, appeared, was his predec/:;: I\'ano\\ \',~hose spc-cialty '.'.'it; :i tiral scic-.'ice and mcteori.:'': Witii reli^h, Kukhma/.ov cited t and ut.her things as evidence Ivanov's coun te-r-re volution a:'v tiviiy. Wi-11. this "enemy of i people" had been well taken c; of. !u- intimated. lv,-,nov had "LH. packed off to a polar camp c-i-rve as a JTu-U.-orologist. The old niother. 1 ascer'.aii later, v.'uuld gu oft to Moscow :. By HAL BOYLE New York —.-t'— The idlc-aaed little man. ! bloodshot eyes, and he Dies ot Home in Spring Hill Frank Kit Bobo. aged 94. pioneer I resident of Hempstead county, is would have done rather than rob you," he told thc 3,000 delegates. It was the first time Lewis had "trod these boards with you" in four years, he reminded the delegates. He reviewed the "accomplishments of those four years—including thc creation of a 8100,000,000 welfare fund financed from a 2-cent royalty on each ton of coal produced. He referred to Attorney General Tom Clark, whom he discribed as "Long Tom." He suggested that Mr. Truman and Clark had "staged a skit" before a Texas audience a week ago when Clark introduced Mr. Truman as "The man who stopped Joe Louis." The president corrected Clark by saying he didn't have the- inus- askwi .it ..Russia... woi\Ut .c,i.jnsi4$F. herself bound by an security euUfl- l *V cil de-cision on the charges that the Soviet union was menacing world peace with thc blockade of Berlin. The red-faced, white-haired: Russian leader appeared in good. spirits. He smiled and laughed aj he cha'ted w;*.h his assis'tanls. Manuilsky. the Ukrainian for- eitMi minister, left the hall Lichin I Vishinsky. Before the vote, Vishinsky pleaa- ' ed with the council to ignore th.i Berlin blockade, which Western poweis charge endangers worll peaco and security. Vishinsky, a purge trial piosecu- tor who becamu deputy foreign minister of Russia, contended again "there is no blockade cT Beilin," although the Russian;! closed land access to thc four- power city in June. He argued th.it the council of foreign minis- was created to solve German October Is Named Parent Teachers Enrollment Month Oclube'r ha.-'< bee ; , Pare-in Teachers A •; rollment ly.onlh by , Hughes, prescient of lh , ; PTA Congress. . : Mrs. E. "S. Alexander , j cf the- local PTA City C :es e-ai-n unit to era ,•!! neat, mia- had sad. rapped his] |heart with the force of a blow. i "I don't know how you say it." i he said to Ted Smits. Associated I Press sports editor, "but I have [things in here i want to say. It is ion M'iy conscience like. . .'' j Anci the rest was hard to untier- |.stand, because his Puerto Rican i emotion filtered through a veil of j broken English. : The little man said he was Tony .Rojas. light manager and Latin designated | American .-ports promoter. Word- oL-iaiion en-iiesslv he held out a letterhead. Mabel W ' on ne is man. when cannot carry put him later the technical j early today, his voice • and Briani Bubo all of Hop, Andersuii of 1. G. Harvey Bodies of War Dead From This Area Enroute Home It was printed in purple ink and it shuwed the picture of a clean- ic-ul. tawny-skinned boy in boxsng iidc-nl • trunks, fists poised wide apart. That was Kid Dinamna. 147. anci th-.: purple sheet of stationery .said he was "the sensational welterweight champion of Central Ainer- Authentic." Btit Rojas doesn't manage him any more. The kid died \Vecine.-ciav night in Chicago after a fight. '.•.i./ked silently Tnen slo'.vly h The kid never came out for the | died at hi.s home at Spring Hill ninth, and lost knockout. "The kid say said the little thickening. "But up. . . I see he weight. . . E" we stretcher. . .and lance it cuines. "I am talking to him on the way to the hospital. . . The kid laughs. . . That afternoon—be-fore j be set. the fight—lie had talk only about his family. . . About going homo But in the ambu- only about fighting. lie will win the next i cle for that, but said il was John j problems and that this, rather Le-wi.s he had slopped. then the security council, is. thv "It's unlikely that Torn Clark have- made a mistake be- I'm the- -man that old Tom could «. cause : Ute he stand his in the a mini- one, lnur daughters, c.i Hope. Mrs. K. L Caskill. Mrs. J. E. Srnackover ami Mrs. o! IJo.galu.sa, La. Funeral 'service^ and buna! wiil be at Holly Spring.;. Time has not at the headquarters. He sent a man to our office- who was caught for Chi.stmas. lance he talk . . about how fight okav. "But he la natural, wrong. . soon' b e : natural. . . . It look like . 1 didn't believe- deceased.' ' . . very I nothing j he goir,)4 The little man said that at first i they wouldn't let him into the ho^- j pital room whi-re the kid was be-in given emergency treatment he insisted. "When I got inside I see on the right arm something like a tram;- ! the iiLsion. . . There was a tank arid j his two things ^oiiig i.'ito his ii'iotiih. I I .Tib Ruing like '. in anci ex Jump From Truck Fatal to Negro i lapping the wires in the basement i and our boys threw him out. i "I'm thc- fellow he did that to, .so he couldn't make a mistake. j "I don't know Joe Louis. I c-s- jti.-cm him as an outstanding Amer- (ican and an outstanding representative of his race. But I do know Tom C'iark. and 1 is a lj< iter man tally and morally than old Tom Clark. "Well. I really doubt that president .stopped me anyway.' correct forum for the issue. "Gentlemen of the security council, you have a lot of worries before you already," he said "U is hardly worthy of you to ignore those direct responsibilities in favor of one that does not concern t) it- Famed Negro Artist to Play Here Dr. McKay Drav/ing Large Audiences at Baptist Revival Test to Be Run on Hope's New Fire Truck yaJ 1 ; tv,'0 has been tour of n . appear !u j ri- -fii-r (. e i|)ui:bdrship oi the Civic ;i.'td Home' Demonstration Lions Club is Thanked for Gift of Rice In his opening yesterday, he implied a Russian walkout by asserting Russia could not be a party to what he called an "illegal" move. Alexander Parodi of France had spoken in favor of the Berlin question poins on the agenda. want to say Joe- I Paris El Khouri of Syria said it phvsicullv "ITK-II- i was hi.s personal opinion in H Ar""- - tide 107 of the U. N, eharKr did not apply to the IV-rlin eritis but hi: supported a Belgian vie-vv that r the- question .should t'.u on U)C_' ar'cnda subject to later ar>>'\mo!jt."' Col. William R. Hodpson of Australia told the political committee of the assembly that arguments over control of atomic c-nei.'.y buir not break down. Gen. A. G. L Mo Naughton of Canada warned that ' thc atom will be brought under control on Western terms or not * at all, Vishiiu;ky called r.iTumt'iiU of U. S. delegate Philip C. Je-sSup thai tile security council Lnoula place 1 Berlin tm iti agenda "th03e ridiculous aiic'-tatums about a blockade Qf Berlin." "We i.-ivivnU'd facts shoving tiu'i'i- is no blockadt: in Beilm, he asseru-d. "Th.-re is no tin cat o^ starvation in Berlin." Ho a; fi:oe-rl the U:iiien 3t i co::ciue'.in:; "a vast prcpw inor.euye-r pursuing its own pj.- ' ri —I.-? 1 ,— French dole- i- Pamcii U-a Ji* s Seciii'itv Council tQr iiys bt-lu-xtd a;i placed on th3 i'i- it v. as decide J council coul.i deal Russian bloekadv' ut inc.'Mice to world pt-ae-.. was me first i;L>-_ul.>>v i day of t!i',- ...-cwii'y council, debate over vxh'.-lru-r > » consider Ihe- charge agaiil^l Ru .5 sir, (:led !>y the Unitt-d StaH'-. .-B.-iUiin anci France, 1 Soviet Delegate Andre: Y 'ihinsky opposed uci'OjiUtiu'i e 'case ye.-.tviday, ci'S'.U-.jKli'j ', feuv tK./'-.fr k>reitvi i on pa^e two ci Be, • Yt- i t!" : lh "-<

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