The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 26, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 26, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE BLYTHEVILLE. (AKK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1934 Large Field Tees Off In Blytheville Seminoles • Hop^toiJpsetjChickasa ws Friday Springfield Pro Four Under Par;'Orville While, A Favorite, Withdraws On The Outside - Looking In By "UUKE" JoncsLoro Talcs Tire Jonesboro Whirlwinds arc illll getting pats on the back be .-• H.• Ncvylon, Springfield, Mo., pro,' cause of (Heir splendid showing In ,i Tfl IE I Mi flf HILLBILLIES Mauley to Appear on Colony Card Roy Mauley, the liard punching I southpaw lightweight, who has! I heei) boxing out of Washington, THIS CURIOUS WORLD ?, were Leonard Dodson, fellow pro "Much crcdli Is due the Jones- of Springfield, who tied the course IMI O Junior high eh'vei! as the te- rcccrd with a 31 yesterday !n :. : -i>j( O f the club's 7-6 win from Bly- ttst ballfmnt, imd Tod II v-'-' K ';tulle's second Mr:i !;vt week. Little Roi'k professional. Ackcrbioom, Littl; Reck pro, Jin'. Fogerty, St. l.cutr» pro, stui I' 1 , Moore. DiLQoln, fll., pro. v/cre next in line with 72's, Oilier fcorfs for the Jlrst holes van mrdjd us fu'b.v.r. '; Gene Dill, Fuycttevllta pro, W,, Winnie Cole, Tallultih. La , pro, 17; Bib Mcnn Little Heck pro, 7«; Andy Cus 1 '.!', Joncstoi'o pro, 'M; J. C. Fondren, Memphis | ro, 'M; Jlmmie Ftfcick, Blythcvlllo pi'o, Johnny..: Ci.immliitis, Memphis amateur, £0, Mil,on Harrington, 1 It- tlp. Rock .'liittiU'iir, 79; Howard Wil- Gniriinon, Memphis-, amV.cuv, Lob Moms, pro, B3; W. Dowcll,. Bluhoville nmaU'iir, :A. T. Rcjil, Memphis ninnl John Ed Miblio, Blyttievllta rmm- Itur,: 83; :I)utch Harrlsoi:, Little Itcck, 15; O. 0. Sleepy, St. Louis pro. 77; R..'J. Ncwklrt:, Greenwood, M c s , piD 75, Dim Murphy. Lillli' Rock. : 73;. Robert Mair, Helena pro, 75, OrvIIU. \' h'tc St Louis pro, and .one of the Icurnev favorites"wiih- "(Jre'w al;ir n bad start. So ciKl .Walter' .Sl'cnvood, Memphis pro, Jack Woiiider, Memphis pro, and Gatlncy • Hawkins of lilyihuviltc. Ktcquont showers conl'nucd lo make tl 10 course hard'to nsyotiiue .at noon 'nni! the general opinion was that scores would mount co:i* derft^jj tljjj , fte r noon. Baby Chlckf n-vi ,'iiith and iitti grade boys aannHt cu.ich Bill Uuckmiin'K eleven and although the locals were badly battered they By HARRY OKAVSON Spoil-; Editor NEA 3eiv.ce DETROIT, Sept. as.—The Dycss Colony tonight. Coleniah won n match at Dyess'v last week over Roy Sellers, the Yorkers Lead Cut to Game With Tie Possible Hiding along on the magic in colony scvuppcv. Colenmn has an Dizzy Dean's good rlBhl arm the , ;m unorthodox style of nglitlng and St. l.ouls Cardinals were but one out ahead by one |K>int. A Howe, Huhbrll, world ffries might nttlnely be ? nril| «' n llcft -y inmcli. game behind the stumbling Giants rolled the Uattlc of the Hi'.i-llll- M«" lc V Is rejHitccr to be one of after yesterday's, gmncs found the lies • llle hardest punching southpaws Cardiniils humbling the Pirates and , n ii»r of llis wc! eh»- In the country nnd the Phillies beating the Giants auiei, S | lml ) ( ] ril | e R i 0|) heavy favorite with Curt n.ivls si ed that 'You didn't ask me about A Hnrd Night's Work didn't "" ' to'ow' what i see and , what bnsebnll men tell me, and , inch keeii observers as Walter (Johnson nnd Joe Cronln will les- that the-" Riickman anil I'lickcit. Or as for that matter the merit box at the Is no- a year ",^5 ***?<%* ™"! Ul Vthc C flrst m ^c their Ihn rimless thereafter. The Bucs imnoimcer. . U-ored their runs in a dramatic |ninth inning rally that thrcntcneh [he lad lo spell Rowe in the sec- ln "l !sel - "'<•' desperate hopes ol the end game if he. lias control. For R(xl Uirds but Dizzy curbed the a 155-pouuclcr, he certainly can , ll "' orit after Vaughn's homer with lay that ball in there. But thei om ' ° n '>ad made tlie situation! chances are that he would have ™Bhly dangerous. BIRDS THAT i(_£EP ON TW£ WATER AVOID DRIFTING ASHORE BV TUCKJN& ONE FOOT UP IN THEl* PADDLIlia SLOWLY WlTH TtlE OTHER -THUS TRAVELING It) CtRCLES. THE. PLANET O DUE TO IRREGULARITIES IN THE MOTION OF THE PLANET URANUS, THE ASTB.OMOMER LEVERfUEC. SUSPECTED ANOTHER. PLANET EXISTED, AND MAPPEP ITS LOCATION ...WHERE IT WAS FOUND LATER/ William Ferguson M RESULT IN RF1 Nothing Would Suit Osce- olans Better Than to Bowl Over Locals By J. P. FRIEND ; "Beat Blythevllte!" fiat's the vim cry that has teen sounded In the camp of the Osceola high school seininolcs as they prep lor the annual gridiron clash with ttc Chlekasaws, Friday night lit Haley Field. Flushed with 3 brilliant 20-0 vie-, lory over a heavier Kelser crew last week-end, the tribe lias been pointing for the game with the .. Chicks with high hopes of breaking / the mastery the Maroon ana White hns exercl c .cy over them in the past. ' • • . ' Despite the heroic efforts o! Melvin Lapides, one of the fastest^ men Arkansas ever produced, tne chlck- tisaws scalped the Seminoles, 35-7, last year. The speedy Hebrew, however, is gone, having cast hi? lot with Vanderbilt University. Instead, two backfleld luminaries have been uncovered in Taylor and Oldham. These two bsill carriers scored a urcdott'ii apiece - against Keiser. In Ned Ayers the Indians boast one of the finest a"d fastest ends in this neck of the woods. To start the game last week he grabbed the opening kickotl and raced 15 yards through the entire Kciser team for a touchdown, scagravcs, quarter- Whatever talking'high rtiickman did, must have been be-1 nut fore game time.' ft's extremely ,, c( | wouldn't were discussing snow-cap- crowclrr turned onl to lie Mickey pitching peaks. There ' .With $500 .plus in money prizes awaiting the low.scoring profession-. als and coveted liophlrs for fleld- leidlng annteiirs, a large' array golWom^ best in the lower Mississippi \allej teed off here nl the Blj I! culls country club here. this morninf, m.tha first annual Blylliiv >lllc op?n tournanicni, \ V Ihe 'competitors" will .match stioke< over the 72-hoie rcuite at medal'plaj Rain extending suddenly yesterday aflcrncon, dienched the course and ix number o! contestants in the p«i: pro-annteur best ball event preceding the tourney. As n result tlio sand,-'greens were somewhat slov/ early thfes morning but an unabscur- ed sim promised quick relief and a boiler putting sijrfnce than ot- its discovery is regarded as one of the most remarkable triumphs of mathematical astronomy. For many years tile irregularities in the actions of the planet Uranus bafiu.i scicnca. Then Levevrier reached the conclusion that another planet was the cause. back, and Hendrix, right halfback, round out a well balanced group of offensive weapons. Ol 1 man Jupiter Pluvius, the water dispenser, yesterday ruined the well laid plans of Coach Laslie to send the Chicks through a final liard scrimmage prior to the game. The tered yesterday by mid-day. Showers at neon to lay slowed up the course instead. Low Sccrln^ Anticipated Scores carded in yesterday's play gave' promise of record breaking performances today nnd tomorrow in tournament play. Thirty-six holes arc to be played today, IB in the morning nnd 13 in the afternoon, and the final 36 holes tomorrow James Fogerty, si. Louis professional, and Everett. B, Gee, local amateur and founder ol the countrj club here, finished ahead of the field in.the best ball competition,by carding « birdie and an'even par, respectively, on their, last hole this morning, for a composite CO. The eunt was scheduled to bi closed jesterday afternoon but th. tournament committee by specia dispensation rulsd that Fogerty a Gee could finish their linal hoi this morning after darkness had de scended as they were attemptln to.piny thV 18th hole late yester day J CvFondren, Memphis pro, an Johnny Cunimlngs, JJnniphis nuia teur, v.-ero believed to have won (• event undl it developed that c" and Fogerty sun had a"chance. isv eral players, caught in the down-! pour; took lo shelter and were allowed to continue after the rain ended until .local rjiles. Fondren and Cumiwngs had carded a 61 for tfeir composite score which seemed safe enough until Gee and Pogerty turned In their no this morning. Tics Course Record Leonard Dodson, chance taking pro from Springfield, Mo., turned in the standout performance of the test ball play when he canted a si on one round of the par 37, nine ro'e course. Dodson' sscnsational round equalled Ihe course record held by Galfney Hawkins. Dlythc- ville caddy, who found the going rough In Ms first major comwti- tion. Trailing along .behind Fomlron and Cummings yesterday were Shorly Oilman of St. Louis and Bob Kirslmer of Blythertlle with a 63, R. • J. Newkirk of Greenwood Miss., and John Ed Misho of Blytheville .with a 64, Leonard Dodson of Springfield and Roy Greene, of Memphis, 64; Julius Ackerbloom anc , L- B Grady of Little Rock, 65 O O. v sieepy, St Louis, and n n T Suns. DuquOln, 111, 65 yesterday _ . Hie writer as •mg Ihe average high rely needs. It requires no great mmmnl oi elective abilily 1 0 decide which ay a, play Is going if you keep your va on Ihe usunl prop school back throwing downhill. He y felt-ii. bit stiiingc when; that breaks The peculiarly • bu secret lies in the homer of the )c lefthander, was fact. so, as a matter of Ms nnu hangs from his shoulder,* B umo Iladlcv k™t ITic -Tpvmir liflll Ki-^dV-.; ^mvn nl_-i.... . .'., * lui ^ ™A™ the / doorstep with a handful of 'rich tnidlng from the'^ynl-sf. winning '""ni, Pointing .to a truck out front Frightened, lie ' hurried ashore 0 'loaded, with sacks, he claimed he and telephoned police headquarters »J- land htts well scattered eight Clcve- • WBS securing fu>Js for ..his college •cd' and the course by selling f probable ball carrier. Invariably, s a rule, one or more ol the backs, iiially (he ball carrier, will give way the diifclian of the piny by movement of the foot, n swaying f tlie biuly or some other tell tale ctlon. The Chick backs were, being drill- d yesterday to start In any direc- inn without B |vlng nwny (heir ob- by Oic usuni signs, ij Coaches lie and Piiekctt can put four iien In the. backfleld who will con- Ittently keep n "front" position un- il the ball Is snapped iriey'll go n ong ways toward keeping the op- Josilion from guessing righl wilh em. , . „ ilfi5 rcvcw ball breaks down ^w«r&Vi B & i ;£ x&s bo ts % i^f^^r "* ^ -T-' , -oser proximity to tho platter fo,-nway when this artist faces right- %™J i?.. 0 .,* 1 .? lev P, lRilt1 ' Cn '»P-1 The '"^"'^ wife purchased four Simmons. Tlie Dodgers shaven • Danders e grass corner at third bn. Shakespeare i"$3 S.j.unn words in his complete uwte, a-remarkable vocabulary in his day. QuitsEpiscopacy For Priesthood More quIcksiUer is used in the United states than In any other country. i Formerly a minister In the I'rolcstant . Kpiscopal church, Rev, John Armltase Slaunlon, aloye, at the age o( 71, was ordained to tlm Konmn Cathollr. priesthood, In Sacred Heart tlinrcli, ot Notre. Hame University, -al South Ileiidj IiuU Father Stamitoii \vas professor ot philosophy at Notro Pani« unlll hu eyesight failed Witt a year «eo. . this avtist faces right- f it > &•£«££?*• *"* jsacks. Tlie Hoston ,Rert Sox defeated 1 Seven policemen ' responded, and topsoil to gard- circled the buy as a crowd giith- ; ercd. '••.'• They finally pulled In the "human hand." ' • ft was a white rubber giovc. Ohio Farmers Happy m. j -.---•> '.. lllU UU>1^ VMHV III^ KlkllC^L 1 me laic John J. McGraw wns knows all tlicre Is to know imoin. •ining successive pennants then, pitching, and is one of the best ? 11 1f s '"'"'"i? niiything over Hclding pitchers who ever puifed n ino/"n IT n , Wns ° foll °. wl i'S year, onl there on the giccnswanl. but "VCr iy^4 H,Sturns '-, tnnt Rube eslabllshcd (he lacks the hurling equipment of WASHINGTON, Ohio (UP) — oaciii iccord for consecutive vie- Uowc, Hnbbeli, Schumacher ami '. Tlll »^ nrsn't glootiiy oti all form" Ij|, • if' • Parmclee. , • nowadays, ,.', .,'?° Gr ° lll 'ds mound Is so When right, Crowder has the I A Fayetlc Counly farmer de- coliCBC coaches object to polish nnd powder. The former isl r| a red r=cenlly: "My l ncome r rom teams play football "f IHtle use without (he lader. ) lllc farl " tills year is going to bo It nrniwhiv i • ,, , ! URoy Pal ' mclee Probably hns |"™li more than II has been in I IB r i> r °" e as "lore sheer stuff than any ofllicm, 'he-last three jj^ars combined i coufl ntprf «-?i ?i r> h , Ut ' be '" B we " bUt ' S " Ot yet ' lllort)ll f' ll V depend- "' i" 5t banked a check for $2110 ' ^ N v "' ,"' e Iof(y sit «a«°», able. which I go t from 171 head ol lio« L™\\?° r *.^-' 8 c »?. r »lly Mn- i Anker's Delivery Deceptive | fhat averng^d over 200 pounds. This avinj K-rc. their ''Ppucut. Fltzslmmons, and Luque nd Bowman. armelee and Schumacher are last as Rowe or Bridges. Eldon \»ker. one of tlie four best Bcn- Firpo Msrberrjr never was any- Cyclones pass us every two or' thing more limn a good finisher, ll "ee days, but whirl over such a and there Is a question if he Is, lar e e area u, a t they appear to be capable of turning in a first-class' °"'> r slr aight winds, joa as such now. But n< i J* e " lost Pronounced'Plus cunning is supreme In a shotl inueriiand pitcher since Carl series. Elon Hogsclt may br.'nk in' 1, • ias a relief worker, i He second will be the key game,! Adolfo Lutiue, the -H-yoar-old accordins to crontn. ' •, Cuban, again Is being totally ig- iv" 5 ^"" g Washl "Bton manager " O1 '«'l '» advance comment, but he'{i Ks lro "' S! "l exporlcnce. He s1111 's capable of stepping in ihcre ",'! ' ,!}? clo " w '' ° r ''"'ch Hitler «'«' saving the itey as he did when ,'.,",; i J, ," , sl " B ' c vvith llie' lhp youthful Schumacher was- ua.i.s loaded. glvl\\» n Giant rally shelled from the range In the nn- ' i momentum thai chased a) same of last year's show Her- Aivm Crowder in the sixth inning ma" Bell hasn't been of ' the Polo Grounds a vc.u ago and enabled the New York- club 10 make u 1w o straight over the Senators. or lose, it will be the most Important b.iiile from „ n t |t standpoint," explained Cronin The Tigers' success depends ' i ,*' " |Wn tchers to s " lenst of cu- Schoolboy Rowe „ . v mops up Cari HjiblKll m the opener, tlie Giants will face the necessity of evening tlie score the following afternoon. "If one much account this season, and Joe How- , man is not likely to break in nn- j less the score is lopsided I With their chins up on high' mounds, it Is to be a pitchers'! seres even at the Poto Grounds.! U-itll (+f c-Knvi -J-.1.1 . . - •»•'*( with its short right nnd left FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. Held | corners. Pitchers like to pilch nt the Polo Grounds, whore the lights nnd shadows work " vantage. to Iliclr ad- And I can't recall «i,en a club was «) dciwidcnt UIKJU one pitcher as the Tigers are on the phenomenal Lyiwood Thomas Howe It Is doubtful if anyone ever nlav- If one club sweeps the two » Is doubtful if anvouc fvcr iilav' game., in Detroit, it will s t nnd a'cd such a tremendous role in biw spicndifl chance of taking four In toll's fall fashion show. a row. or four out ol five. That's tne " " | s hot The American colors are display-1 cd by Blue Andaluslan fowls: • nicy I ,., „„ m hav ' c tcd "mbs. white car lobes' Liltle Tommy Bridges may be and blue legs and plumage. I Give Us Your Order for COAL how while delivery cost Is tlie lowest. We handle Red Ash, Montn- vallo, Ark. Smokeless, New River, .\fancliester, Zelgler, Kentucky and Dcduslcd Buckwheat for stokers. GAY & BILLINGS Phon« 76 Phone 777-".-.•'•'-X At.. Nishtr^-Sunday—Anytime For Quick and Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co: >ale this year, 50 acres in wood, can be cleared for not over S10 per acre, total tax about $42 rach year, sure of crop most every year, price only $22 per acre, slrant ha!f cash, balance .erms. This mud will certainly ;:ay off -without a doubt. Location outside levee, just south of Barnelcl, near post office, gin and store. 50 acres 'joining corporate limits on south, one good residence ami bavn, 0112 concrete l.'olato house, (his Is an ideal place for a farm home, good for dairy or livestock, good soli and will produce abundantly, of all kinds of crops grown here. This is no speculation proposition, but if you have $1,000 cash to pay, you can buy It. for $5,000, nr-sume $3.500 at 4',4% Interest, interest and principal in 39 yea'rs, yc\i got credit for past tcii yea:' piyinents and pay $500 in one year. 2,000 acres of cut-over and improved land, outside of levee, near Tomato, Ark., this land can be sold in large or small tracls, price from $D per acre to $25. It is n well known fact that lands In (his location will not mlsj a crop more than once In 8 years, and then you can late corn. It pays better than any land In our county, nnd the taxes arc loo low lo count as expense against Ihe Income of the Intnl. Can give good terms tor part cash payment. A GOOD HOME—afti acres, high state, of cultivation, nsar (own, school and post office, on good road, new four room bungalow, good new barn and outbuildings, Improvements cost $1,200. Can sell for $1,750, one half cash, tcrnis for balance. This place will hold your atlen- lion If you want to settle on .1 small farm home. If you want farm land or a home in town, we have il al the right price. W. M. BURNS Grand Leader Bldg. Phone 212 Style Risht? Of Course-They're PEDWINSi 'And. but of ill they sive ntn whit'i motl • (imporlinC 3«o J, comfortiblt^inuj fit »nd «conomv oMons tndurinj mile^9t;^ ' fill «jcs.> There The FAMOUS JOK AI'I'LEBAUM

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