Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 4, 1948 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 4, 1948
Page 3
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Monday, October 4, 1948 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Social ana P< ^octal ana rer*ona Phone 1268 or 1269 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. I Page Tftre* Jett^ r % , - , , I plai:e ca! ' fjs of miniature musical nf F •• V -' r^," Sunday school instruments carrving o-jt the gold -P ? I i t;vlchodi£! cnurch wiil and white color theme -Acre u<° i dnv n£w -I — V' "P 01 -";"" 0 '. T"«- Miss Beryl Henry, toastmistrcss ciay nignt at i o clock a' the church. ...... _.--!-.« .. - . --• i Presidential Candidates Take a Rest Feel Wallace Is Slipping Badly DOROTHY DIX Divorce Complex Wednesday, October 6 The Fideiis .Sundav School Cla" of the First Methodist cnurch \VM! have a weiner roast at I he Hope *air park. Wednesday evening at 6:30. All members arc urged to attend. ffT'nctc v.-ii! be a called meeting c£ the Executive board of th<- Gai r - Jancl School P.T.A. \Vedno---inv at 10 a.m. at the school. All member- arc urged to be present. Wednesday, October 6 Iher- " ' Jn = . Chris By The Associated Pr»ss The Doctor ays: By EDWIN P. JORDAN. M.D. Written for NEA Serve? There is s:ii! ii -un-t: cie.i! t-i eer. I-'.;--!: about appenriicit;:-. Tn;~ oncsclay, October- 6 Oupcivta «choo! faculf Mis- ; i ,""" -^e.-.ey nas scneauiea iu.in.-s in ^arcl^o.^ «f Si & P S HSi^'sEte^ " E 'M £rry" K'& & a^ S£* r^aTo^ 1 " 116 D0 "- i »L ' i -- 1 NatioT se^ i t^" Shostakovitch. ! sions in Paris meeting was closed with the ! M r . T :-,,rr> = ,, als confcren ... ........ .j^ i. t i^v. ; , tl ^,_ i u tll _ v V it-J 10 INS UI L. JOT ™, r -,. tne i President Truman's defeat will'hip """ ' " on youncer childi en. one - -- -- , . - ... and the other ,-•! 1U- >>allace's cam- mor.',;-.->.'d b;;bv, an'- beii' ~ privd- -.. -_-.-. C. B. Baldwin, i c:i (.".: v.'hv should tr.y s-: ••" Sake 'on c .-_ -Republicans last week by ! -". re,,;-;, made fantily 1 .' 'What do you has scheduled idatc-s in d"istricts"v.-here "they "vcre ! ,\,.--,-,-.-. ? .;„.-, ™ lr |.\L L '..,', ! ' • !h John Foster! pretty sure to divide the New Deal-i ore <•.-,'•-,•;' «>,',-••"•, ,,-,,•"- •' v-h" ' t - -' • "-r.ocraticL vote and assure the i co-ily \ ,; '^Vold and wno :i h"° r v ^IdeV peooieT may bo7lT«lVt of Republican candidates. .has h,;,:i ihrce husbands and three I ;l -' : -'" :lo! . bc i'-^ated where neo '.:'.".io useless "a!ipend:i;;e" usually . ':'•? :.T; the lo-ACr ri.:ht part f.f the .\ aixSrmeii. However, it can be e-:'i •:r-.-.- .'i.-it side or it can bo twi.-u.-i ; ; '> tint it lies toward the back. Many people see.-;! to i'eei tiia'. acute appendicitis causes very re pain. Th:? is nut always ti ue. as the pair,. espeeia.ll>' m and Wednesday. _ „ , .T^ Gardenia Garden Club will guests present. Thc'^ests mciun- ; , ion J.'.ieci \\L-clnesciav aite-rnoon at r>-30 .--d' Mrs 1-1 F Tvn iTic- v.rn-.i--., ' ' • ~ X Frank-iQ.eJirAlrs.uli^r'lms. 11 ^^^^;;..;- 1 ^ {.<*«? as assoc- : Jack Gardner. Mrs. Ben Havncs'--' " lin P° h -"cians . , . . Buchanan and Mrs. Mark :\I. Smyth Little Miss Dora Ann King Celebrates Third Birthday Mi oirthci noon at '101 c. _ 1 ns I 1 i n eors; „ Lc e le Coming and Going o r i e 1 di t 1 c biitn i it i i e c 1 i c. ftt i 1 i i ii ^ 1 n c SiH It II M 1 I _ ?\lr. and Mrs. Donaid Moore and Mr. and Mrs. Roycc- ".S'eisenberger 'tei 'ed - j T , -•--" . . ( ^ jJi V_.,-.M^IJ L i tlLt ; l :.^^..^v^. i in, i.*j » u»u;i JJUVN .^ ..*^. >..,,.. ,.,.;, v.i lu ' • I :!'£--.'• e '! 'i sa v>, ? s COU1 Q have been wrong. ' publicans 51: Democrats 45. But : money to = ati*-'%- he-' nst---^ Alter nis resignation had been ile£ t wing candidates will be of i Certain!-,- anv" man who" A accepted in a terse note devoid ' some assistance to the GOP in ! vear« o'd "!IT= " = -->en 'ene'i«'- of *•*->.'"•"{' oi .he usual \ V ords if praise, ; holding the Senate unless there are ; world ana "ki~ow=; enou«Vof lit-' to i ^-- '..-•; •- F i . Sc. urcl % j toil v.-iie-n one realises that an in.-& j flamed appendix can be removed oi -me usual W ords it praise, [ holding the Senate unless there are ; world and kin.wV enou»h = o r "hV to ! ™'- h H"; 1 * 1 -, K -'° ^' LVn; *"<••<:?!•& . ,Ici-:es since then has been writ- ' more withdrawals of congressional realise v.-hat he j= doip« when" 1- :> a °" C E0 ° n enCHl " h - ..oo under ulr. Truman's jurisdic- Candidates. The Democratic ' snddi-js him'eJf ivi«h a re->c'vm--de i Cathartics or laxatives are d.vi- 1011 j chances would be much brighter : ; familv a-id \-.i-.> l; u'^'-ior'"-"'ch-mc •! S-rotJS. if there i.s any qr.estlcn J p i-c ce hen hs been lrit- : if the third party did not exist. ion a \vlio \vith a divorce"eomp!ex r i at a!1 o£ Appendicitis, the best "L Pan r column, ; The \Val!ace partv has 11 candi- so his fate is on hi<; ovn h'^i'ii' I thin ^ lo do while waiting for a •3 Ii I u U 1 & d u i ei - i a 01 i D h J a t i i v e j t LicL c -iic c i pan r column, l d 1 J P his le it I ee P tn e c .o _ c J \ i. F iJiy H nor at Lui- T! row. n i -Tnc L cnin ci l v, ! l S C orn 1 i 1C ! O dates in as many Senate contests, -T.C.U. week on the last i •= ? CO-mile tour. j delay the progress \ve 'Southern- ; dc2c;',er<"t---d' r r t e t is due to leave !ers) are determined to continue to ; fish Jot of a o a new speech-mak>fnievc." h ugh four easter ' i g New York ' d " " Political firin. . !hc GOP valley. _Henry A. \Yalbco said _ . . BaKersiicid tnat Gov. Ear! 1C H. C. 0 L vi: l t i sn .. . - ' ° Thurm.ona. the i ien ' . , !hc GOP VIC ^ presidential : vcs a little'.' Brother, have vou V-T.- 'h-v -P--IP ee-rerd^ o-' •ei-o.-,. ; P^ 11 rts candidate for presi- ! candiaate. "is playing both sides" : changed: Where is that courteous. i-he'v'arV U,c au' ' a'- \ f ;h' "-.^'^ M old a V.'asnington radio; 01 tn .i ! ^"e of Dig-acreage cor ; swell feUov.".' He is now a swa- -' and iva-v ' other' i'-c' o V • h-'L -",- Vv : H ice t e sue of racial seg- ! Poration farming. ! gen,-. doiVt-aive-a-narn guv -,-ho ! u', ; hv^'ici- M i" ci- r 'e c"r J-\ ^ •- ' §1 c oald be left up to the L " He came ° ut bvavely for the i doe-n'i care a rap for anvohe lilt ! ate > -' t "- '" c -- 1 ^ L '"- LN -" U ; |« .family-sized farm, ano then nrln^n ' himself A rint.-i -:"c i^^t ^A^-.-.-.'i;,, ^ ; „ ! b'v -i th to deal ] i i s Hospital Notes ould ue left UD to the! — —--~ «... .^.^.,^1, iw "":family.sized farm, and then .-.„„„,..- ...._ _, ,,^. Jt ,,, ltl .„,,.. t with the! that " c v -' as afraid it wouldn't • that eaii be ;-.ept or broken a""-i I • i • — jv.-orK m the central valley," Wai- | cording to fancy All "M-I-J ar-- in- s-UCIQCIO L! t I p >- id Branch : TpJMfl I'-ri-V ' T'l : ' -r'ii '• t-T - r! • - . v - -v - - - ...--- ,, L. „ ; u.; e:; ti l -^ e Cl. decoratea witn a .sorwet;ifi". .scene \v. R. Gill. Paris. Texas of the Peer Uynt Suite, which car-I Calvin \Valher ColumbM- ncu out the c!u.b t;u-:r.c- for the 1 " --j.u... ja.. year on Scandinavia:-! composers.. • ....... ... njv_ ^^it^itij .uii.;\, \viii-j^'-'J\.i:ii^; .e 1 itl.e\ --ill ''I'l^ '11'-"' l'~i' te j c a b% Air- n R TJ • , > 1 ? ce '. the Progressive party presi-; the same sooty'class, "and ii V,u j d it Hoanett. dential nominee, asserted. f don't like it—"Say. kid, v.-J'vc-! i \\arren. rar-nnnicmina ii-i il-i,-^ ' n^-.r.n A P OT7T\ T rv ; : . ', x - ^.,«',..., i ignt members and __. ,, iscnt a;id enjoyed .dress i '- J by Mrs. Hex j Serial T-. ;;'. . I Kentucky, Tne Octooer meeting will be the < Democ'-" '." P11T \'. '-; t~- *," O n t ti ". + t\^ ^ 1- * ! » ... _ - - i nd i zincs until I como across tnai kiit'"' Alex McUousakii McC "'; t ,4^ v ^^h u : utet ^ 8 T u De tne: Democratic ticket - flc;w j »t° iov H ^ S . J- D. McAlisicr and som j M« tlen^sf tM h ° TO ° f i^umwa. ^^ "' MaS ° n Clly a! Josephine Disciiai "u -Master Billy i-:e. Hone < Julia Chester i Mr. and Mrs. Paul P. Cook. Hope, announce the arrival oi a daugh- • tor. October 3. 1048. i Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Dixon. Pit. 3. ; Hope, announce the arrival of a l son. October 3, 1943. Mr. and Mrs. Z.' R. Parsons. iTexarkana. Tex., announce the ar: rival of a..-.on, October 4. 1948. ! Mrs. H. W. Womble. Fulton. ! Mrs. Paul P. Cook. Hone. ! -Mrs. Z. R. Parsons. Texarkana. Bv SOPHIE KFRR 00^^^,1942, oy ourriit KtKK NEA SERaVjCE |N ' C i el leretf.ploy from o novel by Prosper Merim« id i 7.HK-S until 1 come across tnat • m ' loi " -^i/.eci auoai-a me uauan . I eeurteous fellow I vasuelv remem- i' inc " Vulcama may have been ; — ! ber. ~ " I smusgieri here by the deported •^ i _i\ GIRLi 1 -' c ' e Kir.g Charles 'Lucky) Answer: Well, sisters AXD bro- I Luciano. thers. the \var has changed -.'on bix st^wnrc-.r v.-ere arrested -.vhen BOTli and it is surprising that vou • liic 'G-pound drug cache was found find it hard to adjust voursel'ves | ;: ''- h!nci a . !al - s 'v bulkhead in their to each other. Bot;i of'vou have j i l ual ' u ' rs siiortly aft--r the ship been living in the pinuo'worid in !; irr ' Veci yesterday from Naples, which all the aids "were beaLitiUii !^' l! '-'- v .'•"•" f; '" c ' - r -^-''''^-u Jator for lack .^ s fasllonab1 ^ ^P-msh leaned STORY: Don Jose, youns . ished her dance and came out. I buys whomToG'iikd ideeliyeci" came i lin: . s ' '' VL ':' e h . eid on l -- ar « e:; ^ -against the iron work, and i home from" the ww to a \vorld ' •' :; ' Tl ; lt , a!K! : ' 0;)! J'-- r . v ; , her castanets as though i that isn't in me- lens* likv IMPV !-.:>.-; ! .-rt-Jony .court oemed oail u; re^pTiAp-" h— r , s' "n , a , fl 5ga!nst !hc n ' on v -' ork - and: home from the wo:- to a world '"""T-I ' -"^eiy frcTm 'ho ro.U - C , 'v'v 50 """ clacked hcr castanets as though j that isn't in tne least like tnev ha' ^t-iony cot.-rt. oemed b;,il to Or^< f?r^°ri' ! ' ?£ of . fNavarre - I speaking to him with them. But ! mctured it. whv. there wa- "bound l^^VP- busny-orowec! olue-eyed ^ous"".srv ^ : rf n fi-? C!t - v v a S° r --'he .stood stiff-necked, refusing to i io ba a lot oi' disillusion on both ^ lcpn > n Ea ^' r ',A'-, ' Ahonl - vl! ' 5 "T ,,- p : •- g flirts with him, | notice her. Another little flurry ' side-; '"°- a Loo '- v identineu as tne man •"e i^on*^?- 1 " 5 ' ,? me days !a V^jOf the castanets spoke to him. Don "But vou will get used to each \vKi.hekl.her hand and called her .-V -s.o.i out) in the square v.-ith i Jose tried to stay where- he w->^ e'he'- -.nd '-diu^i • oer-e'v,-'.- •<, e-ir- ! ci;i -' Uis wniie tv.o compamons took ms iriena. Andres, when girls ; but it was ohvsicallv impossibl-" i C; K-"- "'-^J ihJi-l- ••"•» <t ' r- i 7 ''- 0 "" v -' 0i " ;! i o 1 i^'' jow.elry. and iiom the nearby cigaret factory Her lovely face looked i^'ioce'-uTv ' ,-'~' r ;.;-i,-"-" -,,-.: ,,' v -,- V"'- ,,".,,-';--' Raymor.d Lussa. '2\. identified by .-v. arm out at closing time. Among! up at him through the •-"•'i'lie " " i A"'' o'"' d i •"• o "<'• ^ = " "' .---"--oe. M ,. . iU(i ?vl _, s L ,,,.; s Loviri n . { 011 '. i..em is the gypsy. Andres greets I "What are vou cioina lier-'- 1 '" h-" 1 ' " '"— Cli l ' ne !r;CI - who relieved them of . Discharged: Mrs. V. L. H,..ily. Hope. Mrs. Butler FultO!.. M"cC; ; .-'- ; !l Mrs. Coy Betts ai.d daughter. Lyiida Joy. Hope. Clubs Hopewell is the gypsy. "Andres greets I "••\Vhat"ar'e"you , e v, artniy as Carmen, but her i demanded 1 ? ;, ai ' e t s , are a11 / or Jose - Eve " so ; She rattled th ; ;ne 1.1 a.-: os a date with An a res. rc-uh- ; -.nortiy after she leaves them,! -Have you been iree to come Jo.-.e nevrs a commotion clown tne ; and "o a"d ma'••••'• "v----- --,• c .-- .--I street. Carmen has gotten into a ; man "you 'see ' '.' : h'!e""T'hav.-- be' ; " : -raw; witn another womsn and : walkuiR sentrv duiv like let her es- j Carmen rattled meet him: again, admitting by : - - . .^ Ujjf.'Ji A.UY1 , : 'r a , pe ' ! 3r '!""•:•'•-!"= ^ Jin.-t-i mm: again, aumittmn bv her - L :-' l! ". :jl v\ v ' ; ^, 1; ;° " u '-' ! -,-V a result, Jo=e get; extra j face ihat th:< iiad indec"' LK i-v. i 1'iVL-ii uy .-.Jrs. islrici-:- i-uard autv and is confined '--> ba>-- ' fact . 1 ^Y.;:'^ ; , a ,y L '; .. A =:'' 1 ; ; : ' C ' Chs for 30 ^" \. ^ frustration, humiliation and -'-'•'...,', oi MCJ.IJI.-V. i.':i , ijealousv oi the part month ur- l,oi!:._- u; .,n->. v.f-i,,.-- vn I gulfed Don Jose like a red v.-av-.-. r i He took hold of the ar'-lie v.-'t . <-'n the last night of his extra • both hands savauely and his vme -..t:;>. Do,-, J 0i p v .. riS placed \vas harsh and low. "Toil mi- :;..< Police Continue Investigation of Jewel Theft- r.aisdy w.-.s it rested. The yearly ivi'urii \\-h:e!: are t.; be in tiie county o-ficc- Octoijer 11 cine eabmet a:.vi :r.>- io:> as a *->" adults like pleasant tasiing— PENETRD COUGH SYRUP '-:u!.;;ae the tall v.-rought-iror. gates! you worked it or as hrav.-- •'_•- tne colonel's house. lie had - witness, I'll—Tr-H ;•.. h !J-:-er. told to wear his best uniform | v.-orked it. 1 " •'-i.e.', p'uiried helmet. Ji\-ery lime i Her C-VL-S -.vid-.-iied i.-: •no passed tne gates, from th_- cor- ', fascinated i.maz'-rr.f-ia t'j, i.er o! his eye he could ;ee the i was almost ^oft. "V,'*.-!!. n,i • purtior. of a fiov.'er-deekeci patio j this is the f:r.-t tiirie I have i-,i -;i M --.-.nei-e whirling couples dar.eed to j you rt-aliy tah;. Aimer i-"v--i ** uie accompaniment m" a V;-.-i:nese | becon-.ing" to voti. YM: n^ib- i- ga '--''y^- Carriage after carriage think of" a ti'-hun- bull"' 7 , 2 drops in y __ „ each nostril •'• '.£ check watery J } flow, sneezes k f and sniffles, r ' You breathe 1 c-isier right away. IPENETROo^! "Al:t Cai-mt-,: TODAY e TUESDAY PLUS FOOTBALL OF THE YEARS NEWS l-'-iUed up. bri-Tging gue<i= for \.-noir. tiie iate was opened by a j.verieci lackev. Late at ni:;ht a carria to a stop directly before r.:m ; lour gypsies en:er«ed, arrayed ... . ,. '-ne most elaborate flne.-y. One: "\V«s!:'t •'-ir.:i earrieci an acc-ordic^: '>vhi!e ' rur: a\.'av "'•-.-u staled astounded a; Carmc-n : "I've Mvi.peo out. tne last uf the- group, .the sur. . l .-' 5!li - v.-as d'.;i:o up like a gay ; a ma:. v- nri;lr,;a:; tree, '.'.varirig :ik;e shoes ! "And ;••• ji.'j >]ja:i:;ii-s, a spangiuu u:ess. a ; v.-alkin^ ; "fe ii'.cuuiHa. fiov.-eri. :;:.:iatiuii ' He i-h . K ' v -'<:!-i ai:d a i:a::d;.c::.e e siic sa\ ; .- Jose ihe i/'i:;--.-.' smiled , .... nilled i good kind eoioiu-1 paidehL-d ; an-i ' bt.-cai:se J \-.-as irdiue'c-n: '' A SOOTHIHC DRlSSIHGl FINE FOR: " Scratches Minor-Cuts - - — — — — — — — jp - ISums FOR fXTRA DUALITY f Chopped •PURITY g Skin other rub acts faster in ?fc bad taste in vour mouth, your cofiee land toba?co) lose ihtir natural Kf fiavor, your i'cod does r.ot a;/rte v. itli fg| you; you n;av have Jseartburn, gas pa! anci dizzy spells, vou may be troubUid BJH with beichin?; at nic,r.l tiie yas 1:1 <&•& your bowels mav pr. ss uuo:i your llm bladder miking you f,-:'- up frtqutnt- fti !y, thtii brea/.;:;g':;Hc/ ycur sleep. Ej ; ^ In the mcrviing you tre tired in- KJ oi Your comiilexlon rr.ay b-'rC'u.'T.e sa!- lov.- or bilious; durl: rip.L's ir.^y appear ur.cljr ycur eye;, >cu n.-v fsel lazy, dull and irritible or blue- ancJ mi-lift- cliolic. You ti;:-v I-.:; 1 .'-.- frccur::t coids 'catarrh) or cu:i r.e:it!-uehe; your bov,'els ii-jp th--:r irtc. full and r.:-.i- . -.- c-..-. c,.' ti.t! ' "Heiim:-; tc-:-:.ic:r.:a or '; ; ^ut rr._:; tntli i.S ir.iliy c-,.Cto."5 C'ii! it. 1 . Y HOW TO GET RELIEF next ca The K.-Vf UKE'S DANGER SIGNALS When your s:c:v^ch. hv,-r, ar.d gi b'.iiiidtr hhVv.- beta u;j-.-.-•. Lv iii.iiiotj. t-i'.lKL' cr tirinkm;;, L r wi.u:. the-v uie; '^' eiiurct.c to ti.e k::;;:cy ; ,. I/..-: workins v,-fll u-.-e-U.;-/ rcvi:i:td and tiV6 i:i rc-l:i.-vii: t : i> i^pt-jir.i c j: u:rc-lyir.t; Joo;i iu-.a-.t-r 1.1;. our ir.tc-i- j "j- 1 " ar.d iicuie tiy-"i'-:i due licner or iiil-r. t^in to fee! i CaloUbi arc plea;-; to taks , —.~..^_ ,, -.-^^--i ^-^'.« *-j it.»..] v-'aiui. —i-'O t-.ic pvea.v...:v t<j *.atva L^mc- ol trie !o..ev.-irii; symptoms: j (iug^r taatc-d;, prompt ar.d efleciive. ^i our breath ir.ay L-coinc uupleas- ; Try them i.i:d see. follow Ui'ccljii-.; _6ii« U;»uu,ii5J, JvU" toajue cotud, a i factious. A', your^druggists'i f soay A. M. - 2:30 P. M. LL1ER, Auctioneer All Furniture from the Elbert Pruitt home will be auctioned at 115 East 3rd Street, Wednesday,. October 6th at 10 a. m. High Grade Furniture used only for a short time. 7 Occasional Chairs, 1 Divan 9 Beautiful Odd Tables, 3 Bedroom Suites 9 Piece Mahogany Dining Room Suite Large Chifferobc, Large Mirror Kelvinator Electric Refrigerator like new Bc-ndix Washing Machine, Universal Gas Range, Florence Gas Range, 6 good gas heaters, 5 PC. Howe 11 Dinnette Suite in Chrome, Philco Cabinet Radio, Coolerator Ice Box, and many other items not mentioned. You make your own price. TERMS CASH. This store will be open for inspection Tuesday, October 5th from 10 A. M. to 4 P M. and Wednesday, October 6th at 9 a. m. Wednesday, October 6th at 2:30 P. M. The home of Louis B. Breed located at 215 North Main Street. A well designed, modern three Bedroom home suited for a large family or for couple who would like io rent rooms. 64 ft. f-rcnicge en Main Street and one of the bi-st locations in the city. 2 blocks from the center of Hope. Nice- shrubery and iawn, pecans and figs galore. Terms 14 Cash - Balance Monthly / After the sole of this beautiful home we will sell oil the furniture from this home. 2 Bedroom Suites 9 PC. Dining Room Suite with Round Table. Chairs, tables, pictures, rugs and other items. Enough furniture to furnish a large home. Some of this furniture has been used for some time, very substantial and good quality. All Furniture Terms Cash This home can be seen by appointment. Open for inspection at NOON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 6th. REALITORS 106S, Moin Hope Phone 984

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