Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 4, 1948 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 4, 1948
Page 2
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rage Two HOPE STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS Monday, October 4, 1948 Press for - Continued From Page One Berlin dispute, and Warned the West for c.i 11 sing the Berlin crisis. ' .11 said the foreign mi'-! is tors' j-fiould discuss the entire German sii'JRtion as well SF the Berlin i CDS'.. 'The Russian move took the Unit-1 cd Nations by surprise. \VcI'. in- : foiled quarters said it apparently meant the Soviets '.vouid dcrncnd pc r.tponejnent.of tho. Security Cotin- ; t-i! jiclion on the Western complaint :i;i!!! the foreign ministers have another try at agreement. - Russia'.is expecfed to argue that i \\IP Security Council cannot legally ' coiisidt-r the East-V.'cst ' dispute ever Germany until' a German pcacb' ttcaJy has been signed. A usually reliable source said U. S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall. British Foreign Secrc- ; tary Ernest Bevin and French For; elfin Minister Robert Schurnan ' miv meet later today or tornorrov; ! to discuss the note. j The source added that the Unit- : «1 State?, which holds the Secur : ity Council presidency in October. ; will oppose nnv attompt to post- P0'i« ck'batc' on the Berlin issue. An aufhoritaiive British source in Pans-raid that as far as Btit- ,-jin is concerned, the Russian note [ en Berlin "does not change the sit ; u.iTion one bit." The three Western pov.-ers have said in the past they are not \vill- iw« to discuss the German situa j lion as a whole until the Russians l:ft their blockade of Berlin. Vicki Evans Arrested Again Bold Action ! Newly Formed Military Group ! ?°2.W 1 Continued From Page (he i • •» i t __ _ •* " ! «O bS V0H3 feign ' it the : the I ;l ft the Russians insisted the case ' four-power negotiation and v.ere^ia. putting the else before the coun $** U, S. Secretary of State George ; They contended it v:as a —NEA Telephoto Deputy sheriffs of the anti-vice squad in Hollywood, Calif., swoopt'd dov/n or the Vet's Club, an "after hours" night-spont, at four o'clock in the morning, nabbing a number of men and women who were taken to the county jail for booking on either a gambling or vagrancy charge. Among those taken were Earl Carroll Show Girl Mari- L'Ar.gelle, left and danctr Vieki Evans, right. Miss Evans was one of'four arrested in a marijuana raid involving actor Robert Mitchum. matter 1 , . C. Marshall and British Foreign ;io be 5eitied by the four oc n '"->*- • Secretary Ernest Bevin. with their ition po>vers and denied Uest- loo advisers on Germany. con-;ern po-.ver statements that the Ber- : le'rred this morning at the Ameri-'lin blockade is a threat to interna- i can embassy here. They v.-ere be- iticnal peace and security. ! licved to have before tiiem copies: The note declsred: "The United! p; the latest Soviet note. ^States governrncnt's declaration ' The note said flatly that four-; tha { a s ;i,, al ; on has arisen -.vhich '•• i:o',ver agreement on all disputed ' aiic-godiy threatc-ns Internationa'' noints in Germany '.'.-as possible. i peace and security does not corre GRAIN AND PROVISION Chicago, Oct. -i i.-T J — Buying _of corn by cash houses gave the Hope Star since three of tnc tour power 1 The Russians nrooosed that the Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927, Consolidated January 18, 1929 K'jfc't-he'l f-vc-ry weekday afternoon bv STAR PUBLISHIKG CO. C. E. Palmer, President Alex. H. Washburn, Secretory-1reasurer at the Star building 212-2 U South Walnut Street, Hcce, Ark. Artemovsk. Then I had sickness in my school so authorities would not know reason for my absence. I ";.= determined to get to Dernyan, nd to fight his case through. In the course of the t weeks I made three sep _ to the Ariemovsk prison. Jt-t.-rni.-r: i that after filing cm apjeatio:; ; there one had to wait '<j •••.to's turn in alphabetical order, lir ;:.>• • tisl "K' would not be reiifeii for ; quite a whiie, I '.'."as tti. so lrnc:mous was the NKVL'i-:r.<:h. : ] found rovself in lino, Jv; ver. .with the wife of the dl.it... •-.; another school. She v.as lormed 'that her husband was in t| hosni- ital. and the guard deiiverft" her '• s bundle of linen to tali:; VH-. ;It was soaked in sv. eat a ^ blood. She picked up her husbrnf iltlr: and on the neckband, itf-.c'i in "Pray, save us. I swc-ni'm innocent. I beg anyone in itiority 'to save me." l i I sav.' this message withp; O'.vn eyes. The tormented -.vo.^n took the shirt and traveler! toSlscow .v.-ith it. socklm; justn; She ! (nought she would get to 1 -fh':sl:y himself. the chief proi-ecur.'n a v/eek she- came back emtrv-tmcl- My second trip to_ /'^nvsk. in an effort to visit ijemj:v to learn something ab r »ji if ate. ivas also futile. I olseovrecha: it '.vould take 4 days be-to: sthe sentences of those with Le ':•':] '"K" \vere announced. Onr.y.irn 'visit I broupnt a bu:idu_ of ic-:i i for Demyan. out the janes rserj i to accept it. "Away with you. It -.on be . neededl" a guard s'noutcl me. My heart sank. There w:; can- in t'ne prison waiting recn. ;tly filled with screaming a;U vna •.vomen. Then there 'ivoi^d a hush when the announce! c; in to read out: "So-ar.d-so. cei>o- , and-so to the Narym Cinif.o- ', and-so in the hospital. So-;o to an isolation cajiip." - After an interminable p>. heard him say: 'Demyan Nikitich Kastr.l — '.to the Far Eastern Camps." ! 1 v.-as sure it v.'as a sabtc 1 . land th-'.t. my husband had-vn i executed. in Western Europe Seen QS Move to Further Aid Peace in Arkansas By DeWITT MacKENZIE AP Foreign Affairs Analyst ie eer; n ; in ;„,-,- . A - ay j; -•-K-nye to v."ar but '•'•'-•f a:d to peace. "0 tb(;:e been -.veil Imulen-ent- : ! i'; 0 y,; !r!:a ' :on of defense in '?,',\. ''! A '.'i"_II rnisht not have cievel- i. Or if ijjo v/ai- had to corre. . ; ^nt ,'-,,-..ve been possible '/. hog- -Anight':;- and devastaflo'i." -•' success of the cornir.ai::! is .•/iso'i r l!: ;;-,o e.vpectntion of . K-:ri;pi?r," na'ions that thev ;:ave_-ne rnoral ;,,-.-; mate^al " ; u 01 '.he Lnited State- A- -• •••-'\ of fact, the alliance is" in •v.ih aav'.ce fro;r, the U. S. !!ini"!:i. and American off ; - bave be. n predict:n« thai "ington •.••.-;'; give the closest !b!'_- cor,;;i.rr;>tif.)!i. ton Liauor Elections ; Lditors 110:0: Three constitutional amendment:, and four initiated EC'S will be presented consideration at the .eer'.'.'ral election in November By BOB BROWN Little Pi' -:'.-.. Oct. J --.UP alc-d act .',:: ;!;e Xc>ve:;-- ! election ballot v.-ould .') d ( . ; Little Rock. Oct. 1 — tUPt — :Pve!iminary greetiiiCS v.'ill be sent to some 800 eli-ribl" draftees in Arkansas next week, nccordina to i State Selective Service Director ; E. L. Compere. ' ...* The .'Tien wio ;-'p.-irt for physical 'check-in 1 .-.- at six joint examination 'and induction stations at Little Hock. For; Smith. Jonesbbro." Pine Bluff. Texa'Kann and Fort : iid tkv ir.itial physi- ;iven S'o.'irtav to men i of these citties. with yi::.E ". roas to report v •:; <.' -.. f- o m pe re added' those in the age and 2;". :- 7-ciin-s out That onlyf the ytale are sclird- :" thr- i-r.-rviee in the ;••:•. <.:•:.'•.. :i:nvcver. he .;.-.i..d to b;::k: -.ip a luture requirements. p::?. 1 the physicals 2! days in which to ?o:-ril :;ficir.: if they in tiie first call. " ' ; .°^ : j-.'' : '. r ' '•'•'•' Senator Vanc'len- Act -''•<'• '• i M ; chigan. This served no'- acting on a petition s.U'n"d by '? the v.-orld that the '-i/aty- per cent o! the qualified elc-clo'r.-— ? chamber favorod A me-'"'- may call a special elector ai anv 3;t,cipatlon m legional d«- '-"'n<: organisation set up to r-arrv ilc i l: < e peace aims of the United .'-n: s. a } s (-• eve:-, no American mii;;-,rv o'aps "t cculd be jiven th ih-- Three Arkansas Judging Teams "i n^-7 co'in-'-.-'co-i'^— • *° Compete r, (Torn bv military ... - ., - Western jpean Lnion untT Concrete had or.xeci U. and U. S. Officials , ^ - ^a.'ci it w.'-uld be months b r -- -trie :-: America con.iid enter any for- •'° '- union is going ahead with all -nng steam it can develop. merit JW of course we shouldn't ium-p local ne- conclusion that great 'mill- wotn stnKin" power is crested by spec; r";'?,;?. "'.l?,V ; : !i '.' r ',<:• The spiri "' L o p " ne rosult o: the innnhandlina in . nanc ns U.S^.Deputy Army Chief "of ;i!arr .-•••(.'• s military potential "'""Is ! « ''• beiore another f-lection , ; n •cted area. -n: Oscar B.» ^lanuel- KERE'S VifHAT YOU WANT! :-eting and Deputy Foreign Mm|Berlin situation. • "•'c'r.'k'^aining 431.000 bushels, ister Andrei Y Vishinsky neads ; jh e ,- l0 ic detailed the Soviet ver- ' " jj,\i. r e£t in --.v'neat and oats v.'as the- Russian delegation. ^ _ ision of the agreenient reached in ; =m ajf " Soybeans held steady The British source who said t'ne lt i lt . Kremlin talks with Soviet Pro- . h c .j De d by" the advance in corn, note did not change things aaded. m ; cr stalin and Foreign Minister:' \vheat "closed 1-3-1 3-3 higher. Alex. H. Woshburn, Editor I, Publishe' Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor George W. Hosmer, Mech. Supt. Jess M. Davis, Advertising Manager that the Western powers Dtctrnber i'2.24 3-8-12. corn was : 1 13 to 2 cents higher. Decemoer ' «j 30 ort^ \ve-re unchanged to 18 ; igher. December 73 1-2-5-3, rye- . .. . , " havei Molotov and included what it said never been unwilling, and are not ; vvas ^e t/. x l of the directive, unwilling now, to talk with Russia j T v le no . e asserted the Western about a Gorman peace treaty." 'powers "are striving in fact to. .,, CJ ^..^^.,,.,. '•But what we have consistently i govern in a sense of money and fi- • v .' as 3 j_2 higher. December SI.6: refused to do is to enter talks for!^,j nc . e a i 50 tr, e Soviet occupation i ^'.o arc } SO vbeans v.-ere 14 lower a Berlin settlement whiie Russia j zont . O f Gerrnanv in order to de-!^ o ""i4 hi "her. November S2.39 1-2. maintains her completely justified ip,.j ve t i le u 5. "5. R. of its legal; g oot -../heat v/as steady today: blockade of the city," he said. i Sights also in this part of Germany >basis steady receipts 34 cars. _ . land in the end to evict the Soviet ;> Corn v.'as steady to a cent a bushel Moscow, Oct. 4 — W — Russia Union frorn Vnere" -higher- bookin" 11,000 bushels new proposed today that the_ four-power ; The soviet: claimed the Ameri-| 3000 bushels old: shipping sales A.- _.,_ „ ... . council of foreign ministers meetj can notes anc i statements on the ;QQ bu=hel = ' receipts 121 cars. Oats j gan Avenue; New York City, 292 to consider the Berlin crisis and ',four-power negotiations had se-'',.,. ero " steady: basis ' '' ' the whole German situation. _ iriously distorted the content to the; sh j pD ; ng sales 10,000 ._. The Soviet proposal was mciuded jj,i osco w talks, the statements i ce :ms 76 cars. Soybeans receipts in a note to the United States. Brit- i mac j e i, v Stalin, and of vital por-' v . e 'f. e 131 C ar = . ain and France made public by ! lion= O f'thc negotiations, and also:" -I HI— o Tass, official Soviet News Agency. ;hfid omitted essential information j ST LOUIS LIVESTOCK The note was a reply to the West- | Tlle Soviet note concluded: ' nists begin the political _c> tion of her son. Olei;. S? cides to take a bold stc-v. i By OKSANA E. KASENK : Edited by Isaac Don Lev! \ From the moment my no .Demyan v;as arrested, poie- igan to shy away from_ moac.- :seen \vith a member or tn-:ly jof an "enemy of the p to pi at u Subscription Rates: (Always Poyoblo ir;tnat was the rj^ige '••'-'' Advanced By city carrier per week 20c ; conlerrea upon e-,e.-y .it,., mor.th 85c. Mail rates—in Hemp- -the purge — meant to '•-••>•- Entered cs second class matter at th'. Pott Office at Hope, Arkansas, under tht Act of March 3, 1897. (API—Means Associated Press. (NFA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Association. Nevada, Howard, Miller one j self'to suspicion, survellia Larayerte counties, £4.50 oer year; else 'jeopardy. I became an cars, where 58.50. | a ble to" my colleagues an National Advertising Representative— ' bors ' Arkansas Dailics,_ Inc.; Memphis, Teno Sten'ck Building; North Mich except to those whose husbands or sons n chosen to head the forces of '•"• ?- s '<•-'• live-nation alliance. The se!ec- nieastire ;.:;: tms -.vona-renowned solriier provides 0( ien^receive;i v.-iih mixed emo ;.e^:ird!ni he London Daily Express, nub- Section ?, L-U :}•_.• Lord Beaverbrook. "h"--- -'-•' '-"'-' : racterized Montgomery's seioc- ac ' .-'rti-M ':i "a gravii blunder." The 02- 19-i". said "an Arrei ::^ $s>m. t " ^ •*** ** *** you .-luff-ir muscular .•jxpci'-irc- (oi- ' ; or r.ius-cuiar ' iur::L2g;.. buy C-L'1. ! 3 u-doy: You'll bo' ;"' ETa'.'-iu! for ti.-j r-iioi vr.u get Buy C-2-^3! l' J urc!:a. ; --'- rri.:;: r-f first bottle t,ack_ if _nct iu'.islH J, For temporary S take St. Jos"e;,"-V liiis'LaxathTptlis.- "' been seized. f-.ftei my three weeks of i • unchanged'. • Ave'.; Detroit, Mien., 2842 W. Grant if orts , 0 g.jt to Demyan i "' ' ; Oklahoma City, 314 Terminal Blda i , .. _ fa ,.:.__ ..., T -.,. Sow Orleans. 722 Union St. sales 10,000 bushels; .re- j Blvd.'; Okiohorna City 314 Termina. B.dg , Q£ savin g h im, when I ha ern power notes of Sept. 20 break- ir.r, off four-power negotiations on the Berlin crisis government pro- National Stockyards, 111., Oct. 4 — Hogs. 16.000: barrows ana State Stock the asrec-d directive of; For quick conrfortinj help for Backache, jf ne situation in Berlin iri'.ut oe s >our druggist lor Crttex today. [convinced th£ Member of the Associated Prest: Th. i good, I laced the tryi.ngfe Associated Press is entitled exclusively ti ! v ,'hich millions of other ..n the use for republicction of all the loca ., A ,j ve= anr ) mothers had u: news printed in this newspaper, os well °' j To c " ont i nue to crv for jun Little Rock. Oct. 4 —.-?.—: thousand Arksnsans today [been "liquidated.' 'or '.o 1 great pain within me. to 1 lent about the frue of my : for the sake of at le.ist s i future of my only son. O ! My parents c-ven re pro. 'for not going to j.iosco. : a review of the case- of I But I knew others who |so, knocking at the _ ace 'new bureaucrats, ant; z-' taut rebuffs and :~n<. the masters of Creomulsion relieves promptly because H goes right to ihe seal of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlepm and aid nature to soothe and hcr.l raw, tender, inflamed bronchial mucous membranes.Tell yourdruggisc to sell you a bottle of CreomuHion . . . ' . i. i-l a whole in corresponcience with' Cattle. 8,500; calves. 2.500; open- n^-^ .^"oT".^. the gate's ; felt that Den-.yan the Potsdam agreement of tbe>i n « rather slow out some aea:s on ^~~ -^ j^^,,.,, J^s off to the'have- warnc-d rr.e to four pov.x-rs." ,. steersjuui cows about _ E.CBQnv. a. - -^ ?17 b,OGO,6oO' a' vear. ; mainder nt my :i:e In i-i'Vii-v.'inr the Kremun talks i;,ji rridnv; se era! ioau; .. ea-: IU1J - -" ; knowing lull we!. '.! t'ie nof- said' "Premior Stalin ex- i r .r -teers well up in the good grade The 70-acre stage tor the pre- iOleo iav j,- : v,-. .orcshud the insistent wish that the 3 i'oO; and one load uood to choice view is ihr- nintn annual .-ir.--ar.s,a a allic ;-! y "as -oss-.:e t covtrnmenls of the U. S. A.. Great m :>:ed steers and heifers :i3.eO: lit; Livestocj: shows whien ppenea here ,;-,,. •• t ; & un\e!"-rcvo.uti Britain and France should post- . tie done on majority of iie.ters ana ao-,ay. rn/ ".vecedons_ snow .i^ 0:1 As , eac j.. t rs v .. f _ ,•.:.•,-.•. .'no'i" !u!n!hr:e;i! oj liie I.ujidoii ne- i.utcher v(.-:u"lin»s: comrjion un:; ''.-s:>;::v more .nan Oil) prize v .' r: -. t he aimos: insure. ., ;.i?!i,ns M-yaidi!!U the establish- :r .t-dium cows n.'.iOi'J.'Ki: earners ;i >•'; n:;ii 3 p; farm stoc- ; j, , ;! , t .:,,, ; 'nu-iU of a uevornment of 'he \Ve-- ; ; ,,(i cutters i3.0'J-n.OOi bull; : ; m: Grtir.cl champions of 192,. blue', no a c . ; ^ e ,. ,,, M , ;; ern ,^t (J i Germ^:;, unil! repre vealers su.«.dy: n:ed; } .::. - u :'.u _?oo-i _ "'-or.. v, : inn,rsct t-oyniy fairs anc. • lh - ; , QJ ,,,: £.e/-'s Chronicle calls .Montgomery Britain's most succt-ssiui cornman- -'.'.ei since V/eliington. and savs he nr- "?so rival in the field for tne ;::,:;cult task now assigned to iji rr '' Fiance's General Char'r-s De ; Gcifiie commends Montgomery as '-•• general btit says the five-nation one: solves no defense problems ' ^eciuise it is centered in' London. tn- : t it is centered in London re:: ; on_ to oe seen. So!-:-";- n of Britain and F °'com:rl;i, an widi the understanding you must like qiie^iio': of Germany^as ,, \vhole : the way it quickly allays the cough | . Tne Russians ^isteu ;; ;^ ^J ^ or vou are to have vour money bark, ;';!' : ' " ! ^'' !t " x " lK ,v i ,i,.Vi'r.'',V ""' ^•I'-'il' o ^^"»o.wi^^ «»>'•• <%n#«.Rii : \Ve.-'.ern puwe:^ i!ul..c!...g isl.ii;- j. cleaned cattle. 1 BY MILLIONS SO PURE, SO FAST, SO DEPENDABLE StJosepli ASPIRIN HEW! ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN Easy to take. Has oranKO flavnr that's iOtabietsfor Sic. Try it! IT'S TIMEiTO SHINE WITH ... because it has a hard-wax: finish BIACK • EROWN . TAM -OXBIOOD .......V forCoughs.ChestColds.Bronchitis , '^' cards or Delay Con Cause Serious Trouble And May Develop An Infection The quicker you do somtthini' about Tne Iic-h (Athlete's K>.oi i the' better off you v.'ill be. As soon as tiny itehmn: cr:<cl;s or v.-atery litile p'"'/.',;^ ., q -.> _ Ijiisters atari to bother you -et n bottle of Na>h's KAYO. Tins iironuce. J '- ) 'iV"""" ' developed by over three voars of rtsv.rcii l.y Xasli Rros. i>rtii; Corn- -;-^ pane, is oik- of thc-ir ...utbtcjimin'-'. ctinti linitions 10 scientific hoi!:c- ^-"'" ,,-..-.,i (..:.,;,,„ With each b.'.;;!e of Nr,.-h'.,' K;=v<, c...i;(..s a Guarcmtee Cer- "vno~K- r.( ,.iiis':e(l ,-iftvr usini; jr.'it one-h,:!i r'.i^'!i.->t tnfl you will get your iiS sioofi suuareiv bchmd evory futures turnea 1! no' iin-1 o!i\'t!iinL! better or different start • - FIRST siim -.1 daruterous Tor- abseitcc- i'.,::':.!!.:'!- 1 4 times as rnueii' Adv. jrly a ol.lu — close norse; ana steer nuir.g. a carnival . T; - e ^-} ui-.d several free i:.idway aerial "' j S3 — close acts i, re bilk'-d for the ,, JOTIfT V.-x i a ^/ jL= ircuit Court Jurors Report on Thursday, October 7, at 9 A. M. instead of Tuesday, October 5, as originally scheduled. bud Suitors Sheriff :y - Vn-it, 1 1 o use t h e y it. tin -J s t -..- r .fryers 3-5-41: ^errelim/ o,,t inivln : roosters '23: ' now a lun of f. n\ tificuie Kuurar.teein:; thc.i if y.iti ar<- no bottle, return the other hai! to voui money back. All riiiiugist^ kn-.\v !'r,is' Nash product to-- over Ho vocii.-:. '•' lu-h. 50o. i§1.0y S 1 ;'.!- fur oo.-'.in.-.'.e c; John P. Cox Pharmacy See Harry Shiver for .... Complete Plumbing Supplies Reznor Suspended Unit Heaters Floor Furnaces Roper Gas Ranges ELECTRIC DISHWASHERS — DISPOSALLS HARRY W SHIVF.R PLUMBING — HEATING PHONE 259 From where I sit... Ay Joe Marsh' Slirn's For Succes NE'. YORK STOCKS .', -'.- <•;,•• - -- V —Th Farmers around town are envious of tii- n;.-icKide bu.-inc-.--, that hlini Ulakt dot-, with Vi-t'i-tabk-s and frails', ."lotorist.s can't .-et-iu to pa.-s ujj Sliin\ plact- without ttoopn^ fur a purtim-L-. I'd s:.y ti.e n.-ui-:»:i is its attractive anpearancu: ti.e :-t;.i : J i.iijeiv POULTRY AMD PRODUCE Tiifi Ircwc-ri of this sti.ti fc-cl the tame utout ti.eir produtu : tr.illo:'; beer and ale. They wain thtm sold ihat are clean, and ' L' ore gram called ' UiuK-r .Scil'-Ki :>u!aiion, the brew- t-is ilu-iii..-..'ives take an interest ia ^cin- i';:u ia.\e:;u .stiling bc-er and ' ale are clean, and orderly, and law- aljiiiini'. From win-re I sit, it's the reason tavei!). Lire as much of a credit to ihcir uv,ner< as Sliru'a" roudsiJc btaiid. ARKANSAS DIVISION, UH1TEDSTATES BREWEKS FOUHDATiON fcLDG., UI7U KDCK, AKK.

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